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  1. 1 hour ago, bebebisous33 said:

    No, the game is not perfect. Either there is a bug so that the game became "independent", in other words it got out of control from the creators. Another possibility is that someone has tampered the game in order to become the only owner of that game.

    Then SJ was supposed to arrive in Granada and just before his arrival, the scenery and the weather changed which announced that SJ had been sent back into the Virtual world / Game. It felt like a time jump. And this happens to JW too. Like you, I believe that the train signifies that JW and SJ have reached a high level. Since they are supposed to arrive in Granada, I suspect that the killer is sent to stop people from finishing the game : the goal is Granada. If they reach the final goal, then (theory 1) the computer might lose his independency. In the second theory, the mastermind behind it wants to ensure that all the persons involved in the game die so that he can sell the game as his creation.     


    There is always the possibility that SJ asked someone help while he was producing the game and maybe the person really messed up with that to take the game for himself. Who knows? But one thing that got me intrigued is see how the weather changed in the first episode while we could listen "Memories of the Alhambra" song playing in the background. And who we know will play guitar in this game? The girl in red veil, so i wonder if there is some connection or if she will have some kind of power in the game. Because once she plays, it seems things get out of control. 


    Anyway there are so many theories going on, that im getting crazy.

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  2. 57 minutes ago, maris1 said:

    It’s a wait and see game right now....

    Due to lack of enough data we can only assume about the remaining 10 episodes out of the 16. The plot and the budget for the drama will be the deciding factors....


    Was wondering why they didn’t name Alhambra as one of the venues for the drama filming?

    Not allowed? Not possible? Or not announced?


    Application/ video game mention makes me think that AR ( Augmented Reality ) maybe involved....To what extent it plays a part in the story remains to be seen.


    I wonder if the name "Memories of the Alhambra" is related to the song whose name is the same. The one you posted before, you know? I don't know but i feel the fact the female lead is a guitar player will have something to do with the story.


    34 minutes ago, sal2 said:

    Hm, I have a hard time belive that with 4 days of filming in Granada they mange to film for full 6 episode :unsure: I remember that Descendants of sun had around one month of filming in Greece and still for the most part of the drama they where in Korea. can be wrong but seems like the main story gonna take place in Korea for this drama. Well lets wait and see.


    btw, so netflix gonna have the license for this drama? seams like they gonna upload it after airing in Korea... anyway, looking forward to more information about the plot :) 



    Well they stated Granada would be present in 6 episodes but it doesn't mean it will be in 6 full episodes from start to the end. Maybe these 6 episodes will have only a few scenes in Granada and the rest in Korea or anywhere else. Who knows? But i hope this is not the case and that's just misinformation from media.

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  3. 17 minutes ago, alcides14ahjumma said:

    I guess they will be filming in Korea for the most part. They stay in Granada is too short! 

    The drama will be in TVn in Korea in November of this year, and on Netflix in 2019? :)


    Even so they stated the Granada scenes will be in 6 of 16 episodes, so i guess there will be many scenes abroad. Plus they still will shoot in Barcelona. Let's wait and see.

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  4. Park Shin Hye Promises To Show Different Character From Her Previous Dramas



    Park Shin Hye recently mentioned her upcoming tvN drama “Memories of the Alhambra” on Naver V Live.


    In the comment section, many fans asked her when she was going to Spain to film her new drama, and she replied, “I’m going to leave soon. There aren’t many days left. There are many things I have to do before I leave. My heart is beating fast, and I’m extremely busy, but I’m doing my best to prepare for it.

    Park Shin Hye also talked about her new character, saying, “I’m going to be playing Jung Hee Joo. I’m preparing to play a different role from my previous characters. Please look forward to it. We will be having our first filming soon. The drama will air sometime in the second half of the year.


    “Memories of the Alhambra” is a fantasy melodrama about investment company CEO Yoo Jin Woo (Hyun Bin) who visits Spain and stays at a hostel run by Jung Hee Joo (Park Shin Hye). It was recently confirmed that EXO’s Chanyeol will also be joining them in the drama as Jung Hee Joo’s younger brother Jung Sae Joo.


    Cr: Soompi

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  5. 17 hours ago, LyraYoo said:


    Goblin did the same. They did not spill all the details until the month before broadcast. Whether a project is high budgeted or not I presume this is tvN 's mysticism culture . September is a long stretch and I presume it is very much early to drop production details. 



    But how about the name of the supporting cast? I don't think this is the kind of information that will give spoilers or they need to keep in secret. Is it normal not share the name of the actors when they will start to shooting in the next 2 weeks? I think is that what people are wondering and not about the lack of details about its production.

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  6. 6 hours ago, LyraYoo said:


    About the augmented reality , there's a change on the plot based on Hancinema's latest update. Unless the PD reverted back to its original plot. 




    But knowing this writer's style i wonder if her original idea was cut the romance out, i can't picture it since she likes so much romances hahaha but we never know it's common in the initial stage productions change the plans. Anyway i hope anything change that they made will be for good.

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  7. 26 minutes ago, Lolastarlight1 said:

    Hi this is Lola and I'm a huge fan of Shinhye that has been suffering for more than two years because of her long hiatus  I hope we all will get along and share any news together, I hope many more will be active too


    From what I read on Naver this drama will be about VR and games, its multi genre drama and that's according to VAST ( Hyunbin's agency ) they loved the refresh setting of the game and its also tangled with mystery action and melo. I really hope to see both of the leads joining the action. Also some reporters mentioned that he will go through "marriage failure" so there is a chance that he will be a divorcee ?  I'm not sure because it can be changed as they never mentioned it again and they also mentioned something about zombies in the past but it's all were from reporters not official sources and its not mentioned in the recent ones.


    There is no official broadcasting date and they are not giving much informations about Shinhye character but I'm sure we will hear about the other cast during this two weeks because they need to travel to Spain in May & start filming



    I'm glad to see you here as well lola! You probably are still adjusting yourself to the soompi and their rules so it's funny see your struggle posting all this 


    Anyway, All these VR setting is so interesting and i can't remember any kdrama that explored this before :huh: 

    I hope we can get news about the other casts to get more information, so far we have so little, the most part is all speculation

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  8. 2 hours ago, maris1 said:


    Park Shin Hye Confirmed To Join Hyun Bin In Upcoming tvN Drama


    On April 23, the actress’s agency and tvN both revealed that she is now confirmed to star in the drama.

    “Memories of the Alhambra” is a fantasy melodrama about investment company CEO Yoo Jin Woo who visits Spain and stays at a hostel run by Jung Hee Joo. Hyun Bin will be playing Yoo Jin Woo, while Park Shin Hye has been cast as Jung Hee Joo.

    Written by Song Jae Jung, who previously created “W,” “Queen In Hyun’s Man,” and “Nine: Nine Times Time Travel,” “Memories of the Alhambra” will be directed by Ahn Gil Ho of “Forest of Secrets.” The drama will begin filming in May in Spain, and it is scheduled to air during the second half of the year.




    Hullo everyone!

    Thought to introduce myself here and hope to enjoy and share the drama  and everything related with you all. I am great fan of both the artists so couldn’t be more thrilled to see them as costars in a drama. Praying for a great and successful drama. :)


    meanwhile, here is a little pen sketch of the character being played by Park Shin Hye’s 


    Jung Hee-joo, is the Owner of Hostel Teetigo. A former classic guitarist who came to Spain to improve her skills, but took on several jobs there following the sudden death of her family in Korea. [Wiki] 



    Hi Mari, good to see you here as well :D


    I'm so excited about MOA, and i guess it'll be pre produced since there are articles saying it will air in Nov while they will start shooting next month. Many articles from TVN state this drama is expected to be one of their biggest project this year beside Mr Sunshine. I guess we can expect at least a gorgeous drama.



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  9. On 03/04/2018 at 7:57 PM, stargazer187 said:

    Yaaaa... HB oppa!! Long time he didn't return to dramaland since HJM. Ah.. miss him a lot! 


    Yesterday I read PSH is considering for the lady role for this, I'm not sure if the news is right or just a rumor. She was ever reported for the same thing before  it's been twice already. I hope this time will be right. I expect she'll take the role. And it would be a dream pairing come true! :lol:


    This is an official cast news, she turned down her previous drama and it was report she receive the offer for Memories of the Alhambra and is currently considering. 

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  10. Park Shin-hye up to join Hyun Bin in Memories of the Alhambra


    Apparently the universe just wants this pairing to happen, and you know what happens when you try to fight Fate in dramaland. A few months ago, Park Shin-hye (Doctors) and Hyun Bin (The Swindlers) were both courted for the new SBS drama Fox Bride Star (now called People of Incheon Airport), the latest from the PD of Gu Family Book and Secret Garden and the writer of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim. But both actors ended up passing on the project, only to end up being offered the same new project right after it—tvN’s Memories of the Alhambra. 

    This is the new fantasy melodrama from writer Song Jae-jung of mind-bendy fantasy dramas W–Two Worlds, Nine, and Queen In-hyun’s Man, and PD Ahn Gil-ho of last year’s critically acclaimed conspiracy thriller Forest of Secrets. Hyun Bin has just signed on to star in the leading role, and Park Shin-hye’s reps have confirmed that she passed on Fox Bride Star and is now considering Memories of the Alhambra favorably. 

    The drama is about a CEO of an investment firm who goes to Granada, Spain on business and makes a visit to the Alhambra Palace. He stays at an old hostel run by the heroine, a former guitarist, and the two of them end up entangled in a strange situation. Earlier announcements described the project as a sci-fi action thriller involving an alternate reality through augmented reality games. 

    Hyun Bin’s character, Yoo Jin-woo, is an engineer with a natural-born talent for inventing games. He also has sharp business instincts, which he uses to become the CEO of an investment company. He’s competitive and adventurous and hates to lose even the smallest of bets. He suffers his greatest setback in the form of a friend’s betrayal just before his trip to Spain, where his life takes a sudden and unexpected turn. I can only imagine what crazy alternate/parallel/past/future universes this writer has planned, but I’m excited to find out.

    Memories of the Alhambra plans to air later this year on tvN.


    cr: dramabeans

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  11. 1 minute ago, pinocchioAsh said:




    why are you still answering her? There is nothing sadder than an attention seeker who can't get attention. Just let her be. 

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  12. 56 minutes ago, inshara2000 said:

    @noemi767 please don't quote the pics. Don't wanna get a red card now. Do we?

    BTW did the translator messed up Ji hong's age? LOL it can't be 31.


    Yes, it's our mistake. It is to be 40 years old. I'm sorry again we will fix all the mistakes and post it again later :) 

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  13. From Sh's interview after heirs 







    Lee Jong Suk Millet Fan Sign Q & A translation



    First orange sheet (Cr: DC)

    (The first one the fan covered the question and only let us read the answer.)
    - Not yet

    What is the food you like the most recently?
    - Doenjang Jjijae

    You are the most beautiful person in the world and the cutest person in the world, this… you know? (In my eyes… k)

    Trans By: amyhsk



    hehehehehehehehehehe :phew: Doenjang jjigae should be good.... 

    Here is a link of the article where she said it if someone want to read: http://www.dramafever.com/pt/news/park-shin-hye-feeds-fans-kimbap/{[{notification.object.url}]}

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  14. @Rania Zeid And where is wellmade now? :tears: They know how make me feel frustrated... 

    I really hope he will change his agency... how about his fans in DC? did they say something new about it?

    no nothing new from DC yet...  :mellow:

    Do you know when his contract ends? I'm just curious 

    when it comes to projects, I'm pretty sure it is all his decision if he will accept it or not.  Wellmade is a loser but right now it is his decision to make. 


    Where's the actor Lee Jong Suk that he promise a year ago. 

    I know when it comes to projects is all about his decision... i was asking where is wellmade because in the kdramastars article were saying that Wellmade still didn't say anything about him rejecting the role... that's why i was asking for wellmade lol


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  15. @k_xs, thanks sweetie...good job, love your gif..:wub:

    And thanks sooo much sweetie @k_xs, you captured all of his moments and I totally LOVE those gifs :wub: 

    Thank you both :wub: I can't help but he's so adorable in BBQ CF... this one is my favorite and i had so many things to do gifs so i just did LOOOOL


    And now i saw this adorable Millet CF, can we have more one cf millet? #greedy


    I was so excited about the One line movie and now this happened :tears: well i don't want to talk about it again so i will just try to wait patiently for his next project

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