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  1. This is my favourite, together with the beauty inside. The chemistry between JY and YJ continues to sizzle! I was so angry at the scene of YJ with her high school friend turned actress SH. Wanted to reach across the screen and give the girl a good smack. Such a richard simmons. I do wonder how the actress and plastic surgeon fit into the story. Looks like the plastic surgeon may be a potential love interest for YJ?
  2. I am a big fan of CJH but was only able to sit through 1.5 episodes of the show. CJH is perfect as usual (I find him incredibly manly and sexy) but the treatment of the show with the fuzzy glows effect makes it hard for me to sit through the episodes. It’s headache inducing for me and I keep thinking, why is everything so blurry. Really bummed out about this. Anyone else feel this way too?
  3. This episode was the perfect antidote to a terrible week for me. So much love for this drama! And I agree that it is totally underrated, which makes me sad. The kiss at the end was just perfect. Could really feel the emotional buildup on both YJ and JY. I teared as I watched that scene. Can’t wait to see them dating again, even though we know they are going to split up again, hoping this time round it is more than 1 day! Thank you for the gif @triplem!
  4. I didn’t like how the show portrayed people with schizophrenia as inherently dangerous/aggressive. It reinforces negative stereotypes of mental illnesses. Almost stopped watching because of this. Having said that I am curious about what is going on with the male lead From what is being suggested, seems like he has a robotic arm with super strength? That, or he is Do Bong Soon’s son with the hoodie and all
  5. I really like HSG’s character so far. She’s plucky such as when she stood up for herself at the hospital and also at the charity event by grabbing the nasty man’s richard simmons. LMK’s character reminds me of the role he played in because this is my first life. Overall, looking forward to the second episode! Bring it on!
  6. Thanks everyone for the recap, screen caps and also videos from YouTube. Can’t wait to watch it with subs! SHJ looks so so good in the dress for the award ceremony. I’m totally developing a girl crush here.
  7. I really like Esom’s character in this, probably more so than Seo Kang Joon’s character. Can’t wait to see how their relationship develop now that their paths have crossed again. Now that they are older and wiser, how would they relate with one another and make sense of what happened in their past. There was a scene in the preview of YJ hugging someone in hospital attire. Did her brother die? Is this related to the serial killer?
  8. I can’t wait for the first episode. Love Seo Hyun Jin in Another Oh Hae Young and Lee Min Ki in because this is my first life. Can’t wait to see them acting together. I hope for sizzling chemistry! SHJ is so pretty here, she really embodies star quality. So excited!
  9. I thought WY’s confession was very smooth though I am firmly in the DKS and MR camp. I like how he slipped in ‘ I like you’ into a bunch of stuff about himself. So suave. I would have been very moved if I was on the receiving end of that There are only 4 episodes left, I worry there isn’t enough time to wrap up the story. The past few episodes have been hinting at SA’s backstory and I don’t know if there’s enough time to do that, plus our main couple and then also resolution about DKS’ family.
  10. Just wanted to share this BTS video because it reminded me of the good points of the show despite the disappointment that was the last few episodes. I really like this scene and the BTS is just as good or even better. They are such cute puppies!
  11. Oh no. His hair looks ‘fried’. Maybe it will just be for 1episode? I like his jet black hair
  12. Thank you @shunnie and @amisyka77. Here’s a for both of you! DKS was so awkward and tentative in expressing his feelings which made him all the more lovable. Like others have mentioned, I think the drama has done a really good job staying true to the essence of the webtoon. Both MR and DKS are awkward nervous puppies around each other, which is just adorable! I’m counting down to today’s episode. Really hope to see DKS push/reject SA firmly after she threw herself at him.
  13. I really enjoyed the episode. Highlights for me - DKS’ mother consoling MR when she cried. I like MR’s relationship with DKS mother and how they genuinely care for each other and not just because they share a common connection through DKS - DKS punching the creep. He looked so hawt. The intensity in his eyes! - Last scene between DKS and MR. The actors have good chemistry and you can feel the romantic tension between them in the scene. Is anyone able to clarify what DKS said to MR in that scene? Subs says ‘do you have feelings for me?’ But it was translated as ‘don’t you at least like me a bit’ on drama milk... Can’t wait for them to start dating!
  14. My sentiments exactly. There were so many flashbacks which felt repetitive and the wedding was weird... I suppose it was saved by the happy ending with some cute moments.
  15. I hope this is part of prom and not the wedding scene. Or maybe we are being trolled, same as the statue kiss in the teaser for the wedding scene. It is a cool dance scene but I don’t see how that can fit into the narrative or the mood! Also thoughts on 47-48 ....
  16. Omg, totally agree about that jacket. I was so distracted by its ugliness that it took me out of what was actually happening
  17. I thought it was super cute that they were standing so close to one another. They seem to genuinely like each other’s company which is nice. However they seem disappointed with their performance in the musical.. and also tired/did not seem keen to talk about the musical. Poor puppies! I thought they did well especially given how green they are.
  18. I love that show! It was the first few kdramas that I’ve watched. Totally agree that Dylan would make a fantastic Hwang Tae Kyung
  19. @cantbreathe, I’ve figured out how to share videos from FB here. I have placed the BTS video in the spoiler tag as I realise it is not the kiss scene from the meteor necklace scene but what looks like a yet to be aired scene. Sorry! Click if you want to be spoiled Also, I know what you mean! Dylan can only like Shen Yue! Haha. I lowkey ship them in real life even though it’s highly impossible.
  20. I thought the part where Mirae’s parents didn’t know what Gangnam beauty meant was very sad. They clearly want the best for her and they are such sweet parents. I think they will be so heartbroken when they find out what the term actually means. DKS being jealous and petty was all kinds of awesome. I chuckled at all the scenes where he tried to express his interest by saying he is her boy-friend or when he asked if they were also close since they are neighbours. And him trying to fend off all the boys hitting on Mirae.. hehehe. Also, I’m waiting for the day where Mirae will stand up to SA. Instead of internally saying to herself why can’t she likes DKS to actually say it to SA’s face!
  21. Thanks for sharing @rocat and @rimjayc! Brought a smile to my face, especially the one of Dylan and Shen Yue. I’m all for them doing another project together, they are too cute together. There is a BTS video on the meteor garden FB page of their kiss scene where DMS gave SC the necklace. It is super cute. Dylan looked really embarrassed with the closeness. I don’t know how to link videos but do check it out on FB if you can!
  22. The second time was so intimate; how his hand rested on hers and how her hand held on to his wrist.
  23. Much excites! I’m going to watch everything and appreciate the goodness that is DMS in HD!
  24. Netflix has released 2 episodes today! And there’s about 10 minutes footage that has not been shown yet due to the differing length for China aired episodes and Netflix episodes! Here’s hoping for lots of cute moments for next week’s episodes!
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