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  1. But seriously, why do they keep calling them a "loveline" (as I watched in the teaser video)? Jihyo's seond loveline on the show? Like what the heck?
  2. JH really was being too obvious and bold, wasn't she? For those saying that the hugs and skinships happened because they have no feelings attached between each other, I seriously want them to reflect. Other than JK, with which male member does JH constantly hug, openly flirt, and scream nonstop after winning a couple race, can you even recall? And with all the cheeky nudges from the members pushing them together, I don't think they would go as far in teasing SA so much if they have absolutely nothing between them, given also that JK recently won a couple award with someone else. It'd be plain absurd and pointless. Anyway, nowadays JH is just too eager and even initiative when it comes to being teased with JK, to the extent I can't imagine what she's thinking (or planning) anymore. It just stands out too much since she is quiet and reserved in RM most of the time. Maybe she's getting the public prepared for the announcement? Would love to hear your thoughts and analyses.
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