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  1. Finally watched the 4th episode. I didn't like the editing as much as for the 3rd and there was too much slapstick with the ex bf of GMR. Looks like we will get more romance next so I am excited for that. Also I can't wait for MDC to finally grill his ex gf for how she did nothing after he disappeared cause he needs to knock her off of her pedestal. She just accepted to shut up about him and move on with her life after shedding some tears in exchange of a promotion...There is no way she really loved him.
  2. Finally got the time this to watch the first episode and I must say I can't wait to see where the story goes! I love the late nineties feel too. The ratings also went up between the first and second episode and I can't wait for it to go even higher. JCW suits the role of a PD and I love WJA's portrayal of GMR with her wittiness and also her sensitivity concerning her little brother.
  3. So excited for Wookie's comeback to the screen cause I haven't watched a single drama for over a year now and I hope MMS and Wook will get me back to liking dramas.
  4. If you want to talk about me, you can just tag me. No need to make roundabout posts about it. Whether you like it or not, it is a public forum not some private place and what you say reflects on the celebrities involved. I am a fan of MCW for even longer than this thread existed and I just wanted people not to connect her to a guy that was still in the process of divorcing. Now that the divorce is finalized, I don't care anymore. So happy shipping. PS: unlike you, I don't go around other social media like twitter to berate the content of soompi threads and I actually share my point of view to the people in the thread.
  5. Doesn't make it less unclassy. Even if a ship is not real life. It would be of better taste to wait for the divorce to be completed and it would also be better not to discuss rumors surrounding another pair in this thread. That is my opinion. Also I didn't hear your answer about SJK-MCW dating.... PS: I don't care for them and was never their shipper. I also didn't even watch their drama while I watched Nice guy...
  6. Never heard from any credible source that they did date before he enlisted. Also, it is still pretty distasteful to try to revive this ship at this sensitive timing when the divorce was just filed.
  7. Oh I love that they updated! They both look happy and healthy. Hope they stay that way
  8. It is not a healthy approach to shipping. It is not your own relationship so you shouldn't feel sad or jealous for someone else's possible relationship. It is all fate. If they end up together then it will be good for them otherwise, life will go on. It is also their job to act and kiss and if their partner can't take it then it is their problem as a couple and they should work on it. It is not your own. If you see something you don't like in the future BTS then just move on respectfully and calmly cause life goes on and you don't know JCW nor NJH personally
  9. So nice of wookie and his team for working for free to help the magazine and the homeless people selling it. It reminds me of that success story of one homeless guy who went through a similar type of magazine selling too before writing a best seller. Edit: The guy was actually selling Big issue, the same magazine Wook participated in just that he was selling it in London: https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2014/06/28/how-a-street-cat-helped-a-homeless-man-turn-his-life-around/amp/ I read the book and it was really good.
  10. Lmao I know it is dated and old fashioned but everything happens for a reason. You actually lucked out by not having to wait for Wookie to be out of the army as long. There is a bright side to things.
  11. She did for the 2017 one for sure but I don't think that Hyunnie was working with Aluu then... maybe(delulu-ing, delula-laying) she saw Hyunnie (and the way Wookie looked at her) and was like: 'I need to get my hands on her right now!' ... also, you'd be totally forgiven if you stumbled across the Aluu accounts and thought you'd found a JiJi shipping account Actually according to jmy, she knew hyunnie for 5 years by July 2017: So I guess she worked with the two for quite some time.
  12. Lmao @masthu your posts are always a pleasure to read and watch. Thanks for always finding and making the best gifs.
  13. Lmao I know. But on a serious note, words have a meaning. Don't use words thoughtlessly cause they can have a big impact. Think more than once before you write anything and only write it if you are ready to any consequences that might come out of it. I am currently writing technical specifications and price schedules for hundred million dollars construction projects and they all have to be read by a legal advisor afterwards because any vague word or unclear left open to interpretation sentence could be used against my company and my client by contractors if something goes wrong. I think a lot about what I say and write because I know that in my profession, you can end up in jail for a mistake and I even witnessed colleagues being questioned by the police and investigated for a crack on a wall they participated in designing.
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