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  1. Honestly I don't want talking about this but....unbelievable, unacceptable !!!!!! When I watch a drama, I only watch the story and the characters in the story not watching actors and actresses even they are the leads ! and I don't accept the 2 leads characters : MH and GT ! About MH : he always criticizes and says to every members of the crew about the rules : " never switching the job and personnal feelings "...etc.. and he did .. it's a shame !!!! He stlole other man's woman ! he knew in the beginning how Soo loves GT, he came every day and begs him to make him get married with her ! and even now, when Soo is in a difficult situation, he continues loving her and always wanting her beside him ! It's very dangerous for a King going outsie the palace but he did ! and do not forget, all the wemen in the palace are beautiful, even a maid, they are selected through many many wemen. But Soo isn't swayed, his heart is intact ! And I doubt if the real GT is beautiful the actress is but not GT ; she was a slave, working hard in buttcher, not educated..... Bon, about GT ; the worst !!! I don't know how I can use words to describe her a woman not well educated, no brain ( speaking before thinking) and the worst character is infidelity ! She was with Soo from childhood, he always cherished, protected and loved her and she is like this ???!! if she thinks Soo is dead...OK but she met him and knows he is alive and he always wants getting married with her....WHY ???!!!! A woman in Joseon period ! So, I can say one thing ....she is born not to be a Queen, her fate is like that ! Tant pis pour elle ! haizzzz I hate this girl and Ma Hoon too ! They richard simmons me off !
  2. For me, CM did nothing wong, he did his job, he recieved orders to control rebels and MW was a rebel with her troop ! I like IU's acting in this drama but I don't like MW ! People say... she is like Goblin female version .. I don't agree ! Kim Shin ( Goblin) killed many people not bc he wanted but bc he received the King's orders ! even he killed ennemies to protect his country but as God said " everyone are chidren of God" many people prayed of God to save Kim Shin but God punished him finally ! It's different for MW.. she killed people for stealing, for her greed; she wanted killing she didn't recieve orders, she was the chief; it's MW who gave orders to kill ! So if CM arrested MW and her troops ... a captain arrested rebels........it's normal ! In the present CM is Police and MW is gangster ( before she stole living people"s money and now she steals from the deaths....you see, even CS doesn't like the way she takes money from the death) Honestly, over 1 thousand years, she doesn't change at all her characters.... cruel, evil sorry, I said about MW not IU... hope you'll understand) I don't know who loves who more... CM acceped to become a firefly more than 1 thousand years while he could go to the after life, just to stay beside the one he loved......I'm very touched ! Btw, in all Hong sister's dramas; the second male lead are always the GOOD guys but as always ...girls love the bad guys hahahaha !
  3. So Yi Rim is, maybe, the son of the late King ? The one who had been killed the King now ! so why he always dreams about the moment the late King died ???? and he's always be protected secretly by Mo Hwa by the order of the Downager Queen ???
  4. It's sure that you're wrong ! look carrefully, it's a card sim not a tracker and the prevew we see YG is reading many files and he calles someone and said " I found it" GM gave it to his son, he told to YG to tie the shoes bc he knows one day YG will find it out, he knows his son is smart
  5. So YG found and has the ledger in his shoes wow....surprise ! So why his dad always talked to him about ......his shoes ! Big bomb will be explosed in next eps
  6. I think Lee Rim has some connection with The King and Ho Dam. The dream he made is the past when his father killed the last king to take the thrown. I don't thnik he'll become king with this dream !
  7. In this drama, I like.............the Crown Prince ! He's very manly, he has a lokk of a King, a good one ! I didn't recongnize him is Park Ki Wong ! I like a man 'handsome" ....as a man not a " beautiful" man as..Cha eun Woo and many idols : maybe korean girls like " beautiful men" so why almost idols did chirugy to become......beautiful hahahaha
  8. I already watched many many k-dramas and I noticed there are " always" triangle love ! and , always, the third person .......is a witch ( if it's a woman) or an angel, ideal son-in-law; the man who has many many goods characters : handsome, smart, nice, maybe very rich BUT he can't have the heroine's heart bc she loves ..maybe he's CEO, smart , handsome but ...NOT nice and especially arrogant ! We always love that third person ( as in The moon the sun, temperatur of love .....) but here............it's completely different GS, the third person, is a jert until......the last ep ! it's strange he doesn't change !!!!??? Maybe korean writers change the " trend" ???!! the same in Angel's last mission love !
  9. Ji Ho and Yong Jae are Men in black in wrap up party hahahaha We'll miss them ! Good job everyone ! See you soon in the next project !
  10. Oh my God !!!!! Please do not repeat the story like SITR !!! Break up in the pre-last ep and come back in ........the last ????!!!!
  11. GS can't live in France; he'll be arrested by the police ! His crime ..................stalker , like Jae In This guy is really ...................low cost !
  12. Compare 2 dramas : SITR and this one I prefer this couple : JI & JH
  13. Hello everyone, I don't watch the last 4 eps yet, just come here and read yours comments and.....I'm borred ! This writer is tired now ! He( or she) is turning around! It's not interesting like the beginning ! Dispute, break-up, come back and dispute ...etc .....etc ! I'm very disappointed
  14. Jeong In is not like Jae In She's mature not childish, she can't throw the ring on GS's face. She gives back the ring to him, it's him who doesn't want take it and he imagines that it's done, she takes it , it means she " takes " him ??! He's wrong ! Like she explains to JH, she does as JH told her..... give GS some times, not reacts so rude to him...... If JI stops having feelings & contacts brutally...she's not a good person ! She can do like that to GS now so she'll do like this to JH in the future ! GS told her he buys this ring for her, she should take it and after she can tthrow away if she doesn't like ! and then he goes telling to everyone he proposes her and she accepts it ! The same he told to his dad it's OK about JI and him while his dad already knew the thruth / So why his dad gives him all pictures to let him know that ... stop lying , accept the thruth !
  15. JHI is really the lucky guy ... he has 2 greats actresses, talented, beautiful......as his parteners ! After Son Ye Jin and now Han Ji Min and he can have many intimates scenes with them...many kisses, hugs and ...etc ...etc hahahaha ! The luckiest one ! Ep 12 is very sweet and also funny ! After the daughter who wants file a divorce and now , her Mom wants doing the same All Lee's wemen have strong characters and rebelous ! For me, GS's dad is better ( a little) than JI's ! Maybe: he doesn't want to become in-laws withLee family even he has a good feeling & respect toward JI ! It's a shame to have a dad like JI's dad; he has no pride, no honnor ! Maybe in korean society, there are many people like him ! I said it's funny bc there are many " spies" around JI & JH..... spy in pharmacy, librairy, home, friends .... but with good intentions for them !
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