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  1. I only watched some parts of the new episode because I needed to go to work. Some quick thoughts: 1. The drama title is so appropriate not just for Gal Hee but for the other secretaries working in that office. Many of them (including the drivers) are keeping a secret from the company. 2. The office drama is just okay for me. I really don't care who gets the presidency in the end. All I can say is that Madame Secretary Lee's revenge will bite her back. The good intention was there but the method was wrong. 3. In his heart, Min Ik wants to forgive Gal Hee but his reasoning (brain) is telling him otherwise. 4. Sorry again for making another "She's the Man" reference. As much as Duke hated Viola, he chose for her to stay during the match because he knew she could help the team win. Min Ik is currently in the same situation. Even if he hates Gal Hee now, he knows he needs her. 5. Maybe it's the sub I watched, but you can sense the tinge of sadness in Min Ik's eyes and tone when Gal Hee agreed to walk away without regrets after she helps him in the voting. Oh boy, you will regret asking that question later. 6. Gal Hee has been getting a lot of hate for deceiving Min Ik. After giving it much thought, it was nothing compared to what Min Ik put her through prior to and slightly after his accident. He treated her unfairly and took advantage of her being too hardworking (I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and say it was not all intentional). Their dynamic really changed while preparing for the board meeting. Thanks for the recap @ktcjdrama and @turtlegirl
  2. Now that her secret is out, my hope for our heroine is to come out of her mess a stronger, smarter, nicer, a more honest and confident person. I don't want her to stay sulking for too long and start picking herself up. Min Ik will forgive her at his own pace, at his own terms. Knowing Gal Hee, she will find a way to help Min Ik even secretly because that's the person she is, a caring one. It has been mentioned a few times how she is always taking care of other people. Her moment of weakness was due to the fact that she just wanted to know and feel what it's like to experience things differently - eat gourmet food, be treated as a lady, be the one being taken care of. I think this will also be a significant factor when Min Ik finally finds the heart to forgive her.
  3. The story has more "she's the man" (amanda bynes, channing tatum) feel to it vs IANAR. Duke eventually forgave Viola and his reasoning was they wouldn't be able to get to know each other the same way if she didn't pretend to be a boy. He became more aware of his feelings because of fake Sebastian (Viola). It's somewhat similar to Min Ik. He became a nicer person to Gal Hee because of fake VP. He started to notice her more and appreciate all her hard work. Anyway, when will he be able to read her letter?! She slipped it in his coat pocket and I don't think he noticed it. Actually, I am not sure if it was the letter.
  4. You know what, I was re-watching the scene over and over again and you may be right that he couldn't see her face and just thinking about it, aaww it's still romantic
  5. Omo! The fish tank scene was more heart fluttering than their kiss scene. Same feeling when he hugged her at the boardwalk after he received the good news from DJ over the phone, and when he sent her that sweet text on his way home from the funeral, and when he called her on the eve of the board meeting because he couldn't sleep. He does these little things that he doesn't realize was a reflection of how he feels inside no matter how much he denies it. I love how he just casually said "i just like being with you." It's unplanned and he didn't feel any discomfort saying it (only after he said it haha). I am sure his heart went boom boom when their fingers touched and he really saw her face and that's why he almost kissed her (what stopped him?!). I also doesn't like Gal Hee continuing to be fake VP but after when she confessed to real VP, I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. She's so deep in the lie that it's just difficult to reverse what she has done but I trust that writer-nim will give us a satisfying resolution. [Just to compare with I Am Not A Robot, when they did the reset thing, I thought things will get angsty and ugly, and they did but how they econciled was sweet and romantic!] Anyway, if it takes a fake VP to make Min Ik realize his true feelings, then I'm fine with it. Edit: Did you notice how surprised Min Ik was when Gal Hee told him she likes being beside him as well? It made him smile and I think that's what gave him the nudge to make the move, he totally forgot about other things and he almost kissed her.
  6. Everyone is hiding a secret from everyone, and it's going to be heartbreakingly funny once all their secrets are out. Although I think Min Ik will be the most heartbroken of them all because DJ and VP knew about Gal Hee's secret. Thanks recappers! My heart broke for Gal Hee in the almost kiss scene. What a blow to her self-esteem. First, he said she was pretty but he thought he was dreaming. Then, he almost kissed her but held back, like reality hit him and he thought it was a mistake. In the preview when Gal Hee confessed (if it's even real) her feelings to Min Ik, she's wearing a green suit so it's possible that she only did that knowing that he couldn't recognize her...
  7. Some of you are frustrated that Min Ik cannot put the pieces together. But here's the thing. Prior to his accident, he's so dependent on his eye sight and his ability to read people's faces. By removing that ability, he's quite lost. Plus, he has this impression that Gal Hee hates him and she's only working hard to support her family and not because she also cares for him. He doesn't want to tell her that he can sometimes see her face because he's scared that she would leave him, and right now he needs her. As a secretary? As a friend? Doesn't matter, he just needs her.
  8. Thank you @turtlegirl and @ktcjdrama for the recap, much appreciated! I'm somewhat with you in your first theory, actually. Maybe he felt a bit of guilt after kissing VP because he is confused about his feelings. He doesn't want to fully commit to fake VP if he's thinking about two women. If I read the recap correctly, DJ is already aware of Gal Hee's secret life (but not just the reason behind it). If that's the case, I am relieved that there's another person Gal Hee can trust. DJ is definitely #TeamGalik
  9. OMIGODOMIGODOMIGOD! Maybe Min Ik was not surprised because he can't actually see their faces so he had no idea that the lady with DJ was real VP. But my oh my! What will happen to our heroine Gal Hee?! How would she explain herself?
  10. There are 2 scenes in the video below which we haven't seen. 1) 7:20 - it looks like they are in a hospital room and Gal Hee has a broken arm and 2) 8:02 - evening outdoor shoot. In both scenes, Gal Hee was not wearing her red cardigan.
  11. To continue my previous post... The reason why Min Ik is also attracted to VP (Gal Hee's VP) is because he did not expect her to be caring -- when he saved him from eating peanuts, when she massaged his hand to ease his indigestion, when she took out her umbrella to cover them, when she waited with him for the security guard. He was touched by her actions. Later, it will get confusing for him. Gal Hee is as caring and he will realize that he's attracted to 2 different women (of course he has no idea that they are just the same person).
  12. Good explanation by @blademan @Lmangla It's being put in a situation wherein they needed to stick together thus more chances of seeing each other in a different light. Prior to his "blindness", Min Ik refused to trust Gal Hee. When he had no choice because she's the only one who he can recognize, he started caring for her and started to realize that she genuinely cares for him. It's somewhat new to him and he's been craving for that. He did not get it from his family and that's why he agreed to go on a blind date with Veronica Park for that possibility that he might find a family in her family (I think it was episode 3 or 4). For Gal Hee, it's being in Veronica Park shoes towards the end of their 1st date and in their 2nd meet-up. She saw that there's this side of him that is honestly caring. She couldn't see it before because she's too focused on her duties as secretary and being annoyed at him. At first, she went the extra mile so she could keep her job. After the "blindness" incident, she was being like that because he needed her and she needed the job. She thought she only wanted to save him because he's a good person but VP came along and made her think twice - maybe she's falling for him.
  13. If this has been posted here before, I apologize for the duplication. I cannot wait to watch the episodes where these scenes were taken from. EDIT: the set of photos with Veronica and Gal Hee wearing the same outfit and Gal Hee 's head on Min Ik's shoulder.
  14. Brace yourselves for "i am not a robot" level of heartbreak once Min-Ik finds out Gal-Hee's secret. I do not want to go through that. But we must in order to get our happy ending.
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