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  1. I just want a super, duper revenge.  I want her to remember and then to get revenge on the little skank, then the brother in law, the sister in law, the mother in law and father in law who killed and took her father's patent.  Then a bit of a twist in the heart of the little selfish boy, I think he is over his head and he needs to be smacked.  :rolleyes:

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  2. Secret forum fantasy:  I wish that each drama had two running threads, one for people who want to just chat, and one for those who go on and on with recaps, or write a whole dissertation on an "issue" in a drama, or post image after, image, after image of idols.  Maybe there is a way we can sort.  I know, I know impossible.  But really, do people read those long posts?  

  3. It's impossible to navigate the discussion groups.  Whatever page you land in, then it kicks you out of the discussion group.  Say you start at the last page and want to go back to read previous posts, NOPE.  You are out of luck.  This makes it impossible to follow discussions.  I tried with various browsers, with and without ad-blockers.  Nothing.  It all fails.  

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