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  1. The scamming of identity and stealing property is a big component of K-Dramas, the law probably does not allow it, but the scammers seem to have work around.
  2. This fits the bill if you are a connoisseur of Makjang daily dramas. All the necessary tropes were at play. A secret plot that cleanses the sins of the mother. Birth secret. Memory loss. Slapping, loads of slapping--actually a bit too much, but it was comical. Dopey first husband and his greedy mother get hammered by karma. Falling off cliffs, getting hit by cars, paralysis, secret recipes, stupid counterplots with women impersonating men... the list is endless. My favorite character is Se Ra's mother. She was a true Makjang character, even after her death in prison. Wonder what is next at this time slot? (Please don't torture yourself thinking there are actual writers for this genre, what you have is a formula, a small apartment and lots of soju and ramen)
  3. I loved this drama for one reason and one reason only: the "baddies" were hilarious. It was cartoonish but always gave me a laugh. The goodies were like a bad Scooby Doo gang. This show had more slaps than any weekly series but could never match the kimchi slap.
  4. OMG...they are dropping like flies: coma, a white truck, and stairs in the last few episodes. We already had the over-the-cliff and the freezer bits. I do have to say, Se Ra's mom is a great comic actress. Lover her loony character.
  5. Well, was waiting for the grandma's coma moment and what a twist, it's a fake out. 10 points on something different.
  6. They need to step up from the continuous high school romantic drama tropes and get into the plot. How many times can they eat street food or go to an arcade?
  7. I am sure it's because Korea was hosting the Asian Youth Games and coverage pre-empted the morning shows. https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/sports/2024/02/600_368013.html
  8. I watch this show so I can hate it, actually, I fast forward. The trainer is anorexic. The family is terrible. The father is a clown.
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