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  1. Omg, signing in was hard!! And I never signed out either. Glad SY drama is good and she is very active now, liking the photoshoot as well. WY appeared, and doing a great deed.
  2. Finally able to log back in, had probs. Anyway, been a month...are there any updatres specially on he drama front? Best regards YY chinggus.
  3. I hope it isn’t too late to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year, and best regards to all! Been travelling with family. Now back home for a short weekend rest and sleep recovery. Thank you for the updates chinggus. Yup she gained weight but am glad to read that she was presentor in a year-end ceremony. Great news that SY is considering a drama and hope she accepts. Also happy WY is still seen around often.
  4. Actually the longest wait was two years for 2 very popular actors who are now starring together. Not military for the man (but he should have if he waited that long). Although there were a few CFs, hosting in between. Let it not be the same for SY. Impossible that she has no offers, she is a steady actress who performs well and is nominated for awards and won some. I do not even mind a M-F or weekend makjang. Those kinds of shows rate tremendously. She has had a good career with dramas, both long ones and the 16-20 ep types. That said, I think her reasons for absence could be personal.
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