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  1. Pil Goo is such a mature lil guy, he wants to protect his mom so much it warms my heart.. I like what Jong Ryeol said & that it was he wished Pil Goo just stayed bein' a kid which is the best thing he's ever done as a parent so far ha-ha! I feel sad for Yong Shik 'cause whatever relationship he has with Dong Baek, no one replaces Pil Goo's real Dad.. which is something Yong Shik can't touch.. Hyang Mi may be a lot of things but she's certainly not dense I'd give her that for sure She too suspects Dong Baek's mom is faking her dementia. The old lady didn't refute her accusations immediately either which probably means it's true. But why though? Why abandon Dong Baek all those years ago? Where does she keep disappearing to? Hopefully the drama answers these questions in the remaining ep. That was so cute how Yong Shik motioned Dong Baek at the end to quickly grab his hand to assert his manliness over Jong Ryeol & her LoL! This drama is making me empathise for both Jong Ryeol & Hyang Mi.. the former wanting to reconnect with his son..while at the same time he's trying to recapture what he lost with Dong Baek probably due to guilt~ As for the latter..well , it's obvious Hyang Mi's doin' all the extremes as a means of gettin' attention & affection. She's so desperate for either one she resorts to any low, illegal ways to achieve it.. I find what she said of Dong Baek to be poignant that she was the only one who genuinely cared for her. Lastly is the 2 different ways moms bring up their sons. There's Dong Baek & Yong Shik's moms who bring up their sons to be sensitive, independent & sweet men with respect for women. While Mr. Noh's mom raised hers to be patriarchal & misogynistic. No wonder Lawyer Hong is goin' off the rails. I love how she stood up against her mil
  2. I'm getting The Heirs vibes when Kyung did the triple wrist grab with Haru & Dan Oh There's 2 love triangles, with the other between Do Hwa-Ju Da-Nam Joo. Why am I shipping Kyung with Haru though LMFAo?! And I kind of like the idea of Do Hwa & Dan Oh together Ah~ what's a bad boy without the cliched mommy issues Kyung is truly a bipolar maniac (probably alluding to the writer?) I don't know, either change him or make him stay that way consistently. The constant hot/cold vibes Kyung gives is gettin' on my nerves tbh. He's still trash to me. Ha-ha at Why does he have such wide shoulders? and oh no poor Haru has vanished...
  3. Er--I'm not so sure how to feel rn I mean Kyung is still a jerk & is so violent, not to mention abusive.. and now the entire manhwa is chaotic.. with Dan Oh being the main character just as she intended though will this make her happy? Do Hwa get the girl - a rarity for second male leads LoL
  4. WooHoo Yong Shik ah~ as if there weren't enough reasons to love ya already! What a man! That kiss though...hot damn. When he clutched his chest after Pil Goo said he didn't (yet again) want him near his mom - tough LoL. G'luck lil guy 'cause Yong Shik's the best guy for your mom right now; get used to it I love like the drama title, Dong Baek is "blooming" & getting more and more empowered as ep. go on.. I don't even care who the heck is the Joker anymore! But dear GOD PLEASE don't let Dong Baek die?!!? Jong Ryeol - ugh He's a coward period. You want your ex back just 'cause you realised how good you used to have it..?! Are you kidding me right now??! Poor Dong Baek having to stomach through a one sided relationship with a selfish man and she sacrificed so much... and yet, Jong Ryeol still thinks it was her fault!? I have to thank him though, 'cause as Dong Baek pointed out, he made her get to her senses. Your loss Jong Ryeol just focus on your pathetic baseball career Again Yong Shik's mom comes through with some sage advice..and aww~ the nosy ahjummas of Ongsan do care, they're a weird bunch as Dong Baek said LoL. I love seeing how Yong Shik eats! He always eats his meals so heartily, him & Dong Baek are just so silly together..cute too eheh. So please drama...let them be happy please??
  5. A pretty sad ep. overall.. My heart aches for Soo, the King mostly.. That ******* chief councillor aka Hoon's dad! I hope he gets his comeuppance..and soon Aww~Soo Yeon finally confesses to Hoon, it appears the remaining half of this drama will get much more dramatic & emotionally heavy(?) Young Soo's just comic relief at this point but he's so adorable you just can't help but like him LoL. Gosh I hope Joon gets reunited with his mom, as much as Soo Yeon with her brother~ "From now on, you come first..." - I'm sorry Soo but I'm on Team Hoon on this one Soo is proving to be a compassionate & just King, alas like most Kings he's doomed to be alone.. when that palace lady committed suicide it brought back so much of my Scarlet Heart feels...
  6. Idk how Dong Joo can stay calm with a shirtless Nok Doo so close with her LoL! The lil girl's too adorable but now Dong Joo's fiance know Nok Doo's a guy~
  7. @raziela "The World Owes Bai Lu a Better Wig" Oh got to give them netizen credit for bein' witty sometime! I've only ever watched her on AMA so I can't judge Zhao Lin however, has been on a roll lately. Think he's been on 3-4 dramas out this year already! Though I wished he played a different role he's typecast pretty much. Hard to believe he's only 22. Ahahah oh yes to shorter episodes
  8. How lovely, now both Soo Yeon (fka Gae Ddong) & Hoon are entering the palace, although married to others! I'm truly disliking that noblewoman more & more but she's prettier than Soo Yeon imo (ducks for cover) I feel the styling for Soo Yeon a tad too plain? It's so obvious the noblewoman has feelings for Joon but her pride is clouding her better judgement. I liked how Hoon said he created a narrow path so be it an aristocrat or common folk, they need to walk the same path to their matchmaking agency. If only his father shared the same ideals~ So glad that the lady wasn't fooled by the forged letter, I was nervous that she would LoL. She was trying to protect her daughter, hence she wanted to remarry. Joon was notably mistaken by her intentions. I like Soo but he has a different path than Soo Yeon..while his undying love for her is great & all..it's also placing her in harm's way. I do hope he gets this & move on. I mean he's now a king & well, he can have a whole harem of women if he wants his union with Soo Yeon is just not meant to be.
  9. @sugarplum892 EXACTLY. That's what bothered me too She looks awful with the wig..why can't they let her wear her pixie cut from Arsenal Military Academy?? I mean there've been actresses with short hair before right? It's funny that the female lead is older than male lead by 3 years They look compatible & cute together. Maybe 'cause he seem mature? Oh he's a good kisser eheh I much prefer the other title, "Lucky's First Love" it's just shorter ha-ha! The drama is pretty fun to watch so far but plot's nothing new, most C-dramas love the ordinary, cute, naive girl with CEO possessive, controlling guy romance I still watch them though...if done right LoL
  10. @baby.hae LMFAo the struggle IS real!! I too have a love-hate relationship with Kyung. I get it that he's a puppet in his dad's "business plan" but still that is NO excuse to treat your fiancee (Dan Oh) like trash And yea that really sucked how he just dumped her in a dark forest...alone... I was like seriously?! I'm too old for youthful stuff as well, but it's my guilty pleasure I definitely think Kyung's jealous rage was 'cause he didn't like seeing Dan Oh bein' happy with another guy..? He always keep tellin' her how she gets her way (which ain't true have you seen the way she curses the manhwa writer LoL!?) So yea he shoved Haru against the shelves. Though why he bled on his forehead when only his back was toward the shelf LoL!??! Drama logic indeed The sudden changes to characters are a bit sudden for me... like how all a sudden they got self-aware?? It's too convenient...
  11. Ahaha this thread is so..dead But Si Wan could have simply moved out & stayed at another goshiwon surely? Eden isn't the only one, or is it because it's the cheapest? I feel like the drama wanted to push for this message that we are sometimes a victim of circumstance, but what if it's innate? As in Si Wan's case. He's already suffering from PTSD & shown to have violent tendencies so the environment at goshiwon sort of pushed him over the edge..? Idk (shrug) the message just seem lost at least for me. It just seem more of a Halloween scare type of drama but hollow.
  12. @lollyminx IMO Jessica is on par with Hyang Mi with their manipulative ways It's just that the latter know how to level up albeit like a gold digger The fact her mom keep harping on how so many other wealthy men desire her is disgusting. She's probably no better than a escort the seedy kind ugh. Hyang Mi...should be able to reach the same level as Jessica, so it's odd why she aim so low as in a modest & sleepy town like Ongsan? Oh yes to Lawyer Hong on running for politics I mean she obviously know the law - DuH. And she's smarter (obviously) I really feel for her that all she needed was a shoulder to lean on & a drink to numb her troubles away~ @Dramanoona That's 'cause she's the exact same ahjumma from the eden goshiwon in "Strangers from Hell" I find her message to Dong Baek a forewarning - "Be Careful Who You Trust", she knows something but what LoL!? And I said it too myself in a post earlier that she's not acting like a typical Dementia patient. She's way too independent! @stroppyse Maybe it's 'cause he dealt with it multiple times in his life, as mentioned by Jessica he used to date a model, a K-Pop idol (seriously) etc so he avoided Hyang Mi like the plague. I'm glad Yong Shik returned that box of abalones to Jong Ryeol 'cause had it fallen into Hyang Mi's hands...and she was eyeing them through the window...
  13. So Haru has the manhwa "Secret" as well, which means he knew it all along & that's why he was there for Dan Oh all those other times.. I know Kyung's dad is a real prick & all but I just can't find myself to like him, at least for now... When he left Dan Oh alone in the dark forest knowing she's weak was just cruel. Although there're times where the look on his face softens when he says something mean, still he's such a @$$ LoL. Dan Oh's super adorable, I just love her determination & positivity. She's such a ray of sunshine. Ugh Nam Joo's lines are so cringy~ I don't really care for Ju Da or any of the other characters. It seem like Dried Squid know what's the real deal with Haru but he's holding back. Ahaha that Do Hwa now knows as well.
  14. Aish just as Dong Baek finally get her confidence, the Joker knocks it back down again.. Dong Baek now understandably shaken by fear & paranoia is contemplating on leaving Ongsan. I highly doubt her mom has dementia tbh..she functions way too well?? Like she knows how to take public transport etc. Idk is she faking it?! And the police chief has a point, the Joker strikes whenever her mom's around. Where does she disappear to anyway?? Hyang Mi annoys the crap out of me. She's gettin' really brazen as well. To indirectly tell Lawyer Hong that she's the other woman Mr. Noh is seeing. Sheesh she's walking on a very fine line.. Jong Ryeol is just as bad. He obviously harbors hope on starting over with Dong Baek, especially knowing he has a son. Pil Goo's a chip off the old block ain't he LoL?! So he & Jessica aren't registered in terms of marriage?! I'm confused. Or did they just live together? But what of the child? I doubt her mom would approve of a child out of wedlock. South Koreans tend to go about matrimony in a roundabout way I noticed. They'd have a registered marriage but no ceremony LoL. Or they only marry because there's a chance the woman is pregnant before the wedding.
  15. @lollyminx Like @stroppyse , I didn't interpret Yong Shik's words the way you did, nor did I see it as a sign of weakness.. I mean aren't you suppose to go "all in" for a relationship anyway?? A relationship requires trust, being vulnerable & having an open heart - which all make Yong Shik very charming & dependable. He's boyfriend material for sure @stroppyse I loved how Yong Shik told Dong Baek that he'd make her "die of happiness everyday" where can I sign up for that LoL!? He cracked me up when he said he wished genie was part of the avengers! Er--I'm not a comic book fanatic, but I do know the genie isn't a part of the marvel universe ha-ha! I liked how Yong Shik had this huge smile of satisfaction like a kid when she told him instead of a genie, he was like a fairy awww~
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