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  1. just finished the series! i was eagerly looking for the explanation for the glitch in the game. it was very superficially explained as a bug! would have preferred the current CEO master minding it. i was actually shocked to see him login 145th time. i didnt know he was also logging into the game! but that was not explained. i would have really preferred human element creating that bug. it would have been even more interesting. a bug would have allowed to log in without even smart lens! i wonder! cant expect logic in such stories. coming to the open ending, i think i kind of expected it. First after so many killings, it will look funny to have heroine running to her hero and both living happily ever after. Jin woo really has become a tired hero after the repeated killing. One year of killing even game villains will take the toll. as it isnot evn happening inside the screen. it wouldnt have suited for jin woo to settle into mundane married life. Open ending gives me a hope too! like how jin woo went on a quest and save se joo, i really want Hye joong to go on quest now. PSH was completely wasted in this damsel in distress role. i think she has grown a lot more to play such docile chr. After doctors, i was hoping to see her kickass in this game show. hoping to see a second season where she will be badass inside the game and finally getting a proper romance too! But that would happen if we get a season. but will we???
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