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  1. I agreed and it’s good he told grace he will buy her share of aida in that way he has total control of everything.
  2. Thank you! I’m actually sad they won’t be working together but I think eventually she’ll come back to help him out or it seemed on the preview of the couple of next episodes she’s still at Aida working with Amanda but Amanda seemed nicer to her and it looked as if they found the culprit. I don’t understand anything on the preview of episode #33-34 that was posted on this thread. Do you? If so do you think you can translate it for me? Thank you in advance.
  3. Omg this Amanda girl is so annoying! She’s just jealous of LQ! I can’t stand her! I want more scene of Yaji and CZ they are cute together.
  4. I think JE will confess to DG tomorrow. Tomorrow episode is probably be the reveal day! JH face expression is on point but I don’t like how they are putting in some unnecessary scene like when HG dad was on TV there was no need for it.
  5. I finally watched episode 116 with subs and I feel like JH is too quite with her investigation and YR also, so next week the BIG BOMB will drop BIG time! I don’t think JH and YR don’t know what’s going on I think that a BIG TRAP is set so both SH and JE can fall into them. It’s funny to see JH asked JE where she was at and she just said I just step out instead of letting JH know she was over at her mom asking about the video lol. I can’t believe SH would ruin her sister JH reputation that she has built all her life just to satisfy her needs! That is just wrong!
  6. I’m actually disappointed in today episode I thought there would be more JH revenging and outsmart the mother-daughter duo but it seemed she believed the pregnancy and didn’t do any investigation regarding it. I’m just hoping that YR can put two and two together like what she overheard SH & JE talking and the news that JE is pregnant and realized that what they are afraid of being caught because it was a lie and go tell JH.
  7. I kept on going back and fourth to watch the preview and the end of ep 14 and this is what I cam up with. Like some chingus said JE was wearing that outfit while chasing JH at the end of the episode and in the preview there was part where she went back to SJB and you can see she’s frantically talking to her mom and after that they were at JH’s House saying that JE is pregnant. I think the daughter-mother evil duo plotted something. It cannot be a coincidence all of a sudden they announce her pregnancy and especially in front of DG and JG of course the wimp DG is going to beg his step mom and of course the FIL is going to feel bad because he doesn’t know anything about the SH and JE did to JH and HN. Do you guys agree with my thoughts?
  8. I still hope JE pregnancy is a fake. She’s too mean till the end and her jealous will never end, if she’s pregnant she’ll think she has the upper hand. Like some Chingus mention on here that she doesn’t really love DG he is just prize she won over HN because HN like him a lot but he has feelings for JE. And agree with you that how dare SH come over to JH house and demand things?! Who does she think she is lol
  9. If JE is really pregnant I’m going to be so upset, I hope it’s one of her trick to keep everyone on check. Mama Bear JH is out there to get you and now she’s teaming up with YR watch out now! can anyone translate the preview for us?
  10. I love today episode! JH is going to revenge those evil mother daughter duo! Can’t wait till tomorrow morning! JH was on point today and I can’t wait for her to make them pay for the torment they have put her and HN in all these years! The look on JE face when JH said they won’t be moving lol!
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