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  1. @Gerry58 It's great she was casted but she's not even cast as a second lead but just a support which means she won't even appear as much. Main female is Seo Hyun Jin and the second female lead is Kim Dasom. I Iike the main actress. She's great. Sy may not even appear on their press conference since only the main leads appear. She may probably appear 5 -10 times for the whole 100 episodes. After she leading 2 dramas it would be great if she would be cast as one of the leads either the main or second. Anyway there are no news about this drama anywhere only on hancinema which means this is not a corfirmed drama yet. Hope there are other drama offers.
  2. Han cinema posted Sy's picture so I've checked it out and on her profile she is included in an upcoming historical weekend drama that will air in 9/13/2019. The title is The Allies - Time for a Green Hero starrring Seo Hyun-Jin. She would not be one of the leads but a supporting role. Check this out https://www.hancinema.net/korean_drama_The_Allies_-_A_Time_for_a_Green_Hero.php
  3. I am happy that Sy has a lot of interviews before and after her drama. It seems her new company is promoting her well
  4. I was waiting for Sy but she was not captured. She probably came early
  5. @standingtallyy Sy may have used her little time to see someone in the army hahahaha. She has some explaining to do with this kissing scene hahaha. Why I am excited seeing these two kiss hahahaha.
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