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  1. I really hope to see more of the bold/ naughty side of Pete! the last time was when Pete pulled up Ae's shirt a bit in the locker scene!
  2. Reminds me of a 14 year old girl in my country who was gang raped in a toilet at school. The guys didn't get punished, they were even allowed to continue studying at the sama school the girl went in. And this happened in europe- in one of world's most well developed countries.Sometimes I wonder if we live in 21th century or what ? I hope the rape case in LBC will be tastefully done (meaning no glamorise of rape...) But sadly, even though its 2018 we still have a long way to go before rape is seen as serious no matter what (not just in "some" cases , and cases like "he/she asked for it " is seen as no biggie etc). its a worldwide problem...
  3. how can ae and pete be both so cute/adorable yet hot/sexy together?? like at the locker scene or in Ae's family house where Ae laid pete on the bed and put his hand under pete's shirt (which was sexy/hot) , or in the last scene of ep 8 where they were cuddling on the bed (which was cute / adorable) .. they manage to be such a hot yet cute couple.. their chemistry is AMAZING
  4. im so happy that this show is being so realistic in the fact that 18 year olds does feel sexual desires as well (like they dont try to act as if sex doesnt exist) and the fact that there is protection shown as well (condoms) , it shows how responsible they are.. i mean, how many BL shows has talked about safety during sex etc??? I think LBC is very bold cuz not many BL shows has had courage to do the things LBC does. Not saying LBC is perfect , but at least this show acknowledges that sex exists (even people who are under 20) and that sexual diseases exist. the last scene when Ae and Pete was in bed together and about to sleep , Pete being all shy and cute when Ae kissed him , and then Pete snuggling against Ae saying "goodnight to you too baby" and they fell asleep like that having Pete snuggling against Ae... thats too much for my poor heart to handle!! How can they be so freakin soft and adorable together??? sooo sweet and heartwarming huhuhu .. it melted my heart. i love how affectionate they are with each other(not just one of them being affectionate while the other one not so much...here they are both affectionate) it feels so realistic... like u can really tell how much in love they are..this is how i imagine also IRL two young people newly in love would act, the way Ae Pete does. I love this couple so much! <3333 they will be the death of me lol. as for TinCan, i know lots of people love this couple... i don't have a opinion of them yet , maybe i will come to adore this couple later on. ooh btw ,the popular BL chinese drama addicted heroin... there is rumor that it will get a korean remake! that would be interesting for sure.
  5. it has nothing to do with age, this is a famous punk band from 1970s my dad loves , see their jeans xD i dont think u were even born yet, so having jeans like that had been a trend for a very long time=) .. its just a prefence.
  6. heyy here for anyone who is interested to read some R-rated stuff of the novel xD https://www.wattpad.com/story/160337933-sex-scenes-my-accidental-love-is-you
  7. Hey I read somewhere what will happen in the future of LBC ..(in the novel ) its huge spoilers, so dont read if u dont want to know
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