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  1. How do I love this drama?! Let me count the ways!! It brought me out of posting retirement, for one! I'm easy to please so I liked the synopsis from the word go. (Plus I know how to spot a good drama). They had me at romance, drama, Gong Hyo Jin and Kang Ha Neul... Then I saw the promotional video of KHN as a country bumpkin in love and I wondered "what is going on here??!!" (Check out trailer three on this page. YongSik is such an oaf!!) But judging from the quality of the writer's two other dramas, I knew it would be good. I won't meander. I love the cast. I love the judge-y villagers. I love the blooming romance. I love how the writer has hooked her fingers in my nostrils and is dragging me around with this mystery storyline!! I'm not much of a mystery buff and neither am I detail oriented, so I am not going to take my time working out who the killer is. I can't come up with clues, theories, analyses... they make my head spin, so I will read your views instead. As @40somethingahjumma has said, that ledger holds the key to this case. But I won't speculate any further because I hate details so I will wait to be surprised. This week, Baseball Dad absolutely pissed me off!! The way he nagged PG at the school, and when he took PG to the seaside, I almost threw my tablet away!! Then he has the gall to go back to the restaurant and fold his arms behind his head like he owns the place!! I don't know why DB didn't go off on him (I would have killed him). At this point, I want him to get divorced and end up alone with his money, and have wasps sting him!! When PG realised that Baseballer is his dad..... poor thing!! That slay-queen Jessica is quite the piece of work!! But I love that such a horrible character exists, a bad young mother. Her mother has obviously been the devil that whispers in her ear and the end result is a terrible ogre of a woman. To round off the evil trifecta for the week, the arbeit HyangMi is tightening the noose around GyuTae... I want him to go down for being a womaniser and for harrassing DB, but I also pity him because HyangMi is another piece of work! The way she blackmails him is so realistic, I could see a mistress doing that to a man in real life!! I'm glad there's twenty episodes because this drama hits the spot. A great way to close out the year. I think they will win lots of awards during awards season. PS. The kiss scenes better not fail me!
  2. Finally... 1. Well, Writernim didn't give me my perfect ending, so I will write my first fanfic! I saw that Maserati pull up and my heart skipped a beat! but then..... well, it was his Maserati :-).... I can always give myself the ending I wanted.... GG and JW sneaking around, being chased by Dispatch, GG starting a new business because she must always be a BOSS..... JW remained a sweetheart to the end and if GG doesn't want him, there's many women out here who know what to do with him!! 2. I was very happy with the realistic resolution in TaMi and Morgan's love story. They can't live without each other, but didn't give up their core beliefs to be with one another. TaMi just gave herself the chance to be happy, probably because she realised life is short. 3. GG took down Chairwoman epically, but what was that sackcloth she was wearing?. Soompi doesn't have the emojis for my reaction when I saw that outfit!! LOL!!!!! Just. NO. lolest!!! 4. My star of the show is definitely Chairwoman. She owned that role and delivered 150%!! terrifying, cruel, heartless, cold, manipulative.... what a villain!! It will be hard to see her in a grannie role after this!!
  3. @forwww May I say how I LOVE LOVE LOVE your analysis!! I am an amateur gamer myself and I love how you tied gaming to these two characters!! Too bad I can't give you more than one like for your post!! On rewatching, I realised that JW has been sleeping over at the apartment!! He comes out of the bedroom in their first scene when GG is reading news of Barro's win and having a cuppa!!!Writernim needs to give me happy closure for this couple. Something definitive, not an open-ended ending!! Plus skinship. Very Important. JW laid himself bare about needing her and needing them to continue their "relationship" when he asks, "What should I do when I miss you? If I cannot come here, I won't know what else to do." She's left the door open for him to sneak in to her heart when she tells him to make up excuses to come over. Girl, he has needs! You have needs! He has more than proven that he loves you! You have a place Dispatch doesn't know about! You better get together and bonk sort things out!! I agree with everyone who has said the death of Morgan's mum was a lazy way to get them back together. The montage of them trying to live without each other was a good step in showing how they are coping with the break up. What was missing was a scene that makes TaMi face and get over her fear of relationships, followed by that last scene when they type "How to get back with an Ex" in the Barro search bar. And that scene is not "Mummy's death"... Anywho, I will forgive Writernim for this.... especially if she gives me a happy ending for my favourite couple. Another favourite scene was the confrontation between GG and Chairwoman. That was the test of wills I never knew I needed! When GG asked, "Where's my alimony?" Chills y'all, CHILLS!! And Chairwoman didn't wither! She clawed her way back and they've set up the final confrontation where (I think) GG uses what she knows to bring down Chairwoman and stop the government plans to police the Internet! I also love how, even if the men are not the main leads in this Go-Girl! drama, they are not used as one-dimensional props. They have independent storylines and lives that are well interlinked with the leads. JW is definitely in my harem collection of "male characters I am infatuated with and want to marry in my dreams".
  4. This is the cop out that I also do not want for Morgan. If he wants marriage, then he shouldn't give up his desire just so that he can be with TaMi. Yes, they do love one another, but this is a situation where you must let go of the one you love. He may want to be with TaMi, but as far as things go, marriage between the two is untenable. As TaMi rightly says, and as has been discussed here, if they continue with their relationship, one day in the future they will have to break up because he will need to go to a person who can give him the family he wants the way he wants. Painful but necessary. they love one another but from the beginning they knew they would not be together forever, only for a beautiful moment, even if it lasts ten years. They will probably be one of those rare couples who only have beautiful memories of one another when they break up because they break up out of a self sacrificing desire to give the other person what they truly need. What greater love is there than that!?
  5. Another awesome episode!! Highlight was obviously my Divorce Couple who seem to be taking steps forward by moving back. OMG when they squeezed into that tiny space!!! The hand holding and staring!! I felt it y'all! Hopefully I will get more skinship and a happy resolution next week... Drama gods please! Jeon HyeJin has the most perfect crying scenes in drama land!! Her two crying scenes go over and above crying, I was actually moved! She doesn't sound like she's trying hard, and she's not overdoing it!! So natural! I normally skate past crying scenes but hers are spectacular! Scarlett, girl I am looking at you lol! On this TaMi and Morgan thing: I think WriterNim uses them to present two conflicting views on Marriage. The development of their characters was not for them to get together eventually, but to explore two incompatible ideas. There is the expectation that "you must get married!!", but we live in a world, and especially Korea, where marriage has become optional. And for good reason. Granted, TaMi's argument that she doesn't want the state involved is just too shallow and American-ish for me because they can do a wedding ceremony and not register the marriage in Korea, but I appreciate how WriterNim has used the two to dissect such a fundamental issue. The dialogues between them as they discuss their beliefs are stellar, whether we like the couple or not. The two characters were never going to get married, and I guess that's why many are bored with them, like BREAK UP ALREADY! But Morgan had to go through the wringing to finally understand that he cannot hang on to his idea and assume everyone thinks the same. I wouldn't be surprised if WriterNim thinks like TaMi. Plus, we also got a different character arc from the usual Noona romance that would have been the default trope for these two. Therefore, even as a believer in marriage, as I have said before, I don't want TaMi to magically switch her core beliefs in the name of "LOVE". I'm almost her age-mate and at this point in life, unless you make the conscious calculation and reasoning to change your mind, your belief system is mostly not shaken by emotions.
  6. Y'all!! My heart!! Writernim must have read my post and is giving me what I need! Ga Gyeong and Jin Woo are hurtling headlong towards love in the time of divorce. Episode 11 and especially 12 had me squeeing so much, my rewind button is broken! I love how the repressed Ga Gyeong is now making the moves towards Jin Woo. She changes her mind and tells him she would like to see the final cut of his movie, after she had told him she can't (earlier in the episode). She thanks him for the photos he took to implicate himself so she would have an easier time divorcing. She calls him up and tells him to "get her out of there" after the fight with TaMi and Scarlett. When they go to watch the sunset, she opens up in her own way, telling him that she feels that her being alive is causing problems to the people around her. On his part, Mr "Husband Behind GaGyeong's Back" rushes over after receiving her text. I almost fainted with glee when he stretched out his hand, when she took it, and when they walked away hand in hand. He gave half of his assets to his parents in law to liberate them from Chairwoman and in that discussion, I think he referred to Ga Gyeong as Noona (someone please confirm, because Noona romances are my kryptonite!!). He is brave enough after seeing her advances, to go to his apartment and "demand" to sleep there for the night. I thought that his statement, "The sunset today was beautiful" referred to Ga Gyeong and not the actual sunset. He quickly rephrased that to tell her was there "in case she dies", probably trying to backtrack on his slip, and plonks onto the sofa for the night. One problem with Kdrama wardrobe managers.... Why do the characters go to bed without taking a shower? And why do the ones who have showered sleep in their bath/night robes? Back to my couple.... The air is so thick in that officetel, and it must be that "middle" of a woman's month.... Ga Gyeong comes to the sitting room that JinWoo is sleeping in, obviously she wants to ask him to come to the bedroom. She needs no words!! lol!! He must be tossing and turning from her pheromones being all over his apartment, so sleeping on that damn couch is not gonna happen! They talk about the first days of their marriage as they tried to share a bed (did they mean "have sex"?) etc... I noticed he uses the word "Tangshin" which I took as the term of endearment between lovers/spouses, as opposed to a very formal "You"... In the preview, they hug.... so can Wednesday come already!! As much as I love Morgan and TaMi, I am okay with them breaking up. I don't want one of those ridiculous story lines where one has to sacrifice their core beliefs for the other. If she doesn't want marriage, being in love with Morgan shouldn't miraculously change her opinion, and Morgan should suddenly let go of his desire to marry and have kids. It's been a good run. I'm fine with a breakup.
  7. I think this drama is a reversal of roles, especially between TaMi and Morgan. She seems to have the dominant role in their interaction. Notice how he slinked / slunk (?) out of bed to make sure he was looking good for her in the morning at that seaside resort? And how he seems to be the one eager for a relationship, more emotionally ready etc? Needing more reassurance (You want me?.... What about tomorrow? Will you throw me away tomorrow? Promise!) And when TaMi held him in the bed, that was a clear power move the writer and director wanted to show us!! My romantic side is definitely rooting for GaGyeong and JinWoo!! I'm such a sucker for arranged marriage story lines!! And when GaGyeong pushed around that loud-mouth-suffering-from-foot-in-mouth disease newly-married girl in the washroom, I felt so proud!! That's what is called demonstrating love. (We have a theory here that really good sex should make a married woman stop being so talkative, I guess they don't think that way in Korea!!) GG is an absolute bully at work (I don't like some of the shyt she's done at work), but I almost forget her bad deeds when it comes to the "I love you but I love you behind your back" story line going on with her hubby. I hope we get to see some face to face action from both. I don't think we'll get a kiss scene from the couple, but I will be good with an implied bed scene or some level of couple-y interaction from both. They'll obviously divorce, setting the stage for them to be a real couple. Soon!! Writernim!! As much as Chairwoman is evil, can I say how much I love her?? The actress has really done justice to the character! She's such a bossy-boss!!! I also love how in this drama, older female actresses are not stuck in the one dimensional and badly-dressed Ahjumma roles in their 40's and beyond. These atypical roles in the industry are exciting for me and I hope there are more. You can imagine how much I loved the drama "Dear My Friends" that featured veteran actors. Going forward I hope to see GG and JW start over, GG get Unicon from under the Chairwoman's clutches, TaMi and Barro defeat Unicon, and TaMi and GG recover their friendship.
  8. I need to give props to the villainiest villain that has been in a drama for a while, the evil husband, Nappeun Namja, Si Hoon!! I mean, that man is so despicable, the perfect stereotype of the abuser as we know them; manipulative, sly, evil, clever, deluded narcissist (who has truckloads of what we call "small d!ck energy" in my country), but still such a well rounded villain character, if there ever was one. The writer went out of her way to create a fully formed wife beating, lying, incompetent man. He feels so real!! Probably because unlike most wife beaters who are only shown beating their spouses, this guy interacts with the rest of the world, exposing all sides of his character. The last episode displayed the actor's awesome ability in portraying such an evil human being. We don't need to see the beatings to know he rains blows on SI!! I watched the scene with SI and SH in front of their parents, and how this narcissistic shyt played up the gallery in front of her parents is one for the books!! Kneeling, crying, that evil smirk, but even when he refused the divorce, I wasn't surprised! small d!ck energy personified!! KUDOS to the actor!! That's a salary well earned!!
  9. I am here @bebebisous33!!! Aqui estoy!!! I'm so excited for this drama! I have been anticipated it since it was announced! It's just my kind of drama, and I decided I will forgive the writer for what she did to part two of the otherwise perfect SITR. A part of me is still fearful of what she can do, but I will assume she has learned from SITR. It's intriguing how the first two episodes exploded quietly. The drama hasn't received the best promotion, and the leads were the ones creating the interest. But the thread has become more lively and there is good buzz in Korea. They even won the popularity contest and stole the crown from my Rabbit couple! I ran home from school to catch the first episode and was blown away. Episode two was just as spectacular. I love how normal and down to earth it feels. No chaebols, no idols in the cast, NO IDOLS IN THE CAST, just a bunch of people in their thirties and over about to get on the ride of their lives when she comes in the shop to buy hangover medicine. Spring in this drama is also a motif used represent rebirth. I noticed that there were some scenes that were shot in the dreariness of winter. Plants and animals still exist in winter, but animals are in hibernation and plants are hidden in the soil. They are half dead in winter as they wait for their alarm in spring to wake up to create new life and come alive. I am taking this to mean that Jeong In and JH are in the winter of their lives with JI's functionally dead relationship and JHs repressed desires as he focuses on his child. They are now moving to their Spring with that initial meeting. I also love how the two characters are so..... common. A librarian and a pharmacist. It was very deliberate. Their clothes and hair are normal and average. I love chaebols and the tropes they inspire, but I need these "real" dramas. For the first time in a long time, I have rewatched episodes of a drama while it is airing. And I will watch them again before tomorrows new episodes!! As for predictions, I have none except that JHs baby mama is definitely coming back. They did not give us that information about how she left him for nothing! I think it's too early for me to know GSs character arc, and I hope he doesn't become bad just for the sake of advancing the storyline. Best scene: When they stared at each other on the basketball court!! OMO!! That was fireworks!! Does anyone have that scene on gif?
  10. I've spent all my time since Thursday on Tumblr, YouTube etc, just imbibing on everything HPL and collecting GIFS. Also, watching HPL ep10 countless times. The last time I was this crazed was during My Ahjussi days (still not over that one). After all the time I have spent on HPL and related stuff, I think I have come to a place where I can forgive Eun Go and Choi Da Out for being bad second leads. lol. I wish them well. They should possibly end up together, which I assume, is what we are being set up for with their bickering about the OTP. They are two people with big hearts who just happen to love people who cannot reciprocate their affection. Maybe they can heal one another. They actually do look physically compatible (and he can show her his abs and she can paint them with a judo mascot). If I am to be asked when this drama finally made sense for me, it was definitely when they went to look for the hermit Writer. Listening to DM and RG analyse that pic and their conversation in that cabin was the path the drama carved into my heart. (The scene should have ended with a morning kiss that remains a memory of their time away from real life, but hey, episode 10 more than compensates!!!). I generally favour slower dramas and movies where the leads connect through talking and sharing of themselves. e.g. the "Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight" trilogy, a brilliant Filipino movie called "That Thing Called Tadhana" etc. @TheRoadtoPMY , since you are Filipino and a romance addict, I recommend that movie. I love Filipino movies! Also watch an Indian film called "The Lunchbox". I totally stan Writernim the intellectual! The way she wove the hilarious lesbian storyline with DM and her BFF, the discussion about the love between Photographer and Writer and other small conversations littered in the episodes show her awesome mind! I can't wait for more of her dramas!! Even as we analyse the skinship, I'm thinking about how I gasped at the hug after the kiss. The kiss is what it is, lusty and HOT, but the hug changed the tone in a second. It symbolised to me, "I really like you DM". He doesn't just want to nail her azz like two of those wooden planks, he likes and appreciates her. They're kissing on one another, they stop and stare at one another, he draws her in for a hug like the smoove man he is..... I'm not lying when I said I gasped. And as far as I can tell, that hug must have confused PMY to some extent because she was in a hurry to get out!!! TVN heard our cry for the BTS of ep 10, but didn't give us what we wanted. We suffered the same fate after the beautiful kiss scene in Clean With Passion For Now. JTBC refused to provide BTS, I assume in consideration of the actors. Perceptions in Korea about the kiss scene would probably have made life difficult for the actors.... you know how those sasaengs and netizens are. Most importantly, WHERE IS WEDNESDAY NIGHT!!!
  11. Facts: I watched episode 10 for three hours. You can imagine why..... Ryan the Lion, OPPA, you are a sight for sore eyes! Their body language was killing me!! Seriously! there's no space between their bodies! All the way down to their feet! They want to be together!! And they are great kissers. I took screenshots from the earlier lower quality videos, so excuse the graininess, but we get the point. OK! I've belaboured the point. The kiss was damn hot but strangely enough, but when he hugged her, my heart leaped, I gasped and tears came to the back of my eyes!! Then I remembered, it's just a TV show!! Then he kisses on her hand while she's wiping his eyebrows... gaaaaaddddddd!! And the hug when he came to give her the necklace..... By this point, my temperature was approaching feverishness!! These two!!! My only gripe is that they had the background music. I think the earlier kiss scenes without BGM made me perk up my ears for the kissy sounds...lol. And the way he looks at her... is it too late to make a new years resolution to find a man with such a piercing look? A look that makes your voice become higher than a bird's and makes you giggle like a teenager? I got tired of taking screenshots... lol! I think the last scene where Ryan finds DM going out on a staking mission well done. As her two men argued, they raised the tension by having EG confess to Ryan that he likes DM while DM listens. Otherwise it would just have been a bickering scene that doesn't create any conflict. Remember their earlier convo about whether EG likes DM? Now DM has to confront her brother and send him to the sibling-friendzone for real! And when Ryan turned back and told her, Si An Is My Life, to come out from behind his back.... beautiful!!! but now EG knows there's someone who knows about DM's fangirling and likes her like that! He's no longer the only one with the exclusive into her life!! What will his leverage be? His body? pwahahaha! I cannot wait for next week!! Ryan will totally devour DM and I'm here for it!! EDIT: I really separated myself from the idea of being a fangirl because of the negative connotation, but as I thought about it, do I qualify? I run a k-drama/pop group and have to spend time generating content etc... basically DM but without the bias to one celeb... Omo!!
  12. tvN finally got with the program!! I'm not sure what i would have done if this week passed without a kiss!! I always look at the body language during a kiss scene, because you can tell if they are just delivering the scene, or are really engaged in delivering the characters emotions (or if the actors are just prudes who don't like / can't deliver kiss scenes). A kiss scene is always better when the two actors bodies are close together like a real kiss would be, where you are clinging to one another for dear life. Your lips are locked, but your bodies are also kissing in the sense that you have drawn to each other close enough that your entire frames are touching. Therefore, as a picky kissing scene critic, I give 50/10 for last night's kiss scene that brought me out of posting hiatus!! I expected nothing less from the two!! We should all be envious of that workshop table!!!
  13. Hey y'all!!! We're still here, and still impacted so deeply by this brilliant drama! I legit burst into tears when Best Screenwriter and Best Drama for My Ahjussi was announced! I have never been more invested in the outcome of an awards ceremony like I was yesterday!! Even though they couldn't win every category they were nominated in, I am glad Ahjussi won these two very important awards. Congratulations to everyone involved in bringing this masterpiece to life. To the Writer, Director and Production Crew, the Cast, and everyone involved, you have given us drama of our lives. I am eternally grateful. I truly love these people I have never met!
  14. I've been waiting for this drama from day one. It's even harder on my nerves and the characters more cruel than I anticipated. The boys are unrepentant about their crimes but the parents justification keeps me at boiling point while watching the drama. How do you justify the murderous ways of your child??? And they sit there and compose theories to protect their criminal spawn!!!! The police investigation scene with the parents jumping in to answer for their delinquents had me seeing red!!!! We have a saying that "asiyefunzwa na mamaye, hufunzwa na dunia." That is, He who is not taught by their mother is taught by the world. Meaning that parents should raise children properly and especially correct bad behaviour immediately because the world will punish their bad behaviour, and the world is cruel!! I hope these kids go into the juvenile system!! If my child was involved in such actions, I hope that I would have the sense to allow life to teach him the lesson that such behaviour is unacceptable. I have a bunch of Theories for the first time in my drama watching history.lol. I rarely think outside what is given by the writer. (It's too exhausting). I just wait for the reveal... I think that the girl Da Hee is key to this scandal and bullying. In episode 4, from around 5:38, when Seon Ho's mum asks the detective if he has spoken to Da Hee, she says she thinks she's hiding something. I think that statement is there for a reason. In the next scene Da Hee says, "You didn't tell, did you?", mum says "don't worry, I told you, no one can find out." And it's clear that Seon Ho and Joon Seok were friends until something happened... Anyway.... Maybe, 1. Joon Seok was interested in her and she refused his advances. He bullied her/harassed her and she quit school under the guise of illness. Her mother cannot fight back because they're powerful. Or 2. Joon Seok and Da Hee were BF and GF. She got pregnant and was forced by the family to abort. So she's at home while recovering. Or maybe she's keeping the kid so she cannot go to school. Or 3. Joon Seok was interested in Da Hee who spurned his attentions because she liked his friend Seon Ho. He may have beaten her for it or harrased her so she has stayed away from school. Seon Ho knows all this and wants to console her by visiting. In the above scenarios, Seon Ho is a friend of Da Hee and somehow got to know of the issue between them since they may all be friends. Seon Ho was her comfort and hence the flowers and visits. I don't believe it was a one sided relationship. Or Based on the conversation above, 4. Seon Ho and Da Hee were an undercover couple and got pregnant or something happened between them. Something that is still unclear happened between them. Her mother is clearly not a fan of that otherwise upright boy. She is pissed with her daughter's concern for Seon Ho as she says, "why are you worried about him? I guess he had a conscience." of course more will be revealed, but this Da Hee girl is the one who has me more interested in the drama. I hope I'm right, because the rawness of the drama is really "dirtfying my heart", ie, making me too angry and removing any good feelings, in the face of those boys, their parents and the detective. There's a dangerous line to walk when writing a story where the evil people seem to be winning. I get too angry and lose interest. I was glad when the video appeared at the end of episode two, because I may have dropped the drama. My life is already hard enough. I don't need more suffering. Lol.
  15. So she won the contest....lol!! I loved the ending scene! it's been a while since a drama ended on a definitively positive note! Excuse the quality of the pics, I got them off tvN's video on FB. I love how EunHo revealed their relationship. No need for the usual office dramatics of the gossip spreading the news. My hearteu!! Ms Go and Chairman being all cute about their romance.... I wish all the quote in the bonus book at the end of the drama could be collated into a book about EunHo and DanI!! They were so beautiful, I'll rewatch the drama just because I want to read them again and feel warm inside!!
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