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  1. @justright The DVD has english sub or not?? I am interested to buy 'coz it is much cheaper than the Blu-ray.
  2. @BlissfulMoments That is what i want to know as well if there is an English Sub?? Does anyone know about this??
  3. @kdrmalover4444 Me too, I think I am gonna be stuck here forever!!! I keep rewatching Episode 15 and 16. Now, I am gonna start my marathon from Episode 1-16. Love this couple so much!!!
  4. @kdrmalover4444 Me too, I am happy about it too. Hehehehe . . .. . I am gonna miss both of them as well as them acting as SeoGye couple! How can i move on from TBI?? My Mondays and Tuesdays will never be the same again. As of now, i am not in the mood of watching another KDrama. I am still stucked at The Beauty Inside and don't know how to move on.
  5. @aSHJfan No it is not from the beginning because Min Ki was not wearing a denim jacket at the time he arrived at the place where the wrap-up party took place. The picture i was referring to was to a 2nd resto they transferred after dinner. If you look closely at the chairs, the ones in the wrap up party were in black wood whereas in the pic i was referring to the chair was maroon and it is upholstered. You are correct about the pic. At first, i was not sure if it was Minki's hand until someone pointed it out. I compared it and realize it was at a different place.
  6. @shjfan23 No there is another picture that shows Minki's hand at the back of the chair of Hyunjin. Sorry i don't know how to attach the pic. Just check Do Jae's Secretary's IG and you'll see the particular picture i am referring to.
  7. @Nanana85 I saw a pic of Hyun-Jin side by side with Min Ki at the picture of the Secretary of Dojae's Instagram, however, Minki's face is not shown. Look closely at the pic and you'll see.
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