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  1. Here's What 10 Popular Korean Actresses Look Like without Makeup Spoiler alert: They still look stunning! 2. Seo Ji Hye When Crash Landing on You's Seo Ji Hye guested on the MBC show I Live Alone, she showed the viewers her minimalist home and the full process of her getting ready for the day—her makeup routine, included. https://www.preview.ph/beauty/korean-actresses-no-makeup-photos-a00193-20201113
  2. 8 Ageless Korean Actors Above 40 With The Best Fashion Swoon over our most stylish 'oppas' all over again! Song Seung-heon Deemed as the K-drama industry's 'tough guy', Song Seung-heon is a real romantic under his tough exterior. As an actor and a restauranteur, Seung-heon knows a thing or two about the recipe of falling in love! As a true romantic, his outfits consist of crisp white button-downs, statement blazers, and nicely fitted trousers. https://metro.style/fashion/metrostylewatch/most-stylish-and-ageless-korean-actors/26927?gid=920b1c3d-4cb5-4dba-8c0
  3. https://metro.style/food/features/kdrama-men-who-cook-for-the-ladies/27685 https://metro.style/food/features/kdrama-men-who-cook-for-the-ladies/27685?gid=3b263d46-e4be-44fd-ab21-ea6960f63a77&pid=15
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