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  1. Any news about shinee? i heard they had a meeting yesterday regarding future plans. I was hoping to see even just a glimpse of how they look nowadays but I can't seem to find any update. 

    I am fearing that they will be going to the army earlier than expected because of the current situation. I have been bothered by this for a while. Although I know it will help them be distracted from their celebrity life and I know that they will surely BOOM once they got out from the army but I know that I will definitely miss them!!!! Ottoke??!!!

    But then again, I was just worrying over nothing lol. Nothing is being updated from their agency aside from the delay of the Japan concert. I just want to know anything about them!!!! I just want to hear anything. I'm so worried...

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  2. Maybe I'll post more tomorrow. I seem to be crazy talking to myself now. LOL!! I hope to hear from friends who love Jang Nara too! Fighting everyone!! Jang Nara JJJJJJJAAAAANGGG!!! 

    I guess i'm overzealous. LOL..

    Can I just add a question? LOL. What is your favorite Jang Nara drama? Let's talk and keep this thread running. LOL..

  3. Jang Nara's Instagram Update on November 20, 2017. She is still so beautiful as ever! I envy her really. LOL. How could she be so pretty and if you watch the drama, she looked really young. She doesn't seem to age. Really!!!


    She updated again yesterday, November 21, 2017. The caption says that she gave herself a hydrangea flower. I hope someday, she wouldn't have to buy her own. I wish that the day when Jang Nara find the love of her life will come soon..


  4. It's been so long since I last posted in this thread. I actually lost my fangirling enthusiasm for a long time because of her inactivity in Kdrama land but the drama "Go Back Couple" brought me back to life LOL! The problem with being Jang Nara's fan is that we cannot really get enough of her because Jang Nara isn't really a fame richard simmons. LOL. She doesn't want too much attention and doesn't work on a lot of projects. She is satisfied with doing one drama and stop for a year or two LOL. It's hard keeping up with what is happening with her, but whenever she works on a new drama, i find myself watching again LOL. Actually, I rarely watch Kdrama recently. I guess the last one that I really watched is W.. I was also able to watch Weightlifting Fairy not because I wanted to but because my friends were watching it LOL. The only dramas that I voluntarily watch are the ones that Jang Nara makes. I guess it is really hard to be her fan because I will now have to wait for how long before her next project. I also hope that she can have interviews and commercials but I haven't heard about anything yet. LOL. Anyways, fighting to our adorable unnie, Jang Nara. Jjjjaaaaanng!!!!

    Ok. I've decided to update this thread LOL. With everything that is happening with Jang Nara. LOL

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  5. And I'm back!!! I'm so excited for Jang Nara's upcoming drama!!!!!!! Basing on the synopsis, I can say that it is female centric!! I'm sooo looking forward to it!! And it seems that there could be serious drama in this one.. Hmmm.. But it could also be a rom-com.. I don't know the writer so i cannot really tell LOL! I have to do my research first. SO EXCITED!!!! I've been Jang Nara deprived that's why i rarely visit the thread. Sorry guys. But I will make it up to Nara unnie and try to be more active! 

    P.S. I miss the emojis. Words are not enough to express my excitement LOL!

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  6. @firebrand1120_stv her Healing Camp episode made me realize how simple she is and ordinary just like us. She experienced a lot of problems before even with people around her. I somehow pitied her being unable to enjoy her work because of work overload. I think now that she's done those things in the past, I hope that she can find time for herself. 

    @bjharm i am from the Philippines but i rarely watch dramas from our country LOL! The antagonists are very mean and I hate it. Their evilness is sometimes unrealistic and i cannot stand that LOL! But i guess that's how it goes in my country..


    Any updates from Jang Nara? I hope for another drama soon!!

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  7. I love Jang Nara but seeing the list of nominees made me more realistic. I know she did well with the drama but the contenders did better. Well, maybe not all of them but I don't think she can win against them. Of course I want her to win, I am biased! LOL! But I wouldn't be surprised nor will I object if she wouldn't win. Not because she lacked in acting skills, but because she hasn't worked on a role that will really prove her acting prowess. I really hope she can get good dramas soon!! Female-centric if possible or if not female centric, i hope the story will still somehow focus on her and she can have exceptional scenes so that her acting skills will be shown.

    @firebrand1120_stv i too am from the Philippines! Kababayan! So is @hankitae42 and @pinaycliza..

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  8. @annasedomo  Well, if only Jang Hyuk is not married, I think I'll have a change of heart.:) Oh my! Look at what FTLY did to me!

    This is what happens when the OTP are superb in the roles they played. It makes us viewers to want them to be together for real.

    This might also be the reason why you don't ship the NaraGuk couple. You saw the Snail Couple first and think, you want that kind of connection for our lovely JNR with her future hubby. So do I.

    How about another project for SIG and JNR wherein their love story is the focus? Maybe not so soon but in the near future, say, next year? ;)


    I hope they can have another drama wherein the focus is the love story.. But for now, I just can't see it in real life LOL!! I didn't ship Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk in real life because i was always reminded that Jang Hyuk is married with two kids LOL!! Actually, i ship her more with Choi Daniel.. I was just happy that they still contact each other after their two dramas and have gotten closer. But if i could really choose one of the Kactors, i would like her to work with Lee Dong Wook and maybe I will ship them in real life.. LOL!

    Good day fellow addocts i just want to express my hapiness knowing that there are other people like me who are so so JNR! ;) i started doubtin myself if this was normal.. Liking somebody so much it feels like idolatry. Read all 318 pages and i felt great knowing im still normal and that im not alone ;) thot i was losing my mind. Thot this type of appreciating/ liking someone so much is not possible, it doesn't feel remotely sane to me.

    I've been voraciously reading/ searching everything abt JNR since i saw flty. I've watched MBP, u ruly quiao, flying with you, sky and ocean, SSOBG, my love patzzi, school 2013, BFB, oh happy day, mr back n IRY also Old goobye. I've also read almost every article on google re JNR. I have also scoured yukou n daily motion for any videos with her on it. Is this still normal? I want o move on and watch other dramas but i can't even move past ep one because JNR is not there. Is this still normal or is something wrong with me?

    Hi @@firebrand1120_stv! If u are a new fan, then I believe that's normal. I was the same after watching Fated To Love You. I searched her dramas and watch as much as i can. I also searched about her personal life and career path. I can say that I was addicted to her LOL! When I learned about her singing career, I also downloaded her songs and listened to them every day! I even memorized some because I really loved them! I still live them now but after more than a year, I can say that I have recovered and I am not addicted about her anymore..LOL!! I am still updated about her but because I was busy with work, I cannot really spend too much time being a fangirl. If you don't care about your self and other things aside from knowing more about Jang Nara then you might be addicted to the point of idolatry. You have to find something else to focus your attention to. You should balance your fangirling and your real life LOL!! 

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  9. @SyH, i saw that for the first time! Lol! From that video we can wee that she works really hard. After her schedules she makes sure to practice even though the practice id really tiring for her. However, it's good that she gets to exercise because of that activity lol! Yoo jae suk is one of the hosts here. I know nara unnie went to happy together for hello monster. But i really want to see her in running man!!!! i understand that she doesn't like physical activities lol! But being cha ji an made her do action scenes, i think now, she can do variety shows like running man and 2d1n. I really hope to see her in those variety shows someday..

    @hankitae42 do we have a topic for the upcoming week? I'll have to do my research lol!

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  10. @annasedomo hi! here's my explanation 

    my username is combination of (nara + minkook) 

    the latter is from Daehan Minguk (which means S.Korea) 

    aaahhh.. well, that's clever.. mianhe.. i only thought of nara unnie.. well, I thought your like me before. I like 3 korean people. Jang Nara, Lee Sungmin (Super Junior) and Kim Jong Kook (Running Man) but now, I only like nara unnie.. that name could fit me also LOL! anyways, are u new in this thread? Sorry if i am not very familiar. I rarely visit until Nara's newest drama.. When did you become a fan?

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  11. I agree @bjharm whenever her character has to be pushed back, I felt like they are wasting her talent. In IRY, I have nothing against the brothers and their story. I like the story but since I am a Jang Nara fan, I wished that they would give more significance with Cha Ji An's role. To be honest, at first, I thought the story of IRY is not what it was, with the plot saying that there is a genius profiler and elite detective who will work together to solve crimes and eventually will fall in love. That short synopsis made me expect that the story will revolve around the OTP LOL. But it turned out that there was a bigger issue where the story will revolve. I am not saying that I don't like the drama. Of course I do! I like it but not as much as other Jang Nara dramas because the story did not evolve around my idol. This made me wish more that Jang Nara have a female-centric drama. Also, if the drama will not be female- centric, I hope that she can work with big stars in Korea. I have nothing against Seo In Guk but I think, Jang Nara should play roles in line with bigger stars to promote her status as an actress and be more recognized in her own country. I believe that she is of a different level already so i hope that her next project, she can make a bigger impact.

    Speaking of ratings, I believe it is not her fault because people are following her dramas. Starting from Baby-faced beauty, then School 2013, I believe that the ratings of these dramas are favorable. FTLY may not be the No.1 in the timeslot everytime, but there are instances that it hit the first spot in the ratings and the difference between the other dramas in the same time slot is very minimal. Mr. Back has been consistent on being no. 1 as I can remember. Anyways, I was just spurting this out now because I cannot really discuss this anywhere else LOL!

    @hypergbb what I meant is also that I don't like bromances like School 2013 LOL. I like Hyun's and Min's relationship. But when fans try to add more than what they should only see, I'm out..

    @narrubi glad to hear that you'll try to participate more. I sometimes pity @hankitae42 and @chayangsoon whenever I visit the forum lol! But I commend them for continuing on discussing about Jang Nara, they keep the thread moving. Now, I am just waiting for @OreoVampire.. She has to update the first page. I miss you already!!! Where are you chingu?!

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