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  1. Just watched the last two eps. Oh my. Just when I thought I could look past the writing, the writer’s decisions in ep 15 had me in complete * head-banging mode *. I disliked Dan’s sudden slip in character and making him feel like murder was the only answer to Ru Na. Sunbae Hu disappearing in the midst of that mess was upsetting. Also, I disliked YS’ suicide attempt. The idea of suicide fulfilling sacrifice and her fate to die at the altar took it a bit far. The emphasis on both could’ve been delivered solely in what took place in the Giselle performance. If the writer would’ve omitted some of the events in ep 15 and just bridged the Giselle part with ep 16, Dan turning back to an angel then human wouldn’t have felt a bit out of place. Most importantly, more screen time of the couple would’ve been possible to give viewers a more satisfying farewell. Ep 16 somewhat redeemed the mishaps in 15 though. What I do love about the writer is her ability to stir my emotions. I’m one to believe that seeing a loved one in dreams are miracles so YS’ dream of Dan while in a coma was touching. Though Dan was supposed have returned back to heaven after successfully completing his mission, I was glad that the deity showed some mercy and allowed Dan to have his goodbye with YS. I felt relieved that Dan came to realize that their time together was a gift and he wanted YS to understand that too. His kiss that brought YS back to life coupled with YS’ agony the moment that she realized Dan was gone was so beautiful yet heart-wrenching at the same. I’d like to question why the deity briefly separated the two when He ultimately allowed Dan to become human, but I can’t forget that the reality of two reuniting in the same world wouldn’t be possible without His will. So, I’m satisfied to see it come true and that I’m able to wish them a happily ever after.
  2. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched anything besides OCN. Mainly crime dramas. My sister has been obsessed with ALML and with finale week, super nervous. She’s asked me to watch it with her from day one, but I hesitated until I recently caved and finally caught up. When I first started, I knew I had to keep an open-mind about the religious aspect of the story and accept it for how it was presented to me, but I have to say that I ended up getting totally lost in the writer’s path of the mission, fate and sacrifice. I can't understand where she’s going with it. But it's fine. I can put that part aside because I've found the story of YS and Dan to be a total gem. I wouldn’t be able to describe them in words. But only in the way that they’ve made me feel. How their love has made me smile. Livened my heart. Made it ache and yearn all at the same time has been a unique feeling throughout. While I sincerely hope for a happy ending, their fighting hearts have been so precious to watch that no matter where their fate truly lies, I know my heart will be content. I hope everyone enjoys the final two chapters.
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