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  1. I came here to support Jihoon... I'm watching this drama Kingdom and i found out he got a new drama. I started to watch the Item first episode and i'm hooked! How was the rating for today's episode.? The story line is interesting so I can't wait for 2nd episode. Hello everyone!
  2. Eunwoo looking at big screen when DKS ask Mirae “by any chance do u like me”? and he started touching his chest with a big sigh... hmmm... and he continue singing the Ost of MIIGB! I know how u feel EW.. we also miss MIIGB! Ew another interview about the kissing scene!
  3. Both of them won an award best actress and rookie/hallyu/rising star awards because of MIIGB but only Soo Hyang mention the drama, co-stars and staff... Eunwoo never did mention anything especially the drama which i'm very sad. MIIGB bgm in AAA was used when EW walked down the red carpet. He received three awards because of the MIIGB but any of those not including in his award speech. He will receiving another award this month in Hong kong and hopefully this time he will consider thanking the drama, staff and co-stars at least. That's the reason why he rose his popularity and getting those awards. I already move on with Dorae couple and the drama. hehehe... But I'm still looking forward for each individual projects. Hopefully they can work together again... Season 2 of MIIGB cross our fingers!
  4. Actually i agree with you. I was watching the MV and i was looking at his expression and his face. hahaha... I supposed to listen in the music and the meaning of the music. A lot of urban zakapa fans disappointed on the mv. Sorry but this time i agree with fans.
  5. @queer true! Atelier cologne is not cheap... I bought mine here in Korea and I thought it’s more cheaper but it’s not... but it’s okay coz I love it especially SH perfume and the engraved cases! I wanted to engrave Mirae’s name on the case but I decided not coz somebody might think I stole someone else’s perfume case!
  6. Another DORAE COUPLE in Atelier event in Beijing! Yes! A lot of Chinese fans are happy to see them both in the event! Omg! Eunwoo posters and advertisements are all over Korea! Goodness! If I’m in subway train I see Eunwoo’s face! How I wish I see Soo Hyang face too! This guy really make so much money I bet! Even if I go to supermarket I see his Choco commercial! After MIIGB he got a lot of endorsements! I even went to Atelier store earlier to buy SH pomelo perfume! And I saw both of their pictures inside the store where they visited the event!! They both popular in Korea right now so I’m happy for both of them! Yey! Can’t wait to see the fans pictures of DORAE couple Atelier event in Beijing!
  7. Naver still making a headline for Dorae Couple. Campus Couple Romance of Korea University. http://www.inews24.com/view/1125812
  8. @angelangie welcome for joining us! Nice to see your name on this thread! This thread still active because all of us here couldn't move on... Thanks for sharing your insights. @monica63 and @pad-hari thanks for sharing the nostalgic mv's and pictures.
  9. While Eunwoo is busy doing a fan signing event, photoshoot and commercials... no updates for Soo hyang.. hopefully SH will get more commercials and photo shoot like EW! Hehehe.. I want them both to get more work so I can see them everyday in Naver news and ig newsfeed hahaha..
  10. Probably they will mention her and ask him did you watch Soo hyang episode? Kekeke... and another Daebak MIIGB compliment from Hodong.. hehehe
  11. Come on JTBC! Why you doing this to us!! Now it’s Eunwoo turn to guest in Let’s eat dinner together! DORAE couple should stick together hahaha... thanks to JTBC though they making our couple get more exposure... but we want the awards!
  12. So quite... no updates for our DORAE couple yet??? JTBC are you planning a year end award?? Some of Dorea Couple bts video have subtitles! Go check them out! Not sure if someone post this but I keep repeating this video...
  13. I tweeted so many time earlier and hashtag AAA asking to invite SH to the awards... if I’m still awake later on then I will join the twitter party for ISH! Hehehe I’m so happy that EW got invited but my happiness not complete without SH... I will definitely use all my social media accounts to post and tag AAA hahaha... and yeah I will hold on to my AAA ticket yet since no news for the complete line up for actress guests..
  14. This AAA award is so confusing! Artists are on top 10 are not invited? What’s the sense of voting then?? ... So there’s a chance that SH will get an invitation too if that’s the case!! I’ll be waiting for good news!! AAA please invite SH! I should message them! Hahaha
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