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  1. I can feel the connection between Yeo Ji and Moon Soo more than the connection between Yeo Ji and YeoNing.
  2. And you guys in this forum kept on insisting that he's the boss at home no matter how much I try to convince you guys otherwise. Uh...who's the boss now?!! Didn't you guys see FSF was trippin' on the word "Teacher Zhao"? The comment he wrote "wife, happy birthday" on her official announcement post was just a cover-up for what's really going on at home.
  3. LOL Guys!! Behind the scenes at today's 34th Hundred Flowers Award Ceremony, a reporter interviewed FSF. He was asked if he knows what tv drama is airing on the upcoming 12/11 and he said: "That's...that's Teacher Zhao's." "TEACHER ZHAO" !!!! This title has a feeling of deja vu! So ZLY calls him her "3 generation's predecessor"/"Feng Ge" and he calls her "Teacher Zhao"!!!! Something's not right!!! Poor guy. He was stuttering on the word TEACHER ZHAO.
  4. If it's what zly wants then I'd still support her decisions as long as fsf stays faithful. That's all I want. Peace.
  5. I still wish ZLY could've taken her time to think more clearly and carefully before she decides to get married so quickly. I still feel like their marriage came too abruptly and both didn't spend a lot of time to think things through. Marriage isn't a game. Marriage isn't a joke. While FSF & ZLY were dating, everything he did for her he has already done with his past girlfriends. Like taking her on his boat. Going shopping with her. Buying her make-up. Travelling together. Eating dinner together. ZLY went through the same path as his previous girlfriends. I would've thought he could do something different for her. To show that ZLY is special in his heart. To make her stand out from his previous relationships. I don't understand why ZLY has to lower herself to the level of his previous girlfriends. ZLY could've easily married someone who can treat her as a priority. Not with someone who is considered a playboy in C-ent. I feel like ZLY really wants to be in a relationship so much that she had lost herself. ZLY deserves a great man. If I was her I wouldn't choose FSF. He gets into relationships so quickly because he's insecure. Libra men are players. ZLY could flirt with him if she wants to but she should've chosen someone more stable, secure about themselves and grounded to marry. I just feel like something isn't right with this marriage. I'm just really scared and worried about my Ying Bao. I want her to be happy but happiness is a very temporary thing in marriage. Because after a while, marriage becomes a commitment.
  6. KOI FISH SYMBOLISM Koi are often admired for their endurance and perseverance in the face of adversity, as seen in the koi fish leaping over the waterfall. Swimming koi represent advancement and determination. Fish, in general, symbolize wealth and surplus, and the Chinese believe koi particularly represent good fortune in business and academics. Buddhists, on the other hand, see koi as representations of courage. Together in a koi pond, they represent love and friendship. Koi fish symbolism has gained strength over the centuries to encompass numerous positive qualities related to courage, overcoming adversity, the ability to attain the highest goals, and strong character. Feng shui, a spiritual form of organization and placement of objects, says that having the spirit of the koi near you will attract good luck, fortune, and spiritual benefits. ZLY is truly a deep person.
  7. LOL, I'm laughing so hard right now. Everyone's waiting for ZLY's VCR since she couldn't make it to the press conference, but instead, she sent a Koi fish to the press conference. HAHAHA In today's press conference, Meng Rui, who is an actor in the drama as well as ZLY's cousin said a few words about FSF & ZLY. He mentioned that 1 day before ZLY's birthday, FSF contacted him to tell him to come to his place tomorrow because there's something important he wants to tell him. Meng Rui thought that FSF just wants to celebrate ZLY's birthday tomorrow that's why he called him over but Meng Rui couldn't make it to ZLY's birthday because of his busy schedule. Meng Rui didn't know that FSF was trying to get all of ZLY's friends to come over to celebrate ZLY's birthday so that he can have the opportunity to also announce their marriage to everyone. Meng Rui got shocked the next day when he saw their "Official announcement" Weibo post. FSF is so sweet.
  8. Btw, here's a link of OGT press conference today in which ZLY couldn't attend: https://live.iqiyi.com/s/19rqx7k58f.html?fbclid=IwAR3i_Xy29mteFPAcLWVjaXimt1dRMN_FjQSQpkfMM_NVRNGFaFj-4V89Jmg Did she say why ZLY couldn't go?
  9. I noticed Xie Na calls her husband "Jie ge" a lot. I think ZLY must've heard it and...you know...got influenced by it. Jie ge = Jie bro
  10. On November 4th, a restaurant staff met Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng when they were having dinner together with a few friends in a restaurant in Beijing. These were the photos taken of them and commenters are now asking for the person who uploaded these photos to delete them because they're afraid our couple will be trending on the hot search again. Looking at these photos, I feel like they're gathering a group of people to strategize how to take over the world. They even booked a private room so it looked really confidential. You guys notice how they're all wearing BLACK from top to bottom? They kind of look like government officials discussing top secret things. Btw, FSF has a new haircut. And ZLY is looking lovingly at her man sitting on her left. Feng Shaofeng chatted with the others and the group was quite happy! After they finished eating, they put on their coats and were ready to leave. Feng Shaofeng wore a green coat, while Zhao Liying wore a white coat. The two walked side by side, and the people around them didn't seem to recognize the two, and both of them wore black hats.
  11. On the other hand, you guys know how 2019 is the Year of Earth Pig, starting from Feb. 5, 2019 right? What if ZLY was hinting at something when she posted these photos onto Weibo? She posted these photos onto Weibo right before she was caught on a plane flying to Hong Kong with FSF and Hong Kong Media reported that she bought baby products while shopping in Hong Kong...
  12. You call it fate. I call it SCARY fate: Yup! FSF first used the photo above as his Weibo avatar on October 16th 2014. Thanks for pointing that out @leeza77 It's 4 years ago and this is his 5th avatar since then. And do you know what 4 + 5 is? Number 9 again! This is fate at its best.
  13. (At 5:30 in the video) Feng Shao Feng: "I think I will be a kind and understanding father to my child. After my son is born, he has 2 choices. He can become a monk or a wrestler, it's up to him." MC: "Your child can go back and watch this part again in the future." FSF: "Yes." Zhao Liying who was standing next to him was smiling from ear to ear and could not remain calm! Now we know why.
  14. Someone said she has 'Our Glamourous Time' press conference on the 8th? Will she attend? If she does we'd know by then. By then we won't get shocked cause today we saw them. But somehow I'm still doubting myself. I'm still going to stick with 'the jacket's too thick'.
  15. With all these pictures of them that came out today plus FSF changed his avatar today, don't you think it's kind of premeditated and it's like a subtle announcement from them? ZLY & FSF denied the photoshopped pics but they never denied the pregnancy. Remember the photos that were taken of them in Sanlitun shopping? And both times they were holding hands? I don't think they would carelessly walk in the public's view if they didn't already plan to be noticed. But then by the looks of the photos, not a lot people were around. They chose to go to very peaceful places.
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