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  1. Wow, now, it's only two more episodes to go. But I'm glad at how things are panning out. Crossed fingers, it appears we are looking forward to a happy ending. Man-wol promised to keep Chan-seung in her memory to the best of her ability. And more importantly, the last remaining vestige of the Moon Tree remains within Chan-seung. She will be back! And when that happens, I hope we get to witness even just a glimpse of some sensual romantic scenes! Kidding aside, I hope all of you had fun watching the most recent episode. Even if I don't get to participate or contribute much in here, I just want to say that I feel happy and honoured to be in your midst. Thanks again for making my K-drama experience worthwhile. Btw, kudos to the actors involved in such stirring scenes for their powerful acting. Lee Do-hyun's Chung-myung was memorably acted. Unfortunately, I'm not into K-pop and I haven't seen My Mister yet besides failing to finish Ryeo, but through this drama, IU grew on me. She gained a new fan in me. I loved the scenes when she met Chung-myung in Chan-seung's body in which she is in profound disbelief as she struggled to absorb the facts and defend herself against the larger implications, and when the confused her imagined killing Chan-seung, so visceral and compelling. And lastly, applause to Yeo Jin-goo for his tender acting. You can't help not to cry with him as he felt pangs of longing and loneliness because of Man-wol's departure. See you next week-end!
  2. This day has been quite awful for me due to various reasons. But as night went in and this beautiful episode of HDL I've just seen, I feel assuaged. Thank you HDL and thank you chingu-Soompiers for your insightful thoughts and fun contributions making my viewing experience more worthwhile. Kudos, btw, to chingus who percipiently figured out from the get-go the mysterious firefly's role. It's nice to know that Chung-myung is close to achieving his redemption. But onto the juicier part, at long last drama gods rewarded those of us who patiently have been thirsting for some tickling romance. My heart gave a loud thudder as Man-wol and Chan-seung shared tender moments with each at her suite as she tried to cutely nurse the bruised and wounded him. But my heart skipped a beat at the magical, stirring ending scene. Man-wol with all her barriers broken down tearfully went for it first, her kiss was gentle and swift until Chan-seung pulled her again to lovingly deliver a kiss. Yet again, this episode's ghost case pertaining to the parents and their ghostly ill child mirrored the lovers' plight. The more Chan-seung is into protecting and loving Man-wol, the closer he is moving towards his own harm and ruin. But we already know that he doesn't mind it. He chose to wholeheartedly embrace, to feel the now. He chose to face his fate. His love for her is selfless and brave. It was wonderful witnessing how they developed this special closeness and interdependence that slowly blossomed into a romance. Let's hope that their passion grows more as she inches towards the climactic confrontation of her foreordained path.
  3. Speechless . . . I'm sad that this is what this beautiful ship has come to.
  4. I'm beyond shocked... But come what may, I stand behind Koo esp. since many have already been disparaging her after those convos went online and have since been struck down.
  5. I hope you all savoured watching the latest episode! Uri couple's date was my most favourite scene also that touching scene among the driver, the father and his young son. Forgiveness has a rending, liberating power. How lovely would that be if at death we really get this chance to purposedly chat with a living human through a dream call service. It somewhat reminded me of Mitch Albom's The First Phone Call from Heaven, a book I recommend. It speaks of the importance and timeliness of the present and of hope; faith; forgiveness; and peace. Anyhow, wow! - I can't hardly wait for the next episode. I'm dying for that long-awaited kiss scene. Wishfully thinking it would be really steamy! Kidding aside, Chung-myung was the primary cause of Man-wol's injury. It's pretty interesting to see how his untold story pans out ultimately bringing about their respective redemption. Only five episodes left, let's ardently hope that HDL will have a pleasing and satisfying end. Enchanted to be watching this drama with all of you. Thank you for your insights and convivial attitude!
  6. Annyeong to Bogummy's lovely fans! Thanks for all your fun inputs! It's truly lovely knowing and it likewise makes me giddy that Bogummy is quite thoughtful and of the sentimental kind as well. Like him, I also meticulously keep letters and mementos which to me are akin to most precious of treasures. I also see to it to remember the names of persons I had the chance of knowing or meeting. The latter gesture can be an expression of sincerity, eagerness, and/or respect. Thank you @gumtaek for your lovely long post! Be safe in your travels! I will also be travelling soon for some commitments abroad hopefully after my eomma starts feeling well. Take care! Blessings to you and yours! Blessings to all!
  7. How do the Hong Sisters continuously manage to make each episode an extravaganza, wow. Kudos as well to Oh-PD for putting the writer-duo's vision into a spooktacular reality. Anyhow, beautiful ending. My heart was in my mouth; there was a butterfly in my belly. That warm embrace was more lovely and titillating than that sudden kiss in episode 4 and the mystical moon tree seems to concur by making itself awash with blossoms. We've witnessed how their hearts pulsed with jealousy and above all, we've witnessed how fear rose in their blood as they worried for each other's well-being. Man-wol and Chan-seung have already become so much closer together. Their relationship is more defined now. The embrace was clearly a gesture of two people with strong affection for each other. Another equally beautiful part was the reappearance of Yeon-woo and the concomitant affirmation that Chan-seung is his own special person, not a reincarnation of the former or of Chung-myung. Consequently, Man-wol, it positively appears, is inching more and more towards her redemption. The mind may forget, but the heart, or in this case-the soul, always remembers---that was a very touching vignette in which Man-wol tearfully smiled at him. Kudos to IU for her astounding acting esp. on such a crucial scene. Anyway, I hope soompier chingus here are well. I hope you all enjoyed the most recent installments. I have reports due a few hours later in the morning, but I chose to watch HDL first instead. I simply can't get enough of this episode. I'm currently rewatching it raw most esp. the ending/hug scene while cram-writing. I do not recommend this highly stressful habit. Kidding aside, thank you for your fun and insightful comments which I'll be reading and liking when finally able. Thank you for making my HDL experience a fun and noteworthy one. I'll definitely miss you all/this thread when the end is finally here.
  8. Historical drama lovers must've enjoyed this episode a lot which was another emotional roller-coaster. Annyeong chingus, I hope you once again enjoyed this episode. I'm writing this post as I'm awaiting my turn to be called as a witness at court. Anyway, I like this episode a lot for many reasons. But if I may cite only a couple. I like that Man-wol is more and more wearing her heart on her sleeve through her many manifestations of jealousy and projection of romantic feelings. The thought of love has again entertained her being enough to cause a flower to bloom on and a firefly to illumine -the moon tree. The beach scene was both sweet and poignant. Her conflicted feelings are understandable. But I believe that love is more powerful as a cure than as a poison. As such, I'm continuously crossing my fingers here for a happy ending. Second, I like that this episode has somewhat confirmed the theory that Chan-seung is CM/guard captain. There have been many hints as to this in the previous episodes up until the latest. But then again, it is fun and useful to have an open mind in order to see other perspectives. Thirdly, I like that as an advocate for women, the case of the cabinet ghost who can be mistaken for as Ringu's Sadako's twin is made socially relevant because it highlighted the molka epidemic in SK. This drama has brightened my days. And your commentaries here are making my drama journey more enjoyable and meaningful. As such, kamsahamnida so much. I'll miss this forum, I'll miss your fun posts. I might not be able to participate in the discussion next time bec. of work and filial daughter duties as my eomma suddenly fell ill. I'll just like your fun and insightful posts when I'm again able to do so. Thanks again. Have fun watching the forthcoming episodes.
  9. Hotel del Luna just keeps getting better and better. Salute to the Hong Sisters for spinning this spooktacular yarn. This episode is so meaty in that it must be re-seen to better digest it. That sudden kiss by MW and sudden hug by CS with the creepy cabinet ghost as third wheel played in my head like an endless loop of film. IU's and Jin-goo's looks and their characters' personalities complement each other. I love their chemistry. It is said that jealousy is a shadow of love if not a sign of it. MW become unwittingly triggered by the fragile ghost bride. Her expression of irritation as the ghost slept on CS's shoulder followed by shock as he scooped the ghost up like a gallant knight in succour to a distressed damsel was satisfying to witness. Cliched as it may sound, the ghost's message is stirring---true love sets free. Who does not love Audrey Hepburn. Loved the cute homage to her and the iconic film she starred in. Is CS a reincarnation of the guard captain or of Yeon-woo. Or is he an entirely independent mortal who only became an important instrument of Mago to speedily bring about the completion in MW's redemptive story. The mystical dynamics operating amongst our characters are truly mind-boggling. And that scene of MW as a bloody bride with eyes like hard jewels of pain, sadness, and hate was both powerful and poignant. I hope you all enjoyed this episode as much as I did. I can't wait for the tension in the next episode esp. when we get to see more manifestations of jealousy from MW given the sudden appearance of CS's first love.
  10. @gumtaek Thank you so much for sharing that stirring piece of information. It made my heart very stout. I became a fan of Bogummy precisely because of his good manners and pleasing personality. Thanks for brightening my day. Blessings to you and to all fans of Bogummy!
  11. @TJ Starcandy Annyeong, chingu. Apologies for the belated reply. I was caught up as usual in work. Thank you, btw, for your kind words. It made my heart stout. But guess what---I also enjoyed reading your percipient post. I admire your unique take on the case of Chan-seung. Reincarnation is indeed a tired trope and I wouldn't mind either if his character was written anew and very much apart from the Goryeo captain. I'm still conflicted after having seen the vignette in the latest episode wherein Chan-seung instinctively took the hand of a still sleepy grumpy Man-wol with eye mask on which somehow impels me to believe that he is indeed the Goryeo captain. On the one hand, I also would like to wishfully think that Chan-seung is not the Goryeo captain because it would be a nice prospect to see Man-wol in a lovely process of transmogrification as you so wonderfully set forth in the second to the last paragraph of your post. Besides, the powerful mythical being Mago may have only conjured those ancient memories within him because as per her words, she simply creates a moment or an opportunity. I also second your final astute point. If I may bring up the psychic field of cartomancy once again, the ace of clubs of which Chan-seung epitomises has a connection to authority and business or material wealth of which Man-wol consequently epitomises as the queen of diamonds. Furthermore, it also signifies that the ace of clubs is a romantic who believes in the idea of a soulmate---who is none other than his queen of diamonds, Man-wol. The latest episode was full of feels. It was interesting to note that Man-wol with the sleep mask on is exactly like the blind lady ghost at the bakery. Like the latter who felt her heart thumping as the baker held or guided her hand on the bread, and so was Man-wol's heart also thumping as Chan-seung held her hand while writing her name. That sudden kiss or should I say - the brushing of their lips, was a deliciously hair-raising treat, it compensated for that horrific cabinet spirit. Hopefully, we get to see some intense lip action in the forthcoming episodes. Kidding aside, kommawo chingu for your lovely reply. Kommawo as well to fellow HDL fans. I'm grateful to you all for your interesting insights and cute posts on this thread. It's making my viewing very worthwhile and enjoyable. I hope Saturday comes fast because I can't wait to see how the hot-headed Man-wol deals with jealousy. LOL! Even if HDL is uploaded around midnight in my neck of the woods, I don't mind at all because it's been a long time I've felt this glad and giddy when watching a K-drama. The lovely ballads accompanying each and every episode are also o perfect. They fit the intricate emotional terrain of our lovey-dovey couple. HDL is truly fascinating and fun. The Hong Sisters skillfully blended horror, romance, fantasy, and humour. Happy Watching to all! Advance Happy Weekend! See you!
  12. Now, HDL has another meaning for me besides High-Density Lipoprotein. Annyeong fellow HDL fans. I hope you enjoyed the latest offering as much as I did. Scarlet Heart Ryeo fans are still probably mooning over the Moon Lovers' reunion. And fans of Gugudan Mina must likewise be happy bec. her intriguing character finally made entry. This episode has a rich emotional terrain. It presented the vital part of Man-wol's back story while still delivering the requisite humour, spooks, mystery, and feels as backed lovely OSTs. Those who had seen the drama The Guest would enjoy the funny aspersion to it and literal moon lovers will likewise savour the reference to the anniversary of the moon landing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that a fashion sophisticate like Man-weol will don such outfit and leggings. ''You're devouring my nights and dreams---how spookily romantic.'' Those interested in psychical stuff like cartomancy must have also probably noticed how accurate Chan-seung's card as ace of clubs is bec., besides his charms and smarts, in this episode it was repeatedly emphasised how impertinently curious he is. It's interesting to note as well, Chan-seung's dreams aside, that the captain of the guards was also pictured as feigning to leave the helpless Man-weol only to return in time to save her thus making the theory tenable that Chan-seung is the reincarnation of the man she held dear in her heart. It's worth recalling how the mystical moon tree, which is an extension of Man-wol's self, started blooming flowers again when Chan-seung's father came over. Life slowly started to be breathed into her being at that very juncture. She always loves to say that Chan-seung caught her fancy and this is because he represented hope and life for her living yet dead being. Anyway, apologies for rambling. Thanks for all these HDL photos, vids, insights, and tidbits. Enjoy. Happy Watching (and re-watching).
  13. booha chingu and fellow fans, orenmanida! It's been a long time since I last posted in here. It's truly lovely seeing how Choi Jin-hyuk's career continues to soar. He deserves his successes. He truly deserves his male lead status. Anyway, I wish you all well. And I hope that you'll savour watching his newest project, Justice. Take care. Cheers!
  14. I find it unfortunate that in those two times I had been to Seoul in those two years my niece stayed there, I haven't had the chance to get closer to Koo even just via her cafe or place of art exhibit. As such, thank you so much for bringing Koo closer to me and the rest of the Sunnies through these insider info and constant updates. Sunnies, how have you been, I hope you're all doing well. First, I'm relieved to hear that Koo finally left that bedamned agency and joined Jae-hyun-ssi's instead. Secondly, I'm ecstatic hearing about her drama comeback plans. I haven't been watching K-dramas for a long time now. I'll definitely be sure to be back in the game esp. when her K-drama is finally out. Thirdly, I'm very glad to hear about her ongoing successful art exhibition although the primordial force behind it is melancholy. A pet parent of many dogs and cats, I can fully empathise with her loss. Just last year, I lost my old doxxie; the year before that, I lost a puppy to parvo and one kitty due to prematurity. And currently, my chronically-ill shih tzu is under the weather while I also have a very old blind min pin who is suffering from an incurable disease. In fact, they both are wearing blessed medals in the hopes that the divine may intervene for their sakes. Upon first hearing about Koo's loss, I felt saddened, but I was comforted by the fact that Koo has her precious gift of art or creativity which can help her be healed from her grief and loss. It was nice to hear that Buddhist precepts had also been of help to her. Two years ago, I lost a parent. And over the years, I had lost some pets. Pets are like members of your family. Although they can't speak, they are always there for you. They are loyal and quite empathetic. They feel and they understand. They have already become a part of you. It is thus not unnatural for a person to be depressed over or grievously grieve the loss of a pet. On a light-hearted note, it's lovely to hear about her interactions with some of her pets. Since thoughts and feelings have evolutionary value, then that means to say that dogs have thoughts and feelings as well. When a person (such as Koo) and his/her dog/s have built a relationship based on mutual trust, love, and obligation, fun interactions such as those described between Koo and her pets (specifically the latter's part of exhibiting consciousness) is a natural consequence. Anyway, sorry for rambling. Thanks again. All the best to Koo and blessings to each and every one of you.
  15. I'm sorry for this trivial comment. I just can't help not to say I gushed when I saw Do Hae-kang again. I just love Kim Hyun-joo. But I also found it lovely that her co-star Lae Jae-yoon in I Have a Lover stars here as well. Anyway, the pilot episode was direct, dramatic, and gripping. I hope that chingudeul will enjoy watching this drama. See you around.
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