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  1. Oohh man i cant still move on from dots...ottokee..

    Im currently watching some korean drama that are live now...i so understand why dots so populer and creating record in the history...the story ia very unique...SOLDIER n DOCTOR...

    For the first time i like all character start from SSC, gowon,dr.song n nurse hajea,little puppy,alfa team,medical team, lt. Colonel park byung so, myung jo father, even dir. Han su kwon or dr. Kim eun ji who doctors childish, dr. Daniel n wife, or antagonist argus....i likeeee everything about dots...this drama really amazing, unbeatable, best dramaa ever...not suprisingly until now dots fever still strong....

    Hopefully in the future there is another korean drama that is unique and different...


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  2. WOW WOW WOW:w00t::w00t:


    from the beginning i've said here that shk and sjk will be the hottest couple when dots airing....

    their chemistry out of the chart, very explosive...they act like a real couple....

    honestly im die hard shipper kdw and shk....but i I could not resist and deny if the song couple is perfect for  together:wub:

    shk once again proved to the audience that she always good chemistry with all male co star....btw I am very curious about the role of daniel and wife here....i feel strange that they have an important role in this story......


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