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  1. Unpopular opinion : I'd rather watch ji hyo having healthy flirting with male guests than having another so called loveline with any RM members just to get more air time. She is the ace of the show, time and again has proven her abilities and skill while he is the champion who just won best couple with HJY. Also luck have always been kind to mong ji. I am very relieved and proud to see both of them taking the bait sportingly and not letting themselves getting so much invested into it. They are very sorted , intelligence and matured people and are very well aware of SBS's desperate PR stunt to fetch ratings. Just for the record i am not a monday neither spartace shipper. I prefer shipping them with all guests that comes n go without string attached. lol OK BYE!!
  2. Waaaaa long time ayy.. this place has changed so much !! yeorobunnn..!!! go checkout @7lvariety IG account just in case the link i posted below not working. . This chingu has made fabulousss fan video of King lee heon & Queen So Woon !!! So many overlapping scenes, moments from their past and present to their last moment together... Those who love them must go watch it , like and follow the creator!!
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