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  1. I can't believe new episodes are sooooo good like i scream in many languages
  2. https://twitter.com/keysmashed/status/1155796652340457473?s=19
  3. I cant believe it. I dont wanna spoiler tho.
  4. I heard that Tencent is plannning on releasing the ending next week for VIP, and I oop... Oh no, i dont wanna any spoiler tho...
  5. So, wei ning's sister died in drama?
  6. Okay me too. Hopefully, they release it
  7. So, the untamed staff filmd two side stories, has plan for a movie, and will release a mobile game. I am so excited
  8. So, we'll get to watch 2 side stories, i can't wait
  9. Gotta prat hard. Btw, what is Richard Simmons? Is that a new term of gay?
  10. if.. I am only talking about if, we are so doomed that the gov's about to ban it, would the staff upload the whole EP in span of short time?
  11. What happended to WeTV English? I am rewatching the drama on YT, and suddenly the video is unavailable
  12. What message did you find on Twitter? I actually just bought 2 boxes of tissues, just in case, and look at me, I just finished crying
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