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  1. Espers are some kind of mutant humans. They have their own specific superpower. Qi Xun, the male lead can teleport anywhere he wants. I really love the special and sound effects when he teleports - the sound 'poofff!' and the red smoke are awesome. His sister, Qi Tian is a clairvoyant who can see the future. But their power come with a price. His sister's is supposed to die young due to her using her power. That's why Qi Xun is in a quest to find the healer to heal his sister. The healer is the female lead, Shuang Shuang..who doesn't know her ability and she worked as a freelance painter before she got a job at Qi Xun company. His sister told him he's going to meet a love of his life one day and he did meet with SS at his gallery. Qi Xun will get terrible headache everytime he teleports but for once he was fine when he touched her. So, he suspected she's the healer and hired her to work with him. Another character is the guardian named Kun Lan. He's a friend of SS and he specifically knows his duty to protect the healer so he keeps a close tab on her. His grandfather is the guardian of SS's mother who failed in protecting her. It's still not clear if SS's mother is still alive or not but KL is adamant in protecting her. He some sort of like her romantically but we know SS likes QX.
  2. It's good. I love it. The ML has some unique feature...one look he's not handsome, another he's so handsome...haha..his side profile looks like an anime character.
  3. It's unlikely...if CEW has the power to propose anyone, it should be ISH... can we stop spreading the rumour of anything is going on between them, pls? It pissed me off.
  4. I'm happy Eunwoo won...2 awards at that...but half of my heart cries for ISH...call me pettty but I still feel 'WTH??!!'
  5. Congratulations Eunwoo!!! Why am i not surprised?? Hahaha..I think I was so confident that he'll win..I dont even care to check who the other nominees are.
  6. Watch @4.20 onwards. Mirae must've copy him when faced with the same scenario ''I DONT HAVE A PHONE"
  7. CEW's hotness multiplies 20x when he's in turtleneck..specifically in black turtleneck *hearteyes* Even without any suit on, he's hot in t.neck even when he's being 'crazy'
  8. He's the 3rd oldest...anyway sometimes he is more like 2nd oldest because MJ ,who is supposed to be the eldest hyung, acts more like the youngest most of the time. CEW acts like the boys' OMMA most of the time. He has a hot temper too..dont get deceive by his look and smile. He's literally DKS when he's in bad mood.
  9. CEW is actually a matured guy being a first born and leader since school years. I feel like he's more attracted to older female that's why his chemistry with ISH is skyrocketing. He's come a long way since his debut with ASTRO barely 2 years ago. Dating for him atm as an idol is unfortunately out of question based on how the Korean entertainment industry works. He still has a long way to go and I shamelessly will tell I'd follow him in every step of his way to stardom ISH has been one of my fav actress and I found that her voice is really unique. Hope she will get more job based on her success as Kang Mi Rae and I'd keep tab on her future projects too. A treat to you guys. Angels do exist on earth and this must be one of them:
  10. Perfect song for a perfect couple. P/S : Helpppp!! Call me shallow but I cant move on from this OTP. Season 2 plssssss!!!! Savage KS is the best...I love his sneeering face while he's with his best friend. P/S : I have this crazy feeling that CEW will nail an anti-hero or psychopath or serial killer role if he ever had one with that face of his. Sort of a role where we hate him so much to the extent of loving him at the same time.
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