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  1. For those missing 'Tomorrow' I made a podcast episode talking about everything to do with this drama - it touches on the actors and characters, the fact that it's an Episodic drama which is good for exploring the human experience of suffering, as well as a fantasy drama with really good world building. We look at how the drama does a really good deep dive about what drives people to dark places and also critique how the show could have done better with some of the stories...and lastly, fangirl about the Ryeon-Jong Gil storyline and Joon Woong storyline as well :partyblob:

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  2. Well, it took me a week to process the ending and I think I've made peace with it. Although I would have loved a conventionally happy ending, I also liked this ending even though it hurt like hell - it was just painfully beautiful. I made a podcast that addresses all the main criticisms of the ending. This isn't to change anyone's mind or argue that it was a good ending or anything. And if you're hell-bent on beliving this is a bad ending and don't want to hear anything else, then you probably won't want to engage.


    BUT if you want to get over the painful parts of the ending, want some closure and you're opening to hearing about different perspectives for why the ending is not as sad or unrealistic or open as you might have initially thought, then feel free to give this a listen. I'm not the writer so I can't change the ending you saw, but the discussion and processing might help to soften the blow if you're still feeling it



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  3. 5 hours ago, Skysky said:


    I see lot of people are tired tbh. A possible sad ending, (some people cant handle that especially this is youth drama, people would watch melo and makjang instead if they expect sad ending), the writer keep hinting it here and there, ruined all the happy moments and baekdo scenes are getting cut a lot in the middle. There was a controversy about baekdo age too, and that was on all over the news and trending, they stuck at 19 for so long, shouldve move to adult phase faster, heedoo still can doing her fencer anyway


    The writer dig their own grave. if this drama had happy ending, why would they create this madness over kim minchae, this drama wouldve become blockbuster and will get much much higher rating, sigh. Sorry for the rant but a lot of people missed this beautiful drama and story, because of the 'possible' sad ending, I feel like this drama deserve more recognition


    I don't think this is an issue for TVN or the writers to be honest as it's not a huge drop of ratings down to nothing - This drama has been relatively successful since the begining. And most shows have a dip somewhere in the middle when things are a little slow or there's a depressing episode like Episode 14. Although it's important for dramas to make good ratings, there's also something to be said about creating works that are meaningful, challenge the conventions and try different ideas and styles otherwise all dramas would be cliche and predictable if people could easily guess what would happen in the end.


    :warning: Also this is a Nostalgia drama - these types of dramas are known to be stories that have a higher chance for sadder endings because the core idea is about coming-of-age and life changing from happy childhood to life as a responsible adult. I saw a Korean forum where people were talking about this so it's not as though people were caught off guard. Many people knew there might be potential for bittersweetness. Some people may be tired, but there's still plenty of people happy to play the guessing game as I've seen on social media.


    I do agree with you however that I hope people don't ignore the message of the drama because of the ending. I think people should appreciate the drama for it's messages about resilience, love and growth - regardless of whether Yi Jin and Hee Do get together, the story is about appreciating the people in your life who loved you unconditionally and helped you to grow. Yes, it is a romance story, but it's also a story about finding your own strength and knowing you can survive all the hardships life throws at you. :heart:


    58 minutes ago, -Love Blossom- said:

    I thought I would be really disappointed if Heedo and Yijin part ways but after the watching the episode I think if they do this I will be able to understand it. Yijin is too much involved in his career and that's why Heedo's support is not reaching him. We have to remember that before lovers they were each other's support system so now that this very thing is disappearing it's understandable why they would break up. The long distance is also a matter but Yurim and Ji Woong made their relationship work although they knew each other for less time and didn't have a "history" like Beakdoo. From the preview it seemed like they're still going to break up but just with good and encouraging words.


    My only wish now is that they will begin the episode by clarifying who the husband and father is. I want to watch at least one episode without stress. The scene in the tunnel is worrying me. Hopefully they will not rush it and end it with them just staring at each other.


    I agree with this. I'm ok with either a happy ending or bittersweet ending as long as it's done well too. I think this story is reflective of real life and we don't always marry our first loves or stay together with our high school friends. And when things hurt us maybe we need to change.



    I also agree it would be nice to reveal the husband and then work backwards so that people know what they're in for!


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  4. 13 minutes ago, piluche said:

    If Baekdo isn’t endgame, I don’t like the idea of Heedo being a divorcee. Why? I would like to think that if she was willing to get married to someone else after a few years of breaking up with BYJ, I want that person to be the love she didn’t get from BYJ. In the whole drama, she didn’t get support from her mom, she only got it from BYJ, who was pushing for her to do better and rooting for her. If their love wasn’t strong enough and she found someone else, I hope that person is the best one for her. Her character deserves that at least. 


    I think it may be an endgame now, but it might be a kind of open ending here they meet again in 2022 and it's clear something will develop from that but they don't show it completely. This does not strike me as a sugarcoat wedding type of drama. As for Hee Do's maariage to someone else, I think it's that thing where she tried to move on from Yi Jin since it looked like they couldn't work out. But she never truly could.


    But hey, if Yi Jin isn't married and has been waiting for her all that time, it sounds like a super true love for the ages! :fullofhearts:

  5. So after reviewing all the theories in my theory videos, I am leaning heavily towards this theory: 

    Hee Do married Min Chae's dad but they got divorced & Hee Do is going to be reunited with Yi Jin in the present through Min Chae & her mum


    This explains the following:
    - Why the husband is not around

    - Why the husband's not eager to come back to Korea or the place they live at least

    - Why Hee Do doesn't seem to want to talk to the husband (tells her daughter to talk to him)

    - Why there's not a sense of love when Hee Do mentions her husband (though that happens when married too long anyway LOL)

    - Why Min Chae does not like the present from her dad or why he doesn't know her tastes well

    - Why Min Chae does not recognise Yi Jin or know him at all

    - Why Min Chae is interested in how her mum met her ex boyfriend

    - Why Hee do's expression looks the way she does when her mum mentions Yi Jin. It's like a look of sadness, thinking that her time is over with him and not knowing if he's married.

    - Also there's both the sad/bittersweet ending in the past and the happy/open ending of a possible new begining in the present time which feels like a win-win for the writers and their characters.


    I've put the evidence from scenes in the drama in this video along with a few other wild theories I've heard:



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  6. 3 hours ago, caterpillar59 said:

    Hi guys, can I join this forum? I love this drama so far. I had never been into Nam Joo Hyuk before, but this drama makes me so in love with him :wub: so I can not wait to see the next episode on Netflix


    I loved him in Weightlifting Fairy, but this is the first project I've been totally charmed by him since then. Really looking forward to the next episodes as well.


    Also made a video of all the theories I've heard about the ending for Twenty Five Twenty One so far:



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  7. Hello friends! I love this drama so much that I made a podcast episode about it! I like to deep dive into dramas and have an interest in everything from the actors, to the themes and genre of the series to what type of books the characters are reading, or where filming locations for the drama are etc.


    In this episode, I talk about:

    1. The fun plot and all the fan theories about what happened between Hee Do and Yi Jin and whether they had a daughter together.

    2. The popularity of Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri. I look at their past roles as well as their characters Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do in Twenty Five, Twenty One. I also chat about the 3 main side characters as well.

    3. Why nostalgia dramas are so popular. I look at the main reasons why nostalgia dramas are so well loved and talk about some of the main technology and fashion throwbacks to 1998.

    4. What caused the IMF crisis? I explain the IMF crisis and relate it to events in the drama such as why Hee Do's mum sells her gold and why Yi Jin's family are being chased by creditors

    5. The meaning of Full House to this drama. We look at why Hee Do and the girls love the manhwa comic Full House and why this series was included in the drama.


    You can listen below or on Spotify :partyblob:



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  8. Episode 11 was so intense and it seems like the Gods are finding out that they were lies in their universe. With 2 episodes left, I wonder how likely it is that th ending would be happy. I think I saw an interview where Paul Fu said it would be neither super happy or super sad for Orad, so I suspect a bittersweet ending like with Someday or One Day.


    Anyway, as I'm obsessed with this drama, I'm dropping fresh subs of the behind the scenes for Episodes 10



    This one is for an earlier episode but they only just put the behind the scenes up a few days ago. It's sort of the behind the scenes of the first kiss, but it's more about the set for the place between life and death



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  9. 4W9RK3p.jpg



    Joanne Tseng/ Chiao Chaio as Xie Tian Di

    Paul Fu/ Fu Meng Bo as Orad 

    Alice Ke as Toem 

    Joe Cheng as Fali 

    Kenny Yen as Lu Po Hui

    Greg Hsu (cameo) as Kakarayan



    All the gods will be leaving before the last rain of doomsday. However, an ordinary human girl unexpectedly puts a dent in their plans to retreat thus causing the world to move towards the unknown. Based on the animistic mythology of the Amis tribe, the gods are no longer willing to bless the land that is plagued with environmental issues. One by one, the gods depart the world they once loved. A human girl discovers that the opportunity to reverse her destiny lies within herself and her guardian. Before the final day of judgment, a love story between human and god unfolds.

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  10. On 9/16/2021 at 1:54 AM, realistic2280a said:


    I started watching Taiwanese before Koreans and now more of China's drama than before... :D 


    Most of Joe Chen's drama, famous and favourites like Fated to Love You and Autumn Concerto :lol: after that there wasnt much to see then i got addicted to Koreans even the Japanese dramas couldnt hold my interest... i did wonder what happened to Taiwanese dramas, until this drama became famous recently. Will make time to watch it soon! Easier to watch as its short episodes! Thanks!


    Haha Taiwanese dramas were one of the original dramas! But yeah, I shift between Korean dramas and Taiwanese dramas as they don't always hold my interest. Taiwanese dramas have improved a lot over the years - I've really enjoyed Yong Jiu Grocery Store and The Victim's Game if you're looking for other good short TW series too :)


    Someday or One Day just does everything amazingly though - music, cinematography, acting, chemistry. They studio is going to have a new drama out soon as well - Rainless Love in a Godless Land

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  11. I'm enjoying this drama so much - I'm a big fan of dramas with close-knit communities and slice of life vibes. This drama just fits the bill so much. I'm also intrigued by the mysteries of GongJin, particularly Du Sik's past! I feel like the fans have come up with a strong theory...I've seen so many posts about Du Sik spending 5 years at Sandbox and being traumatised by that



    And, of course, I'm so buying into this romance between our beautiful dimples couple! That pastel pink scene of them playing in the water and then standing by the ocean under the same umbrella will now live in my mind rent free.



    I like this drama to the point where I made a journal spread for it and then I made a journal with me video x video essay on my thoughts of the drama. I guess this is fan art! Has anyone else made something to remember this drama? (I just realised that I spelt Du Sik's name with an extra 'h', but it's ok because my pen is erasable and I'm going to fix it now, haha)



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