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  1. I really can not understand why he suddenly filing a divorce, when they were still in good relation on his birthday. And regarding the news i really hope that those are false. That really make kyo look the guilty one
  2. I agree with @lhynne. This news sure make us all sad, angry, wondering why, but i'm sure it's must be harder for both of them. They are once so in love deeply with each other. I just hope that they still have those feeling deep in their heart, i just dont want they become hate each other. I am more of SHK fans because i like her since year 2000, autumn in my heart, but now i just wish the best for both of them. Hye hyo unnie.. hwaiting...
  3. Yess.. that avuela things is like some advertising. I have read in fb but the artist Is malaysian artis. So i guess better we ignore that
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