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  1. @Princi_86  OMG I'm so happy that it was really a BTS! But really the PD Lee's instinct was good! By including Wookie's natural chemistry, he managed to make Kim Shin's vision more powerful. From a brother's perspective, to see a long-suffering sister happy with one's best of best friends in the world is surely magical.

    Thanks, @gamshe  and @triplem for the amazing gifs.


    I've started Bubblegum and shocked by how cheerful Wookie in it. :D  

    In the future, after the delight that is Lee Hyuk, I'd love to see him in either a noir action (like Signal or Voice) or a fun action, anything with him as a cop. Is he good in action scenes?

    EDIT: and thanks @winterdewfor the gifs too!

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  2. 9 hours ago, janeeta said:

    Are you on a mac or a pc? If it's a mac, just go to the apps store and download GIPHY CAPTURE. It's super easy and you can record however much you want. I'm not sure about pc but I'm sure if you search, there is a program for pc too. 

    @janeeta  Thanks for the tip! PC. I'm too slow with technology, so I think I'll search for gifs and credit the makers instead

    @gamshe  Thank you very much for your help! I think I will need the moment touching moments of their scenes.

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  3. 4 hours ago, lucifercorner said:

    @joyezz Thanks for sharing the gif in this thread. the more I see them together, the more I want them together:wub: 

    Wookie & In Na are you both listening???



    @lucifercorner  They didn't keep these in the reincarnation scenes, which makes me think that these must either be a blooper or BTS that made the cut because the PD likes it.  

    When I saw these visions in Kim Shin's eyes, I sobbed and sobbed, because my goodness, how could they look so naturally happy like that, when in 2026 Sunny and Yeo could only meet twice? No wonder Kim Shin almost cried, too.



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  4. More photos of casts with crews. Btw Park Joong-hun in real life looks so kind.:D


    @jeijei  After rewatching it, I have a feeling that cheap motels are their rendezvous type? They didn't go to the motel on the day of the handcuff scene, their wardrobes looked different, and they seemed to be too comfy with 'only one room is left' excuse from motel owner--like that was their habit.

    @LyraYoo  We should just focus on cinematography then. To move on! :)  *hugs to you* I was a sobbing mess yesterday, I never chatted while sobbing before!

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  5. 35 minutes ago, ghosthunt said:

    Just realised that Hyuk was the first choice of name GR wanted for himself when talking to Eun Tak about it haha good it came true for you Lee Hyuk!

    @ghosthunt And yet Eun-tak grimaced at that name, and now Reborn!Sunny says it doesn't suit him. :D:D

    @fikachuuu  (sorry I couldn't tag you back earlier!) @foxvanilla  I have a feeling the motel scene didn't happen on the same day as the handcuff scene... their wardrobe were different. Maybe it took them some time and by the time the motel scene happened, it was already a habit :tongue::D .

    They looked like they were so much used to the "no other room" excuse already. How many times must it have been?

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  6. @katakwasabi  Would've made me ordered loads of pizzas if PH was a sponsor  :D

    I find it funny that Wookie came to the party as a crossover of Yeo and Lee Hyuk. I mean the others had already looked like themselves. Maybe like @Princi_86  said, he really loves the wardrobe.

    Wish he would keep the 4,900 USD something coat from Ep 12-13 (temple scene vs Gong Yoo). 

    Princi 86: Yes Inna looks tired. I'm at her age and I can safely say that women are more easily tired. 

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  7. @Princi_86  I think it's the Onion scene coat, the Juun J one, yes. I was mistaken. Zegna should've let him keep the majestic coat. Or ask him to model it or something.

    @triplem  I love the parallels posted on the IG. Before, Yeo had minimum self confidence, and Sunny was so forward. Now they're on a more even ground.

    @joyezz  Physical and mental exhaustion do that to people. Hopefully the last scenes he filmed for Goblin were the happy reincarnation scenes, not the sad ones.

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  8. 23 minutes ago, siddy09 said:

    Lols..dramatroll, is there any girl here whose ovaries have not exploded yet?:D

    @selenette you are married, do you also concede to this statement?? Hahaha..kidding.:D



    @siddy09  My hubby fancies Victoria Song, I can fancy Wookie. :D:tongue: 

    I was like WHOA when Lee Hyuk coolly grabs Reborn!Sunny's hand like that. Like they know what they're about to do is sexytime.

    LOL this time I'm blaming Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj's "Bang Bang" for the idea.


    @joyezz  Clearer photo of Wookie


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  9. 1 hour ago, gamshe said:

    Aww this is so sweet ughh :wub: But I wonder why Inna didn't go. It reminds me the last dinner scene ahaha I felt so bad when I realized Sunny was not with them. :sweatingbullets:

    By the way, girls am I wrong by thinking that Sunny and GR did not forget their memories because they did not drink the tea? Some comments in the drama thread says the opposite so I am a bit panicked right now.


    There are both advantages and disadvantages of oblivion. 

    Carolinedl told me that remembering what they had (my addition: or didn't have) would encourage them to cherish what they have now


    The past is an integral part of who we are, it will never disappear.

    But on the other hand if WangSun start with a clean slate I won't resent the writer for it, because I can see how carefree, happy and loving they are now, and if that isn't cherishing what they have, what is it? 

    I hope I'm not making you sadder.


    EDIT: Inna seems to be a half cheerful, half laidback sort of a person, maybe she simply couldn't go. I sometimes think she's the opposite of Sunny, but sometimes she isn't. I came to Goblin as her fan.



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