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  1. Okay this just happens to be me with some weird questions that I wanted to bring up in my last post but sadly/fortunately they slipped my mind back then.


    So here they go.           


    Does Universal Oppa get his ring back.

     The scene where he goes to the hotel room where Giraffe is waiting for him again (after he asks her for help with proposal party). She puts on the ring meant for Eun Joo and tries to convince him that she is the one and has always been there etc… They have a scuffle of sorts where she refuses to return the ring and instead helps him recover his suppressed memories. Way to go Giraffe. He then tries to kill her but at the last moment he is saved from doing so when their son contacts them. But we don’t see if he is successful in retrieving his ring or not.


    Does anyone thing that he (Universal Oppa) was facing Karma when he agreed to be Eun Joo’s Wedding Coordinator

    Simply wondering if Karma finally got to him as well. In the past he is fully aware that Giraffe has feelings for him and yet he still asks her to help him with Eun Joo. Heck even she felt that was quite heartless of him and that he was rubbing it into her that he has feelings for Eun Joo and none for her. I kind of agreed with her but that still doesn’t allow her to go all Psycho on another person. Now that he was aware of Miss Monte Cristo’s true identity, he agreed to be her wedding coordinator as well. So pretty much he was forced to see the person he loved get married to another person just like Giraffe. He was finally walking in her shoes. Though one can argue that he chose this path willingly atlesast (that is if he self-volunteered unlike what Giraffe had gone through) so it isn’t the same thing over here.


    As for the ending I feel like I pretty much made it clear where it could be heading but who doesn’t love a poll so will be getting to that in a bit.


    It is quite possible that by the end she will be all alone because she has managed to alienate everyone close to her due to her revenge and all. So, she will have to probably leave to travel or go to Hong Kong. Mr. Wang is bound to follow her because of his loyalty to New Mom and all. She has also pretty much earned that loyalty as well not simply because New Mom raised her for 5 years after the accident but mostly because of her actions after New Mom passed away. She had absolutely no reason to pick up New Moms revenge or try and take one for her death. Instead, she could even heed New Mom’s advice to return to her former life and forsake revenge. But she chose to honour the memory of the woman that saved her and since they share the same feelings in regards to this Mr. Wang is sure to follow her till the end. Unfortunately, there is going to be no romance between them whatsoever.


    Universal Oppa – Pointed out that guy seems to be getting a whole lot of focus in the last few episodes and is almost everywhere with Miss Monte Cristo so they may very well be heading in that direction. Sadly, he just doesn’t have that much power to convince her otherwise to drop the revenge. Even him promising her justice or being willing to be used is going to stop her. If she wants to be with him the only person that can convince her to drop it happens to be Hoon. Yes, he happens to be the only Kryptonite for her. Remember when he wanted to go for a camping trip and he wanted her there she came, infact she was even being considerate and tried to give Giraffe a shot at being a good mother that day yet she failed. She shows genuine concern for him whenever something bad happens to him thanks to her own actions or Giraffe doing something wrong. So, in short while Universal Oppa may not have much influence in her life at the moment the same can’t be said for his son. Heck even Eun Gyul adores the kid to the extent that he made him his student in trying to master Nunchakus and whatnot. If she ends up with Universal Oppa it is all thanks to his son and nothing more at this point. That and perhaps if she can re-find her buried feelings for him which turn on and off as the plot demands.


    Disco Oppa – The only way that I can see her end up with him at this point is if he really digs deep into his bag of feels and somehow shows her his sincerity towards her does he stand a chance. Not only that but he needs to allow her revenge to go through or atleast in a way that does the least amount of harm to those that are currently innocent such as the workers working at his company. As for when it comes to his family, he needs to convince them to not only apologize sincerely for all that they have done to her and New Mom but also turn themselves in for the crimes that they committed. That is the only way that they can all be saved and perhaps lessen her anger to some degree. But we all know what that kind of family is. Their pride seems to be more important to them and not only that they don’t seem to even realize what they have done wrong at this point and try to further justify their actions. Not only that but they tend to cover up their families’ shortcomings to an extent no matter how one puts it. For instance, Disco Oppa knows that Giraffe tried to harm Miss Monte Cristo a couple of times (rooftop, setting fire in the storeroom) yet he remained quiet and didn’t report any of that to his father because he was convinced by Evil Mom that dad would go into shock and whatnot and he couldn’t be disappointed in all his kids or something. Perhaps Disco Oppa should simply do what New Mom wanted in the first place and oust his Dad to rectify some of the wrongs that he did. He should also try to change some of the management style where his family doesn’t have all that much influence to show that he is different from his family. Such actions might just win him over to Miss Monte Cristo.


    But romance between the two is still a long way off and like people pointed out 10 episodes isn’t enough to do them justice unless the writer wants to send a different kind of message to the viewers which I will leave to all of you to decide on your own.  So as of now the chances seem to head more in the direction of her leaving on her own. If you want a happy or open ending then it will be with Universal Oppa thanks to Hoon (probably) and a surprise or twist of an ending then Disco Oppa will probably be the choice. Though since this is a family drama of sorts where villains pay for their crimes, the good guys get a happy ending after all the misery they go through and sometimes even everyone gets forgiven no matter what they do since they find a way to redeem themselves to some extent. I am sure we know what that means for an ending without me having to go into further detail.


    So will end my post for the time being until I remember something else. So, till then take care all of you and keep posting. Interesting debates going on I am liking it.

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  2. Sorry folks getting sidetracked by other dramas so it isn’t all that easy to keep track and post as much as I like. But on a good thing you all don’t need to see me ramble on with my long posts and you get a well-deserved break.


    Well, in regards to the drama I don’t know if I should modify an anime sound track and say 3, 2, 1, Everybody join me in a bout of laughter at various parts in the drama itself (character stupidity included) or sigh in frustration at the mistakes these characters make including the writer etc… Sure some things are predictable as I will try and point out but that doesn’t mean that I have to support it all the way. Look the writer had a great material to work with and I could even go along with the fact that they decided to go with a gender bender for the original hero as well as trying to adapt it to modern times but the way they messed up at times just to fill up their quota of 100 episodes seems to do the character injustice which I can’t approve. Belive me I loved the original work that I must have read it a bunch of times whenever I got abridged mostly but also the unabridged though that was one time only as well as the last time that I read it. While this story seems to have gotten the jist of that some of the liberties that they took just don’t sit right with me.


    Anyway, before I get accused of getting of topic lets move on to the drama itself. Warning all of you get ready for my round of rambling.




    Okay for starters let me bring up a point that someone brought up in regards to the possible pairing of Hairclip Mom and Papa Ju and that is the fact that they are unaware of the fact of what Serin did to Eun Joo in the past. Now while that is fair my point still remains that if Miss Monte Cristo ends up with Universal Oppa in the end that will still be a messed up family dynamic no matter how one sees it or even tries to justify it.


    First of all, she has to raise the child of Giraffe the same person that tried to kill her and her child. Even if one takes into account that she has bonded with Hoon on an emotional and genuine level just how long is it going to last. Even if she tries to justify the fact that he isn’t his mother’s son, a worthy replacement for her own child and the fact she saved him from an unworthy mother she can’t cut of his ties to his own mother unless she wants a repeat of what happened to Disco Oppa which is only going to cause a headache for her down the line. But like I said that will be a constant reminder of what she lost thanks to his mother. It may even affect their relationship down the line but we will have to wait and see.


    But then that is not enough looking after just one of her archenemies kid and being family with them sort of but now she will also be family with Serin as well. This means that she will need the actual patience of a Saint to accept Serin and perhaps even forgive her as part of her new family which I find absurd. But hey thanfully this is a K-Drama and not real life where such things apparently are the norm.


    Now comes to the end pairing while it seems pretty obvious that she will probably end up with Universal Oppa there can be another one as well a bit more faithful to the actual novel we just have to wait and see which one we get. But before I get into that let me bring up why they may be hinting Universal Oppa as End Game.


    First of all, the guy seems to be everywhere these days also not counting the fact that they used to be first loves and all and that he didn’t actually betray her for his ambitions or anything like that. He was a victim of sorts by his wife. Not only that they seem to show that at certain times they get the feeling that the others life is in great peril showing that they have this great Cosmic Connection or something going for them like that. Probably nothing beats first love like that. I do remember watching another daily a few years back where the male leads mother one time sensed when his father was in an accident and all but even then, those two didn’t end up together. The father finally realized that while she was indeed his first love and all he needed his wife who was there for him for so long and supported him etc… Never mind the fact that his wife was kind of clingy and insecure back then or prior to him making that descion. Not that this counts over here after all both of these characters quantify as leads and deserve their own happy ending so let’s see where that goes. But while we are on the topic of him being everywhere just check him out.


    When New Mom has dementia and has Miss Monte Cristo step out on the street who does Mr. Wang contact first. You guessed correctly if you though it was him. Why would he do that when he knows that Miss Monte Cristo was to get married with Disco Oppa also how New Mom feels about Universal Oppa and all. When New Mom gets abducted by Na he goes to search for her with Miss Monte Cristo. Okay that was him being conveniently at her place so he sort of gets away with that. But after her accident over there we see him spend a lot of time next to her bed at the hospital clearly indicating that the writer probably wants those two to end up together. Heck this could have been a perfect opportunity for both male leads to be in the hospital next to her or even when she wakes up one of the to be there next to her so she has a harder time deciding who she wants to be with. But no instead we get Universal Oppa hogging all of her time and indicating that he will end up with her. Kind of do feel bad for Disco Oppa but not all that much.


    But while we are on the topic of him the guy is going to have to really love her after this point if he wants to end up with her. I say this because now that she is aware that Jewang Group is responsible for New Moms death she plans to continue her revenge as well as her mothers in taking it down whether she has the resources or not. This means that she has to go up against Disco Oppa who loves his company and all and will try and protect it to the end. Unless he realizes that the company is just not worth it as it is now stained with blood from a whole lot of people and he shouldn’t be protecting his father he has no chance to end up with her. True Love certainly asks a lot doesn’t it. Not sure where I stand on this matter for the time being. This does though bring me up to the fact that Grandmother is an idiot who just threw away her life insurance for absolutely nothing at this point.


    She just realized that her son confessed to perhaps taking out New Mom (or atleast planned too) and that has been recorded by the hidden camera. But here is the deal the damage has already been done so whether or not she gets rid of the picture/camera the other side will already be aware of what he did and she can’t do anything to get rid of it at this point unless she perhaps pleads for them to forgive her family. Something that she should actually be doing instead of trying to protect her son (something which is impossible at this point that I mentioned). Not only that but now if any of the Evil Witches try to make an attempt at her life there is going to be no way to either protect her or use that as evidence against them. Heck even them admitting to a crime that they committed can’t be used at this point unless the maid decided not to get rid of the picture and frame it in some other room as she thought that it was too good to waste. Thus, it picks up a confession from some of the villains that can be used at a later point. We do sadly have 10 more episodes to go meaning 2 more weeks of drama.


    I do feel that the episodes can be finished in the next 5 episodes that is if these characters decide not to do anymore stupid mistakes but we all know that isn’t going to be the case. Infact I probably spotted another one thanks to a Drama Logic Fail which I will be bringing up shortly. But before I get into any of that let me bring up the final ending, we may end up getting which may be a bit more faithful to the original novel and where all of you think which ending is far more likely at this point.


    In this ending they all decide to go their own separate ways because Universal Oppa has come to realize that all that his family has done to her and all is just too much of a gap for them to end up together and he also realizes that it would simply be too much for her to raise his kid with Giraffe no matter whether she may be okay with it at the moment. Since she has burned all her bridges with Disco Oppa for taking her mothers revenge as well she can’t be with him also. This leaves her all alone with Mr. Wang so these two end up sailing, flying away or just leaving somehow into the sunset with each other. Him being the ever loyal guy hanging around his new family and all. Like I said a bit like the original novel though if you don’t want that we get her to be with either of the male leads where they work out whatever differences that they have and be with them. So, take your pick at this point.


    On a side note, I do wonder just where exactly is Hoon heck they missed out a perfect opportunity to use him. Remember when Universal Oppa is so stressed out after discovering the truth about what if wife did to his first love that he ends up going in shock and has amnesia of sorts. Well got to give it to the writer that he must probably have the fastest recovery from amnesia in a drama that I must have seen and not only that he didn’t even need to get hit on the head for his memories to return. Got to hand it over to his dumb wife that helped him do that. Hilariously everyone now seems to think that she is way to possessive or obsessed with him at this point but it seems to make no difference to her. Anyway, as I was mentioning when he had the amnesia it would have been the perfect opportunity for him to run into his son and wonder why this kid was suddenly calling him Dad. It would have been interesting to see what kind of story his friends and family would try and come up with. Would they perhaps tell him the truth and he would be in denial or say that he was already married to Eun Joo and that is their kid? Probably wouldn’t fly but like I said it would have been interesting to see what could have happened. Instead, he only gets to call him when he gets his memory back and Giraffe uses that to her advantage and all. But after that he seems to have disappeared once again. He might as well have remained at that camp that Giraffe hid him of too if they were going to waste him like that.


    Speaking of Universal Oppa and him getting amnesia I simply couldn’t stop laughing when the Truck Of Doom was heading towards him because I was suddenly reminded of the poll that we recently had thanks to @Lmangla (sadly I couldn’t take part in it as I missed it). Did the writer actually read the poll as well and Universal Oppa was like let’s test it out folks who is going to rescue me. Which Option applies here can anyone say just for further laughs. Also, why the heck don’t these Truck Of Doom ever actually stop they have ample time to do so unless it is a deliberate action and that doesn’t count. Perhaps this driver was an actual Card Carrying Villain and was in a rush to hit his next victim that he didn’t care about Universal Oppa getting tagged along as well. Maybe he thought that he would get more points hitting a bonus victim and all.


    Moving on to the part where this show could have probably finished in the next five or so episodes if they didn’t decide to make Eun Joo Miss Revenge Incarnate once again. Over here we had her fall into a coma after trying to rescue New Mom and all. At this point we see both Serin and Giraffe try and make another possible attempt at her life fortunately she woke up before they could do anything to her and Bomi decided to also return at this point sensing something amiss further preventing the two to do anything to her. But over here the writers wasted a perfect opportunity sadly. What I mean is that pretty much everyone knows at this point that those two would want to harm her again if they want to cover up their crimes and all. So in this case they should have given them that opportunity such as having a recording device hidden in that room. This way they could have perhaps tricked them by saying that she was in a critical condition or still in a coma thus when they would head over there to harm her, they would either get caught making a confession incriminating themselves or trying to kill her again. Bonus points if they got caught doing both. At this point the cops come in guns blazing revealing that it was all a trap to entrap them. Bonus points again if it is revealed that she had also recovered and that it was perhaps part of her plan to get them and all. Perfect way to execute part of her revenge atlesat. The remaining parts could be to see how those two would try and wiggle their way out of this mess that they had gotten themselves into. Pretty sure we can expect what would have happened. Giraffe would have tried to pin all the blame on Serin somehow unless she was caught harming her and all.


    On a side note, did anyone note the outfits the two friends were wearing in that scene. Normally I don’t notice such things but this time it was quite glaring. Giraffe was in White while Serin was in Black. Interestingly showing of their nature of sorts. Giraffe was to perhaps indicate that she pretends to be innocent and pure hence in white. She further indicates this point that since she is from a rich family, she can’t get her hands dirty and that is why she has minions for. Serin being in black showing that she does a lot of deeds that shouldn’t be spoken off. Yet the good thing here was that it seems like Serin has finally gotten the name of the game correct. Thus, she is hesitant to pull the plug on Miss Monte Cristo this time around and correctly points out to Giraffe that her hands are already stained with the supposed death of Eun Joo back in the day so another death shouldn’t be on her conscience at this point. Glad to see that she isn’t going to easily be fooled by Giraffe to take the fall for her death again. Still, it probably comes a bit to late to make much of a difference at this point.


    Okay so wait Giraffe wants to alter her movie script this late in the game is that even possible at this point. As far as I can tell Miss Monte Cristo was the sole writer for that movie conveniently mind you. So, this means that the producers/directors probably need a new writer at this point if they want to implement her part of the plan which isn’t going to be easy or cause further delays in the production. I don’t think that they would be okay with that just because Giraffe is trying to be a Diva. Instead, more people like her manager should start being vocal about the stunts and power play that she brings on the set to further embarrass her and prevent her from doing such things in the future. Better yet they should hold her accountable to the contract that she signed which will prevent her from doing so currently. Speaking of her managers comment just how long did it take to get approved that she found out about it after a few episodes after it happened. It is going to be interesting how the manager tries to buy time in getting out of that mess.  Hopefully he can get in a few more digs before he is exposed but by then it will be too late to do anything to him and her true nature is also exposed.


    Someone posted Miss Monte Cristo’s past work to showcase her acting via Ruby Ring. Thanks for that. Is that drama any good did see a bit of her acting in that which did seem good and all but that doesn’t mean I can tell if a drama was good or not. Don’t want to waste my time if it is a terrible or dumb show no matter how good a persons acting is. But while we are on topic, I did seem to notice that Miss Monte Cristo seems to be way more fair compared to that drama and perhaps even at the start of this drama. Death certainly did wonders for her just like Vampires. Is she one as well? LoL


    Wait just how strong are the delusions of these two women (Giraffe and Serin) while we are at it. I mean given what 90 episodes or so we know exactly where the men in their lives stand but they still haven’t given up on obtaining them. Just to prove it here are a few lines by them. Note they aren’t perfect quotes but one gets the idea.


    Giraffe: If I can’t have him I will end my life

    What seriously. Well okay will save us a lot of time and all. Also this is after he knows the truth I believe. But she still wants him or how about one better.

    Giraffe: Lets go for a restart/reset. (or the similar variants that she comes up with0

            “ : I didn’t divorce him for good I just did so to give him time. After a reset I was going to take him back.

    Sorry the others for her slipped my mind but one gets the idea.


    Serin: Guess what Oppa after your multiple attempts at wedding failures who else apart from me will take/accept you back. So, you have to marry me.


    Serin: This is the only way for me to protect him. Hopefully he will realize my sincerity and accept me.


    Well good luck in that department both of you. But especially Giraffe since she is clearly aware that Universal Oppa is never going to be with her if he discovers the entire truth about what she did to Eun Joo as well as her dad yet she insists on having him all to herself especially after him still discovering what she did. Meaning she knows that he is never going to come back to her yet she still wants him. Boy that certainly is hilarious and entertaining at the same time. Don’t even know what else to say in regards to this at the moment. Am sure given time I will get it.


    Okay remember when I said that this show becomes hilarious due to the writer not being able to keep their facts straight. Look up some of my previous posts if they are still around to see me bring up some of those points. Well, the writer continues to bumble through causing Drama Logic Fails just to progress a plot not realizing that they are easily creating plot holes at the same time. Sure, some of them can be funny or feel satisfying that we are more than willing to ignore them at that point but when they continue for other reasons we simply sigh with frustration at the same time.


    What do I mean by this? Simple thanks to this mistake the writer may have very well given a way to Serin to identify DDM Queen’s true identity thus further preventing the story to end in the next few episodes. Remember when she is in Miss Monte Cristo’s office and finds a bunch of designs that catch her eye that she decides to swipe them and all. Guess what I have a feeling that those were the very designs that the DDM Queen was perhaps planning on giving to her at some point. But now that she has early access to them things are going to get complicated. Miss Monte Cristo probably isn’t going to be aware that Serin has her hands on those designs and will send them to her. Once Serin who isn’t a complete idiot by this point realizes that they are similar to something that she has recently seen will look over what she has. She will discover at this point that they are the exact same ones that she pilfered from Miss Monte Cristo and thus come to the realization that she and the DDM Queen are the one and the same. This means that she handed over the only evidence of her crime and security to Miss Monte Cristo the same person that wants to see her downfall. Knowing K-Drama rules Miss Monte Cristo still won’t have learned her lesson and would only have one copy of it which is going to get stolen by the villains. Probably Mr. Na again. Those people really need to up their security but I guess that is too much to ask at this point. Hopefully the villains can also be predictable and fail to get rid of said evidence allowing the good guys to finally recover it and use it at the last stretch and all.


    But let me get to the actual Drama Logic fail as to why this shouldn’t have been easily possible unless we give them a way out which I can sort of see but not really. This being just how did Serin actually find herself inside the office in the first place. If anyone remembers Miss Monte Cristo had upped the offices security way back so that there wouldn’t be any kind of unauthorized access (especially by the likes of Serin) and we know that this security is still there. Because just a few episodes back Serin tried to infiltrate the office but was rejected by the security system. Yet she now had access to enter said office trying to search for documents but ended up with those design sketches instead. One might try and argue the fact that perhaps Evil Mom perhaps got her that access or she discovered that female employee’s access card and used it. (if only the later was true showing that Serin can actually be sneaky and all). But as for the former I find that hard to believe. Are you trying to tell me that Evil Mom actually managed to pull a fast one over both Oppas and give access to Serin. No way is that happening.


    Infact after getting her hands on the sketches she heads over to Universal Oppa thinking that he is going to give her the keys to the kingdom and make her team manager or something. Yet he didn’t seem to have an inkling about that and instead he wanted to turn herself in for all her crimes. So there is no way that he would have let her get a pass to that office.


    But one can still argue that there is overall nothing wrong with perhaps Evil Mom pulling her clout and getting her that access until you notice the fact that the security is simply nonexistent in that office unless the plot demands it. Let’s look at the following incidents to prove my point.


    We know that Serin has failed to enter said office atleast two times thanks to the security installed so we know that it works at times. But at the same time, we have also seen other people enter the same office who shouldn’t be able to do so if there is a security system. For instance, we have seen Giraffe herself enter in said office even to ask other workers working over there to let her have some time alone with Miss Monte Cristo. How did she manage to enter said office? Does she perhaps have a master key since she is part of the owner’s family that allows her full access to any part of the company. That is a serious breach of security but I guess I can let that one pass for the moment. But then we have the scene when Bomi dunks Giraffe with a bucket full of water. I won’t lie to anyone over here that certainly was amusing but I brought up a question back in the day why was a bucket of water even there in the first place. I guess the better question would be as to how did Bomi even gain access to the office assuming that it was locked due to the security measures and all. With Giraffe we have given her a theoretical all access pass being part of the owner’s family but Bomi would not have that kind of pass or luxury. Yet she was able to enter said office for a very satisfying scene (the first time that I must have witnessed a second female lead facing said kind of situation.)


    Thus, I can easily prove that this writer fails to keep their facts straight due to what they feel will progress the plot without realizing these glaringly obvious plot holes. Oh well I guess we get to see more comedy instead of revenge then.


    So, Mr. Na still thinks that he has a shot at getting to marry Serin. Yep, the delusions in this show certainly are amusing as I pointed out earlier. What he doesn’t seem to get is that the only place that he is going to end up is back in jail if he continues to follow Serin and her ways. I guess they say love is blind and that is what is happening over here but his days are literally numbered. Just because he got his blank signature paper back doesn’t mean that has any kind of control instead far from it. He has been throwing his principles a lot for both Serin and the Evil Jewang Group thus he has managed to kidnap people and harm both women and children something he claims isn’t his style. Infact in the last episode Mr. Wang personally witnessed him abducting New Mom. This means that the cops have a basis to now go after him. Why they haven’t already done so is beyond me and is probably due to the fact that the writer has perhaps messed up again. But regardless of all this if either the following people testify against him, he is certainly going down. Mr. Wang – the abduction of New Mom, Miss Monte Cristo – for attempting to abduct her and also burry/kill her, Bomi – approached her with thugs to cause her bodily harm or assaulted her while stealing from her (dress), Universal Oppa (for bonus points) – for abducting his son (though that one the lawyers need to debate if that counts or not), though he did stab him so that certainly counts. At this point it is pretty much game over for him. A shame nobody is doing anything to try and stop him.


    But while we are on the topic of Mr. Na lets move on to another plot that the writer seems to have brought up in the last episode itself and this will probably be the edge that the main leads need to use to gain victory. Since Mr. Na isn’t going anywhere anytime soon Evil Mom plans on using him as her lacky especially where she can’t use her secretary or even when she should. The secretary is bound to get offended by this especially since he has been so loyal to her for so long. This means that he is going to do something to get back to her. Remember in the last episode when he is discussing the things that secretaries should be doing (turning a blind eye to their owners doing) he instead tells his juniors that is a lot of hogwash. Instead, what they should be doing is while remaining silent gathering evidence of their wrongdoings and using it as leverage and an insurance policy should said people decide to go against them and throw them under a bridge. Well, being replaced by a bumbling idiot certainly qualifies as him wanting to use one of Evil Moms crimes to maintain his position in the company. So, we can be sure that he will attempt to blackmail or backstab her to secure his position at some point down the line. Hopefully the main leads will become aware of this and manage to convince him to totally jump ship though that might be wishful thinking on my part at this point.


    Another part where I was sort of sighing in frustration even though I thought something similar might happen. Before New Mom ended up with dementia, I was kind of worried that the villains might try and convince her that her daughters’ death was because of Miss Monte Cristo and that would turn her against her. But at the same time, I was wondering just how they would convince her of this fact since she was the one that discovered Eun Joo in the first place and all. They would have to work really hard in regards to this. Fortunately, the writer seemed to realize this and decided to give her dementia. Problem with this is that there was no previous indication of any of this and they made her dementia progress really fast allowing her to turn against Miss Monte Cristo and all. A shame really but like I keep pointing out the writer seems to be desperate to stretch this plot as long as they can which is affecting the story at times. Will admit that it was interesting to witness her dementia and all and how she switched between her memory loss and how the people were using that against her by twisting the truth and all.


    Also, while we are on the topic of her mental state am quite sad that she ended up dying and all. Was actually hoping that they could make it work between Miss Monte Cristo and her. Perhaps somehow adding her to her family in some way or the other. Oh well atleast New Mom is finally reunited with her daughter just don’t know whether I feel happy or sad about that. Mostly sad, I guess. But then we have Mr Na abducting her which eventually resulted in her death in the mountains. Speaking of this I guess the good guys were careless since they should have been extra careful knowing about her condition and should have never left her alone. I guess they didn’t realize her condition would deteriorate so quickly. Regardless of all this I am more surprised that the dumb villains are so happy that she is dead and out of the way that they aren’t realizing that they have shot themselves in their own foot.


    Why do I say that is quite simple? First of when she meant missing is certainly and issue and one could have easily blamed it on the irresponsibility of her caretakers and all especially if she was never found. But then you have the fact that the good guys did actually find her and only that but, in the woods, too. Now wouldn’t the question be as too how she ended up over there. A patient with dementia certainly can’t end up there on their own. How would they go there and why? Fortunately, in this case Mr. Wang spotted Mr. Na abducting her and reported this to the police. But at the same time why haven’t the police apprehended him or tried to bring him in for questions. Even if he is on the run please try and show something more believable. Regardless it will all end up trailing back to the villains and they will end up getting roasted.


    Evil Mom seems more like a clown these days especially when they show her silently trying to smirk when things go her way and talk to herself. The facial expressions just seem so epic because we can tell just how fake she is. Heck at this point even Giraffe can tell when her mother is faking it or is actually responsible for something. Perhaps Evil Mom should take some acting lessons and take a page from her daughters Handbook Of Villainy.  They are the perfect pair and should probably end up sharing the same jail cell if possible. But then again, I feel like jail is way to good for Giraffe. She needs to be locked up in a mental asylum because her obsession with Universal Oppa isn’t going anywhere as pointed out earlier. With constant defeats by the hand of Miss Monte Cristo it makes far more sense for her to finally lose her mind and end up in a mental asylum. Serin on the other hand can share a cell with Evil Mom because while she is also deluded and wants to be with Disco Oppa her level of delusion isn’t so bad as Giraffes.


    Speaking of Miss Revenge Incarnate does anyone think that she can pull it off this time without a hitch and any issues especially considering the fact that she doesn’t have her teacher to advise her anymore. Perhaps the change of nail polish might be her turning point over here. Usually in dramas a new hairstyle shows the beginning of a new change in said characters but over here I was gauging it with the darker makeup Miss Monte Cristo was initially rocking including dark nail polish. But as time progressed and she got distracted with other things like let’s say Hoon and perhaps her relationship with him that she started to loosen up her darker makeup and nail polish to the point that they were just white or on her tips. But now it seems that she is bringing up a slightly darker shade again (not as dark as she initially wore but I guess that is the sign of progress over here). Then again, my observations are probably terrible so this is probably not the case.


    Regardless of all this just how is she planning on executing her revenge at this point. She hasn’t completed her own initial revenge but now she wants to take on New Moms as well. Something the New Mom doesn’t want anymore. Infact her dying wish was that she should give up on revenge and reclaim her own life. Guess Miss Monte Cristo is bad at heeding good advice. But at this end stage what is there left to do. She has recorded evidence of Chairman confessing to perhaps taking out New Mom if she becomes a thorn in his son’s side. Add that to the time when New Mom was abducted then it certainly becomes more than mere coincidence. Find someway to link Mr. Na to that company and what he has to gain and that company goes down for atleast attempted murder, we also have the maid who can easily testify that she witnessed Evil Mom kill the original wife as well as the grandmother who can say that she confronted Evil Mom with the truth and that resulted in her stroke. This means that both husband and wife’s career are over and they will probably face jail time. Disco Oppa better stay out of all this and he will probably be safe from Miss Monte Cristo’s crosshairs. Giraffe is also going to go down because Miss Monte Cristo can easily accuse her of attempting to murder her father and her. For proof if she uses what Serin gave to her before it gets stolen as well as the phone recording that her doctor friend gave her will be game over for the two former best friends and all. As for attempting to harm her just go to the hospital where she was admitted to by New Mom after she was discovered after her accident. Get the reports that indicated that she was drugged by an anti-abortion medicine and atleast part of her claim is going to be verified. Sure Giraffe can try and pin it on Serin but I doubt that she will take it lying down at this point.


    Serin is already going to have a hard time concerning the DDM Queen plot and whatnot that she wouldn’t want any extra charges added to her list without gaining anything in return. That means probably fighting back against Giraffe if she tries to pin anything extra onto her. I mean if Miss Monte Cristo simply moves ahead with this plan, she still gets her revenge and the villains have a harder time to recover. With the parents and Giraffe all charged for attempted murder their stock prices will easily go down after all who wants to invest in a family of crooks. If another company decides to step in at this point, she will still attain her goals of insuring that company gets sold or broken off.


    The only stumbling block that I see in her plan at this point would be Universal Oppa and Disco Opp who would try and thwart her plans since they are loyal to that company for their own reasons and perhaps, they want to save her from walking this path. But at this point they are simply too late the family has not only hurt her but damaged her way too much at this point. The only thing that might somehow snap her out at this point would be if Hoon somehow ends up getting hurt in her revenge plans and all that or her family is harmed. Other than that, I pity the fool that dares to get in her way. Hopefully she will become revenge oriented once again something that she shouldn’t have stopped doing ages ago. But like I pointed out I feel that she has made a few blunders and some through from the writer that we will have to stick around for ten more episodes instead of five at the maximum.


    On a side note, what do all of you think of her team workers at the company. I found their loyalty to her admirable to the fact that they only considered her as their superior and that if they had to work under Serin they would rather walk out and force her to choose a new team and all. This is after the fact that almost everyone at work knows the fact that she pretended to be New Mom’s daughter and all. I guess that doesn’t matter to them as long as she is not only good at her work but also treats them fairly and all.



    Oh well that seems to cover most of the points that I wanted to bring up. The remaining can hopefully be brought up in the next post as this has gotten too large as it is. So, till next time take care all of you and keep posting. Let’s see how this writer will end up bumbling next.

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  3. Sorry folks got distracted by trying to watch another drama aka Doctor Stranger since it was recommended to me by someone and reading a novel or two. Am still in between novels so I might be responding a bit slower. On the good news I got my first dose of vaccination lets hope that all goes well. On other news we have a Poll. Hopefully it will still be there by the time I finish this post since I seem to be missing the polls by a day or so really frustrating me to a small extent.


    Now on to the drama itself. First of all I want to say lets all clap at Idiot Central because they certainly are keeping me amused at this point. I guess I might include all the main characters in this category as well but will get to that in a bit.


    So before I head into the main post itself I noticed that @LeftCoastOppa brought up a question that still hasn’t been answered so I thought that I should try and come up with an explanation though how accurate that may be might be needed to be verified by others.




    The question was about how Miss Monte Cristo was wearing heels at the swimming pool scene and what female would actually wear one in real life. Got to say that is a bit of a hard question regardless what I have come up with in regards to the drama are two possible reasons which could easily be considered similar as well. So, one can either take their pick or come up with more logical ones.


    The first one that I can think of would be more of the actress personal choice. Perhaps she is more comfortable wearing and working in heels that she didn’t consider the scene that she was in and was wearing what she liked best. Perhaps the costume/prop department failed to notice this or they weren’t all that dedicated in this department. Maybe she only tried wearing normal shoes when she felt that her character would be using them or the writer specifically added that. After all Eun Joo never wore heels since she was always on the move but as Miss Monte Cristo she lives a bit more comfortably and works in an office so her wearing heels makes more sense. Regardless wearing heels has never made a lot of sense in certain scenes and that is why I think that a character wearing them is a personal choice on their part. For instance, I have watched atleast two dramas where a character is supposed to be pregnant yet they are wearing heels during this time. I mean this is when they should be more careful and in heels, they can easily trip which can then further cause a miscarriage. Infact in one drama that actually happened. Perhaps the writer wrote it that way or the character may have thought that wearing heels might make that scene more believable. I don’t know for sure. Then again it could be a brand sponsoring thing as well so they might wear particular shoes for that reason. After all have any of you noticed how characters remove their shoes before attempting to commit suicide in these shows. Why would they do that. Probably because in real life they don’t want to damage expensive shoes. After all a person committing suicide wouldn’t be bothered to do that in real life as that wouldn’t even be on their mind at that point and it isn’t like they can take anything with them in real life. Though I should probably be a bit more sensitive to this situation and all I feel like I should get a pass since it is a drama and all.


    The other explanation that I have for the shoes scenes is a bit more realistic. We have to consider the following thing first of all let’s blame it all on Miss Monte Cristo since she has a fear of water perhaps, she should never have written a pool scene in the first place. Okay all joking aside under normal circumstances it wouldn’t really have been an issue in the first place. This is because as the designer she simply needed to bring her costume to the set and hand it over to Giraffe. Something that she was already doing previously so nothing new at this point. Therefore, under normal circumstances Giraffe would have probably have come to her to collect her costume or she would have been close to her for her to hand it over to her. But in this case since Giraffe was already aware of her true identity by this point, she was simply waiting for her at the edge of the pool stalling for time. Now that is exactly what happened over here Miss Monte Cristo got so frustrated at her for stalling that she failed to notice her surroundings and marched to confront her and by the time she actually realized what happened/where she was Giraffe took advantage of her confusion. Therefore, under normal circumstances Miss Monte Cristo would have been nowhere close to the water with her heels especially with her fear of water. So the heels in this case makes sense unless I am totally remembering the scene wrong or someone else was wearing them in that case please forgive me.


    While we are on the topic of the pool scene, I totally feel you guys that it was absurd that Universal Oppa had to dive into the pool for the rescue. I mean I can probably forgive the rest of the staff over there since they weren’t aware of the history between the two women and probably felt that Giraffe was over acting unless she totally wasn’t. But the same couldn’t be said about Bomi who was totally aware of what was going on yet she failed to jump into the pool for the rescue and only once Miss Monte Cristo was rescued by Universal Oppa does Bomi go and say that Giraffe did that on purpose. Sorry but that just doesn’t cut it. I feel like it would have been more believable if they told us that Bomi can’t swim or something along those lines. (Perhaps her actress really can’t or is allergic to the pool water so that is why she didn’t do it) because otherwise it just doesn’t track at this point. I guess we should simply be glad that she had the forsight to inform her brother that she had a bad feeling regarding Giraffe so he should hurry because if Miss Monte Cristo passed away this time around, we all know who to blame.


    Right well onto other things now. Someone asked me if Eun Gyul hitting himself on the head with his nunchuks and getting suddenly smart was some kind of reference to Man In The Veil. The answer to that is a big definite Yes. Was being partially sarcastic as well since in real life it doesn’t seem to work like that but why stop something if it isn’t broken in these dramas. They did wonder just what good would it be for him to suddenly become smart because at this point all the evil people know about Miss Monte Cristo’s identity and all. Well in this case I would say that the best way for him to be suddenly smart would be for him to continue to play dumb. I know that this doesn’t make a lot of sense but just go with me for a bit. Currently the guy is not that smart to grasp that his father is actually dead or even when Eun Joo was supposed to be dead and all. He still thinks that his father is in the States and that is one of the reasons why they couldn’t fool him that Miss Monte Cristo wasn’t actually Eun Joo. (Yes there were a few parts where she as usual slipped up so we can blame that on her) Therefore what can easily happen is one of the crazies could slip up and say something infront of him or have him kidnapped and he overhears a part of their conversation and realizes what is up and comes up with a counter plan and all. The villains at this point wouldn’t even consider him a risk due to them being aware of just how smart he is supposed to be and if he does fake it and ask them to explain they could come up with a fake lie and think that they have him fooled thus when the let him go he surprises them all (perhaps at their trial) and gets them good. Though I admit making him smart might not be such a good idea if they are going to make him continue to play dumb as it could get a bit confusing.


    Also, while we are on the topic of him and his Nunchakus. Guess he has finally managed to impress Bomi so those two can become an item. Does this mean that Bomi won’t end up with Mr. Wang does this writer really like to sink ships before they actually become one? Regardless I feel that was an absurd scene altogether. A kid walks into a shop with his parents and throws a toy airplane which nearly hits Bomi. But before it does Eun Gyul comes to her rescue which results in her getting impressed. LoL I mean that plane even if it hit her wouldn’t have hurt her so that was totally unnecessary, he only broke a poor kid’s toy. Then we have the parents apologizing to them as well as the kid. If this was in real life the kid would have probably been crying that his toy got destroyed and the parents would have been going on about how unsafe it was for an employee to having a dangerous object around them and whatnot. Like I said if this was the States someone would have to be prepared to getting Sued at this point. But hey this is a drama so all is well.


    Though I guess the writer maybe shipping those two for a reason at this point. Firstly, Eun Joo is her best friend and perhaps only one considering that the other two have turned out to be a pair of Psychos and whatnot. So, she has to mend that relationship somehow. Secondly her pairing up with Eun Gyul is the perfect way after all she will now become her SiL if she ends up with Eun Gyul so she will be forced to forgive her just to keep everyone happy at this point and perhaps even be accepted in that family etc.


    Now moving on to other stuff.


    Just how long does it take for people to figure out Miss Monte Cristo’s real identity when the facts are glaring them right in their faces. Look I was more than willing to give Giraffe and Serin a pass for the laughs but the rest are totally absurd (basically for the male leads and all). Eun Gyul due to his nature figured out the truth right of the bat and due to how Miss Monte Cristo was sloppy. Pretty much the same for Bomi as well. But it took atleast two episodes for Disco Oppa to connect the dots and that to because he was spoon fed the answer. What I mean by this is that he found the paper that Mr. Na had written on that Eun Joo was actually Miss Monte Cristo and he even goes to the detective agency later on to verify the fact that they are looking for the real daughter. This should have been more than enough for him to realize what was going on. Instead, he has to overhear a conversation between Giraffe and Miss Monte Cristo to have his suspicions verified. Really. I have been chatting with MENSA and they inform me that they will have to probably revoke his score/membership if this turns out to be true.


    Moving on to Universal Oppa he heads over to the columbarium where Eun Joo is kept and finds his engagement ring over there and when questioned he is informed that the person that gave them the ring was a dead ringer for the person placed over there that it was extremely creepy. That should have raised his Red Flags. Instead, he thinks that isn’t possible and even the fact that Bomi lies to him and tells him that it was her that he is more than ready to believe that rather than the actual truth. Look if Miss Monte Cristo didn’t show up and he never met her his reactions could have been a bit believable but he knows that Eun Joo has a supposed doppelganger out there aka Miss Monte Cristo since he has personally met her then he should be wondering what was she doing there in the first place and connect the dots. Yet he failed to do so. Awesome. Speaking of they guy saying that it was creepy when Miss Monte Cristo handed over the ring I wonder if it was the same day/night she returned because the weather that day certainly didn’t help and she did look like one of those crazy slashers from the horror movies. Hopefully the guy wasn’t watching any horror movies that night or else he would have ended up in the loony bin. Regardless of all this we know that since Universal Oppa has asked for information on that night when the guard returns and if possible, for the recovered backup of the video files of that night. This is going to happen and he is going to realize that Miss Monte Cristo is actually Eun Joo. Again, why do that can’t he connect the dots on his own. Then again, he isn’t the smartest bulb in town considering all that he has done and gone through. Is this a family trait of his? I would love to go through all the absurd things that he has gone through so far in this drama but then my post will become unnecessary long and I don’t want to torture anyone with that so let it slide.


    Moving on the writer is really trying to set up his mother with Papa Ju. Ugh I don’t even want to go there but I guess that I am forced to do so at this point. The mother really needs to stop flip flopping like that especially of how he wronged her friend’s family and all as well as how is daughter took that one step further. Though hopefully if they do end up going that route it may allow the Universal Oppa and Miss Monte Cristo ship to sink. After all this will then become one complicated family tree by the end of the show. His daughter as I mentioned attempted to kill Miss Monte Cristo in the past and now, she will become her future SiL and even Universal Oppa’s step sister. Not even Bomi can be okay with that even if it is the case for her mother’s future happiness. If any of this happens Miss Monte Cristo will be forced to give up her revenge in the name of family and whatnot. Then again, her revenge has been sort of failing at this point so not sure where I stand in regards to this. I do know that a lot of viewers are going to be extremely disappointed if she ends up stopping somewhere in the middle.


    Some of you have brought up the fact that Papa Ju has paid his due since he is both penniless and homeless at the same time after what he did to her family so her revenge should stop at this point towards him otherwise, she would be just as cruel as Giraffer and Serin. Going to remind all of you that one goes down the path of revenge they aren’t thinking rationally. But even then, it was pretty clear just how far she was going to go down this path. First of all, the moment she involved that doctor friend of hers his fate was sealed. The guy blames Papa Ju for his father’s death so he is not going to be satisfied with anything less. The only reason that he went along with Miss Monte Cristo’s plans so far was because they shared a common goal. Does any one think that he will go easy on him because Miss Monte Cristo suddenly has a change of heart. Nope instead he will try to take matters into his own hands if she tries to persuade him to step down. This probably means stop providing Papa Ju with his pills and whatnot. The other thing here to consider is that Miss Monte Cristo is going down the path of an Eye For An Eye, An Evil For An Evil (okay that was an anime/manga reference the later part atleast so ignore that bit) but the point remains the same. In this case she is holding Serin to the former. Since she was responsible for letting her father die, she plans on taking away her father in her revenge. Kicking him out was simply because that is what he did to her family but him dying was always in the plan especially the moment she discovered that Serin played a part in her own fathers’ death. Cruel as that maybe or even if Papa Ju doesn’t fully deserve it. Again, that might be a bit debatable at this point. Also, I don’t like Papa Ju since it seems like he hasn’t fully learned his lesson and is playing Romeo just to survive at this moment. Well, we already knew about his so called Pure Love so it doesn’t come as a surprise to me at this point.


    Then again it is quite possible Papa Ju isn’t going to bite the bullet so all of you can sigh a huge breath or relief at this point. We already have a few scenes from the original novel play out for him K-Drama style sort of so it is kind of possible that something similar might happen down the line which will be enough for Miss Monte Cristo to snap out of revenge mode. For instance the guy can probably go into shock since he won’t have access to his pills anymore and just when she will be happy that her revenge is going according to as planned she will be surprised to hear that Universal Oppa’s mother has the hots for him and since she will be wailing and hoping that he survives or something along those lines will be enough to snap Miss Monte Cristo out of her revenge fueled plans. After all I feel something similar happened to Edmond Dantes when his assistant or close friend fell for the granddaughter of one of his enemies. At this point Edmond Dantes had to slightly change his initial plans for his revenge and whatnot. So lets wait and see how things turn out over here.


    Mr. Na is full of laughs at this point. He says that he is going off the grid and what happens. The first night he does so by hiding in his office with the lights out thinking that he is safe until Serin walks in, then he does go into hiding but that is only temporarily since he decides that stalking Serin is a much better use of his time. But atleast like someone said his perseverance finally paid of since he got the girl. Too bad that by the end of the show they can’t share the same cell. Then again Serin probably won’t be alone since following drama logic she might simply end up sharing the cell with Giraffe and her mother unless they think that it would be safer for everyone involved to either lock Giraffe in a separate cell or the loony bin. Either works for me at this point.


    They say that Giraffe is slowly losing it at the drama set I feel like it would have been better if they showed some more of that as well as her actually doing so. I somehow feel that her meltdowns just aren’t enough at this point since she is still sane enough to be semi plotting stuff so let’s wait and see how this turns out to be. Speaking of her and Universal Oppa being over or not depending on one’s perspective I do worry about his health at this point. According to Girrafe she isn’t over him and wants a restart with him. Thus, she thinks that she has 90 days to win him back before the ink dries on their divorce and makes it final. If that happens, she is going to take things to the extreme. Think about it she has to win no matter the cost. She killed her friend because she felt that she was stealing the man that she loved, when she felt that she would lose her husband to Miss Monte Cristo she had her own son abducted so that he would be forced to stay with her. This clearly shows that she likes to play dirty and what is worse is that she never seems to realize what she is doing is wrong and tries to always justify her actions along the way. So, what is she going to do when she fully realizes that Universal Oppa isn’t going to ever return to her especially once he discovers Miss Monte Cristo’s true identity or the fact that his wife tried to kill her and all? She is going to kill him because as one pointed out she can’t bare to lose and according to her own words it will be better if her husband is always remembered as her Ex no matter what. Clearly this means that she would rather cut her losses this way than see him return to Eun Joo. We know that she is more than capable of going down this route since she attempted to hurt both Eun Joo and the maid so her husband might also discover the same thing much to his horror. I also doubt that anything at this point can make her stepdown from her craziness such as how she would be ashamed to face their own son if he discovers all this and whatnot.


    Regardless of all this we know that Universal Oppa isn’t going to bite the bullet by the end of this show because that would mean that Giraffe will get all parental rights to their son and we know just what kind of mother she is and how she was raised. She would probably raise another monster at this point. Then again if she is behind bars as well with her mother the raising of Hoon would probably be passed down to Universal Oppas family but like I said why complicate the plot further at this point.


    On one hand I am glad that Miss Monte Cristo was actually honest with the grandmother this means that by the end it will be easy to forgive her especially if they manage to get rid of Giraffe and her mother. Some of us have been wondering if the fact that Miss Monte Cristo is a fake will affect the plot thus, they need to locate the actual daughter. I feel that it depends on how they do it. For instance, it is a given by this point that prophesy girl was the real daughter all along as some had predicted. Apparently, she and Miss Monte Cristo share a fear of water due to a bad experience in their past. Regardless of all that what is the best way to cause a wedge between Miss Monte Cristo and stepmother. Clearly letting the other know that they are being used for someone else’s revenge is one way to go. The other thing is to go with lies and hope that the other party is dumb enough to fall for them. Considering that this is a K-Drama I won’t be surprised by that at this point.


    Now one can ask how that can happen in this case. Well for that to happen Giraffe and company need to first of all discover that the actual daughter died in place of Eun Joo that night and they need to reveal this fact to New Mom but at the same time try and twist the fact. Perhaps tell her that Eun Joo killed her daughter and that is why the daughter was mistaken has Eun Joo back in the day. (ie she tried to fake her death or was planning on doing it even before the accident for some reason) New Mom might fall for this lie and feel so bad that she was working with her daughter’s killer that she might turn against Miss Monte Cristo until she realizes the truth somehow.


    Another idea for a poll. What do the viewers think about the fashion in this show. I only bring this up because I somehow feel like the two moms simply have a terrible fashion sense at certain points though Evil Mom seems to take the prize since her outfits 9/10 seem to be terrible compared to the rest of the cast. New Moms for the most part seem to be okay but at times she also gets weird outfits. Oh well if it makes them happy and comfortable who am I to complain. I don’t know why I was expecting Bomi to get an upgrade as well in this show and lose those glasses of hers.


    Serin finally raised her game but let’s be honest it came too late for her to be impressive at this point and she may even have jeopardized Miss Monte Cristo’s revenge plan but we will have to wait and see how that turns out to be. Also, just how long will it take for both Serin and Giraffe to discover that Miss Monte Cristo is still pulling their strings by being the actual DDM Queen and the writer of the movie respectively. Like at this point she isn’t even trying to be subtle and they haven’t figured out the truth. For the DDM Queen wasn’t that Eun Joo’s own title back in the day when she was selling things online. That should have been the biggest give away for her especially once she had returned. Not only did Serin fail to recognize Miss Monte Cristo behind that mask but the name she was using as well. There should have been a few more red flags but they have slipped my mind at the moment. As for the movie there are all these scenes that only the three of them should know yet the writer can come up with similar scenes isn’t suspicious or the fact that she asked Giraffe to act out that scene with the Insulin Injection another thing that other people wouldn’t know about. I mean once could easily be a coincidence but once they start to stack up the Red Flags should have been raised. Sure, one can say that Giraffe got a bit suspicious and tried to find out via the director but since he had signed a confidentiality clause he managed to blow of her suspicions but lets be honest over here that shouldn’t have stopped Giraffe if she was actually thinking straight. Like some have said she should have stepped down ages ago from the movie unfortunately she is betting on this movie for her big comeback and whatnot that she isn’t willing to do that. Also, if Miss Monte Cristo was probably smart, she may have further placed a clause in her contract that she would have to pay a hefty penalty if she backs down further preventing her from doing so.


    Anyway, back to Serin let me get this straight she is so broke at this point that she doesn’t even have enough money for her rent that she has resorted to blackmailing Evil Mom with Giraffes involvement with Eun Joo’s death as well as her fathers. Okay will go with that for the time being. It just is that I was under the impression that her office was in the same mall that her father took over from Eun Joo’s family and all so it would make sense that she would have also been kicked out from there regardless of the fact that she paid her rent or not unless they want show that Miss Monte Cristo likes to play by the book when it suits her and in this case she can’t since Serin might threaten to take her to court. Ie I paid the rent and you have to accept it so you can’t kick me out using that excuse. Regardless I thought that the same mall was being used for her office was because she would probably try and save money by working in the same building that her father owned as she would probably pay less rent this way. Again, I guess that isn’t all that important at this point.


    Though again I want to bring up the point why isn’t Serin questioning the identity of the DDM Queen and why someone would be so willing to help her at this point without gaining something in return. For instance, DDM Queens skills are so good that she has celebrities wear her designs meaning she could go into business for herself so why would she need to use a no name designer to up her status. Money is a joke at this point yet Serin doesn’t seem to realize that and tries to buy her off. Not only that but she also hands over a copy of evidence that the DDM Queen can always try and use to blackmail her if she doesn’t decide to play ball with her at any point. For instance, if this wasn’t Eun Joo the DDM Queen may feel that she isn’t getting enough of the cash for her designs (if the prices go way up or something) and if Serin refuses to pay the amount that she is asking for she could threaten to make the video go public. Instead Serin thinks that the DDM Queen is on her side that she confidently told the same thing to Evil Mom as well. She didn’t need to reveal this part she simply could have told her that she had given a backup to someone that she trusted. At this point Evil Mom could think that Serin might be bluffing but would have to go along with it. With her being informed that DDM Queen holds the same evidence might make her question just how much she could trust the real DDM Queen and if she buyback said evidence from her.


    Hopefully Miss Monte Cristo has made a few extra backups of said evidence so that she doesn’t end up losing it but I shouldn’t be holding my breath in regards to this. Oh well lets wait and see what happens next.



    Okay while I have more to add will do so later on as it is almost 3 am over here. Feeling a bit sleepy as well. So will end the post over here for the time being. Might make another post after catching up with the latest episode. So, till then take care all of you. Poll ready or not I am coming for you. Hopefully I won’t mess up my choices unlike in the last poll. (Question what happens if I realize that I made a wrong choice in the poll is there any way to rectify it?)

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  4. Oh my God they know who she is or Miss Monte Cristo confessed and admitted that she is Eun Joo. Not sure which I find cooler though come to think about it she didn’t really have much of a choice with the latter since she knew that the gig was up once again. That too because of her own sloppiness. Face Palm.


    Though to be honest both her not revealing herself and doing so had their advantages which I will be getting to in a bit.


    But first of all, I wanted to say @Lmangla thanks for even considering my request for the poll even if it wasn’t added since Giraffe struck out. Though I have to say my guess was quite close. Like a lot of us I predicted that the maid might not be so lucky and an attempt would be made on her life. It did happen and that to with Giraffe as the perpetrator but unfortunately, she made an attempt of Miss Monte Cristo first thus I lost out on the poll. LoL




    Anyway, back to my first point where it could have been fun either way on how Miss Monte Cristo took her revenge. In the former case she would be more like Edmond Dantes where his enemies never saw him coming and thus never realized that they were played till the exact last moment when they met their downfall. At only that point did he reveal himself to them and let them know that he had just had the perfect revenge on them. Now that certainly is fun to watch but since we have about 38 episodes give or take we can’t have her win over her enemies with ease since then we won’t get the remaining quota of episodes so we sadly have to see her identity get exposed.


    This brings us to the part where she does her revenge more openly. Now if done properly this show can still be salvaged because now that her enemies know that she is alive and is out for revenge it becomes a game of chess between them. One makes a move and then the other makes a counter move. Problem here is that I don’t think that the writer can do Miss Monte Cristo proper justice over here since her real opponent is Giraffe. Let’s face it Serin is only good for laughs over here. She panics way to easily and not only that but she can’t even see that she is being played until it is generally too late or she has to be nudged in a certain direction where her greed and stupidity trap her.


    Giraffe on the other hand easily keeps her calm or gains it sooner and thus is able to eventually counter back when she is ready. Even now she is searching for Miss Monte Cristo’s weakness to pay her back for that she has currently gone through. Regardless of all this my concern with the reveal is that I fear that Miss Monte Cristo won’t be able to adapt to this situation as easily as she thinks which may probably result in her loosing out in the short run. (naturally she has to win otherwise a lot of fans of this show are going to be furious and perhaps even boycott this writer for not only failing spectacularly but also messing up a classic.). The reason I say this is because as we have seen Giraffe is already setting up conditions which we know that she herself isn’t going to follow if things start to turn out badly for her. In this case it is about not touching each other’s family but everything else is fair game.


    Look this is the same woman who played dirty with hiding Hoon again when she realized that Eun Joo was back in the picture and her husband wanted a divorce from her. I guess those who wanted Miss Monte Cristo to play a more active role in rescuing Hoon finally got their wish of sorts. Anyway, if she could do that to her own son what makes Miss Monte Cristo so sure that her own family is going to be safe from her. She should already be starting to make precautions and move them to safety or something along those lines. Instead, she is probably going to be foolish and trust Giraffe to play by the terms that she set. Has she forgotten that this is the same person that likes to play dirty to win such as trying to kill her just so that she could get married to a guy? My other concern lies in the fact that she thinks that her revenge is still on track even though she is facing this current setback of sorts. Ah no it isn’t since Giraffe is going to be even more cautious at this point. Just how much longer until she realizes that the real writer of this drama is Miss Monte Cristo herself and she will somehow try and find a way to get out of this trap as well. I mean look new stepmom suggested that they try and pull out from the movie. Meaning that Miss Monte Cristo should perhaps adapt to the new situation or come up with a backup plan. Which I am guessing that she doesn’t have one yet. Not a good sign folks. Also if she agrees to Giraffes terms to not touch family how is she going to complete her revenge since her mother is part of it since she was responsible for the downfall of her fathers business which further affected his poor health and all.


    Has anyone figured out her angle with Serin because I am a bit confused as to just how exactly she plans on taking her down? I mean that I get that Serin is a dumb character that is bound to get caught due to her own greed and stupidity therefore she is probably going to mess up this golden opportunity as well in some way or the other. Some of the ways that I can see her fall is being too reliant on Miss Monte Cristo to provide designs for her. Now Miss Monte Cristo can easily sabotage her by providing her with some subpar designs but since she has little to no fashion sense, she won’t realize this and try and go ahead with them. Naturally sales won’t pick up and she is going to get blamed for that. The other way is that while Miss Monte Cristo provides great designs Serin may mess up by perhaps trying to save costs or something along those lines. For instance, when she used faux furs in one of her designs and the customers were outraged at being duped. (well okay in that case all the customers were fake and hired by Miss Monte Cristo and company but the results might still have been similar even if that wasn’t the case.). Either way I can’t see evil mom wanting to keep her around after causing such an uproar with the customers and all and will therefore try and cut her out for good this time around. Unfortunately for her Evil Mom will realize that it won’t be so easy since Serin is keeping goods on her to blackmail her this time around.


    Not so sure what that will spell for Serin’s fate especially if Giraffe discovers this. This is the same woman that killed of one of her closest friends because she came in between her and a man that she wanted to marry and when you compare Serin she wasn’t even that close to Giraffe’s heart since she was treated as a maid. This means that Giraffe is probably not going to have any qualms in trying to kill her as well. Though in this case she is probably going to have to take care of the matter herself since Mr. Na is probably going to refuse to do her bidding in regards to this unless she finds a way to threaten him in some way or the other.


    Have to agree folks any scene with the maid is a lot of fun and I want to perhaps see more of her. Glad that she wasn’t killed. She also breaks the mind reading trope which is a further plus point for her. I also find it amusing that she likes to dress up as the madam of the house and go out shopping. Am going to either assume that wasn’t her dressing up like that for the first time or else the people in that universe are totally dumb which is equally a possibility at this point mind you. A simple change of clothes apparently seems to be a sufficient disguise over here to fool people and that is why Miss Monte Cristo is getting away with most of her subterfuge so far.


    Giraffe is trying to find Miss Monte Cristo’s weakness not a good thing I do wonder what that could be at this point and we can be sure that she is going to find it before long just to balance the scales for the time being. Proving her a fraud is one way to go about it but how will that be possible at this point. will she try and locate the actual daughter and bring her into the picture assuming that she is still alive. Don’t recall the exact details for her at this point. Is she dead or does new mom think that is the case but no body has been recovered so far thus is presumed dead at this point? If she is still alive then we can certainly have a few interesting episodes to follow but I doubt that they will last for long. Though at this point I doubt that the other daughter is still alive because it is too late to introduce a new character at this point. I doubt that the drama can possibly pull of the standard K-Drama route in this case where the daughter ends up in some sort of accident and was raised by new parents (where she now thinks that they are her actual parents since she has lost her memory). I really don’t think that anyone fits that description at this point sadly since the only females over here are the main leads, (Eun Joo, Giraffe, Serin and Bomi) and they have all known each other for a long time and what we can assume is that New Mom lost her daughter when she was an adult. So, pulling of this trope is going to be a whole lot harder than one thinks at this point.


    Though if it was one of the girls it would have been an interesting who it could have been. Bomi wouldn’t have served much of any kind of conflict and she would still have been on Miss Monte Cristo’s side. Serin would have been the most interesting since New Mom would have to put the entire revenge on hold as it would be hurting her own child. Giraffe would have been amusing though. But regardless of this I don’t get the feeling that the real daughter is going to pop up at this point though I may be wrong in regards to this.


    Also, I wonder just what Giraffe was trying to fish for in the preview when she went over to New Moms house and ask about her daughter and whether or not she actually gave birth to her or had adopted Ga Eun aka Miss Monte Cristo. Was she trying to figure out New Moms involvement in all of this? I mean New Mom is certainly not going to reveal to Giraffe that Miss Monte Cristo is a fake at this point especially when she is also aware that Giraffe knows her (Eun Joo’s) true identity at this point. So I suspect that she will respond that her daughter resembles her father which will result in Giraffe trying to locate said husband and discover that her mother ruined his company and figure out that both mother and daughter are out for revenge against their family.


    Am also enjoying the fact that the two Oppas are finally on the same side and trying to help each other out and that the misunderstanding between the two is finally over. Therefore, it will certainly be interesting to see their reaction when Miss Monte Cristo’s true identity will finally be revealed.


    Not so sure where the writer is going with the fact that Eun Gyul is trying to learn the Nun Chuks at this point. Hopefully he can whack somebody with it on their head and teach them a lesson if they deserve it and all but at the same time, he is just so unrealistic. He works for New Moms company but lets ne real here he is a serious liability at this point. Bomi probably does all the work over here since he can’t probably deal with the customers due to his situation and he might be wanting to spend more time with his sister and all. Not that is much of an issue. The problem actually arises now since we have clearly seen that he is no real expert with the Nun Chuks (he has not only injured himself but also Bomi while trying to impress her and all). What would he have done if a customer had either walked in while he was practicing? Either injuring them or scaring them like that wouldn’t be a good thing. If this was the States, I already know that people would be preparing to sue someone at this point. Perhaps we should try and find out who the next person to be hit with the Nun Chuks will be and what the result will turn out to be.

    Mr Na – he cleans up his act for good, Papa Ju – he ends up in the hospital and falls for the first person that he sets his eyes on (forgets all about his love for Eun Gyul’s mother). Perhaps it is a nurse or doctor or even the janitor over there. Eun Gyul (himself) – he turns into a super genius and helps out his sister in her revenge plans, Serin – Falls madly in love with Mr. Na and leaves with him to spend the rest of her life in a cell.


    Speaking of Papa Ju he is so blinded by his greed that he is unable to see any of the Red Flags flapping right in his face at this point which is totally hilarious. For instance, the drugs that he is currently taking he hasn’t realized that they aren’t actually working. Now I totally get that is what drugs generally do to a person hooked onto them. But if they don’t work as advertised then we all have a problem. What I am referring to in this case is the part when he “borrowed” Evil Moms money for his so-called investment in that island project she was furious at him for doing so. He then offered some of his so called calming pills but they had no effect on Evil Mom at that point. if he had any sense, he should have been wondering why that was the case and perhaps even stopped using said drugs altogether. Fortunately for all of us over here he is just as dumb and unobservant as those around him.


    People wonder over here how come Miss Monte Cristo can conceal her identity with either over large sunglasses or even a simple mask at times and the people infront of her don’t recognize her. I think part of it has got to do with the lighting around her thus her features might not be so clear and on top of all this she makes them focus on other things around her that they fail to recognize her at this point. I mean take for example when Serin reveals herself as the DDM Queen nobody can tell that she is a fake apart from Disco Oppa since he smells a rat and knows her well. The closest that we have someone question her claims as the DDM Queen is when two of Miss Monte Cristo’s co-workers note that her voice may be a bit different. Meaning that they have watched this show before. Again, not so sure how that is possible since Miss Monte Cristo claimed that she only invited people to her live stream to who she accepted as her equal in fashion sense I assume. Thus, I seriously doubt that she would have invited her co-workers to watch said video as it could be equally risky and all. But hey in this drama l say again let’s throw logic out of the window. LoL.



    Okay sadly while I have more to add will do so later since am feeling a bit frustrated as my system crashed a bit earlier and I lost a chunk of my initial post and all. I did try and cover what I recalled at the time but am sure that I missed out on a lot of that at this point. so will be ending my post for the time being. Till then take care all of you and keep posting. Lets see how this show is going to break logic next and be more hilarious.

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  5. Sorry in a bit of a rush as well as dead tired so won't be giving a full length post. All of you can give a huge sigh of relief already.


    @Lmangla LoL it happens with me a lot. I want to add in a point but one of you beats me to it mostly. So I am glad that I could help for a change.


    On another matter thanks for the Poll just wondering if you could add a few more questions to it as well. Not that I should tell you how to do your job mind you.


    I was wondering if you could add who will kill next Giraffe or Evil Mom and then add in the same options that you already did. Because watching the preview of the last episode we have Giraffe overhear the conversation between her mother and the maid sort of blackmailing her.


    At this point in it she was like I will help you keep the secret for the rest of your life. How is Giraffe going to manage to do that unless she adds another body count to her list. But since none of these characters like to get their hands dirty unless totally necessary she is going to do it via proxy aka Mr. Na. Another hint when she was thinking what to do about him in the last episode after he dared to talk back at her. Meaning she was considering to off him as well but then decided not to at the last moment as he could come in useful. aka the killing of the maid.


    @LeftCoastOppa Great points but like I said in a bit of a rush so just wanted to say that when you mentioned that Bomi was totally aware of how distraught he was after Eun Joo's death and if it wasn't for Hoon he would have been in a worse place I realized that we were again slightly discussing different time perspectives. Yes we are all aware that prior to his marriage to Giraffe he was in a bad place mourning over Eun Joo that isn't up for discussion when I mentioned that Bomi wasn't aware until recently that he still hasn't gotten over Eun Joo. What I meant was after that when he married Giraffe when she was pregnant with Hoon. Bomi clearly saw that as a betrayal of Eun Joo that so soon after her death he decided to move on with his life and may have forgotten Eun Joo as well. Granted she now sees things a bit differently but probably not back then. It is also like you said why they may not have been on talking terms back then as you can clearly see now they are on much better terms. All that I can say to that is Cause and Effect.


    Hopefully will get back to replying to the rest of you and till then wait for the latest episode to get subbed. So till next time all of you take care.

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  6. So, what is this that is happening. First, we have someone send both Giraffe and Serin notes telling them that they Know What They Did Last Summer. Oops I meant 5 years back and most of us are thinking that it must probably be Bomi. Then some watch the next episode RAW and tell us that it wasn’t her. Now I am preparing my list of likely suspects but before I can list them the episode gets subbed and we do indeed find that it was Bomi all along. LoL I guess I should still be thankful that my time was saved.


    Look after watching her pull that stunt, I have to agree that she was an idiot for even attempting to do that. Yes, I have some of my issues of her recent behaviour. Though @LeftCoastOppa has a great way to counter some of them but they also aptly put it why this action of hers was idiotic as well. I too shall repeat it just to reinforce the notion. First of all, this girl is fully aware what they have supposedly done to their so-called best friend aka Eun Joo. Just because she was coming in their way in someway or the other, they attempted to kill her and her unborn child and for all appearances they have succeeded. Now if they could get rid of their best friend what would they do to her when she wasn’t even as close to them as Eun Joo. Quoting her she claimed that the only reason she was even friends with them was because of Eun Joo and they were forced to accept her as well. In that case they wouldn’t hesitate to take her out for finding out too much. Not only this but she foolishly agrees to confront them face to face even after knowing all this. Heck even the meeting place doesn’t give her bad vibes until it is literally too late. I mean it was screaming of AMBUSH to me. She just got lucky that Miss Monte Cristo charged in to the rescue but at the cost of exposing herself to an extent.


    While I have more to say about how idiotic Bomi was will get to that in a bit.




    @LeftCoastOppa Good counters that you brought up to my points and while you certainly make sense I just wanted to clarify a few of them as well just so that we are on the same page.


    When I pointed out that Miss Monte Cristo could have moved on and wanted to be with someone else you brought up the fact that she was using Disco Oppa for the sake of her revenge and will probably do so again if the need arises. Thus, Bomi called it out correctly that she doesn’t care for him at all. None of those points are in debate and I totally agree with you that she still hasn’t developed feelings for Disco Oppa though she is slightly warming up to him but that is still debatable. What I meant by her moving on with her life was a bit more in general. Now it doesn’t necessarily have to be with Disco Oppa himself but like other viewers have pointed out there was Mr. Wang the trusty secretary/bodyguard, The young doctor friend or a total stranger. I know the Doctor Friend doesn’t count since they see each other as siblings of sorts. But one gets the idea that I was going for. True her trying to be all of that with Disco Oppa doesn’t work since she is using him and like you said that Bomi can see that but I still feel that it was dumb of her to interfere in the Revenge plan either without consultation or a decent plan in mind.


    What she was hoping to intimidate the two and was perhaps expecting them to make a full confession during her confrontation. Unless she had been wire tapped by the police and they were in hiding nearby that plan of hers was bound to fail or she was secretly transmitting her meeting to someplace safe and then even if they got rid of her the footage/recording is recovered later on and handed over as evidence to take down Giraffe and Serin might be more impressive. But blindly going in without a backup plan and then getting surprised that those two could think of sending thugs after her is dumb and hilarious at the same time.


    LoL yes you are correct Character Observational Skills in this drama are certainly lacking and the only one that has caught on his poor Eun Gyul and that too perhaps because he isn’t mentally all here. That and Miss Monte Cristo’s mistakes on her own part. I mean these dumb villains tried to expose her by trying to be cruel towards her brother because they know that she has a soft spot for him and her family so they know that she wouldn’t take it all calmly and would cause a scene which would end up exposing her. I mean Giraffe who is an actress must know all the Drama Tropes by now and instead of doing that she would have tried to use her allergic reaction to almonds/peanuts to try and expose her. Heck she even is loaded so she could have tried for a DNA test way to early thus putting a halt to her revenge plans. Unless Miss Monte Cristo and Stepmom had taken this into consideration and bought all the DNA labs to flag said result and instead give the other party the desired results confusing them for a bit. Oh well who watches any of these dramas for logic.


    Again, will admit that you have a good way of how Miss Monte Cristo could have gone and attempted to rescue Hoon with a letter of approval from Universal Oppa. Though her then confronting Giraffe about where her kid was might not work all that well. Giraffe isn’t a total idiot and would instantly realize what has happened. After all look what happened the moment, the school admitted to having his son they informed Giraffe of this fact which made her furious at how they slipped up. Next, she was waiting at the airport ready to ambush her husband because she knew that he would take the next instant flight over to their son and try and bring him back. She then further threatened him that if he tried to go and see/bring their son back without her approval and presence she would just need a phone call to whisk him away to some other place. (after all a phone call is faster than even a plane trip to where the kid was). Now if Miss Monte Cristo was the one heading over there you can be sure that this would have indeed been done. One can argue that instead of handing over the list of numbers Miss Monte Cristo could have used her own resources and further tried to track down Hoon. When she had a phone call confirmation of his location get the seal of approval from Universal Oppa and go and get him. But like I pointed out this school would have alerted Giraffe the moment someone discovered her son and his location and she would have taken precautions to hide him again. Perhaps Miss Monte Cristo could have perhaps kept one of her agents watching said place (assuming that she was fast enough) and the moment they got an opportunity rescue the kid even if it looks like a kidnapping.


    Finally, thanks for correcting me that Mr. Na was released after or during or after Eun Joo’s funeral so pinning of Eun Joo’s murder on him will clearly not work. Over here I do totally agree with you that Miss Monte Cristo will never give Giraffe an easy way out and this would have been one. I was merely throwing out a suggestion of what the blank signed paper could be used for. Whether or not that would be successful is another matter altogether.


    @UnniSarah and @LeftCoastOppa you both make valid scenarios of how Universal Oppa would want to take revenge on Giraffe if he were to discover the fact that she tried to kill/killed Eun Joo and their child and then he would try and either help her take the revenge together or that he doesn’t know that she is still alive and then Miss Monte Cristo would be forced to reveal herself just so that he doesn’t fall of a cliff since that is her specialty. Thus, they can have their happily ever after. Not sure that they will get it but that remains to be seen especially considering that this is a drama and all.


    First of all, the part of Hoon already seeing her as a mother figure greatly disturbs me. Look I am not going to deny the fact that the kid needs a motherly figure in his life but does it have to be Miss Monte Cristo who has her own baggage. It is one thing to try and steal a kids love and affection in the cause of revenge (not cool by the way) but what are you going to do once it is over. Sure, it has been pointed out that she is also showing some genuine feelings towards the kid but the question becomes is it fair for her to raise the kid as her own. The reason I ask this is simply because it isn’t a simple matter of either raising a random kid or even the kid of your first love because you care about him but also the kid of the same woman that tried to kill you, killed your child and took your place. It is going to be extremely hard to do so and not think about his mother and what you lost when you look at the child that you are raising. Sure, she could go the route of what Giraffe’s mother did and get rid of all traces of Giraffe after she becomes his mother but again is that fair on anybody. You are basically trying to raise another Disco Oppa and I am not so sure that is good or even healthy for anyone involved especially Miss Monte Cristo who deserves her own happiness by the end. In short, I feel that currently she is a bad match for Universal Oppa given the current circumstances. Now I certainly don’t want anything to happen to Hoon just so that she can be with Universal Oppa and unless we are going for perhaps Season 2 of this show where the kids have all grown up and have their own story to have this huge misunderstanding cleared up. This is a Korean Drama after all not an Indian Soap Opera where we get stories on generations of families or something from what I hear.


    It has been pointed out that Disco Oppa is a man of integrity so the moment he understands what is going on he will gladly step down and allow Miss Monte Cristo and Universal Oppa to be together. I don’t fully agree with this assessment no offense to the poster. True as a normal person he might do that but another way of assessing his character is that of a Protector. Whether he may have realized this or not same with Miss Monte Cristo another way to observe him is in said role. He has been connected to Miss Monte Cristo just as much as Universal Oppa but he does try and look out for her whenever he can. When they bumped into each other five years ago he could have easily walked/drove away yet he didn’t he stepped out and tried to help her. Then later on when they did get to know each other look at every time that he has tried to cover for her when he knows that she could have gotten into trouble otherwise.


    His grandmother tries to set them up on a date but she can’t make it because she decides at the last moment to go camping with Hoon (because Giraffe chose not to make it and he asked her to come). So that his grandmother isn’t disappointed with her and for standing him up he pretends that he has one with her.


    He lets Serin take advantage of him because she threatens that she will reveal this fact or that she has evidence that Miss Monte Cristo is spending time with Universal Oppa in secret (regardless if they are with Hoon or not). Just so that she isn’t labeled as a housebreaker he meets up with Serin at times even getting snared in some of her traps or outwitting her.


    Again, he knows that she is seeing both Universal Oppa and Hoon yet he decides to remain silent and keep this fact from Giraffe because he knows that she is going to go ballistic and take it out on Miss Monte Cristo and even harm her. He doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her.


    He is ready to be led to his slaughter and marry Serin because she has blackmail material on them but he can’t expose it at the same time since it will hurt Miss Monte Cristo as well. Infact Miss Monte Cristo wants to call of the marriage/relationship but he doesn’t let his family know since they might take their ire out on her. So, he tries to stall for time by saying that he doesn’t want to get married quickly but wants to try dating and to get to know her better. Once that option is out, he again tries to protect her by telling his family that he was the one that got tired of her and thus broke up with her/cheated on her.


    As one can see he has been trying to protect her subconsciously. Perhaps because it is due to him liking her or something else. So, if he feels that the only way to protect her is by marrying her, he will do so after all he may be fully aware that Giraffe is a psycho who will certainly try and hurt her if she ends up with Universal Oppa and even takes Hoon as well. Not only that but Universal Oppa sadly doesn’t have the power to currently protect her. For instance, if something were to happen to her just how much of a big deal is going to happen. They would need new Stepmom to step up and try and save the day. But on the other hand, if she becomes part of his family Giraffe and company are going to have a slightly harder time in trying to get rid of her. If anything were to happen even her going missing you can be sure that Disco Oppa is going to make such a major hue and cry that not only they would have to pay attention but others would also get involved ie cops, media etc… The dad may not like all this unwanted attention coming towards him and his family due to his political ambitions. Universal Oppa would probably be moping about hoping that nothing happens to her and perhaps try and take his own life if it did. Though since he has become a father that option might not even be available to him anymore. But let’s wait and see what happens.


    @maribellaNever watched any of those two dramas that you mentioned. Are they any good?


    @perfectmouse While I still haven’t watched the latest episode and will do so hopefully after this post is done. I worry about the grandmother and her health for another reason altogether. But honestly you don’t tell the grandmother such a major secret and expect there to be no consequences. This means that Giraffes Mother has got to be kicked out that very instant no excuses whatsoever or even allow her to take anything with her when she leaves. But that would probably would a major dampener on the story. On the other hand, have you noticed the fact that Grandmother takes medication of some sort of the other? At this point I won’t be surprised at all if somebody hasn’t already switched her medication with something harmful which will kick in at this point. probably the shock? The stepmother probably has some medical background since she was nursing Disco Oppa’s mother and also successfully poisoned her that nobody suspected foul play. So, I am sure it wouldn’t have been hard for her to switch medications over here even if she got the maid to help her out. Hopefully grandmother won’t die since it will be a devastating blow to Disco Oppa and he needs somebody to be on his side by the time this show is done and he also discovers that Miss Monte Cristo has been using him.


    @Lmangla and @LeftCoastOppa I feel that both of you have valid points in regards to Eun Joo being dead or alive depending on the way one sees it. Yes, the Old and original Eun Joo is dead. She herself pointed this out to her new stepmother if she could ever return to her former life once this revenge was done and over with and if she could ever become young and naïve like last time. Frankly I am not even sure why she would want to return to a time where people not only took advantage of you and your family but walked all over you guys and even allowed you to get betrayed by people that you thought were closest to you. But hey who am I to judge. New Eun Joo aka Miss Monte Cristo is someone that is more focused and knows what she wants. If someone wrongs either you or your family you are sure to pay them back with interest. Even her mother pointed out that she could but she would be different. Now as to the part where Bomi claims that Eun Joo is still alive and infront of her is also true. Eun Joo’s death is only metaphorical since she is still physically alive. She has just changed on an emotional level.


    Heck since I am busy using examples from tv shows might as well use an example from another one to illustrate my point. I believe it was in the 90’s when we had a show called Xena Warrior Princess where a similar example can be used. Now my memory is hazy so I don’t recall the exact episode and may even be mixing up episodes so bear with me. I think this is the when Gabrielle accidentally kills a person and she wonders if she could ever return to being the innocent person she was before the incident happened. Xena simply gives her an example of how someone can throw a pebble in a stream where ripples are then formed but after sometime those ripples clear and it seems like everything is back as it was but the truth is that the pebble that has been thrown has sunk down in the stream and it is now a part of it at the same time. Thus, even if it looks like everything is back to normal there are still changes even if you can’t see or feel them.


    This is the same case over here. Eun Joo is still herself and that is probably what her brother can see and sense and to an extent Bomi as well. But at the same time Eun Joo isn’t the same person that she was back then aka Miss Monte Cristo. What Eun Joo will now need to do to return to her former life is to find the balance between her two lives. Only then she can find the peace that she needs. I am probably reading too much into nothing though.


    Also, as someone else pointed out Bomi is correct in demanding that her friend return after her revenge is said and done. Because as of now her post revenge plan is still unclear. She wants revenge and justice for what was done to her and her child good, she wants to get her family wealth back that was taken from them by Papa Ju good, she wants to honor her fathers wish by handing over the complex to the workers to them good. But what will she do after all is said and done? Stay in the shadows as Miss Monte Cristo and take care of her family. Reveal who she is and live happily with them and new stepmother? 0pen up a foundation where victims of injustice can come to her for help. See her after plan is vague and we know that she hasn’t totally thought about it since stepmother has to ask her if she wants to return once her revenge is done and she has to wonder if she can even resume the life from where she last left. Ah no you can’t but that is the entire point now isn’t it.


    Problem here is that Bomi doesn’t just want her friend back she wants her SiL back as well. That is the question that we are mostly arguing about and probably will continue to do so even after the show ends. Unless something major happens.


    @MisutheWitch welcome to the club and the family. Hope you enjoy the show and stick around for a long time to come.


    @LeftCoastOppa First of all I don’t think that Bomi ever watched her brother traumatized over losing his first love. Atleast from my perspective which I will freely admit can be wrong. From what I could tell she felt that he betrayed Eun Joo like all the other people around him aka Giraffe and Serin and not only moved on with his life but did one worse by marrying Giraffe the so-called best friend so soon after Eun Joo’s death and getting her pregnant along the way. Thus, she clearly wasn’t on speaking terms with him or any of the so-called friends. Yes, it is a different matter altogether now and she has been made aware of the fact that he hasn’t gotten over her now but not for the last 5 years.


    Also, I don’t think that it is the same thing to try and compare Bomi’s dumb plan and Miss Monte Cristo’s plan after all that she has said and done. Yes, on one hand you are correct that Miss Monte Cristo is kind of dumb by doing scenes that only the three of them would know about which scream look at me I know what you guys did to me. But again, I sort of feel that is partially deliberate. She wants them to know who is taking revenge on them. After all what is the point of having revenge when the other party has simply no idea of why all these bad things are happening to them. Half the satisfaction of revenge then simply goes down the drain. Other than that, another reason why it is not fair to compare Bomi’s and her actions is the simple fact that Bomi has no way to get out of their traps on her own or even seek out proper justice. On the other hand, Miss Monte Cristo has her stepmother to backup her actions and support her. Clearly see the results of when she was kidnapped Stepmother barged into the office the next day demanding justice and for them to start an investigation into the matter and of how it happened. If something happened to Bomi who would do that for her (not counting Miss Monte Cristo for now). Her brother I don’t think so after all he wouldn’t even know where to start and even if he did, he could easily be sidetracked. Remember when he tried to look into the almond incident Giraffe cleverly diverted the attention of her and made it seem like an innocent mistake by the end of the day and he still believes that to this day. Clearly, he needs to be properly informed but that is for later.


    I do agree with @Lmangla that it isn’t Bomi’s place to try and play being a shipper between her brother and Miss Monte Cristo. That is an issue that the two of them need to resolve on their own.


    While I will clearly admit that some of us are being overly harsh towards Universal Oppa and perhaps not wanting him to end up with Miss Monte Cristo by the end for various reasons I do feel that somethings should be made clear.


    Firstly, he has never loved his wife and that he only married her for their son. I believe he mentioned this a few times already. Such as thinking that since both he and his wife cared a great deal for Eun Joo they would have that in common and they could keep her alive in their memory. Unfortunately for him his wife chose to get rid of all of her memories regarding her. So, he didn’t have that.


    Secondly until recently he has been totally oblivious of his wife’s true nature and how she has been treating both people as well as their own child. Only thanks to Miss Monte Cristo showing up and exposing her nature is he starting to get an idea of just what he ended up marrying but it is already too late since she won’t let him go easily. Had Miss Monte Cristo not shown up at this point one can be sure that he would have still been oblivious to all this because her mother would continue to cover for her daughter and their child would either further be traumatized or have turned into a mini monster like his mother and grandmother. So, it certainly is a good thing that he wants to divorce her and take his kid with him. Only now he is learning that it isn’t going to be as easy as he thought that it would be.


    Atleast now that I have completed answering some points, I feel like I should go into my original post. LoL.


    For starters just how idiotic can Serin and her Dad actually be. Wait don’t bother answering that question since it is partially rhetorical. I mean they try and use Mr. Na to get their book back and once that is over and done with back to being their cold selves towards him. There is only so much before the guy is going to snap and make them pay. After all obsession is never a good thing and he is part of the Obsessed Club.


    Just look at their current members President is clearly Giraffe because she wants a man that never loved her in the first place but atleast she got her guy. Follow that up with the other members. Papa Ju has a thing for his hired help/Ex-Boss Wife and his daughter for Disco Oppa. Meanwhile he is obsessed with Serin. These people are a total match.


    Anyway, as I was saying Serin is a blast and I do wonder just how much she is pretending not to be in love with him at this point. After all his plan to be always there for her and do anything must have started to rub of on her at some point either that or her acting skills have improved. I simply wonder this because while she may have seemed to be disgusted at being forced to kiss him and all before going there, she tells her father to be easy on Wook Do Shi. Even her father kind of picked that up. If she was pretending to have liked him, she wouldn’t have added the shi. I suspect that it was a bit unconsciously but I may be wrong. As for her father when he went over to the office to pick up the book from him, he notices the guys working for him and he sort of realizes that he may have just messed with the wrong person and now you are trying to backtrack since you got your book back. LoL just waiting for that to backfire on them.


    Oh, speaking of New Stepmothers revenge plan and how her husband was killed. I think that it was sort of brought up in the last episode. Did anyone else get it or am I simply imagining things. Over here Giraffe’s dad is kind of furious at the stunt that his wife pulled (can’t control Serin) and whatnot that he finally made her vice president. She pleads for another chance and he gives it to her. But before that she brings up an event from the past where Nayeon aka (Disco Oppa’s mother not the female lead from Heavens Promise) wanted to work with another company but the matter was being stalled (probably due to her poor health) and then Evil Stepmother (question how to we differentiate between these two stepmothers [Miss Monte Cristo and Disco Oppa] [New and Evil?]) suggested that they make the company go bankrupt and then take it over for cheap. This way their company managed to grow to what it currently is. Could this be the same company that belonged to New Stepmothers husbands. Therefore, her revenge on this family is justified. I am already starting to get a bad feeling about this.


    After all new Stepmothers revenge plan against Evil Stepmother is more than clear but she has also pointed out that if the father was aware of his wife’s actions or was involved in her husband losing his company then his son could never inherit the company and not only that but the company would then become her next preying ground. From what we can tell of his conversation with Evil Stepmom is that he was indeed aware since he didn’t do anything to prevent her from doing what she did. I guess this doesn’t bode well for both Miss Monte Cristo and Disco Oppa. So those that aren’t shipping them together might have some good news.


    Speaking of them when someone said that the Old Eun Joo is dead because of her different personality I wonder if they would say the same for Disco Oppa if he came out with a similar statement. After all everyone grows at some point and they are never like what they were when younger. After all, when Disco Opp was first introduced he was someone that liked to deliberately cause scandals just so that his Evil Stepmom could take care of the mess, didn’t like to work so would go late or even when he did go was busy playing games during the company time and all. Infact Miss Monte Cristo didn’t think that he deserved to run the company initially but has now changed her mind regarding that. He is now more determined and focused to run the company. Doesn’t play games instead is trying to not only make the company grow is also trying to rectify the problems that Evil Stepmom caused etc… So, he can also say the old Disco Oppa is now dead and no more I am now and forever Hajun. LoL another line ripped off from somewhere I just can’t recall though.


    Evil Stepmom still wants to work with Serin how dumb can she actually be. I mean she should know when to cut her losses and move forward. Sure, the dad has blackmail material on her but she can easily point out that she has nothing and isn’t in power anymore so she can’t look out for them anymore. But no, she instead thinks that it is a good idea to bring Serin in for the next important project that she needs to revive herself. This is certainly hilarious when you consider the fact that nearly all of her downfall has to be attributed to the fact that Serin was sloppy and caused most of these issues all on her own. First there was that logo that she tried to plagiarize, then it was sloppy designs that she lost out to Miss Monte Cristo even when she was advised to improve them and finally her current scandal of doing the same from DDM Queen’s designs and all. All of this has publicly embarrassed you and you still haven’t learned your lesson. Oh well it is going to be so much fun watching her burn then. You don’t need enemies when you have a fool working for you and your own brain cells don’t function anymore. Did I miss any of Serin’s issues probably but one gets the idea.


    Mr. Na is funny because he is trying to use his brains and certainly isn’t his strong point. Such as trying to justify why Miss Monte Cristo might have tried to kidnap him. Since he did that, they are equal but then why bother with rescuing Bomi and why she was involved in trying to blackmail Serin and Giraffe. Ofcourse this isn’t good. Not because he can’t figure out the real reason but because he failed to give a suitable explanation to Giraffe. She now is suspecting foul play and will want answers. So, the question now becomes how long is he going to last before he breaks. Sure, he has new found courage for the time being but probably lock him up and beat him up will that remain. If he breaks what is Giraffe going to do and will she be the next one to discover Miss Monte Cristo’s real identity. I know that it will be too much to ask at this point to hope that Miss Monte Cristo can pull of her perfect revenge till the end and perhaps when her identity will be exposed it will be too late for the others to do anything about it.


    Speaking of Bomi and her plans they got all messed up because she underestimated Giraffe and company and this has clearly affected Miss Monte Cristo’s plans. Previously I would assume that any similarities the two friends were facing they were putting it off as mere coincidences but with the note that they received last they would suddenly see things in a new light and wonder if someone wasn’t deliberately trying to pull their strings. Not only that but now that Miss Monte Cristo has gotten Bomi to temporarily stepdown from the path of revenge she hasn’t contacted Giraffe again which has gotten her equally suspicious. After all, if a person tries to blackmail you then they have an end goal. If you know what that is you can deal with them in some way or the other. But she isn’t getting any message from the blackmailer and she is wondering why. Simply put there can only be a few examples of why the blackmailer would stop. Either they have gotten what they want/need or someone has prevented them from doing so. Since they didn’t comply with the blackmailers wish it can’t be the former so it has to be the second. The only person that could have prevented them would have to be Mr. Na. Yet he claims that nobody showed up to the meeting spot so what could have prevented them from doing so. If it was some kind of personal issue, they would have tried to contact them again which hasn’t happened. So, it is equally possible then that either Mr. Na knows something and isn’t informing them for some reason. Has the blackmailer got something on them or they are working hand in hand at this point? That should be the reasoning that Giraffe should be going through but like someone pointed out the observational skills of some of these characters is terrible so hopefully they won’t figure out the correct one and even if they do Mr. Na’s pride won’t let him be totally honest. See none of them noticed that Mr. Na seems to have been beaten since they last saw him.


    Speaking of him getting beaten up I wish they showed us just how much Miss Monte Cristo beat him up because right now it seems like Miss Monte Cristo’s skills are totally upto how the writer wants them to be. Which is in flux. She can hold her own with perhaps Mr. Wang as decent support but then he can threaten her on the stairs and all that she can do is run? Wait what happened to your so called awesome fighting skills. I am sure she picked up more while recovering. Did they change with your allergy dear writer? Again, want to tell them to be consistent but I feel that is asking for too much at this point.



    I feel like I want to add more but due to the length of this post will probably end it and go and watch the latest episode which has finally been subbed. So, till next time all of you take care and keep posting. Looking forward to reading all of your thoughts.

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  7. @LeftCoastOppa Thanks for clarification on your point regarding children dying by accident and those that were deliberately harmed. I had taken it as a general assumption on kids dying as a whole irrespective of the cause. In that case I can’t place any example as even in Heavens Promise both deaths were accidental more or less. Perhaps when you have time you may decide to give it a shot as well. Drama was quite decent though you had to wait for the female lead to actually wake up to do something and that takes a few episodes. The other thing that I didn’t like was the ending of sorts but I won’t bring that up over here since it might be considered a spoiler for those that haven’t watched it yet.


    Last episode was quite a blast to watch as well as a bit satisfying as well considering that the second leads got what they deserved or that their plans were foiled.




    Now before I get into other points let me bring up a point that has been brought up in regards to Bomi.


    Problem that I find with her myself and have to agree with some of you posters over here is that she certainly is a great and loyal friend to Miss Monte Cristo and perhaps even a staunch ally of hers but she also needs to keep in her own lane. Though that bit may be a bit harder to do.


    First of all, I am going to agree with the fact that Miss Monte Cristo shouldn’t allow her to call her by her real name when keeping her identity, a secret is paramount. As Miss Monte Cristo she doesn’t seem to have any major weakness but as Eun Joo that isn’t the case. Her family is the biggest one that she has and her enemies can easily threaten her with them in someway or the other.


    While I agree with @LeftCoastOppa that Miss Monte Cristo had no choice but to admit to her identity because she had been exposed due to her own sloppiness and yes let’s all admit to this fact. Every time that her identity has been exposed (Eun Gyul and Bomi) it was because she was partially sloppy. For Eun Gyul it was because she went over to their old home and saw the picture that he had posted on the wall. She should have left it over there instead she brought it home where her brother found it and realized who she really was. Granted in this case she didn’t know that her brother was now working for her new stepmothers’ company or that he had seen her go in her room. But then again, my biggest issue here was her having her room in the same place where they work LoL and her not having it locked but hey this is a drama so why am I even complaining about that.


    With Bomi I can’t recall the exact details how she messed up. I think as @LeftCoastOppa mentioned the dress swap didn’t win her any favours since Bomi instantly recognized it as the prop piece and all so that wasn’t mostly her fault and she was a bit unlucky.


    But even then Bomi is now aware of why she needs to keep her identity a secret and yet she still wants to call her by her real name. True it is only when they are in private but we have all seen how these dramas work out and we know that somebody is going to overhear one of their conversations further jeopardizing her revenge plans. Now don’t get me wrong I totally get why both of them do so. Bomi is just glad to have her friend back that she calls her by her real name yet trying to partially respect her friends desire for revenge and all. As for Miss Monte Cristo it is probably because she can finally be her real self for someone atleast. While at other times she is just pretending to be herself. I know that on one hand that doesn’t sound different yet it can be it is just harder to explain.


    Regardless of all this I feel that Bomi is stepping out of her lane when she decides to play matchmaker and place her back with her brother when Miss Monte Cristo has no intention of doing so. As a sister and friend, I can get where she is coming from especially when she can see that both of them still harbour some sort of feelings towards each other and haven’t fully moved on. But at the same time, she has to also realize that things just aren’t the same as before and they can all live happily ever after. I mean sure the show is trying to perhaps head in that direction with the two mothers going about how they still think about their kids as married to each other making them there in laws and whatnot. How the two still have some sort of feeling for each other. Heck even Universal Oppa claiming that he can be the man that hurt and betrayed Miss Monte Cristo so that she can heal her emotional wounds etc…


    But at the same time the choices that have led them over here make it kind of hard to reconcile. He married not only her supposed murderer but also had a child with her while said murderer killed her unborn child. She has also been actively trying to sabotage his marriage and life for the sake of her revenge where other people are unnecessarily getting hurt or being involved.


    Also, can’t perhaps Bomi consider the fact that maybe she may have been going a bit easy on her brother because she did have past feelings for him but she has moved on and that is why she wants to try being married to somebody else. Though I guess the issue over here is her trying to marry Giraffe’s brother who would probably be in the same book as Giraffe and her entire family. All of them seem crooked to their bone apart from Disco Oppa and his grandmother surprisingly.


    To be honest I am surprised that nobody picked up on Bomi’s sudden hostility towards them. Somebody way back noticed that Bomi didn’t have that much interaction with her brother even when he was home for that one scene back then. Thing is that it wasn’t so surprising. Back then she was ticked of that almost everyone who called themselves Eun Joo’s friends had all moved on and seemed to have forgotten about her. Her brother who was her so called loved had married the best friend after her death and probably didn’t talk about her with anyone else. Bomi being the loyal friend clearly thought of this as a betrayal thus she never really spoke to any of them. Still, she was never as hostile as recently when she for no reason smashed the wedding picture of Universal Oppa and Giraffe, threw a bucket of water on Giraffe (which still funny makes little sense), or is anti-Giraffe that she is talking about it a whole lot more. Even to the point of supporting her brother from getting a divorce from his wife. Just be glad that nobody is bothering to question what has suddenly changed.


    @LeftCoastOppa You may have been a bit disappointed that Miss Monte Cristo didn’t go in to rescue Hoon and save the day. But over here I am actually glad that she didn’t do that. First of all, I don’t know of how exactly she could pull that off. She couldn’t pretend to be Hoon’s mother because I am sure that the place would have known the face of Giraffe being an actress and model so that fails. She can’t use the kidnapping card because it is hard to make it sound convincing and believable. Well maybe she could have sent someone to be a dad and hope that nobody recognized this. I mean how many times has Universal Oppa been in family interviews or something. But all of this is me getting off topic of sorts.


    The real reason is that the more she involves herself with Hoon the more attached she becomes to him and that just makes it harder for her to continue and maintain her revenge on his family. Probably because then she can’t bare to see him come to hate her later down the line. This means she will eventually be forced to forgive his family. That is not a revenge show that I am watching sorry to say. Sure his father would be extremely grateful for the rescue and all but that would also perhaps be a sign that those two could probably find someway to reconcile another thing that I don’t want to see happen. After all has been said and done I still feel that they should all go their separate way and find happiness with someone else. Still on the fence on Disco Oppa though. Perhaps once he discovers just how evil his entire family is he might decide to leave them in that case I feel that she might just be good for him but that remains to be seen.


    Now on to Giraffe and her family boy the dad certainly doesn’t disappoint now does he. Decided to go all gangster when it comes to protecting his family secrets from getting out. The only time that his hands got tied was when Miss Monte Cristo got directly involved and exposed some of Giraffes stunts. That to only because she threatened to go to the board with her findings. Since he could find no way to compromise with her, he had to go along but even then, we could see him holding onto his anger (probably because he got humiliated as well) and him still wanting to support his daughter at the same time so that she could prove Miss Monte Cristo wrong down the line. Not only this he constantly tries to sort of turn a blind eye to his wife’s wrong doings as long as they don’t affect him.


    The only good thing about him sort of is him being adamant to make his son the company heir. Not a 100% sure why that is the case though. He wants to do right by his first wife since he apparently hasn’t gotten over her yet. But even then, he married his current wife. This was also because he got her pregnant but that makes me no wonder if Giraffe is even his own child or not. I mean we have Giraffes mothers’ story and then the flashback of her being pregnant when the first wife was still alive. So how did that happen. If the dad still hasn’t gotten over his first wife, why would he go behind her back when she was alive and do it with her friend or caretaker. It just doesn’t make much sense. What makes more sense to me at this point is that stepmother realized that she was pregnant but she somehow couldn’t be with the person responsible (he died or was a terrible person) so she decided to move on to the next best thing. Her friends’ husband who was rich and could therefore provide better for both her child and herself. The only problem was that her friend was still alive. So, she gets rid of her then she gets the husband in a compromising situation pretty quickly because time is of the essence and then comes up and informs him that she is pregnant with his kid after that one night. He decides to believe her for whatever reason and marries her. I mean even if he decided to get a DNA result to prove his doubts what can he do at this point without making him look like a fool. If he divorces his wife like that, he would have to admit how she tricked him and whatnot. So, the next best thing that he can do is hand over the company to his son.


    Though none of that even comes close to him wanting to cover up his families dark and dirty secrets at the same time. His current actions are clear examples of this. He won’t allow Universal Oppa to get a divorce because he had feelings for someone else. This embarrasses his own daughter and him as well. He threatens his grandson’s kidnapper to keep it a secret because this again reveals his families’ internal problems, would have kept Giraffe’s shenanigans private if Miss Monte Cristo didn’t threaten to reveal it to the board. Instead, he told her that she would have to back it up with results if she didn’t want to face the repercussions. Fortunately, she did all that.


    This means in the short run that Miss Monte Cristo is probably underestimating her opponents. Currently she is focusing on the people that immediately wronged both her family and her but she isn’t considering people like Giraffe’s father who could possibly be an obstacle in her revenge plot. This means that while the father may be shocked at what his wife and daughter have been upto he will no doubt try and cover up the incident with them because it will affect his own ambitions and all. He can’t be tagged to have both a murdering wife and daughter at the same time. He will probably either become a laughing stock or someone that can’t control his own household so how will he control the public. I also seriously doubt that the two of them can come up with an extremely justifiable excuse to save the day.


    Perhaps this does mean that the new Stepmothers revenge plan is more possible by the given days and that she will want to take over the company and try and get rid of it. This may ofcourse put her and Miss Monte Cristo at odds in the short run. Since Miss Monte Cristo probably wants to get done with her revenge ASAP so that she can return to her normal life or as close to normal as she can. Like I said she can take in Dancing Oppa perhaps as a consolation prize though I don’t think either his grandmother or he might like that or see it in that way. But then again some of them are clearly at fault. Even if the grandmother was innocent, she should still have kept a better eye on who was running the company. Just like now how the husband has little to no idea of how is wife is currently collecting rebates and hiding a slush fund behind his back. Frankly speaking I wonder just how possible it might be for Miss Monte Cristo to find out which companies are currently giving rebates to the Stepmother and then convincing them to come out in the open via the news or something. This not only publicly exposes the company but also embarrasses them. Naturally there should be some evidence of this but even then, the press and media should have a field day trying to cover this incident. The company can then naturally try and pretend and deny that this is all a ploy and try and cover up the incident but some damage will probably have been done. Regardless of all this I also feel that they will find themselves in a tight spot. If they try and get rid of those companies then their statements would seem to have more credit behind their back. This means that they would have to come to some sort of major compromise either way Miss Monte Cristo would have picked up a small victory. Perhaps she is planning for something like this down the line but it would have been better if we could pick up some sort of hints regarding any of this.


    People have brought up the fact that Mr Na (Serin’s families current/Sidekick) is a wildcard or the fact that Miss Monte Cristo might decide to use him especially now that he has been kicked to the curb by that family. All of this may very well be possible but I feel that the best way to win him over is to guilt trip the guy. As of now he was extremely loyal to Serin and her family because he had a major crush on her and fell for her at first sight. But if one recalls he first showed up to repay Eun Joo’s fathers’ kindness and perhaps a free hand me out as well. Probably considering the fact that he was just released from prison he probably wasn’t going to get any other job. Now if Miss Monte Cristo realizes this fact she just needs him to realize that the people that he was initially siding with are the same people that are responsible for the death of the person he was supposedly grateful for as well as his daughter. Not that might work since he is probably aware of this fact to an extent or atleast that he helped cheat said family to lose their wealth to his new friends. Though that was when he atleast thought that he had a chance with Serin. Perhaps he might have thought that he could repay them later on but that is highly doubtful at this point.


    Regardless of this we have already seen thanks to the preview that he has left the Ju family with an insurance policy that can make them all burn if he decides to expose it and the fact that he has gone back to his gangster ways. But hey even thugs can come in useful in some way or the other. In the original novel wasn’t Danglars it seems abducted by thugs at some point and then he had to pay the money that he had on him for food. If they go by this route then I can probably see something similar happen over here as well. Papa Ju gets the 50 Million as promised. But then he gets abducted by let’s say Mr Na and his thugs and the only way out for him is to slowly pay the 50 Million to release him and when he is totally broke Miss Monte Cristo has him released. She certainly kept her part of the bargain and it isn’t her fault that he got mugged or robbed in anyway unless he can prove it. She might gloat about it by the end but she probably won’t do that until all of her enemies are ready to go down.


    In regards to Universal Oppa ending up with a repentant Giraffe I also really find that hard to believe. Sure, this is a K-Drama and we have certainly watched a few episodes where one of the leads initially had feelings for the main lead but married their new partner and by the end of the show they had eventually decided to move on with their new life and partner. But a major difference between them and Universal Oppa is the fact that almost all of them were ambitious to start off with which allowed them to either give up on their morals or were sort of played by their new partners which forced them into their current situation. But regardless of all that they stuck around due to their ambitious natures. Some of them eventually realized that the main lead had finally moved on so they should as well but that is another story altogether. Problem here is that as of now Universal Oppa hasn’t shown a single bit of ambition. He is more or less keeping the seat warm for Disco Oppa to take over which has already begun. Even when his MiL tells him to get more ambitious or show some he refuses to do so. He is also extremely partial when it comes to his judgement and all which equally frustrates her to no end. So, unless something major happens for him to turn tail I don’t see him being bribed or intimidated into staying with that family and changing sides. Infact the only thing that he wants when he leaves that family is his son and for good reason. He probably doesn’t want him transforming into a monster like the rest of his family.


    As for just how repentant his wife can become is extremely debatable at this point and what will be the cause of transformation. But let’s be honest over here if the wife does become repentant by the end, I will never believe it for the simple reason she has already cried wolf so many times that it becomes hard to trust anything that she does is true or genuine. Just look at some of the stuff that she has done and gotten away with. Once he figures that out and that is only a matter of time, he wouldn’t want to let her close to him or his family. Firstly, she is indirectly responsible for Eun Joo’s almond allergy incident. When he tries to confront her about it she plays some dumb card to get out of it and almost pretends to get hit by a car of doom but unfortunately is stopped at the last moment by Universal Oppa. That and a phone call tells him that there was a mistake in the cake delivery and he believes it. Secondly this woman was responsible for another serious attempt at killing his first love and for all intents lets assume that was real she is also responsible for killing his unborn child. No getting away from that now is there. I mean after that major revelation I don’t know what she will need to spin to not only keep him with her forever or repent. He will be a bigger fool and totally undeserving of ever having loved Eun Joo. Thirdly he has witnessed first hand to the extent that she will go to keep this marriage maintained even when there is no love or emotion between them. She holds their own child as a hostage and not only that she mistreats him whenever she has the chance or rather to be more exact doesn’t pay him the proper attention that he needs because she blames it on her career or something along those lines. Infact she even uses their son to boost her own image rather than actually caring about their feelings. He aptly put it that she treats the both of them as accessories rather than actual people and that needs to stop.


    So, at this point he must go through some sort of really serious brainwashing to want to return to Giraffe. Somebody pointed out that Hoon might have to die so that his death can be a wakeup call for some other character probably Miss Monte Cristo. While this can certainly be true, I feel that his death can also have a negative effect on certain characters. For instance, we all know how Giraffe likes to use people to her advantage I can probably then see her show hate openly towards Miss Monte Cristo and blame his death on her she could also pretend that the loss devastates her and we have already seen just how bad Universal Oppa gets when he is afraid of loosing another person that he cares about. Heck he just might fall for Giraffes tears once again and since they again share a common loss history might repeat itself. But then we won’t be giving him much credit to grow now are we. Though none of this makes Giraffe repentant at this point and I doubt that the death of her son will trigger much of a response in her. She is hardly there for her kid when he wants and needs her, she conveniently forgets about him which results in him getting a case of trauma. Oh, and she doesn’t care about any of that. The only reason that she is paying him some sort of attention at the moment is because of her competitive nature and she can’t bare to see both her husband and son gravitate towards another woman and that too one that looked like her rival. Her pride won’t allow it.


    Speaking of pride in the short run she needs to be totally stripped of it before she can even become repentant which seems almost impossible at the moment. She clearly doesn’t see anything that she does as wrong because she has wealth and influence or her family will cover up her misdeeds for her. This can clearly be seen when she is accused by everyone in her family for abducting her son by telling them that they are her family so they atleast should take her side and whatnot and not accuse her of such. Her father has managed to get Mr. Na to sign a blank paper which probably isn’t a good thing because then he can later on write some form of confession and blame an entire crime on him. For instance, if he were to let’s say discover that his daughter was responsible for the murder of someone what wouldn’t he do to protect her. Probably try and get her out of the country till the whole case blows over the other try and cover it up while he can. Mr. Na already has a criminal record so he probably would make a perfect patsy in this case. Therefore, he could use the paper that was signed by him and write a confession that he murdered Eun Joo for some reason or the other and then later on perhaps even killed her dad. Perhaps he wanted revenge because the dad had promised him a job when he got out but didn’t keep up his end of the bargain so he decided to take matters into his own hands and killed them out of revenge. Therefore, if people like this keep taking her side, she is never going to learn her lesson and even repent. Miss Monte Cristo has to break her to such an extent that she can not only recover but her family’s hands are also so tied that they can’t aid her without looking guilty.


    Someone brought up the fact that new Stepmother has more to her revenge plans instead of Evil Stepmother ruining her husbands’ company and leading to his death. Probably is true but since my post has gotten quite long, I will probably leave my thoughts regarding it in my next post.



    So, till next time take care all of you and keep posting. Am still feeling bad that I missed on interesting discussions regarding this drama which ended up getting lost. Oh well hopefully I will find out later down the line what they were. Just before I go for real this time I was wondering if there was any kind of discussion on the maid and her motivations for keeping Dancing Oppa’s mother’s death a secret. What exactly does she gain out of it and why didn’t she inform anybody about it?

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  8. Guess I Won't have a lot to catch up on thanks to the mishap the original thread faced. Sorry guys it seems like I must have missed some interesting discussions in the past. Now I am starting to feel bad about that. @Lmangla still I want to thankyou for the call out in this new thread. Glad to see that I wasn't forgotten. :) 


    Still haven't seen the latest episode guess that it hasn't been subbed yet but it is good to know that Disco Oppa earned his freedom somehow. Been away so long that i almost forgot the nicknames given to these characters. Thanks for reminding me of them.


    Finally a part I forgot to add in my previous post. Somebody hoped that nothing would happen to Hoon by the end of the show and that the writer wouldn't be too cruel and kill of two innocent kids in a show. To that I would say that two or more kids dying in a show aren't totally unheard of so it can still happen. If my memory serves me correctly this happened in two shows that I can recall at the moment namely


    Heavens Promise - Female Lead lost her daughter because Second Female lead had sort of abducted her. But then due to her own contractual pains forgot about her and was rushed to the hospital. The daughter ended up falling down the stairs and then later on dying in the hospital. Second Female Lead also ended up having a miscarriage of her own though I can't seem to recall how that happened.


    A Place In The Sun - Granted this show I started somewhere in the middle and sadly ended up dropping it due to lack of time and all but over here the Female Lead had finally decided to move on with her new life and forget about her revenge plans for the time being. Sadly she also suffers from a miscarriage that to near the hospital. Then the Male Lead later on suffers his own loss when his daughter ends up as a hit and run victim or was it just simply an accident.


    Am sure that there were a few other dramas where a few more kids died as well but at the moment I sadly can't recall them. Either way will wait for the current episode to get subbed before hopefully posting. Till then better get ready to prepare for my sisters first birthday after her marriage. :) 

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  9. Unfortunately, being busy is keeping me from posting as much as I like and I have had to drop most of my other dramas that I have also been watching as well. As it is am barely able to stick around for this drama. So, I want to apologize first hand if I can’t respond to all the previous posts that you all have made so far or have even read all of them as of now. Will have to get to it at some point hopefully.


    Now before I move on to the main post itself, I just wanted to add something. While I certainly enjoy certain scenes in this show more than others, I want to just wonder about the logic behind them as well. For instance, when Giraffe has her own kid kidnapped Miss Monte Cristo gets on her knees and asks her to forgive her husband and to have his son returned back to him. Giraffe responds by hurling a glass of water in her face. Fortunately, Bomi just witnesses this and being the good and loyal friend that she is finds a bucket of water conveniently placed in the office where all this happened and dumps it on Giraffe. Points certainly go to her for loyalty and also for smart thinking on her feet by not revealing Miss Monte Cristo’s true identity and saying that she did that because Giraffe kidnapped her nephew. But my question now is why was there even a bucket of water in the office in the first place. A glass of water is understandable but not the bucket. Sure, the scene was nice and funny but not logical at all.


    Still, I feel that it is scenes like that which make the show far more enjoyable and amusing to watch. Hopefully the rest of you enjoyed the scene as well.


    Now on to the main post itself.




    People have been wondering about the logic about Miss Monte Cristo revealing her identity to certain people and if she should have done so. Such as her family and Bomi herself. Truth is I was always against this for very obvious reasons. Almost everyone involved has seriously loose lips and as they say that can easily sink ships. This is also quite obvious here. The problem here is that her family can’t easily grasp the situation and they could easily blow her cover. Take her brother for instance he has been told not to reveal her identity and he tries his level best but he still hasn’t gotten the concept that his former BiL isn’t one to him anymore yet he constantly calls him that. Not only that but when he was told that Eun Joo has lost her memory and if he tries to force it, she will get sick by getting headaches and that he wouldn’t want to see her in pain. Yet he tries to help her recover her memory and accidentally calls her Eun Joo multiple times even though they were accidental slip ups. If this continues, he might actually blow her cover at a crucial time. At the moment she can get away with the part that she was pretending to be his sister but for how long can that ruse actually last.


    Then comes Bomi herself. While I certainly admire the fact that she has been a good and loyal friend to Eun Joo for so long revealing her identity was equally risky to her as well. First of all she would want to right the wrong that was done over here by trying to reveal what was done to her especially to her brother. Granted the reveal atleast was done in a better manner since she actually had to discover just what kind of monster Giraffe actually was for her to take Eun Joo’s side and not reveal everything. But even then, I feel that she is being slightly dumb. She now knows just how important Miss Monte Cristo’s revenge is even discovering the fact that she lost the chance to be an equally cool aunt to Miss Monte Cristo’s kid as well. But here is why I don’t like her thinking. She has agreed to call Miss Monte Cristo by her real name (Eun Joo) when they are just alone and Miss Monte Cristo has foolishly agreed to this fact. Now on one hand this isn’t a totally bad thing because she can actually be herself for atleast one person but practically this isn’t a smart move. We know how in all these dramas someone has the ability to overhear important conversations when they shouldn’t. In this case if anyone of the villains not only overhears Bomi calling Miss Monte Cristo by her actual name and Eun Joo responding to it as well then, her entire revenge plan becomes jeopardized. As the villains might figure out her revenge plot and try and come up with countermoves to try and get out of the traps that they have found themselves in.


    It is one thing altogether if the reveal comes to them when it is too late for them to do anything or even if they find out they have to continue to play their part as they have no other alternative. But since we still have around 47 episodes remaining, I feel that won’t be the case. Giraffe is clearly the most dangerous one over here since she has quite a lot to lose if her part is revealed and she can literally do anything to prevent any of it to come to light or to atleast ensures that she remains the victor in all of this. Her kidnapping Hoon is a clear example of how far she can go when she becomes desperate to hold onto things that she thinks belong to her. In this way she may even think about murdering Suk Joon if she thinks that might be better than him returning to Miss Monte Cristo once he discovers the truth and she fails to kill her again. This way nobody wins and neither party can be happy if she herself can’t. Like I said she is nuts and sadly it is only now that people are slowly discovering this fact.


    Moving on to her mother. I was willing to atleast give her the benefit of doubt in regards to her involvement in Ha Jun’s mothers death. Perhaps there was some kind of misunderstanding that could have allowed her to redeem not only herself but also get on better terms with Ha Jun at a later point and they could become somewhat of a family. But it turns out that her daughter clearly takes after her. Karma certainly isn’t nice towards her and it seems like Ha Jun’s mother’s death wish affected both her and her daughter. Not only that but her initial story was that she was the victim in all of this. How her friend’s death affected the husband so much that she was there to comfort him in his time of need and even took advantage of his moment of grief and drunkenness as a favour to them both. But then it turns out that this wasn’t the case at all. She was actually pregnant with Giraffe while her friend was still alive and well (or as close to as she could be). Wait does this mean that the husband cheated on his wife or did she pull some other trick to have that happen. Atleast with Giraffe she first tried to kill of her pregnant friend before moving into her place and even then, she had to get lucky.


    Also, what exactly does that make of Ha Jun’s father. He feels bad to his late wife to the extent that he wants his own son to take over the company but that’s it. What about his daughter or wife? Perhaps he might have been okay with Giraffe in the company position if she wasn’t so focused on her acting career but even then, would he have allowed her to run it instead of his son? Not that any of it makes it nice. He also claims that he still hasn’t gotten over his first love yet he made out with another woman when she was still alive. I mean if her story of what actually happened (that she tried to help him while he was drunk) makes him atleast not to be fully blamed. Much like Sun Hyuk but not this. On top of all this he seemed to be somewhat reasonable when it came to his daughters’ stunts but turns out that he is just as rotten as the rest of his family. Okay perhaps he wasn’t ever nice considering the fact that he tried to keep a blind eye on the doings of his family as long as they didn’t affect his plans or ambitions.


    For instance, when he finds out that Sun Hyuk wanted a divorce at first, he was shocked at the news but the fact that his daughter kidnapped his grandchild was a much bigger fact so he was more than willing to be understanding towards Sun Hyuk and his circumstances. But the moment he discovers that the divorce was because of Sun Hyuk being interested in another woman his entire tone changed and he claimed that there was no way that Sun Hyuk would be allowed to get a divorce. Which by the way I find equally strange. I mean if a parent discovers that someone has been cheating on their child (especially when they are married) they would be equally furious at the gall of that person and would want their child divorced and find someone better who is more deserving of them and all. Yet over here he refuses Sun Hyuk to do that. Clearly his plans and ambitions come first over here as well. He can’t allow others to know that someone in his family has been divorced because it would bring him shame and not only that but it was because the other party cheated or thought about doing that.


    He claims that Sun Hyuk gained a lot from that marriage but what exactly did he gain. I would love to hear that. Sure, Sun Hyuk may have gotten a few promotions and may have been fast tracked but in the long run it shouldn’t count because Sun Hyuk seems to have the skill to have gotten over there regardless of his position in the family. He has also not made any kind of major mistakes that would have jeopardized his position or the company further showing that he is actually quite competent at his job. Not only that the only reason that he was even working in said capacity was because of his loyalty to the company/family till Ha Jun was ready to take over. Even at this point he was ready to not only resign from the company but the family as well one he saw that Ha Jun was almost ready. Basically, at this point he is isn’t even asking to take anything from said family or the company when he leaves just his own son which is more than reasonable at this point. Everyone should be simply happy at this point especially Giraffe’s mother and all since she won’t lose the company to a stranger at this point.


    The only thing that might concern her down the line is if Sun Hyuk decides to marry someone else then she might think of bringing Hoon back so that Sun Hyuk or his family can’t try and blackmail them into giving a piece of the company later on. Not that they ever would but that is a story for another day altogether.


    Oh, and by the way why did you Drama Lords have to go and make Miss Monte Cristo’s stepmother someone who also wants to use her for her own revenge plans against Giraffe’s mother for ruining her husbands’ company and all. Why couldn’t you simply be a nice old lady who wanted to help Eun Joo for free. LoL okay we must have all seen that coming by now. Not sure what the poll results were here for this but I clearly knew that Giraffes family company must have had a hand in the stepmother’s husband’s downfall. After all there are no wasted or extra characters in a drama. Though in this case the stepmother isn’t going to play nice if she discovers that the husband was also involved and this means that Ha Jun can also not take over the company in the future. This does make me wonder how well Miss Monte Cristo is going to take this betrayal down the road. As of now she doesn’t want to hurt anyone innocent in her revenge and that is why she is so hesitant to not only involve Ha Jun in her plans. Not only that how will he react once he discovers that her stepmother tried to ruin his family due to revenge and all. Will he be okay and forgive her because she was unaware of this fact or that he still loves her and all. I mean I don’t even understand why the stepmother is keeping this fact from her at this point. I get that she must have gotten attached to her by this point and that is why she isn’t revealing the fact that she is using her for her revenge plans as well.


    But wouldn’t it make more sense that she revealed this fact the moment she discovered that they had common enemies to take down. There bond would have remained strong and intact at this. Plus, they could better coordinate their revenge plans. Another problem here is that when they both have their own agendas then something might clash or go wrong if they aren’t on the same page. Hopefully by the time that this show is done both of them will have mended their relationship and she can become part of her family.


    Still not sure where the writer is planning on going with who Miss Monte Cristo will end up with. Ha Jun or Sun Hyuk that is. Ha Jun has certainly improved since we first met him but she still doesn’t seem to have opened upto him or even consider him romantically. Nor can I see any sparks flying between them as of now. Especially considering the fact that she seems to keep herself closed to everyone else and still focused on her revenge. So totally understandable over here. Then there is Sun Hyuk himself. What she says and does to him are to completely different things. She still seems to harbour some sort of feelings towards him. For instance, she keeps telling herself that she isn’t affected by his tears or sob story or that she isn’t sorry for using him for her revenge plot and even confusing him. But her actions when she is alone or her facial reaction tell a totally different story.


    More than that she is really attached to his son as well. Now I really hope that the writer doesn’t come up with some weird plot twist that will reveal that his son is actually her child as well. First of all, from all that we have seen when she was pregnant it just isn’t possible but hey weirder things have been known to happen in drams right. On top of all this we have clearly seen that this writer can’t seem to keep tabs on all of her characters and their points. For instance, in the earlier episodes, it was revealed that Miss Monte Cristo was allergic to almonds (thus the stunt that the to friends pulled to send her to the hospital to get what they both wanted). Yet in one of the more recent episodes this allergy has suddenly become to peanuts. Please writer keep your facts straight or better yet just say that she is allergic to all nuts this way we won’t lose faith in you messing up later on down the line. Again, surprisingly none of the villains tried to verify Miss Monte Cristo’s identity by trying to make her eat something that she is allergic to. Granted I say to that I am surprised that none of the main leads try and place criminal charges against said character but that would be me getting off topic so will leave that alone for now.


    As of now I am simply satisfied that none of the other characters have caught on to the fact that Miss Monte Cristo and Eun Joo are the same person thus they are all walking into the traps that she is laying down for them but at the same time that does make me equally question just how smart and resourceful those characters actually are. Serin is the most amusing from the villain’s side since she doesn’t seem to grow at all and still tends to not only repeat the same mistakes but also the fact that none of her own plans seem to be original at all and she somehow seems to copy Giraffe or others and thinks that she is way to smart. Her going down is certainly going to be fun but Giraffe’s downfall is going to be more satisfying in the end. It also doesn’t help that Serin can’t see the obvious red flags that are flapping around. I would say that Miss Monte Cristo is extremely lucky in regards to this.


    For instance, Serin’s lack of skill is being played a lot to the extent that she is now asking a totally Unknown Character to help her out in designing clothes and all. Why isn’t she asking why a person would do that without gaining anything in return. Sure, said person has asked for her soul in return but apart from that one time when she was asked to drug Giraffe there have been no real demands. So, in other words a person is working for you for free then we know that something isn’t right. Not only that but Miss Monte Cristo sent her work back to her exactly as she submitted to her. Mind you this is without any kind of change at all. Not only that but she didn’t even reveal the topic of the next competition to her so how could a complete stranger do not one but two things in a row without some kind of inside information. Serin simply thinks that she clicks with the help and all by this point and she must have gotten lucky. Not only that but this further reinforces the fact that she must be some kind of genius and all.


    Seriously how dumb can one get. But that brings me to wonder what the result of the next competition is going to turn out to be. There conveniently happen to be three rounds to this competition. The first round went to Miss Monte Cristo. I am therefore going to assume that this round is going to get interesting perhaps also based on the preview as well. Therefore, I suspect that Miss Monte Cristo is deliberately going to throw this round to further make Serin believe that she has some natural talent and whatnot. Only at the last moment there is going to be some kind of twist that will turn the tables. For instance, we know that Miss Monte Cristo is waiting for the engagement of Serin to happen with Ha Joon before she brings it to a stop to prevent her winning altogether. Now one has to ask just what will be big enough to put a stop to said function. The only thing that makes sense is if something majorly embarrassing happens that will make the family reconsider bringing in Serin into the family. We have seen numerous times that Serin doesn’t disappoint in this regard. First there was that logo incident and then there was the time when she sold faulty/defective goods using faux fur. But that incident was covered up. Perhaps Miss Monte Cristo will find a way to reveal it this time around. Not only will she successfully manage to kill to birds with one stone this way round. Since not only will Serin be exposed but so will the fact that Giraffe’s mother has either been covering for her or the fact that she has a secret fund.


    Though to be fair now that she has conveniently lost all that money, she can claim to be innocent and all and that she was being framed. Let’s see how that turns out though. Regardless I feel that this may be enough to put a dampener for the time being on Serin’s ambitions to get married into that family. Though we all know that won’t last for long and she will be back to her scheming ways since it is wired into her DNA.


    Speaking of Giraffes mother losing all that money since Serin’s dad got duped into investing all of it was so fun and satisfying. I just felt sorry for all those energy drink bottles going to waste like that. Also, while we are on the topic of Serin’s dad I really hope that this is not only the end of him but also between the romance lines that he is going with. Sun Hyuk’s mothers crush should end by now and if he goes near Miss Monte Cristo’s mother, she should knock him out again. Now that was another amusing scene in the episode as well. Come to think about it does Miss Monte Cristo even know that he has so called feelings towards her mother. I get the feeling that she doesn’t because she might try and take advantage of this fact somewhere down the line. Sure it will be risky but it might just be worth it if executed properly.


    Also, just what is Miss Monte Cristo’s plan when it comes to Serin’s father and how is she going to pull it of exactly. I mean some of it is kind of obvious. For starters she plans on taking back her fathers building and then handing it over to the merchants that were kicked out by him in the first place. So let me get this straight in such a huge building there were just about 5 merchants that got the short end of the straw or was her friend just able to locate those five. If the others come back, will she have to give them their share as well or just give it to these five. I get that we currently aren’t being shown more than these five due to budget concerns and all but it would still be nice to know about the rest. The other thing is just how will he end up losing the building in the first place so that she can get her hands on it. I suspect that Giraffes mother will demand some kind of compensation from him since he lost all of her money and since the only way that he is currently making any kind of money is from that building she will demand it as collateral till she gets her money back from him. But then how will Miss Monte Cristo take said building from her. What stunt will she pull that remains to be seen. Hopefully it is going to be awesome but that is probably wishful thinking on my part.


    Finally, before I end my post since I am starting to feel a bit sleepy at this point let me bring up Sun Hyuk. At this point I just don’t get why all these people are suddenly wondering why he married Giraffe so soon after Eun Joo’s death. Now while I can totally understand why she wonders how he could have done that since she wasn’t present at that point but not for the others. Heck Bomi even wonders how Giraffe could have seduced her brother and all. Do all these characters suddenly have such poor memory that they can’t seem to recall events that happened a few years back. Sun Hyuk literally used to be out drinking all night long and during one of those times he slept with Giraffe which resulted in her getting pregnant thus he married her to save her face and all. Infact his mother was so overjoyed once she discovered what Giraffe did since that meant that she could becomes In-Laws with her family if things went well. So how can anyone wonder just how Giraffe seduced Sun Hyuk is beyond me at this point. Clearly, he is partly to blame since he doesn’t communicate all that well but I am sure they could have also figured out what happened if they were smart or even understanding. Oh well not that it is important at this point. Regardless of all this the one thing that I am actually glad that Sun Hyuk finally did was reveal to Giraffe that the only reason that he married her was because of their son and that he never had any sort of feelings towards her. Bonus points to Bomi for also rubbing this fact in her face as well.


    As for the movie that Giraffe is in, I am kind of glad that somebody actually decided to use it as a plot point for revenge for a change. So, she is basically playing out the role that she did and she doesn’t find it all that suspicious that things are going on as she did to her friend. I just wish that Miss Monte Cristo was slightly smarter about her involvement in all of this as well. For instance, instead of coming into that cast meeting and handing over the syringe to her just wait till the movie is done and when Giraffe thinks that she has gotten away with everything we get a reporter to ask her how she has performed so well in the movie and what mind set was required. Giraffe should just say that she is that good at her performance and if the reporter asks her if she actually killed someone in the past let Giraffe get mad at that accusation and all. But then it turns out that said reporter was actually working for Miss Monte Cristo and then he plays all the incriminating evidence that he has gathered so far in regards to Giraffes involvement in the attempted murder of Eun Joo thus not only exposing her but also embarrassing both her family and her (Giraffe). This way Miss Monte Cristo ends up having the perfect revenge at the same time. But again, I doubt that will sadly happen at this point.



    Anyway, this seems to cover most of my points for the time being or atleast what I can recall in my current state. Hopefully when I wake up fresh in a few more hours I might add in what else slipped my current mind or if I have the time to do so. Till then take care all of you and I hope that you all continue to enjoy this show and keep posting. So till next time we meet over here.

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  10. So the show is finally over. Watched the final episode just sometime back and the ending was more or less what I expected I do have a few questions though they aren’t as important in the long run but would still like to hear what your thoughts are in regards to that. But for starters I want to congratulate everyone that was here for this wild and crazy ride. Some of you were life savers as well and equally dedicated your time and services to make this drama far more enjoyable than it actually was.



    Now that is out of the way lets move on to the next point.




    Am going to start with trying to grade this show. Will be giving it 2.5 Stars out of 5. 3 if I feel in a generous mood. Basically a good watch for the first time round but not worth a second round unless you feel the need to watch a round of comedy but since you know what scenes to avoid you can easily fast forward them. The show as I keep pointing out suffered greatly from lack of character development but the other real issue that I seemed to have with it was that I have probably never seen such useless main leads in a show before. I can understand if perhaps the character is portrayed as a simple and naïve person and that is why the villains are taking advantage of their situation but then I would expect the writer to balance the situation by making them having a decent wingman or woman to back them up and look out for them in someway. Unfortunately over here both the leads were mostly useless. Sure they each had their moments but they were extremely short lived. They were both fizzlers instead of being sizzlers. Some pointed out that Clingy did way more exposing than the two leads combined this says a lot and his sad fate was to die.


    This probably brings me up to my first question. Are we a hundred percent certain that he is actually dead. I mean this show has a way of trying to fool us a couple of times but the other characters all managed to cheat death perhaps Clingy fared the same. Just check out the following characters. Tae Poong supposedly fell to his death/drowned. Instead he returns a few years later a super genius and a prosecutor no less. Keen on having his revenge. We all saw how that fared out in the end. The we had Yura’s Ex. He got hit by a car (thankfully not a Truck Of Doom). He survived but required surgery later on since he was going to go blind. Then a few years later he shows up in front of Yura wanting revenge for the death of their son. He ends up falling down the cliff but his Terminator Genes kick in and he manages to survive. Heck even his younger brother survives a major car crash orchestrated by Yura herself. Finally we get Clingy who is supposed to be dead after his accident. How come he didn’t get lucky. Did Yura finally perfect her method of killing people after two tries since Tae Poong was more of her MiL’s doing. So it is a bit hard where to place him. Should Tae Poong be counted as Yura’s Exes that survived. With this track record I wouldn’t be surprised if Clingy shows up alive after a few years surprising all the other characters. It would probably go something like this.


    Yu Jung is working in her office when someone knocks on her door and enters when given permission. Turns out it is none other than Clingy himself.


    Yu Jung (Drops files in shock): Oppa is that you how can that be?

    Clingy (Manages to grab on to her before she falls as well):  How are you I missed you and Hyung a lot.

    Yu Jung (Finally noticing him Kimbap Abbs): WoW you have abbs of steel what is your secret.

    Just then Tae Poong shows up to ask Yujung out for lunch when he witness this sight. In anger he rushes over to punch the guy who dares to hold his wife like that. But the moment he twirls the guy around and punch him he stops in shock as well.

    Tae Poong : Am I dreaming how are you here? We even attended your funeral. It was a great one mind you and a lot of tears were even shed.

    Clingy: Give me a hug Hyung it really is me.

    Yu Jung: But how?
    Clingy: We all got my mother wrong that’s how. When I had my accident Secretary Koo had me transferred to a Secret DL Group Foundation Lab.

    Yujung: Wait Secret Group? How can that be. I am running DL Group XYZ and I haven’t come across anything like that so far?
    Clingy (Wondering how he could have ever liked this Clueless girl): That is why I said secret because nobody knew about it apart from my mother and Secretary Koo. Anyway as I was saying they helped me not only get better but they improved me. Now I am faster, stronger have way better abbs and all the other bells and whistles to go along with it.

    Tae Poong: Just how much did it cost to get you to recover?

    Clingy: The same amount you accused my mother of using as a slush fund. You see she had to divert that money so that she could do work for the government. It cost me about six million dollars. (Slaps his forehead as he figures something out). Sorry I meant 6 Billion dollars I forgot to account for inflation and all. Now I don’t need Wi-Fi I am the Wi-Fi. Don’t you think that I am awesome now. Hyung can you also forgive my mother because as you can see everything was such a huge misunderstanding and all.

    Tae Poong and Yujung don’t know how to respond so just nod their head in confusion.

    Clingy: Oh wait while we are on this topic I want to introduce someone to all of you.

    The office door opens and a new character enters.

    Clingy: She used to be my rehab nurse back at the foundation but now she is my girlfriend and I wanted you all to introduce yourself to her. My special friends to my one and only.

    Yujung: You sure she isn’t a secret sister that you don’t know about. We wouldn’t want a repeat of what happened between us or nearly did.

    Clingy: Don’t worry this time the first thing that I did when I realized that she could be the one was take a DNA test to verify this fact. Great news we aren’t even remotely related.

    Tae Poong: Well then to congratulate your miraculous return lets go eat something and celebrate.

    Clingy: Sure but would you leave me sometime alone in this room. I kind of miss my old office and want to remember some fond memories.

    So Tae Poong and Yujung simply walk away leaving him alone with Character X

    Character X (When they are alone): Good thing they didn’t ask how Secretary Koo could have you removed and taken to the lab when he was supposedly locked up.

    Clingy: That is why I can’t leave the fate of my company in the hands of Dumb and Dumber I need to prove my worth and keep my promised to my mother and take over the company.


    Anyway back to the drama itself since none of this is likely to happen at this point. I do wonder what did happen to Yura’s Ex’s brother. He wasn’t there at the trial unless I missed him. Was he probably transported to a distant future because he had survived an attempt on his life thanks to his unique genes to battle an army of clone Yura’s that had taken over said future.


    Right as I was saying I feel that at this point we can all agree that all of the parents in this show were extremly terrible some more than others.


    Let me start of with AC Chairman he totally ignored his family for almost 30 years. It was near the end when he started to realize this and started to change for the better. Meaning only when Clingy returned from his second trip abroad did he start appreciating what his son was capable of doing and just before he died actually verbally acknowledges him and gives him a well deserved hug. Thus making the passing of his son even more tragic. But what does he do the moment that he discovers the fact that Yujung is the daughter of his first love. Only in a matter of hours he is accepting of her and calls her daughter or lets her call him dad and he doesn’t feel awkward at all. Isn’t that some kind of serious double standard on his part. I can kind of understand why he didn’t open up all that much between his son but that is a matter for another day which probably will never come at this point.


    Lady Joo has an equally strange way of expressing her love. If her son wants something she generally makes it happen. Yujung was the exception to this rule but then her motherly instincts probably realized that she was his sister so she was just looking out for her son correct. But other than that she wasn’t shy of abusing her powers when it suited her needs and was for her son. Her son didn’t cut it for the school time so she funds and not only makes another team but makes him captain of it. He likes a girl but can’t sit next to her she makes it so. A kind of terrible parenting technique but after giving it some consideration and trying to think from her perspective I think I figured out what she was going for. She was fully aware that her husband didn’t have any feelings for her and that he might leave her at any moment she was equally scared that her son might do the same as well. He was her only family that we know of and he had promised her that he would never leave her. So to ensure that she gives him everything that he wants. In a manner like training a pet. They know who their master is and if they want something they need to just ask her and please her and they will get what they want as a reward. Thus her son knew that since he wasn’t getting his dads affection and anything from him he should look to his mother etc.. Not the best parenting method but one can’t really blame her if her husband wasn’t doing his parental duties properly. She was probably managing the best that she could. Thankfully her son didn’t turn out like her. He nearly fell to the Dark Side but was saved at the last moment.


    Now lets move on to the Hans. A family that a lot of people have complaints against and feel that they weren’t punished and got away scott free. Will be addressing that in a bit. But lets start with the father. He was basically an incompetent person in more ways than one. He got cheated by someone that he knew and even then he couldn’t run his household properly. Probably didn’t even get the respect that he needed. He was more all bark and less bite and due to that he had little to no control in his own house. For instance at one point he threatened his wife that he would divorce her if she didn’t do something or rectify the situation. Did he do that. Nope he was still living with her even after a time skip and all. Also if he had any control over his family he could have forced his wife to reveal where she had left Minwoo and thus Tae Poong wouldn’t have suffered his accident in the first place. Instead his wife stuck to her guns and made sure that Tae Poong wasn’t in their lives anymore before she either revealed his location or Yujung got lucky and found him on her own. I would say that in this case the wife was the boss in that household because even if he knew that someone in his family was wrong he couldn’t flat out tell them to get their act straight. He blamed himself for his families failures. Glad that he atleast realized that but he should have acted on that as well to try and improve himself that was one of his biggest faults.


    His wife was no better. Like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts she was an enabler which allowed the family to continue with their wrong ways and they wouldn’t learn from their mistakes. Though I would say that her character was also a bit inconsistent. Regardless of it all it was actually nice when she had enough of her daughter Yura and her shenigans that she put her foot down and didn’t want anything more to do with her. On top of that her treatment towards her own grandson was equally mystifying. At one point she has him dumped outside an orphanage. I could perhaps understand if she wasn’t related to the child in anyway but this wasn’t the case. Then later on when he grew up she was generally cold towards him and Yujung had to distract him so that his feelings wouldn’t get hurt or something but when he actually went missing or was seriously ill she started to show concern towards him.


    While I have more to add on these parents and the others that I haven’t mentioned will leave it at this if I know what is good for my health.


    Yujung is another character that I had a few issues with. Apart from her being dense and all I found it equally weird how she easily accepted who her biological parents were and was calling them mom and dad equally easily as well. They also had no issue with any of that. This was a person they barely knew. Well okay Jisook had more time to spend with her as she worked under her and she even would show up at their place to meet Tae Poong. But AC Chairman wouldn’t know her that well since she only started showing up at the weekends to try and impress the family when she was trying to date Clingy and when she was at work etc.. yet he readily accepted her as his daughter and tried to make up for lost time. Perhaps I would have liked him more if he tried to put in the same effort towards his son as well.


    Oh and speaking of her biological parents and all brings me to my other weird question of the day. Is AC Chairman finally divorced from his crazy wife aka Lady Joo. Otherwise her mother is going to become his mistress. I mean I get that Lady Joo is safely locked up but who knows what can happen in the future. Perhaps if AC Chairman will ask her for a divorce she may revert back to her normal personality or she is faking it in the first place under orders from her lawyer. Heck in her current state she may claim that since she wasn’t in her right mind her husband took advantage of her and got her divorced so this doesn’t count and whatnot. Again the other members in the family have finally recognized that Lady Joo is short of a few marbles so they have given both of them (AC Chairman and Jisook) their blessing but will that be enough if there is isn’t an actual divorce. Frankly while I understand this pairing and all I was also sort of against it as well. Jisook was happily married at one point and even though her memories have returned she also had her present memories as well. This meant that she remembers her husband as well. Did she not love him enough that she wants to be with AC Chairman again. I mean I would have preferred if she told him that while she had feelings for him she had clearly moved on with her life and had someone else in her heart and it would be sometime before she would be ready to be with someone else. Thus allowing both of them to move on with their lives and be with somebody new if need be. Instead we got the both of them getting back together. Though this was to be expected especially since they had a child between them. Oh well what can I say about that.


    Now I have noticed something. Some of you mentioned the fact that the Hans got away scott free. This was to be expected as well and they kind of did get punished as well at the same time. For instance what exactly would they be punished for. Kind of hard to say. Father Han could have been charged with kidnapping baby Yujung. But here is the thing the only one that could charge him with that was Jisook. But he not only apologized for that night since he wasn’t aware of why he was there till it happened. Then when he found the child he could have easily gotten rid of her or ignored her. Instead he sincerely apologized to her for his mistake and he more than made up for it by not only raising her child but by reuniting them as well. If he wanted he could have left her the moment he recognized her and she would have a hard time trying to track him down and all. This probably was why she didn’t charge him with anything.


    As for what Yura did and how their family kind of covered it all up is kind of tricky to classify. But basically that is all on Yura not entirely on the parents. She stole all of Tae Poong’s mothers wealth but that was returned to him by the end. His mothers company wouldn’t be included since she sold that of as well as the house they lived in. if he wants any of that he will probably have to fight a long custody battle but that might not be the case since he makes his own money now is already well off.


    One can blame them for staying silent when Yura married into DL Group but they could justify that Yura had cut of all ties with them so they had no idea of all the lies that she told that family. They could have easily assumed that DL Group either did their own research on Yura or that she told them of her past and that they were okay with all of that and that is why they accepted her in the first place. When they realized what had happened it was already too late and they didn’t want to cause any further troubles plus what did any of that matter since they had already cut ties with each other. On top of all this the most important factor is that none of them benefited from her marrying into that family. Yura didn’t give them a single dime or open any kind of business for them etc… Further proving that they had cut ties with each other. Yes they could have revealed it all to Clingy but why get involved or ruin a possibly happy marriage. Some might blame Yujung for also staying quiet but at the end of the day she didn’t say anything due to her also having to keep Tae Poong’s secret as well which she would also be forced to reveal at some point. Again she wasn’t all that interested in Clingy so she wasn’t bothered to inform him of the truth and thought that this was a problem that the husband and wife needed to deal on their own.


    Now comes the matter of the families punishment. They didn’t get punished physically unless you consider Tae Poong’s revenge against them which he stopped when he realized that there was a minor misunderstanding between them and all. Regardless their punishment is more emotional. Because lets face it their only daughter has probably become the talk of the town. So they can’t easily show their faces to others or their own family as well. Yura is behind bars her trial also didn’t do them any favours since she was not only a public figure but also the former DiL of DL Group so that trial must have been the topic of various news outlets and all (depending on just how big DL Group was in the first place). Not only that  but Yura is also terminally ill and is probably going to die if she doesn’t get a transplant. This will also be on their heads as well. So in a way they are punished by fate and all but it is more emotional and psychological so easy to miss.


    Frankly when it comes to the two She Devils I feel like their fate should have been switched considering some of their actions. Yura was clearly the one that seemed more hinged to me so her losing her mind makes more sense to me and since Lady Joo was responsible for having Tae Poong’s mother killed in hospital/jail due to her poor health I would have wanted her to suffer the same fate due to Karma getting to her. But like I said in my last post the way that the writer dealt with Yura and Karma it does make sense in the long run why they went that way.


    Speaking of Yura I have to say that her time around Yujung seemed to make her dumb as well. After her hit and run when she is hiding at that motel she thinks that she needs money so that she can escape via plane. Just what happened to her brain cells. Hasn’t she watched enough dramas to know that the best way to escape is via boat. I mean she should be aware that she would have become a person of interest after the last stunt that she pulled that way an APB would have been put out and if she showed up at the airport or a booking agency to purchase a ticket her name would have been flagged and they would have informed the police one way or the other. Such as pretend to stall for time till they arrived or sell her the ticket and let them know. The police would just need to wait for her at the airport and place a few guards at the gate which she would need to enter for her flight and it would have been game over for her.


    This brings me to another point someone brought up how she tried to hit Tae Poong with her car. Wasn’t she concerned about CCTV’s and all. At this point she was desperate that her secret wouldn’t be revealed so she probably wasn’t thinking straight. Pluss she figured that she needn’t worry after all Lady Joo promised to have her back so she would take care of these minor details and all. It may have slipped her mind that Lady Joo didn’t have access to Secretary Koo anymore.


    This reminds me that I got a name for him as well finally. Since some of these characters are referred to as Disney characters thought that I would name him as one as well. Did notice that people didn’t mention some of them when they might have to change their DP. (by the way exactly is that in the first place. Forgive my ignorance). Anyway the name I came up for him is Goofy since he seemed to be goofing up a lot in these last few episodes or over the years he had either become extremely sloppy or he didn’t consider everything that made him mess up all these important assignments. Speaking of him did we actually see what the letter was for Lady Joo. What were the names for and why mention them if they weren’t going to use them. Really irks me to no end. I guess I would have preferred if it was a confession of his one sided love for her.


    Someone asked what our best scene was in the drama. For me I had two. The first one would be the moment when Tae Poong realized that Secretary Koo was the one that removed his mothers mask and thus ended up killing her. Which was probably done under Lady Joo’s orders. His reaction is interesting. I honestly couldn’t tell whether he was laughing at this point or crying. Perhaps he was doing both. Laughing because he finally figured everything out and couldn’t believe it was so simple all along and then crying because his mother passed away so unfairly. Anyway the scene that I enjoyed comes next. In his anger he hurls his laptop across the office. I really hope that the laptop was insured and that he could recover all the data inside it after his little stunt. I kind of speak from personal experience. I was supposed to pack my laptop and head home when it slipped from my hand while still powered on. The result was that my hard drive could damaged and thus I lost all of my data and had to purchase a new computer at this point. To prevent myself from not going through this again I tend to make a backup of all my office files on a separate USB as a precaution.


    The second favourite scene for me has to be when Yujung thinks that she is Batwoman. There are protestors outside the company and they are about to hurl eggs and whatnot and Lady Joo. Yujung figures this out at the right moment and uses her coat as a shield. Something that the titular character in the CW show does as well (she uses her cape)




    Anyway since it is 1 AM over here I am starting to feel sleeping at this point and can’t seem to concentrate on my post anymore. My bad. So will end it over here for the time being. So till then all of you take care and probably see you in some other thread. Might add something later on if I recall what I wanted to say. So till next time either way.

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  11. Finally we have just one more episode remaining. Will the villains finally face the justice that they deserve or will we be cheated of even that. As of now I still feel that this show suffered greatly from any major lack of character development to the end, inconsistencies to the story and character themselves as well as perhaps some unfair treatment to some of the characters as well. Will try and get into all of those things if given time.


    So let’s see what we have so far.




    Clingy probably dying an unnecessary death. Was he a stalker to the bitter end or was that more of a harsh assessment on his last dying moment. Could his death also have either been avoided or handled in a better way. Most definitely. Another thing that I would have liked is if he ended up at the police station for a different reason. I certainly feel that my scenario would have had more logic than what the writer ended up giving us.


    For instance I figured out that he was there to actually turn his mother in for her crimes instead of wanting to play the hero. From an earlier scene we see that he is packing but is short of one suitcase. To which his aunt informs him that there should be one in the store room (probably the one that she used when she tried to leave home). Over there he also discovers Ji Sook’s dead husbands phone but instead of leaving it behind like his aunt did he actually powers it up. (This being a drama and all he doesn’t even need to charge it as there would be no power/battery drain since it has been powered down all this time  . I mean look at the loyal secretary in Bad Love he kept the female leads twin sisters phone in one of his drawer and occasionally powered it on to check up something with similar results. Though the time skip in both these dramas is different but this is more of a standard trope so will have to let it go). Anyway as I was saying he discovers why his mother or anyone in that house would have said phone. As he slowly goes over the data in the phone he realizes just what his mother has done. He then decides the only way to stop her from comiting any more crimes is if she pays for them. So he decides to turn her in. Just when he is near the station he notices the speeding car heading towards Tae Poong so he decides to be a hero one last time and saves him. See much more believable than what we got.


    Over here we had him overhear his mothers conversation with Yura. He then decides to follow Yura (so I guess he wasn’t stalking Tae Poong my bad) and saves the day. But here is where it doesn’t make a lot of sense. How exactly was he following Yura since he had no idea where Tae Poong was (another mistake on his part). As a human we know that he couldn’t follow her on foot. This would mean that he was also in his car. If that was the case he should have used that to intercept Yura even if that meant getting involved in a car accident. Perhaps he would have had a higher chance of survival at this point. If we wanted to go for more laughs at the irony of fate and all we could make it that the accident now decides to give him the intelligence of a seven year old or he loses all of his memory.


    The other issue that I have with him discovering their plan was him instantly following Yura out and not taking precautions such as contacting Tae Poong and warning him that his life was in danger from their Ex or the She Devils /his family or whatever one wants to call them at this point. Tae Poong then could have easily taken more precautions at this point thus Clingy’s death was totally unnecessary at this point. Further more we could have another outcome as well. Once he got in that accident perhaps they could have made him seriously injured to the point that Tae Poong and Yujung would feel guilty that they decide to look after him till he recovers or something even after their marriage. Perhaps Clingy might find love with his nurse who will turn out to be some long lost daughter of a rich family as well. But then we might need another 50 episodes to resolve that storyline or we could use it as a sequel or spin of drama. Not that I would be for that ride. This one was enough for a time being.


    Now lets move on to Yura who as I mentioned last time needs to have her sanity checked. She might just end up with part of the Karma that she deserves. She accused her MiL of commiting a Hit and Run when she was innocent. Fate has now made her the actual perpetrator of the same crime. The second one is a bit hard to say where it comes from. From her sudden bleeding nose that came out of the blue and the fact that she injured her hand without even realizing it and her mother noticing it. Makes me suspect that she is seriously ill. Probably Fate giving her a double dose of whammy. Both her MiL was ill when she was in jail and later on her son who she kind of killed. So now she must go through the same things as well. Will she get the easy way out and die in jail or will someone show up at the last moment and spare her life. Probably Yujung just for further laughs. People might not get that but her being alive and in torment is a far more better fate than her dying in pain since she is just getting her dose of Karma.


    This brings me up to the point that people accuse her of the murder of her son. Am probably in the minority who doesn’t think that. Sure she fled that day but she probably didn’t know just how serious his case actually was. Part of it was clearly Clingy’s bad timing and all. Either way she was certainly planning on returning to the hospital the next day when the coast would be clear and keep her end of the bargain. Unfortunately for her, her son could not wait that long and passed away. Frankly I still believe that she could have avoided this entire fiasco if she had played it smart back then. Clingy was busy convincing his family that they needed to get tested as well as the workers at their company. At this point she should have agreed to get tested as well. Perhaps pretending to get angry at the last moment or something when she discovers who the kid was or agreeing to do it on the condition that Clingy doesn’t see Yujung anymore if we wanted her to stay in character or simply pretend to be a kind woman who couldn’t see another kid suffering and earn some brownie points along the way. This way she could have still maintained her secret and all.


    Remember when I mentioned drama inconsistencies well I feel Yura’s marriage into DL Group should be considered as well. Her first marriage to Tae Poong two guests couldn’t show up namely Lady Joo and Jisook yet their husbands did show up and apologized for their absence. One would say that Lady Joo wasn’t their thus she wouldn’t know who Yura was due to that consider her as a possible DiL. But since her husband was at that wedding he should have recognized Yura as the bride that was left at the altar. The again he probably attends a lot of weddings like that so she may not have been so memorable to him even though her husband had run of with her sister back then. Frankly at this point I feel that both wives should have showed up at the wedding. Once Lady Joo realized this she would try to get her husband out of that wedding hall instead of letting him bump into Jisook and thus both of them wouldn’t see Yura at all. Then again it is also possible that the Chairman was just there to pass his congratulations to the parents and moved on to his next appointment so he also had never seen Yura before.


    Speaking of Yura how long do you all think that she is going to stay locked up. Will there be a time skip when she will be finally released and all. Not that it matters because her career his already over. No station is going to be willing to accept her as an anchor otherwise they would face a major backlash from the public. This was probably the only job that she was actually good at apart from plotting and scheming. At best she can be a radio host where she doesn’t have to show her face to the public anymore. They might therefore think that she is somebody else with the same name as the infamous anchor. Otherwise her family has to take care of her not sure that they want to do anything with her at this point though. She might as well spend her remaining days with her MiL as cellmates. I can recall two dramas with that kind of ending. Won’t be doing a spoiler for which dramas but know that atleast is possible at this point.


    Secretary Koo taking the fall for Lady Joo doesn’t come as a surprise to me atleast. His motivations are still unknown. Either he has a serious one sided crush on her or her grandfather did something major for him or his family that he shows such devotion and loyalty towards her. But as of now I want to point out that he can probably get away with most of his claims. In the picture that was taken only he was there handing over the bribe money/accepting it from the other guy, walking out of Tae Poong’s mothers ward after removing her respirator or even the attempt on Jisook’s life. For the first two he could easily claim that he was doing it all on his own accord and Lady Joo had no idea of his actions and once he discovered that Tae Poong’s mother discovered his actions he decided to kill her to cover his tracks. At best Lady Joo would be charged for being incompetent and be made to pay her fine and cover the damages that he caused/pay back the people that had gotten wronged by his actions. The attempt on Jisook’s life would be a bit more tricky to get away with but he could claim that he had feelings for Lady Joo and couldn’t see her in pain like that so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Remember only his DNA was found on the beads even Yura’s dad could only admit that only the two of them were there that night. Lady Joo was nowhere in sight so he can easily take care of most of the blame at this point and she can walk away free from some her accusations. For instance the attempt on Jisook at the construction site might be a bit tricky since there would be evidence of the paint on her coat and the site itself which could be used as comparison. Unless the got rid of it by now. So she would have a harder time getting out of that one in particular. Secretary Koo might argue that he was at it again but she found out about it and was there trying to stop him from doing something drastic but people might find that a bit hard to believe. She does have other things that she might not be able to walk out easily such as the recording that Clingy took of her conversation with Yura. Also depends on just how much he overheard and recorded.


    On a side note I just wanted to point out a few things in regards to the final trial. Tae Poong is going to be the prosecutor and Detective Uncle was part of the investigation team. If I was hired as Lady Joo’s defense lawyer the first thing that I would actually try to do is get those two dismissed from the case. This is what we would clearly call a conflict of interest, would also try and point out that due to some misunderstandings these two people would be holding a grudge against Lady Joo so all of the evidence should be suspect or that they tampered with it to make her look guilty. This means that those two need to work extra hard which includes their evidence so that this statement is proven wrong and she can’t get out of this. Speaking of Tae Poong retaining his licensee is hilarious all that he needed to do was have his name changed to his actual name because he had passed the exam. I remember in Unknown Woman where the female lead had more of a mix and match as the story needed. She probably started with a potential of becoming an artist before being sent to jail. Over there she then tried to take the legal exam but was unable to do so. She then escapes jail and takes on her foster mothers dead daughters identity and passes the exam in one go. Then her identity gets exposed so she is sent back to jail to complete her sentence and her license is revoked. She then becomes a fashion designer. But Tae Poong frankly gets it easy since he can go back to being a prosecutor and see that justice is done for his mother and send Lady Joo packing behind bars.



    I will be adding a bit more in a bit. Guests have shown up so need to attend to them. Till take care all of you. Anyone know what the next drama is. Might give it a shot. Hopefully the final will be subbed by the time I get free so will try and comment then.


    PS what we can't use emojis anymore?

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  12. So here it is people I know that we should be worried about the nurses health and all especially after hot Yura treated her and all. Hopefully Yura was atleast decent enough to tuck the nurse in her bed to fool people that she was sleeping thus allowing her to make her escape otherwise that poor nurse might end up with a trauma and all and might end up living at that hospital and all. But other than that I noticed an equally weird scene I believe in the previous episode which makes me more concerned about Yura's mental sanity. Yes we already know that she has one but this probably qualifies as a Drama Logic Fail in my opinion


    Lets check it out for a moment and share your thoughts as well on it.




    After Yura gives her statement to the police recanting her earlier testimony about being a false witness in Tae Poong's mothers case she is dragged kicking and screaming back to the mental asylum (okay we didn't see the kicking but we can easily assume that). The next scene has her being thrown back in her old cell. Did anyone else spot the difference and figure out what I mean. Okay to spare your time here it is. When she was thrown back she was in her hospital duds but when she gave her testimony at the station she was wearing regular clothes and all. This means that somewhere on her trip back to her room she had to have changed her clothes. Do you honestly expect us to believe that she silently switched clothes and then started her rants to let her go. Clearly the staff must believe that she is right at home if she does that. :D 


    Then again the staff probably tricked her into getting back in them. I can clearly imagine one of them presenting her with the uniform and saying something along the following lines


    Staff: Ma'am would you perhaps be interested in being a model for our VIP Luxury Brand.

    Yura: What do I get out of it.

    Staff: Your Freedom naturally.  Our concept is Mental Patient so we will be shooting it near a Mental Institution to make it look as realistic as possible.

    Yura: You sure this isn't another trick and I will really be free this time.

    Staff: Certainly. We cross our hearts and hope to die if we are caught lying.

    Yura: Bring It On. I have numerous people on my Hit List that I must proceed with as soon as this is done.

    Staff (to themselves): Ah perfect another easy fool. 

    Yura (A few minutes later on after she discovers that she has been made a fool again): Let me go. Don't you know that I am the DiL of DL Group. I will have all of your badges and make your regret doing this. My First target is going to be a nurse so make sure none of you come alone. Blah blah blah......


    Yes I get that this was probably poor editing on the Drama Staff due to shortage of time and all but still make it believable. I mean when Secretary Koo threw her in the room the first time she was still wearing her normal clothes. Seeing her in the hospital wear later on we could easily imagine that she changed into them as she had no other choice or that she was forced into them at some point but this just adds further comedy to this show. Probably more than it deserves.


    As for Yura making her escape it was bound to happen. Didn't someone jokingly say that if a mentally challenged Tae Poong with the intelligence of a seven year old could do it then a fully adult Yura should have no problem in doing it as well. Well they got their wish answered. :)


    I just realized another scene where Yura and Lady Joo share a common plan of sorts. Back when Yura was married to Clingy she tried to pull the following stunt only she was unable to do so because she got busted. She faked her pregnancy and then would have planned on getting into an argument with him which would have resulted in her fake miscarriage. He would then feel so guilty that he would not be able to leave her and he would then break up with Yujung as well. Thus she would kill two birds with one stone. But like I said she got busted and had to resort to blackmailing him for the time being. Lady Joo on the other hand was a bit more successful even though it was brief. When she got hit by the car accident she made her injury seem much more sever that her husband started to feel guilty towards her and decided to stay with her. She they even shared a similar plan. Granted even Lady Joo got busted which spoilt her plan and all. At this point I am just waiting for the writer to reveal that Yura is actually her daughter and due to some accident her child was swapped with somebody elses. :) Heck if we wanted to make Jisook the evil mastermind then this could work out just fine.


    I still haven't watched the latest episode due to my phone being charged and all and my own PC is giving issues for the time being. Will get to that being repaired soon. So till then looking for alternate means to enjoy. So will go along with figuring stuff out if possible.


    Yujung at the meeting is absurd. Probably Suk Joon just told the people to ignore her and that she is with him or something. Probably need to watch the actual episode to make a better assessment.


    Someone did mention that every time we see the Han Household at their home they are busy eating. I don't really have an issue with that. I mean what else can one expect at that point. Everyone over there is busy with a job so the only time that they can be together as a family would be during meal times. Thankfully none of them seem to have a hectic schedule and all. But regardless of that I still haven't really found any good use for Hawaii Uncle. The only time that he was of somewhat of use was when his sister had run of with Minho and he helped figure out where she could have been due to location of a call that Minho made. Just goes to show that the family doesn't keep intouch with all of their relatives even if they are close or not. Shame on them. Other than that not much use. Sure he tries to play Cupid and all but I guess if people are meant to be they would have done it on their own and all. He did seem to have a bit more open mind compared to the people of that household probably because he was from the States and all. But did anything actually happen from his advice. Nope not at all. In other words I feel that he is a wasted character unless I missed something. Perhaps folks that is what happened to the budget for the lock. They needed to use it to pay this actor. Sorry if I am being rude but if anyone else knows the Uncles true purpose please let me know. 


    @ktcjdrama Yep the logic of characters running up a building still eludes me since the way out is always down. Naturally running down will also end up with similar results unless they know of a secret passageway to escape from. Oh well I guess going up probably just seems cooler or the actor needs the exercise and this is a free way to do it.


    I will say it again this writer needs to get all of their plot threads in order if they want to make their work a success but I still feel like they are all over the place at times or that they are doing something just for the heck of it without considering that past actions conflict with current ones.


    Look I will gladly admit when I am wrong and all of you viewers that guessed that Yujung was Jisook's daughter kudos to you. But the problem here is that it would have been better if we had more than the clues that were given. For instance I mentioned in an earlier post that the doctor noted that Tae Poong wasn't related to Minho in anyway thus his birth secret was revealed. In the same way what was this doctor doing that he failed to inform Yujung of the same discovery. He could have easily pointed out that she was no mother or aunt to the little kid thus she finds out that she isn't related to her family. Instead she only finds out due to her parents arguing about her Birth Secret. I would have found it much better if she already knew thanks to the incident but she wasn't bothered about it. That probably would have had more feel for me.


    Anyway instead of repeating old things that I already mentioned let's move on to another point that the writer seems to have forgotten. Remember when Tae Poong sent Yura a message showing that she gave birth at a hospital. She has Fur Thug check it out only for him to arrive a bit late since detectives showed up for some reason to investigate said hospital. Thus they ended up taking all the files so Fur Thug informed her that while he was resourceful and able to infliltrate numerous places that place was still of limits for him. This meant that it would only be a matter of time before her lies would come to light. It was for this reason that she decided to pack of her son to the States. If there was no person she could claim that those were lies being spewed by people that didn't like her or something. Unfortunately we still have no sign of said investigation. Are they still looking over said files and her file still hasn't been come across or has the writer forgotten about it. Are they perhaps planning on dropping this information at some crucial moment. Perhaps the dead boyfriend will make a miraculous recovery and admit to being the birth father and all. Yes I am still holding out hope that he is still secretly alive.


    But then he probably needs to die if they want to punish her character with jail time so it is hard for me to decide what should be done over here. Frankly speaking certain characters need to be punished big time but not even jail is enough to make them remorseful. They believe that they were right all along and that they would do the same exact things if given another chance. At this point I am unsure if there is anything that could change Yura at this point. In Lady Joo she atleast has her son. From what I can tell she wants the best for him even if it is wrong and all that is one of the reasons why she doesn't like sharing what she has with others. So if something were to happen to him especially if she was the cause she may actually feel remorseful and do something that is correct but not Yura. She may prove me wrong at some point but as of now not sure. There were brief moments when Minho and his death affected her but they weren't enough to change her for the better. Understandable since never had such a strong connection with her kid in the first place and she easily abandoned him. Her actions towards him were probably a bit of regret at the life that she could have but at the end of the day her current life was more important to her. 


    Actually speaking of Minho will he be the actual cause of her downfall as well. She had Yujung kidnapped so that she could find wear she hid his belongings. Is this a sign of things to come. From what I gathered Yujung probably discarded everything so that she could finally move on and get started with her revenge (or end it can't exactly recall) I don't think Yujung was actually smart enough to save them all. Unless Tae Pong either convinced her otherwise or told her that he would take care of the matter. Thus they could use those items as test results for DNA comparisons. But all this would probably come at the end.


    Right while we are on the topic of her past getting exposed I suddenly recalled by nobody from Yura's past ever shows up and tells people that she was actually the driver's daughter. My explanation to that would be that those people simply wouldn't be all that bothered. As adults they probably have their own lives to be concerned than wonder about their classmate at this point. Also they may have simply assumed that she already told her In Laws about her past and that they would have been okay with it. It isn't like they actually gain something from this reveal so why bother. The only one tried to use it to her advantage didn't fare all that well at Yura's hands. Not sure where I feel in regards to that. On one hand Karma really got to her but Yura needs her own dose of Karma as well. Death and jail are all to good for her. I still think that she needs to be locked up in a mental institution for the well being of all.




    Since my net is starting to give me trouble I will end my post at this point. So Take care all of you and keep posting. Till next time and hopefully by then some of these characters will have gotten smarter. :)



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  13. Okay now while I have a lot to add I realized that a lot of it has sadly

    slipped my mind at the moment. So for the time being I will just add what I recall in regards to the show and some of what you viewers have added.


    Anyway lets get on with the show as they say.



    For starters can we all shake our heads in frustration at the intelligence level of Tae Pong. Why you all must be wondering. The answer to that sadly lies in his actions in regards to his photographs that contains pictures of his mother and him in it. He has a copy of them in his office drawers of all place. It seems like he really hasn't learnt his lessons yet. Sometime back the Detective Uncle discovered them at the house and his identity was exposed because of that eventually but atleast in that house the people were allies, family or friends so he could easily be forgiven. But that isn't the case at work. Over here there are people that are trying their level best to get rid of him or will want to do that as soon as they discover his true identity and it will be just a matter of time before one of them comes across those picture for some reason or the other. Probably we can blame all of that on Yura and her being dumb for a change but still both are equally at fault here. For instance I suspect that Yura is still holding onto all the evidence that Tae Pong collected on her and instead of destroying it she has it saved. Clingy's mom is sure to find it while trying to find some dirt on her and while she knows a lot about Yura's past she doesn't know everything. This means that she will finally discover her former wedding picture which shows her with Tae Poong. This will get her to look into him probably via Secretary Koo her trusty henchman who will find those pictures and hand them over to her. We then all know the result then. Oh well Tae Poong it was nice knowing that you had brains for atleast a short time.:D I mean who keeps physical pictures these days. Wouldn't it just be smarter to store all of them on your phone if you do need to need to check them out more than once a day.


    Okay on another topic someone mentioned how Yejin should have perhaps thrown a tantrum at discovering that Yujung is her sister by her mother from an earlier relationship or how she wasn't willing to listen to her mothers explanation when the article came out that AC Chairman was having an affair with someone (her mother) and how she wasn't ready for her mother to date another person other than her dad. For the former I really don't see why Yejin should be jealous of Yujung. Had she been a second lead then such feelings might be expected but not by a supporting character. They are generally more understanding towards both their parents as well as their step siblings and all. As it is she was already on good terms with Yujung and considered her like an older sister at work and this was even before she realized that she was Yu Mung's elder sister. She might have an issue once she discovers who Yujung's birth father is but will come to that in a bit. As of now the main issue probably going on in her head is how should she consider Yujung now. Is she her elder sister or her Sister In Law. Oh the choices that she must now make especially when addressing her.:D Now as for the latter. Unless I am was reading the subs wrong her anger was sort of to expected. According to it she wasn't against her mother moving on and dating somebody else and perhaps even marrying etc... But she was more against the fact that her mother was involved with a married man. Had AC Chairman been a Widower or Divorced I doubt that she would have made such an issue about it. Another thing to note it was equally embarrassing for her as well. While the majority of the people wouldn't really know who Jisook was and those bothered by it would consider her a home wrecker things wouldn't be the same for Yejin at work. Her team members atleast seem to be aware that the other woman is her mother and she would have to hear about these things from them. Also to be fair Jisook is also partially to be blamed for this mess in a way. When Yejin asked her mother how she knew the Chairman. Her mother just mentioned that they knew each other in the past due to his family sponsoring her orphanage and whatnot. She was the one that made it seem like no big deal and that they were just friends or acquaintances in the past. She didn't bother telling her daughter that they were more ie lovers. So her finding out the hard way was bound to make her lash out at her mother like that. Also that picture didn't do her mother any favours as she could easily tell what emotions her mother was feeling at that point when it was taken as well as the AC Chairman and if it was so obvious to her then she might have thought that it was the same for others as well.


    Then we had the question about the so called revenge in this show or the lack of it to be more exact. That was never a real problem for me. Granted the writer was all over the place in this drama but a lot of it was expected to fizzle out at certain areas. Will perhaps get to that in a bit. My main issue with this drama is more along the lines that I atleast felt that we didn't have all that much of character developments in this show which is kind of sad in a way. Lets just see some of the characters that have been introduced and just how much they have evolved over time.


    First we have Yu Mung. He started out as the family leech. He used that to take advantage of Tae Poong at times to get good stuff to either eat or gain access. (the time when he wanted to impress his girl so he used Tae Poong to attend a function. Which then later allowed Yura to hatch her plan to wed Tae Poong and all). He also used his good looks to charm girls and make them spend money on him without him actually doing anything etc... Yejin was his motivating spark and when he actually fell for her he did try to change and work hard but it was sort of limited since he didn't achieve much when she broke up with him the first time. Once she reentered his orbit again he was back to trying. He is now a successful model and actor and whatnot. Perhaps even a limited Psychic as well. :)  But the problem here is that he is a secondary character that his development doesn't seem to do much for me at this point. On the other hand if he was busy exposing secrets left, right and center he might have been a somewhat interesting character. But at the moment he is still just a side character etc

    So lets move on to Yura. We might think oh so this Woman must have had a major development since she has been running in circles around all these other characters and all. Sadly there hasn't been any major development between Kid Yura and Adult Yura to be impressive to me. Look back in the day she was this little insecure girl spinning these long yarns of how she was from this rich family and would go on these trips with them and all. (she only got caught because she was unlucky or lies are bound to be discovered etc..) Well guess what she is still doing the same thing. Lying about her family background and education etc... The only thing different from back then is the fact that she has somewhat managed to grow a spine from back then. So she won't allow people to easily trample over her and will try and fight back. Oh and while she is at it she is busy finding a Sugar Daddy for herself. Back then she wasn't of age but now that she is she is doing whatever she can to stay ahead. One does wonder if she was actually in love with her first boyfriend or was he also a means to an end. I get that some people might think that she was using him back then as well. But one has to consider the fact that she didn't try and really take advantage of her relationship until she was unfairly kicked out from the spot that she rightfully deserved and that to by a person using their connections and all. It was at this point that she went on full seduction mode to her boyfriend and try and take advantage of his so called connections only to realize that she had latched onto a dud.


    Youjung the less said the better. For a brief moment she channeled her Second Lead days and we could see the spark in her and in her eyes. Unfortunately that was far to brief. Some of her plans were decent but at the end of they day she was being outsmarted by a superior enemy and she became less interesting. I also have issues of how she behaved towards certain people at certain times. Further showing the intelligence levels of her character.


    Tae Poong is a bit hard to guage since there was supposed to be some character development unfortunately it also didn't work out all that well. I mean he started out as this smart kid prior to his accident. Then he ended up with the mentality of a seven year old. Then another accident made his this supposed Genius and all. Unfortunately for all his smarts he still ends up doing dumb things such as hint his next plans to Yura allowing her to come up with counter plans or like I mentioned earlier keeps dangerous pictures in his office drawers. Granted those pictures won't mean much to strangers but people that are aware of the connection are a different matter altogether.


    Clingy is also pretty much the same since we were first introduced. Clingly like the rest of his parents. That he still hasn't gotten over his first love. I do kind of feel bad for him and on considering his past I can sort of understand where he comes from at times. But to be fair his recent actions just haven't been all that great. He tries to cover for his mothers crimes and tries to treat Yujung as an object rather than a person who has their own feelings and all.

    Problem with him is that he doesn't know his parents actual past. He probably considers Ji Sook as the home wrecker and all. Thus his father abandoning his family for her. He witnessed his mothers heartbreak and all back then. It also didn't help that his father never truly opened up towards him back then and only recently has his father started to acknowledge his presence and all. So he was basically starved for his parents love and this kind of explains his clingy nature as well. He probably decided that when he fell in love with a person he would devote a 100% of himself towards them so that they wouldn't feel his shortcomings and all. Clearly somebody is overcompensating over here. Unfortunately is actions are far more suffocating than he realizes. He also doesn't seem to get that marrying Yujung isn't such a great idea since she is extremely dense and all.


    I mean lets consider why those two were such good friends back in the day. Normally when people befriended him back in the day was because they were all aware of his connections to DL Group and tried to take advantage of it somehow. Such as thinking that they could party on his Tab and whatnot. Yujung was an exception to this rule because she was extremely dense for some weird reason. I mean she was willing to pay for damages on his expensive car back in the day (something that she didn't even cause) and for some weird reason considers him poor. Even when the two got reunited she still didn't put two and two together and figure out that he got his position at the company due to his family ties and thought that he was really lucky and worked hard. His true identity was only exposed to her when Yura made that very public announcement on TV. Not saying that she would have used him in the past even if she knew who he really was but it was mostly because she was dense even back then. But Clingy didn't seem to care about any of that. He just got to be a normal guy for a change which he should have just left it at that. So like I said on one hand I do feel bad for him but his recent actions not so much.


    Someone brought up the matter of how Secretary Koo must be slipping as to how Tae Poong was easily able to locate Yura and all. To be fair Secretary Koo has been slipping for a really long time at this point. Lady Joo's frustration at this point is quite valid. He is a terrible assistant. LoL


    Lets see some of his past failures as evidence of him messing up. Firstly he was asked to handle the Jisook situation back in the day as well as getting rid of her baby as well. What did he do. He lets Jisook fall over the cliff and assumes that she must have died. He doesn't even bother to verify that there is even a body and all. Then comes the matter of disposing the baby. Does he do it on his own. Nope he tells his friend to do it. Granted the friend was his accomplice and all of sorts. But why hand over such a big responsibility to somebody else. Nor does he ask for any kind of verification that the deed has been done. His friends word is all that he needs. Have no idea why. Now lets move onto more recent events. The Foundation is taking bribes and whatnot and he gets captured on camera. So Lady Joo decides to solve the issue by framing Tae Poong's mother for a hit and run crime which by the way he botched as well. He makes a video of that night and hands it over to a blogger who claims to be a witness and all. Unfortunately this is busted by to dumb amateurs namely Yujung and Taepong. Oh and while we are at the matter of Jisook's husband he also messed up over there as well. The guy he sent wasn't convincing enough or something that her husband continued to pursue the matter to the extent that Lady Joo had to intervene again which resulted in the husbands death. After the time skip and Yura entered the family he hasn't improved. He still hasn't discovered any dirt on Yura while she seems to be on some sort of spree in discovering that families secrets and all. He has Yura locked up but again forgets to erase every camera in town allowing Tae Poong to track her down. He suspects that Yujung may be the child from back then but bungles up her DNA test. Granted that was because her dad took precautions and all. But he didn't bother to do more than one. Tae Poong's mother suspected that Yura might follow her and have the test results tampered with that she had the results done from two different places. But for this guy one test was ample enough. Actually it would have been more amusing if he tried to prove his point to Lady Joo and that Jisook was probably making things up since he has a DNA result to prove that Yujung is actually her fathers daughter and perhaps Jisook was having an affair back then or something. Oh well not my problem. Also am sure that he made many more blunders along the way. Unfortunately they seem to have slipped my mind at the moment.


    As for the fact whether or not Clingy is actually Secretary Koo's son with his mother is still debatable. The writer may still try and pull that trick out of his hat even though we still have like 15 or episodes remaining. Hopefully that isn't the case though. Look I won't deny that isn't impossible at this point and all. But I don't want that to be true for a simple reason. As of now this guy is still to clingy towards Yujung. Before he knew that she was his sister he tried his level best to get closer to her and wanted to be more than friends with her. He didn't care that she had feelings for somebody else and when he discovered who that was he tried to make them leave her by any means necessary even becoming somewhat of a jerk along the way. Right now the only thing that I see that can break him out of his obsession over Yujung is the fact that he can't be with her because she is his sister and all. If he discovers that he isn't related to his father then he will get another excuse to try and be with her. If they want to do the reveal that he is actually the Secretary's son. They should do this much later. By this I mean that he should finally be over Yujung and perhaps fallen in love with someone else and be happily married to said person that such a reveal shouldn't matter at this point. Perhaps it can be at his mothers deathbed when she decides to reveal this fact to him. But like I said if he has already moved on this shouldn't be an issue for him. Till then it is better if Yujung remains his sister.


    I wonder if people over here agree that Lady Joo and Yura seem to be cut from the same cloth. Heck they both try and pull similar stunts that they can be each others true rivals. Then again it can also be that the writer just isn't all that imaginative that they have to reuse their own plots. For instance now that Lady Joo knows that Yujung is her husbands daughter she plans of faking his will so that Clingy will probably inherit everything and she can probably enjoy the benefits as well. Guess what Yura pulled the same exact trick back in the day to take over all of Tae Poong's  families wealth and ran of with it. I guess we thought that Lady Joo is this impressive and formidable rival to Yura. But at the end of the day I feel like she is another disappointing character. So even her locking up Yura doesn't seem much especially since we know that Tae Poong managed to track her down in a single episode. But that isn't the reason why I  am not impressed with her. She blundered up royally which makes me lose interest in her as well. She is fully aware that Yura has incriminating evidence of her dancing/having a good time when her legs are supposed to be injured. That means that a camera must have been installed in that room. What does she do next. She reveals her involvement in her husbands accident in the same exact room which Yura picks up and decides to use against her. She only realizes that Yura may have figured this out when the Aunt tells her that she is going out to meet Yura. At this point she discovers a recording device in the room. Shouldn't she have made sure to do this way back or did Yura plant another device sometime later on thinking that nobody would think that she would place another device in a place where one was already found. If that was the case we should probably give Yura more credit than she deserves.


    Oh as for the fact that Yujung has already forgiven AC Chairman and is calling him Dad when he was so rude to her in the past and all. I feel like I should point something out in regards to the former. Yes the Chairman had certainly been rude to her but if one recals the Chairman had also realized this at some point. (forgot what the reason was) He then apologizes to her for behaving in such a way towards her and all. So this matter was easily covered. As for her suddenly accepting that he was her Dad and him calling him that as well is a bit weird. She adjusted to all the family reveals quite quickly is all that I can say. Heck she didn't question a lot of stuff but then what can one expect considering her personality and all. Perhaps she hasn't fully understood the full ramifications of what is actually going on. Wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. Oh maybe she thinks that if she calls him dad she will get enough money to finally pay of Clingy for his car damages. That is if either of them still remember said matter.


    Another topic that seems to be brought up is the fact that we should feel bad for Clingy because everyone around him has been lying to him and all especially Tae Poong when he should have been honest with him. Thus loosing out on a good friend and potential ally at the same time especially when they both don't have any love for Yura and this could have been a perfect reason to get rid of her. Look as a viewer I fully agree with Tae Poong and his decision to keep his identity a secret from Clingy since I feel that Clingy would have been more of a liability than an ally. As for the matter of exposing Yura Tae Pong was actually planning on doing exactly that on Clingy's wedding day thus saving him from a terrible fate and all. He only changed his plans once he discovered someone from DL Group was involved in his mothers frame up and all. At this point he decided that he needed to investigate the company internally and discover the perpetrator. Now I feel that some viewers here will still think that confiding all this in Clingy would he helpful to him as he would be able to help him get to the bottom of the mystery. But here I should point out why that would be such a bad idea and all. First of all convincing him might not be as easy as one would think. After all Clingy has a hard time dealing with his own parents drama half the time. Heck he is still trying to understand what motivates his mother and her jealous actions. On top of all this he is trying to cover for her actions as well. So tell him that there is a potential murderer at the company would make him doubtful and perhaps he would start looking into the matter just to prove Tae Poong wrong. Now one would think that this is probably a good thing. Unfortunately what they haven't considered is the fact that once Clingy gets on the case it is only a matter of time before Secretary Koo gets wind of this investigation and will report this to his mother. Who will then wonder just why he is looking into these things. After some investigation of their own they will discover Tae Poong's actual identity and try and find a way to get rid of him. If anyone has any doubts regarding these events just look into recent events for evidence. When Yura informs him about Jisook and how his mother tried to get rid of her. Clingy starts investigating into who she could be. Secretary Koo finds about this and reports his findings to his mother. I guess Secretary Koo wouldn't be doing his job properly if his underlings don't report to him about what they are doing and all at times. Granted Tae Poong doesn't know just how up the food chain the culprit is so he has to play it smart and not reveal his identity even if that person is his friend. Thus atleast in regards to this I feel that he made the correct call. Yes it affected his friendship with Clingy and all but that was bound to go up in flames when they had feelings for the same girl as well.


    As for the revenge in this show the problem was always how Tae Poong would deal with it. Yujung and her family were bound to be take easy on for the simple reason that she was the girl that he initially had feelings for. Granted he probably thought that he got rid of them the moment that she kicked him out cold heartedly and how that family abandoned his child. But the moment he discovered that all of this was a misunderstanding his feelings for her returned and he was also extremely thankful that they had been raising his child all along. At that point he had to go easy on that family. This fizzled his revenge plans greatly which was to be expected. His next target was Yura but problems arose on two fronts. Firstly he wasn't all that smart even with his awesome brain upgrade as well as his son falling ill. I still kind of feel bad that the kid had to pay the price in all of this. A death that I feel was totally unnecessary by the way. It was probably to motivate Yujung to start contributing something to the story and perhaps show her darker side. Unfortunately she was no match for her sister. Her moments of victory were extremely brief and not all that impressive in the long run. So as I keep pointing out she is an extremely disappointing First Female Lead in this drama. 


    Now the drama has decided to move in the final stretch but yet again I doubt that even if all these characters put their heads together can they come up with a decent plan to outwit these villains. They will only get caught if they end up doing something dumb at this point or something. I guess Clingy can finally do something right in this drama which will be the end of his mothers plotting. People have pointed out that the only way his mother is actually going to stop her plans and her greed if something happens to him. The way this drama is going on that might actually be the case. Since Lady Joo doesn't like to share and wants all of DL Group for herself and her son I can easily see her order Secretary Koo to get rid of Yujung and Jisook again and hopefully he does it correctly this time. Unfortunately for him Clingy overhears this plan somehow and decides to rescue Yujung for old times sake and all. Not because she is his sister or maybe that will be motivation enough. Regardless of this Secretary Koo is going to Botch up again and in turn end up seriously injuring Clingy. This should be enough to hopefully snap Lady Joo to her senses and realize that her greed is for no good and she will not only let her husband go but will also turn herself in for all of her past crimes and all. Though that last bit is more wishful thinking on my part at this point.


    Speaking of Lady Joo and her crimes her targeting Tae Poong's mother and getting rid of her was a bit ruthless. I certainly don't mean killing her at the hospital. She actually implemented the plan earlier as we could see to the lead up. The moment she discovered that his mother had an extremely short time to live and that she would be released soon the plot to get rid of her began. First of all she probably used her connections at the prison to delay his mothers treatment. (they were aware of the mothers condition when she got a checkup after a last relapse thus her getting an approval and all). Thus when her second attack came they waited till she was in critical condition before rushing her of to the hospital where they knew that her time was already up thanks to their actions. But just to be sure Secretary Koo eliminated her for good. Meaning Lady Joo had carefully planned her death and thus she should suffer her own dose of Karma at this point.



    Oh well while I certainly have a whole lot more to add will do that later on. this post has not only gotten larger than I expected but it is also getting quite late over here. So good night for the time being from my end. Take care all of you and keep posting. Perhaps we might get lucky and the show may actually improve and the main leads might get interesting.


    @Lmangla LoL good one about Yujung wanting to date him thus not not revealing her actual connection to Yura.

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  14. Well folks it is official something big happened in the show that finally brings me out of my self-imposed exile and makes me post now. Been real busy till now since thanks to Corvid am stuck in my country and the country where I initially worked cut of my residency. So my current job has been hogging up all of my spare time. I even haven’t caught up to all the previous posts because of that. Sorry for that. Am still stuck on page 20 so am just going with the recent pages and all. My apologizes once again in regards to this.


    Anyway enough of that and let’s get on with the actual post. Have a bit to discuss after all.




    For starters let’s bring up the so called Yujung reveal in the latest episode. It seems that one theory is actually being ignored and I feel that it is my job to bring it to viewers’ attention as well.


    Apparently her dad tells his wife a partial truth when he mentions that he wants to meet an old hometown friend that she doesn’t know about. In this case it turns out to be Secretary Koo. Unfortunately, the moment he spots him Dad starts to freak out. Making us viewers wonder just what could the reason be. Did we miss out any interaction of them in a previous episode. Turns out we get the answer via a flashback where it is indeed revealed that those two knew each other in the past as former friends to the extent that Dad mentions to the Secretary that he is a proud father to a single daughter. Note stress on the singular not daughters and certainly no mention of twins.


    Now what could this mean. The first thing is that the dad was actually telling the truth back then. The family had one daughter that may have passed away when she was just a child and since it was a tragic event the family never brought her up and thus the kids don’t know about their missing sibling.


    But then we had the Dads reaction of trying to avoid meeting his old friend and the next scene we have him trying to convince Yujung that she should perhaps leave the company ASAP and he seems a bit relieved that she plans on doing exactly that in two months at the most. This then brings up more questions than answers. For instance, we now know for sure that the daughter that isn’t his would be Yujung since if it was Yura he would have tried to rush over to her place and perhaps try and talk her out of leaving that household since she is far closer to the DL Family currently. The possible reason for dad wanting to get Yujung away from that company is so that she doesn’t interact with the secretary and he discovers her true identity. Furthermore, it is also in line with K-Drama Tropes that the adopted parent has become attached to their adopted child that they are afraid to let them meet their biological parent in case the child decides to go to them.


    Anyway less of that and more of who are Yujung’s actual birth parents. Most of the viewers have accepted the fact that she may be AC Chairman’s bio daughter with his first love Ji Sook. Nothing wrong with this theory in itself as people have equally pointed out that she was spotted in the same shopping area as her she likes to smile a lot like Ji Sook and some other points as well further indicating said things. But for me there is a slight issue regarding this.


    First of all, every time that we see Ji Sook via flashbacks she doesn’t seem pregnant at all. It is possible that she was in the early stages of pregnancy when she had her accident but then that doesn’t explain how the Secretary got his hands on Yujung even as a baby. He after all didn’t even know about Ji Sook’s current location until it was brought to his attention by Suk Joon’s mother. Therefore, the only way I can perhaps see Yujung being their child (AC Chairman and Ji Sook) is if somehow Suk Joon’s mother promises Ji Sook that she will take care of the child in return Ji Sook promises to leave the Chairman alone. For some weird reason Ji Sook agrees to said terms. Perhaps her child was ill at that time or something to that extent. But since Suk Joon’s mother watches a lot of K-Dramas itself she decides to take a page out of Ji Sook’s actress last drama (Lie After Lie) and has the Secretary secretly get rid of her. This is the only way that this theory can make sense to me atleast.


    As for the theory that people seem to not consider is that perhaps Yujung is actually the Secretary and Suk Joon’s mothers secret daughter and they had to quickly get rid of her so that the AC Chairman wouldn’t find out and kick them out of the house. I know that a few people think that Suk Joon might be their secret child but after a bit of consideration I am starting to have my doubts regarding this.


    Will get to the reasoning for that in a bit. But before I do that I want to ask what all of you viewers think about the so called Yujung reveal. Frankly I am unimpressed at this point. They should have led up to this reveal ages ago atleast to us viewers and not tried to bring it up at such a late point. To me this seems more like a desperate act by the writer to either fill their quota of 100 episodes or they are trying to get more than that and perhaps aim for 120 episodes which I feel would be a further disaster. Thanks to this I feel that the writer is also not all that consistent which is further affecting the plot. Will get into that as well in a bit.


    For now, let me get back to Suk Joon and why I think that he is the biological son of his parents. Basically it is because he possesses his families most negative trait which has finally allowed me to come up with a nickname for him at this point. Which would be Clingy. Why is this the case. Answer is quite simple. None of his parents have been able to move on from their so called First Love and still obsess over them to a certain extent. His dad still Pines over Ji Sook that he keeps her picture hidden in a frame that has her knitting as a memento. Though how much he still wants her remains to be seen. Will get into that in a bit. As for his mother she is still obsessed of wanting to be the Madam of that house and the wife of AC Chairman when she is fully aware that her husband has little to no feelings for her and still pines over Ji Sook that she tries and takes extreme steps to prevent those two from meeting up. Clingy is just the same as his parents. He is fully aware that Yujung has no feelings for him. Not only that but he also knows who she has feelings for. Yet he still chases after her and wants to be with her. Shake my head in frustration at his actions. But as we can see he has a few similar traits as his parents. Perhaps this crazy obsession is a trait in their DNA and we should therefore give him a pass for all his crazy stunts at this point. We all know just how much crazier he is going to get if he takes over his mother’s side. So I guess in a way him and Yura are a perfect match since both of them are equally clingy and obsessive in their so called love.


    Now the point that I was bringing up about AC Chairman’s obsession with Ji Sook. To be fair it is quite possible that he is more than ready to move on but he isn’t doing any of that since he hasn’t gotten the proper closure thanks to the stunts of his wife. If he discovers that she has moved on and has her own family, he will probably leave her. Though to be fair considering that she currently has amnesia he might want to stay with her till she recovers those memories which might be an issue for his wife and they might be slightly justifiable but then again I don’t much care what she thinks as she still needs a dose of Karma to hit her for all her actions in the past.


    For instance, I have pretty set the perfect Karma for her at this point. She had Tae Poong’s mother eliminated because she discovered the irregularities that she was doing in their project and the mother threatened to reveal them all. So she had her first framed and then eliminated. I therefore feel that she should go through similar actions as well. Since she is actually guilty she should serve time for her crimes. Plus, as she has been fainting a lot for no apparent reason and the doctors can’t find anything wrong with her and attribute those issues due to stress and overwork. It is quite possible that she has some fatal illness and the doctors are unable to catch it in time. Thus she can die in pain in jail for all that she has done in the past. Karma thus comes full circle for her and the AC Chairman finally gets rid of his loco wife and makes him free to be with anyone that he wants at this point even if said person isn’t Ji Sook and somebody new.


    As for Clingy stopped feeling sorry for him a long time ago. Did feel a bit bad when Yujung decided to play on his feelings for her in the quest of her revenge but not anymore since he has become way to Clingy for anyone’s good and has started treating Yujung more as a personal belonging/thing than an actual person who has their own feelings and thoughts. Plus, the guy isn’t doing anyone any favours when he decides to cover for his mother’s crimes and also is now actively trying to get rid of their competition namely Ji Sook and Tae Poong. Look no offense to anybody but even his so called justification seems to ring hollow at this point. The writer tries to make us feel bad for him and tries to justify all of this by making both mother and son traumatized by having the dad try and leave them when they were young (him a kid and his mother at whatever age). AC Chairman then tried to search for Ji Sook but failed and had to return when his wife either became ill or attempted to fake suicide (or actually attempted one). Regardless this has been an issue for Clingy for all those years. He then tries to defend his mother’s actions and tells his dad that he needs to understand his wife and her actions and be on her side no matter what other people say. Okay Mr. Weirdo that is how you want to play this absurd game of yours. Look as a kid I could give you a pass and even understand your issues but not as an adult.


    As an adult I am sure that Clingy should have enough sense to just see how happy is parents actually are. A perfect example is that for all these many years they still sleep in different beds. If the Ji Sook issue was a simple matter it would have been resolved ages ago and they would have all been a happy family by now. Since neither party is letting go of this matter another issue should be resolved by this point. Again I feel that at this point AC Chairman is at fault since he should have asked for a divorce from his wife if he can’t commit himself to her at this point regardless of what Ji Sook wants or even returns back in his life. Though something tells me that since he only wants closure from his past he could still be with his wife. After all he has been shown to make some effect in relationship with his marriage in the last few years and pays a bit more attention to his wife these days. Regardless of all this I certainly don’t want him to end up understanding his wife’s crazy choices and forgive her for all the stunts that she has been pulling for all this time.


    You know what I won’t even bother with Clingy at this point and all his dumb stunts for the time being since that will only end up irking me further. As for Yura she is eventually going to go down at some point. She after all can’t escape from her past and that is going to eventually come calling at her doorstep,


    For instance, how many people here think that her former Boyfriend is actually dead. I for one have my doubts regarding said event. Let’s see why. First of all, that Family has the Terminator Trait in their DNA as I like to call it. Let’s see some of their track record as evidence. Former Boyfriend ends up in an accident. He partially recovers but is informed that he is losing his eyesight. Few years later even that problem is safely resolved. Meanwhile while he was recovering his brother gets involved in a car accident. Yet brother manages to find enough energy to find his way back to hospital and scare the heck out of Yura before he needs to head for recovery. Then recently boyfriend returns but drops of a cliff and supposedly dies. But hey let’s see the track record of people falling of cliffs in this drama and actually dying. Ji Sook did that and survived but ended up with amnesia only. Plus, the boyfriend has the Terminator Gene in him so he is bound to survive. He just needs time to recover. He Will Be Back. Regardless I feel that the writer has conveniently left that option available to themselves if they have time to continue with this plot. Let’s see the reasoning behind this action if possible. First of all the only person that actually saw the corpse and tried to identify it is Minion but since he actually hasn’t met him in person he could easily make a mistake in identifying him. The only person that actually knows him was Yura and she is conveniently informed that the body is disfigured due to the fall so even she might have a harder time identifying said body. Which I am sure might not have been an issue for her. But then Yura changes her mind at the last moment when she spots the watch that the corpse is wearing and she recognizes it as the same watch as her Ex. That is all the ID and evidence that she needs. Which I should point out is more than enough to bring the Ex back if the writer wants since it could be easily revealed that Tae Poong decides to pull a bait and switch at this point. He places the watch on a random corpse hoping that it would be enough to fool Yura and perhaps even some of the audience. But I won’t be one of them yet.


    Then again this writer fails to be consistent at many points so I may be wrong. Heck I am sure I could make up an entire post in regards to some of their inconsistencies so far and things that seem to make little to no sense by this point and only serve to pad the 100 episode count at this point.


    Someone brought up the Off Topic Emote as Well as the Unamused and Angry/Mad emote. Full disclosure over here, I am guilty of using the last two emotes for a few posts. If anyone got offended by that or you are one of them here let me start by apologizing since that wasn’t my intent in the first place. To further clarify my reasoning for doing so was less in regards to the nature of your content in the post but more in regards to the character’s action in said post.


    For instance, if someone mentioned as to how Clingy is desperate to be with Yujung that he threatens to lock her up in his personal dungeon until she agrees then I would have given him an unamused verdict, (as I pointed out I would be unamused by the stunt Clingy pulled) naturally the other viewer would have a similar reaction by saying as much. I probably should have ended it with a like. Guess that’s what I will do in the future then. Just want to point something out that at times I have a hard time giving a proper emote as I feel like a post can be more than one thing ie it can be Insightful, Fumy/Amusing and the others as well yet we are only able to give one vote to a post.


    Now the other thing that I wanted to talk about is how people over here need to really stop telling Yura what they are going to do next because this doesn’t really help anyone over here but Yura. I could perhaps understand when they didn’t know what she was like in the past so her overhearing something is one thing that is beyond a person’s control. But on the other hand giving her any kind of breathing room is beyond stupid at this point. For instance, when she framed her Ex for assault and had him locked up Tae Poong foolishly told her that she may have won this round but he would take the win next time by becoming her Ex’s lawyer and get him out. This just made her implement her next plan which prevented the two of them from making a move against her. (kidnapping her Ex’s mother)


    Come to think about it that entire scene makes less sense as time goes by and makes me wonder if this was the writers’ inconsistency as well. For starters how did she pull that stunt of in the first place. Sure she hired trusty Minion to do that and we have already seen that he is pretty good when it comes to disguising himself and taking care of the security cameras. But even then the Ex is totally unaware that his mother has gone missing until Yura points it out to him. My point over here is that he should have found out much earlier. Think about it even if he was staying at that hotel in the plans of taking his revenge on Yura his mother wouldn’t have been alone at the hospital. Remember that he has a younger brother that shares his Terminator Genes. That brother should have reported to him that their mother was missing. Even if he assumed that she was taken for a checkup he should have gotten suspicious when she didn’t return for such a long time or something to that extent. Instead he only discovers that his mother is missing because Yura brings it to his attention. Now that certainly awards his Son Of The Year Award.


    The other thing is that these same characters need to stop revealing the evidence that they have against her so that she can’t force them into either destroying it or handing it over to her. Just use the darn evidence and get rid of her for good for Pete’s sake or use it in an equally creative way. For instance, when Clingy discovered that she was not only faking her pregnancy but was then planning on faking a miscarriage and placing the blame on him so that he would feel guilty and stay with her. He shouldn’t have simply confronted her with it and let her listen to the recording so that she could blackmail him with his mother’s recording. He should have gone with the flow and embarrassed her Royally. He should have confronted her in such a manner that she would think Ah maybe I should implement my initial plan a bit sooner which would then result in her pretending to fall of the stairs of the home. If timing done perfectly when the family just returns to witness said scene. Now they would all be giving Clingy a piece of their mind while the ambulance is on the way. Since Clingy knows the truth he calmly takes it all in. Then at the hospital they get the shocking news that she miscarried because of the fall. Now just when they have more to say to Clingy he tells them that he has something important to say. He then takes out the Audio Recording and plays it for everyone to hear. This not only embarrasses Yura but also the doctor that played along with her request and misdiagnosed her with a miscarriage. I can already imagine the hospital scene as it could have played out. This way not only would Clingy and company have dealt with Yura but also a corrupt doctor that couldn’t harm anybody else as well.


    As for Tae Poong handing over all of his evidence that he collected on Yura is also something that I don’t get. Sure he was forced to do so when his son was ill but that was above stupid. First of all, he had no actual guarantee that Yura would actually show up for the treatment he just had her word. What if she changed her mind or was lying just to get her hands on said evidence then he was wasting his time and opportunity to take her down. In a way that is exactly what happened. Also this is something that I don’t get what stops his from collecting said evidence all over again and using it against her. While some of it may be harder I don’t think all of it would have been impossible unless Tae Poong went all Sith along the way and had those that found said evidence eliminated as soon as they gave it to him since they knew to many of his secrets and all. He doesn’t seem like that but then again who knows. Again Tae Poong made a mistake by revealing to Yura that she only had a copy of the evidence while he had the original forcing Yura to strike such a deal in the first place.


    Come to think about it that was totally unnecessary at this point if one thinks about it. For instance, Clingy nearly convinced his family to get tested as well as used the situation at the company hoping that one would have been a match for Minho. At this point Yujung should have convinced him to get Yura tested as well. this way Minho could have not only survived but Yura could have also maintained her secret as well. She wouldn’t have been able to get her hands on the evidence though unless she timed her choice correctly. Though come to think about it how did Yura get her hands on the Evidence Copy in the first place. Did she tell her Minion to sneak into Tae Poong house? Because if one looks at it the address where Tae Poong had his new ID Card issued from was clearly a fake. One could tell that nobody was living there and he was only there so that he could confront Yura. If minion headed over there, then he wouldn’t have found anything over there. So it either means that Yura told him to search Tae Poong’s house or the writer blundered up not that it matters.


    While we are on the topic of Minhos condition I feel like I should bring up another mistake the writer brought up or even the Yujung Birth Reveal in the latest episode. The entire situation back then revealed Yura’s deception back in the day and how she lied to everyone that Tae Poong was the birth father and whatnot. Thanks to testing it was proven without any doubt that he wasn’t related to the kid in anyway. Now the same should have been applied for Yujung as well. don’t you all agree. As Yura’s twin she should have a few similarities with her nephew being his aunt and whatnot. But if she doesn’t share a drop of blood since she is someone else’s child then the doctor should have given her the same verdict as Tae Poong. He didn’t which makes me wonder why. Sure it is possible that he told her in private and we may get a flashback scene at some point in this drama showing that she is already aware of this fact. But none of this matters to Yujung at this point because her first priority was saving the life of her son and the other was that it didn’t matter who her birth parents were because the only family that really mattered to her was the one that raised her and took care of her.


    Oh and for the love of god why doesn’t Yujung simply reveal Yura’s secret to the rest of her family. It will save a lot of people trouble and misery. Heck she doesn’t even need to be with Clingy to do any of that. The moment she told that family that Minho was her nephew and that her sister was actually Yura. Then Yura would have been kicked out of that house with nothing to her name. Problem solved. Instead she tries to justify her actions by making Yura suffer more. Not sure how that is even possible. But like I said earlier the more room that Yura has to breathe the more time she has to come up with an equal plan to counter the evidence the main leads have against her. Also Yujung please grow a brain while you are at it. As a female lead you are simply terrible at your job that I find it hard to root for you and your so called revenge.


    Heck at this point my favourite character has got to be Yura at this point. She is running around in circles with the rest of the characters and they have simply no idea of what is going around them. It also probably helps that she has improved her facial reactions this time around and has more material to work around since I watched her in two other shows.


    At this point I feel that the only way to stop Yura from getting any more wins would be to eliminate anything that could be helping her. In this case they need to identify her minion and take him out of the picture. Once that happens she will automatically follow as she will have nobody to rely and depend on to cover for her or give her valuable intel etc Am actually surprised that Tae Poong with his awesome memory has failed to recognize him or even Yujung. Though for her it is possible that since 5 years have atleast passed she may fail to do so.


    Come to think about it Clingy’s Aunt should be in a similar boat as well. In the recent episode she goes to visit the detectives brother where his ashes are kept and fails to recognize him. Remember she saw him at the gate of their house and he told her that he was there to meet with her SiL and she had then lied to the Aunt that he was merely there for some work related to the foundation. Yet she also failed to recognize him when she went to pay her respect. Perhaps they are using an older(younger) picture of him over there and that is why she failed to do so or she just doesn’t remember him at the moment. Though how long that will last remains to be seen now. Clingy’s mother’s days are equally numbered now. It is just a matter of time before either AC Chairman bumps into Ji Sook or something happens when the truth is revealed to him or someone recalls where they saw person X which results into the secret getting exposed. Again at this point I don’t want him to forgive his wife so that they can all move on and live happily ever after.


    While it certainly is true that he is at fault for his own unhappy marriage that still doesn’t excuse the actions of his wife towards her rival and whatnot. They all need to pay for their crimes at this point. Some might think that the AC Chairman is punished enough by being in an unhappy marriage but I disagree. Also as I pointed out Clingy needs to mind his own business at this point than in meddling with family affairs that have nothing to do with him or that are related to the adults. The guy is an adult now and he already has a relationship with his parents which isn’t going to go anywhere soon so even if they do separate he would still be their kid unless the writer goes out of their way to reveal that he isn’t AC Chairman’s son and instead Secretary Koo’s. Then his entire life can come crashing down and I am sure that he can blame all of his terrible life choices on his mother and her actions. Perhaps then he can also find happiness in the arms of Yura who will probably want nothing to do with him at this point that she will plan on running away again only to discover that she has no way out this time round.


    To be honest I am actually still surprised that Yura’s identity still hasn’t been exposed till now. I mean she prepared her identity well by faking her documents thanks to the marriage lady being unaware and then bribed her not to reveal the original documents by telling her that if anyone asks about them that she lost them. Not sure what that lady gains from that since her own reputation will get tarnished if they find out from other means. Yura must be one hell of a tipper. But even then there are other ways to have said identity exposed. Again surprised that they didn’t go that way. For instance, when Clingy was interested in Yujung I am actually surprised that his mother didn’t decide to do a background check on her. First it was that she wasn’t good enough for her son so she had him packed of to the States for a few years and when he returned he still wanted to be with her. Fortunately for his mother she had a new excuse why those two wouldn’t work. Namely that she was a single mother. But then later on she started to open up to Yujung especially once she started to realize just what kind of woman Yura actually was. At this point it would have been the perfect chance and opportunity to do a background search into Yujung and her family and discover her connection to Yura. It also makes me laugh that nobody until now has noticed that both women have the same surname namely Han. Granted that Han is a common surname over there with the Lees and Kims if I am not mistaken but still it should have been considered at some point. I mean Clingy even has a class picture of the two sisters in it and he hasn’t also connected the dots as well. Hilarious by the way.



    Okay folks while I have more to add and things are certainly slipping my mind I think that since this post has gotten far too long with my ramblings I will end my post over here for the time being. Hopefully my next trip here won’t be after such a long time but let’s see how work pans out and when I will be free next. So till next time and keep posting and also hoping that the main leads (all of them) get a brain and develop some intelligence so that they can outsmart Yura and we the viewers can get some sort of satisfaction.

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  15. LoL so while watching episode 22 I fell asleep in the middle only to catch the ending. Thus the next day I thought that I had already watched it and started the next episode only to realize my mistake. Though I have finally managed to catch up with all the episode’s even those that I was watching from the middle and whatnot. Thus I want to thank @UnniSarah or bringing up the credit card scene that I had missed back then. Am sure that I might still tend to forget other things and all so a quick recall would always be great.


    Anyway now let’s get back to the main post itself.




    So for starters am going to have to start to agree with @maribella’s assessment about the brain power about the rest of Heartless siblings and thus them being poor in their studies back in school and all.


    The scenario that I was initially going to with was a typical K-Drama formula which would be something around as follows. The parents probably had enough money to send their kids upto high school/college at most. At this point they would have arrived at financial difficulties where they could only provide education for one of their child. Especially when you consider the fact that they had twins as well. Heartless probably got to go complete her education because knowing her nature she must have tried to use the pity card or the victim personality whatever you want to go with. Since Clueless is more or less a doormat she let her sister go also it probably wouldn’t help that her mother tends to take her sisters side in almost all things and she would have further forced/convinced her to make way for her sister’s future and whatnot.


    Not surprising mind, you. Remember when she fainted at her sister’s wedding mother was again angry at her for trying to ruin her sister’s future or something to that extent instead of being worried about her daughter’s condition. Another reason why she can share the same title/nickname as her daughter (heartless).


    As for your point as to why Tae Poong’s mother didn’t help them out if she knew that the family were having financial troubles regarding their studies knowing their condition and all and her nature. A valid point mind you but I have a theory for that as well. Normally I am sure that the family would have accepted such an offer but knowing Clueless and her Dad in the current situation would refuse said offer. Back in the day Heartless was more easy to control. Tae Poong’s condition happened because he tried to rescue her daughter from drowning and all. For this reason, Dad and Clueless always felt bad and guilty towards him. As pointed out it was also enough for the mother to shut up as well.


    Though if you consider all of that it makes her actions towards Tae Poong all the more worse. His condition happened due to her child thus the family does should have a sense of responsibility towards him and all. Yet she shamelessly and heartlessly has him chucked out of the house and is expected to fend on his own. Another reason why she is so unlikable like her daughter. Seo Jun’s mother’s actions to an extent can be explainable so at times she still feels human compared to those two. Thus in short even if the mother would have been okay with accepting Tae Poong’s mothers help Clueless and her Dad would be against it due to shame atleast. This can be further evidenced in even now how only those two are busy searching for Tae Poong or atleast her Dad supports her in this venture while the mother is still against it. therefore, I won’t have any issue with her losing everything that she has at the moment. After all, when you consider everything did initially come from Tae Poong’s wealth and she doesn’t deserve a dime from it.


    Now the reason why I am starting to agree with your assessment about the kids being poor in their studies. The perfect example here would be Clueless and her relationship with Seo Jun. Clearly she lacks brain cells in this department otherwise she also has a mental problem (perhaps that is why she is a perfect fit for Tae Poong).


    When she first met Seo Joon it was at a shoe shop in a department store. He was clearly abusing his power that time by going on a power trip with one of the employee’s. Granted she wasn’t aware of the fact that those two were acquaintances and what happened behind the scenes. She tried to make a video recording only at this point did Seo Joon realize what was going on and stopped being embarrassing and all. Doubt that she was the one to upload it though but that is a story for another day.


    Anyway a few days later or was it the next day she bumps into him again when he mistakes her for scratching his expensive car and all. Results in him dragging her off to the police station and all. The investigation eventually reveals that it was a poor old man that accidentally scratched the car. Then out of the goodness of her heart Clueless decides to pay for the damages since she knows that the poor guy can’t pay for them.


    Seo Joon discovers this fact but since he has taken a fancy towards her they strike a deal that every day he will purchase a Kimbap that she makes and sells and she uses that to deduct it from the damages cost. Now here is where it all becomes absurd. While I am willing to let their first encounter pass since she met him only once it might not have been as impressionable to her as compared to him. But after that not so much.


    She probably already got an estimate for the car and knows that it is expensive and all. So you expect me to belive that she still thinks that he is poor and a normal person. I recall there was this scene where he wanted to do something that cost money and she tells him that people like them need to save every penny to earn a living or something like that. How is that even possible. Also her agreeing to her payment method is equally absurd. She apparently sells her Kimbap at 2$ apiece. Even if we assume that he purchases 2 per day and rounding of 30 days a month that makes his expenses 1440$ a year, I doubt that comes even close to the damage of his car. Meaning she will be paying of the damages for a really long time. How does that even explain him being poor. Perhaps we will get a scene someday where he lies to her that the car really wasn’t his but belonged to a rich friend who is mad at him for it and all. Because at this point nothing else makes sense as to how Clueless she can really get (or as you pointed out that she has been poor in the studies department to figure all of this out on her own.)


    @UnniSarah seem to agree with you that Yejin probably isn’t the Chairman’s daughter she does seem to be a bit young to fit the age. Should be around Clueless and Heartless age but she seems to be younger than Leech. So they probably had her after her mother’s accident. Though to be honest I initially was unsure of what to make of her. Was she her father’s daughter from before he married her mother (ie chairmans first love is her stepmother) or she is her birth daughter. The reason I speculated that was when she spent a night out in the first episode her dad apologized to her for his mistake of not informing the mother of her being out and for causing friction and misunderstanding between them. It therefore felt like she wasn’t her real daughter but that they were making effort to become a family and all.


    Oh you mentioned Bad Love. Come to think about it that show also had twin sisters in it. Though in that case both sisters were nice and the main leads sister ended up dying. The villain over there was the adopted sister. Did kind of feel bad for her at certain points but that is a story for another day. Seo Soon being the Secretaries son like that would certainly be interesting. Though in this case he seems to be atleast more competent than the second lead over there. Let’s see how he pans out by the end of the show. As of now he certainly seems to be his father’s son but I would love to be proven wrong again. For instance, in Bad Love it didn’t seem possible that the second leads mother would have cheated on her husband. It didn’t seem in her nature. Then we had the reveal. So points to those people that had gotten that prediction correct.


    @UnniSarah Wouldn’t know about the ball scene that reminded you of Love To The End. I stopped watching that show exactly at episode 25 and never got a chance to get back to it so will take your word for that.


    @maribella LoL at your point in regards to a hair colour change. Even the fake witness did that or to be more exact he let his natural hair colour return unlike Tae Poong.


    @brooksmom The reference in Brilliant Heritage was doubly funny because when they asked the gold digger what was the owners favorite show she first mentions Brilliant Heritage. Funny since that is the exact show that they are on. So how exactly does that work was she from another dimension where she watched the show or do they just happen to have a show in their world with the same name as well but different cast. (better have a different plot as well otherwise they could catch up on a lot of things that the villains were doing and stop them.) the ending for that show was funny just felt that they missed a person in it. but again that is a story for another day and a topic that shouldn’t be brought up here so will leave it at that.


    @Lmangla never bothered to notice the background music that generally plays around the characters. So I guess a good catch. Though I do want to point out that her giving a fake testimony wasn’t only to prevent the Minho Birth Secret from being revealed. To be more exact it was to buy herself time so that she could get her hands on the family wealth and run of with it or whatever else she wanted. Granted in this case both points could be mutually related. Since if her MiL got released she would have her kicked out without a dime and perhaps not need to alter the will to such a degree. Considering that she had to take care of the foundation that was cheating her and all. While she hadn’t seen the DNA results she probably could have figured them out by now and if needed asked for a copy of them from the lab again. The MiL passing away due to her illness was merely a boon for Heartless at this point.


    @nohamahamoud2002 Clueless abandoned Tae Poong because she really is short of Grey Matter. Her thinking is nothing short of absurd even if she tries to explain it. Her mother basically gave her an ultimatum where she could either choose to be with Tae Poong. Him hanging around with the family or bring back Minho but not have both.


    Her (Clueless) reasoning would have probably been something around like this. The longer they delay in locating Minho the higher the chances of him being adopted by somebody else. Since the mother is the only one that knows his location she would have to pretend to give in to her demands but the moment that she located Minho she would bring back Tae Poong as well. Sounds partially reasonable mind you until you realize something. She can’t explain all of this to Tae Poong due to his mental condition and that she is doing all of this for him in the first place. Had he been normal Shameless probably wouldn’t have gone to such extents. (she could have done a few things the same). He would have also managed to survive till Clueless managed to recover Minho and get back with him. But since that wasn’t the case she should have handled the case better. For instance, she should have perhaps hired someone to look after Minho for the time being till she achieved her goals. Instead she tries to push him away thinking that she is doing him a favour. Certainly didn’t help their cause when he ends up getting abducted and all and nobody really bothers reporting him. Come to think about it I can sort of understand the neighbor not caring all that much but that shouldn’t have been the case for Clueless. Sure she has been running about like crazy since back then to locate him but did she even consider reporting him missing to the police. Granted in this case that might not have been so helpful since they were in the pocket of the Foundation’s owner and all.


    @shamrockmom I am going to go with the theory that Tae Poong is only aware of things that he knows or caught in the background even with his intellectual progress. In this case he was knocked out by the time Heartless returned from her shower. Thus she could have clearly taken advantage of him. He should probably be mad about that if he is thinking straight. But since he thinks that she still had his child he should give her some leeway at this point. It also doesn’t help that he got attached to the child in that brief period so it doesn’t matter how he became a father just that he did.


    As for the real father doubt that he will make an appearance any time soon. From what I recall he was slowly losing his eyesight due to the accident that he was involved in. Thus he has probably already lost it if we are lucky. Though at this point I am a bit unclear about this fact. Is the problem something that surgery can’t cure at all or the fact that once he goes blind get an eye transplant which helps him see once more. Some might argue that he doesn’t have the funds for any of that. But I am sure that some of his friends could help him out. If I recall correctly, he was living in an apartment that belonged to a rich friend. Someone from Samo Group. I am sure they could help fund his surgery allowing him to come back in the picture. Prior to this he gave up his right as a parent due to his medical condition and all but if that doesn’t hold him back anymore then there is nothing to prevent him to demand his rights back. Though to be honest even back then that wasn’t any real excuse to let Heartless continue on with her deception. Even if he couldn’t take care of his child at that point I am sure that his mother and brother wouldn’t hesitate to give him a helping hand in regards to this. Not that any of it will matter by the end.


    I still feel that if you raise a kid with all of your heart their past shouldn’t really matter and that you won’t abandon them once the truth is revealed. Unlike let’s say what happened in the show A Place Under The Sun. Where certain people could just turn their feelings on and off as the plot demanded.


    To be honest I just don’t get Shameless and her lack of affection for Minho. This is her freaking grandchild of all things not some random strangers kid. Unless she is pulling a scam of her own at this point as well. When Tae Poong arrived at the orphanage he was informed that only two kids were found on the date that he mentioned and while one of them was retaken by his family the other one passed away. Who by the way conveniently also had the same Mickey Mouse Doll as Minho. Isn’t that odd. Did both families have a thing for Mickey Mouse. Is he just that popular. So unless what happened was the actual Minho did pass away but Shameless didn’t want anybody to discover this fact took in the other child claiming to be family and having a change of heart. Also note for some weird reason Clueless is dumb enough to go with the name change that her mother has gone with. Why wouldn’t anybody notice the difference if there was a baby swap. Has anybody just seen how clueless Clueless can be at times that it wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t notice the difference or if she did her mother could have explained that children look different after some time (just how many days/months did it take for her to bring Minho back to the family) that might work though not exactly possible. The Mickey Mouse doll is certainly weird since I think that I spotted it in her house as well. So it really is a case of drama coincidence that both children ended up with the same doll at the same orphanage. The other thing is that Minho was probably deposited at a totally different orphanage than the one that Tae Poong ended up with so that case could be slightly more believable at that point. After all, if memory serves me correctly a nun discovered him but the woman that Tae Poong was talking with didn’t seem like that to me. Perhaps she was in charge of management and the Nuns aren’t responsible for that though that does seem a bit unlikely knowing what I know and have seen of these shows.


    @nohamahamoud2002 Going to agree with you at this point it won’t matter to the leads about Minho’s birth secret they have been taking care of him for so long or have kept them in their thoughts that it won’t matter to them. They should make sure that they can keep the other two women far away from him at this point though. Fortunately for all of us Heartless failed to register Minho as her kid so she won’t get any parental rights to complain about later on. Probably will make her mad but that will be her Karma.


    @maribella I think the poor guy was more shocked as to why he didn’t have any clothes on when he clearly remembered having some before he hit the sack. As for him asking Heartless about their so called night out doesn’t exactly work. Back then he was dumb enough to go along with the lies that were fed to him even if he was unsure as to what exactly transpired that night. But as for now he can’t do that since that will mess up his entire revenge plans especially on Heartless who abandoned her family (including him and Minho). Not sure how he plans to take her down. It isn’t like he is going to show up at her wedding and reveal himself to be her husband. She better hope that she is pregnant again at that point so that she can rely on her favourite fainting trick. LoL She is going to need that and every trick in her book to stay married to Seo Joon.



    While I have more to add going to spend some time with my nephews that are here. So take care all of you and keep posting. Look forward to reading all of your thoughts and all. Will get to my actual post at some other point.

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  16. Not sure how I missed two whole pages of comments before I posted my post. Pretty embarrassing when you think about that and that is why I couldn’t answer all the questions out there. still haven’t watched the latest episode so no comment on that yet.


    Am writing this post to answer some of @Lmangla’s questions to the best of my ability and also to ask a question of my own that probably can’t be answered.




    In regards to Heartless’ previous marriage it never took place in any way. The actual marriage had Tae Poong rushing out before the event took place to take Clueless to the hospital who had fainted to no fault of her own. As for her next plan of first registering her marriage and then doing the ceremony later on didn’t pan out as well. When she tried to do that she was contacted by The Terminator (Ex’s Brother) and blackmailed that the moment she did that he would send incriminating evidence to her MiL (her relationship with his brother). So she had to put that plan on hold till she discovered his identity.


    Come to think about it she also hasn’t registered the birth of her child as well. She was initially planning on doing that until she realized that her MiL was having financial troubles. She decided to look further into the matter before sealing the deal only to discover that her MiL was planning on donating her entire fortune to the foundation for charity purposes (leaving only a single building to Tae Poong). Which wasn’t enough for her greedy nature. And something else. Which probably brings up a question that somebody else asked earlier. Why doesn’t Tae Poong simply return to that family and ask them where is kid is or that he will charge them with kidnapping his child. Problem here is that there is no legal proof that the kid is his since it hasn’t been registered under his family name. Also it would blow up his cover so that is another reason why he doesn’t do that.


    As for the fact whether or not he is aware that Heartless is the second false witness since he has access to his mother’s case files is debatable. On one hand it certainly would be interesting if that was the case and thus why she is a target of his revenge and all. On the other hand, am not so sure. I believe that in the last episode he had a look at the casefiles and noticed that things were missing or were lacking. So her part may have been taken out for that reason. Perhaps the detective at that time was hoping to use her as a surprise witness if the case ever went to court thus kept the file on her testimony in a separate place till it was to be needed. So until they say otherwise I am going to atleast assume that he isn’t aware of her involvement. Then again why is he so cautious towards her. Darn hard to say.


    Why does Heartless want to marry up especially when she is supposed to have all that wealth from stealing from her MiL. Don’t know if it has all dried up or not. Going to assume that she still has some remaining since she can afford to get her a gift from the preview of todays’ episode and all. But just how much remains to be seen. Am going to assume that most of it must have been spent on her education studying abroad and living her life there till she decided to return to Korea. She clearly needs a new source of money before her initial batch runs out. Not sure why she isn’t depending on her own skills though. Thanks to her studying abroad and perhaps even making a name for herself back there her specs should be impressive enough that people won’t be able to walk all over here like last time. Her wealth might not be totally helpful though in this case though thus her wanting a stronger foundation to back her up.


    Speaking of marriages something that should be brought up is the fact that Seo Joon’s mother conveniently couldn’t show up at Tae Poong’s initial wedding (the one where he ran out) thus she has never seen the bride to be. So now we know the reason why she couldn’t attend it (to further the plot in this manner). If she knew the truth you can be sure that she would never be okay with Heartless becoming her DiL unless she has no other choice.


    Not sure who brought up the fact about the kids’ education back in the day and that how only Heartless must have been working hard back in the day while the rest of her siblings were just passing through. I think even back then Clueless was busy supporting her family. Hard to say just how much money the family was making back then also they were both working at Tae Poong’s house but was his mother paying both of them or was their mother just helping around the house pretending to be grateful for letting her family stay at her place. But then again considering how clueless Clueless really is their assessment might not be so far of.


    Now the question that I wanted to bring up before I forget again. What do some of the viewers think about Heartless and did she have murdering tendencies far longer than one expects. Am speaking about the incident when she had her MiL’s cars brake lines cut so that The Terminator would get into an accident and hopefully die. Yet like Terminator nothing stopped him and he still managed to return before briefly running out of power and needed to be recharged. My question then becomes was he the only person to be targeted? Was her MiL also to be involved but just got lucky. If one recalls her mother asked the MiL if she also didn’t have to go for the paper signing or something. To which the MiL replied that the guy just had to either submit or collect the documents. She wanted to stay back due to Heartless condition and all. Therefore, this meant that under normal circumstances and conditions she would have also gone to it and since Heartless has lived in that house for quite some time she would have been aware of said fact. Thus perhaps she was initially planning on killing two birds with one stone in the hopes of getting the inheritance all to herself much earlier.


    @maribella Oh so many good points that you brought up. How exactly will she cover up her past including yearbooks and whatnot. Actually at this point I won’t much care about it. this is a drama where almost everyone can fake their past if they have enough skill. Tae Poong is the perfect example over here. But this isn’t unheard of other dramas as well. Plus, she has that Dancing Detective or whoever that shady sidekick of hers is that is around to help her out in regards to this. Perhaps create a fake yearbook just add or edit a person’s picture in the real one and have it printed. Just one copy might not be all that expensive and I am sure that she can afford it.


    As for Yejin actually being the Chairmans daughter could certainly be an interesting twist. Not sure if the ages match out but if that is the case all that I can say would be nice. While I get your pairing knowing these dramas it probably won’t go the way that you want. As of now Tae Poong only sees her as a little sister so something major needs to happen before he can end up with her. I really hope that the daughter doesn’t change and become unlikable like in another drama that I was watching and dropped last year or so. A Place Under The Sun. then again I watched it from the middle so I don’t feel that I had much of a loss in that drama. On the other hand, if it turns out that Seo Joon is the secretary’s son then I have no real issue of him marrying Yura as that would have the same result. Their mother wouldn’t be able to leech of anybody at this point.



    Anyway this covers my post for the time being. Now will download the latest episode and watch it. Take care all of you and keep posting.


    PS @Jillia nice to finally catch a thread with you. Now you can see that I am following your request to a T. Also want to apologize to you once again if I ever offended you with my poor sense of humour. Come to think about it while I meant no harm it might not have been seen in that way especially considering how busy moderators all are. Thus seeing just a part of it one could have misunderstood the actual meaning and intent.

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  17. Watching this show in batches due to time constraints and all but this did help me come up with nicknames for some of the characters here. What are your thoughts on them let me know? Also noticed that I missed out on a poll for this show as well feel slightly bad about that so will let people know what I thought about that and what my choices would have been.


    Anyway here are the nicknames for the following characters and why I came up with them.




    Yujungs’ Brother Leech He might change down the line but so far there doesn’t seem to be much hope for him. When Tae Poong was alive and he was living in his home he tried to leech of him for favours ie get something expensive to eat or head over to fancy events that he wouldn’t be able to snag on his own. Even when he was trying to woo Yejin his earlier motives were similar. His feelings for her may have changed a bit but I doubt that his nature would do the same as well. Even now he still hasn’t gotten a stable job and wants his mom to run a restaurant or something like that so that he can mooch of her for a bit longer.


    Yujung Clueless was initially going to go for Brainless but somebody told me that was too harsh even for a fictious character. They also pointed out that she did seem to have a brain but she couldn’t always spot the clues so Clueless seems more appropriate over here.


    Yura and her mother are a bit hard to label since both of the nicknames can easily be interchanged between them. So you all can decide what to call them. For the moment they will be as follows.


    Yura Heartless She ditches the man she loves because he isn’t rich or well off as she assumes and he can’t help her get any advantages especially when people are using their connections to not only take spots that they haven’t rightfully earned but are also getting away with abusive behavior because they have the means to do so. Then later on she ditches her family because she feels that they are holding her back and leaves with most of her MiL wealth. She does have one redeeming factor which I will get in a bit so she isn’t totally heartless compared to her mother and that is why I feel those two can share their names.


    The Mother (Yura/Yujung) Shameless The reasoning over here is simple. What she ends up doing to her family is nothing short of this. She enables her son to leech on Tae Pong because they gain from it. But then she takes it to the next level as well. She ditches Tae Pong’s kid and dumps him outside an orphanage and then she even tries to kick Tae Poong out of the house as well. Though she does try and provide him with a place to stay.


    Now the reason why she is so shameless is simply because she shouldn’t be doing any of that. Their entire new life style is based on his wealth or rather his mother’s. Yura for all her flaws didn’t leave her family high and dry even when she sold of everything. She handed her mother money so that they would have had enough to live in a small house comfortably which included Tae Pong and her child as well. But her mother cold heartedly turned both of them out when she got the chance. Now I could understand if the child was merely Tae Pongs then even if it was wrong we could perhaps feel bad for her as well. but this wasn’t the case. Regardless of the birth father he was still her grandchild. She had no real intent of bringing him back to her house if it wasn’t for Yujung nagging her and trying to locate the child on her own.


    Frankly I would have even preferred if her husband actually had the guts to have gotten a divorce from her for not only letting Yura run wild like that but also for what she did to both Minho and Tae Pong. Sadly, all that we got was a threat that wasn’t followed through. Thus she gets to continue to live as an enabler and whatnot. Clearly all of her kids have gone on her. Yujung might have some of her father’s nature but not enough to make her a totally likeable female lead.


    Now let’s move on to other things that I have issues with. Granted if this wasn’t the case we wouldn’t have much of a plot and thus a story. But let’s go with it for the time being.


    Before we progress with much of the current storyline and all I feel that I should bring up things where I feel that the characters made mistakes in the past itself and what could have been.


    So to start with let’s go with the hit and run incident and all that involved. First of all, Detective Uncle shouldn’t have accepted the tissue box from the person that he did. This resulted in him being framed for accepting bribes and thus getting fired from his job. Could understand if the person he accepted it from was a place that he normally frequented and all but this wasn’t the case. Clearly the person was shady since he was warning him not to do anything illegal and he had come down because he heard that he was hiring minors and all. This meant that he should have been extra careful accepting things from him.


    The same for the audit team that investigated him. Clearly they were bought off or they actually were incompetent. Am going to go with the former. They find the so called evidence in his car exactly where he left it. Now this is a detective who isn’t known to be corrupt. So first of all why would he accept a bribe. Secondly if he did why leave it out in the open where others can find it as well. When confronted with the box he told that that it was a simple tissue box and he was equally surprised to find that it contained money. If he was guilty wouldn’t he have tried to hide the money instead of leaving it in the car. If he was an amateur, he would have either deposited it in his account or tried to hide it somewhere else. He didn’t do any of that. Not only that if he was as corrupt as they made him out he could have even hidden it in the perfect place where it would have been harder to find. Namely in the finances of his brother’s restaurant where he could have pretended that there were part of the restaurants expenses and all. So unless somebody knew just what exactly to look for it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Apart from this which further shows that somebody had a hand in getting him fired was that since this was his first offense (atleast of corruption) he should have been fined, and punished in some other way. Ie docked pay perhaps even demoted a level or too. Further suspension for some more time and perhaps even transferred to another location. Instead he gets fired. Now we all know the real reason why and who is responsible for that but he doesn’t. still I feel that he should have made some more noise about all of this.


    Now moving on to the actual accident that resulted in all of this drama taking place and all.


    Tae Pong’s mother getting framed for a hit and run is simply absurd for a few reasons. Further going to show that the police are not only incompetent but in some cases even corrupt. Probably will bring me up to another point later on. Which guilty party contacts the police and reports the actual crime themselves. Either they think that they have enough evidence to think they can get away with it or to avoid suspicion of themselves. Not only does she contact them she waits till the ambulance arrives and only leaves after they tell her that she can do so and that the cops will be in touch with her later on. Clearly not a sign of a guilty person. She could have contacted them and thought that her duty was done and left. If that had been the case, I could have bought that she was suspicious or something.


    They then claimed that there was no evidence to collaborate her claims since the dashcam footage was missing. Am a bit unclear in regards to this. Did the Secretary steal the memory card or just erase the data of the day of the accident? If it was the former I could understand some of this confusion but if on the other hand the data was missing, then I am pretty sure the police have enough software’s to restore said data. So clearly sloppy on their part. Not only that but if her car was involved in an accident it would have to be repaired. Yet they found no such evidence of any of that. We also have to remember that they came to arrest her after just a day passed thanks to the testimonies of said witnesses and all. If so was the damage so minor that it could be repaired so quickly and if so where did she get it. I get that they can’t trust her and the family living there since they could be her accomplices and all especially considering that they are In Laws and all. Still they should have investigated nearby garages as well. Unless the villains or Yura thought of covering that base they would have been in trouble.


    Finally let’s talk about the accident itself. We all know that foul play was involved and how the owner had actually died. Problem here is that if the cops were even a bit smart they would have figured this out as well. For starters he fell on the rocks where he hurt his head and bled from. He was then moved from there and placed on the middle of the road where he was found. Now here is the strange part. We know that his head injury wasn’t fully healed since there was also a bloodstain on the road where he was placed. But that was just it. doesn’t anyone find that odd. If he was still bleeding enough to do that then there should have been a blood trail leading to the site of the actual incident. Clearly the villains didn’t have time to clear up the crime scene so where was all that blood. Police should have also searched the crime scene for other evidence so I find it equally odd that they didn’t come across the bloody rocks as well. Though that could be explained away by the fact the rocks with blood were actually taken away to be disposed of later on. The only reason that we don’t have the other bloodstains is because the drama clearly was saving on budget and all but if this was real life things wouldn’t be all that simple. Heck even Yukung who is mostly clueless noticed that that there weren’t any skid marks leading to the incident and for a crime scene it was quite clear and all. Too bad she couldn’t figure out that somebody was messing with the investigation and all.


    Now let’s move on to the witness statements and all and why I find it weird that nobody figured it out considering all that we know by the last episode or so.


    For the first one not much to say. I just wish that Clueless actually had the brains to do two things. first report what she had found to the police (in regards to the video posting and time/date) and then searched for the ambulance dashcam as further evidence to them so that he would have a harder time wiggling out of that. Though to be fair if this was real life if she actually got involved in this way a lawyer probably could have thrown away this case by pointing out that she probably tampered the evidence or something to that extent. Also I find it amusing that the Secretary was caught on the ambulance Dashcam. Boy that was just too clear to be believable. Sure it helped Tae Poong’s mother recognize who framed her in the first place. I do wonder if Clueless still remembers what he looks like when they bump into each other in the future not that it will help anybody at this point.


    Next comes the statement from Heartless that she witnessed her MiL commit the hit and run which didn’t allow her to be released because of that. Now here is the thing how come nobody has figured this out by now. We know why Heartless lied like that. She had a lot to gain namely her MiL’s inheritance and all. But she knows that she is actually innocent so shouldn’t she be wondering who went out of their way to frame her.


    Follow this up by the fact that Chairman’s Wife doesn’t do anything about said witness. She knows for a fact that the restaurant owner didn’t die in a hit and run but she frames Tae Poong’s mother so that she can get rid of her and doesn’t have to hand over the account books. Even though she had doctored new ones and all. So she should know for a fact that this new witness has to be lying. It would therefore be in her best interest to discover who said witness is isn’t it. After all what does this witness gain by lying like that. As pointed out she herself doesn’t lose on a valuable investment and all. On top of that she got rid of another annoying obstacle.


    Now I could initially believe that the identity of this new witness has been kept confidential to protect their identity and all thus there was no leak from the police for a change as it was a closely guarded secret and only certain people in charge of the case would be aware of it. But then we find out in the recent episode that the lead detective is in their pay. Which now makes this even more odd. They say that it was a good thing that they bought him early on in the case but when exactly was that. Even assuming that this was after Yura showed up as a so called fake witness. Somewhere down the line wouldn’t they want to know who the witness was that saved them and all. Then wouldn’t they have tried to find out through the detective. I can understand Heartless perhaps paying him off for his silence to an extent but would her pay be more than DL Group or whatever that he was being paid for by them. Also she only told him that her identity must be kept secret from her family and all this doesn’t count DL Group and others in my opinion.


    As for the fact that Tae Poong has suddenly become a genius thanks to the love tap on the back of his head he still can’t connect enough dots to figure out stuff as well. He notices that things are missing from his mother’s case but he can’t figure out who did it. Let’s assume for arguments sake what could be missing. I would probably suspect Yura’s statement as a witness as well as the Flash Drive that he himself submitted to the detective that showed the Secretary stealing or destroying the Dashcam footage from his mother’s car. He should probably be then asking himself who would have access to said evidence that they could make said things vanish.


    Not only this but how come he hasn’t figured out DL Group is involved in this somehow. Granted that is a bit harder to figure out. But he suspects that the Rent A Thugs that abducted him are connected to Restaurant owners wife somehow. So shouldn’t he have tried to look into her as well. For starters he should know that her husband is dead by now. Not only this but he has apparently been living with them for quite some time before they were sent off abroad and all. This must mean that he should have noticed some sort of family picture by now of said husband and all. So you are telling me that he never noticed the fact that the husband was mentioned or anything like that when he was secretly investigating his mother’s case. I find that totally odd.


    The only saving grace to him is the fact that he has now suddenly gotten photographic memory so if he ever bumps into said Secretary he is going to instantly recognize him. Though I doubt that we would get so lucky.


    On a side note I find it amusing that Heartless as a thing for trying to take men that are interested in her sister. She probably is equally dense in regards to that for the time being but it would be interesting to observe her reaction once she discovers this.


    Frankly speaking I think Tae Poong’s revenge plot could have gotten a whole lot more interesting if certain things happened. Granted then we wouldn’t really have much of a Heartless plot that I could work around. Still trying to figure out an angle either way. For instance, my initial thoughts were as follows. Clueless finally finds Min Ho and decides to raise him. This causes problems down the line when Seo Joon wants to marry her with the kid and all. His mother is initially against this because she feels that Clueless has a whole lot of baggage with her but she finally gives in to her son’s demands and all. After this when Tae Poong returns he further feels betrayed by Clueless because he initially sees her happily married with a kid which he assumes is hers with Seo Joons and it further doesn’t help the fact that she is living with the enemy and all. They have all these misunderstandings at first. Thus he will hurt her by his actions and all. Until he discovers that the kid she is raising is supposed to be Min Ho. He will then start to forgive her. But since he has suddenly gotten smarter he will secretly decide to run a DNA test and realize that he doesn’t have a match with his son. Naturally this will further cause misunderstandings between them and think that she was trying to trick him and all. Until this misunderstanding is cleared she will also be a target of his revenge until she figures out what is going on and that her sister was responsible. Doubt that she could do much at this point though.


    I guess if we wanted to add Heartless in this entire plot that is currently going on we can have the same in regards to the start but when it comes to choosing a wife for her son she prefers Heartless because she seems far more competent that Clueless and she doesn’t have a kid and all with her. We can therefore assume stuff as well.


    As for restaurant owner’s wife I think I see where her plot is going from what I watched from the last episode. Now that she is back she is looking for a job since she doesn’t want to mooch of Tae Poong. This means that she will end up working for Yujung’s mother conveniently. Which will eventually result in everyone meeting each other again.


    Now let’s try and answer a few things that have been brought up by some of the viewers here.


    Some have asked why the restaurant owner wanted to push ahead and meet with the Chairman especially when he knew that he was married now or the fact that the Chairman’s Wife wouldn’t want her husband to meet with the Restaurant Owners Wife because she was afraid that he would want to get back with his first love and all. Here is the thing that is partially true to an extent.


    The thing for the Restaurant Owner and why he was being so pushy even when he knew that the Chairman was already married. All that he wanted to know was to find out his wife’s background and her roots since she couldn’t seem to recall it due to her amnesia. In this case his biggest clue was in the Chairman. Now he would have been equally satisfied if anyone else could have done the same. Problem here is that the Chairman’s Wife was complicating matters on her own. Had she been honest with in regards to his wife’s background or even partially honest none of this would have mattered or even gone this far. Unfortunately, she tried to mar her reputation by first painting her as a cheap Bar Girl and when that failed she moved on to the fact that she was a housebreaker that tried to ruin a happy marriage and home by trying to come between her husband and her (seduce the chairman). Problem here was that the guy had already caught her in one of her lies and at this point he couldn’t trust her words and thus wanted to meet somebody else that could answer his questions in regards to his wife’s past and all. Problem was that he was continuously getting stone blocked which made him more suspicious. Unfortunately, this resulted in his death.


    As for the Chairman’s wife I can understand why she didn’t want her husband to meet his first love. First of all he still wasn’t over her and secondly their own marriage was on the rocks. Only recently had he finally started to warm up to her and was making an effort to be nice to her. Had he discovered the truth he would have probably left her. Even if he couldn’t marry his first love due to her being happy in her new life and married he would want to spend time with her with the excuse that he wanted to help her regain her memories and all. Furthermore, he partially suspects his wife being involved in her initial disappearance (which isn’t far from the truth). Thus if the truth was discovered he would demand a divorce from her if he didn’t outright ask her for one once he discovered his first love. So her wanting to protect her marriage makes sense to an extent. Then again considering her criminal record I wouldn’t be surprised if that was more of a reason to demand a divorce.


    Someone else asked about the fact that Clueless is raising Heartless kid and what exactly does Tae Poong gain out of that considering that this is family business and all. Thing is a bit tricky to answer. Knowing how female leads are such pushovers she probably would have ended up raising the kid anyway. But in this case she assumes the kid to be her first loves as well which is the real reason why she is doing so. Being her sister’s kid in this case is an extra bonus for her. So in this case Tae Poong is more than grateful for her for raising his kid as well. Though conveniently as we all noticed the kids name is changed so when the two initially meet he won’t be able to recognize his own son until something happens. Doubt that the kid will have an allergic reaction to crabs since he isn’t his biological kid and all. Perhaps Clueless is going to slip up one day and accidentally call him Min Ho and Tae Poong will overhear that. Signs of her slipping up have already been evidenced.


    Heartless doing her level best to make her MiL hand over the inheritance was amusing to watch. For instance, when the thief stole from a customer and slipped the wallet into Tae Poong’s basket to frame him. Frankly speaking I am surprised that his mother left the matter at just that. Think about it one can understand why he may have stolen the purse like that since he wasn’t right in his head he may not have realized that what he was doing was wrong. But once it was proven that he was innocent thanks to the CCTV footage the next question that everybody should have been asking themselves is why would a thief steal a purse and then frame him what does the thief have to gain. Not only that but he just lost all that money that he stole for nothing. Didn’t his mother find any of that suspicious. She was just grateful for Heartless for having her son’s back and all.


    Speaking of Heartless I am further surprised that none of her family are more suspicious of her behavior back in the day. (since she isn’t living with them now). Hopefully this isn’t the case with Tae Poong. For instance, according to the doctor she was already aware of her MiL’s condition yet she failed to share any of that with the rest of the family. Nobody bothered to bring any of that. Granted things happened that would have made this fact slip from their mind. It certainly didn’t help that his mother passed away and then shortly after that they all had to leave their house because Heartless and Shameless teamed up. One sold of everything and the other further added to the confusion by getting rid of their own grandchild. So everyone that actually cared was busy first moving and then searching for said child to bring up any of that.


    On a side note I feel like Clueless should lose that top knot on her head/hair makes her look weird.


    Am curious about Heartless and her motivation to get married to the DL Group family and also about her current job. First of all, when did she return to Korea. If I recall correctly she left it the same time when Seo Jun was packed of to the States again by his mother. Frankly I could have clearly assumed a plot had happened between Heartless and him at that point or something to that extent which makes her want to be with him a whole lot more sense than her simply wanting to live it up and marry him. This doesn’t show much improvement in her character growth and all. Not only this but I again wonder if this writer even remembers some of the plots that they initially came up with. Remember the plot where the foundation is cutting corners in the funding of the new development project. Then we have the fact that her fellow reporter was covering said case before he was successfully bought by the Foundation for his silence and all. So she atleast supposedly knows the truth about that incident and some of the key players that have been involved. Ie she atleast has/had pictures of the Secretary of DL Group accepting cash and all which she brought to the attention of her MiL. In that case why would she want to be a part of that family. Does she think that she can control them with said weakness? Frankly if she is counting on that I don’t think that her future bodes well for her. We have already seen how the Chairman’s wife takes care of people that she thinks are obstacles in her way. In this case I hope Heartless has provided a will for her next of kin.


    Does anybody find it odd that Tae Pong was abducted and nobody bothered reporting that? I would get that if there weren’t any witness to said event but this isn’t the case over here. A neighbor witnessed him being grabbed by strange people and being taken away yet she casually mentions this fact to Clueless. Clueless being who she is (clueless) also doesn’t bother reporting this to the police. So yes I can equally understand some of the frustration that some of the viewers have towards her at this point. She certainly doesn’t get it that Tae Poong needed her more not in the future when she located his kid. How was he going to take care of himself? He really got lucky by suddenly becoming a genius thanks to the accident that he received. She feels bad but the fault is her own. Sure her mother played a part but she had a choice and she took the wrong one. What is worse is that her mother doesn’t even seem to care about Tae Poong’s fate.


    This is the reason why I want her to get a divorce from her husband and she ends up with nothing. If she continues to be a part of Clueless family, then she won’t learn her lesson and will continue to leech of Tae Poong even though he is successful now. So she needs to go.


    Oh a fun thing to note which some of the viewers might have missed. When she meets Heartless for the last time she is given a bag full of money so that she isn’t left high and dry when the daughter leaves. When she returns back home she is empty handed. Either she had already spent the money on the way back for their new place or she had forgotten it at the restaurant. Further justifying the reason for selling of all that furniture in the house for money. Not that any of that is important at this point.



    Anyway have to go for now. Will complete my post at a later point. So all of you take care and keep posting. Looking forward to reading all of them.

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  18. @maribella glad to know that my recap helped in your decision and a shame that you won’t be sticking around. Then again I am in no position to complain since I also haven’t made up my own mind about doing that. Generally, I give dailes 10 episodes at most before committing myself these days. Even then there is no guarantee that I will finish one these days.


    Anyway now on to the main reason for why I am posting this post.




    I wanted to mention a few things that I realized after watching a few more episodes and a mistake that I made in my recap. I mistakenly wrote that the Chairman and his wife were the parents of Seo Joon and all. Turns out for some weird reason I was referring to Jun Seok as Seo Joon. Awkward. Seo Joon is indeed the son but he will be making an appearance in the next episode. My Bad once again. Don’t know how that mistake happened. Am totally embarrassed about it as well.


    I think part of it was Baldys statement about how his family was part of this rich family group called Sammo Group and then later on we were finally introduced to a company and all. Granted it was called DL Group on the boards but I wrote it off as some sort of PPL. After all this isn’t uncommon in dramas yet we know the actual brands. Such as in My Mom Has An Affair the main lead is from the family of the fictious LX Group which is sponsored by Lynx Company in real life. So I assumed that was the case over here as well.


    Turns out that Baldy needs to get more reliable sources since Jun Seok really is a simple guy from a normal family just living in a friend’s place and all. Hence the misunderstanding and misinformation at the broadcasting company.


    Another thing that I mentioned in my last post was how Yejin’s family was totally confusing and how they didn’t seem connected to any of the main characters seems to be partially answered with probably a hint of more in it as well.


    For starters the dad is friends with Yujins dad. So there is the connection to one of the leads atleast. How that will further play out remains to be seen. The other that is clearly hinted is Yejin’s mother. She conveniently has amnesia at present. Her husband is trying his level best to either help her recover her memories or track down her family. Get ready for some awkward times folks because we can clearly see where this is headed. If not let me share some of my thoughts.


    The Chairman of DL Group is currently on bad terms with his wife for unknown reasons. Then we had a scene when he was in his study secretly looking at a picture which he quickly put away when his wife entered the study. When asked what he put away he further lied that they were some documents related to work. I mean if you consider some of this the signs are slightly obvious where this train wreck is heading. While we didn’t get to see who was in the picture we can assume that it was probably his first love or wife that suddenly went missing. In this case this would probably be Yejin’s mother.


    This probably happened due to some sort of foul play otherwise why does she have amnesia. Probably his wife and his assistant are somehow responsible for that. Not sure how they are going to end up resolving this current relationship assuming that both couples are married at this point.


    Then we have the Yura angle in all of this as well. Yejin’s dad mentioned to his daughter that he was planning on sending his wife’s picture to a studio in the hopes that they could help find her family. Knowing drama laws and all we can safely assume that this will be the exact same studio that Yura works in allowing her to discover the secret first and try and use it to her own advantage.


    Some of you mentioned how Yujin won’t be able to do much thanks to the fact that Yura is part of her family and whatnot and that is why the main leads are going to suffer a lot. Am going to agree with this assessment. Especially if the preview is any indication. We see Yujin talking with Tae Poong of what happened on that fateful night that he was with Yura and all. From his description she probably realized that some sort of foul play took part. Problem here is that is she tries to reveal said fact she is going to get stopped by her mother who isn’t going to care about any of that because her daughter is pregnant and she will want to hide this fact regardless of the truth. If she is getting a free get out of this mess card, she is going to take it and guilt trip Yujin into remaining silent in some way or the other.


    Finally, before I end my post I wanted to bring up Tae Poong’s mother and how she wanted to set him up with that gold digger. I’ll be honest over here I thought that was a bit unfair on a person. (before we all knew that she was a scam artist and all) Her parents were already disabled and then on top of all this she wanted her to raise and take care of her son as well. wouldn’t that have been too much for a normal person. When would they have their own personal time. Taking care of three fully grown adults would be too much work. I could understand someone like Yujin doing that for Tae Poong because she doesn’t have that burden it would just be her taking care of her husband but three or more people no thankyou.


    The only thing that I found sweet in the latest episode was the reason why Tae Poong is a fan of Mickey Mouse. The answer was Yujung and he subconsciously remembers that even now in his present condition.



    Anyway that will be all from my end. Once again I want to apologize for my recap mistake. Hopefully it won’t affect the rest of the viewers over here and they enjoy the show. Might check it out later on when My Mom Has An Affair ends. Just 20 or so episodes remaining. So till then take care all of you.

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  19. Okay so while waiting for the last and latest episode of Mom Is Having An Affair to get subbed I decided to check out this show as well. Will say that the first episode was a bit confusing and it certainly didn’t help that we were introduced to a bunch of characters that we have to remember and all Infact one family that was introduced seemed to have no connection to the main characters so far so have to see how they are related and whatnot.


    Anyway while I suspect that everyone that wants to watch this show is already here so this won’t be very helpful at all I still decided to recap just the first episode. Just in case someone else might get interested after getting an idea of it and all.




    The show initially starts with a young man following a police officer to the morgue. He is our main lead Tae Poong. Even at a glance we can tell that he is one of those special need guys. Once inside he finds his mother on a slab and he can’t understand why she is simply sleeping there or why she is so cold that the police have to pry him away from her body.


    The next scene shows just how irresponsible the police are in this show because Tae Poong is in a car with a bunch of Rent A Thugs driving him to some mysterious location. Clearly nefearious thoughts in their mind. Come to think of it let’s not blame the cops over here but the writer because after closer examination it seems like Tae Poong is wearing different clothes from when we last saw him at the morgue. But we don’t know how much time has actually passed. He also seems to be dressed in what one wears at a hospital so there is that as well. Regardless of this we see that Tae Poong atleast has been taught that he shouldn’t go with strangers thus he wants to go home and wonders why these strangers are taking him and all. He also establishes the fact that it can be extremely dangerous to talk on a phone while driving.


    So being the kind hearted soul that he is he tries to bring this fact to the driver’s attention. Unfortunately, this results in the car getting into an accident. Tae Poong takes this chance to try and make a quick getaway. The Rent a Thugs have also made a fast recovery even though none of them were wearing seatbelts. So they give chase to him and eventually catch up to him near the river or someplace like that. They again try and drag him away. But he now knows for a fact that these people are upto no good and they get into a struggle. One of the Rent A Thug has enough of this nonsense especially after witnessing one of his fellow Thugs getting bitten by Tae Pong. So he conveniently finds a rod or wood plank lying nearby and hit and whacks Tae Poong on the head with it. Will this blow jolt Tae Poong to his senses and will he miraculously heal and become some sort of genius? Unfortunately, we will never know for the time being because he ends up falling into the water. This frustrates the thugs because they just lost their payday and perhaps even their reputation. Hopefully nobody will hire them after this day.


    Unfortunately for the Thugs they aren’t the only ones frustrated because now it is time for us viewers to feel the same frustration as well. Turns out to be a brand new day and Tae Poong seems to be healthy as an ox. Or as healthy as one can be in his mental condition. He is cutely dressed in a Mickey Mouse T Shirt and is clearly heading somewhere. Jumping up the steps and garnering stares as well. but he doesn’t seem to be affected by any of that. How did he get here is a mystery is this a time jump or the past and we will slowly end up to the river scene? Let’s wait and find out.


    Our next scene is a fancy house. Once inside we get to watch Tae Poong’s mother totally fine and preparing for her dead husband’s memorial. Even her worker/helper is impressed by said fact. So I guess we are currently in a flashback period. Atleast that has been answered but again the writer has been totally unhelpful so we have no idea of the range of this and all. Anyway mom mentions how Tae Poong has recently been craving some short ribs and due to that she has already gotten them and prepared them as well. The helper just needs to prepare them later on. The helper can’t help but comment of how easy her son has it due to his condition and all. If he wants something his mother makes it so. She suddenly realizes her mistake and tries to tone it down. Fortunately, his mother is side tracked by the fact that he should have woken up by now so she goes to check up on him.


    Turns out that Tae Poong has finally arrived at his destination. We are now finally introduced to our female lead the better half of the twins and namely Yu Jung. She has been selling Kimbap roles to make some extra money. Tae Poong clearly has a crush on her and has therefore brought her some cold water in another Mickey Mouse flask. Clearly we can suspect who he is a fan of. I guess it would be interesting to see who he likes more Yu Jung or Mickey Mouse. Yu Jung on the other hand is clearly grateful for the cold and refreshing water. He then asks her how her business is going on. She mentions that she unfortunately miscalculated today and therefore prepared more than she can possibly sell before the rush hour is over and all. So he volunteers to help her out but she seems hesitant to accept it help. But even she can’t say no to his logic that two heads are better than one. Therefore, with his help she is successful in selling of all her products and all.


    After sucesfully selling all the Kimbap they decide to head home. Initially we see Tae Poong be the total gentleman so he volunteers to help her carry the case in which she had prepared them but shortly hands it back to her. But this is only because he spots an elderly person carting away empty cardboard boxes but they haven’t tied them up properly. Tae Poong the helpful soul that he is rushes forward to help said person. Eventually the two of them return home.


    It turns out that she is living at his place since her parents are servants/helpers over there. his mother’s assistant was her mother and her dad serves the role as family driver and gardener. Dad is impressed that she managed to sell all of them and is also grateful towards Tae Poong for his help. Though since it is breakfast time they all head towards their respective areas to enjoy it.



    We are now introduced to more members of Yu Jung’s family. Turns out that she has a brother who is apparently also a leech of sorts and it doesn’t help that their mother is an enabler. Turns out that it really wasn’t Tae Poong that wanted those ribs that his mother painstakingly prepared but her brother. Turns out that the brother has gotten Tae Poong’s number and has thus figured out that he will get them anything that they want if he is properly hinted. Not sure if he knows that Tae Poong has a crush on his sister or not and is trying to impress his future In Laws and whatnot. Yu Jung on the other hand is clearly not impressed by her brother’s stunt and warns him that this is the last time that she will let this matter slide. She also reminds him of how his stunt previously nearly affected Tae Poong. Turns out that her brother wanted to try out lobsters and had gotten Tae Poong to get some for him. Unfortunately for Tae Poong it turns out that he has an allergic reaction to them. I suspect that this bit of information is going to play an important role in the future. Leech unfortunately isn’t all that phased by this information and tries to justify his actions by pointing out they now know thanks to this incident that Tae Poong is allergic to them and all. Sigh know that he is one of those characters that we won’t like all that much in the future.


    Mom is back to complaining how easy Tae Poong has it and how is mother is spoiling him instead of making him independent after all parents tend to pass away before their children and when that happens who will take care of Tae Poong. Leech at this point reminds her that she shouldn’t be like this considering how Tae Poong ended up in his mentally disable condition and all. This gets everyone at the table awkward. Fortunately, Dad manages to change the subject by bringing up the other half of Yu Jung aka her twin sister Yura and how she was auditioning for a role as a radio host at her company. Every one of her family wishes her well (she is already at her job) and that she succeeds considering that she has been working at her company for quite some time and if they had any ethics they would certainly give her the job that she deserved and all.


    We are finally introduced to Yura who is at the audition with a fellow competitor for the radio host spot. The competitor goes first unfortunately she flubs so badly that the judge stops her in the middle of her presentation and moves on to Yura. Yura on the other hand impresses not only the judge but we can even see that the competitor realizes the difference between then and isn’t liking the result.


    After the audition Yura is walking alongside another fellow worker who I will be referring to as baldy from now on since I don’t know his name and he is bald as well. Turns out that he knows some inside scoop and lets Yura know about it as well. apparently she was the favourite to win as long as she didn’t make any major mistakes. Yura on the other hand believes in fair play and that she hopes that the judges won’t judge on seniority but based on the skill displayed during the auditions. Regardless they all think that she should get the spot considering all the years that she spent at the company and all. At this point they spot another coworker passing by. Baldy apparently has information regarding said person as well and brings up said fact to Yura. He informs her that said person was actually an undercover brother. Ie someone from a rich family who was pretending to be a normal worker (I think his family may even have some shares at their company but I can’t be a 100% sure). This person tried his level best to keep his cover by even driving a modest car and all but he wasn’t fooling anybody or atleast those in the know hows. This guy is Seo Joon.


    Baldy clearly has a man crush on him and is gushing about how lucky the girl to be is going to be (one who marries Seo Joon) as he seems to have it all looks wealth etc He suddenly realizes that he is embarrassing himself in front of Yura that he excuses himself and makes a hasty retreat. Yura is on her way when suddenly an arm grabs her and drags her away into an empty room. Turns out that it belongs to Seo Joon and these two are an item but at the same time they are secretly dating. Yura is thrilled yet at the same time cautions him what are they going to do if they get caught by some of their coworkers. He reassures her that they are safe since people hardly enter here unless they have work.


    He wonders how her audition went like a good boyfriend and she is confident that it went well. So he suggests that they should go and celebrate it on Jeju Island. She points out that while it certainly sounds nice she is unsure if they could make it in one day. Seo Jung cheekily suggests that they could easily make it a 2 days and 1 night trip. But she reminds him that there would be no hanky panky before marriage. That means no sleepovers before then or the advanced steps that could follow. Seo Jung takes it well and does point out that while she seems to be in the modern society and all she has the thinking of one from the Joseon period. Yet he lets the matter slide and instead suggests that they have dinner in its place. Unfortunately for him she has to let him down again since she has to snag an important interview


    Seo Jung is confident that if she manages to get that interview she is sure to get some more brownie points which will further help her secure the radio host position that she so desires. (turns out that the person that she wants to interview is hard to do so thus his comment). They finally part with her giving him cute kisses to make up for not being for dinner and all and leave the room.


    We are then finally introduced to Seo Jung’s family. As of now we are introduced to his mother and aunt? Aunt is clearly trying to still use the excuse that she is jet lagged for her late awakenings even though it has been three months since her return to Korea. As for his mother she works for some charitable foundation I guess (owns/works not much different) and then plans on meeting her husband for lunch afterwards.


    This leads us to his dad aka the Chairman of his company attending a presentation. Unfortunately for everyone the presenter is a total bore that people seem to have their attention elsewhere if they haven’t already gotten bored to sleep. The Chairman realizes this and tells the presenter to relax and take it easy. He has also realized that the presenter must be under a lot of pressure since he has not only been promoted recently but that this is also his first presentation. The presenter is clearly grateful for this chance. however, we don’t find out the results of the presentation because we next see the chairman return to his office to find his wife waiting for him over there.


    He clearly isn’t all that happy to find his wife in his office and lets her know this fact. He reminds her that her sudden appearance like that is bad for the worker morale and whatnot so she should make a prior appointment before showing up. She is clearly hurt by all this but pretends that her showing up wasn’t intentional as she had left home due to her work at the foundation and was thinking of meeting up with their son after she was done. Fortunately for the chairman a Thug in Training shows up to remind him of his next appointment that he has to head out to. So the chairman excuses himself and leaves for it. His assistant (I jokingly referenced him as the thug in training) shares a look with his (chairman’s) wife before leaving as well.


    We finally return to Tae Poong. He is busy getting ready for his job. Apparently he is working as a barista at a coffee shop and all. His mother wishes him luck. Fortunately for him Yoo Jung also works alongside him. Things possibly can’t go wrong at this point now can they. Their boss then gives them their order that they have just received from a nearby company with specific instructions to make one without milk and add the substitute for it. The entire team gets to work on it. Since this is a 3-man team the coworker tells Tae Poong to prepare the milk and let her know which is the one with soymilk while she prepares the coffee. He does exactly that. Unfortunately, when he points out the different milk she is busy on her phone. Clearly she hasn’t heard of not using the phone for personal use during work hours. Regardless the orders are done and Tae Poong heads out to deliver them. At the company he hands it over to the employees outside and even mentions that the marked one is the one prepared especially with soymilk and heads back to work.


    If anyone is wondering what Yura is upto not to worry. Turns out that Yura is planning on waiting for her target to finish her performance and then ask for her interview once she is done. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get a chance because the interviewers assistant brushes her off and quickly escorts her target out of there. Will Yura be discouraged and give up or push ahead like the bulldozer that she is. Something that caught the eye of Seo Joon and why he fell for her.


    We don’t find out because the scene has shifted once more and this time we are introduced to another family. As far as I can tell they aren’t connected to any of the main characters so I really can’t see their purpose at the moment. Regardless I feel that this family seems to have the best dynamics so far from all the families shown so far. Am a bit unsure about the uncle but other than that it is okay. Anyway back to the scene at hand. The daughter is running away from her mother who is furious at her for spending the night outside the home without informing anyone about it. fortunately for the daughter the dad shows up and decides to cover for her by informing his wife that she had contacted him that she was having a sleepover with a friend but it had slipped his mind and thus he forgot to inform her about it. Dad clearly loves his wife as well as his daughter since his wife gets a minor cut but he tends to make a major deal out of it. To the extent that both daughter and her uncle have to leave at it. Too much sweetness for them to handle.


    Tae Poong is cheering up a crying kid at the coffee shop when an angry customer shows up demanding to see the owner. Meanwhile his mother is busy preparing of her husband’s memorial with Yoo Kyung’s mother when she receives a phone call which makes her head out.


    Turns out that the angry customer was actually the mother of the person that was allergic to milk and had asked for the coffee made out of soymilk. Turns out that the orders had indeed gotten mixed up and she wanted to know just what kind of ship the manager ran. The manager decided to diffuse the situation so he got Tae Poong to apologize to the mother. unfortunately, that doesn’t solve the problem as the mother then starts to find an issue with why Tae Poong was hired when he is mentally disabled and all. Yoo Kyung who is also there for some reason gets ticked off at that and tries to defend Tae Poong but that only seems to make matters worse. The manager tries to get her to apologize as well. Fortunately, Tae Poong mother shows up. She starts to apologize for his mistake as well. initially the victim’s mother isn’t satisfied and tells her that it would have been better if she had sent Tae Poong to a facility especially since they could afford it and whatnot. At this point his mother gets on her knees and apologizes once again and promises to take care of her daughters medical bills and compensate them for his mistake.


    Apparently Tae Poong and Yoo Kyung are given an early day off so they head home after said incident.


    Finally, the mother gets to attend her husband’s memorial. She talks with her husband’s picture for a bit before we get into a bit of a flashback. Turns out that young Tae Poong was quite smart and had a bright future ahead of him. We then discover that he was involved in some sort of accident which resulted in his current state. She then checks on a sleeping Tae Poong and hopes that her wish comes true.


    Yura on the other hand hasn’t given up on her desire get the interview that she wants to the extent that even though it is late at night she is standing outside a house in the hopes of getting it. finally, her target notices her patience and lets her inside. Her first question is how did she manage to track her down since this place isn’t known to a lot of people. Even her managers don’t know about her secret hideout. She is them impressed that Yura did her due diligence in finding out especially when you consider that her source was a now defunct magazine. So she decides to reward her by doing that interview that she so wanted.


    Yoo Kyung finally finds Tae Poong mother drinking away her worries. So she decides to join her. We then finally discover the mothers wish. She knows that this is a hard world especially for someone like her son. That is why she wants to be always there for him till he dies. At that point she feels that her job will finally be over thus she intends to follow him the day after. (I guess she wants the day to prepare for his funeral and all before joining him and her husband in the afterlife). Kind of sweet. Yoo Kyung tries to tell her that she doesn’t need to worry since Tae Poong isn’t alone and that he has all of them as well who would love to take care of him as family as well. At that point she receives a call from their coworker who has finally realized that the milk incident was her fault and that she wanted to apologize for said mistake. Yoo Kyung mentions this fact to the mother and assures her that she would clear up the misunderstanding with their manager thus Tae Poong would be free to return to work the next day. But his mother is against this as this isn’t exactly the first incident that has happened to him.


    The next day she decides to go for her medical checkup were she discovers some shocking news. It turns out that she has cancer and due to it being in her final stages and all she has at most two to three years at best to live. Clearly her wish to die a day later after her son is thrown out of the window at this point. What is she going to do now? While thinking all this she leaves the doctor’s office to find Tae Poong dutifully waiting for her. All that she can do at this point is to hug him and let him know that she loves him.


    At this point the episode finally ends. So does this recap. Now we can discuss other things.




    Okay normally I don’t talk about previews and instead stick to the episode itself that I recap. But since I won’t be in this thread I will be making an exception. Perhaps later on when I get the time will join it.


    Anyway we learn a bit though mostly it is all about Yura which isn’t surprising considering that she is the evil second lead and all.


    The first thing to note is Baldy congratulating Yura on getting the spot that she wanted. Only for smirky little competitor to get it instead. This results in a catfight between the two. Unfortunately for Yura this means competitors mother gets involved as well who ends up slapping her for hitting her daughter and all. Which then results in Yura getting drunk and finally throwing her principles to the wind and sleeping with Seo Joon or atleast doing the tango with him.


    If one thinks about it everything seems to be connected. Yura clearly got the spot but competitor couldn’t deal with said fact so she used her family influence in some way to get elected for the spot instead. Showing she comes from a rich or influential background. The catfight further demonstrated it when Yura probably got the upper hand in it. thus her (competitors) mother had to get involved again which resulted in her slapping Yura because she knew that she could get away with it as Yura had nobody supporting her and what not.


    This finally resulted in Yura stepping into the Dark Side. She knows that Seo Joon is rich and if he has her back she can use him as her stepping stone and reach the top as well. It also helps that he actually has feelings for her and wants to bed her. So she is going to use that to her advantage. She probably thinks that if she gets pregnant with his kid his family will be forced to accept her as one of them. With this she will be able to use his family name to her advantage and all.


    The rest of the preview isn’t all that interesting so didn’t bother with any of that.


    As for the rest of the episode the only things that were slightly confusing were all these time jumps that the writer did without letting us viewers know what was going on and when. After another watch a few things did become slightly clear that I missed the first go. Such as when Tae Poong was with the Rent A Thugs I had initially assumed that it was right after his mother died but then I noticed the change of clothing’s in my second watching.


    Then we have that family that isn’t connected to anybody yet. Somebody told me that they are probably going to be the ones that discover Tae Poong after his accident (when he fell into the river injured) and rescue him. Then they will become his new family while he plots whatever he needs to do assuming that he recovers.


    Seo Joon’s family is also there. Again we need to know more about him and it so we can have a good idea why his parents are so cold towards each other. The mother is clearly trying to make an effort to play nice with the dad yet he is giving her the cold shoulder and telling to make an appointment prior to showing upto the office as it wouldn’t be good for the worker’s morale. Wait how does that even work.


    Then we have his assistant and the look that he gave her. Granted most of us would think that he was only respectfully bowing to her and all. But something tells me there is more to it than just that. I don’t think that she is having an affair with him since she wants to look good for her husband and all. If things continue to be bad between her and her husband, I wouldn’t put it past her but not at the moment. Is she planning on using him for her dirty deeds and since he has feelings for her he will do them. Makes more sense but again it is too soon to tell. What is she planning then? Does she want to take over the company so she is secretly purchasing it’s shares through her foundation?


    Is she Seo Joon’s stepmother or is the chairman is stepdad. It might explain a few things. Baldy pointed out that he comes from a rich family yet he drives a modest car. Everyone thought that it was because he was trying to play undercover brother or something like that. But the question we should then be asking is why would he want to do any of that. Is it that he actually isn’t related to said family? Perhaps his mother tried to trick the chairman into believing that she had his child so he needed to take responsibility for it. He later on discovered the truth and that is why he treats her like that and doesn’t trust her. Seo Joon discovered the truth so now he wants to find his own identity and make his own mark and that is why he is working as a reporter or whatever his job is at the broadcasting company rather than at the family company.


    Again this makes more sense for Yura to switch her targets later on from what I am gathering. She thinks that he is this super rich guy that can help her achieve her dreams and goals and reach the top. Only to discover that he has no rights in his father’s company and isn’t interested in inheriting them as well. so she decides to move onto Tae Poong as she knows for a fact that he is actually rich and all.


    Question why do people think that Tae Poong was admitted to a hospital (judging by his clothes from the start of the episode). Perhaps Yura thought that after she marries him she would get to be rich and all but his mother had found ways to protect him from being taken advantage of. So she sends him to a facility with the lie that he is being sent there to recover meanwhile as his guardian she plans on using his wealth without anyone to stop her. He manages to escape one day and that is why the Rent A Thugs were hired to bring him back.




    Anyway that will be all for the time being. my drama has finally been subbed so will be going to check it out. Till then take care. I will add just one more point later on but since this post has gotten longer than expected will end it here. Hope all of you found the recap helpful and all

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