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  1. Okay so while I still haven’t gotten down to watching this show apart from the first episode sadly due to time constraints and travelling once again. I have been keeping up with it through your comments. So let me start of with some of those points.


    For starters someone mentioned that the wife isn’t the female lead and that Serin actually is based on the press release and all. So, thanks for that information. Will admit that I actually find that a bit odd though. Simply let’s look at the facts that have been witnessed so far.


    Who is the first person that is introduced to us. It is Gyul Wol. Okay technically she is the second person since the first person is the backside of a woman who removes her breathing mask. But since her face isn’t shown I am not officially counting her as being introduced. But even then after all this the flashback or being thrown back in time etc… it is from Gyul Wol’s view.


    Another fact to consider is her nature. She sadly isn’t one with a backbone and that is why everyone seems to be walking all over her and taking advantage of. Something she again shares with main leads in shows. They are either way to naïve or play the doormat to other people allowing them to take advantage of them all. At this point I doubt that she has a birth secret but then again Man In A Veil did show that if done creatively they can even pull a twist to it. So let’s wait and find out how that turns out.


    Anyway as I was saying something drastic is required to make the main lead change their character and become stronger and able to stand up for themselves. In this case the shock of her husband cheating on her and ending up in an accident may be the motivation for them to get a character upgrade.


    The problem with Serin as a main character is simply her nature. She is slightly unlikable at the moment with her throwing tantrums and being way to clingy. All signs of being a second lead. To her becoming a main character she needs to do a complete 180 character change or even show some kind of redeeming quality. The only thing that I can as her strong point is that she isn’t going to take things lying down and will probably be an eye for a head kind of person. So, I guess as long as she diverts her anger at the right people, we may just root for her. Since I haven’t had a proper time to gauge her character from a single episode I am waiting for some improvement.


    So wait the Gyul Wol bit her husband because she didn’t want him to get all frisky with her. LoL. As for husband, let’s be honest he isn’t likable for a few reasons. First of all, he is cheating on her. Never a good sign. Then other than that I don’t see what his attracting qualities are as well that another woman is willing to have an affair with him. Okay I see the fact that he is from a well-off family and that he is to inherit the company. So that can be a motivating factor. But I would say that one would need to make major sacrifices even at this point. What I mean by this is that generally when you have a Second Lead they have some strong points of their own but they are swayed to the dark side due to their ambitions or something similar. Equally so for their partners. But in this case the guy seems the least bit bothered in running the company.


    He is either to bored to focus on the meetings or busy playing games on his phone. At least Disco Oppa who was more interested in playing games in Miss Monte Cristo was simply hiding his true skills as he didn’t want to get into a fight over inheritance with the rest of his family. But this doesn’t seem to be the case over here. Instead he needs to be bailed out by the ideas or suggestions of Gyul Wool or Aera. This simply means that even if Aera were to marry into that family she would have to work hard to keep her position at the company to keep the husband successful. Otherwise the board will simply decide to choose someone more better suited to run the company. This means her lavish life style won’t be supported and all. Is it therefore worth being part of that family.


    Sure, one can say the same for Gyul Wool as well. But in this case her husband is still working even if he has help and at the same time she is secretly trying to help him out. So as long as that happens, she is good. Another factor to consider is that she isn’t really motivated by greed since she doesn’t seem to come from such a well-off family. Therefore even if he doesn’t have a job she will try and support him or be okay with living the simple life and all. Aera being ambitious and all isn’t going to be okay with that. Also, what was with the guy telling her that if they don’t get married he won’t get a single dime of inheritance she decides to get married. If we didn’t know her nature one would certainly imagine that she got married to him out of greed or ambition.


    I guess in that case Aera’s animosity towards her makes more sense since she sees her as how she would judge herself. I would say that Gyul Wool’s decision to marry the guy would be possible if she had a contract marriage with him. Perhaps the reason why she didn’t want him getting all frisky with her at that point. But then it doesn’t make sense that she goes out of the way to be treated like the hired help with the rest of his family or that she goes into shock after discovering her husbands infidelity towards her. No she does seem to have some feelings towards him but she is at the moment way to spineless to be likable at this point.


    Someone brought up the fact that a body swap can be done properly and gave an example of the movie Face Off. To be fair or technical to be more exact I don’t exactly consider that movie as a Body Swap. I would categorize that as a Face Swap. To differentiate between the two I will give examples from both kinds of show.


    Face Swap (over here the main character swaps his face with another character for whatever reason.)

    Ruby Ring (Accident and dumb doctors can’t figure out other signs do a face swap from what I heard)

    Face Off (deliberate attempt to infiltrate enemy organization)

    Left Handed Wife (I think the villains swap the husband's face for some reason or the other. Not even sure what happens by the end since I didn’t bother with this show in any form.)


    To be honest the only thing that I actually watched was Face Off but in bits and pieces.


    Body Swap (Can happen due to mysterious or supernatural reasons.) Examples


    Freaky Friday. (Mother and Daughter switch bodies)

    49 Days (Female Lead swaps with her unknown sister {spoiler alert my bad} and discovers a few things while on a mission to make a person shed a genuine tear for her)

    Ghost Doctor (The doctors keep swapping with each other for surgery or something)


    As one can see the list can simply go on and if done right we get an amazing show or movie or story. Or we face a disaster.


    Anyway I do wonder what will make Gyul Wool want to have revenge on the villains at this point. Will someone from her family have to end up dying or will we end up with the standard but weird baby swap story. She discovers the fact that she has been getting drugged all along. So she secretly stops taking the medication. Which results in her getting pregnant. After she discovers the truth she somehow gets into an accident. Which at this point is hard to figure out. Does she confront the second female lead which results in her falling down the stairs or does she cause the car accident in shock. Or both happen. Either way from one of these she is rushed to the hospital and when Aera discovers the truth she steals the baby and claims it as her own or secretly hides it at an orphanage. Thus when Gyul Wool wakes up she is informed that she has lost her baby. Which will result in her trying to commit suicide. Fortunately for her but unfortunately for us she is saved by the Main Lead.


    Anyway, while I have more to add will do so later as I have gotten busy. So, till then take care and do keep me informed of what is happening here via all your comments. If I do get the time will try and catch up with the show. So, till next time and let me apologize once again for my unnecessary rambling.

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  2. So first of all, I wanted to start off with a recap of the first episode but since it sadly takes me about 3-4 hours to do so. I thought against it as I have to get busy packing and all. Sorry about that. But that does not mean that I won’t leave any of you high and dry. You will still be stuck with an extremely long post by me as usual.


    Now remember when some people were talking about a body swap happening and I was like this isn’t the correct time slot for this. While I am still going with that assessment I would say that the starting of the show would have fooled me. The mood over there with a dark storm about to start could really give one the impression that we were about to watch a horror show. Perhaps that was just me.


    So we find our female lead hospitalized and not only that we also have someone who has removed her breathing apparatus and wants her to die. Since it is a female our prime suspects are clearly going to be one of the two second female leads. Who will be the lucky winner we will have to find out later on as we get a flashback. Or was it that the female lead is about to die and her life just flashed before her eyes…. Okay I will admit it a body swap or reincarnation plot just might be possible over here and the show lied to us. On a side note, Ms. Grim Reaper really needs to up her fashion statement. I just don’t get those fluffy sleeves that she was wearing. But to be fair I feel like a lot of people need it over here. Including the female leads former MiL.


    Speaking of the the In Laws I really do wonder what the female lead saw in that family. I guess the old adage that Love makes you blind is true over here. Simply put the only one decent in that family has to be the grandfather since he is the only one aware of the fact that it was her birthday that day and he tried to do something right. Discipling his DiL. Sadly, his other son seems to have a condition where he tends to go a bit lax. Her own husband seems to have forgotten his wife’s birthday and as the grandfather pointed out that shouldn’t have been the case since it hasn’t even been a year since they got married. Not only that but the family seems to be treating her as hired help. So, I am simply waiting for the female lead to leave that house. Gramps can’t protect her forever. So, she needs a move on.


    Sadly, she is surrounded by snakes. Like I mentioned above her husband is no better than the rest of his family but even her old best friend or acquaintance seems to have her own agenda while pretending to be this nice innocent person. Not sure how she is pulling of some of her stunts but while they can be obvious to us viewers it is still believable how she is fooling the female lead. For instance, she has swapped her medication for birth control pills. Not only that but she did the standard attempt on her life as well. Bet she will get off with all that by the end of the show.


    regardless of all this let’s talk about the second female lead for a bit. Her agenda is clear from her actions I am just unsure how she is going to pull her grand scheme by the end of the show. For instance, she doesn’t want the female lead to get pregnant. So what can be the next possible way for her to take her place. Get pregnant with the second male lead. I really don’t see the grandfather being okay with that. The MiL seems to be a different story altogether. While she may be initially shocked at the news I can see her being won over by the Second Female Lead.


    She doesn’t really need to work that hard in that department. Now one can ask how that is bribes might not work since the family clearly seems well off and all. Well bribes can come in more ways than financial or in the form of goods. In this case she simply needs to show just how much more valuable she is. For instance, the presentation the female lead made for her husband she needs to take credit for that and the husband can simply go along with it either being unaware or not caring as long as he gets the new and younger model. It will certainly work on the mother. The rest of the family aren’t all that bothered about the female lead so they will go with what benefits them all.


    Another thing to note is that the second female lead seems to have a loose pair of earrings which will probably be the reason how the female lead will catch on too her husband’s affair. She will find them on him or around him (car, house etc..) His mother might even try and claim them to be hers or he will try and lie that he got it for one of them. Then depending on when we are in the episode count she will either believe him/them or she will start to get suspicious though I have my doubts.


    Then we have Mr. Hobbo the main lead. Not so sure where his family comes in at the moment. His mother is also from Man In A Veil. Hopefully she won’t lose her son and end up behind bars and lose her mind as well. Does anyone have an idea of how they are all connected to each other. Most of his family seems decent. But then we have the other Second Female Lead. Sadly, I can’t make it out whether she is his younger sister or his live in girlfriend. She tends to call him Oppa which we all know stands for older brother or boyfriend from the female side. So things can get a bit interesting down the line depending on the situation.


    He also seems to have his own backstory or birth secret. Since at the start of his scene he was shown visiting an area that doesn’t seem all that well off until he was sent of by the owner. How is she related to him. Two explanations come to mind but not sure how they can apply. Was the woman his grandmother but why said response. The other thing that can be possible is that he was adopted so he was at his biological mothers’ house. Does that even make sense. I have no idea. So while it is possible that the mother had to give him up due to some reason or the other she may even have signed some documents forcing her not to interact with him ever. Ouch.


    As for the second female lead one can see that her power seems to have gotten to her head as she was clearly abusing it at the store or being extremely rude to the workers over there. I can understand ones frustration when the item they want or have booked gets sold out accidentally or not but that is no way to treat others around them. Am actually surprised that nobody recorded her at that point. Either way not liking that character now. Doubt that her nature will change any time soon. A pity since the actress usually plays nice sweet roles and looked better in short hair. But regardless kudos to the actress.


    From the preview of the next episode, it seems like she figures out that her Oppa visited that old house and she is trying to purchase that land/property and then kick out said family for slighting her Oppa or simply because they are in her way of him. Hilarious mind you. Pretty sure that is how you get rid of the guy you like. So much like the other second female lead she pretends to be nice while in reality she has a horrible temper. Whoever ends up with her I would advise them to either run or tame her till she becomes someone nice genuinely. Perhaps the female leads brother?


    That might be a reason for her to switch sides and help the female lead in her revenge. Otherwise I don’t see them working together as she might simple see the female lead as another obstacle between her Oppa and her.


    Moving on to the first second female lead. So it was pretty darn obvious that she was responsible for the female leads life incident. But it also makes me wonder just how dumb the female lead is actually. She is totally aware that she has pollen allergy due to her weak lungs and all. When she saw the guy pop up in the elevator with those congratulatory flowers, she could have done one of two things. Either apologize to the guy to take the next elevator due to her condition or step out and do it herself. As someone who has multiple allergies (fortunately none life threatening) I tend to ask ingredients of the food that I am being served or make sure that they don’t add them in my food. Same with my clothes (I have a skin allergy). My point being that when one knows that they have an issue then they have to be responsible on their own or atleast be considerate in regards to others. Another example is that my younger brother is fatally allergic to kiwis. Now at times I enjoy them and their juices but when he is around I never order them in any way simply not to take any kind of chance.


    In short, she is the only one responsible for her own accident that time. At least the grandfather was understanding of the situation and not only that he isn’t pressuring her to get pregnant unlike his unreasonable DiL. She will eventually get her dose of Karma when the secretary is going to marry her son.


    So far we don’t have a kid with a terminal illness nor anyone with a fake pregnancy. So that is something. But we can be sure that instead of Omma x3 we will be hit with Otoke x5 in this show. I do wonder how the female lead will end up with the male lead. Clearly he saves her from an accident. Perhaps she will get a bout of amnesia which will result in her getting him as a caretaker. The other girl isn’t going to like that and will try and get rid of her until she realizes something which may put her initial plans on hold.


    Anyway, that will be all for the time being from my end. This post has gotten a bit too long for my comfort and I don’t think that I managed to add anything of value at the moment sadly. So back to my packing for the moment. Let’s see if I stick around for this show.


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  3. Well, it has been some time since I was last here. Simply too busy sadly but I thought that I should give my too cents regarding this upcoming drama.


    First of all just like some of you over here I find not only the name of this show hilarious but the fact as well that we have the same actress from Man In A Veil over here. She must have a whole lot of experience in the Veil department and thus was selected. She will therefore be unveiling her true evil nature in this show and whatnot. Okay not as funny as I was expecting. But one gets the idea.


    Now moving on some of you have been wondering whether this show will have a body or face swap. I suspect that we won’t have either. It simply doesn’t make a lot of sense. Here is my reasoning.


    We have already been introduced to the main actress in this show and all three of them were at the script reading and all. So to suddenly remove one of them due to a body or face swap just doesn’t make sense at this point. The other thing to consider is what kind of drama they are showing us. If this was some kind of fantasy or fiction along those lines then a body swap makes sense. Even comedy or mystery good work. Examples Ghost Doctor. But since this is generally in the revenge daily slot this seems to make little sense. Not saying that it can’t be done but I don’t think that I have seen it. But if we go back to the fact that we have three confirmed actress it might be a bit hard to pull off.


    A face swap might be possible depending on the circumstances after all we did have that happen in both shows that I never bothered to watch namely Ruby Ring and Left Handed Wife. If done along those lines then I guess we can still keep all three actress in this show. On the other hand if a face swap is done like in Birth Of A Beauty then not so much.


    Another reason why I suspect that a body swap isn’t taking place is due to the current character descriptions that someone posted. According to it all three female leads are rivals for some reason or the other. The one on the top is clearly the female lead because she ticks of all the correct boxes.


    She is super kind and naïve

    She is being cheated on by her long time boyfriend or husband.


    Am sure there are a few more points which seem to slip my mind at the moment but one gets the idea. The other two are clearly the second female leads because it is not only mentioned that they are all rivals but also that each of them seems equally ambitious and all. We just need to see now who is more evil and manipulative to take home the crown.


    At this point I am therefore having a hard time to see why anyone would be willing  have a face swap with the female lead. An accident is certainly the normal case where this could happen follow up with the main lead having amnesia briefly and the second lead trying to take advantage of this situation. The other way could be if she cuts a deal with the person that she swaps her face with. Such as help me with my revenge and in return I will let you live the life that you want and be with the man you like. Ie I will sell my soul in return for revenge. But if the two are rivals I again have a hard time seeing this happen.


    regardless of all this I simply don’t see a body swap plot being able to be pulled off. Face switch is still debatable at this point. So let’s see how it turns out. I probably won’t be watching this show. Perhaps a few random episodes here and there and if given enough time perhaps even a review but that is extremely unlikely due to time constraints.


    Anyway I hope that the rest of you enjoy this show and keep us all in the loop. Till next time.

    on a side note seeing one of the second leads with long hair seems just a bit weird considering that she used to have short hair in all her previous works which seemed to suit her. LoL she is probably wearing a wig here correct.
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  4. Well, I finally got caught up in this show. Not only that but I also got to take part in a poll after such a long time as well. We also have a few interesting questions and a turn of event to look forward too as well. So, lets get into it shall we.


    First of all, I would like to say that I am also happy that I got atleast one thing right in the poll so far which was that Rainbow Brite was faking her amnesia but if one watches the episodes closely they will realize that the writer already hinted that. Will get into that in a bit but before that let me bring up a point that somebody brought up in regards to the poll as well.


    I think that it was @LeftCoastOppa that pointed out that somebody wanted Chicken Mum dead but nobody voted for her to die over there. The thing is that atleast for me why I didn’t do that was because I see no real reason for her to die at this point. Unless the writer wants to go on a random killing spree like the one for the aforementioned drama there has to be a genuine reason to kill of a character. So no matter what you want (by you I mean generally not anyone in particular just to clarify) it isn’t going to happen unless it serves some point in the story. At this point I don’t see anything that can be gained from killing of Chicken Mom. Sure she is greedy as hell and protects her children’s wrong doing but is she any worse of than the Chairman at this point. Will Miss Otoke be so moved at her death that she will decide that the only way to make up for it is to help her son mourn over her that she will think that she needs to get back with her Ex. Nope not happening. The same for Sang Hyuk will he be so affected by her death that he will decide to do the right thing and hand over said evidence to Miss Otoke without any ulterior motives. Highly unlikely. At most perhaps Bakery Mom might feel slightly bad towards Sang Mi that she will consider her as a possible In-Law material but only if she decides to cut ties with her brother. Etc… or they decide to reveal that the mother has to die because she is in possession of some major secret or that it turns out that her husband is actually the blackmailing witness (for chairman) etc… But at this point she is probably safe at this point. Miss Otoke’s goldfish have a much higher chance of perishing than her at this point.


    Anyway moving on to other parts of the drama now.



    I pointed out earlier that the writer hinted that the writer indicated that Rainbow Brite was faking her amnesia. Let’s get into that for the moment first.


    The biggest slip up actually happened at the start of the arc. When Rainbow Brite wakes up after the accident, she is surprised to see everyone over there. Also note the part when Sang Hyuk addresses her she is shocked at what he calls her. I am going to assume that he either addressed her by her name or more casually than a normal worker hence her reaction to him like that (and this was lost in translation via the subs). Basically, she appears unaware that she was married to him and that he was still her subordinate. Nothing wrong at this point mind you. Her accident was slightly believable. Even the diagnosis that she conveniently only forgot the past four years of her life. But then comes the slipup a bit later Sang Hyuk meets up with her again and asks her if she doesn’t remember him at all. At this point she informs him that they have Sarang between them so how is it even possible that she can’t recognize him.


    So, wait she suddenly knows that she was/is pregnant with his kid. How is that even possible since some time back she failed to recognize him and was shocked at how he addressed her but now she knows just how intimate they had been. Suspicious indeed. Not only that but let’s move on to the next part following the same link. I guess she was in the early stages of her pregnancy that in her current state she wouldn’t be able to tell the difference that she had miscarried or not ie no baby kicking or anything. So this might be given a pass. But like I said if she assumed that she was still pregnant then shouldn’t her first response to waking up and finding herself in the hospital be concerned about her unborn baby. Instead, she faked amnesia by pretending to have no idea of why she was there and who was in the room at that point. Her freaking out about her baby would have been slightly more believable at this point.


    Then again, I am probably wrong and my logic is flawed since I don’t know if that is even the normal reaction in such a situation. Perhaps time simply passed and she got fragments of memory back while she was recovering and that is why she remembered Sang Hyuk and their child had this been a genuine case of amnesia.


    Now let’s talk about the daring Police Break out. Someone mentioned that Soo Chul might take the blame of it all on himself and thus she might get a pass in regards to it. I don’t think that it is as simple as that. He can attempt to take all the blame if he wants but it isn’t going to be enough. The reason being simply that she may have faked her condition that the cop rushed her out on his back but after that the moment Soo Chul appeared things don’t go in her favour anymore. He calls out to her which the lawyer takes as his clue to ram the cop which allows Rainbow Brite to run to Soo Chul on her own two legs which the cop more or less witnessed or figured out. So that is going to be hard to pull off at this point. Now on the other hand if Soo Chul had someone else step out of the car and drag her inside as a show that she was taken involuntarily then she may have had better luck in making the escape more believable. But as of now she is going down for that atleast.


    Remember when I pointed out that this show had incompetent and corrupt police as on par with these shows. Will say that they are still the same even with the entire Rainbow Brite investigation and all. No I am not talking about how they let her escape but rather how she actually had a point during said investigation. This is in regards to the edited video that Sang Hyuk sent to Miss Otoke where he had edited out the parts that showed him in it. Rainbow Brite pretty much figured out what he did (was thinking that she might even blame Miss Otoke for that but was surprised that didn’t happen). Anyway as I was saying she then confidentially tells the cop that the video is a fake/edited to make her look guilty and that he should send it to the Cyber Forensic Department to verify said claim. The detective tells her that is indeed the case but till then let’s get on with the investigation. Even the Chairman is like they can’t hold my daughter on such flimsy evidence etc… In this case both of the villains are actually correct for a change. Sang Hyuk is such a lousy amateur editor that one could easily tell that the video had been edited. Heck if a viewer can tell that is the case what does it say about the actual police that should be doing this for a living. Have they never seen edited videos? LoL. Regardless I am glad for their incompetence for a change since they didn’t let her go home and even made her stay a night at the station.


    Another thing is that someone brought up the fact that Rainbow Brite is so bad because she has two major enablers namely the Chairman and Soo Chul. To which someone else responded that the Chairman covers for her because he approves/proud of her or because she shares the same blood as him. Question why shouldn’t he be. The problem over here is that they don’t see what either of them has done wrong because they try and justify their actions as doing the right thing and that the people that are attempting to stop them as people who are either insignificant or can’t grasp the bigger picture. Hence they must be taken care of.


    For instance, let’s look at the major crimes of both of them at the moment. They have both killed a person and she has even embezzled from the company. He did come pretty close to the same thing but will get into that in a bit. People seem to be surprised whenever she goes like this will be the last time I do something wrong ie murder/embezzle etc… but if one tries to look at it from her perspective it tends to make a bit of sense. For instance, let’s talk about her embezzling from the company.


    Now I don’t justify stealing in anyway but in this case let’s try and look at it from her point of view to try and understand why she did any of that. So, for that the first question that we should ask is why she was stealing the company funds in the first place. Was she doing it so that she could live a more comfortable or cushy life? The answer is No. So, then what is the answer. It was to build J-Town a personal project of hers which she likes to refer to as her own kingdom. Now I won’t deny the fact that if it is completely done and successful, she does indeed gain a lot from it. But again, it is more than just that. The one thing that we know she craves for more than anything is recognition from the Chairman so that he can then hand over the company to her. So this project is merely a part of this.


    From what I can gather this is probably the thought process going on in her head. She makes this project successfully. This means that she is going to rake in the profits that come via the casino that she is building as well as people moving into her town. From this she will hopefully payback all the money that she stole to build J-Town. So she isn’t a thief anymore. But more importantly since when the project is finally done she won’t be able to keep it a secret any longer. Meaning the Chairman is going to find out. Once that happens he will be so impressed by her that she managed to pull of such a huge project on her own without asking him for any kind of help. Thus, he will finally realize that she is his true heir and pass over the company too her. Plus, her ambition will also impress him a lot. In short she doesn’t think that she is stealing merely borrowing thus it is unfair that all these people are ganging up on her like that.


    Come to think about it the Chairman was the same back when he was young. The reason that he killed of his friend wasn’t only because he wanted his wife for himself but also because he felt that his friend was just as short sighted as the people targeting Rainbow Brite in the present. For instance, does anyone remember the confrontation between the two friends. Cookie Mums husband wanted him to turn himself in because he had caught him using cheap materials instead of the promised high-end ones. Now the thing over here is was he substituting those materials with the lower quality ones simply to pocket the extra cash or was he doing it because he was thinking about how to get more money for the company. Ie they sell the items at the rate of the high end price and they end up in so called profit because of it. Had the friend gone along with the immoral plan then they would have continued to benefit from this deal. But since his friend was more honest he couldn’t go along with it and this contributed to his death.


    Speaking of Cookie Mum’s husband does anyone think that he was an irresponsible parent. The reason I ask this is because just what kind of parent takes their young child to the middle of nowhere to confront said friend of their wrong doing. Not only that but he keeps them at a distance while confronting said friend instead of keeping them in their hand. The reason why someone even took said child away regardless of their mental state. Why didn’t he leave Bitna with the mother or simply wait till his wife was home (if she wasn’t when he took her) and then confront his friend. Heck he could have simply left his daughter with his own mother before going to said meeting. I mean I get that they needed the child gone for plot purposes and all but this either indicates stupidity or irresponsibility on his part. It isn’t like the police station is going to shut down so there was a time factor to consider when he confronted his friend and he had to confess to his crime.


    In regards to Rainbow Brites apparent death. Either the writer or Rainbow Brite enjoy doing a Disney Death. But does anyone find the Chairman’s reaction towards her fall amusing. I certainly do. Sure, he is worried about her considering the fact that she is his daughter possibly. But is he actually doing everything in his power to find her? The answer is no. He wants no press coverage which is sort of fair, he has hired private divers and searchers which is good, but at the same time he doesn’t want to involve the police because his daughter is a wanted fugitive which at this point is dumb. Why is that. Well because this means that he is seriously restricting valuable manpower that can help him search for his daughter. Shouldn’t he be more concerned about her safety, health, condition versus what will happen once she is located. Even if she does end up going to jail if she is discovered she would atleast still be alive which would/could allow him to attempt another jail break. Or more realistically she would probably be in a hospital first depending on her condition and it might be more easy to stage an escape from there.


    Someone suggested that Rainbow Brite is either faking her death and will return and pull a Sharon or she is genuinely hurt and perhaps has ended up with amnesia allowing for her redemption arc to take place or she is simply just doing the first thing faking her death. Here are my thoughts regarding this. I don’t think that she can pull a Sharon at this point simply because she has no funds to do that. Remember Miss Otoke pulled a Charlies Angel mission with her prison buddies stealing all of the funds that she needed for J-Town. If she doesn’t have any funds for that project and she was desperately searching for investors and all it is unlikely she will have anything at this point to pretend to be somebody else. Sure, Soo Chul the ever loyal buddy might loan her some money if he had any. But again, I doubt that he has all that much stashed away to pull this off. Chairman is certainly not going to fund some weird fantasy of hers without gaining something in return or her plan making sense. At this point what is she going to come up with that will make her sound sane yet wanting to pretend to be someone else. The truth seems like something from a soap opera pun fully intended. So not happening. As for actual amnesia happening quite possible. As long as she isn’t bakery mum’s daughter, I say that we are all good. But at this point we might as well give up hope. The best bet is to hope that she is simply faking her death. Unfortunately, that prevents us from progressing much in the story as to what will the show focus on. She was the main antagonist.


    Sure, we can now focus on the Chairman and him going down for his list of crimes. But if that happens we need to get Cookie Mum to play a more active role since Miss Otoke is supposed to be the main lead and she has no idea of what actually happened to her family back in the past how is she supposed to either take revenge on the Chairman or even if she has the heart and motivation to take over his company. Remember the real reason that she even became a board member was so that she could force Rainbow Brite to either admit to the truth or be forced to do so given that she doesn’t have all that much power now. Now that she has exposed Sang Hyuk and Rainbow Brite for the role that they played in the death of her grandmother part of her mission is already done. She needs to have her name exonerated from the murder charge. Unfortunately, she is in a small bind in regards to that. The only person that can do so is MIA, Sang Hyuk and Soo Chool can partially get her out but the question is are they willing to do so. Both of them probably have evidence of some sort but why would they provide her with it. Soo Chool isn’t much of a witness considering he came after the accident took place but since he helped cover up the crime by bribing the people in charge, he might have some evidence. But he most likely isn’t going to hand it over since he lost the one person that he cared about courtesy of Miss Otoke. So perhaps out of spite he may hold onto them. Sang Hyuk might be a bit more willing to hand over said evidence that he has. But again, he isn’t going to do so without gaining something in return. That is simply is nature. His terms wouldn’t be hard to guess at this point. Become a couple with him once again and he will gladly handover said evidence. Or perhaps he would want more of a guarantee before doing so such as get married first so that she doesn’t have a way to slip out and throw him under the bus.


    We also have the Chairman searching for the real daughter to further complicate matters. So, nothing good on this end as well. You know what I feel like might make this story a bit more interesting at this point. A new group or company suddenly shows up ie X-Investment/Group and starts to buy stocks and shares for Daekook Group and tries to even oust the current management ie Chairman, Cookie Mum etc… If you want, we can even have Rainbow Brite with amnesia and working for them for bonus points. So in other words she was rescued by them and is being used by them as well. Why? Simple. Remember Cookie Mom’s husband. Did they ever find his body or did they assume that he simply died because he couldn’t have survived the place where the accident took place? If they didn’t find his body we could have a plot where he survives like Miss Monte Cristo. Doesn’t need to have amnesia at that point. Either way when he recovers and tries to return home, he discovers that his wife is now married to his friend/murderer. Since he isn’t aware of the fact that she is only doing so to avenge his death he thinks that she has also betrayed him. It also doesn’t help that she now has a son that she loves further fueling his misunderstanding. Ie how could you love his son when our own daughter is dead or missing. Again further being unaware of the fact that she has found their daughter and is trying to help her get her life back. So now he wants revenge on all of them for their so called betrayals/unfaithfulness to him. Him rescuing Rainbow Brite may be him taking a page out of Gracious Revenge. But do we really care at this point.


    Speaking of parent and child issues I have questions of my own at this point


    Q. Prior to Cookie Mum discovering that Miss Otoke was her daughter she tried her best to get to meet her. Ie she would go to the detective to help convince him to help meet up with her daughter, she would also attempt to phone Senior Prision Unnie to talk with Miss Otoke. But now that she has discovered her daughter’s identity, she doesn’t need to do any of that. Isn’t Miss Otoke curious as to why her mother isn’t trying to get in touch with her. Does she think that her mother has given up on her once again?


    Or is she giving her mother a pass because the phone that she could contact them with has been stolen courtesy of Rainbow Brite. That wasn’t the impression I got though. From what I could tell Prision Unnies’ phone that she had registered her business with/under had gotten stollen but her personal phone was still good and that is what she had used to contact her mother with. I may be wrong in regards to this though. Some clarification would be nice.


    Q. Cookie Mom had been searching or person X and used that as an excuse to meet up with Prision Unnie to help locate her daughter/find information on her. Again, now that she has located her daughter is she still searching for said person and going to her office? I mean we all know who that person probably is. He is going to turn out to be said witness of her husband’s murder and will also be able to tell us what actually happened to her daughter. In other words, closure for both mother and daughter at this point, I guess.


    The only reason for him to show up at this point though will either be to blackmail the chairman or prision unnie will be successful in locating him. We will have to wait and see.


    Speaking of the Mr. Baek who was a witness to Miss Otoke’s grandmothers’ accident. Someone wondered why Rainbow Brite had him locked up in a mental institution instead of simply killing him. After all she had already killed people in the past. To this I would say that we have to remember something important. None of the people that died did she actually kill. The grandmother and the blackmailer both fell down and injured themselves while they were scuffling with her. She didn’t plan on killing them. For the former she even died in the hospital even though she had run off after the accident took place. I seriously doubt that the grandmother would have survived even if she did call for help. But that is beside the point. What I was trying to say that in both of those cases there was no intent atleast. For her attempt on Miss Otoke again she didn’t kill her but stuffed her unconscious body in a suitcase and tried to kill her. Not sure if that is worse. Nope actually scratch that it definitely is worse. Either way in this case there was atleast intent. But we have to remember something at this point. This happened after quite a bit. She had gotten her hands on the witness before she decided to get rid off Miss Otoke. In other words, her killing tendencies started a bit later on. So, she would have no reason to kill of the witness back then. Now is a totally different matter. I guess she could simply cut her losses and try to kill the witness off but that might be a Soo Chul issue. The guy seems to have a bit more of a conscious as he actually feels bad every time she makes him try and kill someone or is aware that she plans to do so but he can’t do anything about it/her at this point. So who knows what the truth is at this point.


    Another question that was brought up was how Rainbow Brite tried to kill Miss Otoke again and why the police wouldn’t question her death and label it as an accidental death if she was strangled or brain mashed. Let’s face it the drama police aren’t all that smart and this isn’t the first and only place where they would label such deaths as accidental. But even if we ignore that one has to question how could they come to that conclusion for the time being. Well first of all why would they even show up there is the question that we need to ask. It isn’t like Rainbow Brite is going to call them over as she could not only become a prime suspect but she is also on the wanted list. This means that she has ample time to set the stage up for the murder. Once she killed of Miss Otoke she could have her thrown over the cliff and even better results in the water. By the time the cops even discovered the body other things could easily happen to further damage the body making it harder for them to discern the actual reason for the death. Ie the water may make the body bloated and harder to recognize, the fall down will further add scratches to the body and perhaps if Rainbow Brite was more fortunate nature or animals could take a bite out of it as well. Making the job of the police all that much harder.


    Then again the cops might actually be good for a change and discover the truth right of the bat but I doubt that we would have been so lucky.


    Oh well while I have more to add will do so later on as am slightly busy. So till then take care all of you and keep posting. Looking forward to reading them when I get the time.

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  5. So, from the comments it seems like I missed another interesting poll. Oh well I guess that is just my luck. The other thing that I hear is that this show is getting an extension. To that my response would be Ouch. Certainly, some shows can benefit from an extension but I don’t think that this is one of those shows. Hopefully I will be proven wrong though.


    I mean let’s look at the current plots that need to be tied down and a perhaps ways to resolve them as well.


    Second Leads need to be punished for their crimes.

    Tay Hyang needs to be reunited with his real family and thus have his birth secret either exposed or done in such a way that it won’t hurt or confuse him. A good way to cover both of those points could be that if the Second Leads actually decide to repent and redeem themselves, they may tell him that they have to go on a work trip but since they can’t take him with them he will have to live with his Aunt and Uncle for the time being. Thus, part of the problem is easily solved. Hopefully by the time they are released from serving their time he will have either forgotten about them or be old enough for the truth to be revealed to him without him getting hurt etc…

    Miss Otoke needs to be made aware of her Birth Secret

    Same for Singing Prince

    Which will therefore naturally result in them temporarily breaking up before being informed/realizing that they can be together since they aren’t actually related to each other.

    Cookie Mum’s revenge needs to be completed allowing the company to fall back into the hands it actually belongs too. Meaning Chairman Yoon needs to go answer for all the crimes that he has committed so far. Not going to be easy.

    Sub Plot of Sharon needs to be resolved

    Sub Plot Sang Mi and Bakery Oppa Romance

    Sub Plot Bakery Mom needs to be reunited with her daughter or leave it open. Granted we can still have the Rainbow Brite as her daughter plot be explored and either proved or debunked etc..

    Sae Chool needs to finally fix/join a side for good without feeling guilty and live with the consequences.


    Hopefully I didn’t miss any plots. Not sure if I have solutions for any of them but we can probably be done by 130 episodes max I suspect. Oh well let’s see what the writer has in store for us.


    Now on to the main post itself.


    I see that the Sang Mi VS Bakery Oppa debate is still going strong and there are shippers on both sides. LoL. I still feel like that is a hard option to take. Some of the points that have been brought up in her defense are like sure she lies but a person doesn’t have an issue when Miss Otoke has been doing the same or other main leads. Well, I think one can justify their actions a tad bit better than hers. Now don’t get me wrong I certainly feel that lying is bad no matter what but the reason why we let it slide in the case for the main leads is simple. They start out as honest hard-working people who end up facing a bad case of injustice courtesy of the actions of the Second Leads. Not only is that bad but the then also fail to achieve any kind of true justice either due to the ineptitude or the corruption of the legal department that is to seek it out for them. Ie  police, judges, lawyers etc…


    This now means that the main leads need to take matters into their own hands and make the second leads repent using whatever means necessary because dealing with them in an honest or legal way is going to end up getting nothing. Just look at Miss Otoke she was not only framed for a crime that she never did but when she confronted Rainbow Brite with said evidence she nearly died as well. Coming back as herself was certainly not going to get her anywhere but perhaps another attempt at her life. So she lied about her identity.


    The next thing we need to ask what do both Sang Mi and Miss Otoke gain out of their lies. Is it the same thing? The answer is probably no.


    Miss Otoke isn’t trying to impress or win over the second lead by pretending to be rich and fancy. He is totally aware of her identity and is helping her out on his own accord. The people one can say that she is actually lying to are the following. The Second Leads and one can sort of say Singing Princes parents since they wouldn’t approve of her otherwise. Now while the second issue may be a bit problematic one will eventually realize that isn’t even the case.


    Again, she isn’t marrying him to gain something out of him since they are in a contractual marriage. This means that is and when she wants to have the marriage nullified or broken, they go their separate ways and she gains nothing from it. Ie she can’t demand company shares or any other kind of alimony in return. Yes, Singing Prince may lose out on other marriage prospects down the lane if people find out that he is/was divorced. But again this is by his own choice he is probably fully aware of the pro’s and cons before he suggested the marriage in the first place. He might have to take a bit of heat from his parents but again that is his own choice. In short she gains nothing from the lie.


    Sang Mi on the other hand is lying about herself to win over a guy by first trying to impress him by either being something she isn’t or pretending to have similar interests with him to bond with him. Note she fully sees herself as his wife and it is just a matter of time for her. Problem over here is that her lies can only take her so far before the guy realizes that he is either being played or that they actually have nothing in common. If they get in too deep with a fake relationship it might get messier when they have to breakup. Problem with her is that she doesn’t have the guts to face rejection and thus is playing all these games. She certainly could go up front and tell the guy how she feels about him. What is the worse that can happen is that she will be rejected. Ofcourse if she is the persistent type, she can continue to try her way to win him over something like what Singing Prince is doing with Mis Otoke.


    Another point that was brought up was the fact that if Sang Mi does become part of her (Bakery Mom) family she will also be connected to the terrible Moon family as well. Two points were then brought up in regards to this as well. The first one was that Bakery Mom would be connected to them regardless considering that Miss Otoke is connected to them courtesy of her son and the other is the fact that Bakery Mom might be more understanding towards Sang Mi because she hasn’t said anything harsh towards her so far even though she is related to them but she tends to throw stuff at both her brother and mother whenever they show up since she doesn’t like them or the way that they have treated Miss Otoke. But since she is on good terms with her and has helped her a few times she would probably accept her.


    Well in the case of the former one has to ask just how much would Miss Otoke allow herself to be connected to her former family. If she goes by her original plan then it will be almost nill. She pretty much threatened them that if her husband left her for Rainbow Brite then he would have not only any parental rights towards their kid but neither will his family as well since she will be raising the child not only on her own but also wouldn’t be giving him his family name also. Naturally things have become a bit complicated since the stunt he and Rainbow Brite to adopt/raise the kid. So cutting him off from his actual father and grandmother might be a bit more tricky but I feel that it can still be possible. That means Bakery Mom might not have to deal with them so much as well as Miss Otoke. The only issue here is the kid who conveniently likes to spend time with both his parents. Ouch. But still manageable in someway or the other I am sure.


    As for the bit about how Bakery Mom treats her better than the rest of her family could simply be attributed more to a K-Drama Trope rather than whose family she actually belongs too. What I mean by this is that it is fully possible that Bakery Mom isn’t even aware of her family. Now one can ask how can that even be possible. Well courtesy of these dramas anything is possible even absurd plots like this.


    For instance, she has never been in the same place with her family and Bakery Mom to make that connection. Whenever either of them shows up the other member of the family is conveniently absent. The closest encounter that she had was when Cookie Mom brought over Tay Yang over to the bakery family and he almost recognized her. But she pretended that it wasn’t her. The strange part here is that even Cookie Mom failed to recognize her considering that they are now family and all. But I guess they don’t meet up all that often that she didn’t get flagged. Not strange since Sang Hyung clearly doesn’t like his family show up and visit him and all. Also Cookie Mom wouldn’t be all bothered to meet up with his family unless it was something important and all.


    The other things to note is that Bakery Mum probably sees her as a regular customer and has pegged her for someone who has feelings for her son that she may plan on using so that he forgets Miss Otoke. The other thing is that she knows Miss Otoke and seems to be really friendly with her. I doubt that she ever asked her who she was as she would probably be minding her own business. This means that chances are high that she hasn’t figured out her actual identity yet so she can be civil towards Sang Mi for the time being. Once the secret it out anything goes.


    Now people might not believe that this trope can be real that people aren’t aware of how they are connected to people they may know etc…. So I will further give examples from two other drams to prove such absurdities are not only possible but also illogical at times as well.


    The first one is from the drama Home For Summer (if memory serves correctly). Female Leads MiL conveniently finds herself as a lodger at the female leads parents’ house. The only reason that she discovers the truth is because she hears that the family is having the SiL over for dinner and she decides to barge the party unannounced only to discover that it is her own son and her DiL. Now why should she have discovered this earlier is simple. To convince her sons that she was doing okay she lies to them that she is doing fine, has a place of her own and even invites them to lunch. Now over here two things happen. First only her eldest son shows up and apparently, he has never been to his In-Laws place that he doesn’t recognize it. What kind of weird family is that? Secondly in that house there is the standard large size family portrait which she temporarily hides so that her son doesn’t figure out the truth. Are you honestly trying to tell me not even once while she was taking the picture down or placing it back up she noticed the family on it. Ah not possible. Clearly she must have an eye problem.


    The second one is from Melody Of Love. Actually, I was going to go with two examples from this but decided to simply go with one since that is quite big and messy on its own. Just a friendly mention this is one of those dramas that decided to opt for an extension when it started to mess up big time. So if anyone is planning on watching said drama don’t bother.


    Over here we have three best friends for life aka the Second Leads and the Male lead himself. So yes, clearly a love triangle was brewing over here. Anyway, the key points to consider over here are as follows the Second Leads families are family friends so the parents know each other. Second Male Lead had feelings for a long time for the Second Female Lead for a long time. Everything good so far. Second Lead has a Musical Company that he runs. Now the Female Lead is interested in joining a Musical Group for a long time. Finally, she gets her lucky break by getting to work for the Second Leads company. Guess what neither of them recognizes the other. Even to the point when the Second Female Lead tries to offer a helping hand and asks the Second Male Lead to offer a job to her sister. He does that unaware that the Female Lead is already working for him and is told that she has already gotten a job. Again isn’t she aware of her bosses number or his voice to recognize him. Regardless of why I find the entire scenario unbelievable is because as I mentioned the parents are good friends with each other so I would have expected them to hold a few family dinners/gatherings where both families would have been invited. Thus, the kids would also have gotten to meet up with each other. Not to mention the entire drama that the Main Leads had to go through could have also been easily solved a long time ago. Okay maybe not that but this work place confusion wouldn’t have been the case. But then that is probably just me take everything that I say with a grain of salt.


    Someone brought up the point that Sang Hyuk might be trying to play both sides. To which I wouldn’t say that I am surprised at all. He has been doing that since day 1. I am finally glad that Miss Otoke finally saw him for his true colours a long time ago and can use that to her advantage. As they say love makes a person blind. Glad it isn’t true for her anymore.


    Let’s take a look into his behaviour and the conclusion one can come from it. Miss Otoke had been living with him for a few years and was even pregnant with his kid. According to her they were in a common law marriage. But they we find out just how many people were even aware of this fact. It seemed like she didn’t have any friends so she couldn’t introduce him to anyone. Meaning only the immediate family was aware of this fact. Even the Bakery Family were only aware of him by name but surprisingly had never met him or his mother until certain events progressed. As for him he did the same. Never bothered introducing her to any of his friends. Now one could argue that he was so busy with work that he didn’t have time to make some. Fine but then what about those at work he could have introduced her to them. Didn’t happen.


    Infact if one looks at this closely one will discover that he took it one step further as well. He never let her show up at his work because he was afraid that she would either embarrass him or better still make him loose out on a potential target. Not only that he never bothered informing people that he was married. He might have suggested that he had a girlfriend but that was it. Or did he claim that he was only seeing someone. That seems a bit more vague and open ended allowing another person to think that they have an opportunity to be with him.


    Once he got caught how did he try and justify his actions to Miss Otoke. He still loves her but the only reason that he was choosing Rainbow Brite over her was because of his dreams. He always wanted an apartment under his own name which might be a pipe dream if he staid with her but marrying Rainbow Brite would yield better results as she could buy him an entire building which would be so much better.


    It was the same when Rainbow Brite was having second thoughts about marrying him once she discovered his duplicity. He quickly tried to salvage the situation in his own favour making it harder to go through with her threat. First, he made a good impression on her father who finally agreed into accepting him as a SiL. He then points out to her that she can go ahead with her plan to ditch him but that will only make her look bad in her fathers’ eyes and he may not consider her positively and thus her dream to take over the company will go downhill. When she was having second thoughts another time, he pushed ahead with the company interview where he was introduced as the family fiancée and all. He again points out that the only person that will look bad for breaking up so soon after such an announcement would be her because she will also have to justify her reasons for doing so. So once people find out that she was made a fool by him will make her the laughing stock and again he used the father card and her dreams being unattainable without him.


    Then comes the Sharon character. He discovers her true identity in a matter of episodes. Again, why doesn’t he expose her. Not because he actually cares about Miss Otoke. But rather what he can gain from it. He knows that she clearly has a lot of money at her current disposal. Clearly more than what even his wife currently has since they need her money and all. This means that he shouldn’t get on her bad side and do his best to conceal the secret. He also probably knows that his wife would be way more hesitant to accept any money from Miss Otoke as she would sense a trap and would be unable to complete J-Town their life long goal. So he keeps the secret for the time being.


    So, in short, I believe that even his claim that he loves Miss Otoke and has always loved her was always a lie. From his actions one can easily figure out that the only person that he cares about his himself and his greed. This can further be seen by two points. The first one is when Singing Prince tells him to get his act straight considering that he is already married so he should stop going after his Ex. His response when he is alone is that both women belong to him. So, I am going to be super glad when he ends up all alone and with nothing.


    The other is when Miss Otoke asks him where their kid is. He blatantly lies to her that the kid has passed away when in truth he was secretly raising him with his wife. Even if one wants to give him a pass for that one what happens next will make people reconsider. He then discovers that in her shock/misery she tried to take her own life so that she could be with her son. What was his response to that? He felt slightly bad but still not bad enough to tell her the truth. Even when she came to him with evidence that the baby might still be alive, he continued with the lie that the baby was dead. He didn’t care about the pain that he was causing the woman he claimed to love. Why just to protect his secret and his continuing source of money and good living.


    So, at this point if Sharon was totally a new character and all and she showed him the slightest interest you can be sure that he would have ditched both Rainbow Brite and Miss Otoke if he would think that it could benefit him in the long run.


    Someone brought up the fact that nobody is questioning where Sharon is these days considering that she is supposed to be the rich DiL and somebody claimed this as poor writing on the writer’s part. Am going to say that is debatable. While I would also love that a writer does their characters justice this one can be slightly explained compared to the hogwash we get in some other dramas. Where I feel it is more of a disservice to said characters.


    I remember that there was this drama some time back where Cookie Mum was in the Evil Mum role phase. In it there was this dog that was introduced by the end of the show the dog was nowhere to be seen. When he was even part of the plot line sometime back.


    Okay fine a dog isn’t the same as a human person so I should come up with something better correct. Fine then how about the drama Miss Monte Cristo. We had a human character that suffered a similar fate. This would namely be the son of Universal Oppa and Giraffe. He was only there for certain plot points and then he was sadly forgotten. Just look at his brief arcs. He seems to get attached to Miss Monte Cristo. Giraffe figures out her identity and also discovers this. She has him packed off to lord knows where. It takes a bunch of episodes to just track him down. Then later on Universal Oppa discovers what his wife and friend did to Miss Monte Cristo that he ends up with amnesia. We could have had a short scene where his son shows up and calls him dad. Leaving him puzzled as to why this kid is doing that since he isn’t even married yet. Instead, the kid is nowhere to be seen. Then by the end Miss Monte Cristo completes her revenge and falls of the bridge again. Only to survive but ending up with amnesia as well. So now we have him taking care of her but again the son is nowhere to be seen. It would have been nice to know who was looking after the kid, did they decide to pack him oversees will he become another Disco Oppa when he grows up etc… so many things left unanswered


    Anyway, back to the actual point at hand why I say that in this case nobody is worried about Sharon is debatable but also how they could have done it better.


    So, for this we just need to ask who is the Sharon identity even important at this point. The answer is simply two people since everyone else is aware of it by now. Those two people namely are Rainbow Brite and Chairman Yoon. In the case of the former we are told by Sang Hyuk that he is doing all in his power/control to prevent her from contacting Sharon. It would probably have been better if the writer actually showed us this than making an off-hand reference like that. But I guess that is what you get in place for time constraints. But still, it might be better of than focusing on Greedy Chicken Mom and all.

    As for the Chairman why isn’t he suspicious and tried to contact her. Well apparently, Miss Otoke apparently contacts him as Sharon occasionally to have a chat with him this could be seen when Singing Prince reminds her to give his dad a call as Sharon as he was looking forward to hearing from her. At best their conversations would go like this that her mother is still not doing well so she still can’t make it back anytime soon. Him being the understanding person that he is or not wanting to offend her family as they seem equally well off is letting it slide for the time being.


    So, Rainbow Brite has been struck by the Amnesia Bug. How convenient and that too only the past four years have been forgotten. So, all the evil deeds that we are aware of she can get away with them scott free. Sheesh. Now someone mentioned why not much earlier since a person actually comes to their true personality at the age of around 5-6 years. Also, that it would be hard to believe that she didn’t do anything wrong during that time. Have to agree with them. I doubt that she accumulated all that wealth in secret ie gold, cash and painting only in the 4 years that she was married. That was clearly a long time of ill-gotten gains on her end. She has clearly been trying to prove herself and her secret little feud with Cookie Mum has been going on for quite some time.


    I simply feel that in this case it was done so that when they reveal that the kid his supposedly hers, she might be a bit more believable towards such a lie. But things are odd honestly. Once I watch the episode which should be in a few more days depending on my schedule will let you know why. So is this going to be something like this she is suddenly surprised as to why Miss Otoke is coming after her family ie her husband and son and wants to steal them away. So, she will try and fight to get them back. Only to be shocked at what kind of Monster that she was back then. Thus, she will do the right thing and realize that her kid is better of with his actual mother that she will end up not only turning herself in as well as handing over the kid back to Miss Otoke. Perhaps she will also discover that Bakery Mum is her actual mom so will try and fix things along the way. Not sure how I will be okay with that bit. I think that her identity of being the lounge madams’ kid should be kept till the end. Whether she is the Chairmans actual kid remains to be seen but at this point it isn’t all that important.


    As for Sang Chool not sure why he still goes along with any of her plans at this point. Sure, I get that he loves her but the way that he is being treated by both her husband and her should make him wake up sooner than later. He doesn’t want to cut of ties with Cookie Mum but love his making him constantly blind. There are people who are genuinely concerned about him yet he ignores them all for a love that he can’t attain anytime soon which is disappointing. I mean if there was the slightest interest on her part, I could say that he might have had a shot. But she constantly shatters his heart in the cruelest ways. For instance, she was fully aware of his feelings towards her yet she still takes him over to Sang Hyuks place and even tells him to help him out etc… She then uses his feelings for her to get out of the bind whenever she does something wrong such as the accidental death of the blackmailer and the investigation that followed. She would rather throw him under the bus rather than admit her wrongdoings.


    I just wish that the guy wakes up soon and realizes that blindly following his feelings for her is only going to be bad for him. Does he think that they will have a prison romance or that she will wait for him once he is released. Not happening. She hasn’t made any sort of promise in regards to that so what hope is he living for. She isn’t going to care. As long as he is useful, she will use him till otherwise. She has already made him take the fall for her embezzlement scams and if possible, even for her other crimes. Doesn’t he get it that he is selling his soul for nothing. Atleast when people sell their soul to the devil in stories, they gain something out of it. But this isn’t the case for him. Sometimes he even feels bad or guilty but he still continues to listen to her. He needs a major wakeup call and soon.


    Okay folks how is this for an ending or atleast close to one. We can add bits later on.


    Sharon’s identity is finally exposed and Rainbow Brite demands the rest of the funds in return she won’t tell the police to arrest her for fraud. (Perhaps not even tell Chairman Yoon if he is still in the dark as well). Miss Otoke has no choice but to agree with this (or does she)


    Now just when Sang Hyuk and Rainbow Brite are about to be handed the keys to their new kingdom J-Town. We hear police sirens in the background. So we are now supposed to think that perhaps Rainbow Brite has gone back on her word and since she has all that she wanted she has sold out Miss Otoke. But when the cops do show up they end up arresting to everyone’s shock and surprise Sang Hyuk and Rainbow Brite. What happened here is that now since both characters finally achieved their life time goal, they realized that they didn’t need each other. So, they had secretly contacted the police and given them the evidence of the others crime. The cops and press are having a field day and this drama like comedy. Neither of the two can believe that the other could have double crossed them that they are shouting at each other. The cops can barely restrain them at this point. The shouting ends up in a bit of a shoving match. Now during this Sang Hyuk loses his footing on a lose rock and falls down one of those working/construction holes. Since I am not all that evil, I won’t kill him but will make him get seriously injured that he is rushed to the hospital. (Perhaps make the injuries serious enough that his mother will have to take care of him so she won’t have time to chase after her grandson)


    As for Rainbow Brite she is in shock as she is being escorted back to the police. Sadly, in her haste to make J-Town she fails to follow safety procedures. So, she is nearly hit by a large block that falls on her. But at the last minute is saved by Sang Chul. While he gets injured severely, he manages to tell her that he loves her and has always loved her and that if he survives, he will still wait for her. LoL. So, she lets the doctors know that if he needs any body part replacement ie a kidney she will be more than willing to donate it for him. She also weepingly tells him to forget about a terrible women like her and if he recovers to instead find a woman who genuinely likes/loves him and find his happiness over there. She just can’t be that woman for him. She is then taken to jail to do her time.


    Hopefully by the time she is released Sang Chul has snapped to his senses. Not sure who will be out there to receive her at this point. Perhaps Singing Prince and Miss Otoke are there with Sybok so she can see him for one last time and they tell her that since she has done her time she can come back home since she is family. Augh. But whatever.


    As for Jinah it turns out that Bakery Mom was her family all along. Someone asked why she was in jail as she doesn’t seem like a criminal. In my story it is as follows. She learns Hacking skills so that she can locate her family. On one of her searches, she breaks into a government site but is caught and thus sent to jail. Yet she still hasn’t given up hope. Something catches her attention which allows her to be finally reunited with her actual family. The only odd thing here is that she was once college friends with Bakery Oppa so why didn’t they figure out that sooner. Ah I have no idea let’s go trouble the writer with that bit.


    Well, that will be all from my end for the time being. Take care all of you. Hopefully I will be able to catch up with all of you soon. Not so sure about my posting routine though. Sorry about that. So, till then do continue to post and come up with new ideas and theories. Also, how we can make this show more fun.


    On a side note, someone mentioned a show where due to an extension the writer went on a killing spree and even killed of the pet dog. LoL While I haven’t watched said show I believe it was called Princess Aurora as somebody already mentioned sometime back. Suffice to say I probably won’t be watching that show anytime soon. I had been considering it at one point but after reading some comments thought better after all there are way better dramas out there then such a weird one. Fortunately we won’t have to hear from said writer anytime soon since I heard that it was either that drama or the one after that where she decided to go into retirement. So some good news on that end until something has changed.


    Another thing that I would like to ask. People keep mentioning of how Miss Otoke was wearing a dress that reminded them of the Star Trek Uniforms. Am going to assume that it was from The Next Generation Era but would still love to see a picture of it. Would it be possible to post it over here or would that be against the rules?


    Okay now going for real. So till then take care all of you.

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  6. Oh Theory Time ----


    Someone mentioned how Singing Prince may be part of the Bakery Family as he could be the missing child. Well guess what I just realized if we could probably alter that theory a bit. What if he is indeed part of that family just that Bakery Mom isn't his connection to that family.


    We know that he likes to sing a lot. Now who do we know from that family who also likes to sing and has been introduced earlier.


    Yes you all won the Jackpot if you said that it was the guy whose club that he worked at. The same guy that is getting conned by the Gold Digger and the son of the head baker.


    What do you think about this theory? Can it be possible? Can't wait to hear your thoughts in regards to this


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  7. Sorry for such a late response folks. Sadly had my laptop slip in the middle of the night damaging the hard drive making it unusable until recently. So let me offer some friendly advice that I learned from this experience. Firstly, no matter how tired you are always shutdown your laptop before going to bed. This will prevent your hard drive from getting damaged even if it falls down later on. After that if you are using it from your bed for extra safety keep it either under the bed of bedside table so that chances of falling become nil and you don’t accidentally step on it when you wake up. Not even an earthquake will be able to get the better of you now.


    Anyway, back to the matter at hand in regards to the drama. Am slowly catching up on this drama then will check out some of the other shows that got left behind due to my stupidity. Just wondering though how is Red Shoes going? Did it get any better and should I catch up on it later?


    Regardless of that I have been catching up on the comments of this show atleast and have been reading some interesting points. Even though I am a bit late and still quite some episodes behind I hope that I can still contribute some while I still have time. Am going to get a whole lot busy soon so I doubt that I will be able to post as before.


    So some of the things that I have read are as follows and my thoughts regarding each of them.


    Sang Mi compared to the rest of her family and if she is worth of Bakery Oppa.

    Miss Otoke and her Birth Secret. Who is her actual Birth Mother

    Versus Rainbow Brite and her mothers actual identity.

    Who can be blackmailing Rainbow Brite and why.


    There are a few more points that I will be hopefully adding as I recall them at the moment. Some of you mind you have already given reasonable responses but I just want to add in my two cents as well.



    So let’s start with the first point in regards to Sang Mi. Compared to the rest of the family so far that I have witnessed I would probably grade her as a 3.5. Where one would probably be a Super Saint and 10 would be an Evil Heartless Monster. So, take your pick folks as well. Now why would I grade her that is simple. Yes, she certainly has her flaws but she seems to also have a conscience as well though that simply turns on and off as the script demands.


    Some points that were made against her were as follows she betrayed Miss Otoke to Rainbow Brite a few times.

    She is equally greedy as the rest of her family at times.

    She should have cut of ties with the rest of the family the moment they decided to dump Miss Otoke and accept Rainbow Brite as the family.

    What she could have done in regards to that etc…


    As someone pointed out earlier, she didn’t willingly betray her but was sort of forced to do so. Due to the fact that she was blackmailed in regards to a mistake that she made ie computer virus. So, I guess we can probably give her a pass on that one atleast.


    For the rest of them I feel it is a bit tricky. Okay fine let’s say that she couldn’t cut ties with the rest of the family since it wouldn’t have been practical back in the day. But that doesn’t mean she should have let the matter slide as well. In my opinion she didn’t do enough if she was truly worthy or loyal to Miss Otoke.


    Take the example of the SiL in Red Shoes she always looked down on Min Jung atleast before the marriage and after that she toned down her original behavior and all. Granted the roles are certainly reversed over here considering that the Aunt over there came from the wealthy family so she could afford to do that over there. But Sang Mi comes from the poor family over here so there would certainly be a limit to what she could do and get away with. Probably since she was younger it would be even harder to pull without getting told of by the rest of her family and even made to apologize for her rude behaviour.


    But even then, we have to ask did Sang Mi want this marriage to take place and if she gained something from it as well like the rest of her family. The answer to that question is unfortunately Yes. Back then she was jobless now thanks to her brother and SiL she gets to work in a company and has a somewhat stable job which she probably takes for granted. For instance in the last episode that I watched she simply took a break from work because she felt like it. When her mother asked her if it wasn’t because she was actually fired. To which she replied that her connections made her position secure over there. Which was a relief to her mother.


    Frankly if she wants a full redemption, she needs to quit her job over there and actually do something that she actually enjoys. Now if that means working with the Baking Family then so be it. From her remark it seems either she doesn’t have that much actual skill or people over there (Company) are not treating her well. They know that she got in through connections so they sometimes give her odd jobs or so because they probably know that she can’t complain about it and all. Either way for her own good she should leave the company unless she joins Team Miss Otoke 100% and stays in the company as their spy/mole.


    The other thing that speaks in her favour of sorts is how she tends to treat Miss Otoke at times. For instance, when her brother informed his family of his decision to dump her and marry Rainbow Brite. She was equally happy to hear that as that meant she would get a rise in society as well and go places. At the same time, she knew exactly how Miss Otoke would be feeling and she didn’t do anything at this moment. Even though her brother told his family to keep quiet and that he would handle the matter personally she failed to do something over here. A reason why I have docked points from her. Frankly she should have done two things over here if she was a totally decent person and felt bad for Miss Otoke. The first thing is instead of being happy and trying to figure out what she could gain from her brothers marriage she should have tried to persuade him that what he was doing was wrong and unfair to both Miss Otoke but his kid as well. The second thing that she should have done is try and give her some kind of heads up. So in this case I am not saying downright disobey her brother and tell her that her brother was cheating on her but try and hint it. Such as perhaps tell her that she should be more aware of how her brother looked like and that other girls might be trying to attract his attention or something along those lines. Did she do any of that the answer is sadly no.


    Another thing to note is her behaviour that hasn’t changed even after the time jump. (again, atleast where I watched). Remember the part where that Nun shows up at their place and informs them that Miss Otoke’s grandmother left her something. What does Greedy Mom think of doing. Takes the box on her own thinking that there might be some kind of buried treasure in it instead of handing it over to Miss Otoke. Sang Mi fails to inform Miss Otoke both times of the simple fact that a Nun showed up asking for her or when she discovered that her mother had taken the box.


    I guess I might be able to give her a small pass in regards to the box considering that she did hand it over to her the moment she actually got her hands on it and she might have been willing to do so earlier. After all there was indeed a point that she was searching for the box sometime back (when the Gold Digger had stolen it). Perhaps she was planning on handing over the box back then and that is why she was searching for it. Still had she reported to her the moment she discovered that her mother had taken the box we would have been saved a few episodes of the drama itself. Oh well let’s move on.


    The other thing that actually makes her better than the rest of her family is the simple fact that she actually cares about Miss Otoke compared to the rest of her family. For instance, whenever she caught her mother being harsh towards her, she would try and defend her by pointing out that her mother was behaving as an Evil MiL as they show in dramas and whatnot. But more importantly she was actually concerned in regards to her trial considering that it was on the same day as her brothers wedding. The rest of them were just concentrating on the event itself (wedding).


    Speaking of the wedding what are your views on it. Do you all think that it was simply a coincidence that the wedding was on the same day as Miss Otoke’s trial or do you think that Rainbow Brite deliberately held it on the same day. Wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case. Perhaps this could be a question for the Next Poll @Lmangla.


    Think about it. Rainbow Brite has always been insecure whenever it comes to Miss Otoke that she goes out of her way to take her down. Such as trying to sabotage her during the Home Shopping Network competition and all. Then again, she only popped up over there because she was afraid that Miss Otoke would reveal her crimes on National TV. But the competition was still there. Anyway, back to the point that I was trying to make. Perhaps she was afraid that her husband still had feeling for Miss Otoke and would have attended the trial if possible and to avoid that she arranged for both of them to be held on the same day forcing him to choose her. Perhaps she even discovered the fact that he was trying to search for a lawyer to defend Miss Otoke making her realize this and all.


    Anyway, moving on to the next point now.


    This is now in regards to the birth secret between the two female leads. Let’s be honest over here this is a hard one to take considering everything that we have seen and read so far. Also the fact that a few things are not so clear.


    Someone brought up the fact that the gender of the baby could have been mixed up or that it might not have been so clear so Singing Prince might be Bakery Mom’s actual long-lost child. His age though is not correct. Well, I have a thing to say in regards to this. How do we know for a 100% certainty what is actual age really is. We don’t. We assume it because that is what he may have told up but who told him that in the first place. His parents but then we have to remember the simple fact that do they actually know it. The chairman so far as we are aware doesn’t know that he is being taken for a ride by his wife. As for Cookie Mom she isn’t his biological mother so she could have easily have been misinformed when she adopted him in secret and whatnot. This way he can perhaps be the missing child.


    The other thing is about his gender. The missing child is supposed to be a girl but can a drama mess even this simple fact. The answer to that would be yes, it is possible. I can say this for certainty. I remember watching a drama a few years back and also the reason why I joined this group. It was due to a theory that someone brought up. That was could one of the child actors introduced be related to the second female lead. The posters here were like Nope can’t happen because of the age difference. Later on, it turns out that the Second Female Lead did indeed have a child in the past but she was adamant that her child was of a certain gender. Guess what happened in that show. Turns out that the writer had botched up. So, the theory that the poster had turned out to be true. The age was wrong and the writer tried to fix it but not many of the viewers were buying it. As for the gender the Second Female Lead had gotten it wrong. Not impossible mind you given the circumstances in that show atleast. It might be harder to pull that off in this show though.


    As for the fact that Miss Otoke is Cookie Mom’s daughter versus Bakery Mom’s child is still a bit hard to take as both cases can be made at the moment.


    For starters she seems to have a connection to both women and feels attracted to them. Bakery Mom was always like a mother figure towards her and both of them see each other in that light. But when it comes to Cookie Mom there are a few points that we can consider as well


    For starters Cookie Mom actually helped her when she was pregnant and had her rushed to the hospital. Their connection started there. Simple acts of fate or was there more to this fateful meeting. Then move on a few years later when Miss Otoke and Cookie Mum bump into each other. Regardless of how much of that meeting may have been orchestrated. What follows is of interest. Both women seem to be affected by said meeting and apparent betrayal. Miss Otoke felt a connection and wasn’t a 100% why it mattered what Cookie Mom felt towards her and thought that she would be different from all those other rich families. Turns out that she was just like the rest of them according to her. The same was true for Cookie Mum. Apparently, she doesn’t take a fancy to others but for some reason she felt drawn towards her and her betrayal felt more harsh towards her. Why is this the case if they aren’t related.


    Then we have the case of Miss Otoke also having the missing child’s name as well (Bit Na )(Cookie Mom’s) how did she know that. Rainbow Brite gets a positive DNA result from that and then we have the fact that grandma is Cookie Mom’s MiL. So here is the deal in regards to some of the facts which aren’t as clear as some have pointed out. Miss Otoke could have known the name Bit Na because her grandmother may have told her that. She may even have given her a reason why her current name is called and why they had to change it. So this can be possible.


    In regards to the fact that Miss Otoke may have been swapped somewhere along the line. Totally confusing a lot of things and all and how did the grandmother not realize this fact. Am going to simply point out that this being a drama this shouldn’t come as a surprise. People can’t seem to do that a lot of times. Remember Gracious Revenge there were two people that made a lot of us shake our heads in disbelief. The first was Carry Jung herself. When she returned all that she was going for was a shorter hairstyle and none of the people who had met her seemed to recognize her. Granted she showed up after many years that some of them may have forgotten what she looked like as they didn’t have that many interactions with her. I probably could have even excused Cookie Mum’s dreams where she saw her face. But then we had the lawyer (Carry Jung’s adopted son) who was even more absurd. A simple pair of glasses made him unrecognizable to people he had met shortly before without them. Aka he successfully pulled a Clark Kent. How can that happen.


    But this isn’t the only example where a character may fail to recognize their own child etc… Take for instance the drama Feast of Gods if my memory serves. Now I can’t recall the details a 100% so things can be muddled up in that case please forgive me. Female Lead falls of a boat where her family is enjoying themselves. (Cruise ship). The second female leads mother who was attempting suicide does manage to save her but still ends up dying. Female Leads mother is not in her right mind is out searching for her daughter. Finds the Second Female lead on the pier and in her confused state mistakes her for her own daughter. She simply can’t accept the fact that her daughter may be dead or missing. The father realizes what is going on and initially tries to correct his wife. But since her mental state isn’t all there, he plays along with it. Though he does still try and search for his daughter as well. Long story short the mother still doesn’t get it when her actual daughter shows up later on courtesy of how fate works in dramas even when her husband and son try and tell her the truth. It takes some time.


    If we take that as precedent then what happens in this drama is quite similar. Grandmother isn’t in her right mind as well. Her son has just passed away and her grandchild is also missing. She finds a missing child around the spot where hers went missing so in her confused state mistakes her for her own. The only one that could have corrected her mistake is Cookie Mum. But due to her misunderstanding thinks that she has already forgotten about her husband and child so runs away with Miss Otoke. Thus, the mistake is never corrected. Now someone brought up the fact that shouldn’t the grandmother have realized after sometime that she has been raising the wrong child after sometime. Well in this case it depends on a few things. Just how out of it was she at the time. Feast of Gods the mother hadn’t realized about the switch till a family dinner where the rest of the family had secretly invited the female lead and revealed the fact to her. It went as well as one could expect ie she didn’t believe it and Second Female Lead tried to deny it as well further complicating things. So it is possible that Grandmother either didn’t realize it until much later on such as when Bakery Mom mentioned that she too lost her child around the same time. It is also possible that Grandma discovered the truth a bit before this reveal but also after a few years had gone by. During this time, it wouldn’t have mattered to her that Miss Ottoke wasn’t her biological granddaughter as she treated her like that. Much like how Cookie Mum tends to treat Singing Prince. He is more than a tool for revenge and she seems to actually care for him. Even if he doesn’t fully go along with her plans and has dreams of his own. She hadn’t fully pushed him in the direction that she wanted and even tries to cover for him so that he doesn’t get into trouble with the Chairman.


    So can there have been a mishap in regards to the switch or swapping of child’s where it concerns Miss Ottoke. Yes, it certainly is possible. Another thing to note when it comes to the fact that Miss Otoke can be perhaps Bakery Mums missing child. Grandma gets injured courtesy of Sang Hyuk and Rainbow Brite. This results in her death over there. But a point to note is how she manages to stay alive until Bakery Mum shows up. She then tries to tell Miss Otoke that her mother is still alive and that she should try and find her. Now I find that a bit strange. While drama laws/tropes are certainly not set in stone and can change according to need. But it is still possible so this could be totally false. Under normal circumstances if Miss Otoke had been connected to Cookie Mum then she should have also been at the hospital and there should have been a reason for them to miss each other. We don’t have any of that unless we get it in a flashback. Like someone said this is no guarantee that Bakery Mum is actually her mother we can still consider it.


    The biggest factor currently deciding that Miss Otoke is Cookie Mums daughter is the DNA test that Rainbow Brite took secretly and the fact that Miss Otoke is aware of the name Bit Na. Have explained the reason for why that is possible. As for the former am at a loss since I haven’t reached that far yet. Someone did mention the fact that somebody doctored the original results for their own gain such as the Butler. Is possible. How did they get the results to lie like that and why are certainly good questions to ask.


    Now in regards to Rainbow Brite and her supposed parentage. From what I am gathering the only clues that we have been given so far is the fact that both she and Bakery Mom have a mole behind their ear, like prune juice and baking. Did I get all of them correct? To be honest if this was real life none of these factors are enough to conclude that she is indeed her child. But as a drama I can understand why we have such tropes. Since the actors aren’t related to each other they generally don’t have resemblance of any kind with their so called drama family. Hear that we do have a few exceptions such as in the show called Once Upon A Time where the main character turns out to be Snow White’s daughter. But like I was saying that isn’t generally the case. So the writers need to show the viewers something visual so that they get the connection. In this case the characters will have a few things in common with their parents/child. Perhaps they will share a common allergy, have a birthmark in the same spot or shape on their body or speak in a particular way etc…


    Thus, we are being given this in regards to Rainbow Brite. But just like how we can be a bit uncertain in regards to Miss Otoke’s birth secret there are other points to equally consider. Of course those points may conflict with what we know or I don’t remember them correctly so lets help each other out.


    Can she be the Chairman’s and Lounge Madams biological daughter as claimed. Quite possible after all she does have something in common with the Chairman compared to Bakery Mum. This being that she is a killer just like her father. She certainly is going the wrong way to impress him though. Let’s look at each other’s track record in regards to this.


    Chairman murdered his friend and partner in the spur of the moment so that he could not only take over his company but also get his wife for whom he had feelings for a long time. Much like Giraffe from Miss Monte Cristo.


    Rainbow Brite may not be so successful as her father but she comes in pretty close. Sadly, the writer isn’t giving her the approval that she needs so she tries again and again. First, she got into a fight with Grand Ma which resulted in her accident. Sadly, the writer informs her that doesn’t count as some might consider that as self defense and also that Grandma passed away in the hospital without much help from her.


    So, she tries to find another victim. In this case it happens to be the blackmailer. He actually dies on the spot and she seems to be happy. But the writer decides to burst her bubble by pointing out that was more of an accident and she failed to have an intent.


    Finally, she thinks that third time will be the charm and tries to take out Miss Otoke. Unfortunately for her she manages to survive as well. A good thing for us that she is so bad at her job otherwise she would have been a serial killer. I guess if she wants to get the job done properly and impress her dad as well, she should take out her husband and save everyone a lot of headaches. Since she will probably be busy behind bars Miss Otoke will automatically get her kid back.


    Thus, as pointed out it certainly is possible that the chairman is indeed her father. But if we want to check out the fact that isn’t the case and the worst case scenario is equally possible that she is Bakery Mom’s daughter we can even have that.


    One of the episodes that I was recently watching had Cookie Mum mention how the Chairman initially hated her also the fact that she is constantly trying to impress him. Now why do I find this a bit odd is simple. The one thing that we know from Rainbow Brite is the fact how the Chairman is crazy about anyone that carries his blood and that he would never abandon them. Hence why he is taking care of her and all. If that was the case, why would he hate her. Because she is a reminder of his weakness. Or is it because he sees too much of himself in her. Both of these points could be true. But then again it is also possible because he is actually aware of the fact that she isn’t actually is daughter.


    Kind of hard to believe right. In that case why would he take care of her for so long without saying anything or even hinting it. But I have an answer for that as well. This theory may be wrong as mine generally are but still bear with it for the time being. If anyone has a better one am more than willing to consider it as well.


    Has anyone noticed how the Lounge Madam has been leeching of her family for such a long time? Clearly handing over her daughter is paying her well as she intended and when or if the Chairman fails to provide, she can simply waltz over and harass Rainbow Brite into doing so. Now the question is why does the family allow her to do so. She comes and goes from their house and company as she pleases and nobody stops her. How is that even possible. The servants at the place should be warned not to let her enter and if they do fire them or take measures against them so that they don’t do it in the future. The company requires a pass to enter so how and why do they give her one. Also, if the family refuse to pay her what is the worst that she can do. Absolutely nothing. Yet they continue to tolerate her presence and pay her off. Clearly something is up. So now we have to ask why does the Chairman of all people all her to do all of this. Even if Cookie Mum doesn’t have the power to hire and fire the staff at work he certainly does and he should be made aware of who comes and goes so freely in his company. Yet he doesn’t. The only reason that I can come up with is that she has something on him that prevents him from doing so.


    For instance, we had that flashback of her running away with a baby. Why would she be doing that and who was that baby. Another comment that she made was that she was glad that she kept someone around otherwise how would she still have her golden goose and that Rainbow Brite is still around to prove otherwise. What could all this mean. Knowing her nature, she certainly has a scheme going on but what could it be. Perhaps the Chairman wanted to get rid of all traces of his rival and had told the Lounge Madam to track the baby down or if she comes into contact with it to either get rid of it or report to him. Now it is possible that one of two things happened at this point. She grabbed the correct baby that time. But things happened in which case she had to hide it somewhere but someone else found it. Now she couldn’t report this to the Chairman or else face his wrath. So she comes up with a new plan. Steals another baby and claims to be the right one. This turns out to be Bakery Mom’s child unfortunately. Or as the second option is that from the start, she got the wrong baby.


    Either way she has enough material to blackmail the Chairman into looking after her for the rest of the family. As for Rainbow Brite she isn’t aware of the truth but simply mistakes the Chairman for her dad. So finally when she has had enough of her mother at the age of 11 she goes over to the chairmans place and reveals herself. Now the Chairman can’t simply deny this because he is afraid that he will get caught by his wife especially if Lounge Madam reveals the fact that she kidnapped her actual daughter on his instructions. So now he is forced to not only take care of a stranger but one that also happens to be his rivals daughter. But then again, he might find perverse pleasure in the fact that mother and daughter can’t recognize each other just like Carry Jung in Gracious Revenge. Ofcourse that doesn’t explain his attachment towards his grandson. If he isn’t his then he would have probably been more warry towards him yet he was more than willing to give Rainbow Brite some shares if she delivered his grandson. Perhaps he has come to accept her as his daughter regardless of whether it is true or not. Time does change a lot of things after all.


    In regards to Sang Hyuk he doesn’t deserve to get anything by the end the way that he behaves. Thinks that he can have the best of both worlds. Or that he can atleast pickup from where he left off if things don’t go well with Rainbow Brite. Notice how he keeps blackmailing material with him to use against her if things don’t go as planned. Clearly if and when she refuses a divorce one of them can be used at that point. Much like her mother he wants to take as much as he can from her before leaving her in the dust. So in a way I do feel slightly bad for her that is until I remember all that she has done to Miss Otoke and then I want Karma to get her big time.


    As for Miss Otoke if she really wants to cause a rift between those two, she needs to seriously start recording her conversations with atleast Sang Hyuk and send them to Rainbow Brite. Granted that since Rainbow Brite is slightly crazy she is only going to hear what she wants to hear and perhaps instead blame it all on Miss Otoke and claim that they were happy and all until she tried to come into their life again and made her husband waver like that. She can never seem to admit when she is wrong herself.


    Someone brought up the fact that Jinnah might be working with the Butler. Interesting….. if true. Ofcourse that would then mean that he has been aware of all of Mis Otoke’s plans from the start including the Sharon show that she is doing. If that is the case, why hasn’t he revealed any of it to Rainbow Brite or taken care of earlier. Perhaps he wants Rainbow Brite to be more desperate that she comes to him for help. So I can perhaps understand him not telling her outright but after a few hits he does so. Displaying not only his loyalty towards her but his resourcefulness as well. But from what I can tell he is stretching it if he is aware of the truth. He is only going to get busted and suffer.


    Speaking of him I noticed somebody mention that ever since Cookie Mum busted him, he has been considering her words and has been taking his time when it comes to uncover dirt on her for Rainbow Brite. Perhaps he may still be turned towards the light. Well I have a reason why he hasn’t uncovered anything so far and it could be one of two reasons. Again, take your pick or come up with something else. The more the merrier I say. The first reason is that he is smart and clearly knows which battles to pick and others to drop depending on the situation.


    Now in this case it depends on what kind of evidence he finds and how he uses it. For instance, let’s say that he has something and gives it to Rainbow Brite or even leaks it elsewhere there is a high chance that Cookie Mum figures out that he is the source. This may make her retaliate in such a manner that he is the one that suffers. Perhaps even greater. In this case he will need something huge that even if Cookie Mum comes up something it won’t be able overshadow his reveal. Perhaps the fact that Singing Prince isn’t her actual son etc…


    The other reason is that he is probably conflicted in regards to this order. Sure, he may have feelings towards Rainbow Brite but at the same time he can’t be all that ungrateful towards the person who looked after him in a manner of speaking and made him into what he is. This can be seen when he seems to feel guilt or conflicted at the orders that Rainbow Brite gives him in regards to Cookie Mom atleast as he knows that she will also get hurt. But by the end of the day his feelings for Rainbow Brite generally win out and he goes along with the plan. Perhaps he still thinks that he either has a chance with her even though he knows her for so long. She constantly stomps on his heart but he keeps coming in for more. Such as she is fully aware of his feelings towards her yet she takes him to see Sang Hyuk’s family to show that she wants to marry him regardless of whether the guy is worthy of her or not. She doesn’t listen to his genuine feelings/warnings but does things her way. She knows that he will even cover a crime for her out of his feelings and loyalty towards her.


    Another thing to consider when it comes to feeling bad towards other people has to be in regards to how he treated Singing Prince in the past. Don’t know how that is going on currently. But I would assume not well. Anyway, the thing that demonstrates this is by the fact of how he goes along and helps Singing Prince set up the event for Miss Otoke and a few other things and he doesn’t report any of this to Rainbow Brite. If one further notes the only time that he is working openly against the two is if it threatens to expose what Rainbow Brite did. The murder of the blackmailer that is. Thus the reason that he tries to persuade Singing Prince that she is indeed guilty and paying of her lawyer etc… Otherwise I can’t recall him doing something bad intentionally towards her.


    Someone brought up the fact of how certain people use their connections at work to get a job. I believe that it was in regards to Sang Mi and how the other main leads have done so. While I don’t know about how and why Miss Otoke would join the company. Is it during her Sharon phase or before? Without much reference I can’t say much about that but in regards to Singing Prince and Rainbow Brite there is a small difference from what I can gather.


    While it is certainly true that both of them have gotten in the company through their family connections it is also important to know how and what they did next. For Rainbow Brite she openly entered the company so pretty much everyone knows that she is from the Chairmans family. Did she probably jump a few ranks to get her position? Chances are certainly high. It also depends on how she managed her position etc…


    Singing Prince on the other hand probably worked slightly harder to get into the company. First of all he didn’t join the main company right of the bat (it is probable that the same happened for Rainbow Brite as well but we can’t know that at the moment) but instead worked for a few years in the branch office abroad. Over there he rose to his position and was equally successful before his return. Even now he insists on not letting other people know that he is actually the Chairman’s Son. Only a handful of select people are aware of this fact (directors I think). This allows him to rise up the ranks with more ease and comfort. Not only do the other workers feel uncomfortable around him they would be more honest in there work as well nor would they try to flatter him thinking that would keep their job secure. The same can’t be said in regards to Rainbow Brite. Nobody would want to get on her bad side so they will probably tell her what she wants to hear or impress her in other words.


    So while both may have gotten in through their connections I feel that Singing Prince is atleast working his way up in the right way or as close as one can get regarding that situation. As for Sang Mi not a 100% how good she is actually at work. According to what we know of her she tends to skip work at times because she is confident that her position is secure. But then we also know that she isn’t treated all that well for the same reason. People tend to boss her around ie give her weird orders at times according to her and Rainbow Brite also orders her around regardless if the they are reasonable or not.


    Can the company blame and take damages from Sang Mi for the computer virus incident? Probably depends on the company policy and person responsible. Generally, if a virus even infects the company PC then the tech department should be responsible for not having adequate security in place. The other thing to note is just how did the virus attack her system and what she was doing at the time. For instance, did she deliberately allow her system to get infected so that she could damage the company. In this case the company is fully entitled to seek out damages from her. Was she perhaps downloading things from sites she shouldn’t be. Ie was she secretly streaming K-Dramas during her work time. That could be problematic. But she should have been given a warning and if she continued then some kind of action could be taken place. But from what we gathered even she was unaware of how the virus affected her in the first place. To the point she was even asking Miss Otoke if she had any idea or if she accidentally sent one to her. In such an instance I find it hard to directly blame her. Then again one might ask why was she opening her personal mail during work time that allowed her system to get infected in the first place. Does the company have a policy in regards to that?


    Now it is equally possible that she isn’t even responsible for the virus in the first place. The only person that is claiming this fact mind you is Rainbow Brite. Now in my opinion villains never have the best track record when it comes to the honesty factor. Therefore, she could simply have been using that incident to force Sang Mi to work for her in keeping tabs on Miss Otoke and spy for her. Again, it is also possible that while the virus may have originated from Sang Mi’s computer, she may not have been responsible. Perhaps it was a co-worker who used it which resulted in the virus spreading in the first place or it could even be Sang Hyuk. Remember that he has blackmail material on him and he may have thought of using it so that she would feel more dependent on him. He could also have infected the computer at anytime assuming that she could bring it home and all. If anyone saw him using it they wouldn’t be all that suspicious. Of course as someone else mentioned the Butler could have also been responsible for the virus.


    Another point that someone brought up in regards to Miss Otoke becoming aware of her child’s existence. Also how that is a game changer in regards to people falling in danger now that is the case. Actually, this makes Miss Otoke more dangerous as she has something more that she can use to threaten and blackmail them. But this is equally as dangerous for the kid as well. Am not sure if people remember the show A Place In The Sun or even Miss Monte Cristo where the female lead was close to the son. In the former it was her own son with the male lead but she pretended that it belonged to the second lead and all. In the later it was the son of the Second Female Lead. None of these Second Leads could handle the fact that the child could be used against them or that they were more attached/attracted to someone else. This resulted in the Second Lead sending the kid away secretly to some school abroad. The same can be said over here. Rainbow Brite is far more capable of doing this. She probably hasn’t done that because she is afraid that Miss Otoke can reveal the truth.


    But the question is who exactly will believe that at this point or who can verify any of this. Sang Hyuk can easily deny this fact or even pretend to know her and call her delusional. His mother is naturally going to take his side. Without a DNA test to verify her connection to Sybok it is going to be equally difficult. Not only that this is a place where they can successfully doctor results to get what they want. So, who is to say that they don’t do exactly that making Miss Otoke seem bonkers or even a stalker like person. One may have noticed that I haven’t brought up Sang Mi.


    Well, the reason being is that can either make or break that person’s character and her chances of being with Bakery Oppa. If she choses to side with her family and make it seem like Miss Otoke is bonkers then she has no chance with him but on the other side if she speaks the truth then she further alienates herself from the rest of her family. Not only that they will blame her for anything bad that happens to her brother such as a divorce or that family demanding he pay them for damages for making them look like fools.


    While I certainly have more to add and am sure that I am forgetting a bunch of stuff sadly I will leave my post over here due to the great length that it has already become. Will try to catch up with a few more episodes if I have the time.


    @Newbie21SG Welcome to this forum. Can I offer some advice? I noticed that you got in a small debate with @LeftCoastOppa and you felt like he was targeting you or bullying you. As a person you are totally entitled to what you believe in and if you felt that was the case then so be it. But from where I was sitting it just seemed like the two of you were having a decent debate. There are times when we can all agree on certain things. Such as perhaps how dumb and frustrating a character can be. Take for example the female lead in Red Shoes. We all agreed that her reasons for revenge were extremely weak especially when we viewers knew the truth and all. Not sure if that ever changed down the line. But then we have the debate over here whether or not Sang Mi is worthy of Bakery Oppa or not. Heck even the points on whose daughter the female leads are. We all write what we feel is correct. In this case we may be right or wrong but until time proves one we can continue an argument until we either prove the other wrong or they come to see our point. I have been known to sometimes bring up a point that they have brought up or vice versa. I have never felt that they are targeting me negatively and I hope the same can be said about them when it comes to me. I do fully agree that there are times when things we write don’t come out the way we want and people can misunderstand. For instance, I tried to make a joke of what one of the mods said. I thought that it was taken as such. Apparently not. I was told that the mods were well within their rights in regards to a post and all and their rules. In hindsight I realized that I probably shouldn’t joke around with mods because they hardly have time to post as well as read each and every post to see if the don’t break the rules and all. Thus, they probably didn’t get the humor in my post. But like someone said over here at times people don’t get my jokes so it is probably on me and it is harder to express in the written word compared to actually speaking it. Either way I hope that you stick around for a long time and not take to heart what is written here.


    Anyway, leaving for good now. So take care all of you and keep posting. Let’s see what Miss Otoke’s plan is and how they can all blunder it up next.


    PS Singing Prince needs to take a page out of Miss Monte Cristo. Look how her adopted mother never called her by her real name while she was on a quest for revenge so she couldn’t blunder up in regards to this. Oh well

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  8. So, after watching till episode 34 my thoughts regarding the show are as follows. It is kind of interesting simply based on the fact that at only this point the only people that are still in the dark about Gemma’s actual identity are Sloppy and the Aunt. Well okay grandmother and playboy are also included in this list but from those that can actually oppose her in the long run only Sloppy counts at this point. One of the few issues that I still have in this show as to be the fact that this writer simply can’t seem to keep all their facts straight. Nothing new for this writer mind you but it is still an issue at times. I guess this is to help us keep guessing as to how the show might turn out. But I call it out as sloppy.


    What do I mean by this read on.



    The issue has to be in regards to whether or not Sloppy is aware of the fact that Designer Mom is aware of the fact that the hit and run victim of that night was her husband. Now why is this confusing because of the remarks these characters have made in the past. In the recent episode or so. The husband informs her that the hit and run incident is being looked into once again. When she asks him if he is aware of the identity of the victim, he tells her furiously that he doesn’t need to especially since the statue of limitation has passed. She then thinks to herself that just how long does he plan on deceiving her of the fact that the victim was her husband.


    Totally clear over here correct. But then we need to go back a bunch of episodes back where we had a drunk Designer Mum confront Sloppy. During her rant back then she was like reminding him of the past of how he betrayed and dumped her in the past to the point that he even killed her husband. As you can see two totally contradicting statements have been made so what is the actual truth. Did Sloppy think that he could get away with deceiving her by telling her that he took care of her husband by killing her so she could marry him. Not so sure how I would have taken that but then again, I am not over there fortunately.


    Now moving on to other matters which are equally baffling and whatnot. Sagaji is just a plain old weird girl at this point. She invites Gemma over for work and then steals her purse from her bag and uses that as an excuse to go visit her and thus discovered her birth secret. Ah why would you do that. Are you so desperate to have another female friend that you have to resort to such tricks? Wait isn’t that an attempt at stalking as well. People better beware of her. Then again, we shouldn’t be all that surprised since she is chasing a guy certainly not interested in her. Don’t know where this girl’s pride is as well.


    Once she discovers that Gemma is her sister, she tries to get rid of her by framing her simply because she isn’t interested in sharing her mother with her. This could have been a great chance for the two of them to eventually bond with each other. Sure, Gemma had a problem with her but it wasn’t so high up on the list compared to what their mother did so there was a good chance that later on they might have actually bonded. I do wonder if the bond may still end up after Gemma saved her life on that show. Was that a bit of sisterly love or just quick responses from her side.


    Speaking of that event Designer Mom was unable to appear due to her suddenly feeling unwell at the last moment. So, two questions regarding that. If she had actually shown up what would have been Gemma’s reaction for the same incident and would that have changed anything. The other question that I have is that since she suddenly felt unwell can that be an indicator of something big. In dramas it usually is a sign of a character suddenly having cancer or something along those lines. Will this make Designer Mom more desperate to keep a hold on what she thinks rightfully belongs to her?


    As for the possible Aunt and Sleazy pairing. Not so surprised. Infact I will be more surprised if we don’t get a scene between the two accidentally getting drunk for some reason and spending the night together. We all know what is going to happen next so I don’t have to go into further details about future events and all.


    I do wonder just how much Sleazy has actually changed since back in the day. Back then he was an opportunist and wasn’t all that grateful that he got a job working for Gemma’s family and all and even used her father’s death to his own advantage. Well to be fair he did it for his family’s sake but that still isn’t a good excuse. But as of the moment he actually seems to be enjoying his job so I guess we can hope for the best in regards to this development and all. Just don’t get him biting that rude customer and all. Am actually surprised that he still gets to keep his job at this point. Guess that makes the Professor a big softy. Gemma you are missing out on a gem of a person if you continue down this path of revenge and it will only be your own loss.


    As for Playboy am not so sure where I stand on his relationship with Sagaji or to be more precise in regards to his marriage with her. Someone brought up the fact why he simply doesn’t tell her no not interested and continues to string her along. To be fair I don’t think that is completely his fault in regards to this. Sure, he may not have physically said No but his actions are certainly giving another message. Like I pointed out Sagaji is totally aware of the fact that he has been seeing other girls to the point that she has caught him kissing a random girl and whatnot. Yet even after all that she is desperate enough to chase after him and even sleep with him and all. Again, where is this girl’s pride. She should try and find a person that actually cares and cherishes her instead of a player. Then on top of all this the guy is literally being forced to marry her. Grandmother thinks that the best way to make him responsible is to take responsibility for his actions thus marry Sagaji whether or not he has feelings for her or not. She is the one pushing forward in regards to this as well as Sagaji being totally delusional. He again tried to get out of it by trying to delay his marriage to happen in the next two years or so. His plan was probably to make Sagaji wait for that time and hopefully find her own Mr. Right once she realizes that he simply isn’t into her but again people around him rushed the issue and he has to walk down the aisle far more sooner than he would like.


    Who is finding it equally amusing that Sloppy is trying to make Gemma shine not realizing that she is actually Designer Mum’s daughter? According to his own words Designer Mom is the setting sun while she (Gemma) is the new rising sun. He is also trying to find ways make sure that Gemma shines just so that he can topple his wife from her position. History sure has an amusing sense of irony. Then again, I much don’t care about him since he is slowly turning into a despicable person more than he actually was. Designer Mum certainly doesn’t have much luck with the men that she ends up with. Perhaps that is Karma reaching out to her. So, this guy is turning out to be a wife beater as well. Swell. Not only that his response towards her was equally bad. He thinks that he is some high and mighty person and on top of that Designer Mum should be eternally grateful towards him since he rescued her and made her such a big person and all. Ah no you weren’t. I may have initially felt sorry for him since he was sort of tricked into marrying his first wife by his mother and all but then again not really. I mean just how was he pressured and tricked into doing so. For instance, did the mother summon him on the actual wedding date and then he had no other choice but to accept the marriage since he had to keep his mother/families’ face/reputation. Because otherwise he could have always refused to marry his first wife. This only tells me that he was equally ambitious back then and not so much as a victim as he claims to be.


    Sorry need to rush now so will be ending my post over here for the time being. Will continue when I get free time and discuss a few more points that I can’t do at the moment. Till then take care all of you.

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  9. @LeftCoastOppa The point that I was trying to make is that my memory recall is terrible and thanks for correcting me. I will freely admit that I can make mistakes in such matters. So to bring up the points that you brought up the first thing that I wanted to say about the park scene thanks for correcting me. You must be correct about the baggage scene and I probably mixed it up with another drama with a similar scene/plot. Will also agree that a lot of the scenes in Canada were hotch potch so it may be harder to grasp the true picture of what happened over there. I guess it then all comes down to a matter of perspective where some of us may have had a different image.


    But before I get into that I also wanted to thank you for pointing out that the cellmate did offer to use her family wealth to help Carry Jung in her quest for revenge. That had also slipped my mind till you pointed it out. So one can equally argue that she didn’t take full advantage of her friends death since it was promised to her and all.


    The other thing that you brought up was the fact that there was no indication that she did acquire the money early on. But in the same line of thought it also doesn’t prove that she never got her hands on it as well. I guess this is again a matter of perspective. I choose to interpret some of the scenes aka the ones that you mentioned that she couldn’t tap into the friend’s family funds so she had to manage on her own.


    For instance, the suicide scene that you mentioned that she prevented at the last moment because of the baby crying could be seen in said way. Think about it she was living in a small apartment on her own with her child. Why would that be the case if she had funds or access to her friend’s family wealth. They would have been either living in a better place/living standard than that or living with her friend’s family. Though one can probably argue that at that point she was perhaps searching for the family and hadn’t managed to locate them then. Fair point and I might just consider that possible.


    But even then, I would question as to how she would actually gain access to the friend’s family’s wealth. Would she deceive them that she was their daughter that they haven’t seen for such a long time? After all she did steal her friend’s identity so this wouldn’t be all that farfetched. The other thing would have been to simply go to the family and tell them that she was friends with their daughter and she had promised her that money would have been no object and that was to be used for her revenges quest. Not so sure how well that would be taken by them. Simply put a stranger comes up to them and asks them to honour their dead daughters request without any kind of evidence is not going to go well. At best they would give her some money but certainly not enough to bankroll her revenge plot atleast not without gaining something in return. But then again this is a fictious world of drama so anything is possible at this point.


    Regardless I wanted to apologize for my mistake and thankyou for correcting me.

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  10. Someone please correct me if I am wrong but from the two references of where one of the main leads found a rich cellmate to help them out in their revenge plot I seem to be in partial disagreement. While I will agree that was indeed the case in Unknown Woman. The Female Lead took advantage of the fact that she had saved the life of her rich cellmate who also was rich and the fact that she had recently lost her child. Thus, she asked to be adopted in her family and then used her wealth for her revenge plot and all.


    But when it comes to Gracious Revenge my memory seems to be playing some tricks on me so I would love some kind or reconfirmation. Over here while I do recall that Carry Jung did have a rich cellmate who sadly passed away in a fire. She then took advantage of this fact and used this to steal her identity and flee the country with the kidnapped baby and all. But once she arrived in Canada, she either couldn’t locate the cellmate’s family or felt too guilty to pretend that she was her for too long or due to guilt didn’t contact them at all. Regardless of all this she became mostly successful on her own compared to all those other leads that took advantage of others around them to take their revenge ie Heavens Promise, Unknown Woman, Miss Monte Cristo etc….


    Look if I remember incorrectly, I would love to be corrected but as I pointed out there were signs that she didn’t live the rich life from her cellmate’s life. Her daughter I believe mentioned that they didn’t always have a place to sleep in, there was also a scene where they were out in the park with their luggage. Indicating that she wasn’t taking advantage of her friend’s identity with her family. regardless of all this I do get that it is equally possible that Miss Otoke may end up with a rich cellmate who will help her out with her revenge in some way or the other.


    Not so sure where I stand on that point though. That is for another reason altogether which I may bring up if it actually turns out to be true in the future. But for now will end this point for the time being.


    Someone over here mentioned watching Heavens Promise and Yellow Boots. How did you experience them? While I found Heavens Promise slightly interesting, I found the ending absurd sorry to say. Granted Miss Monte Cristo’s ending took even that up a notch if possible. I did have a few minor issues as well but other than that it was decent. I do have a few episodes of it saved somewhere so I might give it a shot at some point. As for Yellow Boots I was enjoying the early episodes until I ran into an episode where the subs weren’t there or had some issue and couldn’t get a understanding of it so sadly dropped it since I didn’t want to jump into another episode without grasping what happened in the previous one properly. That is the problem with illegal subs they almost always copy from the same source so unless you know of another source as well this is going to be an issue. Therefore, now what I do is if the drama is officially out on Netflix I will always try and watch it from there first for two simple reasons. Supporting it will allow Netflix to see that there is still an interest in these shows so they will continue to sub and upload them and secondly if I can do something legally go for it. The same for KBS World shows as well even though they can mostly be a week behind. (Though I have stopped doing that for some time since I don’t have all that much access to it anymore).


    Oh well moving on to things that actually count before you know what happens.


    Is Rainbow Brite crying that she is the victim over here. Good luck proving that. Someone brought up the fact of why she is going ahead with her marriage with Cheater especially after knowing his true colours or why she believes his lies so easily. Frankly speaking I don’t think that it is so simple as just that. Due to her greed and ambition, she has fallen in so deep that she is finding it hard to get out of it without asking for help. But at this point she is simply too proud to do so as well. Hence her suffering. Just try and look at it from her perspective to see what I mean.


    Did she steal a man that was already in a relationship? Sure, but to be fair she didn’t know exactly how far the guy was in it at the time. He only mentioned that he liked someone else. If one thinks about it carefully one will note that is a bit vague. Liking someone one isn’t a crime and it could be equally one sided for all she cares. Even if that wasn’t the case there are numerous times that relationships can fall or break apart for other reasons so if she makes an offer that can convince him to join her why not go for it. Thus, her proposal/seduction towards him. For her she sees it as a perfect business opportunity as she herself claims where both of them end up winning or atleast she does.


    If her subordinate continues to do well then, she only gets to shine and thus raises her position at the company and allows her a better chance to take control of it in the future. As for her subordinate he gets rewarded as well and also rises alongside her. With marriage to her his loyalty is absolute and he also dreams of attaining the stars. Though never realizing that is always going to be a pipe dream since she will never relinquish her power willingly.


    Now one can say fine that works as long as she wasn’t aware that the guy was duping her all along but the moment, she discovered the truth especially after Miss Otoke confronted them why didn’t she end the relationship with him. To be honest she did consider doing just that but again her greed and ambition stopped her at the last moment. Remember she was even considering having an abortion until her father promised her company shares. That was the dealbreaker.


    The other thing to realize is that Cheater is extremely shrewd and knows that he is the one who has the actual advantage as of now no matter what she may say or think. She threatens to him that she will break up with him if his behavior continues and he keeps up with his lies and whatnot. How does he push forward? Before the Chairman can change his mind, he gets into another meeting with him behind her back and makes a decent impression on him that the Chairman decides to push the marriage ahead. He knows that due to this she will be forced to marry him because she is desperate enough to not only get her father’s recognition and acceptance as well as her desire to take over the company. He points this out that if her father realizes that she was played he is never going to trust her with the company and all so she has no choice to accept him and go ahead with the marriage plans. When she threatens that she will end the relationship in one of the recent episodes he again brings up the fact that the only one loosing out would be her. This being that now that they that they have not only made their relationship official but also published about it in magazines. People are expecting that it goes ahead. Now if she breaks it up so soon after announcing her marriage, she is the only one looking bad and not only that but she will also have to reveal the actual reason why she is doing so. Which as I pointed out above is the thing that actually makes her look not only bad but also incompetent.


    Therefore, her fear of all these factors is what is pushing her forward with this doomed relationship even though certain people are trying to warn her that this isn’t such a good idea. Again, had she not gotten herself so deep in this mess she might have been able to get out of it all. Not my problem though.


    Am actually waiting for the family meeting to happen soon and for Cheater’s mother to realize that Rainbow Brite’s mother is the actual mistress. Ha I bet that she will lose respect for her ASAP. Not only that she probably isn’t going to take it favorably that her son has to live with his In-Laws. That is the price of selling your son for your greed and all.


    Anyway, will end my post here for the time being. Came to make just one point and it already went out of control. Apologies. I guess will be watching this week’s episodes then since I was busy and haven’t gotten a chance to do so with it and Red Shoes. Will then give my thoughts regarding it then. So, till then take care all of you and keep posting. Let’s also start rooting for certain characters.

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  11. @Lmangla thanks for the poll invite. Glad to see that I haven’t been forgotten. Just wanted to point something regarding it though in case some of you missed it.


    The first part has us wondering if grandma is somehow involved in the kidnapping of the female lead since, we are going with the fact that baker mom is supposed to be her biological mother since her daughter is missing and all. Regardless of all this and while I totally agree that this birth secret may very well be possible, I don’t think that the grandmother was directly involved in the kidnapping at best.


    Now while I admit that I haven’t watched the latest episodes so there may very well be a change in them that I missed so I can be wrong over here. But from what I can recall Baker (FiL) tells his DiL (Baker Mom) that he lost his son at the same time as the granddaughter went missing. To be more exact he pointed out that his son tried to chase the kidnapper (and I believe that was referenced as a male) when the son met his fateful accident.


    Now I have no idea why anyone would even want to kidnap a child at this point. Perhaps at that time the bakery was doing super well and major successful that someone wanted to kidnap Miss Otoke as ransom but never got a chance to do so for a few reasons. Maybe they got arrested so they missed their opportunity or my guess is that they also got involved in some kind of accident along the way and are also dead. Thus, even if grandma wanted to return the baby to the proper family, she was unable to do so as she wouldn’t know who they were. Another thing to consider over here is that just how much guts and nerves would the grandmother actually have to move back to the same town and family where the child was kidnapped on intentionally. This isn’t some kind of revenge drama where she would have a reason to do so. Well, okay it is a revenge drama my bad but that part is due to the female lead wanting to seek out justice for being falsely imprisoned and all. Not relating to the grandmother.


    Anyway moving on to other parts of the show.



    Do I agree that a baby switch is going to happen between Rainbow Brite and Miss Otoke’s kid? Ah pretty sure that is a given at this point. Look I get it they may simply kill of the baby for plot purposes and all such as further fueling the female leads desire for revenge in this show and all. But then I simply wanted to point out a little fact why I believe a baby switch is far more likely at this point. Say Byuk aka the baby conveniently has gotten a burn hence a burn mark on him at this point. Now I must then ask what is the point of this and why should they inform us. The reason being that this is obviously meant as a Chekov’s Gun or in simpler terms a way for Miss Otoke to later on identify her long lost child. Otherwise, what way will she do so assuming that she knows that her child is still alive and she is busy searching for it. But if we have that then that will be where most of her effort is going to be instead of having her revenge and all.


    So, I feel that it is safe to assume that a baby switch is going to happen again. How this is pulled and just who is aware of it remains to be seen. For instance, who will suggest the baby switch in the first place. Will Rainbow Brite do it totally in secret so that even her husband is unaware of the truth till much later on. I don’t see Cheater bringing this up on his own he simply isn’t all that devious so I doubt that he is going to be much fun in regards to this.


    Some people have asked why Rainbow Brite even wants to marry Cheater at this point even though she has caught him lying numerous times and all. Just in case it was missed she has pointed out that it is a business/strategic reason. While I do think that she was attracted to him for the simple reason that he treated her differently compared to the others around her. Ie they showed her the proper respect since she was the bosses daughter and always tried to be on her good side probably due to fear of their job and all. He didn’t much care about any of that and even avoided her advances initially. Not things that she was used to. Thus, the attraction also he was supposedly good at his job as well a further bonus point for her.


    She clearly has ambitions to take over the company but she also knows a few things she can’t do it on her own since her father clearly wants his son to succeed. The other thing is that marrying of into a rich successful/chaebol family isn’t beneficial to her. (Her own words mind you). She does have a point mind you. If she marries into a rich family, she becomes part of their family and may very well have to live by their terms and even give up her job/position at the company. Not something that she is willing to do considering her ambitions and all. She clearly pointed out doing this will only benefit the person she is marrying/family but not her.


    On the other hand, her marrying Cheater tends to give her more control of the situation. She knows that he is good at his job. I believe that they have mentioned that projects that he has done have been successful. Also, him marrying her gives him further incentive to stay on at the company as his greed and ambition will make him think that he will have a chance to inherit it in the future as he is married into the family. This way he will also not think of leaving said company. On the other hand, as I pointed out the Chaebol Family will be having their own company to run and all thus, they will have no real reason to join her company and even help her out. Unless they want to take over her company and that is something that she wouldn’t want to do. So, from the choices that she has currently and where she will have better control over it would be to simply marry Cheater.


    Not good mind you. Also, like Miss Otoke pointed out she isn’t going to be happy in this kind of marriage for long. She may get the company that she wants but at the price of being all alone in the end since the man that marries her won’t be treating her well (ie paying her attention) and might even wander away etc… but then again that is her karma for being greedy and ambitious.


    Problem here though is that it is kind of understandable why she is doing what she is doing. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t approve of her methods and whatnot just saying that I do understand her. Her father clearly is the issue over here. He can blame her ambition and what not for not being close to her but again that is on you. From what I can tell is that all that she really wants is to be recognized by her family for her skills and whatnot instead of being ignored by them or what she feels is the case. Singing Prince may be genuinely on her side but that is it. Dad isn’t considering her to be a possible successor because he can see her greed and ambition and not only that but he wants his son to take over the company simply because he is a male. Look I totally get that is a local custom and all for the male heir to take over the company/business etc.. but can’t these people actually see who is better at the job even if they want to keep the business in the family. Over here clearly Rainbow Brite has been working hard at the company to keep it successful while her brother has been MIA for a long time or focused on other things. Instead, the father claims that he couldn’t be close to the daughter because of her ambitious nature or he couldn’t trust her because of that. Rather if you simply trusted her and showed her the proper attention instead of trying to ignore her, she wouldn’t have gotten ambitious in the first place to prove that she should inherit the company and whatnot.


    Heck you are at a fault for a lot of other things as well but I think I would rather keep those to myself instead of mentioning them and getting a warning by the mods.


    So, the Foundation Mom is busy cheating on her husband/family. What a surprise. I have seen that someone mentioned that perhaps that is merely a red herring over here and instead she is busy plotting to take over the company and thus she was trying to win over some shares and whatnot instead at that hotel after all she wasn’t shown actually cheating on her husband and all. Thus, who she met can be a total mystery for now. Will admit that is equally possible but the signs don’t seem that way to me atleast. Just look at the so called evidence.


    She gets a call which she ignores probably because her husband was present. When pushed she claims that it was her hair saloon trying to book her for an appointment. She gets a bit flustered when the husband suggests that perhaps he should make an appointment with them as well to get his hair done. She has to play along and agrees that is a good idea. She then gets a confirmation for an appointment being booked at 11. But if she was totally innocent why show her at the hotel. Granted we aren’t shown the time so it could be done later or even earlier. As for her hair I couldn’t tell the difference at all. Perhaps she paid a ton of money for a small touch up. You can never tell with rich people and all. But the biggest give that she might be having an affair has to be Singing Prince himself.


    The chairman pointed out in an episode that he was curious just where their son gets his interest/love for singing/music when neither or them (parents) is all that interested in it. A strange remark if I don’t say so myself. Now it isn’t weird in real life for a child to have a totally different interest from his parents’ field. Thus, over there a child of a baker and an artist may totally decide that this isn’t up to his taste and he may decide to become an engineer or doctor. But in a drama that seems to be extremely rare. Therefore, the chances are higher that Foundation Mom was equally ambitious back in the day and the only way that she could marry the chairman was to fool him that she was carrying his kid. We know for a fact that he has a soft spot for his so called bloodline and that is the fact why he has accepted both Rainbow Brite who was a child from his mistress and her kid from Cheater because he is his future grandchild. Does the Chairman have an actual grandchild needs to be seen at this point?


    Some have suggested that Cheater’s sister might be one since she doesn’t seem to share any traits with her greedy/ambitious family. Not so sure in regards to that. I feel she is equally greedy as the rest of them. I haven’t seen her do anything nice. Sure she feels a bit sorry for how Miss Otoke is being treated but by the end of the day she hasn’t done anything nice towards her as well. She was super excited when she discovered that her brother was marrying into that rich family. She also sees it as her way in to work at that company as well probably as a model over there. So, she gets to reap the benefits as well from being a part of that family if her brother marries over there. If she was genuinely sorry for Miss Otoke and was actually on her side, she would have warned her that her brother was planning on cruelly dumping her for some rich woman at work or so. Instead, she decides to keep quiet as her brother asked them to. Even though she knew what kind of response to expect. So, no I don’t think that she doesn’t share any kind of genes from her current family.


    But we all know that she is eventually going to get her dose of karma as already been hinted or mentioned. While Miss Otoke was trying to persuade that family to change their mind and take her back, she brought up the fact that treating her was not only wrong but what would they do if they faced a similar situation. Such as if the daughter met a terrible MiL who was equally rude and cruel towards her. The mother just accuses her of being mean and cruel to wish her ill. Regardless of all this we know just how true that might turn out to be. The daughter clearly has a one sided crush on the bakers son. Since we know that he is a side character this means that he is never going to get the female lead and will therefore need to find happiness elsewhere. Here steps in the sister. They may fall in love and get married. But one can be sure just how long is that happiness going to last once they discover that she is the sister of the one that hurt Miss Otoke. She is already in a bad spot since they consider Miss Otoke as part of their family more so once they actually discover that is true. This means that she has messed up with her SiL already. Not a good sign. Also, if the mother doesn’t approve of her for whatever reason then she is definitely not going to be treated well in that house till a long time and all.


    Main leads are generally soft so they will tend to forgive them at some point whether we like it or not and if the family ties turn out to be true then even faster. As of now speaking of attitudes I am actually liking Miss Otoke behaviour towards others especially towards Rainbow Brite and Cheater. She has made it clear that she wants nothing to do with them at this point and wishes them well. She simply wants to move on with her life. I just wish that she suddenly doesn’t become dumb and dependent on a guy after she is sent to prison and is released/escapes and wants her revenge. Am holding my breath in regards to this for the time being.


    Okay since guests are arriving soon and I need to get ready to meet them and all will be ending my post here for the time being. Let’s see how this show turns out to be and how wrong our predictions will be as well. So, till next time keep posting all of you. @Lmangla thanks once again for tagging me for the poll.


    Ps perhaps a poll shoould be for an alt. name for this show aka Lets Go Cheaters or something along those lines.

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  12. Been some time since I was here last and have to say that there has been some sort of interesting development plot wise just how good that has been is still sadly debatable. Designer Mom finding out about Gemma’s identity so soon was one. Didn’t think that the plot could go all Dark Side because of that but was wrong in that department.


    Anyway let’s see some of the things that happened so far and my thoughts regarding them.


    Clubber still has sticky fingers but still hasn’t been arrested.

    Bestie also surprisingly hasn’t been arrested for stealing nor has she been blackmailed in regards to it.

    Sloppy is trying to recruit Gemma into his business/company. Am trying hard not to laugh at that for a few reasons.

    Siamese Twins are still annoying and this goes for them as well. Mother has a vivid imagination, Aunt is just as bad as she likes to wear items that don’t belong to her.

    Hye-Bin is still as delusional as she was in the start. Is there no hope for her?

    The brothers need to stop being vague/misleading people. It is never good for anyone.

    We also got to see Korea’s Finest at their best. Aka K-Drama police are still as incompetent as ever though I guess there was some improvement as they didn’t arrest Gemma and had to let her go thanks to lack of evidence.




    Now let’s get a further breakdown of these points and if I can recall anything else will do that as well.


    For starters let’s talk about the Siamese Twins. I mean seriously what is wrong with that aunt. If anyone has to say she has to be the root cause of all these problems most of the time. She instigates when there is simply no need or can’t keep her mouth shut. For instance, if you think about it, she was the one that forced Mom to disclose the fact that Designer Mum was having an affair and had run of with a stranger as soon as her husband died. Which Gemma conveniently overheard and has a wrong idea. If the Aunt didn’t push the mother to confess Gemma probably wouldn’t have lived with such great hatred towards Designer Mom and it wouldn’t have been the fuel for her fire. Sure, she would have felt betrayed later on in the future but not to that extent and perhaps there might have been a higher chance of reconciliation between them down the line.


    Then you have the Aunt finding Designer Mum’s pearls in the store and wearing them as if she owns them. Just be thankful that the original owner never showed up to demand them back because otherwise this would also be included as theft. You can’t simply use something that belongs to a stranger even if they have lost an item. That is why these places have a lost and found department even if people seldom recover the items that they have lost.


    That leads us to the first and second points now about how Clubber still has sticky fingers or how lucky Bestie has been in regards to all of this ie blackmail or arrested.


    Apparently, Clubber has a bad habit of pinching stuff this was clearly seen when he tells the Siamese Twins that he is aware of the fact that they have a stash of money hidden in their room and when confronted he admitted that he borrowed some of it. Now we all know that when he borrows, he never returns. Then when Bestie gave him an expensive gift, he felt that he had to pay her back with just as expensive one as well. So instead of affording one on his own (which might have had more value/sentimental feelings) he decides to steal from his Aunt.


    Again, not a good sign especially for Bestie that is. After all, just look at how many people already visit that place. Both mother and daughter duo have that place as one of their regular spots to visit. Designer Mum especially does so whenever she wants to have her clandestine meetings with Scrooge or that one meeting where even her husband joined them. As for Sagaji she does so when she is on dates at times with Playboy. So, it is only a matter of time before one of them spots the necklace on Bestie and accuse her of theft. Designer Mum could easily force her to hand over all the evidence that Gemma has on her in place of her not charging her with theft. (Probably could even have happened in the last episode but I guess the writer is holding it of for the future.). Regardless of all this I feel like Clubber needs to be seriously taught that stealing is bad and he might need to be scared by threating to send him to the police. This might fix his bad habit or else he is bound to get into trouble in the future.


    In regards to Sloppy trying to recruit Gemma and why I find it so amusing. I mean I get it how some might find it amusing or it being Karma of sorts in how in trying to prevent his wife from gaining more power at the company he finds someone with a better skill set and tries to get them on his side only to realize later on that his plan has equally backfired once he discovers that Gemma just so happens to be his wife’s first daughter thus giving her more power. I will admit that while that is slightly amusing the thing that I find funnier is how the writer is going about the recruitment business. Look the chairman has clearly branched out from his initial business. Where he once just designed shoes and all he has his hands in other pies as well. Such as he now runs a mattress designing company while the shoe designing belongs to his wife. Now both of these things have nothing in common so I find it hard to believe that just because someone is good at one thing doesn’t mean that they will be so at another. Such as there has been no kind of indication that Gemma is a master designer even when it comes to designing mattress. Or the very fact that the company decided to advertise both their shoes and mattress in the same design book. I really don’t think that the writer has gotten the concept in regards to this department. But who am I to complain? Regardless good luck Gemma in whatever you decide to do.


    While we are on the topic of Gemma, I guess we should move on to the topic of the frame up job that she is facing and the so called incompetent K-Drama police.


    I mean do we even have to go into this entire absurd frame up job where even I as a lay person who has little to no knowledge about law can tell how absurd it all was. While I will admit that there were parts of Gemma’s story that could perhaps indicate that she wasn’t being honest like the police mentioned. Such as her receiving a call from a burner phone and the police claiming that she could have easily done so herself. Now I don’t know exactly how to go about getting a burner phone so I don’t know how that works. But it does sound reasonable. But that is as far as I can accept that plot working. As for the rest of the accusations not so much. Well okay perhaps about how she reserved the warehouse under her name. That is easily possible if the guy incharge of it didn’t demand any kind of identification when he booked it. So, it is possible that anyone can book that place under someone elses name and all.


    But let’s move on in this incident and try to go step by step and try to figure out the logic behind it all. So, she is being accused or Arson and possibly murder. Fine but then the police need to ask the first question as to what is her motive for doing so. In every crime there is a motive even if it is done on the spur of the moment. So, in this case it would be why would she want to murder someone and who could it be. Once that was resolved they should have taken it to the next level. Instead, they downright accuse her of arson. Even if that wasn’t the case, they should have taken other things into consideration as well.


    Let’s say that she did murder someone and then she tried to start a fire to cover up her crime. Now that is possible but then they should have also asked why in the world was she knocked out/injured. Even if one can say that she perhaps murdered the victim a bit further back and didn’t take into consideration the fire. So, she was knocked out because of that. But that still wouldn’t explain the injury on her head which was clearly evident by her stay/trip to the hospital. I am pretty sure that while any doctor may not be able to tell how she got it they could atleast be able to say that the injury wasn’t self inflicted or due to her falling/fainting due to the fire. That should atleast make the detectives look a bit more into her story. Not only that but are the police totally ignoring a witness at the scene of the crime. In this case the Professor was a first responder and they should have taken is statement into account as well. Such as did he notice a body over there as well or show him other scenes of the crimes. This means that even if Designer Mum had the site cleaned up to cover up her crime, he should have noticed said fact and brought it up.


    Sadly, we didn’t have any of this and she was only let go due to lack of evidence and the police finally realized that they didn’t have anything to hold against her once they discovered that the body had no connection to her or the fact that the body was already dead prior to the fire starting. Perhaps Designer Mum might have had more luck if she had also faked a witness who claimed to have witnessed Gemma arguing with the supposed victim and then killed her etc.. for this crime to have stuck. Of course, then we would need other evidence for this to further stick such as how did Gemma kill said person. They would need to find those signs. But considering that we are dealing with the Drama Police I guess we would have to deal with their sloppy investigation.


    A thing regarding this investigation has Designer Mum already slipped unless I missed something. She knows that if Gemma talks the police will investigate her so she has her alibi already prepared by bribing some nurse with a designer bag and all. Now from what I recall she might have slipped up in regards to this. When the police ask her what time, she was at the hospital to take her medicine she points out that it was around 7:30 (if I recall correctly) and since the crime happened a bit later, she wasn’t The Flash so she couldn’t be at the crime scene in such a short while thus she has to be innocent. So, my question now becomes just how does she know when the crime was actually committed did the police inform her earlier and I probably missed it or it was done off screen. Because the other thing would mean that she was involved and trying to cover it up. If this was indeed the case then we can see just how sloppy the police department is over here.


    Let’s talk about the delusions of Sagaji aka Hyebin next.


    Clearly this girl gets all her signals mixed. It also doesn’t matter what others try and tell her because she only sees and hears what she wants to hear. For instance, she is insisting on the fact that she marries Playboy and that he is madly in love with her no matter what others tell her or the signs that he just isn’t into her. Her mother points out that there were rumors of his playboy days when he was still in the States. She claims that those were simply tales by jealous girls because of the relationship that they had back in the day. She catches him with a random girl and the next thing you know is that they are making out and even sleep together. She isn’t mad at him for long nor is she threatening him or the other girl to get their act straight. When she asks for a commitment for marriage, she doesn’t note him being all vague and all instead she thinks that he is agreeing to marry her and that gets her so pumped that she is willing to brag about it to her aunt and mother. Uhm perhaps you should wait till it actually becomes confirmed such as a proposal from him or getting an engagement ring. Oh well if you get hurt and burned because of this I know who to blame over here and I won’t feel bad about it.


    Since I already brought up the fact about one brother being vague, I guess this brings me up to the topic of the Professor and just how these brothers like to cause misunderstandings all on their own.


    For instance, lets talk about the incident where Gemma was not only in the hospital due to the supposed fire that she caused or then later on arrested because of it how did both brothers deal with it. When the grandmother was curious about it all they tried to cover it up. Ie she asks why both Gemma and the Professor haven’t returned yet. Playboy doesn’t mention the fire at all and says that they aren’t back at all. Implying that they have spent the night out together.


    Now we know that this is partially true since he was looking after her when she was in the hospital. Following that the grandmother demands to speak with the Professor for this and then asks to speak with Gemma as she knows that she is with him. His response is that she can’t speak with her as she is Sleeping. Perhaps this was something lost in translation because otherwise one can probably get the wrong idea from it all. Which probably was indeed the case over here. So according to him since they spent the night out together and she was sleeping the grandmother could easily infer that those two slept together which wasn’t the case as I keep mentioning.


    After all this they both still haven’t realized that keeping secrets isn’t good for anyone and they are still covering up the fire incident by lying about it. Perhaps they could have done a better job in regards to this and we could all have won. Ie before she found out that the police were involved, she was just told that Gemma was feeling unwell and she automatically assumed it was because Gemma donated her kidney to her and she started feeling guilty about it.


    Now instead of all this what they could have told her is that she got into a work-related injury and this way the grandmother wouldn’t feel so bad about it all because an angry and betrayed grandmother is never a good thing for anyone over here. So, it might have been better to say that she was sent to a warehouse to get materials for the company when a fire happened and she got caught in the middle and because of that she was rushed to the hospital. This could also explain the police investigation. Instead, the professor lies to the grandmother again and tells her that she was trying to set a romantic mood which resulted in the fire and fortunately nobody else was there to get injured let’s see how long this deception is going to last.


    I also feel like both brothers need to tone down their behaviour when it comes in regards to Gemma. Both of them tend to overact and take things to the extreme. Such as when Gemma got mugged and injured. Playboy not only brings her home but uses her injuries as an excuse to carry her up to her room. Clearly, she was embarrassed but he didn’t care as long as he got to hold her and all.


    I also don’t like how he is attempting to be sneaky when it comes to dealing with Gemma and his so-called feelings for her. Then again, I have never liked it from the start but he had toned it down so I thought that this was over. But from the preview it seems like he is back to his old stunts. Just for a quick reminder in case anyone has forgotten about any of this. When he first realized that his brother might have feelings for Gemma, he tried to prevent it from going any further by trying to raise the fact that Gemma might have ulterior motives or that she might be a gold digger and he shouldn’t fall into her trap. Mind you this was simply after his first impression of Gemma and all. I could give it a pass since he didn’t know her all that well and he behaved reasonably well after that. But my problem is that he knows quite well just how Gemma feels about his brother since she has already said as much to even witness them being intimate in the last episode. But from the preview it seems like he is back to his old self and trying to warn her that his brother isn’t a good match for her and whatnot. Uhm who exactly are you to do so. This is a problem for the Professor and Gemma to handle on their own. At best it would be okay for him to perhaps tell her the reason why this is the case and let Gemma make her own decision after this. Still not exactly is place to do even that but I can understand it if the concern is genuine on his part for both people that he cares about. Hopefully he won’t disappoint us.


    Missing stepson is still MIA surprisingly. I mean it was hinted that the chairman wanted to bring him back ages ago especially to control his wife’s ambition. In this episode he again brings up the fact that his daughter doesn’t necessarily have to be the successor. This means that he is still intending to bring back his son. But why isn’t he doing so then. Will the guy show up by episode 50 to start a love triangle or square in this case between all the leads? Come to think about it I really hope Gemma doesn’t go down that route to take revenge on her mother by trying to marry into that family even though she has claimed that she wants to take away everything away from her mother. I guess that is where they were always headed but if one thinks about it carefully one realizes that this entire mess started because of all of this. Chairman was in love with Designer Mum but was forced/tricked into marrying his Ex-Wife so he dumped Designer Mum. Designer Mum always held a grudge against that even if the Chairman still harbored a torch for her and all. While they never had a downright affair thankfully. they came pretty close. But this relationship ended up ruining multiple lives and all. If Gemma decides to walk down the path of revenge, she will be not only subconsciously falling the same path as her mother but also hurting the one person that is genuinely on her side and has feeling for her. This person was already hurt once by betrayal and he really can’t take another shot at it. Bad Gemma.


    Speaking of the Professor does anyone think that he has already figured out Gemma’s deal but is remaining quiet and waiting for Gemma to open up to him? I guess that is a good thing. Probably the only thing that may end up salvaging their relationship by the end. Then again who knows. Also, on a side not does anyone think that the MIA son hasn’t shown up because the staff and writer are searching for the perfect actor for the role? If that is the case, he better be worth this entire wait.



    Well, that will be all from my end for the time being. Was only thinking about writing a short post and ending it with my header points and move on since I had a headache. But after some rest and all it ended up back to being one of my long and lengthy posts. So let me apologize once more. So, till next time all of you take care and keep posting.

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  13. Well first of all I want to apologize for the double post and all. Perhaps someone else will post by the time I am done over here or I might wait another hour before I post this. We will have to see. Anyway, as this episode got subbed first, I thought that I should add some of my thoughts that I picked up from this episode.


    So lets get into a few new discoveries that we make over here as well as the reassessments that need to be made over here because of that.




    I guess I was partially wrong about Foundation Mum. Apparently, she isn’t going to be as nice and innocent as she was initially portrayed. Well, it shouldn’t really come as a major surprise to anybody, I guess. When are rich people actually innocent in these shows? To be fair she hasn’t done anything illegal so far but the signs are there. Turns out that she may very well be Rainbow Brite’s stepmother something some of you clearly picked up before me. Over here she is trying to convince her son to return/join the company before his sister gains more influence over there. A clear sign that she wants him to inherit the company. Again, this shouldn’t have been an issue if both children were her own as she wouldn’t care which one of them inherits the company as it would still have been run by family of sorts. So, from her intent we can easily assume that she will be bound to try something shady down the line. Again, it is wrong of me to be so judgmental and I would love to be proven wrong.


    Next let’s move onto the other discovery that is clearly hinted over in this episode. Not a 100% sure of how to make it out and I may very well be wrong over here about part of it atleast. What is it? Well, the answer to that is simple. Birth Secret. What good K-Drama doesn’t have one and it might be sometime since we may have seen one. Apparently two were hinted in this drama so again this is merely assumption on my part. The first one happens to be when Singing Princes father wonders where he gets his obsession for music when neither of his parents like it. While this is by no means a guaranteed sign that this means that he probably has a birth secret the chances become high considering that this is a drama. If this is true then it would probably mean that Foundation Mum was pregnant with another mans child but she pretended that it was the chairman’s child in someway or the other and got him to marry her. It wouldn’t surprise me if that is the case.


    The second birth secret that we can assume from this episode is the fact that concerns Miss Otoke herself. She brings up the fact that it would have been nice if she had pictures to see what her mother looked like. The grandmother’s reaction at this point is interesting. She angrily tells her that there were no pictures because they were conveniently destroyed in a fire. Really reminds me of the same excuse Carrie Jung used to explain why there were no pictures of her daughter when she was young. (She kidnapped her remember). So now we have to ask ourselves just why isn’t there any picture of Miss Otoke’s mother. Yes, it is extremely possible that the pictures were indeed destroyed in a fire as the grandmother mentioned and it isn’t like a person is going to try and grab anything while a fire is happening. They are supposed to leave with just the basics etc… Now back to the point that I was trying to make. If her mother is someone totally unimportant and is actually dead then a picture would suffice even if it is of some random actor. But not doing this means that her mother is probably someone we know or will easily recognize.


    Clearly this isn’t the Baking DiL since Grandmother wouldn’t be treating her in such a manner and also why isn’t Miss Otoke living with them. This clearly means that the only other female old enough has to be her mother. In this case it would probably mean Foundation Lady matches the description. Gasp I know this would probably make the main leads related by blood in some manner if this is indeed the case. Scandalous I know. So I guess I am probably wrong in one of this department correct.


    I guess if we want to avoid this mess, we could perhaps say that there was a baby swap that happened somehow this could possibly resolve this messy situation but how that would work remains to be seen. The other weird theory that I could come up with is that almost every male in this show dead or alive were a bunch of cheaters. Nope sorry scratch that theory after considering it, that won’t work at all.


    I was thinking that maybe missing dad could be Singing Princes birth father but that just doesn’t make sense. In this case I was saying that Baking Ladies husband who is dead now could have actually been Singing Princes actual dad. He died in some accident and since Foundation Mum wasn’t legally married to him got nervous and went ahead and seduced the Chairman in someway by pretending that she was pregnant with Dancing Prince who was his son and all. But if this was the case then the grandma wouldn’t be on good terms with Baking Lady or her family aka FiL.


    But at the rate that we are going it won’t surprise me one bit if it does turn out that either Foundation Mum or her husband were somehow responsible for her husband’s death.


    So Sleazebo wants to breakup with Miss Otoke because he sees the $$$ signs by marrying Rainbow Brite who also is conveniently pregnant with his kid as well. Found it amusing that Singing Prince figured out that the guy must have done something to take responsibility for. Again, the guy is making things worse he doesn’t want her to have a heads up. The closest that he came up with was asking if she was brave and strong enough to raise their kid on her own. Ah no you don’t get out of it this way you stinking weasel. It takes two to tango and you are equally responsible for your actions buddy. Not only this but since she isn’t getting a heads up she is busy spending money to prepare for her married life. If she has a warning, she can easily use that money elsewhere where it is needed or invest in something to help her out. Frankly she needs to wisen up a lot.


    Her trusting nature is going to doom her eventually. I wonder just how much we should blame Rainbow Brite for this entire mess and just how guilty is she actually. Sure, she went after Sleazebo and even offered to marry him and all. But from what she is aware the guy was merely interested in another woman and to her knowledge they weren’t exclusive or married. In this case she probably thought that he was then fair game. As long as he hasn’t signed the dotted line, he could be swayed to join her as he is more or less free at this point and couples do tend to breakup over small things. Perhaps she thought that he would handle matters cleanly with the girl that was interested in him. Regardless now that she is pregnant with his kid, she might just take matters into her own hands. Never a good sign. Nor does she seem as innocent as one would like to think.



    It seems like I had a few more theories but they have sadly slipped my mind at the moment. So, I will be ending my post over here for the time being. Be sure to let us know if you think if my theories make sense or if you have a better one. Am sure to have also missed out other signs so don’t forget to add them as well.

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  14. So, while I was waiting for other stuff to finish getting subbed and all I decided to give this a shot and also see if Miss Otoke could be fun to watch. Probably will have to choose which show I will end up sticking with. Since this is the beginning, I can clearly say that it is a bit interesting but will have to actually wait till the revenge taking part actually starts because then this may also become a disappointment.


     For instance, the current drama that I am watching (The Red Shoes) kind of had an interesting plot and all but when it came down to the execution of the Revenge plot it has kind of started feeling just meh. Atleast that is for me. Just look at its predecessor aka Miss Monte Cristo over there the female lead had numerous enemies that she wanted to take down and for each of them she had intricate plans to do so. Even if she sometimes lost the flow, she remained true to her path most of the time. While I will honestly admit that I didn’t enjoy the ending and parts near the end it was a decent drama otherwise. But in Red Shoes the Female Lead seems to even lack a clear plan or we aren’t privy to it. She is sloppy and whatnot. Did hear that episode 17 leaves us with an interesting plot point. something that I am averse too but if dealt with correctly I guess it can make the show better. Will have to wait and see how that turns out then doesn’t it.


    Now moving on to my main post itself.




    We are introduced to bunch of characters over here some we are going to like others not so much as well as guess why the Female Lead even had to be locked up for a crime that she clearly didn’t commit.

     Frankly speaking I just hope that the Second Female Lead wasn’t so vile enough to kill of the Grandmother and her baby just so that she could have her man and all. Though by the end we do know that grandmother isn’t going to last till the last episode. So, all of you that are thinking about getting attached to the character be warned and harden your hearts. Will get down to my reasoning in a bit.


    Moving on there is the Cheating Husband who I see everyone is ready to crucify for a bunch of reasons. Now over here while I certainly do agree with some of the things that he is accused of I also feel like he should be given a pass in a few of them. No, I certainly don’t condone cheating if that is what any of you are thinking and all but facts should probably speak over here. For instance, the two things that come clearly to my mind at the moment are about how he didn’t excuse himself when he has a pregnant wife back home and that he had to rush there and the fact that he was so busy enjoying himself at the club that he failed to pick up his phone calls that he was receiving from home to inform him that his wife was in labour or the fact that nobody bothered to send him a message via SMS or even WhatsApp.


    Okay so regarding the first issue I guess this is more of a Cultural thing from my observations of K-Dramas and all. Normally if you are living in a place like the States asking to be excused may make a whole lot of sense. But when you work in a place where hierarchy is more important you end up in a slightly sticky situation. The superiors might think that you are looking down on them or think that you are better than them and that is why you don’t want to join them. This may further mean that your job prospects/promotions may be further affected. To avoid this the workers, tend to attend any Team Diners even if they are uncomfortable. This can probably be seen best during some of the drinking scenes in these shows and how the interns at times feel slightly uncomfortable during all of this or when their superiors try and make a drunken pass towards them. Therefore it makes sense that he would want to remain on the good side of his Superior thus he would have to attend the Team Diner over here.


    As for the missed phone calls and messages I can easily attest to the fact that a person can’t always hear the phone bell ringing especially if there are a lot of loud noises going around you. What about vibration you may say. Again, while that is helpful it doesn’t always work. I have had a few missed calls and I haven’t heard or felt anything when they happened. Probably for me it might be because I tend to carry a ton of junk in my pockets so that might be the reason why they might become muffled for me. Regardless of all this I feel like we can give him a pass in regards to this atleast.


    But what happens next is not the same. He ends up cheating on his pregnant wife. Okay while that was certainly bad, I guess one can perhaps blame it all on the drinks that were consumed and the fact that his boss seduced him that night. Mistakes can happen even when they shouldn’t. I would probably say that this is something that the husband and wife need to work through and feel that if there is no way to repair their marriage perhaps because the trust has been lost forever, they should go for a divorce. But that is something for another time. Regardless of all this what really irked me about him and the reason why I can’t absolutely forgive him for his transgressions is that he is continuing his affair with his boss even after becoming a father. Well technically he was already a father when his wife was pregnant but with the actual baby delivered and all it changes everything. He now has certain responsibilities and all to fulfill. So, at this point atleast he should have called of the affair or in this case the one night stand and moved on. Instead, this guy is letting his ambition lead his choices and is more than willing to accept his boss’s proposal to get married and whatnot. Sorry but you don’t get any kind of pass over here. Justice needs to be served at all costs.


    Some have brought up the fact that the boss is going to end up loosing her own kid so she will end up raising Miss Otoke’s kid. Whether this is by her own choice or she is tricked into doing so by her husband. Nope still not okay by either of you for what you did to her and her family. I guess this news might affect the Female Leads revenge down the line but I really hope that isn’t the case. Also, this development is really not going to surprise me since I have already witnessed it in a few shows.


    Now as to why I don’t think that the grandmother is not going to make it till the end of the show. If there is going to be a baby swap, I don’t think that it is going to be possible as long as the baby as a legal family to look after it even if the mother is locked up behind bars. This means that one of the grandmothers will have to pick up the slack in this department. Following this logic then it is simple who that is going to be. It can’t be Scummy’s mother for the obvious reason. He has been keeping his relationship to Miss Otoke a closely guarded secret so he isn’t going to tell anyone that he has already become a father etc… so keeping the baby at his place is a big no as that would reveal the birth secret right of the bat and ruin his chances of marrying anyone else including his boss and all. This means that only Miss Otoke’s grandmother is left. But does anyone think that she is simply going to allow her grandchild be taken away even if they promise him a better future with his new family. Even if she did which is highly unlikely you know that once the female lead leaves jail and returns home, she will ask about the fate of her child. If the grandmother is still alive, she will reveal that he is with the birth father. Miss Otoke will then do her best to get the child back using any means necessary. But like I said she may feel that part of her revenge needs to be toned down because her Ex atleast took good care of their child while she was locked up and all. Therefore, I feel that if they want to keep the tension up the grandmother needs to sadly pass on.


    The other thing that we have to remember is that since this is a drama there are no wasted characters and that we all need the characters to be connected to each other in someway or the other. In this case we need to focus on the bakery and the family that tends to run it. They know Miss Otoke and her grandmother and for further bonus points they also know about the male lead as well (sort off). Am not a 100% sure though if he is boarding with them or just tends to hang out at their place and they have sort of accepted him as a part of the household. Cleary they aren’t aware of the fact that he is from a rich family and all since he is keeping his identity a secret from everyone for obvious reasons. Again, will get into that in a bit. But as I was saying if the grandmother passes away then where is Miss Otoke going to stay. She is also going to need allies or those that feel sympathetic towards her or her cause. This means that this family is going to end up playing this part. This also allows the main leads to better get to know each other and all. Not sure where I stand on her using him for her revenge plot but that is probably going to be when she discovers his true identity and all. Frankly I am always against that but whatever.


    Then we have Sleazebo’s family. We already know how most of them are going to be like. As of now only his sister seems decent. Don’t like her outfits that much but when it comes to her SiL she is currently awesome. Always trying to defend her from her mothers’ comments or trying to contact her brother even when her mother prioritizes the son’s work above all else. If she atleast stays like this to the end I feel like we may have some good news. But even then, not so sure how much of the female leads antics she is going to put up with when they are affecting her brother and family. Atleast in Miss Monte Cristo the sister wasn’t on speaking terms with her brother and his wife the moment they decided to get married and forget about her BFF and to be SiL. She was even willing to support her in her revenge plans but even she had the part of not messing with her brother down the line since he was also a potential victim. But this isn’t the case over here. So, it is kind of hard to gauge her reaction to all of this. Perhaps she is going to be bribed with an official position at the company or something since it doesn’t appear like she is doing any kind of job at the moment and all.


    As for the mother well, she will come as no surprise since she comes from the standard K-Drama MiL Cookie Cutter. She disapproves of her current DiL thinking that she isn’t good enough for her son due to her humble origins but is currently forced to approve of her because she is going to give birth to her first grandchild (okay that has been done) and the fact that the two of them are already married. She also likes to dress up fancy as could be seen when Miss Otoke gave her a shirt as a gift. She was initially happy that she must have gotten an expensive shirt because it was from a department store. But that clearly turned to disappointment once she discovered that it was an item from a sale. Now tell me what is going to happen when a woman from a rich and well off family approaches her and informs her that she is not only romantically interested in her son but also wants to marry him. She is going to see the $$$ signs and be more than willing to approve her as her DiL. This means that she is going to get an upgrade in her life but will not only be able to afford all those expensive designer clothes but will also be gifted some of them by her DiL. She will probably try and convince Miss Otoke to give up on Sleazebo for his potential future and whatnot and that she shouldn’t be a hindering block towards him etc…. As for the marriage problem it will actually be interesting to see how the writers deal with it.


    I mean are Miss Otoke and Sleazebo even legally married. As someone here pointed out the marriage is only legally accepted/binding when they have it registered in a certain place (the name sadly slips my mind at the moment). So, this means that Korea doesn’t accept a marriage is void even if they hold a religious wedding or where guests are invited and all. Kind of does make sense. Frankly it sort of makes sense. Best outcome is to either first register the wedding or do so at the wedding ceremony instead of postponing it as that may cause problems further down the line and all. Anyway, as I was saying the only wedding scene that we were a witness too was at the start of the episode at that empty church and all. Perhaps they simply think that if they are married in the eyes of God that is sufficient but that is not how the world works sadly. Also, I keep wondering about the fact that Miss Otoke has recently been sort of excited about her upcoming marriage and all. It is kind of puzzling after all on one hand she lets the world know that she is already married and on the other it is all about her getting married in a few months. What the heck is up with that. Is it like someone earlier mentioned how they perhaps got married first and then registered their marriage later or the other way round? Hopefully they had registered their marriage but since no guests and family were invited to their wedding this second round is to address that issue. I would frankly prefer they go this route as this would mean that the second female lead would have complications in her desire to get married and all.


    As I was saying some people do wonder what is the point of getting married. If you like someone just stay with them as your partner and all. Now in the short run I believe that may be okay but what about the long term. Let’s say that one of the partners after 20+ years decides not only are they tired of their current partner but have also found a replacement for them as well. This means that one of them will have to leave and they may also end up with nothing to their name even if they have been sharing the expenses and all. But if you are married it serves as a shield and protection from being unfairly treated in this manner. The court is also hopefully more on both parties’ side equally and according to your customs and laws the property/wealth/kids can be separated in a fair and just way. But this might not happen if you are merely partners. Oh well none of that is probably important over here or what my thoughts regarding marriage are. Do as one likes and feels is better.


    Moving on to Singing Oppa aka main lead aka brother of Second Female Lead. One would think that he is on the run from Loan Sharks/Gangsters when this is probably not the case. This guy clearly loves performing music more than anything and that probably includes working in the family business/company. That is the reason why he is constantly covering his face or trying to conceal his identity. The dad has probably sent his guys to track him down and bring him back to the family and all. Atleast there doesn’t seem to be a birth secret behind him for the time being. I can only assume this because the dad misses him a lot and the wife tries to humour him and all and so far she hasn’t been shown to be the devious plotter evil stepmothers have been descripted as in these shows. Then again it simply might be because she doesn’t consider him a threat since he isn’t in town or is trying to run the company. Since her daughter seems extremely capable, she is satisfied about it. I guess we will also have to wait and see how this turns out as well later on. As for her she apparently runs a Foundation like any good Chaebol wife in these dramas. She also seems to be considerate enough to help a random stranger in need aka a pregnant woman aka Miss Otoke. But just how long will this last.


    Who wants to bet that down the line we will discover that she is probably trying to conceal a Slush Fund being operated through her Foundation? Not only that if she behaves like any other drama mother who thinks that the life of their child is far more important than that of a random stranger and thus helps in the framing of Miss Otoke just so that her daughter can end up having what they want regardless of how many other lives are ruined. The father as of now seems okay for the time being. Sure, he misses his son but that is too be expected if he hasn’t heard any news about him for over a year or so. As of now I guess I should give him a pass. Will be interesting to find out about his reaction when he discovers that his daughter has feelings for one of her subordinates or is pregnant with his kid or if he does a background check on him and discovers his secret. Though that department generally falls on the mother’s side. (in these dramas).


    Surprisingly I still haven’t come across any of those trusty secretaries that are sure to pop up in these dramas that are responsible for either helping one of these villains (parents or second lead) that do all of these background searches on said characters on the order of their bosses or do something illegal just so that they can maintain their power and position. But I guess as of now none of that is important since they are trying to show that this family is currently above board and all.


    Doubt that will last long though considering that their son is going to be probably be working/living with their potential rival and they will try to do their best to get rid of them. Either this is because of them posing a business threat or simply because the female lead is with them and they want to get rid of her for various reasons. (Threat, Don’t approve of her, Business Rival etc…)


    Sleazebo is frankly already on shaky ground and he doesn’t realize that yet. He has promised Rainbow Brite that he will get some famous chef or baker to endorse their product. There is no guarantee that is going to work and if he can’t provide results his position is going to be in jeopardy. Problem here is that while he promised her that he is confident and will try his best it should have been left at that. But she tried to make him look good infront of her fathers’ eyes so she informs him that the deal is good as done and that they are at 90% chance that he will deal with them. Why do I get the feeling that not only is he going to refuse to endorse them but instead sign the deal with the other bakery where Singing Oppa likes to hang out. Hopefully that is the case because I don’t want Sleazbo to get a victory of any kind he doesn’t deserve it at this point. Nor does he deserve a loving and devoted wife like that.


    Speaking of Miss Otoke I do like the fact that currently she is portrayed as someone that doesn’t take nonsense from anyone and if she sees any kind of injustice she tries to speak out against it. Sure she gets physical but how else does one apprehend creeps like that. But sadly, I do wonder just how long that attitude is going to last. I have seen characters that had such fighting spirit but when confronted by a bunch of gangsters they suddenly become the Damsels In Distress aka DID (from Hercules). Then they have to be rescued by the male lead which probably makes them fall for them. Oh well I guess that this is part and parcel of these shows so I should be prepared for all this and accept it as it is.


    Her in prison I was half expecting some of her cell mates to suddenly get physical against her telling her to shut up or something along those lines. Glad that didn’t happen atleast. I do hope that jail time only ends up toughening her as well as making her smarter. Perhaps she can learn the tricks of the trade over there and use them to outsmart her enemies. Again, that is probably too much wishful thinking on my part.


    Either way Revenge part should be hopefully interesting because as of now she has no allies that she has actually interacted with so who is going to help her out in her revenge and why



    Anyway, while I certainly do feel that I am forgetting a bunch of stuff I feel like I should end my post over here for the time being. Till then take care all of you and keep posting. Hopefully this drama will be able to surprise all of us over here at some point and actually turn out to be a good drama. If I don’t catch any kind of Drama Logic Fails, I guess that is an even better sign.


    As for a side note here are some of the nicknames that I have come up with for some of these characters. Let me know of your thoughts regarding them and what better ones you can come up with.


    Female Lead: Miss Otoke – simply because that is what she became knows as in the last drama around its final leg. Till someone comes up with a better name we can stick with that. Or since she likes to ensure that justice prevails we can also go with Miss Justice, or a variant of it. Then again she knows martial arts as well so Karate Girl can also be perhaps used unless any of these names are already taken in a drama.


    Second Male Lead: Sleazebo – this is due to him abandoning his wife all of a sudden for the sake of his ambitions. Not only that but doing it at the worst possible moment when she was pregnant or had just given birth to his first child. Like I said he doesn’t deserve her


    Male Lead: Singing Oppa – Since he has a love for singing even if he is getting scammed all he wants to do is simply to sing rather than run the family business. Or one might go with the title Singing Prince (since nobody seems to know that he is from a rich family)

    Second Female Lead: Rainbow Brite – Yes I know that I am that old to be aware that was an animated show back in the 80’s if I am not mistaken. Not that I can recall what it was about since I wasn’t really interested in it. I think it was about a magical girl that traveled via rainbows on her horse. But that is the most that I can remember at the moment unless I am mixing up stuff. The other reason being that the actress over here was in a girl band called Rainbow. The only time I watched them perform was when they popped up in a drama where one of their bandmates was part of the cast and someone pointed out that she didn’t perform alongside them. LoL. Not that I could recognize this actress over there but that isn’t important, I guess. Then again people might not like this name so they can come up with whatever suits them.


    The rest can be named as more time goes by and we get to know them better. Anyway like I said take care all of you and till next time.

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  15. Darn another poll missed out by me. Just my luck.


    As for how I got addicted I tell you it was all a misunderstanding and I am innocent. :) The true culprits have to be my younger siblings who have managed to move on but leave me behind with my addiction. :( 


    It all started with 3 dramas and after that it was too late to come out of the abys that starred back at me. 


    The first one had to be the drama Fugitive Plan B. Over here I entered the room when they were watching said drama. Didn't really catch my attention and when I asked them what they were watching I just caught Fugitive and B. Now if one might be aware a few years back there was a movie with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones called the The Fugitive and later on there was a Tv series spin off as well. I simply thought that it was connected to it and didn't pay it much attention and left the room. Sometime later I passed by again and they were still at it. But this time I witnessed a slap scene. That got me interested a bit. A few years back my Aunt and Uncle were into these Indian Dramas for some reason and I occasionally glanced in and was almost always present to witness a slap scene for some weird reason. Perhaps that was the normal. So it just got me into watching said drama to realize that it was a Korean show and not related to the initial movie and show that I thought that it was.


    I probably would have been still able to walk away from these dramas and not get addicted if I had left it at that. This drama would have been the one.


    But sadly that wasn't to be the case. Then came the second round of my misunderstanding that hooked me deeper into the drama world. During this time period there was a Daily called Smile Again (2010 version)/Smile Donghae and another drama called Dream High. I initially saw an add airing on the channel for Dream High and from it looked a bit like a Martial Arts movie that I saw some time back. That naturally got me interested. So I waited carefully to watch said show only to be surprised that it was about a K-Pop school and about training idols and all. I still decided to give it a chance and that pretty much got me hooked as I couldn't wait to check out the next show to air.


    As for Smile Again since I didn't know the exact timings for both of these shows I would keep the TV on and wait for them till I learned the actual timings. Till then I watched a few random episodes of Smile Again from the middle. Mind you and then I was like wait what will happen next will those two characters even meet, what is up with those near misses and will the scheming people actually get punished. LoL :) So from about episode 30 or so maybe 60 can't recall the exact number I was into dailies as well. 


    The rest is history as they like to say. As one can see it was a total case of misunderstandings that got me into drama watching. Now I have a list that I want to watch someday but for some reason can't do so. Mostly due to time constraints and Yes I already have one writer on my Ban List and another on my Naughty List. 


    Lets see what the future now holds for all of us.

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  16. So finally caught up with episode 15 and 16. Apparently 17 isn’t out even in RAW format from where I stream my videos. Not that I would be tempted to watch it like that for the moment. Hopefully by the time that I am done with my post the episode will be out. As of now my thoughts on both of these issues are as follows. Episode 15 was meh and I wasn’t all that impressed. 16 was slightly better but I still feel like there was little to no progress made in the story in any way whatsoever. Gemma hasn’t moved on with her plans for Revenge, Designer Mum though is one step closer in figuring out that Gemma is the one behind the posts atleast even if she doesn’t realize that she is her daughter.


    The missing kiss scene that wasn’t resolved for us viewers wasn’t all that important to bug me. Infact if anyone wants to know what happened just assume that it was the male lead dreaming this time round and I guess that we will be even.


    Now moving on to my main post since I know that I am bound to ramble on so best to get to it quick.




    Now for starters why I wasn’t so impressed with episode 15. The answer is that the characters were just to dumb or weird even for my normal viewing standard.


    Take Gemma for example in this episode decides to sneak into her company to raid her mother’s office looking for evidence that she stole all those designs and whatnot. Did anyone notice the outfit that she was wearing it totally didn’t look suspicious correct. I know that it is wrong of me to judge someone by their attire but I just couldn’t help myself over here. Now had she been wearing the same outfit when she was trying to let’s say follow someone in the dark said outfit would make a lot of sense since it would make her harder to be spotted and all. But at her workplace it made her stick out like a sore thumb. Lucky for her the security was terrible (guard was dozing of at his post) and Designer Mum just didn’t have enough evidence to stop her even though she was suspicious and all.


    Well, the Security team finally had to pay the price for being so lax in episode 16 by the entire team getting fired. LoL wait who will stop actual thieves from entering the place now. While we are on this topic how did one of the victims even know that Designer Mum keeps all the stolen desings/evidence in her office. It isn’t like Desinger Mum is going to be bragging to them about it. I get that it was to advance the plot and all but please show us some logic.


    Also have to say that Gemma had suprisngly perfect timing to get out and even try and leave the office in the same condition as when she entered even fixing the picture frame that she placed down. But was it because she gave up searching for said evidence or knew somehow that her mother was back in the building because that is the only thing that makes sense for her to grab fake material from the store room and pretend to leave? Did she perhaps have Bestie on Lookout duty and was thus warned. It would have perhaps been nice to know.


    As for the missing phone Gemma also managed to crack the code pretty fast. Look I get that she had three dates to work on from the start and all but even they aren’t so simple as a simple code as 9999 probable variations and even if you reduce some of them, they still are a lot. Also don’t smart phones have a limited number of tries before they lock down to prevent them being accessed by intruders and all. Again her multiple attempts could be shown with her having scratched out possible variations that failed on a paper for this to be more believable. Because this means that either she is a super genius code breaker. This seems to be hard to believe since her revenge plan isn’t going as well as I expected or her mother is extremely dumb. Which again seems a bit hard to believe as how could such a person have run and maintained a company for so long without any major issues. Okay apparently, she did have issues but still the company’s success says a lot including the design thefts and all.


    Am still not getting the dream sequence for the kisses right. Just when did she fall asleep that she is already dreaming of kissing the male lead. Normally when you have a dream sequence one can easily tell due to the lighting in the room or even the lack of other people etc… but not in this drama. The topic of dream like sequence also brings me up to the fact of how both parents seemed to be sharing one in episode 16 regarding the fateful night of the accident and all. I guess the writer is trying to display them with some sort of conscience and that they feel guilty. Atleast for Sloppy he kind of reminds me on one of the female characters in one of Shakespeare’s plays. Sadly, the name has slipped my mind at the moment. Unfortunately for me I am not buying this guy’s guilty conscience at this point. I mean if the guy actually felt guilty for his actions back in the day and still has issues, he had a bunch of years to make things right. Best case scenario secretly be the benefactor to Designer Moms kids thus when Gemma discovers the truth, she could hesitate to take her revenge on him. Better yet bring the kids into his family even if it was a few years late. Did he do any of that no instead even when he knew that one of her kids was sick, he still didn’t let her go see him. Instead reminding her of her promise to cut off all ties with her previous family and all.


    So, no I don’t feel sorry for either of the parents at the time being. Also not looking forward to Designer Mum discovering the identity of Gemma so soon as well. What kind of mystery would that turn out to be then? Infact this would make her one step ahead of Gemma all along which would be a headache in my opinion atleast.


    Now moving back to the topic of Gemma watching her mothers’ new family’s video on her (mothers) phone. I mean wouldn’t it simply be smarter for her to copy all of the data on it not only as a backup but also for safety reasons. That way nobody would be able to question her why she has a different phone all of a sudden or something along those lines. Speaking along those lines doesn’t anyone over here find it weird that Professor heads into her room to invite her for a movie. (Basically, he managed to sneak in since she didn’t hear him knock so he entered himself). At this point does one honestly believe that he didn’t glance on her phone to know what she was also watching. Wasn’t he a bit curious before he interrupted her? Just feels a bit weird and off.


    As for the speed of the romance between the two leads as of know just feels a bit weird as well. From my experiences a Fast Romance = a Doomed Romance. Seldom have we gotten a happy ending in that regard. Plus, we can’t seem to forget that there is still the mysterious son of the Chairman to show up causing a romance triangle/square to follow. But that still isn’t the actual bit of concern for me. This has more to do with the background of the Professor’s previous relationship. After the incident he seems to be more suspicious of people and their character yet whenever it comes to Gemma, he becomes more trusting and whatnot. infact he even had an issue with her moving into his house for the exact same reason yet now he is so infatuated with her that he wants to be in a relationship with her of sorts. Since he isn’t committing himself and all. But that just sort of feels odd. If he is developing feelings for her it would be better if it is explained why he is falling for her and all. For instance, when it comes to Gemma it makes sense since he has always been nice and considerate towards her etc… But for him I don’t get it. Sure, she gave one of her kidneys to save his grandmothers life but it wasn’t for free and in return he cleared her debts and all. So, he owes her nothing at this point. Does he like her because she seems more honest and all? I would still like to see more development over here before they move on full steam ahead of a doomed romance. Then again when you have romance like that trust needs to be built otherwise you simply end up hurting the other person.


    For instance, let’s look at USB/Security incident at work where Playboy managed to successfully swap said USB for a fake one. (Will be getting into that shortly). When he handed over the USB to Gemma, he informed her that it wasn’t for free. This means that she owes him one. The best way I can see him asking her to pay back said favour would be to ask her out for a meal/drinks. We can be sure that the wrong party will witness this. Probably Sagaji and she will report this to the Professor and the grandmother etc.. this will end up causing mistrust and hurt between the main leads. It is not like she can tell him the actual reason why she was forced to meet up with his brother now can see. Either way she looks bad.


    As for the USB swapping incident like some of you I just find it weird as it doesn’t make a lot of logical sense even with the explanation of the characters. Gemma rushes down the stairs to the security room only for Designer Mom to snatch the USB right out of her hands at that moment. So how did she manage to make it down just as quickly. Did the tech agent contact her after failing to get a response to his phone message or did Designer Mum have poor/good timing and decided to recheck on the results only to be informed that it was done. So she leaves just then and as an elevator is faster than a person who had been rushing down the stairs she had the edge?


    Then we had Playboy suddenly figure out where Gemma was rushing of in a panic. How did that happen? He also claimed that he had to rush to get another USB for the swap which again was the same as the one the security team used. How did he know which make and model they used? Does the company have a store which sells of stuff like that and the security simply purchase their items including USB’s from there as well? While that certainly makes the purchase more logical it still doesn’t explain how he not only figured out what was going on and why would he want to help Gemma out. Does he actually like her to do anything for her? If that is the case just how far is he willing to go to do so. Also just how much has he figured out of what is going on over here.


    For instance, I would feel that it would be far more interesting if he has already realized that Designer Mom stole the designs from Gemma and she was trying to find said evidence in her office and she was caught on the CCTV. Further bonus points if he has already watched the files on the USB before handing it over to her. (Perhaps this helped him figure it out quicker). I guess that while the pace of other revelations is going so fast the writer thought that it was okay to miss out on this. While it makes sense to an extent and we don’t need to be spoon-fed all of it. I do feel that at times it helps or better yet when we aren’t shown totally useless scenes such as the Siamese Twins and all. Seriously I am surprised that nobody as likened them to an old married couple at this point. The way those two bickers but at the same time stick around each other seems to give out that kind of vibe at times. The closest was in episode 15 when the son and brother point out that those two were not only back to arguing but were also in perfect sync as evidenced by them denying all of this. Also, not sure how I feel about one of the Siamese showing a romantic interest in the brother. If he has any sense, he should probably leave that house for safety purposes and all.


    Geon Woo still seems to have no character development but the writers are smart enough to give him much screen time so we can’t blame and curse him too much. I just feel as a character that makes him sort of a waste. I don’t think that he has brought anything to the table as well.


    So now that Designer Mum has a new phone it means that the phone that Gemma has is mostly useless unless she uses some of the files/messages to her advantage. Such as perhaps forwarding the message that Scrooge wrote to her mother to Sloppy to cause a further rift between the couple and all. Though this will alert Designer Mum that the wrong person has access to her phone and all. How long before she figures the truth out after that remains to be seen.


    Wait so Designer Mum can easily walk into a room of a sick person and leave with an extra bag and nobody is the wiser about it. Why would grandma let her visit Gemma when she is all alone and not only that but is also sleeping? Again, I feel that it was for plot purposes but come on please make sense dear Writer. The shoes clearly indicate to Designer Mum that Gemma has a motive to break into her office or be responsible for the posts that were posted online but it might have been smarter if she left them alone. I guess she thought that Gemma could use that as evidence against her down the line so she felt that it would be safer to steal it back then. I can only assume that those shoes haven’t been released to the public at this point if she feels secure in doing so. Otherwise, Gemma can simply come up with the excuse that she purchased them as a gift for a male friend and she wouldn’t need to prove otherwise.


    Designer Mom is also getting irrational which is just plain wrong. I get that she is ambitious enough to take over her husband’s company and life but she needs to learn to control her outbursts. For instance, when Sloppy was furious at her for behaving like an Escort towards Scrooge she tried to justify her actions and claim that she was doing so to prevent their company from going bankrupt and that she was only following the methods that he taught her to survive. Now he should simply go along with the flow since they were in the final stretch of their goals and all. Not only that but when her daughter enters the room when she overhears them arguing she scolds her as well. Frankly I was half expecting the daughter to complain about the fact that they may all end up on the street if they go bankrupt. That didn’t happen. But I guess at the end of the day it simply indicates that Designer Mum is only looking out for her own interests and isn’t all that bothered about her own families including her current daughter and all.


    So, it seems that she has been trying to do a background check on Gemma for some time now since she sees her as a possible threat and wants to get rid of her. The important thing will be then to see her reaction once she figures out the truth. Her nature doesn’t allow her to abandon all that she has gained so far so I guess she is going to end up rejecting Gemma once more which I feel is far worse. This means that Gemma is going to end up getting abandoned by her parents two times which isn’t good at all. I guess the mother will try to get rid of her so will end up trying to expose the fact to the grandmother that all of her debts per paid in return of the kidney. Which will end up making the grandmother feel hurt and betrayed and will tell her to leave the house.


    I guess now that Designer Mom knows that the shoe maker is on Gemma’s side so she is going to end up blackmailing him to continue to work with her in some manner or the other. Perhaps make Gemma out to be a liar and all. Speaking of that the speech where she declared herself and the company innocent of any wrongdoings did it seem that the workers over there believed her lies or were simply impressed by how she tried to pull it off. This seemed a bit unclear to me. LoL found it amusing how the daughter was going about how impressive her mother was and why people wanted to be like her. And I was going all along that there is one person in that room who has the exact opposite sentiment. Speaking of that is it actually wise of Gemma to be reading all those Anti-Comments regarding Designer Mum and the company during company hours. I mean I would feel it would be much safer if she did so at home where there wouldn’t be anyone to question her or feel suspicious regarding it. But at the company one might question as to what she was doing and why she was paying so much attention to the fact that was negative to them. The most suspicious would clearly be Designer Mum and her daughter. It further doesn’t help that when Sagaji confronted Gemma about the person responsible for the posts and all Gemma didn’t exactly deny the accusation. Now while that may all seem cool and all it isn’t.


    I say this because like I have pointed out Gemma doesn’t seem to have an actual plan over here. At most it seems a few negative comments and perhaps an interview by a few comments places the company in a negative light. But as one can see Designer Mum seems to have gotten out of it by a cleverly placed press conference and all denying all the charges. What was Gemma’s back up plan to all of this? It doesn’t seem like she has one. Therefore, I am not so impressed with her as of now. On the other hand, if she had multiple plans to fall back on or have a continuous chain of attacks her admitting her role to Sagaji would be far more interesting and better as well.


    You know what I am starting to suspect that Playboy is far more astute than one gives him credit for. Things tend to start to make a bit more sense if that is the case. For instance, when Professor and Gemma end up coming home together, he suggests that they may have been out on a date. Loan Granny is irked of by that and points out that he shouldn’t be making such kind of jokes and that a guy and girl can merely be together/friends and nothing more. I guess that while she likes Gemma, she doesn’t fully consider her family material as of now. (or good enough). Though in this case he has the slight edge that he knows that both of them have feelings for each other. So as a fair warning he tells his brother to either confess his feelings or be prepared for somebody else to step in and have Gemma for themselves. I guess he is hinting about himself. That does bring up the question as to whether he genuinely likes her or merely sees her as a challenge. After all every other girl is probably after him for his money. Sure, Sagaji is different but she just doesn’t make his heart beat all that fast.


    He has actually seen some of Gemma’s shoe designs so he is sure to have recognized the design. He also noticed her reaction and how she left the room when Sagaji was credited for designing them and all. He might have been trying to confirm his hunch by bringing it up to Gemma who didn’t respond to it properly. But he might still have had his doubts regarding them. Then once he notices that Gemma is in trouble and might get fired due to being caught on the CCTV, he might have realized that his hunch was actually correct all along and that is why he tried to help her out and had a fake USB handy.


    Come to think about it the actual footage of that night is still out there and the technician has promised to make sure whether the file may be corrupted or not before resending it to Designer Mum. This means that Gemma has only dodged the bullet but another one is bound to come after her unless she uses some clever method to get rid of it completely. If she does that, she will manage to actually impress me. But like I said she doesn’t seem to have any actual plan or a way to execute it without any kind of flaw or fix said flaw. Then again, we can simply hope that she has gotten lucky because Designer Mum has fired the entire Security Team. So, the new team might not be aware of the initial orders to send the recovered file to her. Perhaps Designer Mom was just being figurative and her assistant knows this so she hasn’t fired any of them. I guess we will just have to wait and see how much of her dodge has been successful.


    Then on top of all this we have Playboy dating multiple girls and all and his reaction even when his grandmother finds the blonde at his home/apartment. He probably knows how much this will irk her so he goes on about it and how he should perhaps marry her and all. Just to get a rise out of his grandmother and perhaps make her give up on him since he doesn’t want to live upto her expectation and her way of life.


    Even him offering Gemma the role of the model might be him trying to make things right between her and the company and that is his method of a compromise. He just doesn’t know her true backstory so like I said it will be far more interesting once he discovers it and just how far he plans on going to help her out.


    Let’s be honest Gemma needs all the help that she can get considering the fact that she is bumbling through her revenge plan so far. Sure, Bestie is a good friend and is finally in the loop but there is only so much that she can do considering that she works in a totally different workplace. At most she can continue to write nasty comments regarding Designer Mum and all and try and keep tabs on her when she shows up to the restaurant. But other than that, nothing else comes to mind. The Siamese twins are far more useless since Designer Mum can clearly recognize them so they can’t even try and work undercover at the company as cleaning ladies. Plus, I guess even if they did who would help run the shop that they have recently opened. Clubber is without any kind of major job qualifications so again I doubt that he can help her and even if he can he has never shown any kind of major interest in her or her issues. We do have Sleazy the uncle but that guy always has his own agenda so she will really need to convince him to join her side and all.


    Speaking of the fact I still find it amusing as to how people think that Designer Mum was having an affair and that is why she abandoned her family and is now having the best time of her life. Clearly that wasn’t the case. Sure, she abandoned them and all but she is legally married to Sloppy. Not only that he clearly indicated that he was going to divorce his first wife and he has probably done so. In this case he stated his intent and followed through this makes it harder for me to consider that either of them had an affair. Plus, she only started a relationship with him after her husband passed away in that accident. But like I said how they pulled of the marriage is still a mystery to me. I am assuming that Sloppy still thinks that his wife is unaware of the fact that he hit her Ex-Husband in that hit and run that night. So how would he make it that the husband would be okay with his wife going her separate way and marrying him when that can never be the case.


    Does anyone else find it amusing as to how all these villains think that the people around them are trash for whatever reason but don’t realize that what they are doing is just as bad. For instance, she knows that Scrooge is making a pass at her or that he can easily be bribed to do her bidding but all that is okay on her end since she is getting what she wants. Yet the guy is thrash or scum for acting out in that way. Her husband is the same since he is a murderer yet she is fine being with him as long as she gets to live a life of comfort.


    Sleazy thinks the same about Sloppy since he committed the hit and run but since he needed the money, he was okay to any terms whatsoever. But the moment he gets what he wants even he calls him a piece of trash. So blackmailing is okay and good but doing a hit and run/murderer is considered bad. Yep, totally see the logic behind all of this.


    Okay so Designer Mum thinks that Lora is her company because she worked hard to make it stand where it currently is. Oh, please don’t make me laugh. Sure, I get that she may have been a talented designer back in the day and that may have certainly helped in the start. But she has long lost that spark and is now dependent on stealing from those weaker than her and she knows that she can silence because she has more power monetarily and all. But right now her actions are simply causing a scandal to her own company and there is clearly an amount of fires that she can put out before it turns into a full blown fire that will be next to impossible to get out of. So far that we can see is that she had the shoe design theft scandal which she has barely put out. Next Gemma probably needs to publish her posts between Scrooge and her. At this point Scrooge is probably going to try and rescue himself and either deny all charges and try to blame it all on her or he will immediately cut of all ties with her. This means that Designer Mum will have another set back temporarily. Not sure what else she can do to embarrass her. Revealing the fact that she was married and had a family that she abandoned seems like the next logical step but I am guessing that she is leaving that as the final bombshell and the fact that her family doesn’t need her anymore at this point leaving her all alone.


    Darn it I can’t even remember any major plot points in episode 16. Has the show gotten that bad? I guess this means that I should probably end my post at this point.



    Oh well before I do that let me get a bit off topic.


    @maribella Thanks for the recommendation for Taxi Driver. It was actually a pretty good comedy and I was laughing a lot in that. Unless it wasn’t supposed to be one. Atleast when it came to the villains, I felt that while their crimes were certainly serious to an extent and all their behaviour was almost clownish. Infact just look at that guy that was the owner of the Cloud server agency. Totally funny including his lackeys and all. He is the exact same in his current drama The Devil Judge. As for the romance department you are again correct it wasn’t needed thus wasn’t missed at all. Just because someone works closely with another person in the same company, school or has common goals/interest means that they will end up in a romantic relationship unless it is fictious or a drama. Everyone ended up on good terms and that was the important fact.


    As for the debate of the drama Selling Haunted Houses or whatever it was called. I would say that the romance was certainly about to start if it hadn’t already. It took me a moment to figure out all of your Blue Salt references and all. Regardless I would say that by the end it wouldn’t matter if he lost it or not since he shared a special bond with her since childhood. Was it because he was possessed back then by the eggless ghost or he was touching her when they fainted at that time is irrelevant at this point. though this would mean that even if he did lose his Blue Salt to her he would still be able to function as a psychic. Or atleast that is what I would assume. As for the romance it is more like the fact that she has taken large strides from where she originally started. Initially she was only working with him out of necessity and even felt him an annoyance but near the end she actually began to care about him to the extent that she pretended to get kidnapped when she could easily have dispatched the kidnappers and all. On top of her trying to rescue him all costs shows just how much she values him as part of the family by the end. So romance was clearly implied and we can imagine a season 2 in our minds where it is so. In other words, we all win.


    Anyway, this covers my post for the time being. Take care all of you and till next time. Hopefully Gemma will bring her A Game in future episodes making the show far more interesting than it currently is. Sadly, the episode 17 still hasn’t been subbed and I have no real interest in watching it RAW at the moment. I guess this means that I should give Miss Otoke a shot in Second Husband and see what that drama is all about. So, till next time all of you take care.

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  17. sorry but i don't recall what made me watch my first Olympic match. Probably because my parents were watching something back then. So I knew that it was supposed to be a big deal but only later on realized what it actually was. Now I watch it at times if it is on and depending on what channel shows it. Problem being that the all the matches aren't focused or sometimes they will cut one match for another. It really irked me in the last one that I was watching. I think it was the Taekwando match and just before the final they decided to switch to another event on the channel that was airing it. Language barrier can also be an issue at times so will watch it occasionally,


    perhaps another fun poll that could be held is What if your favourite fictious character/super hero/manga/anime character were taking part in the Olympics what would they take part in. Also add in some humorous outcomes.


    For instance Thor would probably take part in the Hammer Throw competition. but for fun results he may end up getting disqualified once he re-summons his hammer back


    Captain America might take part in the Discus Throw (since he likes to fling his Shield a lot) maybe face a similar outcome as Thor.


    Superman might try out for a long jump until they realize that he can fly so his jump doesn't count.


    Green Arrow, Robin Hood, Hawkeye and Bullseye can try for the Archery competition etc..


    anyway thanks for the poll had a lot of fun.

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  18. So after watching the latest episode I do think that your assessment on Designer Mom was more accurate than my own. I tried to defend some of her actions by saying that we should give her the benefit of doubt or something along those lines. But it seems that I was the one grasping for straws hoping that there could be a sense of decency left in her or atleast before she meets her initial demise and all. Oh well this simply means that her downfall is just going to be all that much sweeter in the end. That is unless the writer manages to mess it up somehow.


    Now before I head of to my main post let me respond to a few things.


    @chococarmela Thanks for your tip didn’t know that there was a drama by that name until you brought it up. Did check out some of the comments online and I can see where your frustration comes from. So till then I guess I will continue using the term Designer Mom unless I can think up something better or someone comes up with a better one.


    @maribella thanks for your recommendation once more. Gave it a shot and have watched the first two or three episodes already. Enjoyed it immensely. Did watch a few more shows that were mentioned by some people so I do have a bit of collection to bide my time with atleast. As for romance it isn’t a big deal for me as long as there is a decent story going along. I mean I have watched a few shows where I felt that the romance was simply forced on perhaps just to add time or something. In those cases, I always felt that it would simply have been better if they focused more on other aspects of the story for a better drama. But that is something for another day, I guess.


    Anyway, now moving on to the drama itself.




    There was a bit of a confusing remark that someone brought up in regards to Designer Mums ambition and all. It was said that if she ends up sleeping with Scrooge simply for the sake of her ambition and all then she deserves to get the noose that was hinted at the start of the show and all. I kind of feel that is still harsh for her. I mean this is like saying that anyone that sleeps with another person should be offed. Okay if I was being a bit more accurate since that might sound harsher then we could simplify it by saying that anyone in a relationship cheating on her partner should face up dying. Look I get it cheating is bad. Heck call me old fashioned when I say/think that a person shouldn’t be in a relationship before marriage and all but killing of a cheater still feels a bit harsh. I am sure that we can come up with a better punishment than that. I guess hanging or the death penalty could a be a good deterrent for future gold diggers or frauds etc…


    While we are on the topic of Designer Mom and perhaps sleeping with Scrooge it brings me to the part where her previous husband was abusive towards her especially when it came in regards to Sloppy and how he accused her of perhaps cheating with him and them living of him etc… I tried to argue that while being abusive was wrong and all. His actions stemmed from feeling insecure in regards to himself and his skills as well as perhaps being slightly jealous of the Ex and all. But after watching some of these recent episodes I would have to say that there is no smoke without any kind of fire (is that the correct term or did I mix them up will probably have to check it out later). I also said that perhaps his wife should have been more open especially since she knew just how sensitive he was in regards to all of this. But like I said this woman certainly seems far more devious than when we were first introduced too. For instance, she seemed to be initially hesitant to accept gifts of any kind from sloppy or be in his company for to long incase she got misunderstood. But her actions seemed to say otherwise a bit later. Such as when they went cake shopping for her kids she seemed to enjoy or atleast be happy for Sloppy caring about her kids to get that cake.


    Then in the last episode we see her dress up fashionably for the meeting with Scrooge. Her husband feels uncomfortable about it to the point that he brings it up and even tells her that while he might not have issues with her dealing with the guy on a business sort of level, he certainly doesn’t want her to approach him as a woman. She seems to pass it off only for her to be later seen applying a scent of perfume. Now it could be totally innocent but I am starting to have my doubts regarding that. It could be more in line with her trying to allure him so that he drops his guard and give her what she wants and needs from him.


    After all, look at what happened next the guy seemed to be drunk or more likely pretended to be drunk and asked her to forgive him if he acts out inappropriately because of his state and holds her from the backside. A pretty intimate action if I don’t say so. If she was truly uncomfortable about it, she should have tried to find a way to get out of the position perhaps make some sort of excuse so that he wouldn’t be offended. After all he has the power to prevent her from entering politics (or atleast the specific party that she wants to join).


    Sloppy certainly has noticed all of this though he has remained silent for the time being. I guess he is fully aware that even if he were to ask her about it, he isn’t going to get an honest answer. Perhaps he also fears to hear it after all if a woman could abandon her family once for her ambition, then she could easily do so again and right now he is probably facing the first doze of Karma for trying to take a woman that wasn’t his in the first place. But like I was saying even if he were to ask her about it at the moment, she would simply make excuses that he was overreacting and that he should trust her etc… frankly I am told that they are clear signs that your partner is cheating on you. They not only keep denying the charges but pretend to be offended if you accuse them of so and bring up the trust card. Though at this moment she doesn’t seem to be even trying to hide her actions anymore. She is quite bold because she thinks that she already has everything in the bag.


    Clearly this isn’t the case and she has jumped the gun. For instance, she thinks that blood ties are going to be far stronger than other ties. In this case she is under the impression that she is safe as long as they have a daughter since she is also his. Thus, she won’t get kicked out and based on the same ties the father/husband should hand over the family inheritance to their daughter. Since she has strong ties with their daughter, she will continue to allow her to live the comfortable life she wants and all. Unfortunately for her Sloppy has not only gotten wise to her game he also has realized just how much she is playing him. Thus, he is bringing in his stepson to curb her ambition. He may be a puppet president at the company but this still means that he has some level of power that she shouldn’t underestimate. For instance, I can still see him use the last bit of power that he has to handover the company to his stepson just before he steps down himself. Thus, all of his wife’s hard work goes down the drain.


    Okay moving on to the main leads at this point. Liking the chemistry between the two. Just not getting it. They both seem to be giving of mixed signals which is just plain odd. I mean the guy is supposed to be suspicious of people because he was taken advantage of a few years ago. He even says so indirectly but at the same time he is being overfriendly at times with Gemma buy purchasing her gifts or taking her out for an expensive dinner. Granted he used the excuse that it was to congratulate her for getting the job. That may have been partially true but at the same time it was also to spend more time with her. Then he can’t even keep his facts straight which only puts Gemma in a bad position. Such as when Sagaji asks if the two of them are dating Gemma rightly points out that they aren’t. But the Professor says that they are. He didn’t discuss it with her and jumped the gun. It not only puts her in an embarrassing situation but also makes it seem like she is a dishonest person perhaps trying to hide something. I get the fact that the two of them can perhaps be friends without even being in the dating stage but if they want more isn’t it only right that they discuss it first with each other. That shows that each party respects the other and doesn’t try and take more than they are owed and all.


    Now comes the part of Designer Mom stealing the designs of other people and using it as their companies or the fact that she should be suspicious that the most obvious suspect in the matter of exposing her fraud should be Gemma as she was the last one to see her designs and all. I want to bring up a few things in regards to this. Part of it is true she should be suspicious of Gemma no matter what after all she stole her designs last and she probably knows this as well. But here is the deal Gemma isn’t a total idiot from what I can tell and if my suspicious are actually correct. In this case I don’t think Gemma was an idiot and said that the company stole my design. She first got into touch with other potential victims because she knew that this wasn’t the first time that the company pulled such a stunt. She simply had the unfortunate luck of being on their receiving end two times. Once she got the verification from a few other victims it wouldn’t be hard to convince one of them hand over the designs that had been stolen and then put it up on the company website. This way Designer Mom would know that she is being targeted from someone but who that person would still be a mystery for the time being. Now if Gemma were to use her own designs it would be like pointing a large Neon Finger sign at herself. So, I suspect that she played it a bit smart. The only thing that at this point that is suspicious about the post is how the companies latest design is not only stolen but also designed by Sagaji (the daughter) is fake.


    Now this is something that could have raised a red flag for Designer Mum. After all, how many people would actually be aware of this fact. Apart from it being an insider source and all the only person that would know this for certain would be the person that it was stolen from. Unless they talked about how their design was stolen and the person who was posting this complaint added that as well in their post and all. But in this case, she should have simply tried to summon Gemma and try to get to the bottom of this and perhaps try and buy her silence. It would after all be cheaper than the alternative and buy the design and all.


    Someone brought up the fact that any designs at the company are fair game for them to use so nobody should be complaining about how their designs were stolen or how much hard work they put in since the company is still in their right to do so. Here is the thing we first have to see the full set of circumstances before we can admit to any of that. While it is certainly true that the company more or less owns anything that you do on company dime or at the company so said people don’t have all that much to complain. But in this case that wasn’t entirely true. The design that was stolen from Gemma was one that she made at home before joining the company itself. Granted when she handed over her portfolio to Designer Mum it could be considered as her giving them to the company thus becoming company property. Even then the right thing for the company to do is give her credit for them or come to an understanding that they will be using her designs but letting it out under Sagaji’s name. thus, the level of betrayal wouldn’t have been so high. Also, when it comes to the company stealing from others this rule doesn’t apply. If anyone remembers how Designer Mum stole from Gemma the first time.


    Apparently, the company has arrangements with other shoe manufacturers or something. They probably let those shops manufacture shoes or purchase legal designs from them. Not a 100% sure what deal goes on with them. From over there she would take any design that caught her eye. Meaning those designs weren’t even sent to her company by the designers. Sure, one could say that those designs now belonged to the shoe shop so they were in their right to hand them over to Designer Moms company and all but that is a story for another day. Basically, what happens here is that Designer Mom is far to lazy and greedy to pay for said designs to the proper people and thinks that she will get away from all of this because they are a huge company with a lot of money and power to back them up. If anyone does come forward with such an accusation the company can easily laugh it off by pointing out how absurd such claims are. Why would such a major company steal from an unknown and that they are merely saying that to get something out of them. If one thinks about it rationally this makes a lot of sense. Now even if these victims were to take them to court, they would eventually end up loosing since they don’t have the funds to fight with them for long. Ofcourse things can get a whole lot different if more than one victim decides to get into the action at the same time. What are they called Class Action Suits? That would place the company in a bit of a jam but who knows.


    There was a bit where someone said that Designer Mum just threw away her chance to be on good terms with Gemma/her daughter. Something makes me wonder if right now Gemma isn’t totally on the path for revenge. Sure, it is there on the backburner and all but right now she is trying to form a bond of some kind with her mother so that she can perhaps go easy or eventually forgive her for abandoning her like that in the past. For instance, what would have actually happened if Designer Mom had actually recognized her as her daughter as she imagined, the shoe designs once again were her way of perhaps getting close to her mother and finding a way to bond with her. I mean if one thinks about it why does she even want to do shoe designs as her major. It is possible that was a dream but that was before her mother left her and all. After that what was her motivation to continue to do so. We have seen that she tried to give up her past once she changed her name and hates the fact if anyone brings it up even accidentally. In all this time the only time that she acknowledged her original name was when she introduced herself to her uncle aka Sleazy and that too only because it had been ages since he saw her and wouldn’t know or understand her if she simply called herself Gemma and it would take her longer to explain everything without the wrong people overhearing the conversation.


    So, in this case it doesn’t make complete sense that she should choose shoe design as a major apart from a plot angle. I mean it is equally possible that while she hated her mother for abandoning them and all she wanted the mother to come and find them and know how they were doing. In that case she would design shoes and her mother who would see them would either somehow recognize that they were made by her or would come to inquire into the designer and would get to meet her and all. Instead, the mother outright stole them both times. The second time she might have thought that if her designs were actually good the mother might spend more time with her and perhaps better teach her how to improve and all. Sadly, none of her plans are going according to plan. Also, the more her mother looks down on her and favours the side of her current daughter things are going to go badly between them and make her go on the path of revenge.


    There are certainly dramas where the parent and child don’t know about each other due to the birth secret and all but they still get along well. At times there are things that happen that may cause a bit of misunderstandings between the two or the parent will defend the action of their other child (by marriage or stepchild) and even slap the main lead or so. But the relationship is still salvageable. Sadly, over here they were on the wrong footing from day one so it seems hard to mend anytime soon. Not that I care.


    Not getting the bit how everyone seems to be accusing Gemma of being a Gold Digger or someone with ulterior motives and all when a few episodes ago she was introduced as Loan Shark Granny’s daughter or grandchild. Yet they tend to treat her either as hired help or look down on her and think that she doesn’t know her place or that Loan Granny is just looking at her favourably and all. Can’t they take it at face value that she is indeed what she claims (or atleast what the Granny is saying). I get that this may come as a surprise since they have known Loan Granny for such a long time so it is a bit odd and all. But if asked Loan Granny could simply say that she was out of the country for all this time that is why she couldn’t introduce her back then or something along those lines. Heck even Playboy uses the Fake Aunt card when it suits him so it is totally possible and all.


    Speaking of Playboy he needs to better learn how to read the room/situation that he is in. Sagaji rude as she is more aware of such things. For instance, when the two of them caught Gemma and Professor having a meal at that fancy restaurant Playboy simply barges in and not only introduces himself. Now this could have been ignored but then he has to go and add both himself and Sagaji to the meal plans and become third and fourth wheels into that conversation. I mean saying hello is one thing and the proper thing is to move on after all they should be entitled to their privacy same thing for his own with Sagaji and all. Then when Sagaji asks him out for a drink since she had a bad and embarrassing day at work, he tries to get Gemma to join in as well. The same rule applies over here if your girlfriend/fiancée wants a drink with you alone it generally means that they want a shoulder to cry on or talk about something important/private.


    Unless Playboy is actually pretty smart and this is all part of his master plan. This being that he wants to clearly set the boundaries between himself and Sagaji. Private time means that he is sending a signal that he is interested in her in some sort of capacity and might be open to marrying her at some point. But on the other hand, if he is with her in the company of others it is like telling her look, we all are just a bunch of friends hanging out so don’t read anything into us being together at the moment and all. Otherwise, are you going to say next that you want to be with the Professor since you spent time with him as well etc… Again, in this case I feel that they are doing a disservice to Gemma since they aren’t being exactly open with her and using her like that. Since she doesn’t know what to expect you can be sure that Sagaji is not only going to accuse her of trying to come between her and Playboy but even get physical and to make matters worse her mother is probably going to not only side with her but also get physical with Gemma.


    I guess the more this happens the more chances Designer Mom has of making things right with Gemma for everything that she wronged her with and all.


    As for Clubber still don’t like him one bit. He hasn’t done a single thing for me to be impressed with or even saved the day somehow. Heck he even took some of the money that Loan Shark Granny gave to Gemma’s mother and aunt without their permission. That pretty much comes under theft. Good thing that he was family that they didn’t send him packing to the station for that. It probably also doesn’t help that nobody keeps him in the loop and for everything money related they tell him that they got it out of a committee that they are a part of. If they continue to do this way, he isn’t going to feel a bit guilty taking any of that money later on. Heck even his uncle feels a bit frustrated when the money that he ran of with is brought up and the lies that have been told to cover up the fact that it is actually Blood Money. So, the guy was conned from all that money. Not a bit sad to hear that. There is no such thing as easy money and he sort of got Karma come to him. Hopefully Gemma is going to recover said money somehow since she deserves it if at all. Atleast if Stepmom still had that money, they might have been living a comfortable life ages ago and Gemma would have been part of it due to her guilt atleast.


    But then again it might be a good thing that the uncle ran of with it and got conned because the way Clubber has been living so far is being a drain on his family while everyone else in that house was earning for their living or would have done so. (Mother and Gemma were doing a job and brother had become a doctor/intern so even if he hadn’t started to earn it would only have been a matter of time before he did).


    The only good thing about Sagaji at the moment is that she has a bit of conscience at the moment unlike her mother. It isn’t much but she has a small issue that the company perhaps shouldn’t be fully handed down to her since she has a brother even if he is her stepbrother and is the eldest. When the mother lied and claimed that the shoes were designed by her, she had a guilty look but couldn’t actually admit to the truth without embarrassing her own mother and make her look bad at the same time. When the truth was exposed, she confronted her mother and said that she would rather leave for the States or the fact that she didn’t ask her mother to make up such a lie. Granted it came too late and it would have been better if she had said conversation at home perhaps before the reveal to make me actually like her. Instead, she ends up getting slapped by her mother (wonder if that was the first time. Actually, caught me by surprise).


    Designer Mom tries to justify her actions by pointing out that they were done for her sake just so that she could get the company in the future unless she wants to hand the company over to her stepbrother. What is even wrong with that. Can’t you learn how to share. The company is big enough for everyone to be happy by the end. It isn’t like they can finish all of it in their lifetime. Infact the Stepbrother probably has more right to the company as it is since it was funded/founded by his mother. Yet the greed of Designer Mom fails to see that and she would rather see that he doesn’t get anything from it. Had she perhaps been nicer towards him when he was young and even sided with him, she probably would have a few people in her corner by the time her career or life ended. The way she is going she is probably going to end up dying all alone. If anyone does show up at her deathbed or time of execution it would probably be to gloat that she has nobody or nothing by her side and is all alone.


    Now on to other things for the time being.


    @maribella are you talking about the haunted house that had Jung Nara in it. Amusingly had just finished watching that show before you mentioned it. Was a good one.


    @sal2 Not surprised that Designer Mum stole Gemma’s shoe design and claimed it as her daughters. She really doesn’t have such a good track record as mentioned. Has been stealing others hard work for ages and claiming that it was done by her company. Plus, she is sort of getting desperate to hand over the company to her daughter rather than her stepson. So based on that alone she needs to get the daughter recognized and approved by the board/directors just so that people can’t say that she got her job only due to her connections and people like Gemma can’t make a dig at her. (Score for Gemma in that round). But I agree with you the more she wrongs Gemma like that the harder she will have of mending her relationship with her down the line. It was nice that the matter was resolved so quickly for a change so let’s see what big explosion that the writer is actually planning for down the line. Hope that they don’t use all of the impact now so that we only end up with a fizz down the line. Do agree that I would like to know the reaction of everyone once the true identity of Gemma is exposed. As of now I don’t have high hopes for how the mother has been treating Gemma all along. The noose at the start of show seems to indicate her fate and from that also we managed to gain that she seemed totally unremorseful for her actions. Unless that was all an act of bravado that she was putting up. It seems unlikely that she would feel any sort of guilt at how she has been treating people regardless of family ties and all. For her it is more of a survival mechanism and she will do anything to survive at this point rather than return to where she started and all. As of now you can feel that she has a small degree of emotion and can feel a bit guilty at times but when it comes to the matter of her survival or abandoning her current life style, we all know what choice she is going to make as they seem to trump over everything else. So in regards to this the sooner she discovers that Gemma is her daughter the higher the chance we are going to get of a possible redemption and reconciliation between the two. Sadly, this being a 100 episode show that isn’t going to happen not only that but we can be sure that there will be ton of people that would be glad to cause misunderstandings between the two and make them fester.


    For instance, we can clearly have Sloppy be equally abusive as her previous husband once he discovers the truth and thinks that his wife has been playing him all along and whatnot. or he can try and further cause discord between the two by lying to Gemma that the mother is now aware of her identity but she wants nothing to do with her and would rather choose to be with him and all. If mother and daughter destroy each other along the way he gets back his empire so he wins out in the end. Hopefully Karma is bound to get him in the end as well. There is no way that I see a happy ending for him at this point for causing the death of her father and not taking any kind or responsibility for that at that moment.


    @LeftCoastOppa What did I say give the Wardrobe Fairy a shot given the right circumstances and the people around get to shine. Gemma got a gift outfit, the workers just needed a good day and Sagaji just might have found her stride. Don’t get why Professor is suddenly so warm and flirty towards Gemma I mean just a few episodes back he was all hostile towards her for trying to move into his house and let her know that he didn’t fully trust her something along those lines and that if she was okay with that to move in. Yet now he wants to date her and whatnot. Mind you this is after knowing the fact that she is now legally registered as his Aunt and all. Yep, it certainly complicates things at this point. atleast his brother uses this more as a playful term when he wants to mess with her and all. He isn’t even trying to impress her and is just himself. Though at one point I did feel that he was slightly interested in her when he tried to dissuade Professor from dating her since she could be a fake after his money and all. I suspect that it wouldn’t have mattered to him given his personality of dating and then dumping people when he was done with them but knowing that it would affect his brother more if she had ulterior motives, he tried to dissuade him by giving him said warning. I would still say that it would be equally confusing with him trying to date her and all when he knows how the brother feels. But hey that is what you get when you watch a k-drama.


    I do think that he is slowly reassessing his thoughts/feelings regarding Gemma though. After all, if she was interested simply in the family wealth it shouldn’t be that much of an issue which brother she dates especially if one shows more interest in her. Unless she is magically aware of a birth secret that the other isn’t. In that case since he has shown far more interest in her she should start trying to date him or use him whatever. Yet she has firmly shown that she is only interested in his brother and may even have feelings for him. Unless she was equally joking as she isn’t aware of her own heart as of now. Regardless we will know why Playboy will be on her side and hopefully he does that till the end no matter what is thrown her way. Would naturally have more impact if Professor does the same but that is simply because we need a reason to ship them. If he isn’t worthy then we will be discussing the pairings much like the previous drama and the two Oppa brothers. At this rate I am actually surprised that nobody simply started shipping them together though.


    In regards to the water glass scene and no fallout I think that Professor might have given Gemma a piece of his mind since he seemed to be equally shocked at her reaction and wasn’t expecting that from Gemma. He might have thought that she was this gently type only to get a rude awakening of sorts. Then when he does go after her he simply realizes that Gemma is putting on a strong armor and all yet she needs a guy to depend on. Thus, we get the scene of her crying on his shoulder and all. Perhaps that is what got them to bond closer and all (so she can go for arm huggies and late night binging on Netflix or whatever goes for them)


    As for Playboy and his memory I am more than willing to give him a pass in regards to that. I simply took it that while he has certainly seen the design when she showed it to him that night it was just that. If he isn’t all that into shoe fashion or that stuff. He would think ah that is a good shoe design and leave it at that. Since he just saw it once it would be easy for him to forget about it just seeing it again might not be enough for him to realize where he actually saw it and all. Something major needs to jog his memory perhaps he finds the sketchbook belonging to Gemma and realizes that it is hers and thus while going over it realizes where he saw the design or something along those lines. Perhaps he overhears Gemma complaining to Bestie what the company did to her etc… But other than that I feel like I can give him a pass regarding that.


    But while we are on the topic of memory, I feel that this drama is certainly giving us its digs on it. Memory on whether or not the mother should recognize her daughter even after all this time or someone else recognizing another character. Now we have the shoe design incident. Who should recognize where it came from or figured out who could have reported the theft of design ideas etc…


    Glad that you atleast like the name Siamese Twins for the annoying duo. Fortunately for you that you aren’t the only one that finds them annoying.


    As for the shows during the break am hoping to watch Taxi Driver as recommended and have watched some of the shows that you are watching. Did manage to watch Devil’s Judge. Just don’t like the timing for that show. It is almost 1 hour and 20 minutes. Almost the length of a normal movie these days. It was for that very reason that I ended up dropping Mouse even though it seemed totally interesting and all. You Are My Spring haven’t watched the last 3 episodes but did give it a shot as well. Thoughts are somewhere in between. Haven’t heard of Red Sky so will have to look it up what it is about and all.


    At this point I won’t be surprised if both husband and wife don’t try and off each other for whatever reason. I mean neither of them are where they initially started and any feelings that they had for each other are pretty much over. The only reason they probably stick around each other now is because as she puts it is too late for him to do anything about it since they are now a family legally (and even have a kid). Greed simply won’t allow them to leave any other way. Unless one of them can prove that the marriage was a fraud or the other was unfaithful getting a divorce is going to be next to impossible and messy if one tries at this point. So taking the other one out seems to be a more obvious choice at this point and all.


    People have brought up the fact of how Playboy is now working at Sagaji’s company especially after refusing to marry her and whatnot. I think the better thing to do is kick her out of that company ASAP. I mean from what I can tell she doesn’t seem to do any work over there and is more interested in dating the guy than working. This is after her mother got her that spot and all. She should therefore be working twice as hard to prove that she belongs there instead of riding on her mothers’ coattails. Not only that but she is more than okay with stealing somebody elses hard work. Okay may give her a small pass on that one since she probably didn’t know what her mother did and may have simply thought that her mother was handing over one of her own designs and all. But regardless of that she would rather treat her co-workers to a meal prior to Playboy joining the company now she likes to spend as much time as possible with him and all. Other female leads are atleast competent at their jobs. We may like to joke and wonder just how much work do they actually do if they are so busy scheming and plotting to get rid of the main lead ie framing them, gathering intel on them etc.. but atleast as I pointed out we have been shown that they are good at their job. This can be seen by them being praised or getting awards etc.. but this isn’t the case for her. Atleast Gemma is good at her jobs so her digs score more points overall.


    @maribella I don’t know if he isn’t all that fond of his daughter. Compared to his stepson she seems to have it better. She still gets to live at home and her mother knows that he has a bit of fondness for her because she tells her that the father is a bit mad at her choices so she should act cute and all thus he will give into her and all. Not sure if her acting cute at this age will really work though. Sloppy does seem to think that reputation is a bit important so he does threaten her if she doesn’t get her act straight, he will pack her off to the States once again. But since he isn’t doing so and is also allowing her to get married to they guy even after he ditched them and all says that he does harbour some sort of feelings towards her at this point.


    If Gemma does get caught, who do you think will catch her and how will she get away. Will perhaps Playboy try and cover for her for some reason or be the one to catch her and the only way out will be to perhaps go out on a date with him which will eventually cause more misunderstandings between all the characters?


    @Chickpea how are all the leads cousins? Gemma’s father wasn’t biologically related to Loan Shark Granny so Gemma isn’t related by blood to either of the guys at this point. At best she can be considered a Step cousin at this point. Even if that was the case, I have heard of cousins getting married in some places. I am guessing though that Korea isn’t one of them. As for Sagaji aka Hye Bin putting her in the cousin category doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me unless I am missing something. This is because she is from Sloppy’s side of the family. Sure, her mother was the wife of Gemma’s dad but once she married Sloppy those ties are sort of removed and at best, she can be considered the mother of Gemma and her brother who are related to the both of them by blood. But not in this case. I mean if you try and stretch this argument perhaps as an excuse for the her not to end up with Playboy then it might barely pass. As of now I think that they can all get married to whoever they want. Though Gemma will have to rectify her position in the family registry since she is considered to be the male leads aunt as of now.


    As for the two week hiatus don’t have much of an issue over here. I mean I guess the show could still have worked for that time thus they would have a backup of episodes once the hiatus returns. This way incase some sort of emergency pops up ie actor getting sick or injured, or some problem on the writers end they would still be good for sometime and we wouldn’t lose out on much even if we found out. On the other hand, I say that the staff/crew/writer/cast get a well deserved rest for the time being so all is good. I have heard that at times the shooting schedule can be extremely hectic over there (to the point that one time one of the main leads got so stressed out that they left the country and had to apologize to everyone for their actions). Dramas are also notorious for not doing proper timings for their shoots but that is something else altogether. In this case just let them have the rest that they deserve. Hey who knows the writer may realize something important to improve their story thus we may end up with something even better than what they originally hoped for. But that is simply me having some wishful thinking on my part at this point.


    @LeftCoastOppa Nice scenario. Hopefully we get something along those lines but I don’t want to hold my breath considering we saw a noose at the start of the show clearly indicating Designer Moms fate. Unless that was a Red Herring perhaps the noose was somebody else or she becomes suddenly remorseful at the last minute and someone decides to intervene regarding her fate.


    @Lmangla Also am enjoying Gemma’s interactions between certain people and how she is going about certain things. The only issue that I have is that when it comes to her taking revenge on her mother and all is moving so slow that we don’t even know what her actual plan is in regards to this. Miss Monte Cristo atleast was clear as day in what she wanted. She wanted revenge on all those that wronged her and wanted to utterly destroy them and all. But over here Gemma still hasn’t gone over the plan even with herself. The only thing that she has said to herself is that she isn’t going to live as a nice girl anymore after her brother died. But let’s be honest that doesn’t count at the moment. When her father died, she was furious at the world including god. Yet she still tried to live a decent life perhaps thinking that she can make it happy and successful if she did. Regardless of her saying that she hasn’t actually done anything bad or even morally questionable at this point. Unless I have gotten soft to all the criminally deeds done by characters watching all these shows and all. Sure, she has gotten Bestie involved in her plans but what has actually come out of it nothing as of now. She hasn’t used those recordings in any way to her advantage. I mean unless she tricks Designer Mum into confessing her crime and secretly records it this isn’t going to work. Also, Designer Mum probably isn’t such a fool to confess to said crimes if she confronts her so it has to be by somebody else. Perhaps Playboy can do it but what does he gain from it all. Designer Mom might confess to him if she is confronted by him about revealing the secret but then again why do so at the restaurant where others can also overhear said conversation. Since they work at the same company it could probably be held over there.


    Also, when it comes to Sagaji Gemma hasn’t done anything major against her apart from getting a dig back at her and all. I mean now that she knows the truth regarding her relationship to her, we could simply have her go two ways about it. She tries to show her sisterly affection and looks out for her or something along those lines. But since they aren’t connected by blood, I guess it makes sense that she doesn’t do so. The other thing is to be more hostile towards her or plot to ruin her life or career. As of now the only thing that she has done that can come slightly close to this fact is expose her mother for the theft of show designs and included her sister as a sort of accomplice. But like I pointed out she had no idea that the designs were probably stolen and at best Designer Mum is probably going to get off with it by apologizing to the public and perhaps agreeing to compensate some of the designers. That is if we want to see her get of lightly for the time being. But other than that, there seems to be nothing on the revenge front. Now that wouldn’t be an issue for me mostly but since this is set out to be a Revenge Drama, I want that front to start moving forward. Hopefully by episode 20 we will see some progress regarding it all or atleast after the break.


    @tofumochu While I will agree that getting the shoes out so quickly might be impossible unless they have the Flash working for them at speed dial or something along those lines (super advanced tech LoL). But in regards to the multiple drafts for approval can be easily waved of at this time. Her mother is incharge of all that Red Tape and could have simply pushed forward with it simply based on what she had. Who is going to question the orders of the boss or suffer losing their job if they try to do so? We have already seen how she tends to react to her underling when they try to bring up simple topics such as them perhaps facing legal actions for the design thefts or trying to tell her that expanding the business isn’t such a good idea in the current climate and all. She refuses to listen to any of the advice that is addressed to her no matter how good or correct the others are. Her method is to simply march on ahead and let others deal with the mess that she has caused. Frankly I am actually surprised that the company hasn’t gone under with her management and all. She clearly has an agenda somewhere in between though it totally isn’t clear at this point. For instance, she points to her husband that a deadline[NA1]  for paying money is coming up and if he doesn’t find a way then one of his checks will get bounced while their mutual checks are still good. So does she intend to bleed him dry if so why.


    Like I pointed out in my last post it would certainly be nice if Gemma started her own shoe business especially if she has the backing of Grandma and family and if she can make it big on her own. But to do that we will probably need another kind of time jump to fully justify all of that and her being her mother’s competition. As of now if they went down that route, I guess we could see mother come to realize that she has competition so send thugs to threaten Gemma to shut down her company and a few other tactics that she could use would be to try and sabotage her company. This could happen by trying to either purchase all the material that she may need to fulfill her order or the factories where she produces her shoes. But at best how many episodes do you all think that would fulfill if they went by this path. 10 at most for each. Probably even less depending on certain factors. In this case money might not be an issue if we are considering the fact that she has the backing of Loan Shark Granny so she might be able to simply offer a better deal and get the problem solved or find someone else to do her work and all. It might take some time to figure out that she was sabotaged and who did it and why. This way she gets already established in the shoe business and gets to show her mother just how wrong she was and all. I guess the alternative to all of this could be for her working in her mother’s rival company for extra affect and all. But this would mean that she has the least amount of interaction between the other characters which doesn’t really solve anything plot wise. Therefore, her working for her mothers’ company as of now makes the most sense. Though by the end of this show I would certainly like it if she ends up running her own shop/business. Granted if she is actually good, she could be handed over the current business but that simply doesn’t look good for the rest of her family aka step brother and step sister. But then again who knows perhaps Loan Shark Granny is going to be so mad at Designer Mom for leaving the kindest man in the world who was totally not abusive and all and simply hand over the company to Gemma as compensation/revenge.



    Well, that should be all from my end for the time being. Take care all of you and see you after the break. Going to check up on a few dramas till then. Also good luck in the Olympics may your countries win atleast a single gold medal and all.


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  19. Sorry still haven’t gotten down to watching the latest episode. Was a bit busy and got sidetracked. Will hopefully do so after this post. But before that I will give my thoughts on what has happened so far and perhaps try and answer some questions that have been brought up. Mind you they are totally based on assumptions so take them with a grain of salt.


    But before I get into that let me bring up something that was mentioned. We will be having a 2 week hiatus from this show due to the Olympic games and all. Will say that we probably won’t be missing much unless something really riveting happens in today’s episode. I frankly won’t be holding my breath. This break will probably allow me to catch up on some of my previous dramas that I had to drop. The problems with breaks are that they can easily make or break a show as well. If the show isn’t doing too well as it is people will easily drop interest and move onto something else. Sadly since this show is just beginning a break probably isn’t the best option over here. But hopefully this won’t be the case.


    Anyway moving on to the drama itself.




    The last episode that I watched (the one where second lead didn’t show up for his engagement party) can easily be called “Let’s Sell Of Our Family” because that is the impression that I got in it. I mean I get that some of the people had decent intentions and all but at the end of the day it just didn’t work out for good reasons. I get that people think that Designer Mom thinks that selling of her daughter is the best thing to do and it would be totally based on her greed and ambition. But I don’t fully agree with that assessment. Sure, she may be a bit greedy and all and ambitious. (Debatable and will get into that in a bit). But here is the thing that I feel that is slightly overlooked in regards to her. Yes, her daughter’s marriage will certainly benefit her and the company so she is certainly taking that into consideration when it comes to choosing her partner. But also, at the same time it feels like she is also looking out for her daughters’ best interest as well.


    Remember the background that she comes from. She wasn’t from a rich family this resulted in her fiancée/boyfriend dumping her to marry into a rich and well off family. Then when she did eventually get married her husband was insecure which resulted in him being abusive towards her and all. So, in short, she didn’t exactly have a happy life due to certain things. But in her eyes, it was mostly due to wealth. She now considers that because she has the money, she has the power to do anything etc… Therefore, it makes equal sense that she doesn’t want her daughter to suffer the same fate as hers. So, she naturally wants her married of to a well of family. In this case she feels that it would be a win win situation for everyone. (Mostly her family and her though). If her daughter marries Playboy her company certainly gains from it as they probably will be able to borrow more money from Loan Shark Grandma and probably not pay them back on time. (More on that in a bit). As for her daughter she will get to live a comfortable life and it further helps that her daughter loves the guy and perhaps even he likes her back. So, all in all a good deal from her end.


    Now people might just say that wait the guy doesn’t like her will she still be okay with it. From what I can tell from a few scenes is that she may very well be hesitant if that were indeed the case. Check out the following scenes/facts for evidence. Once she realized that her daughter was interested in Playboy she tried to approach Loan Shark Granny to impress her and eventually begin the talks about the two families joining as one. Fortunately, they were ditched because Gemma had to show up that day. Then next we see her trying to find someone else for her daughter. Now one might find that a bit strange considering her previous behaviour and all. Why do that suddenly. The answer would probably come at the next meal when the daughter brings up marriage and all. (Gets scolded by her dad as well but that is a story for another time). The mother then brings up the rumours that he might be a playboy. Probably a valid reason why she was looking for a better match for her daughter. Only for her daughter to convince her that they were all false spready by jealous girls and all. Then in the last episode when Playboy ditched his so called engagement party and all she again questions her daughter if she wasn’t getting her signals mixed and this so called love story wasn’t all of her imagination. The daughter tells her not to start before heading of into her room. Again, something a mother who would only be blinded by greed or ambition wouldn’t say/ask. If that was the only case, she would have given her tips on how to win over the guy or something along the lines. Instead, I saw that as more as concern for her daughter and her perhaps getting into a marriage where she wouldn’t be happy and all.


    Frankly at this point I am simply waiting for the daughter to drop the bombshell that she has gotten herself pregnant from that night out and that this forces the two to end up together. I mean at this point it is almost a given knowing k-drama track records and all. Unless she is faking it and then Gemma will probably have to come to the rescue in some manner unless her character isn’t well written. Then we will just have to throw up our hands in frustration and hope for a miracle.


    Now to the fact that Designer Mom thinks that marrying into that family will be a benefit for her company and herself is totally deluding herself at this point. What I can tell about Loan Shark Granny is that she can easily distance herself from work and family so regardless of their ties she will still end up demanding her due when the time comes much to the shock of Designer Mom. Her ambition will finally catch up to her. It may also not help that there is someone already gunning for her failure at this point.


    Now for Loan Shark Grandma trying to sell of her grandson. The thing is that at this point she feels that he simply needs to grow up and take care of himself as she won’t be around to do so for the rest of her life. So, she probably feels like if he is given enough responsibility, it will eventually come. What better way to do this than make him start his own family.  Problem here is that he is too much of a player which can easily cause more problems down the line. Her eldest grandson ended up marrying a Gold Digger and it cost them but he atleast learned from his mistake and he is now more cautious towards people. (at times atleast). Now if Playboy isn’t careful, he could easily suffer the same fate. Some random woman could one day show up at their doorstep claiming to be pregnant with his kid and that he should take responsibility for his actions one way or the other. (Marriage or just pay her for the kid or raising it etc…). So, I guess her intent is to not only prevent that but also to get him serious about life and other things.


    Problem here is that she doesn’t fully communicate her thoughts to others and like Playboy mentioned she tends to force her will without listening to what others have to say or feel about the matter. For instance, she doesn’t fully ask him what he wants to do or achieve in life. When he tells her that he isn’t interested in marrying Second Female Lead. She tries to convince him that love will eventually happen once they start living together or have a kid. If he doesn’t want to do that to get a job and since Designer Mom has offered him one to take it. Again, she doesn’t much ask what kind of job he may be interested in just offers her own. Playboy had an equally valid point when he mentioned that she forced her will on her eldest grandson to run that restaurant when he doesn’t want to or something along those lines. I kind of agree with him over there (just not the way he says it). For instance, the grandmother knows for a fact that he isn’t all that interested in running her money business so she comes up with a compromise and opens a restaurant for him to run and gain revenue and all. But what she should have perhaps done is that since she knows that her grandson is interested in teaching and being a professor to perhaps help him open either a school or a teaching academy. This way they both get what they want and need and everyone is happy. But she probably thought that might be a bit of a risky venture so she went with something safer.


    @maribella Well you do have a point that Designer Mom may very well be doing everything for her own greed and ambition but at the same time I feel that it is still equally possible that she is doing things to avenge her husband. Who might not deserve it considering his treatment towards her? But hey love can make a person blind and stupid at times correct. I mean just consider the fact that she may be trying to pull the long con with a bigger payoff instead of attempting to get lucky. For instance, think about it this way someone asks you for a 1000$ your response is probably going to tell them to take a hike.


    Therefore, they would need to come up with a better way to get it instead. This could perhaps be in the following way. They know that you like let’s say paintings by a certain artist so they may come up to you and offer you a deal that they will procure said paintings for you but you have to cover their expenses in doing so. They may make their terms sound reasonable and as an act of good faith and their skill they may even provide you with one of the paintings. Next, they might produce fast results in tracking down the first few paintings. But after that they will slow down their search citing that they are looking into leads and whatnot. they may at this point then set up their pace in finding said paintings for you just to keep you hooked. The end result is that you may even end up paying more than a 1000$ that they could have asked you. Especially if they sense your urgency as they could perhaps try and get more out of you by claiming that they have discovered the presence of a competitor who is also close on their heels for the same picture etc…


    If we look at it this way, we can see that there were signs between Sloppy and Designer Mom in something similar happening. Just check out the following quotes (please note they are from my memory so they probably won’t be exact but one can get their gist)


    Sloppy: You took everything away from me slowly.

    Designer Mom: I didn’t ask/demand anything.

    Sloppy: You didn’t need to. When you could use your devious little mind to take it away slowly now, I am a president only in name aka a puppet.

    Designer Mom: What I asked for wasn’t unreasonable.


    Definitely there was more but I can’t place this conversation correctly sorry to say. The other one was in the last episode.


    Both of them speak about how the other loves them or not.


    Designer Mom: You know that I love you. Don’t you?

    Sloppy: Are you sure about that?

    Designer Mom: Of course, But what are you going do about that if it isn’t true. It’s too late.


    Both of these conversations seem to indicate something important. Sloppy has gotten himself in a position that he can’t easily get out off at this point without consequences.


    The first one he is slowly starting to realize this fact. I mean if he played it smart this would have never happened but he was blinded by love and also tried to take advantage of a woman that was abused and all. Instead, it was turned against him. For instance, let’s take the fact that she took over his company, changed its name and all. Clearly it didn’t happen overnight as he mentioned that she took everything slowly. Now it is totally possible that it could be that he started out with a brand name for her company but the sales from her designs and all easily overtook the parent company and thus that is how she slowly took over his company. She then used that bit to influence herself in the management position and whatnot. or it could have been that she asked him to change the company name for her then moved on in other ways. Either way her running her own brand didn’t necessarily mean taking over the company as well. For instance, she could have simply focused on a particular brand/style and be successful and both of them have something to go on. Ie she focused only on let’s say ladies shoes or sport shoes etc… while his side of the company works on regular or premium designs. This way both of them could have remained happy. Yet she moved onto his company as well. Clearly showing her agenda ages ago. But like I said it could easily have been done gradually to the point that she was more successful in her brand to do this takeover. She would then have the rights to ask how to run her brand her way and since her name was on the line, she should have management rights and all. She could also find other ways to get what she wanted.


    As for the second part of the question is her starting to show her true colours. She points out to him that at this point it is immaterial whether or not she loves him (or ever loved him) because he can’t do anything about it at this point. For starters she is his legal wife and not a mistress. This therefore means that he can’t kick her out to curb without anything. She also happens to be the mother of his child so another reason him doing so would only look bad for him. Had she been his mistress then this wouldn’t have been an issue at all. The other thing is that he himself has acknowledged the fact that he is a

    Puppet at his current company. Meaning he has little to no idea of what is actually going on over there at present. So even if he were to kick her out even from there it would take time for him to figure out what was going on and how to resolve it. So she is better of running the company and all. In other words, he should just sit back and enjoy what she offers/gives him.


    Naturally Sloppy needs to put an end to this situation ASAP or he will end up with nothing. For this very reason he is thinking about recalling his son that he placed in exile for all these years. But the question that he should be asking himself at this point is whether the son will be willing to help him save the company or not. I guess if he can convince him that the company initially belonged to his mother and if he doesn’t help him then all of her hard work will have gone to waste and a stranger will benefit from it all might be a decent motivator but we will have to wait and see how that turns out.


    Okay something that is sort of bothering me at this point is why are certain things happening. If this was real life it simply wouldn’t make a lot of sense. Therefore, while I know that it is simply to progress the plot to the next step and all it just feels a bit odd. Not sure if all of you feel the same way or not.


    For instance, take this whole kidney transplant thing which is a bit absurd when you think about it carefully. Gemma didn’t donate her kidney out of the goodness of her heart. She was fairly paid for it by the main lead. As he promised to clear her debts in return. So, while she may not have gotten any extra money from said deal it was still used for her sake. (Regardless of the fact of who paid the loan sharks in the end). Yet Loan Grandma seems to be oblivious of this fact and even feels slightly guilty so she tries to not only pay Gemma off for her so called good deed of the day but also when her mother and aunt so up causing a fuss she tries to understand them/their position and gives them a bunch of money so that they can open up their own store or something. Just to keep Gemma happy she points out that it isn’t a freebie and that they have to pay her rent and all too clear said debt.


    Then let’s move onto Gemma’s side they also all think that Gemma donated said kidney for free and are busy trying to guilt trip/threaten Granny into giving them money or atleast to Gemma. Again, I feel it equally weird that nobody bothered to correct them at this point. For instance, Gemma should have told her family atleast once they discovered the truth that her kidney was donated so that her debts would be covered and now, they don’t have to be bothered about the loan sharks anymore or that she was offered money by the grandmother but she refused it because she was already paid. Atleast she had the decency to try and refuse the money and then she returned it privately to the main lead. So that it was his headache. But while we are on the same topic, I find it equally odd that Loan Grandma didn’t bother correcting the two women that she had already paid Gemma and that they should ask her what happened to the money. Instead, she not only sends them money she doesn’t bother getting down to the mystery of why they claim that Gemma didn’t get a dime from her end. She should have questioned both Gemma and perhaps even her grandson and dealt with it this way.


    Like I said I get it was simply done to progress the plot to the next level allowing Gemma to move into her place and all. But I am sure that there could have been a better way to deal with all of this. Perhaps if I have time I could come up with a better suggestion. Oh well who cares.


    I just feel that this whole drama (kidney) is eventually going to get revealed. Either Designer Mom or her daughter will somehow find out about it and try and use it to get rid of Gemma by revealing it to Loan Grandma which might result in her mistrusting Gemma for a few episodes until they find a way to reconcile and all. I just have one hope in this entire drama for the time being atleast and that is that I don’t want Loan Grandma to die especially before the end and discovering the fact that Gemma is indeed her granddaughter. I kind of had the issue when the male leads mother passed away in the show My Mom Is Having An Affair. It was kind of tragic and while I understood why the writer took that route, I didn’t approve of it. I really hope that we don’t get a repeat of it over here as well.


    As for Gemma using Bestie without giving her a proper heads up isn’t totally fair as well. I guess it makes sense since she can’t be trusted to keep her mouth shut and keep a secret. I mean just look at her track record. She not only spilled the beans in regards to her surgery she also gave away Loan Grandma’s address as well. If it is found out what she has done it is clearly grounds to get fired on. As for the secret recordings that is way more serious than it looks since it could easily be considered a crime more so if Gemma tries to use any of them as blackmail material or to take the mother down and all. After all it isn’t any kind of real rocket science to figure out when and where said conversation took place, then try and eliminate all who had access to said place. The number of suspects will already be reduced and if the cops get involved all bets are then off. Though that happening is something slim considering just what kind of deals happen in that place. Still, I feel that Bestie needs to be either brought up in the loop sooner and be more honest. I mean if she knew that the kidney was traded in place of the debt then there wouldn’t have been such a ruckus. This would further have led to the grandmother not offering to bring Gemma into her house.


    Now in regards to the discussion of how Designer Mom fails to recognize her daughter after all these years. It makes partial sense that she isn’t able to do so because it has been ages since she last saw her. Had she been an adult when she left then I could find it hard to believe. But as children you change a lot while growing up and she looks nothing like how she was as a kid. Though to be fair this being a drama and all they were portrayed by different actors so that may explain that issue. Perhaps a parent can certainly recognize their own child no matter how much time passes by and all. Perhaps that is the sense of familiarity that she sensed when she got a look of her at Loan Granys house and all. But what could she do if Gemma denied the fact and merely told her that she looked familiar because they encountered each other at the restaurant. She may have her doubts but can’t do anything about it. Though looking at things she doesn’t even have that.


    Now here is the thing some people can clearly recognize others no matter how many years pass while it may not have been the same for others. I for one have been in the latter category. Had a friend who I didn’t meet up for ages due to our schedules not aligning when we were kids. Finally got the chance to meet up at a mutual friends’ sister’s wedding. I heard that they (my friend) were also going to attend the wedding. So, I decided to wait outside and catch up with my friend. Turns out that I had a mental image which turned up false. While we studied, they were the shortest kid in my class and when I did meet my friend after a couple of years (my last meeting with them) he had only grown a few inches and all. So, I was looking for a short person. The facial details were a bit blurry and all. Turns out that I totally missed them and would have done so if I hadn’t overheard a bit of the conversation behind me making me realize who they were. Just for reference they had clearly recognized me but didn’t say so. So, in this case one party recognized the other after so many years had passed while the other didn’t. therefore, I do feel that it is partially possible in this case. But as some of you have pointed out that this was a mother that had raised her kids for so many years that she would be bound to have recognized her in someway or the other, family resemblance (to both herself and her husband), her voice. Remember Gemma showed up asking for her to meet up with her son. While Gemma was conveniently shrouded in darkness due to a faulty streetlamp, she did hear her voice yet she couldn’t even connect those dots this time around. I guess you aren’t trying to get Best Mother Of The Year Award.


    Frankly not being able to recognize family or a particular person is nothing wrong in these dramas so it is to be expected at this point. I mean does anyone remember Designer Mums previous drama aka Gracious Revenge. They took this absurdity to the next level. Over there all of the Senior Actors only had a change in their hairstyle they still looked the same as their past XX years. So, in this case she was only sporting shorter hair yet nobody over there recognized her. Would give certain characters a pass in regards to this but not everyone. I decided to go along with the theory that due to time passing they could have forgotten about her (not that it made sense). But that wasn’t the only thing related to identities that I found absurd in that show. A character literally does a Clark Kent in that show. Disguising himself with a simple pair of glasses and a lot of people fail to recognize that he is the same guy they met a few hours/days ago (depending on drama time). Ofcourse then it is equally weird when they all seem to recognize him later on. Oh well I guess it was a good laugh in the show especially when the chemistry between the main leads just wasn’t there. Whoever that labeled their romance as Thunderbolt Romance was on mark. Please step up and claim your reward.


    Now let’s try moving on to the question and answer parts of my post.


    @maribella Guess these two week hiatus might just be the reason to check out your recommendation aka Taxi Driver. Someone did recommend a Chinese drama So I Married An Anti-Fan to check out but yours seems to be a bit more interesting. After that if I still have time will finish Tale of The Nine Tailed which I have left in the middle. So thankyou once again for your recommendation.


    @LeftCoastOppa Don’t worry it happens. I have been known to mess up plots from other novels/movies/shows at times as well. It certainly doesn’t help that these K-Dramas seem to all share a common formula that to an extent we can guess what is going to happen in them by the end. But we still end up watching them just to see how we got there. Granted some shows do still end up surprising us at times. Take for example the ending of the previous show. I would have never expected what happened to the main lead to be the case in my normal watching and all. I guess there was a bit of foreshadowing of that to come by what they said a few times and all. But that usually happens to the villains at times to perhaps give them a redeeming arc and all. Not that I buy it and always tell myself that they are simply biding their time to strike back at the main leads.


    @Lmangla thanks for the information on Be My Dream Family. Sounds a bit interesting did watch 5 Children a few years back and enjoyed it. Has been a few years since I actually watched a family drama. So, this might be the place for me to restart.


    I do agree with your assessment that it would have been perhaps a bit nice to find out the motivation for certain characters especially between the time jump. Like you said it is hard to gauge reactions of certain characters. We can speculate but those can easily be wrong. For instance, as of now it is clear that Designer Mum is clearly ambitious and likes to take huge risks even against the advice of others. Is it because of her greed or does she have an ulterior motive and if so, what is it? Does she ever plan on tracking down her first kids and checking up on them? I mean I totally get Gemma’s grievance against her mother abandoning her. I know the mother promised her husband that she would never meet her Ex-Husband or children but that shouldn’t mean that she couldn’t keep tabs on her kids and perhaps help them out in secret. Open up a trust fund for them or something. This way Gemma holding a grudge could seem unreasonable or she would have been able to recognize them etc… Sure her current husband is partially to blame but she isn’t totally blameless in this situation. It further doesn’t help that she seems to steal Gemma’s designs unintentionally further fueling her revenge against her and all.


    @LeftCoastOppa Give it time everyone is going to start feeling the love of the Wardrobe Fairy pretty soon. I mean currently Gemma probably doesn’t have the cash to get designer outfits. But now that she has become part of Loan Grandma’s family that is about to change. So, you can expect her in better outfits hopefully. Not that I notice the fashion in the shows most of the time. Did have a blast though reading the comments in the previous show regarding Evil Mom and her fashion sense. So did pay attention to it at that point and did see what you all meant.


    @backstreetboysfan The only reason that the second lead may end up chasing Gemma is probably due to the fact that she is unlike the other women that he has bumped into in the past. Everyone that he knows is aware of the fact that he is loaded. So, they probably chase him after said fact or get something out of him be it free drinks or other freebies. But Gemma is different because she is not only interested in him, she doesn’t care that he is rich or not and is therefore not afraid to give him a piece of her mind when he needs it. Something nobody else will do. Sure, there may be some people who profess that they are madly in love with him but he just doesn’t feel it and lets them know that he would rather be free than tied down to him. Sadly, they have the Second Leady Obsession Syndrome going for him so he is a bit unlucky in that department. He needs to find someone that genuinely likes him for his personality and not his wealth and he needs to feel the same way for them if he wants a happily ever after. I guess some hard living might be beneficial for him as well but that is debatable. On the second hand Second Female Lead definitely needs hard living since she has been spoilt badly by her family and they all seem to have their own agenda.


    I guess with her personality it will be next to impossible for her to form any kind of bond or friendship with Gemma. Which in a way is a bit sad. For instance, if that was the case then we could perhaps see Gemma have doubts if she wants to continue with her revenge plot and all. Which just might make Gemma a bit more interesting.


    @maribella wait you mistook the male leads name with Loki? Also, who are you referring to when you apologize to those who like him? Is it Loki again? Again it happens so no big deal. Heck I have a hard time keeping track of some of these characters and mix them up. Will be getting into that in a bit down the line.


    @LeftCoastOppa Most of the time that I have found characters in somebody elses bed in these dramas is when either both parties are dead drunk and do so accidentally or when one of them takes advantage of the others drunken state to get what they want. Aka Giraffe from the previous drama clearly fits the bill for the latter.


    I agree with you in regards that the SiL still doesn’t like Designer Mom but that is probably due to the fact that she is a bit of a snob. I know I shouldn’t be saying that about a person. But look at how she treated her in the start. Always looking down on her simply because she was richer than her but then again it may have also been out of loyalty towards her former SiL and she simply thought that Designer Mum was simply trying to seduce her brother for his wealth and all. But even then, I feel that there could have been more civil ways to express her thoughts in regards to this. If that was her intent, she may have thought that if she makes Designer Mum feel uncomfortable, she would get the message and stay away from her brother and family if she had any pride and all. But things didn’t happen as either party expected and she is now her new SiL. Still the hostility between the two is still there though it seems more toned down. They will end up offering barbs to each other but one on more equal footing. For instance, in the last episode Designer Mum mentions how the Aunt is leeching of her brothers success/money by starting her own business. Something that she wouldn’t have been able to do so on her own. So, the Aunt digs back that Designer Mum must be equally happy since she has become more successful than her own husband and pushed him out. Designers Mum’s response to that it is all because of The Power Of Love. Giving that round to Aunt.


    Agreed even I feel like fast forwarding the mom and aunt scenes. They are annoying. Am actually surprised to say this in regards to a show. Normally characters don’t annoy me that much. Sure some customs do but that is entirely their right. For instance I just find it weird when grown up adults refer to their kids/grandkids as lovely puppies or tap them on their behind. I get that they are being affectionate towards them and all and is pretty much a custom over there I guess. But if these were little kids, I might not have such issues but when it happens to grown adults it just feels odd to me. But that is a minor gripe and I have more or less accepted that so it doesn’t bug me as much as before. But these two just seem to get on my nerve. Perhaps they are indeed meant to be the comic relief. But instead, they turn out to be the annoying department. Maybe something is being lost in translation or perhaps the Koreans find it amusing. But I am not in that department. I would rather we spend more time on other parts of the plot than focus on those two. Am so annoyed by them.


    I don’t think that the maid was supposed to be funny when she said that she took pictures. I felt like she meant that she took them as evidence incase the police needed to be involved. But grandma stopped her from doing so since she felt that she owes Gemma for the kidney donation and all.


    As for character nicknames don’t know about that. I try coming up with a few in almost every drama I watch or comment on. Sadly 9/10 they never seem to catch on. Atleast people understand who I am referring to by the end of the day so I feel like it isn’t a total loss. Sure, if someone comes up with a better nickname than mine, I won’t hesitate to follow it once I figure out who they are referring to. Need to also get out of the habit of stop using my own. But after that we are all good. Problem with coming up with good names is originality mostly for me. I mean take these second female leads. Almost all of them seem to be totally clingy towards one of the leads but I can’t call all of them that now can we since it might get confusing at one point. Just take some of the Disney movies back in the day. Almost all of the princes in their moves were referred to as Prince Charming. Yep, totally confusing though people have ended up making nice parodies out of that fact. I guess it is time for me to make a list of all the nicknames that we have come up with so far for this show and other options that maybe available over here so one can take their pick if they are interested or use that as the basis to come up with something better.


    Min Hyee Kyung (the Mother): Considering the fact that she designs shoes or used to design them we can easily go with the name Designing Mom/Mum/Mother or similar variants. Of course, other things considering her nature one could also go with the following Options Greed, Queen Of Ambition (wait wasn’t that a name of a show. Might not be a good idea since that might get a case of copyright infringement. LoL). Since she has also been known to have abandoned her kids for a better life options could go as follows. Traitor, Miss Self Interest/Preserver or Shady Mom since she has been currently doing shady deals and stealing designs. Take your pick. Hmm Might just go with the last one now.


    Kwon (New Husband): Okay I already gave my reasoning but I tend to call him Sloppy. Since he has been making mistakes ever since we met him. Chasing a married woman when he himself was married. Sloppy Driving which resulted in the hit and run of Shady Mom’s husband and finally he accidentally dropped his wallet as evidence allowing him to get blackmailed. But if that wasn’t sloppy enough, he gets the witness aka the uncle the sign an oath that he will never bring the matter up again or ask for money but he sloppily drops said notice again just to get the evidence that he had. Perhaps he may have thought that the Uncle would be honest enough and hand over the entire evidence so the uncle wouldn’t have anything to blackmail him in the future. Probably isn’t going to be the case if we know dramas. So, in short, this guy is totally sloppy and then even after marriage it hasn’t helped since he has allowed his wife to take over his company of sorts. Thus, I feel that name fits him well.


    Hye-Bin (Daughter/Sister): Hard to come up with a name that hasn’t already been used for a past character as she is nothing new or special. She is Clingy/obsessive, delusional, Power Abusive? Just to name a few. She also appears to be miss unmotivated both at work and home. No studies just wants to get married. Awesome. Everybody would want her as the perfect DiL material. Sadly, she isn’t tall enough to be called a Giraffe and she hasn’t been shown to be sneaky enough to be called a Rat. How about doing something different for a change and call her Sagaji (hopefully that is how you spell it. Meaning Rude) we can call her that for the time unless someone comes up with something more creative.


    Aunt (Hye-Bin’s): How about referring to her as Snarky since she seems to be the only one that likes to talk back to Shady Mom and likes to trade barbs with each other. Okay will admit don’t know if either of those terms are correct or fit here. Other options that could go well would be Snob but so far it seems that her level of Snobbery has gone down from the start. Perhaps her interactions with Gemma if any might make us rethink this name or come up with something better. Speaking of Gemma how does one think that she will react once both or one of them discovers the true identity of the other.


    Geun Woo: Since he likes to go to clubs but at the same time is totally lazy to do some actual work, we can refer to him as Clubber or Lazy Clubber or since he is also a Ladies Man much like second lead he can be known as Player. Or perhaps Goofy Player. Probably not.


    Hyon-Seok (Second Lead): Since he is pretty much a Playboy why change his name. There is the fact that he likes art/pictures so we could probably come up with a name related to that if we really wanted to.


    Ki-Seok (Main Lead): I guess I had to finally look up some of these names just to get over here and trying to learn them. Either way lets get on with him. Since he was formerly a Professor let’s just go with that for the time being.


    As for anyone else remaining try the following. Jin Ah currently goes by the name of Gemma. Since that is an easy name to remember let’s just use that for the time being. Her mother and aunt are an extremely annoying and frustrating duo and they are almost always on screen together so you might as well refer to them as such. Another option could be calling them Siamese like the twins. But I guess the duo option is better. We can infact choose one of them as frustrating and the other as annoying. Take your pick on who is which. Hopefully I didn’t miss any character with a nickname but like I said if I missed any am sure that others will easily pick up the slack and get more creative with their nicknames. Right I named uncle Sleazy but not sure if that is apt.


    @youactlikeicare I have to agree with your assessment in regards to the mother and aunt. I guess since they both have clashing natures of sorts you can go with both. The mother does tend to worry about Gemma probably still due to the guilt she carries of keeping the abusive dads’ deaths true nature and how her brother and her took advantage of that situation. She was clearly frustrated by the fact that Gemma kept her in the dark regarding the surgery. So, for her it makes sense that she might go for Gemma’s sake. The Aunt on the other hand seems to be on the debatable side. Her going to milk money does sort of make sense but her take on it would be that they would all benefit from said deal. Frankly speaking if she leaves the show a lot of things will actually get better as one can see she is the instigator of trouble most of the time. Oh, wait see this makes me wonder if we can give her that as a nickname now. She has no real idea of the situation and what is going on yet she pushes the other person to forge ahead with her assumptions and all thus causing uncomfortable situations. Take for example her witnessing Professor hugging Gemma outside. She immediately thinks that something romantic is going on between the two. Regardless of the case whether or not it is true who are you to go with the mother to see the guy and start discussing about marriage. Gemma is an adult at this point and if she believes that he is the guy she will approach her family that she is interested and that they should go ahead or the guy will come and introduce himself to her family. Perhaps in Korean culture it is different so I may be misreading the situation and that they were totally in their right.


    Follow this up with the fact they didn’t discuss with Gemma regarding her surgery but they barged into Loan Shark Granny’s house making demands and whatnot and trying to guilt trip her into paying them money for the sake of Gemma and all. I really don’t see why they are thinking of the fact that Gemma is naïve and has been taken advantage off. If they had an issue, they should have discussed it with her first instead of jumping the gun. Gemma could and should have easily explained the situation to them at this point. Instead, she is all about just simply calling them Mum and how she is making things more difficult for her. At this point I feel that both parties are at fault.


    I don’t know if Playboy will cheat on Sagaji. Assuming that they even get married. Who is he going to cheat on Blonde Girlfriend? I mean Sagaji is her mothers’ daughter after all and she isn’t going to take that lying down. If she catches him cheating with anyone you can be sure that she will find a way to get rid of her opposition. Plus, her real rival is going to be her sister aka Gemma that she needs to get rid off at most. We have probably a good idea of that works in these shows so won’t get into it for the time being.


    But while we are on the topic of Playboy and his Blonde Friend. The guy was having a blast when grandmother shows up for a surprise visit and all. He literally goes dressed in his boxers and bathrobe to answer the door. I mean who does that. Is it considered okay to meet guests dressed like that (random strangers or family) I would have my doubts? Then he clearly misreads the situation and tells his friend to greet his grandmother and stick around. Fortunately, she had enough sense to read the room and made a hasty retreat. Then again, he could have been doing everything on purpose.


    As for Gemma not going after Bio Mom had she not met her again is probably accurate. Come to think about it that is a lot like what happened in Two Mothers as well. Had the second female lead not encountered the female lead with her husband (aka her Ex) and both of them living a happy life she wouldn’t have gone bonkers and gone after them. The same can be said for Gemma. She had more or less moved on with her life and considered her mother dead. If it hadn’t been for her brother’s accident and the file that he kept she wouldn’t have bothered to even search for her mother. But seeing that her mother has moved on with her life and is living a comfortable life after abandoning them revenge has started to form in Gemma’s mind. But as of now it seems like she has no set/real goals as to how she is going to achieve it. So right now, she is in the intel gathering phase. But certain things are certainly going to start to stack up which will further motivate her to take revenge on her mother for all the perceived notions that she has against her. Stealing her hard worked designs again and this time giving them to her daughter will certainly motivate her. I can only assume that she might have been willing to give her a pass had the mother bothered to recognize her during their current encounters.


    Oh, wait maybe the mother can’t recognize her because as a kid she didn’t have any moles on her body but now as an adult she seems to have atleast two on her neck. So, the mother is genuinely confused. LoL.


    @maribella I actually found that scene a bit weird. How Shady Mom treated Gemma like that especially infront of Loan Shark Grandmother. Remember this is the same woman that called Gemma her daughter/granddaughter and someone she valued highly. So, she allows said person to be treated like a servant. Weird. Unless she wanted to check out Gemma’s reaction towards Shady Mom and how she judges people and all. I mean knowing grandmothers’ feelings in regards to this she should have given Shady Mom an earful for treating her treasured person like that.


    @Lmangla I think that in regards as to why she tells the younger brother that she is a fake and not the Professor might be a simple explanation. We have to remember that the Professor was the one that approached her to sell them her kidney so he probably would know about all the procedures to make it happen. That would probably include getting her on the family registry. I think the grandmother even mentions this fact to him as well. So, in this case he probably already knew so why bother doing a double explanation on Gemma’s part.


    It does feel a bit weird that she is confessing her feelings to the Playboy regarding the Professor. It is almost like she is joking when it comes to this matter. Like she hasn’t realized that she is actually starting to have feelings for him so she jokes about it with the younger brother. As one can see that is the interactions that she goes with Playboy. Once the ice melted between them, they tend to be quite close and joke around. I am going to guess that people around them are initially going to misinterpret their relationship and think that there is something going on between them. You know what this seems to be another thing that seems to be popular in this show. Abusive Dad thought that there was something going on between his wife and her Ex. Sloppy thinks that is wife is upto something these days and is trying to backstab him. Now it will be the Professor and Sagaji who will think that there is something between those two and jealousy might just sprout up. Hopefully this matter will be resolved soon so that we can see more bonding time between the main leads unless she starts to chase after her stepbrother to get close to her mother to take her revenge. Though people might make an issue of that we might not have that happen.


    @maribella Isn’t Gemma studying shoe design as her major. It was her design that was also stolen which she made for her brother and from what I am hearing the mother is doing it again. So, I guess she is still in the shoemaking business as it is in her genes. As for grandmother wanting the guy to get married. I explained earlier in the post. She wants him to start to get responsible but she is going about it the wrong way. The other thing that I have noticed about her is that she doesn’t feel like she should owe another person. Shady Mom did bring about a valid point. if rumours of her daughter being with another man (sleeping and relationship) got out that her marriage prospects would decrease. Any offers that would come might not be decent as they would think that was her kind of personality and all. It is the reason why grandmother is telling him to take responsibility for his actions. If she ends up getting pregnant then those prospects will further go down to zero. Also like I pointed out it prevents him from going after other women if he is married thus, he would also be safe from any future scandal. But like you I agree that she is going about it the wrong way. They need to sit down and have a heartfelt chat to resolve their differences. Perhaps Gemma will be the bridge between them further solidifying her position in that family.


    @Lmangla I get the feeling that Playboy was aboard for most of the time. Look at his track record he was supposed to be studying but at some point, he gave up and started moving from place to place. Probably searching for what he was missing in life and his purpose. Remember Professor also mentioned to her that he was the grandmother’s legal guardian or am I messing up with another drama in regards to this. If I am not then his statement makes sense. Since he was the closest to his grandmother, he ends up doing anything for her and goes along with most of her suggestions. He did try and put his foot down when she tried to get him into the money business so she had to change tack and tell him that she opened up a restaurant and she wanted him to run it as it was her dream and all. So, he is back to listening to her for the time being. But Playboy being more independent (sort of since he is still reliant on his grandmothers funds) has become more of a rebel and wants his freedom.


    @lila21 This being a typical K-Drama it makes total sense for Gemma to join that company instead of starting one of her own even if she has the funds from Loan Shark Grandma. First of all we don’t know just how much she would have loaned Gemma. Gemma also has her pride as we have seen in previous episodes so she isn’t going to outright ask the Loan Shark Granny for money as of now. Also, another thing to consider is the fact that the story needs to progress at a slightly faster rate. If she opens up let’s say her own store, she has to compete with her mothers’ company at some point. Now realistically speaking there is no way that she can compete fairly with such a huge company no matter how good she may be. Remember the beginning of the show. Her mother clearly had the talent that Sloppy used his company to purchase her designs and all. But at best she and her husband were running a small custom shoe design shop. Had they been super successful considering that she was a great designer they would have had a larger store. Or they would have been overbooked with orders. Nothing like that happened. So, one would only have to assume that Gemma would face similar obstacles and it would be many years when and if she could compete with her mother. Now I know for a fact that as a viewer I wouldn’t want to wait for that to happen or even get a time skip because things tend to get missed out in regards to that. This means that the only option available to Gemma at the moment would be to join that (her mother’s) company. This way she not only gets to keep tabs on her mother so that she gets a better idea of how to take her revenge against her. Perhaps she also wanted to discover who stole her initial designs and all. So, I feel that nothing was wrong in her joining said company at the moment.


    @tofumochu They probably don’t have another son because Shady Mom might have thought that having multiple kids was going to cause problems down the line when it came to the matter or inheritance. Especially if she wants to hand over some of it to her other children as well. In that case she already had a son. If this wasn’t the case, she would still feel more secure with just one child inheriting it all. Plus, the way I see it her daughter also happens to be her insurance policy in that case she only needed just one child. We have called her selfish and greedy etc… well this fits in perfectly with her nature. If she has a child with her husband then they have a harder time getting rid of her without anything to her name and all. After that she could easily make excuses why she didn’t get pregnant or that she was too busy to have another child etc…


    @backstreetboysfan Well in that case have a Happy Early Birthday Wishes from all of us.


    @LeftCoastOppa Am going to go with Option 2. It makes more sense plus you don’t stress on an object/person/thing in a show if it isn’t going to play an important role in the future. So as some point the necklace is certainly going to take play. Perhaps the daughter will steal it once she realizes the significance. But like all second lead characters she won’t get rid of it thus mum will catch her with it and discover her identity. As for the uncle did, he already discover Gemma’s identity? Don’t know how close those two are. He specifically left because he didn’t want to feel guilty or be reminded of the night of the accident and slip up. So, I doubt that he will be the one to slip up and call her by her actual name. he might probably try and avoid her as much as he can once he discovers the truth. If anyone will slip up and call her by her actual name it is probably going to be Bestie. She has already done so when they were getting drunk. Gemma had to remind her to never call her by that name is Jin Ah is dead and she has turned her back on said identity and all.


    I guess Sloppy is suddenly chummy with Playboy because at the end of the day he is a businessman and he realizes that his wife is probably correct in regards to him being related to that family will only help his business grow or something along those lines. Perhaps the husband is thinking up ways of how to retake his company and he therefore needs the support of him and his grandmother.


    @maribella Lets not be surprised at them being so clumsy at this point. Anything goes in these dramas. I can’t even blame it on plot device or plot holes. I don’t know what the writer seems to think at these points but I know for a fact that I probably wouldn’t want to watch Two Mothers by this writer again unless it is those bloopers from that show. So, let’s see how this show turns out. Like I mentioned am planning on sticking around for a few more episodes before I give in my final verdict. Also, as we have pointed out she is just beginning her quest for revenge so she is bound to blunder up every now and again. Unlike in the previous drama the female lead had 5 years to plan her revenge and all. That is why the execution was pretty good for most of the parts. But over here this isn’t the case. Also, in that drama she had a good teacher to teach her the path of revenge. Over here Gemma is surrounded by bumbling fools which further doesn’t help her cause.



    Anyway, am starting to feel hungry and feel tat this post as gotten a life of its own. Making it a very unhealthy and long episode. So will be ending this post over here for the time being. My apologies for that. Anyway, all of you take care and hopefully keep enjoying this show and posting. Perhaps this 2 week hiatus might make us all run away for something better. Regardless I am now out from this post and will have something to eat before watching the latest episode. So till next time and take care.

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  20. So, I finally got down to watching the latest episode with subs and all. Turns out that my supposed translation wasn’t all that accurate as I thought but I guess since I got most of the gist it doesn’t matter all that much in the long run. Perhaps one day I should try my hand at writing down a recap based on what I think is going on in a RAW Episode just for laughs since people might find that funny then again who knows.


    Before I move onto my main post I was wondering if anyone can verify something else that I noticed. In this episode Designer Mum is wearing a gold chain necklace. Is this the same necklace that the female lead is seen wearing in Gracious Revenge or atleast in the promo posters?


    Anyway moving on.




    @Lmangla I don’t think that I have heard about the drama that you mentioned. Is it any good if so I might give it a try given time and all. But have to agree that the reason that they were fired was certainly amusing. Just wondering why both of them had to quit. According to the manager it was because both of them weren’t pulling their weight and were most of the time together (even while working). Therefore, the simplest solution would have been to fire just one of them. Infact he even mentions that the next day only one of them should show up as other ladies would have been interested in taking that job. Yet both of them ended up quitting. Was that a show of loyalty between them? Would say that impressed me. But that would be lying. While they always bicker and are the most annoying part of the show. (If I had the habit of fast-forwarding parts in a show their time would certainly, be it for me.) The do tend to have each other’s back or atleast the single one does. Remember when Clubber was rushed to the hospital and his mother had to leave behind her coffee cart to check up on him. Her friend/rival could have easily taken advantage of the situation and only sold coffee from her own cart. Instead, she sold it from Clubbers mother’s cart. Haven’t seen much from his mothers’ part unless you count letting her stay over at her place while her repairs are going on. (We all know that will never happen.


    Okay will admit that I sort of misinterpreted Designer Mums meeting with Scrooge. I thought that it was her telling him to let her husband be a puppet politician while she is the real power behind him. Instead, she was asking him to chuck him out and instead select her. Makes more sense though. Her husband can clearly see through her now and am glad that he is bringing in his son from the States finally as a way to curb her ambition. Though him accusing her of stealing everything away from him bit by bit shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone at this point. I totally believe what he said is true but he simply doesn’t get the actual reason. While it is totally possible that she is doing everything based on her ambition and all. I don’t think that is the complete reason or atleast not what she initially set out to do. I still suspect that deep down she still wants revenge on him for her husbands hit and run accident. Remember she knows who he hit that night and her response to him was thinking that he was a murderer. Same as with blackmailing uncle. The only reason that he dealt with him instead of handing over the evidence to the cops was because he wanted to save his nephews life and make a comfortable life for both himself and his sister.


    Therefore, if we follow this line of thinking it makes sense that Designer Mom probably thinks that the best form of revenge against her current husband would be to take away everything that belongs to him and perhaps even hand it over to her family as compensation for everything including the sacrifices, she had to make to get them. That is why she seemed to be so remorseless at the start of the show before we ended up here.


    Problem here is that she hasn’t really thought through everything over here and her greed is blinding her to the obvious truths at times. For instance, she should let her husband have a few wins if she wants everything by the end. Such as let him accomplish his dreams of becoming a politician this will give her free reign over the company. After all, complain all you like about Evil Mom about her fashion choice in the previous drama she atleast had her priorities right. Her husband once he begins his political career, he will be too busy to run the company and will therefore have to choose his successor. In this case the same could have applied and since he was still into her, he would have probably selected her. She could then slowly take him out from his political post or donate his company for charity and he couldn’t be able to do anything about it. Instead, she showed most of her cards already and now her husband is more vary of her at this point. A failure on her department. Also, another thing to note is that she is trying to raise a little monster of sorts and not realizing that. She is teaching her current daughter that it isn’t good to share and that she should have the company all to herself and whatnot.


    Now if we go by the theory that she is trying to avenge her husband’s death by taking everything away from her current husband it would make partial sense that she will then therefore think of handing down this same company to her children as perhaps compensation for everything. Problem here is that her current daughter isn’t going to be so keen to share it all with them due to her mothers’ teachings and all. It may also be due to fear that her mother might simply abandon her to return to her original family and all so she will try her best to get rid of them and all. Sadly, if she simply trusted her mother, she would realize that wouldn’t have been the case. But then again when are second leads actually that smart.


    Does anyone also think that Designer Mom can be a bit contradictory at times? I mean she knows that her daughter has a crush on the male leads brother. So, she even heads over to Loan Grandma’s place to make a good impression and all and then slowly bring up the topic of marriage between the kids. But in this episode, she is not only questioning his character (that he is a playboy) but also trying to search for a potential match for her daughter as well. We know that isn’t going to work given her daughters personality and all. Infact she tried to bring up this topic a few episodes back by pointing out that some other well of family were interested in marrying her, plus this family is also approved of by her father. But the daughter clearly pointed out that she was only interested in the brother.


    In that case wouldn’t it make more sense for Designer Mom to do one of two things. Either start getting into talks with Loan Grandma to convince her into this marriage or find ways to dissuade her daughter by perhaps proving the rumours true that Playboy was indeed a player and therefore not right for her as well as anything else. This will end up saving everyone a lot of time and trouble down the line. But then we wouldn’t really have a story then would we.


    People wonder why Gemma is going after her mother all of a sudden and not those many years ago. If I were to make a guess, I would have to say that there could be a few reasons. First of all, she was barely a kid back when it all happened so she would have no real way of doing anything. Secondly, she may have still held out some small hope that there was another explanation as to what happened. She overheard the two women (stepmom and aunt) that her mother had run of with some man. While she didn’t want to believe it at that time, she sort of accepted it. Thirdly while she may have accepted it, she had no idea where her mother could have gone to. Searching for her would have been like searching for a needle in a haystack also she was more focused in helping raise her little brother. So revenge was more like on a backburner for her at that time.


    Things have now changed. She is now not only aware of where her mother is. But now she also has an outlet for her grievances of the past and present. Such as the matter of being abandoned by her mother in the past followed by the fact that her mother ignored the pleas of her sick/dying child to see them one more time. Follow this up with the fact that she stole her shoe design as well (though that is relatively minor) to the fact that she will have the distorted truth that her mother was involved in her father’s death. Am sure that a few more reasons will also conveniently pop up to further fuel her desire for revenge though what they may be remains to be seen. Though as a viewer I can agree with all of you most of these reasons are quite weak to go after her mother especially when we know a few things that she doesn’t.


    Someone brought up the fact as to how the main leads can end up together since she is now considered his aunt since the Loan Grandmother adopted her. Well, the answer is slightly simple. First of all, we need to remember that we still have around 90 episodes to resolve this issue. The simplest solution would be to have the Loan Grandma revoke the registration of her as a daughter and perhaps add her as a granddaughter. Problem partially solved though this might mean that two cousins are getting married and some people have issues with that. Fortunately, in this case they may be minor since they don’t share a drop of blood between them (which is usually the case for concern) so people might let it go. The other option is too simply not care what the public thinks or knows and simply go ahead with the marriage. Regardless of what happens there is precedent in previous dramas of such weird or messy relationships to look to. (Again, regardless of the outcomes). Check out the outcomes below.


    Pinocchio: A fun Weekday drama and if you haven’t watched it give it a shot. Over here the Main Lead gets adopted by the female lead as his son making it a reverse of our current situation. In the final episode the grandfather has to take back his adoption (though to be fair in that case the grandfather gave him the identity of his deceased son but the point is almost similar). This way the main lead had the option of finally dating/marrying the female lead without any sort of complications down the line. Don’t know where to watch this show legally but I know for a fact that it should be on Netflix which I presume is legal enough to be mentioned over here.


    Sweet Enemy: Over here we can start off with a messier kind of relationship which to be honest I felt wasn’t handled all to well but since people got their Happily Ever After it shouldn’t perhaps be brought up. Over here the Female Lead ends up with her mother’s stepson. Don’t get me wrong the guy was sweet and decent so I would have probably supported him with anybody and wished that he got his happy ending. Granted in that case we did have a few key points worth mentioning. The female lead had gotten separated from her biological mother (or partially abandoned if we want to get technical) thus she was found and raised by her current mother (I believe she had her registered as her own daughter) so in this case they could have simply deceived everyone around them to the real relationship and nobody would have been the wiser. (That is when the actual connections were discovered). Frankly I would have perhaps gone along with the following. Stepmom (for the guy) hands over the family fortune to him (since it came from his fathers’ side), removes herself from the family register and accepts her daughter in her own. This way everyone gets to be happy she is now the guy’s MiL but she could still treat him like her own son. The son loved his mother so he wouldn’t have abandoned her anyway and they could have gotten to be happy still. But I guess doing all of that would be to complicated especially in a drama so we got what we got.


    Heavens Promise: Finally, we get to the last example that I have which just might show what we can face. Though the ending was open ended by the end and I did have a few issues with it but that isn’t what we are here for. The complicated and messy relation example is. So here it goes. Heck was so messy that I can’t even recall it correctly so I don’t know how to refer to it. For starters the Female Leads biological father and married the Second Leads mother, The Main Male Lead was the mother’s brother. (Does that make him the BiL with the Biological Father). Then he ends up getting married to the Female Lead thus the father now becomes the FiL as well. It is quite similar to the female lead as now her father also becomes her BiL if my assumptions are correct. If I missed out on anything do let me know in this regard. Though by the end the two do end up getting a divorce the ending indicates that if they so wished they can always get back together so we still have a sort of messed up relationship.


    So clearly if the writer so desires, they can simply have the main leads over here get married too each other if they feel that works or if the public isn’t going to have an issue and even support them. Not that it will be much of an issue since neither of the characters are biologically related so there is that.


    If the uncle decides to scam the grandmother by pretending to be the long lost son, I would say that I wouldn’t be surprised since he pretty much took advantage of Gemma’s dad’s death for his own gains and all. So, he can clearly do it again. But if he does, I shall be extremely disappointed in him. Problem is that people like him can easily be influenced by the wrong kind. Perhaps the intent isn’t there since they are being manipulated but that isn’t really an excuse now is it. Not only is this wrong since he is taking advantage of an old woman who wishes to see her family member but also using her wealth like his own. Sorry but he might need to be locked behind bars as well. Not sure what we can charge him with but fraud and blackmail might be a good spot to start with. But I am sure he will come up with some kind of sob story so that we forgive him. The money that he ran of with and started a business went down so he had to borrow a ton of money from loan sharks and they are now after him so he had no real choice but to do what he did. Sorry but that still doesn’t justify his actions.


    @LeftCoastOppa I have to agree with you the selling of the liver certainly isn’t all that romantic. I also believe that there were better ways to execute the scenario and still end up in a romantic setting. Similar to what you mentioned or we could have something along the following lines (which has been used in other dramas as well) The Main Lead ends up secretly paying for the loan for Gemma. Perhaps they go so far as agreeing to drop the interest but she has to simply pay the principle on time and she later on discovers the actual reason or the loan sharks collect from both ends without harassing her or refuse to accept her money since it has all been paid for. Regardless we can have her initially be furious at him for looking down on her pride and all. But he can simply point out that he did it out of business perspective and it had nothing to do with her. His reasoning could simply be that Loan Sharks popping up every now and again would only be bad for their business so he paid them to stay away. If she wants, she can pay him what is left and they would be square. This might just be enough for her not to be furious at him anymore and perhaps even be grateful towards him. Also, this way her pride is hurt the least way around. Thus, the more time they spend together the closer they become and when they discover that the grandmother needs a kidney, she could be more willing to donate and the grandmother would be equally grateful and all. This way they all turn out to be winners. Instead, we get a romantic proposal (sarcasm obviously) sell me your liver. She did what any sane kind of women would do in said situation and ran from there.


    Not sure how she will see him in a romantic light after that and I certainly don’t want her to use him for her revenge plans not that it will help me at this point since part of it may still end up happening. Oh well.


    There was a point that was brought up by someone that Gemma knew that she was being targeted by Loan Sharks so why go by dark and deserted alleys especially at night. I would say that we should probably give her a pass in regards to that one. Perhaps that was the only way that she could take to reach home. If it wasn’t then yes, I will agree that was dumb of her but then again are we going to complain about something that is a staple in these dramas.


    So far, the most amusing scene for me is the fact that for a change the Loan Sharks don’t get any kind of love. Let’s just look at what they have faced so far. The big and scary guys got ganged up by three angry women and a Wimpy Kid and got beat down. To the extent that they decided to pull the assault card and pretend that they were the victims. LoL not only that we got to see the incompetent police at their finest as well. Then they come to harass Gemma at work and get beaten up by the Main Lead even though they had a 2:1 advantage. Also, on a side note wanted to point out that the fight choreography had slight issues. But hey we were all looking at the guy being a knight in shining armor and giving the beatdown to people that deserved it. Hopefully his fighting skills won’t be forgotten down the line.


    I just wish that they better explained Designer Moms motivation for running for politics. Just because she wants to do it for revenge isn’t really cutting it and that too because I suspect that is the case. I mean we have these characters tend to talk to themselves in these dramas or have mental conversations with others. So, we could easily have some of that over here as well. Just how long would it actually take. What is better we might not get that much time on the two Ajumah ladies. Look we get it that they are in a love hate relationship aka friend/enemies depending on the mood and all but do we need to see them bickering every so often and then making up. No, I certainly don’t I would rather get more of a plot. If they want to add some comic relief, they need to do one better. Heck even if we didn’t have that awesome maid in the previous drama, we had the bumbling idiot’s aka Serin and Mr. Na. Serin was frankly more amusing especially with her facial reactions at times. Can’t we get characters like that.


    Clubber is perhaps also meant to fit the bill in regards to this but as of now he is also coming of more as annoying than funny. Perhaps this writer can’t write funny characters or scenes all that well. Let’s see how it turns out to be. Will give this show 20 episodes in total before deciding to invest anymore in this show. After that I might just watch random episode or catch it near the end.


    @Lmangla I guess we have different opinion on the two Cleaning Ladies. Since I find their bickering to be annoying as I feel they tend to overact in those scenes plus I can’t seem to handle their voices. Will admit that when I think about it without filters ie after the scene ends I can find them slightly amusing at times. But when I am watching them on screen, I feel like changing the channel. If that makes any kind of sense. As for Gemma not telling her family about the transplant doesn’t come as all that surprising to me. She seems to be an independent type of women who has been mostly looking after both herself and her brother. The most she is grateful towards her current family since they allowed her to live under their roof and didn’t abandon her when they could. She also knows about their condition and all. So why would she tell any of them her plans also what exactly could they do even if she did. They didn’t have the money that was needed to pay of the loan sharks. This was needed desperately at this point since they were now not only harassing her at work but also threatening to take her organs as payment. She was desperate and her family would only add to the confusion at this point. The mother might have worried about her but that wouldn’t solve anything. As for Clubber unless he hit a jackpot at some club that he went to and gave her the money that he won to clear the debt wasn’t going to amount to anything and let’s face it what were the chances of that actually happening. Frankly he doesn’t inspire much confidence now does he. Heck once he discovered that she got surgery he assumed that it was Plastic Surgery. LoL now that is the type of brainpower that he is working with. (Was that a dig on the female lead? Ie did she actually get plastic surgery at some point in her life. Not that is important. [I know some writers like to do that or mention that a character resembles the actor that is playing them.]). Also, which two actresses are you watching for? Gemma and her mother?


    @LeftCoastOppa In regards to Fatal Promise he may not have known where the heart came from but he willingly sort of abandoned the Female Lead to her fate in prison to save his own father. She was trusting him to get justice for her father and get her out. But since he staid quiet she had to suffer and have her sentence extended as well. Now one can argue that he didn’t have anything to do with that since the Second Lead bribed a cellmate to frame her and all. But one can equally say that if he hadn’t buried the truth back then she would have been released a whole lot sooner and the second lead wouldn’t have been able to frame her. Sadly, the price would have been the life of his father. But that might have been motivation enough for the two leads to work together and get equal justice. As you pointed out in the previous drama thread it all comes down to intent. It also comes to cause and effect.


    @joccu Perhaps the son of Sloppy will serve as a love interest of sorts for Gemma. She needs more of a reason and excuse to get close to that family and this may be her way in. As long as she is legally registered under Loan Granny as family/daughter she is going to have issues being with Male Lead even if she has feelings for him. Though who knows what she plans to do. I mean she has suddenly decided to forsake being good all of a sudden and be a bad person so who knows what path that takes. I mean this seems to be kind of contradictory from her at the start of the show. Initially she believed in god and his mercy/justice. But that was all taken away from her when her father passed away and her mother supposedly ran off with a stranger. At that point it seemed like she was disappointed in god and might even turn her back on god/religion. But then we find out a few years later she has changed her name as well as tried to live a good life only her current set of losses have decided to forsake all of that and live the life she wants or needs. Look if this gets a character to be more interesting at this point, I will take it. Anyway, as I was saying if she pretends to fall for the son for the sake of revenge and all I would say that she is a lot like her mother even if she isn’t willing to accept it or be aware of this fact.


    @maribella Keep hearing about this drama called Taxi Driver going to have to give it a shot. Perhaps if this show doesn’t amp it up might do it then. Sound really interesting.


    Wait I am a bit confused with some of your statements. When did Gemma find out that Sloppy was responsible for her father’s death/accident? I probably missed that scene. Secondly the father wasn’t going to survive if he got treatment earlier. I mean just how much earlier could he have gotten treated. If we remember stepmom and her brother witnessed the hit and run accident. That means they must have reported the matter instantly. Logically this would therefore mean that he was rushed to the hospital ASAP and treated accordingly. The only way that his treatment could have perhaps been delayed is if the ambulance arrived late due to some emergency or something or it was too busy to treat him when he arrived at the hospital. But other than that, I doubt that treatment was an issue over here which resulted in his death. Either his injuries were too severe to be treated or he had also given up the will to live which also seems to be an important contributing factor when it comes to treatment.


    @LeftCoastOppa Gemma is bound to get the distorted truth first as that will be a motivator for her to seek out revenge on her mother. Not that she hasn’t already started down this path but it will be a further incentive to go after her. Do agree that she might weaken once she discovers the truth but that remains to be seen. If the opening noose is any kind of foreshadowing of things to happen perhaps she may turn against her mother to try and save her. But by the end the mother has gone so far down the road of evil and villainy that she can’t be saved at this point. The only way to stop her then will be to turn her in before she becomes more of a monster. But that isn’t any real kind of justification now is it.


    Wait when did stepbrother get little brothers’ heart and if that was the case how was the little brother living for all those years. We are speaking metaphorically correct. But I still don’t get it sorry. I mean sure those two (stepbrother and Bestie) may look a bit cute but I have to agree with @maribella those two aren’t currently a right match. He is not only currently a leech on those around him but also a slightly effective emotional blackmailer. I mean just look at how he has tried to go about things to get his way. He asks Gemma for a loan even when she insists that she has no money. By the end he simply tells her that he knows that she is treating him this way because he isn’t her biological brother. Totally ignoring the fact that she has not only loaned him money in the past but he still hasn’t paid it back. Then in the last episode he blackmails the Bestie to reveal Gemma’s secret (the surgery) by pointing out that he is aware of the fact that she has feelings for him but that they are done if she doesn’t spill the beans. So, I have to disagree that they are the perfect couple as of now. I also get slightly annoyed by the Besties tone of voice. But hey I seem to have that issue for a lot of these female main leads nowadays. They use this sort of nasally tone which now seems to bug me for some sort of reason.


    I guess if they suddenly make Clubber some kind of genius and suddenly rich, I might approve of them. For instance, we could perhaps have the revelation that the real reason that he doesn’t have any money on him is because he is secretly investing in stocks and the amount that he gets back he instantly invests in other successful stocks and shares. That is why by the end he will be raking it all in and live a happy life with Bestie and his family. Heck if they go down this route, we can perhaps even have him purchase a ton of stocks in Designer Mums company or even the fact that he has the crucial deal breaker share. Thus, we can have Designer Mum attempt a plot to take over the company and chuck her husband out when Gemma throws a wrench in said plans by coming up with the counter votes and her brother is one of them. Then again Gemma might not need to resort to any of that if she can use Loan Granny’s promissory note. Something only, she can find out if she starts to work for her.


    @LeftCoastOppa I don’t know if we can say that the mother didn’t work her fingers to the bone that is slightly debatable. Not by much since I do agree with you. But from what I gathered the problem was that the two friends were always together even at work. So, in this case the problem was both of them were cleaning the same area twice at best or just a single area and because of this a certain area was being left unneglected which forced other working ladies to cover up the slack and they finally got tired of this. So, we can’t say for certain whose area was being done ie was mom in her designated spot but her friend used to try and clean with her just so that she could have company while doing work or was it the other way around. Hard to know the truth since both women tend to bicker and we have no real intention of discovering it. Yes, I will admit that there was that one scene when she wasn’t working and the friend had to ask her if she was in some sort of daze and why she wasn’t working. Don’t remember the exact context why that was but something did happen for her to end up like that so I wouldn’t say that she was usually slacking on her job. We then see her stitching those eyes and nose on the stuffed toys so I guess it might be accurate to say that she is indeed working hard even now. Her son being lazy at that age is no real excuse. He is probably fully aware of matters at home yet he doesn’t do anything to help and instead would rather go clubbing and have a good time. Like I said if it turns out that he isn’t doing any of that or secretly investing in stocks to surprise everyone I will give him a pass. But as of now have to agree that the guy has issues of the moment and it doesn’t have a thing to me not being a romantic. Heck look at Gemma and Bestie they are currently doing jobs to earn a living when they could have easily not done so and let the folks at home earn everything. Gemma has also gotten a massive debt all on her own and none of the family is pitching in. Granted the loan was her own choice and that too for her brother one might say that this doesn’t directly involve them so they can be excused. Even then Bestie even volunteered to help pay part of the debt if it could help ease her problem. Can we say Clubber do the same? Nope. I guess we will be disagreeing on this front for the time being unless you convince me otherwise.


    I might have to rewatch the firing scene once again but I also got the impression that some work was being done just not the right amount and type. So perhaps I am also reaching like @maribella. Will get back to you in regards to that.


    Am actually glad that the father is bringing back his son for whatever reason and justification. I just wish that he had done so earlier. I probably don’t want to see someone so bitter at being ignored for all those years thus he can be easily manipulated by a woman for revenge. I keep saying that if there is a revenge plot going on a mutual revenge is always better than being used and then being made to look like a fool. Also, while we are on the topic of revenge just what exactly is Gemma’s end game. As of now her motivations are weak and even then, we don’t know how far she will go and what she wants. For instance, does she want her mother to get a divorce and then come looking for help and perhaps begging to be taken back since she has nowhere else to go. At this point she turns her back on her and also reveals that she was the true mastermind behind her downfall. Does she want the company to go broke to take down her mother as well? But then what about all the innocent workers simply doing their job.



    Oh well I know that I am forgetting a lot of stuff. Sadly, I can’t seem to recall what it is at the moment. So will end my post for the time being. Till then take care all of you and keep posting. Am already starting to see some interesting discussions over here. Perhaps that will keep this thread more interesting than the show actually is.

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  21. So, at the time of writing this post the drama still hasn’t been subbed. Hopefully that will change by the time I am finished over here. Some of the things I am going to have to interpret by what is said over here or the assumptions I could make after surprisingly watching the episode RAW. Something that I generally don’t do if I can help it.


    Lets move on to some of the things that I want to bring up and hopefully I don’t forget anything along the way and if I do perhaps I can remember what it is by reading your comments.




    So first of all, let’s bring up totally irrelevant things that aren’t related to the show. This is in regards to two of the side actors. First of all, Mr. Loan Shark (with beard) wasn’t he in the last drama as well as a friend/fellow thug of Mr. Na? Guess he didn’t get caught and found a new job. The second one is the Assemblyman who is supposed to help Sloppy achieve his political ambitions and all. Wasn’t he the Scrooge from My Mother Is Having An Affair. Looks like he also got an upgrade in life.


    Now that I have gotten that of my chest let’s move on to the actual drama before I get accused of being off topic. I have to say I am going to complain about the pacing of this show again. I mean a few episodes back I had issues with how slow we all were and nothing progressed in the quest for the female leads revenge plot and all. The most that she has done is tap the conversations that her mother has been having with the Assemblyman (Can I refer him as Scrooge) but other than that Nada.


    Then we got the plot about how the grandmother needed a kidney to survive. Okay there is nothing wrong with that in itself but with how they dealt with it. Normally when you have these dramas it is like a person suggests such a thing and that the person that needs to donate it usually has more of a time span to consider it or even if it is vice versa. But over here we have the Main Lead if the most Romantic Proposal (Give/Sell me your liver and I will clear of your debts). Then in the very next episode the Female Lead not only agrees with said agreement. Okay to be fair I could even have lived with that but then we have the surgery in the same episode just makes it feel odd to me. For instance, they could have worked around the loan/debt payment issue by them agreeing to this but have her temporarily move in their place so that she stays safe and healthy for the time being. Problem solved and a lot of viewers even get what they wanted. Oh well who am I to complain if it progresses the Revenge Plot, I guess.


    Now moving on to the point that @youactlikeicare brought up in regards to the moms’ political aspirations. Now my Korean is totally limited to a few words so if I do watch an episode RAW I go on the few words that I know and a person’s tone in the scene to get a rough idea. I would say that I am about 25% accurate in grasping the show I guess thanks to this. Anyway please correct me if I am wrong it seemed like Designer Mom is telling Scrooge to backup her husband on paper and while he becomes an Assemblyman she is the true power behind the scenes making him only a Puppet of hers to control (indirectly probably). I am probably wrong though. Will have to wait for the actual episode to be subbed to see just how much but till them I will be going with the following assumptions in this post for the time being.


    Sloppy is finally discovering just how ambitious his wife is becoming a bit too late don’t you all think especially when he was responsible for creating this monster in the first place. Doubt that he can do anything to control her at this point but he will try. But if I might add don’t you people think that Karma is already starting to finally pop back up in Designer Moms life. Her previous marriage suffered because she had an abusive husband which was mostly because he was jealous and insecure because she was dealing with her Ex. Probably a few other things as well. Now while Sloppy certainly hasn’t been shown to be abusive towards her he is starting to suspect her which is never a good sign. I got the feeling that somebody reported to him about Scrooge’s second meeting with his wife and what they discussed and he confronted her about it. She may have denied the matter and tried to pass it off as a misunderstanding and he may have bought it for now but something tells me that he doesn’t fully believe her and is trying to curb her ambition by bringing back his son into the picture. It also might not have helped about how Designer Mom tried to get the three of them to hold hands to show their unity and all. He might have further thought that she was trying to make a pass at Scrooge because he was more successful or something along the line. So, I guess this is where Gemma is going to start her revenge. Causing more confusion and mistrust between the two so that they end up fighting and breaking up or something along those lines.


    Still don’t like Designer Mom because she is so greedy and ambitious and is teaching her daughter the same thing. The daughter for all her faults and issues still thought of her brother and pointed out that since he is the eldest even though he is from the previous wife he should get a share of the family profits/company and that her father wouldn’t agree with the fact that her mother was planning on handing over the entire thing to her. Mother simply tells her not to worry about it and that she will deal with it. Glad to know that atleast the daughter has some issues for the time being and that she knows about the previous marriage and that she has a stepbrother. I might have felt better if she atleast was on better terms with him or something to make me like her a tiny bit.


    After @Lmangla pointed out that the two old ladies (mothers/coffee sellers/cleaners) were perhaps supposed to be the comic relief and all. I thought that perhaps the writer is trying to make everyone funny but failing at the job terribly. I get that perhaps the bickering between the two women is funny but it mostly comes of annoying to me. Perhaps because I feel like they are overreacting in those scenes. Pretty much like in the last drama where we had Giraffe cry and make her dad feel pity over something that she did. That scene was slightly annoying because one could tell that she was faking it. Her other acting seemed more decent. But who knows? Then we have Clubber and FL’s Bestie who are also perhaps supposed to be comic relief.  I mean I suspect that this lazy guy is funny because of this very reason such as when his mother made porridge for Gemma who was feeling unwell, he admits that he was the one that ate it since it was his favourite and all or the fact that since the Aunt (so to speak) pops up at there house every so often and disturbs him he let her have the passcode. Sorry but that doesn’t come of as funny to me but who knows what others might feel in regards to that.


    Speaking of Clubber and his so called Romantic Interest I really don’t see what they see in each other. Are they simply going for the looks or what? Frankly the Bestie should dump him as soon as possible because he is just plain bad for her at the moment. Not only is he lazy and jobless at the moment but he also emotionally blackmails her to reveal that the Female Lead got surgery. Now while I get that there should be no secrets in a relationship if they want a smooth sailing, I also feel that just because you are in one the other party should respect each other’s private spaces (even if they are married). In this case the secret wasn’t even hers to give. It was Gemma’s and if Gemma wasn’t telling it on her own or when she was asked the brother should have left it at that for the time being instead of prying into the matter. Gemma would have told them on her own. Now I can probably hope that this revelation will perhaps make him a better person and change him into a hard worker or something along those lines but I know that is wishful thinking on my part for the time being.


    Like I said perhaps if the Bestie ditches him for being a no good for nothing it just might wake him up if he genuinely likes her and all and that might motivate him to become something then it will be good. But as of now I can’t approve of their relationship. But hey they are adults and free to decide what they want to do and if they can stay happy in such conditions then go for it.


    Again, this is something I am basing on assumptions but is the Second Grandson returning and Second Female Lead suggested to her mother to offer him a position at the company because he was so busy being a player and posting stuff on social media instead of actually accomplishing something of his life over there? Sloppy though is against it since his daughter already got a position at the company without any skills and that if the mother hires another person like that then people at the company will start to talk and complain. Glad that the dad isn’t totally wrapped around his daughters’ finger and all. But then again it may simply be that he doesn’t want to cause an issue between himself and his political ambitions and all. But I do agree with his assessment hiring two unskilled people at the company would be a drain on it unless they perhaps agree to the following things. Both of them would be like interns and they wouldn’t get paid for their work there. This way they get their learning experience and if they are actually any good later on, they can join the company. Problem solved and no scandal caused. As of now I don’t actually see what the daughter is doing at the company.


    It seemed like she was siting on her desk and felt bored while the others were working hard. So, I can only assume that she was made a team leader considering the fact that her mother runs the company and wants to hand it down to her in the future. Characters like that always want their children to start from the top or as close to it as possible so that they can take over the company sooner whether they are skilled or not. Did she also ask them to go out for drinks/meal but they managed to ditch her because of work? Glad to see that happen. They clearly don’t want to offend the bosses kid but at the same time they don’t want their work to suffer as well.


    Loan Grandma wants to thank Gemma for donating her liver so that she can live. But for once I don’t think that is totally necessary since Gemma didn’t do this from the total kindness of her heart and only did so because she was paid in this case for her services and all. But if this makes any kind of progress between the relationship between all these characters, I guess it is okay for the time being.


    Though while we are speaking of the so called liver transplant lets get on with the absurdity of it all. The main lead (still haven’t come up with a nickname for him or learnt his real one. What is wrong with me>) discovers that both he and his brother aren’t a match and he gets so desperate that he asks Gemma a worker at his restaurant to sell her kidney to him and in return he will clear her debts. Thus they all come out as winners. Okay but how did he even know that Gemma would even be a match it wasn’t like he asked her for her blood type and all. Was that part of her registration form write down your blood type incaase of emergencies? I mean what would have happened if they agreed to the deal only to find out that she isn’t a match at all. That would have been giving false hope to Gemma and then snatching it away at the last minute. That would be totally cruel of both fate and all. It also wouldn’t have solved her problem. Fortunately, she was a match so the surgery went without any kind of hitch.


    As for the fact about how she could donate her kidney since we know thanks to K-Dramas that you generally need to be family to do so. I recall watching a drama where this was indeed the case a few years back I believe it was called Big Man. Over there the villains needed a heart transplant I think for their son who was in critical condition (perhaps he had already gotten a transplant but it had started to reject or something along those lines). So, they then discover that the Male Lead is a match but since they are fully aware that he might not donate his willingly. They pretend that he is their long-lost son and bring him into the family. Naturally he discovers the truth and doesn’t go along with their plan if my memory serves correctly. But prior to that he would have done so. If this drama follows the same rules, then it makes sense that they would have tried to perhaps fabricate some sort of documents to indicate this as well. Fake Marriage might be the way to go about it. Again, I say this based on assumptions.


    After the surgery is done Gemma is being checked out by a nurse who I guess tells her that the surgery went well and gives her some pills. She then asks her if she is all alone and Gemma thinks that to be true and tells her so. At this moment Male Lead pops in to thank her and ask about her health and all. Notice the smile/look on the nurse’s face at this moment. She probably thinks that it is so Romantic that the husband is checking up on his wife. But then again, I am not so sure how they could have pulled this off. Loan Grandma probably wouldn’t be okay with this and even if she did, she would try and make some kind of precautions that Gemma doesn’t take advantage of this situation in the future. Probably by making her sign some sort of document that once this is over, she can’t ask them for anything such as money or actually marry into the family etc...


    Come to think about it that might actually be interesting if that happens because if Gemma wants her revenge, she will definitely have to marry into that family. Loan Granny already has a promissory note that Designer Mom has signed for borrowing money from her. Sloppy has also mentioned how Loan GrandMa has brought down companies that have failed to pay her back on time. Clearly foreshadowing of things to come. Now the question will be is how can Gemma best sabotage everyone to get what she wants. She sadly can’t clone herself to be everywhere at the same time. This means that she will have to eventually let go of something. Right now, people have suggested that perhaps Loan Grandma brings her in and tries to teach her the art of money lending. Come to think about it they have a few things in common in regards to how they lived. According to Granny she claims to have worked hard and saved all of her money and in doing so sacrificed things that she wanted to purchase for herself like food and clothes and other things. She led the simple life (or as much as she could) to be able to increase her business and all. From what the mother and her friend were discussing it seems like Gemma did the same thing just so that her brother could go into medical school. So it does seem that these two women can click on this matter atleast and the concept of sacrifice and all. Thus, this makes sense on some scale. Then we have her currently working at the restaurant. As long as she works here the main leads have a connection of sorts and they keep getting to meet each other and get to know each other better. But just how long can this last. It seems like this is only a temporary job so her working for his grandmother makes partial sense since they still might bump into each other. Regardless in this way I find it hard to see that she can progress in her quest for revenge so this job will likely have to go.


    The other job that I can see her do is work at her mother’s company. We know that she is good at designing shoes since her mother unintentionally stole her design. It is also the major that she was going for. To the point that she can get so absorbed in her studies that she fails to notice customers and all. So it is equally possible that she gets to work over here and this will naturally cause conflict between her sister and herself down the line for a few reasons. Perhaps Playboy will be interested in her because she doesn’t show any kind of interest in him unlike other girls, she also shows him attitude regardless of his wealth. All of these will be reason enough for the sister to feel jealous and threatened but then the real kicker will show up. Gemma is also going to be naturally skilled in designing shoes something that she isn’t. so, the question now is how does she get to work over here. Perhaps Main Lead helps recommend her for the job because he suddenly remembers that was her major and that she enjoyed doing it.


    But what will this mean for the Loan Grandma’s offer if it comes? Can she do both something like Miss Monte Cristo who could multitask her jobs. After all I can see this is the only way that Gemma can get her hands on the promissory note and pressure her mother into paying the loan back or use it as a bargaining chip if she gets fired. Most likely that will happen because sister will try and frame her for something if we follow standard K-Drama rules and all.


    What is wrong with Clubbers’ mothers outfit. In the current episode she is wearing a slightly torn shirt. Was this intentional? Are they trying to show that the family is in such poor financial condition that they are now forced to wear such clothes? Mind you it doesn’t make all that much sense since she had decent clothes before she got fired so she should still be using them instead of wearing torn clothes unless she is doing it intentionally to make her sense realize their predicament. But I doubt that his mother is all that calculating. Regardless she needs to make a stand when it comes to her son and tell him to find a job so that he can help them survive. It isn’t like they can leech of Gemma for their entire lives now can they especially if they have any kind of shame. Which while the mother might have the son doesn’t.


    So, someone mentioned that this drama is written by the same writer that wrote Ruby Ring and Two Mothers. While I still haven’t watched the former and probably won’t do so unless I truly have nothing better to do so. I have watched the latter. Infact that drama holds the distinction of being my first post in Soompi in regards to it. If this is the case not so sure what to expect over here. If I am to base my assumptions from that show and the writers work let’s see what we got over there.


    An Open Ending: Though after all was said and done it wasn’t all that bad, I guess and it sort of made sense as well. Over here I don’t think that will fly. The guy is genuinely nice and doesn’t seem to be the type to cheat on either his wife/girlfriend so he will be perfect for Gemma. The guy has gone through his own trauma so he doesn’t need anymore.


    The Writer Was Sloppy: Hope that the writer has improved since back then. Apparently, they were bad at maths back then. I remember coming up with a certain theory back in the day which turned out to be correct by the way. But when I initially posted it, I was told that I was wrong and the posters had the math to prove it. So, I believed them. But it turns out that my initial theory was only correct because the writer turned out to be bad at Maths. LoL and they tried to cover up this fact if it was pointed out to them with nonsense or something along the line. Also, even though I did believe the posters I still did try and point out certain things where a character may have been wrong in their belief and why but that again is a story for another day.


    My point here is that the writer really needs to up their game if they want to impress me from my previous experience. I did catch other a few other issues but that might not have been the writer’s fault.


    Characters That Don’t Make Sense: Okay I mean I have read about some of the comments in regards to Ruby Ring such as how could the Twin Swap happen in the first place that doesn’t make a lot of sense due to their heights and voice not matching etc.…

    Then we had a Psycho Female Lead. While I could slightly understand her motivation, I just couldn’t go along with it especially when it was proven just how wrong she was by the end. Over here I feel that if we don’t speed up the story and give us a decent reason for Gemma’s revenge against her mother we will be in the same book. As of now there seems to be not only little progress in regards to this but nothing is actually motivating her.


    I mean sure she is recording her mothers’ conversations secretly these days to hopefully use against her in her revenge plot but what is the motivating factor over here. Just because she abandoned them as kids and left them when their father died is slightly weak. Heck if the mother can actually prove that she was in an abusive relationship with her husband then she could perhaps even be forgiven by Gemma. Her stealing her shoe design might be an issue for revenge but again it is so small that it can be ignored at this point and also an absurd reason to take revenge on her. The only real issue that I feel that Gemma should perhaps hold against her is the fact that she is happily married and even has a child that she ignored the pleading cries of her former children especially her son who has passed away without getting to fulfill his dying wish. But for that the real guilty party is Sloppy that prevented her from doing so. Granted Designer Mom is an adult and can make her own choices so she is certainly partially to blame. But other than that, I just don’t see any real motivating factor. Perhaps she thinks that her mother has become corrupt with power or something along those lines and to prevent her from doing more harm to others she needs to be stopped.


    Then we need to ask just how far is Gemma going to go for her revenge and what lines she is willing to cross to achieve them. Because we don’t want to see her become some kind of monster to defeat her mother. After all Evil doesn’t necessarily need to be defeated by Evil. Atleast not in the old days. But hey times are changing and lines are certainly blurring nowadays.


    Call me old fashioned but I certainly don’t want people to be having in this shows just to progress a plot we are better than this.


    On a side note, let’s just get the clubbers under one roof as that might make some sort of sense plot wise. So, for that we can have Clubber (Geun Wook), Playboy as a team. Also, since we have Sloppy’s Eldest son living in the States he might as well join this group as well. Sure, he may have been actually studying or working hard over there. But at the same time according to K-Drama Laws/Tropes a country is actually a whole lot smaller than one thinks. In this case we shouldn’t get surprised if it turns out that Playboy and Eldest Son end up knowing each other for some reason as they met in the States. Since the plot needs to move forward and Gemma needs to keep tabs of what is going on in both families let’s go with the fact that she convinces Clubber to join their group and problem solved. Perhaps the three of them together can start a business venture by the end of the show and become super successful. Everyone gets to be happy then. Heck even Bestie gets a decent living and a happy ending then.


    Someone brought up the fact whether or not Stepsister might have been the cause of Male Leads issues ie Scandal. As of now it seems to make no sense in regards to this. Both families seem to know each other. Won’t say quite well but they seem to be on decent terms as of now. If she was responsible for his incident, they would have known and knowing Loan Grandma she would have done something about it. Then again, she tends to stay quiet as long as she gets paid and perhaps only gets involved when the other party can’t pay her back. I doubt that she goes out of her way to sabotage them to get her revenge and all. She is too old to take revenge, I guess. This might probably change once she discovers that Designer Mom was married to her stepson and then abandoned him to get an upgrade in life. But then again should we be actually blaming her for that since the husband was abusive towards her. Though I guess nobody is going to believe her when she reveals this fact since she will have done so may more bad things by then. She really should have tried to get a divorce from her husband and gathered evidence to justify her actions and if that had been the case, we might not have felt so bad for her.


    Anyway, back to the point that I was making from what I gathered there was 1. A scandal that made the Main Lead lose his job and 2. He was married to a Gold Digger in the past because of which he has his own scars and all. So now it is totally possible that we may get two characters pop back up in the future perhaps to cause complications between the main leads and all. But if I were to guess it might just be one woman. After all the show can’t have the budget to hire multiple actors when they can do the same thing with just one person. So, if I were to surmise this is what happened. He was approached by a Gold Digger of a student and he falls for her. Once they are married the Gold Digger leaks it out to the public/press that she married the professor or was in a relationship with him. She might have further brought up the fact that he abused his position and that is why she had no choice to get together with him. Such as him threatening to fail her unless they date and things similar. Even if people are against the fact of a Teacher and Student relationship a person abusing their power is equally bad. That might have been reason enough to cause the Scandal. Once he discovered that she was playing him the next step would have been to give her a divorce and set both of themselves free. She still gets a ton of money from the divorce so she still wins out in the end. Only the main lead ends up suffering and gets an emotional scar along the way as well. Again, I may be totally wrong and both people can be totally unrelated and we may have to wait and see if the writer even goes down this path to introduce said characters and why. Perhaps it is Second Lead who hunts her down and convinces her to win back male lead so that she can get rid of Gemma and all. (For whatever reason she feels threatened ie Playboy is showing more interest in her or the fact that she has discovered that she is her mothers first daughter or both of them.)



    Anyway, good news folks the episode apparently seems to be finally subbed so I will be going to go and watch it and check out just how good my assumptions were in regards to this show. So, till next time. Also, all of you keep posting perhaps we may discover a plot twist before it actually happens or discover a Drama Logic Fail. So let’s get to it.


    LoL @LeftCoastOppa just noticed that you had the some of the same points that I had but you beat me to it due to my long post typing (Not asking Gemma's Blood Type). Good Job :) 

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  22. So writing long posts certainly makes one lose their initial track of thoughts until something or someone brings it up. Just caught up with all of your posts as well as the recent episodes and some thoughts regarding it all.


    So lets get on with this post.


    For starters I want to thankyou @LeftCoastOppa for bringing up a point that I wanted to bring up myself but forgot due to the length of my post. Though if I am being totally honest it wasn’t the same but similar to yours.


    You mentioned how the cops should have been searching for Designer Mom even though other people in the cast didn’t want her to be found for whatever reason they had. After all she should have been legally married to her husband unless they tell us otherwise. Good catch but my question that is related to it would have been to ask just how did Designer Mom get married to her new husband aka Sloppy. As you pointed out she was already married and therefore if she wanted to marry someone else, she would need to get divorced or show that she was a widow. After all there should have been records of her marriage somewhere. Don’t people check these facts when a person is registering for their marriages. After all I doubt that Korea allows a person to be married multiple times ie have more than one husband or wife. Then again what do I know about getting married and how this works. I do know that one has to register their marriage but what is the purpose of that if the other party just keeps that for record purposes. It would make more sense if they say hey look you can’t marry this person because our records indicate that they are still married. If this isn’t the case, please have them rectify this matter as soon as possible. This also prevents the other party from getting hurt or being in a fraudulent marriage and all.


    Anyway, back to the point that I was making. I guess it might be possible that Sloppy may have lied to his wife and told her that he would handle the matter of marriage and dealing with her Ex. Then come up with the lie that he had signed the divorce papers and he had given him and her family compensation. Since she actually knows the truth, she would pretend to believe him. But even then, I don’t know how long this façade could actually work. But since this is a K-Drama lets just go with the flow.


    Okay so they finally bothered to explain why the female lead has her name changed. Now I feel like an idiot for not figuring it out on my own. She wasn’t totally honest when it came to her original name but I feel like we should give her a pass in regards to that. I take it more likely that she genuinely believes that the old her is dead and that she has forgotten about her past (death of her father and the abandonment of her mother) and this is her moving on with her new life. But we all know that this is going to cause complications down the line for a lot of people.


    I wonder if this episode as also hinted of what to expect in future episodes. We have seen that the grandmother has asked Gemma to live in their house and work for her as she will pay for her services and all. As of now she refused to accept this due to her pride and all. But just how long is that going to last. We have also seen her being harassed by the loan sharks not only at her house but also from the preview for the next episode at her work as well. Main Lead witness this and even proposes to clear her debts for her. Now I don’t see her accepting this due to her pride but this clearly leads us to the next step depending on how one looks at it. For instance he can still pay the amount behind her back and once she finds out she is initially furious at him for doing so and looking down at her. But now that she has to pay him back, she agrees to take care of his grandmother as well. This means that she gets to move into his place and work there as well. Or we can go the route of Fatal Promise (nearly finished that drama folks. I guess I will get to finally see the ending all of you keep referring to and all). He manages to convince her that her life would be in danger if she keeps living at her place since the loan sharks will continue to harass her and all. Thus, while he can protect her from them at work it can’t be the same when she has to go home. Therefore, she can move into his house till she pays them back.


    Do you think any of the two scenarios are possible and if so, which one do you predict will happen or if you want one of your own? Frankly I feel the first one seems to be more likely at the moment but we will have to wait and see.


    Not sure that I like the second female lead. But hey when do we actually like them. She wants to marry the money lenders second son but from what I can tell is he even all that great. From the talk that I gathered between mother and daughter the guy seems to be uber popular on social media but I can’t tell if he does a job or not. It is one of the reasons why the mother wanted her daughter to marry someone from a wealthier family but the daughter wasn’t all that interested and pointed out that the grandson that she chose was no slouch in that department as well as his grandmother was rich as well. But if I am being honest, she shouldn’t hold onto that thought alone.


    We have seen just how unpredictable the grandmother can be. Thus, given her personality I wouldn’t find it hard to believe if she suddenly decided to donate all of her wealth for charity. She has already given one grandson a restaurant to run but probably only because he seems capable of doing so. Therefore, it may totally be possible that if she feels that her grandson won’t amount to anything else she won’t give him a dime. This means that the second female lead is going to be on the street faster than she can count. I am getting the impression that she is going after the guy based on his looks rather than his skills though I may be wrong in this department.


    Another question that I seem to have is that the guy working for the grandmother in his search for her son is a con artist of sorts. He may have thought that he has found his cash cow for life. First of all, he presents people that can be possibly be her lost child and they get paid for it and I am sure he gets some money for his time and effort as well. After all nobody works for free. So, he continues to delay the search since he keeps getting paid. Then he hopes to strike lucky by possibly bringing in a fake and if the grandmother thinks that she got the right one he will milk said fake son for the rest of his life. But the problem here is that he doesn’t know exactly what he is looking for. By this time he knows that the son is supposed to have a scar on his hand but he doesn’t know what it looks like so he tries to be lucky.


    I do wonder how they will eventually figure out the truth and how Gemma is connected to them all. But I guess she gets to live with her grandmother before the truth is revealed so I guess that is better than nothing at this point. Does Gemma even know what her dad looked like when he was a child that she can identify him or will it take her looking through her dads things by chance to discover the connection that she has to that family and how will the Second Lead and her mother react to this discovery.


    @LeftCoastOppa you also brought up the fact of how the kids were frightened by a little thunder and woke up but that they were totally oblivious as too how their father treated their mother and all. I have an explanation for that I don’t know how well that will fly with others and if it is totally logical at this point.


    First of all, it is possible that they usually are sound sleepers so they don’t know what is going on around them. It was just coincidence that they both managed to wake up on that fateful and stormy night thus their fear of thunder can easily be explained as bad timing. The second thing that I can go with is that probably the dad hadn’t been abusive in the past and it was only something that he started to do recently thus they didn’t catch all the signs. It also probably didn’t help that the mother didn’t want to worry them so she lied about how she got her injuries. Gemma being a smart girl might have eventually figured out the truth but who knows. After all the writer wants to justify Gemma going after her mother in Revenge so they will eventually end up making her the villain even though the husband was a wife abuser and all.


    Speaking of stuff lets get the thinking caps on and try and figure out who will be the first one to connect all of the dots together and how. For instance, how will Designer Mom finally discover that Gemma is her daughter. I say that it has to be by the shoe necklace that she presented both of her kids. Gemma probably keeps that around her somehow and now that her brother has passed away, she will also have his to not only remember him but to be used as a focus for her revenge if she ever starts to become soft.


    But I doubt that Designer Mom will be the first to recognize her. Perhaps it will be Second Lead. Not sure what will be the give away clue. Will she find a picture of her mother in Gemma’s house and wonder why that is the case and try to look into the matter? Once she discovers the truth she will try and get rid of her before her mother does because she will be afraid that her mother will want to return to Gemma. Though I suspect that Gemma wouldn’t want that to happen. Then again, I find it hard to believe that Gemma would keep a picture of her biological mother in the house. She has more than accepted the fact that her current mother is her mother now. Not that I care.


    Also, what do you think will be Sloppy’s reaction once he discovers Gemma’s identity. He has done his best to ensure that his wife has cut all ties with her previous family and she claims to have done that. But then he suddenly finds out that her daughter is now working in their company and that to under his wife. Don’t you think that she has been lying to him all this time and all. Will he suddenly decide to become abusive to her just like her previous husband. Will that be a touch of Karma on her or will he try and get rid of her as well before the wife discovers the truth.


    Oh well that covers some of my points for the time being until I actually remember what I am forgetting again. So till next time take care all of you and keep posting.

    @LeftCoastOppa thanks once again for reminding me of a point that I was forgetting. Further points for beating me to it. Keep up the good work

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  23. So I guess it is finally time for a new show let’s see how this turns out to be. Can already tell that there are people that one isn’t going to like though are they pure evil or morally grey one will have to find out. Though one can safely assume part of the ending since this story is clearly a flashback as to how the female leads mother will end up getting the death sentence unless something changes along the way.


    I guess this drama doesn’t call out to me like sone of the other dramas since I have failed to learn any of the characters names so far. Female lead seems to be easy so far since she calls herself Gemma these days but why the sudden name change. One could perhaps understand if she had gone abroad to study and had her name changed over there to make it easy for people to call her and all but that doesn’t seem to be the case over here. New Mom mentions that she is full of debt because she has bored money from loan sharks as well just so that she could pay for her brothers’ education so that he could become a doctor and all. She even sacrificed things for herself (food, clothes, jewelry etc.…) so that she could make this happen.


    I mean I get that the name change is going to help her with her disguise since her mother has failed to recognize her, she can safely use this new name to get close to her to start her revenge against her mother and all. So, I really hope that they explain why she went ahead and got a name change.


    Now moving on to other parts of this drama.


    Lets start of with some of the characters.




    Drunk Dad: I would say that between being a terrible person and being a total Scum, he would have to be the former. This is because while he was occasionally abusive towards his wife, he atleast loved his kids and never hit beat them. Now I certainly don’t approve of him lifting his hand against his wife I am just saying that he was slightly decent since people are known to even hurt their kids in drunken stupors or just is. Also, while they show why he was like that towards his wife it still doesn’t justify his actions. One does feel slightly bad for him considering his past history and one can therefore understand his current insecurity but what he doesn’t seem to realize is that he was his greatest enemy over here. Just look at the facts.


    As a child he was abandoned by his own father thus he had a fear of abandonment by other people. A trauma of sorts. Then he gets married but he still isn’t happy because he fears that she may also leave him someday. This is further reinforced by the fact that he is fully aware that he wasn’t his wife’s first choice and that she had a first love. Not only that but the wife is also occasionally in touch with first love. It also doesn’t help that he knows that the only reason she isn’t with him is due to certain circumstances ie the guy was forced to marry somebody else. Meaning that one or both of them may still harbour feelings towards each other. If that is the case, he fears that his wife was only with him for some obligation or the other and if this wasn’t the case, she would return to him. Not only this but his wife is still being paid by said Ex when she sells some of her designs to him. This further hurts his pride and ego and the same time. Since he considers this as living of his wife’s Ex. It also doesn’t help that the Ex is in a financially better position than him as well. (He is rich the Ex). All these things made him irrational and imagine scenarios that never happened.


    I guess part of the problem over here is that his wife wasn’t all that open with him such as whenever she met with the Ex she never told him about it thus he was left to imagine the worse. Especially considering the fact that he finds out from other people about her encounter with the Ex or the fact that she accepts gifts from him. He probably took that as a sign that she was just with him since she was married to him but behind his back she was fooling around with her Ex. Now I know that one can say that this may be a with harsh of me to say this and that the wife might have been more open in the past when she met the Ex but since she knew of his reactions toward the Ex she decided to stay silent whenever she met him. Not sure which makes it right. Oh well it doesn’t matter at this point since he is no more in the world of the living.


    Designer Mom: Okay moving on to the next person in the list. As an abused victim I can easily understand her wanting to leave that lifestyle at some point and can probably even support her decision. But not the way how she did it in the show. Perhaps she has a reason for doing so and I will get into that in a bit but for now let’s look at her. After being forced out of her house she ends up with her first love. But to do this she has to abandon everything from her past including her children. Now if circumstances were different, I could probably understand where she was coming from when she made this choice. For instance, she knows that her husband loved the kids and that since he never harmed them, they were in good hands. If she based her choice on that it might not have been all that wrong. But this wasn’t the case over here. She was fully aware that her Ex had run down her husband and that he was dead because of that. This meant that she was aware that her kids had no one to take care of themselves and that they would have to fend on their own.


    Now while the Ex may have told her that she couldn’t meet with her kids and husband if she chose him, she could have still helped her kids in secret. We see no signs of that further making her a worse person than one expects. It also doesn’t help since we don’t know her true agenda. Now I know people can easily argue that she simply is with her current husband aka the Ex because she was tired of her old abusive life and wanted something more. But I feel like she may be with him for her own agenda. Perhaps being ambitious might be part of it though that may have come a bit later. For now, let’s look at some facts.


    She is fully aware that the Ex was responsible for the hit and run on her current husband and no matter how much abuse the husband heaped on her she was still with him. Showing that she cared for him to some extent and wouldn’t leave him probably because of her kids as well. Given a choice she would have probably even returned to that house. But since the husband is dead, she decided to move on. But while we are talking about this it might be safe to assume that it is quite possible that she is with her Ex to take revenge on him for killing her Ex. Or atleast that may have been the initial plan but things changed along the way especially once she became pregnant with his kid and all. So, it may have been possible that in the past her initial thoughts may have been along the following lines. Take everything away from her Ex as punishment for killing her husband and returning to her family and giving them the happy comfortable life that they never had. Heck she may still be planning to do the same even now she just wants her husband to fall from grace where he can never get back up from and perhaps hurt her if she leaves. But since she isn’t the type of person that communicates well we may never know if this is certainly the case.


    Also, the writer trying to show that she kind of feels bad knowing that one of her kids isn’t doing all that well but can’t go and see them because of the promise that she made with her husband and all. Sorry but that doesn’t cut it for me. As I pointed out she had ample opportunities to help her kids in secret if she truly wanted to do something. This way some of the revenge headed towards her could make some viewers take some pity towards her. She does try to control some way how her current daughter lives but it just isn’t the same. Have a bit more to say about the wife but will get that to it later on.


    Sloppy (New Husband): One may feel slightly bad for this guy but at the end of the day it doesn’t last for long. He was tricked/forced to marry his previous wife even though he had promised to do so with Designer Mum. So, he dumps her and marries someone from a rich family that had mental issues as well as a kid. But at the same time, he still pines for his first love and tries to interfere in her life not caring about all the damage that he is causing or being too clingy towards her. He can’t seem to take her refusal as well making matters worse. So, he can try and justify his actions towards her from a business perspective and all but we all know the truth which is that he just wants her to be part of his life in someway or the other. He thinks that he is saving her by taking her away from her abusive life and all never realizing that he is the cause or even if he is aware, he simply doesn’t care.


    Finally, he gets the chance to be with her when he accidentally killed her husband in a hit and run accident. He then makes her promise that if she wants a good life, she needs to cut all contact with her past life. Note he did this part on purpose. He thinks that Designer Mum isn’t aware of who he hit and killed. This way he thinks that he may have persuaded her that even though she has left her kids behind they still have their dad to take care of them thus she isn’t abandoning them at all. On the other hand, he knows that if she knows the truth, she will insist on bringing her kids with her. Something that he isn’t okay with since he is a bit selfish in this department but this isn’t something new.


    We know for a fact that he doesn’t like raising other people’s kids by the fact that he has exiled his son to the States since he was by his first wife before they got married. Though if we think about it, he could have possibly tried to do the same thing over here. It might even have garnered him some points with Designer Mum and perhaps not tried to do down the path of revenge against him. Oh well Karma will certainly get to him at some point as usual.


    Now as to why do I call him Sloppy is quite simple. He commits a hit and run and thinks that he has gotten away Scott free only to end up getting blackmailed by Sleazy. So, he tries to be smart and has him sign a confidentiality contract so that he can get all the evidence from him and all. But in his haste, he drops the promissory note and doesn’t realize that it is still missing.


    So, we can easily imagine what is going to happen sometime in the future. Said Uncle is probably doing okay with whatever business that he has started with the money for the time being. But he will eventually return in the picture when that venture is going to either flop or need financial aid to bail him out. For this end he will try and blackmail the Chairman once again to help him out and since Sloppy was careless enough to lose the note the first time round he will probably be forced to help him out at times. Not sure if that is considered Karma or not.


    Also, not so sure where I stand on him divorcing his last previous wife just so that he could marry his Ex. Is she even alive, what about his kid with said wife will he return and will he want revenge on him for abandoning both him and his mother back in the day? Will he perhaps team up with Gemma and help her in her revenge. That might just become an interesting revenge plot if I may say so. But I doubt that will be the case.


    Okay so this mostly covers most of the senior cast or atleat the parents with some of their plots. Not so sure where I can go with the younger cast or the fact that we need to talk about the money lender granny as well. Oh well let’s see what happens next.


    So, moving on to other stuff. First of all, I want to say that the synopsis just doesn’t seem to match all that much from what we seem to get. The only way that we can consider Gemma’s brother as ill was when he got injured and died because of it. Had the mother left if he was actually ill, I would have more issues with her.


    As for Gemma and her new family it is nothing new. Her stepmother seems sort of decent considering the fact that she has some sort of conscience and has been raising her for so long after profiting on her father’s death by saving her son’s life and all. So, I will give her some credit. Not much and since she has spoilt said son it might not be that high. As for her son he is the typical guy that doesn’t work at all and wants free handouts just because he was sick once. He tries to gain pity by pointing out that he had heart surgery and all and instead of working he is busy partying all night long. Heck he even gets further points docked since he tries to emotionally blackmail Gemma at times by pointing out that she wouldn’t treat him like this if he was her actual brother and all. Atleast Gemma’s brother was earning his pay by becoming a doctor and all (or even an intern or assistant whatever his post). So, one can say that her investment was worth it. But the stepbrother didn’t do any of that. He uses his condition as an excuse to not work or even payback what he borrowed from her. I partially blame his mother for his condition and while one can say that she is trying to get him to be more focused and serious it might just be too late.


    Not sure why Gemma is even shipping him with her best friend since that isn’t fair on her friend. I mean if things continue down this path the stepbrother is only going to be draining the best friend if they end up together. Also since this guy seems like the type to go for making easy money I sense that he is bound to cause some sort of trouble for the female lead down the line. Will he simply betray her or be tricked into doing so with the promise of an easy payday remains to be seen.


    Second Female Lead: Since she has only popped up in a few episodes it might be a bit harder to gauge her but I guess she is nothing new from what we have seen in past shows. A rich snobby brat who thinks that the world should revolve around her since she is rich and privileged. She will therefore follow the standard route. Not only that she will also try to get rid of Gemma with nasty plots and all as well as get involved in a love triangle with her.


    We know that she has the hots for Restaurant Owners brother since she asks about him. This clearly shows that she knows the family for quite some time as par with other shows. Once the brother returns, he isn’t going to be interested in her at all and might even fall for Gemma. Making her the competition and all. Stepsister is then going to do down the route that I was here first and if you never showed up the guy could have been mine. As for Gemma I might just see her try and use the guys feelings for her just to help her revenge progress faster and to get closer to that family and all. I hate when that happens especially when certain people have already been burnt in the Romance department. They are already healing from their previous Scars only to face new ones along the way. Perhaps forever wanting to stay away from finding happiness because of this. Unless I am mixing up my characters which is quite possible at this point since we haven’t been fully introduced to everyone at this point. But a love triangle is inevitable at this point.


    The only difference over here from a standard K-Drama Trope is the fact that when two leads for the same person they don’t realize that the other is their step family but this isn’t the case over here. Gemma has the advantage of already being aware that Snobby is her sister and therefore if she goes after the guy that she likes it will be on purpose instead of genuinely liking him.


    Designer Mum has made a major mistake by stealing her daughters design even if that was unintentional on her part. She messed up because Gemma is already irked at her for abandoning her family and living happily with her new one but now, she goes one step further and steals her precious design. This design also had a special significant meaning for Gemma as they were never intended for sale but as a gift for her brother. Her mother has messed up big time. She will need to make up to her original family in a big way even though that isn’t possible at this point.


    As for Designer Mom is her trade of in life worth it. Hard to say. I mean when she was previously married, she had an abusive husband but going into her new marriage it isn’t going to be all that comfortable if you sit back and look at it. Gemma may think this may be the case but we viewers know this to be not true. Designer Mom had to contend with her In-Laws that constantly looked down at her and believe that she seduced Sloppy to be with him. Never seeming to realize that it was the other way round. The SiL was firmly in her former SiL’s side and felt that her brother was doing wrong being with another woman when he was already married or the fact that Designer Mum not only shared the SiL’s bed but also her clothes. So, I doubt that level on animosity is going to go away so easily. It also doesn’t help that she feels that she was in a higher social standing than Designer Mom as well.


    Again, some might disagree with this assessment and say that she is more civil towards Designer Mum these days so they may have actually improved on their relationship. To this I would say that this isn’t necessarily the case. I feel that they have come to some sort of understanding but that is about it. For instance, Designer Mom must have pointed out that no matter what the sister does it isn’t going to change the fact that she is going to be her brother’s new wife and that he will always take her side. Thus, if she continues to behave the way she does she will simply ask her husband to either move from that place or ask him to make her (SiL) leave. If the SiL senses this to be true she may indeed cut of some of her hostility towards designer mum but like I said her animosity would still remain. This you can see by her snide remark about how the mother studied in Italy and all. Like her brother she knows that Designer Mom is lying about her background but she is wise enough to not speak about it infront of the daughter. Is she truly saving Designer Moms face by staying quiet? This is hardly the case in my opinion. As I pointed out if there is an understanding between the two women this makes sense because antagonizing Designer Mum would be a bad thing for her. As far as I can tell we haven’t seen SiL work.


    Well, she might be doing company work this means that Designer Mom might be in a position to get her fired or kicked out of the house if she slights her in anyway. Thus, for the time beings she is playing along with whatever story Designer Mum is going with since she doesn’t want to antagonize either her or her brother at this point.


    I do wonder what happened to her mother. Has she passed away or did she end up antagonizing Designer Mom that Sloppy was forced to send her away further sending a warning to SiL and this is why she is like this at the moment. If grandmother was sent away, is she raising first wife’s kid. She seemed to be okay with him and it did appear that she missed him as well until it was pointed out that he was exiled by his father.



    Anyway, while I have more to add will leave my post for the time being. Will give this drama a shot before deciding if I want to stick around for it or not or just watch episodes randomly. So, till next time and all of you take care. Hopefully this show will be more fun than the previous one but so far, I can’t seem to find the comic relief. Unless that is the female lead before, she starts her revenge arc.

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  24. Okay I know that I should probably move on to the next drama for everyone elses sanity and all but I felt like I should wrap up a few points that were made or what I think might be the case. Then definitely moving on to the next show.


    Okay so here goes




    @LeftCoastOppa Thanks for clarifying that Fake Doctors dad didn’t commit suicide as we all thought but died in a care home. In that case I guess I can see why his death may seem more unfair/unjust. If I were to go by fake doctors’ logic, I can only assume that he was going by the cause and effect rule. Meaning that if his dad hadn’t been kicked out, he wouldn’t have ended up in that care house and thus lived longer. Still like you pointed out that still doesn’t justify killing of Papa Ju. We can all agree that Miss. Monte Cristo killed him out of spite.


    @maribella Just to clarify a bit in regards to the bridge incident. I am not disagreeing with you about whether or not Giraffe dropped Eun Joo on purpose or that it was an accident. As viewers we knew that her intent to save her friend changed the moment it struck her that with Eun Joo gone/removed from the picture she could finally have Universal Oppa for herself. Granted things didn’t go as she planned and she had to take a page out of her mothers’ book to get Universal Oppa though that is a story for another day altogether. What I was trying to point out was that regardless of her intent that day Eun Joo was bound to fall from that bridge that night since she was trying to hold onto Eun Joo on her own as Serin was in shock. Even if she managed to snap her out of that state there is no guarantee that she could have held onto Eun Joo for that long. To make matters worse it was a stormy night therefore her hands slipping was even higher. Ofcourse like it was pointed out the intent changed and therefore Eun Joo had to die. Natrually they had to give the police false information where to search after that for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they had to report her missing otherwise they would have been the prime suspects. Secondly if Eun Joo were to survive the fall she could easily reveal what they tried to do to her meaning that all their efforts would have gone to waste.


    Now while they could easily explain the attempt on her life as Eun Joo being delusional/confused from the shock of the fall. After all, if they tried to harm her on purpose then why would they help find her. But the real problem that they would have faced was the fact that they had drugged her to kill her unborn child which would have clearly shown up in a test (even though they got rid of the evidence [drink/glass] that night). Though this being a K-Drama where the villains usually get away with their crimes especially if they are rich and all. In this case Evil Mom would probably simply way the lab to swap or falsify the actual report indicating that there was no foul play that night and we would have a very different story then but that is not important at this point now is it.


    Some have wondered what will happen to Hoon now that Eun Joo has lost her memory and would they try and pass him off as the child that she lost aka Byul/Star. I actually feel that may indeed be the case after all we have to remember that this is the same old naïve Eun Joo before the accident. Therefore, she will easily believe any story that they give her sadly. Though to be fair whether or not they can even pull of this charade depends on a few things. Basically, we need to know just how far back has her memory loss taken her. For instance, we clearly know that she has lost her memory of the past 6 years and is around the time she was supposed to marry Universal Oppa. But it isn’t clear if this was before her engagement party or after (just before she was to leave for her ill-fated bachelorette party). The timing is key over here. Since if it was before the engagement party then there could be complications since she only became aware of the fact that she was pregnant after the allergy mishap if I recall correctly.


    So, let’s assume that it happened after she discovered she was pregnant to avoid further complications and come up with a semi logical explanation. So, if she were to ask what happened to her child (which she surprisingly didn’t so it might be that her memory loss is before the engagement party sadly). The friends and family could easily present Hoon and claim that he is her kid. Remember since this is the naïve version of Eun Joo she would easily believe them as she has no real reason to suspect them at this point. Hoon just so happens to be around the same age as her child (just that he was conceived/given birth a few months later [probably a month or so at max]). So she isn’t going to get all that suspicious in regards to this. As for the matter as to why he considers Giraffe as his mother and her parents as his grandparents can also be easily explained to her.


    They might simply tell her that since Universal Oppa was so faithful towards her therefore he was so busy nursing her to health. Since he had no time to look after their son Giraffe volunteered to do so because she was a great friend and all. She is an Angel remember and not a demon of any kind. Due to this reason Hoon is under the misconception that she is his actual mother and since they didn’t want to further confuse or hurt him, they let him believe that. You can be sure that Eun Joo is going to fall for this deception and be ever grateful towards Giraffe until her memory returns.


    Even then the rest of folks won’t think that they have done anything wrong since they are going to justify their actions by pointing out that no matter what grudge she held against his parents she did care for him genuinely and all and he also liked her so it harms no one if they lied like that. Frankly speaking if they also go down this route, they also prevent him from becoming another Disco Oppa so there is certainly that.


    Not that any of this is important at this point, I guess. Though come to think about it her losing her memory and reverting her to this state is further insulting to this character because she becomes the same naïve and weak character that she was in the start. Meaning people can easily take advantage of her good nature. Had she retained her new personality she could have the best of both worlds. Meaning she could be kind when she needs too but at the same time, she wouldn’t let people take advantage or try to make a fool out of her. Oh well what can one say.


    Hopefully if we know how the writer operates, we can assume that the questioning by the prosecution is going to make her get a full recollection in a matter of minutes. After all didn’t that happen to Universal Oppa. He was in shock just like her and fell back in the same memory zone as well. All it took was Giraffe being an idiot and forcing him to remember of sorts to snap him back to the present. Meaning he was out of it for what 2 episodes at the max if I recall correctly. Though this would mean that she isn’t going to get her Happily Ever After sadly.


    @LeftCoastOppa My question as to who could have reported Miss Monte Cristo to the prosecution thanks for the explanation. Though I was trying to further narrow down the list based on probability and all. So what do we exactly have from that list I can only come up with Five Suspects at the moment if you get anyone else please add them to the list.


    Crooked Lawyer: - She promised to reward him as much as his information was worth. Instead, she recorded his confession/gloating as to how he helped Papa Ju cheat her family and all. This probably further increased his sentence and ensures that even if he is ever released, he can never practice law. This will certainly allow him to have a grudge against her. But I doubt that he will be able to do much damage to her in regards to this since he probably wouldn’t have been aware of her actual agenda unless he overhears something while he is locked up which gives him some fuel for fire. Threat level 1 or 2 points.


    Mr. Wang:- While is loyalty was certainly towards New Mom he did seem to care about her to some extent. So, I don’t see him revealing anything in regards to Miss Monte Cristo. By the end she had earned his friendship atleast. Not so sure about loyalty when she was there to take revenge on Mr. Na for abandoning New Mom. He pointed out that it was his job to avenge New Moms death and not hers. Therefore, it makes sense why he would take the fall for that as well. Once his debt to New Mom was over, he felt like he had fulfilled his duty and it was time to move on. Thus, I say that he probably had her friendship by the end since she tried to do something that didn’t fully concern her. Regardless of that her actions certainly moved him. Threat level 0


    Chairman (Disco Oppa’s Dad):- Now he certainly may have been a possibility but if I am being honest I have my doubts regarding this as well. This is a man that is resigned to his fate and will accept any punishment meted out to him at this point. Though to be fair this is more in regards to his son’s reputation. As he pointed out that if he tried to hire the best legal defense team to allow him to get out of this mess then all of Disco Oppas efforts to make things right not only goes down the drain but it also makes him look bad. This will further prevent him from achieving other things in life and all. Thus to avoid all this the father decided to not only go with the punishments given out to him but also allowed Disco Oppa to arrange his defense team which will probably allow him to be proven guilty for whatever crimes that he is accused of. So, I kind of find it hard to believe that he will reveal Miss Monte Cristo’s involvement just to get a lesser sentence at this point. perhaps to clarify a few points but that is about it. Thus, Threat Level would probably be 1-2 pretty much the same as Crooked Lawyer.


    Evil Mum:- Threat Level is debatable and can easily vary. But at the moment chances of her revealing Miss Monte Cristo’s involvement are quite high. She wasn’t someone that would go down quietly unlike her husband. Granted she seems to be in minor shock after her daughters death that she can’t seem to accept this fact. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t seem to remember how she may have ended up there (jail). But even then, she could have easily reported Miss Monte Cristo’s involvement at any time including her present condition. Threat Level 3


    Fake Doctor:- While he may have initially been loyal towards Miss Monte Cristo and even helped her with her revenge his loyalty may have changed along the way and he may hold a grudge against her at this point. First of all, things may have changed in regards to how he feels about what he did or how the prosecution may have convinced him. Such as telling him that he threw away his career or life in the quest for his revenge. Initially that may not have been a problem since he was planning on going down with Papa Ju if he could successfully kill him and have his revenge until Miss Monte Cristo persuaded him otherwise. Secondly Miss Monte Cristo promised him that he wouldn’t be locked up behind bars for a long time and that she would help him get out soon. But a year has passed and he hasn’t heard a word from her and he could easily think that she may have abandoned him. So, for that reason alone he may have sold her out. Not that it was Miss Monte Cristo’s fault (completely) since she fell into a coma and once, she recovered she ended up with amnesia but it isn’t like he knows any of this. Threat Level 5.


    Serin:- Depending on how lucid she is and whether or not anyone believes her at that moment


    Then again, I may be totally wrong in my assumptions and it can easily be someone else altogether. Not that it matters at this point I guess especially since the drama has ended and we can believe what we want after that ending.


    As for me this is the weird ending that I will be going with for the time being until someone comes up with something better.


    Eun Joo survives her trip to the prosecution but she now seems to hear voices (remnants of Miss Monte Cristo and others during her time aka New Mum). She is afraid that she is losing her mind but her family convinces her otherwise and persuades her to focus on her wedding to Universal Oppa.


    She attends a Fortune Teller so that she can get the perfect dates for her wedding only to be informed by the Fortune Teller that she can see dead people around her and that to be free she must return to where it all began. Cryptic as usual. Regardless Eun Joo somehow finds herself at the ill fated bridge in the middle of Winter and as she is standing on it she is hit by a vision of a woman that looks just like her but in more of a darker shade (Miss Monte Cristo) who tells her to release her. When she asks her who she is she gets the equally Cryptic response “I am you and you are me”

    Miss Monte Cristo then appears to fall of the bridge and Eun Joo tries to grasp onto her to save her but she is then visited by another vision of Giraffe. “Spare me and the truth will set you free” she also jumps after Miss Monte Cristo.


    In leaning over to rescue them both Eun Joo ends up taking a dive “Again”. But as they say Practice Makes Perfect thus Eun Joo not only survives the fall, she does so without any kind of injury but also retains all of her memories. (Remember that this is Winter so there is ice instead of water). Thus, when she falls, she cracks the ice and falls in the cold freezing water. We think that she is done for when suddenly a hand emerges from the hole. Soon Eun Joo is seen coming out of the whole but she is differently dressed. (She was initially wearing light-coloured clothes but she is now in a darker shade aka Miss Monte Cristo. But just when the viewers think that everything is over, we see Spirits swirling around her. They then enter her and just as each of them does so/after we see who they are. People that have somehow been influenced by her in some way. Ie Giraffe, New Mum, Ga Eun, Mr. Na, Papa Ju (add anyone else one likes). For special effects her face glows and a beam of energy seems to come out of her eyes and mouth before returning to normal.


    Guess what folks it is time for the birth of the actual Detective X and now a new saga begins in the life of Eun Joo. Where each of her separate identities pops up at times sometimes to cause havoc and other times to help her solve cases of different kinds or just plain help her without her being aware. For instance


    Miss Monte Cristo shows up whenever there seems to be any kind of injustice to helpless people especially women.

    Giraffe shows up whenever another psycho personality is in the neighborhood or to confront said personality and Miss Monte Cristo may be taking a little nap from her last trip out. She also pops up a couple of times in the presence of Universal Oppa and Hoon. Confusing the both of them like crazy whenever that happens.

    New Mum can’t help herself and pops up every now and again to make a good investment or leaves a tip for Eun Joo to find (perhaps Universal Oppa). Thus, Eun Joo and family always live well.

    Not so sure for Ga Eun’s spirit. Perhaps she just comes out for an occasional good time and if they need someone that can speak foreign languages.

    Mr. Na will probably show up whenever Detective X needs information from criminals and thugs. He will use his connections to help solve the cases. He will also pop up to check up on Serin after all you can’t stop true love now can you in this show.

    Papa Ju will be the Drug Identifier and help catch Drug Smugglers and whatnot. he will also be the Class Clown and perhaps show up if he needs to cause a distraction while the cops or the Oppa Brothers investigate the matter. He will also check up on Top Knot Mum if he is able and play 20 Questions with his Doppelganger.

    The spirit of Byul/Star may also show up at Random Intervals and will help with missing children’s cases or children that have been murdered and ensures that their perpetrators face justice. And if the law fails to do their job, then they shall face it from Miss Monte Cristo herself.


    Just to make sure we know which character is being played we can have each of the actors that played them take over the body by said actors. Thus, we can leave it at the point whether the other people see the same things ie Mr. Na or they see Eun Joo acting out in a weird way. Frankly I would say that both can happen at the same time unless we want to check out the acting skills of the actress of Eun Joo.


    Either way this is how I would have perhaps ended the show. Though this is probably something other people wouldn’t be interested in watching.



    Well, I guess this covers most of my points for the time being. Thankyou all of you that were here for a great ride and now it is finally time to move on to the next show. I guess Miss Otoke hasn’t started yet. Though after her last drama am not so sure if she is ready for the lead role and perhaps, she will have better luck as a second female lead after all they generally get to shine far more than the female lead. Hopefully it will be a better drama than Man In The Veil.


    So, I guess it is Red Shoes for me. Hope to see all of you over there.


    @LeftCoastOppa glad that you enjoyed my DS9 reference wasn't sure if people would have been aware of him so left that a bit vague hoping for the best. also happy that it didn't go to waste. Thanks.

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  25. So, after slogging it out for 50 long hours the show is finally done. What are all your thoughts regarding it. Was it well worth it, or did you feel that you wasted your time, perhaps you liked the show overall but the ending totally irked you? Let me know about your thoughts regarding it.


    As for me I felt that the show was okay it could have certainly been better especially considering the source that they were basing it on but sadly it just couldn’t live up to that name. As for the ending I have my issues. Yes, it would totally be fair to say that it partially irks me and I will be getting into that in a bit. If I forget something along the way please forgive me.


    But before I get into the ending itself let me highlight a few points of the episode and try and break them down in a bit. So here goes.




    Villains Finally Face Justice of Sorts [Awesome]

    The Evil Parents are finally behind bars where they deserve

    Evil Mom can’t accept the death of Giraffe

    Giraffe is dead for good

    Serin has finally lost her marbles


    Disco Oppa is running around trying to salvage the family name and run his own company.

    Universal Oppa may not be the best protector in town

    Miss Monte Cristo is dead but Eun Joo Survives


    True Love Truimps

    Evil Parents finally realize that they are perfect

    Serin Likes a ghost aka Mr. Na

    Top knot Mom with a dopelganger of Papa Ju

    Eun Gyul and Bomi.

    Disco Oppa has finally opened up to the concept of Love something that he was against at the starting of the show. So, some progress has been made over here.

    Universal Oppa and Eun Joo. (All hail the shippers especially Bomi who was that till the very end)


    Regardless of all this I am still not so happy how the writer decided to end the final arc which I will be further elaborating in a bit.


    Okay let’s get back to the breakdown of the above points starting with whether or not the Villains got the justice that they deserved or if it was lacking in anyway such as they were forgiven or redeemed that doesn’t make a lot of sense etc… I guess we can add the part of True Love Triumphing in this as well. Let’s see.


    Both of Disco Oppa’s parents are serving time for the crimes that they committed so that is certainly something of a plus point. None of their power or influence allows them to walk away Scot free for what they did. As for redemption that is more of a personal opinon. For instance, it seems that the dad finally realized that his family was so messed up and some of them turned out to be monsters because of his actions/inactions towards them etc… So, I guess that is some kind of progress in the right direction atleast for him.


    As for Evil Mom not sure where I stand on her. Sure, she is behind bars for all the crimes that she committed as well but at the same time the shock of her daughter’s death doesn’t allow her to accept this fact that her mind tries to justify it in her own way. Such as her daughter must be too busy to come and see her or that she is busy especially now that she has won an award and all. I get that shock may very well be true especially when you consider the fact that she only seemed to live for her daughter and make sure that she was happy and all. So, in a way this does make sense but frankly I would prefer that she either remained the same as she was from the start. After all we have seen quite a few remorseless villains to the bitter end. In this case whenever Disco Oppa would show up she could perhaps be shown sneering at him and telling him things that he may think that he is happy and has won but the moment she is released she will teach him a lesson/get even with him for the insult that she is facing etc… On the other hand, if she had actually turned remorseful for all her actions, she could have been shown to be nicer towards Disco Oppa. She could for instance be shown to genuinely apologize to him for all the pain that she has not only caused him but also for her role in the death of his mother. She should have also thanked him for sparing her life. It would certainly go a long way in perhaps mending the bridge between the two of them.


    Though as I pointed out Dad finally realized his mistake and all so by the time those two finish serving their time together one of them will certainly be waiting for the other and perhaps live as happily as they can at this point. but that may simply be wishful thinking on my part.


    Dad has also realized that Disco Oppa may be too busy trying to fix the family mess that he doesn’t have time to run his own company so he told him that he should stop coming to meet them. Again, some growth on his part. Fortunately, Disco Oppa has been constant towards the character that he was from the start. Thus, he simply tells his father that he is going to continue to do things his way and that means that he will remain a filial son to the very end. Not so sure what I think about Disco Oppa trying to run his own company is he actually ready to do so that to without the help and support of Universal Oppa and Miss Monte Cristo. He seems to be running around searching for investors though his biggest one still seems to be his grandmother as usual. Fortunately, by the end of the show it seems that his game finally went through the beta testing process so that is some kind of progress. I do wonder if the game is based on Miss Monte Cristo in someway by the poster of the female knight and all. If it was an actual game, I wouldn’t mind testing it out. The fun thing about the final scene is that he even managed to get his working secretary to get into a gaming mood as well. Finally, about time. Regardless we should wish him a life full of success and may he also find true love along the way especially as he is now finally open to the concept and all.


    Giraffe is dead for real it seems. After all the murder attempts and whatnot that she did I guess it is only fair. She can now never come in between the original pair of Eun Joo and Universal Oppa (hopefully). The only question that we need to be asking is where has she ended up. Did Miss Monte Cristo succeed in sending her to the fiery pit as she wanted. Or did Giraffe find her way to The Pearly White Gates. She did seem to be remorseful of her actions by the time she died and said as much in spirit form to the sleeping Eun Joo etc… It also seemed to me atleast that Miss Monte Cristo seemed to realize that Giraffe didn’t have much of a choice when she let her drop to her apparent death. Now don’t take me wrong I am fully aware that Giraffe deliberately released her hand so that Eun Joo would have fallen to her death but as Eun Joo experienced herself when she tried to save her there was only so much that she could do to hold onto her and save her life. She didn’t have the strength to hold on and save her life and the same was true back then. Serin was in shock and the only one trying to hold onto her was Giraffe and if that had continued, she would have still fallen because Giraffe wouldn’t have been able to hold onto her alone. Sure, she dropped her earlier and on purpose but the end result would have probably been the same unless she could have perhaps snapped Serin out of her shock. But that can easily be debatable at some other point.


    Serin has lost her marbles after everything that she went through Miss Monte Cristo’s hands. She finally realized that she was no match for her skill, her father’s death as well as Mr. Na going missing as well. Atleast she has finally moved on from Disco Oppa and Mr. Na’s sincerity finally got through to her albeit a bit too late. Sadly, those two lovers can never be together in this lifetime. Perhaps if one wants to think romantically then one can perhaps consider that since Serin isn’t sane anymore she can see dead people thus she is with Mr. Na’s spirit so she has somewhat of a happy ending. If the writer ever wants to go for a season 2 of this show (hopefully not) then we could always have Serin escape the loony bin that she is in and go out for a spree of revenge against Miss Monte Cristo and all. As some have noticed she isn’t even locked up anymore because the staff probably considers her harmless at this point. Or as someone jokingly mentioned that perhaps now that she isn’t constrained with an inferiority complex or jealousy etc.. and her mind isn’t totally there she may actually become a successful designer of sorts. Thus slipping in and out for quick reward ceremonies should actually be a blast.


    Eun Gyul has finally become famous thanks to going viral in his martial art videos to the extent that he has gotten a fan base and all. But his day was probably made when Bomi proclaimed to everyone that she is his girlfriend and all. Again, hopefully that was true love speaking after all some people do need happiness in their life and all. But then again it could simply be that Bomi has gotten so used to her role in trying to protect him from getting hurt and all. Thus, she knew that him being with one of those fangirls would head in that direction so she said that. Or she was actually jealous of the attention that he was getting from random girls that she decided to mark her territory and admit that she had gotten some feelings towards him. They probably started when he snapped a poor kid’s airplane and supposedly saved her from getting hurt. Will leave the actual outcome to you to decide (whether this is true love between them or she is merely protecting him as usual).


    Right, it totally slipped my mind so will add this as well. Giraffe finally won an award for her acting in her last film Detective X (the one that Miss Monte Cristo wrote). Who knew that Miss Monte Cristo was so talented and all? Though the public is making an outcry that the reward should be rescinded considering the crimes that she committed when she was alive. So, it remains to be seen if the family can hold onto that award till the end. What are your thoughts regarding this? Should the family keep the award if it is given or are the public correct and the award shouldn’t be given/taken away depending on what has happened. Do we judge a person on their skill or their behaviour etc.. for instance, take the couple from Descendants Of The Sun. People loved the chemistry between the main leads that they even constructed a statue in honour of them (characters) it may have further helped that they ended up in real life as well. Sadly, the marriage didn’t last and now there are people who want the statues taken down as well. But what is the fault of the statues over here they were based on the characters not the actual people. Hopefully one gets the point. perhaps we can have a poll regarding this @Lmangla.


    I probably got everyone for the True Love Triumphs by the end apart from Top Knot Mom. Guess her life isn’t going to be so lonely when a doppelganger of Papa Ju ends up at her restaurant. Hopefully this means that she is also going to get her happily ever after it seems. Though considering what she just went with Eun Joo she better make sure that she is correct over here. Heck if this was an Indian Soap Opera then we can be sure that they would have tried to go with a reincarnation line at this point and all. Whatever this doesn’t really matter to me all that much whether she gets her happy ending or not.


    By now you all must have noticed that I haven’t even gotten down to the main ending or the fact that Universal Oppa and Eun Joo are finally back together. There was a very good reason for that. It is simply because the ending irks me to no end or atleast the way it was handled. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that I wasn’t shipping for these two to end up together. I wasn’t in any shipping camp so who she ended up with wouldn’t have mattered all that much to me I suppose. But they really needed to make it believable which they failed to do so over here.


    It was like the writer wanted to give her a happy ending but wasn’t sure of how to go about it especially considering the fact that she had gone all dark along the way and was even responsible for taking a life and all. So how could she come out of it. Killing her again wouldn’t work so she though ah I know let’s give her amnesia due to her shock and that will work. Sadly, it doesn’t. I feel that this part does grave injustice to the character of both Eun Joo and Miss Monte Cristo at the same time. Sure, shippers like Bomi loved it and picked up the chance to continue to ship her with Universal Oppa. The two mothers after all went along with it since they got to go along with their life long dream. To this day both mothers sort of secretly still considered the kids to be their only In-Laws and this allowed them to still happen. Same with Eun Gyul he still gets to have Universal Oppa as his BiL as his dream and all.


    So why am I against this particular ending is simple. Look Eun Joo as Miss Monte Cristo went through certain things and sacrifices were made in the name of revenge but all of that is conveniently forgotten and I am not okay with that. First of all there was New Mom a bond was formed between two hurt women on common ground and all. They looked after each other when they were having a hard time and all but that has all gone away. Perhaps New Mom also paid Eun Joo a visit when she was sleeping (and we weren’t shown) and asked that she forget all that she suffered and remain happy and all. So, we may give Eun Joo a slight pass in regards to this. New Mom did after all want Miss Monte Cristo to return to her actual Eun Joo identity and give up on her revenge plans and all.


    But what about the others that went along with her. We had Fake Doctor who played along with her plans to take down Papa Ju and was responsible for getting him addicted to fake drugs which ended up killing him. At the end of it all he decided to turn himself in for his actions even though Miss Monte Cristo tried to prevent him from doing so and tried to further justify their actions as justice or the fact that he died on his own accord and that they didn’t actually poison him etc… He refused to accept this and take accountability. Universal Oppa correctly pointed out to Miss Monte Cristo at this point that she destroyed a man with a potential bright future. A man that can never become a doctor again. Perhaps unless he uses one of those doctors without borders program but other than that his life is down the drain thanks to his revenge and all. Not only this but Miss Monte Cristo promised him that he wouldn’t be behind bars for a long time because she will do her best to get him out. To this extent he even handed over her father’s ring and made her promise that once he was released, she should return it to him. But guess what she had no intention of honoring her promise it seems. Before falling into a comma, she finally thought that her revenge was done so she decided to jump after Giraffe and follow her down. Unfortunately for her she survived. But now that she is back and has conveniently gotten amnesia she still can’t save/help out fake doctor. That means he is going to continue to wait behind bars hoping that someone will get him out and honour their promise which isn’t going to happen.


    Hopefully he isn’t going to think that she has abandoned him now that she has no more use for him and he will want revenge on her once he is released. But I guess we will never find out now will we.


    But he wasn’t the only one that is behind bars thanks to her revenge and all. Let’s not forget the ever-loyal Mr. Wang who turned out to be responsible for driving the Truck Of Doom that hit and killed Mr. Na. By the end of it all he also turned himself in. Though to be fair in regards to this she isn’t aware of this fact since he lied to her that since his role was done, he is returning to Singapore and open up a restaurant like his mothers and all. Instead, he secretly turns himself in for his actions. But that still doesn’t change the fact that he probably wouldn’t have killed Mr. Na if he hadn’t gotten involved in her revenge. So, she is partially responsible for his fate. But she has conveniently also forgotten about him as well thanks to her accident.


    People over there may think that it is a blessing that she can’t remember everything that she suffered for the past six years as the shock would be terrible for her and what not considering that she is back to her original self and all and this is therefore better. But I disagree. She should have lived knowing all that she did and if she wanted to make amends, she should find a way. Fortunately, for her she took care of New Mom’s company before the end so that company didn’t have to suffer for a year as well.


    On a side note, who do you all think is running Jewang Group these days. Probably not Universal Oppa since his was busy nursing Eun Joo back to health.


    Oh, and while we are on the topic of Eun Joo losing her memory and all can we all agree that Universal Oppa may very well still be a terrible protector and all. I mean when she was in a coma prosecutors let Universal Oppa know that they wanted to speak to her when she recovered. I guess for her actions as Miss Monte Cristo (perhaps also her role in harming certain people along the way.) I wonder who gave her away. But now that she had lost her memory Universal Oppa thought that it was a better idea to simply sneak her away so that she could recover and also not ask questions like where her father was or why her friends (Serin and Giraffe) weren’t coming to pay her a visit. I mean just how long are you planning on concealing the truth from her. The doctor conveniently mentions that the shock is too great for her and that is why she has forgotten those memories and trying to recall/recover them would be bad for her health. Okay let’s say that I go along with this nonsense for the time being I still say one that it isn’t all that practical for a reason and as for the other. What Universal Oppa should have actually done is gotten a doctor’s statement showing her current status and that it would be a bad idea to push her forward in trying to remember what she did thus the prosecution should hold back in questioning her for the time being. Because that is exactly what they will try and do which according to the doctor is bad for Eun Joo’s current mental health and all. Who is going to take responsibility if her health goes bad at this point? the only reason that I bring this up is because by the end of the show we can hear sirens heading towards them and I can only surmise that it is the prosecution coming to take her in because they think that she has fled or is trying to flee. So, whatever.


    The other reason why I feel that her loosing her memory for the past years is absurd is because the writer conveniently forgot an important fact in trying to give these two their happy ending and all. This is namely Hoon. First of all, let’s celebrate that nothing bad happened to the kid and he managed to survive to the very end. Okay now that we have done that let’s move onto the fact that Universal Oppa has a kid and that too with Giraffe. Certainly, even if he doesn’t reveal the last bit to Eun Joo he still has to explain the fact that Hoon is a kid. He can’t say that it is a kid that they shared since Eun Joo might just question as to how that was possible if she was in a comma for all these years and all. Also why did he move on if he knew that he she was still alive and all and if he did why take care of her etc… Also, lest we forget Hoon has memories of her as well just how long until he slips and talks about them and calls her Star’s Mom even if he is warned not to do so. Yep, I certainly don’t see this working out.


    I guess they could constantly pack the kid to some training academy or the other so those two never meet till much later on but that isn’t realistic now is it and even if they do, I can simply see him become Disco Oppa Ver 2.0 not sure where I stand on that.


    Therefore, I would have felt better if she hadn’t lost her memory since like I pointed out it seems to do a few people some injustice and it just isn’t all that practical. The families really can’t hide the entire truth from her forever. So even if she did forget it should have been their role to be completely honest with her but hey that isn’t going to work and all. Oh well.


    On a side note, did anyone note that Eun Joo’s memory loss was the exact same as Universal Oppa’s when he went into shock after discovering what Giraffe and Serin went through to get rid of Eun Joo back in the day. Both of them only remembered before they left for the bachelorette party for Eun Joo. Oh, wait I just realized that this would mean that she should still atleast remember that she was pregnant back then. So, she just might question what happened to her child and they may try and pass of Hoon as her kid. LoL I guess that might explain a few things. How dumb of me.


    Also did anyone else also notice that people around Miss Monte Cristo at some point have either murdered someone or atleast tried too. Lets look at them.


    Evil Mom killed her best friend aka Disco Oppa’s mother and was kind of responsible for New Mom’s death

    Dad ordered Mr. Na to take care of New Mom so these two are more by proxy. Though to be fair they had the little interaction with Miss Monte Cristo.

    Serin and Giraffe attempted to kill her a few times, her unborn child and father (though I guess these last two might not be considered since this was before her transformation)

    Universal Opp tried to kill Giraffe and would have probably suceded if it wasn’t for his kid calling at that point and his wife convincing him to let her go for his sake etc..

    Disco Oppa tried to kill Evil Mom once he discovered that she was responsible for his mothers death.

    Fake Doctor Killed Papa Ju

    Mr. Wang Killed Mr. Na

    Mr. Na tried to kill Miss Monte Cristo and New Mom etc...


    The only people that didn’t do anything like that had to be the two mothers and Bomi. I guess the mothers get an excuse since Eun Joo tried to limit her time with them or something. Bomi would have done something to Serin and Giraffe if she wasn’t persuaded to do so in time as for Eun Gyul he wouldn’t have known what to do so he probably gets a pass and all.


    Okay before I end my post, I feel that I should bring up the topic that some of you have brought up in regards to whether or not Miss Monte Cristo is a murderer/monster or as some have pointed out she was out for justice because she knew that the inept K-Drama Law would fail to do it for her.


    So, for that I would first of all like to point out that a crime is always going to be a crime no matter how much you want to sugarcoat it. Like a fictious character Odo once said laws may change but Justice will always be Justice. I feel the same applies here. Look we have all these laws, rules and regulations for a reason. If everyone starts to take matters into their own hands then their will only be chaos and we will have to face a never-ending cycle of violence in the name of justice and whatnot. For instance, what will stop Serin to want to take revenge on Eun Joo for the death of her father or tricking her etc.….


    This is the reason why we have courts who will decide what punishment each part should receive and fairly as well. Now I totally get that the law can be bought even in real life or the system is inept like in these dramas but that is something else. For instance, if everything was fair in this drama and the law was actually good at their job, they would feel that Eun Joo’s actions towards Serin’s father may have been a bit to harsh. Yes, the man committed a crime against her family and tried to even abuse his power towards her mother and all but that was all. He didn’t actually go out killing people or was even responsible for her father’s death. Even his daughters action shocked him. None of those warrants his death. For his crimes against her family, he was kicked out with nothing to his name and that was sufficient in terms of justice. Even if the court would have been involved, they would have gone through a similar route and would have told him to return what he took from said family and all if his actions were proven and all. They might have allowed him to keep some money but I guess Eun Joo’s way was better but that is debatable.


    Now in regards to his death Eun Joo killed him out of spite. She was like you killed my father so now I am going to do the same to your dad. No form of law would have been okay with that. Like some have pointed out he wasn’t responsible for her father’s death and all. Sure, we have Fake Doctors dad but that is another matter altogether.


    I guess as @LeftCoastOppa pointed out that at the end of the day it comes down to intent. Did he intend for any of the merchants that he kicked out to commit suicide probably not? After all, look at the other merchants none of them committed suicide though they wanted revenge on him for his actions and for not keeping to Eun Joo’s dads promise of letting them run the place and whatnot. It is not like everyone is triggered by the same thing to commit suicide. Perhaps he should have been slightly aware that people might do so if they haven’t got anything to live for or are dead broke etc… but again what was he going to do. I would add something else but I feel that I shouldn’t head in that direction for the time being.


    So now back to the point of Eun Joo and her actions towards Papa Ju. She clearly had intent to kill him since that was clearly part of her revenge for Serin to suffer the same fate that she went through. She has said ample times that those two need to suffer the same pain that she did and more since they needed to beg for death to come to them but she would only be done with them once her revenge was done. Thus, her killing of Papa Ju makes total sense even if it isn’t fair on the guy himself.


    If one truly wants to defend her, they might say that she indeed had a change of heart at the last moment since she told Serin that while she didn’t save her dad, she would be different and let him have the pill to save his life. At this point the Fake Doctor that wanted his own revenge wasn’t okay with it so he only handed over empty bottles to Serin which resulted in Papa Ju’s death. Now Eun Joo couldn’t simply switch her stance otherwise she would look weak and soft and her enemies could take advantage of this. So, she continues as if this was all part of her plan. But that bit can be left for debate for another day for the time being.


    But otherwise, it certainly seems like she murdered the guy but tries to cover up her actions by claiming that she did it in the name of justice/revenge. Sorry but that simply doesn’t cut it.



    Oh well that will be all from my end for the time being. Will check out the posts that you all have written and perhaps try a question and answer session at some point. till then all of you take care and see you all in some other thread. Which ones will you all be heading to? May pick one of them if I have the time.


    Thankyou @LeftCoastOppa for your contributions, @Lmangla for your amusing polls, @Ameera Ali for your hilarious GIFS, @maribella , @Plum blossom, @joccu, @MisutheWitch, @youngae, @dolorisbrady, @backstreetboysfan,
    @fragglerock, @dekains, @youactlikeicare, @fanofr, @tofumochu, @Ayame, @dzareth,
    @tiuserviu viu, @perfectmouse, @UnniSarah, @Yazusa, @msmy, @admonike


    Hopefully i havent missed out on anyone else. but it was awesome to read your posts and contributions over here till next time

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