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  1. Darn the event is over and I was having so much fun. Thanks to the advanced clues I managed to figure out a few more. The actress would have been all correct this time round. As for the actors I would have perhaps gotten two more correct this time round. Those that I haven't are mostly because I haven't watched the drama clues.


    But regardless of all this had a great time and I managed to score better than in the previous events so I am happy about that at least. Hopefully looking forward to the next event as well.

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  2. 10 hours ago, shahila197878 said:

    I just realised in Happy Supper, the kid actress who played her is now the younger version of Hae In, the opposite of her. 


    Yes, and I jokingly mentioned in a post way back that they should have swapped actress when they realized this. as it would have been amusing of sorts. Practically it wouldn't have been possible since the producers/directors couldn't keep a track of who has acted where and when But had they done that then the kid actress could easily say that she has played the younger version of Sena's actress multiple times.


    anyway not sure what I think that this drama is still going. I dropped this ages ago and haven't gotten back to it due to time restraints and terrible internet browsing speeds. So don't know if I will ever return to it. mostly finding out what is going on throught this thread. So thanks all of you that are braving enough of this show for those of us that can't watch it.

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  3. So first of all, I want to apologize for crashing into this party without an invitation. I haven’t had time to post anything for sometime due to being busy and all as well having poor internet connection. But when I do I find that we are having an event.


    I doubt that I will be able to solve all the clues even if I know said actors or actress since I am no Holmes but I will give it my best shot. Then try and see how many I got correct with matching from others response. Would like if all the correct answers are revealed when this event ends.


    Anyway here I come.


    Actress 1



    This I have no idea. I have two suspects that are as follows.

    Suspect 1 – Gong Hyo Jin

    With the clues being from 1? 2- Pasta and 3 The Master’s Sun (the ghosts looked liked that beauty queen from the eye makeup) plus wasn’t she in some show regarding a beauty pageant or am I mistaking that for someone else.


    Suspect 2 – Shin Hye Sun


    With the clues being from 1- Angels Last Love 2 and 3 seem to have eluded me. I doubt that it could be as simple as her last show where she reincarnates everytime.


    Actress 2 –



    Suspect – Lee Bo Young

    Clues 1 – I Can Hear Your Voice

    Clue 2 – Mother

    Clue 3 ?


    Actress 3



    Suspect – Kim Hee Seon

    Clues 1 – Alice

    Clues 2 – Tomorrow

    Clues 3 – Faith


    Actress 4



    Suspects – maybe Moon Chae Won


    No idea for the clues 2 might be Good Doctor, other than that somebody save me


    Actress 5



    Suspect – Gianna Jun


    Clues 1 – My Love From Another Star

    Clues 2 – The Legend Of The Blue Sea

    Clue 3 – ? Sorry have no clue haven’t watched her after the last show so it could be one of them. Looking online the show that could perhaps match could be Jirisan


    Actress 6



    Suspect – Park Min Young


    Clue 1 – Forecasting Love and Weather (Sadly dropped it after a few episodes due to lack of time. Hopefully it was fun/good)

    Clue 2 – What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

    Clue 3 – Healer


    Actor 1 ????


    Actor 2



    Suspect – Kim So Hyun

    Clues 1/2/3 – I think are all for My Love From Another Star. The last one could also be for It’s Okay to be not Okay?


    Actor 3



    Suspect Gong Yoo

    Clues have no idea. Last one might be from Coffee Prince. Perhaps Clue 2 is Mr. Gams. Victory. But I doubt that movies are being counted so probably not.


    Actor 4


    No idea sorry


    Actor 5



    Suspect – Hung Jae-In


    Clue 1- ?

    Clue 2 – DP

    Clue 3 – Three Musketeers? Though considering the top picture also has 3 people in it can that be a coincidence who knows.


    Actor 6



    Suspect – Lee Sung Ki


    Clue 1- ?
    Clue 2 – You Are Surrounded/Brilliant Legacy. I feel like he was nicknamed Snail in one of them. But cant be sure

    Clue 3 – King 2 Hearts. Sadly need to complete this show at some point. But I feel that this is the correct one.


    Now let’s get down and see how many I got right. I think I might have one more in me but I have more doubts about that so will leave it for now and simply wait for the correct answer. Also want to apologize for crashing this party uninvited once again. Nearly thought that Joo Boah might have been actress 4 because one picture loaded first but after the others loaded i changed my mind.

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  4. At the end of the day, I think that it all comes down to a matter of perception and that is what makes these debates/posts all the more interesting. Therefore, what I may think has happened may be a bit different from what someone else does. Just like looking at clouds in the sky. I may think that I see a monster but another person may think that they see a man sleeping in the sky etc…


    So now let’s move back to an old point that was brought up. But before I do that @maribella pointed out that Flamingo had a necklace of his ex-wife on hand. Did we have another necklace scene or was it the same one that I brought up earlier. Like I said I still have a lot of episodes to catch up on now.


    If it was the one that I brought up, then from what I recall the necklace already belonged to the female lead and that she had purchased it from Japan. Sadly, the store wasn’t willing to purchase it at the original price that she had gotten it for. Clearly, she is unaware of the fact that generally secondhand products almost always sell at a lower price than what one purchases them for. She actually points out that she purchased it in Japan and for what price. So, we know that it initially belonged to her. Things start to get a bit tricky after that and one can take the next scenes as however, they want to interpret it or blame it on faulty subs. Also, my terrible memory as well.


    But from what I recall this is what follows. Flamingo is apparently in the same shop and declares that he will purchase the necklace. Now the key word here is clearly purchase. So, who does he purchase it from is a bit debatable. Does he purchase it from the store, and they give the female lead the money or directly from the female lead. Regardless, at this point no one objects so it is safe to say that they agree to him purchasing the necklace. Now as the new owner of the necklace he is free to do whatever he wants with it. Meaning if he wants to donate it to charity, he is able to do so, perhaps he wants to gift it to his wife or just hand it to a random stranger on the street. That is entirely his right assuming that he did indeed purchase it. Instead he gifts it back to the female lead telling her that it looks better around her neck. Note he then offers the money that he supposedly purchased it from her but she declines and just excepts one of the cheques on the understanding that it is a loan.


    Now I admit that my memory can clearly be faulty in all of this. So, if anyone can give me the episode and time stamp I will rewatch said scene for a memory refresh. Of course, as @LeftCoastOppa mentioned earlier this was his way to get back at her about how she treated him when he was forced to drop her off at the hotel and she gave him money as if it meant nothing so he was doing the same here or it could have an ulterior meaning. We can all leave it to a matter of interpretation or my faulty memory. Perhaps I am simply confusing scenes from another drama or read the subs wrong.


    Another thing that was brought up by @maribella that the second female lead had a sleazy mother and @LeftCoastOppa said where that was ever brought up. I feel like I should lend in my few cents even though @maribella can probably do this a whole lot better. I feel like the statement was misunderstood. Yes this point was never brought up as far as I am aware (still way behind) so we can agree with @LeftCoastOppa over here. What @maribella probably meant to say that they were simply speculating that this could be the case over here in other words a random theory which isn’t wrong in anyway. They could be basing this fact on watching numerous dramas and they could be correct or totally wrong.


    For instance, I think it was the drama Man In A Veil where somebody suggested that the female lead could perhaps have been the biological daughter of the chairman. Now until this point there had been no indication of that. In fact, any scenes of her mother were before she was pregnant. Even when she had her accident and ended up with amnesia, she didn’t seem pregnant at all. I had my doubts. But then we had a flashback much later and it did indeed show that was pregnant and that she did give birth slightly before her accident. So I was proven wrong and that person’s theory was correct. So in this case the theory can very well be wrong as well. It may even be that the mother was terminally ill and couldn’t afford to take care of both daughters so she gave one up hoping that they would have a better life at least. Then again this might not be the explanation that @Maribella wanted and they might even have inside knowledge. We will just have to wait and see.


    As for the characters over here we know that almost all of them have an agenda over here. So nobody is perfectly innocent so to speak. This is thanks to the character descriptions that was posted over here by someone. We are getting a few ideas of what they are. Flamingo was abused as a child apparently according to what I have read. Female Lead is on a quest of vengeance, The CEO Na wants revenge on Flamingo for the death of his sister. To this extent he has managed to rope in the second female lead. I think that they both shared the same sister. But at this point the second female lead seems to have her own agenda. I guess from what I read in her description is that she is the least bit bothered about avenging her sister since she hardly knew her. She wants power so that she isn’t looked down upon. It also seems that she has been playing this role for so long that she is starting to get slightly accustomed to it.


    This can be seen when CEO Na pops unannounced at her place to remind her not to forget that she is there for a purpose. He also noticed that she is starting to take her role a bit to seriously when she tells him that he shouldn’t approach her house like that especially when her husband could return at any point. To which he points out that she should have used her husbands name if she was still role playing instead of calling him her husband.


    Anyway, I need to head to the airport to receive my aunt. Then will hit the sack. Have a busy day tomorrow. So will end my post over here. So, till then take care all of you and keep posting. Hopefully I will catch up on the episodes that I have missed out soon. Wish me luck in that department.

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  5. @LeftCoastOppa This is why I like this group. We can have civil discussions over here and both make our points without offending the other party. In a forum that I was in prior to joining Soompi I have had complaints that I simply like to argue for the fun of it. I think that we can disagree with that. I am more than willing to be convinced by the other party. I was also told not to tag people even if they made a mistake in their posts but pm them privately. But others were tagging other posters so I didn’t quite get that.


    Anyway, let’s get back to our earlier discussions. Okay I will clearly admit that I didn’t take into account of the slight mind games that the female lead was doing with Flamingo. (In regard to approaching his personal space at the office). So, you do have a point her being the doppelganger of his dead wife may have allowed her to approach him at the table and by the time he realized what was happening he was trapped in a so called compromising situation with her. Sorry for not being clear, it is a bit difficult for me to type it down, but you understand the scene that I am talking about.


    So, let’s move on to another scene. I would like to see you convince me of this one to make me a true believer. How can you justify Flamingo stalking the female lead. Now before you say he never did that. I want to admit that I wasn’t being a 100% serious. But regardless of that lets discuss this scene.


    The female lead needs money because she was cut of from her trust fund, so she is at a jewelry store trying to pawn of her necklace. But she isn’t getting the price that she was expecting. What happens next. Flamingo sweeps into the rescue like a supposed knight and not only purchases the necklace from her but also gifts it back to her. He even tries to pay her the amount that he bought it from. Or perhaps since he bought it from her, he was simply paying her said amount. However, you see that it is kind of weird. Sure, you can argue that he was simply at the jewelry store by chance and was perhaps there to purchase a gift for his wife. Drama coincidences aren’t uncommon after all. But him purchasing and gifting the necklace back to the female lead aren’t the actions of a normal married man. I seriously doubt that they were so close in such a short time that he would gift such an item to her. This is a clear indication in my book that he was trying to impress her so that she would be in his good books.


    Not only that, remember how he came to her rescue of sorts when she barged into his office while pretending not to know him. Sure, you can again argue that he only helped her out because the actor under him was causing trouble and pretending to fake his injuries which could cause his company trouble down the line. But if you notice something at this point, he was also trying to aske her out. He finally used this as an excuse by pointing out that they weren’t strangers anymore so she could go out for a drink with him. Did he simply want to know her better because she reminded him of his ex-wife. Sure, that could be the reason or was he trying to get to know her better because he suspected that she was rich. Now if you are asking how could he have known that she was rich if she hadn’t informed him of who her father was earlier. I would say that her actions when she met him would make him think that. While I can’t say which hotel she was staying in was high class or not she did pay him a lot of money just for the ride to the hotel. She even refused to take it back when he volunteered to do it for free because he suspected that she wouldn’t have access to it for long.


    Her actions at this point seemed to indicate that she wasn’t bothered about money at all perhaps because of her upbringing. This could possibly be a motive for him to get to know her better. Like I said earlier a good cheater or player knows how to entrap a woman that he is interested in. In this case he knows that she was friends with his wife so he needs to impress her a bit more. Making a sob story that he married again for his daughter counts, purchasing a gift for her even when he is married and saving her from a tight spot again counts.


    I think that I will end my post over here for the time being. But like I said let’s see who turns out t to be correct. Perhaps I am wrong and her looking like his dead wife is all the motivation that he needs to help her out.

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  6. Like I said that I still haven’t completed the last episode that I was watching so I can’t fully comment on your side of the argument. Perhaps I should fully watch an episode before commenting. But still thanks for your attempt at explanation. I can see that there are points that I haven’t fully considered.


    Anyway, I feel like I should still try and respond to those comments.


    It was pointed out that we shouldn’t take the second female leads words for granted that the females lead husband didn’t love her and that it was easy for her to take him after his so called divorce. Or the fact that perhaps the husband actually did mean that he got remarried for his daughters sake.


    Now I totally agree with the first part of your statement. Anything the second female lead is to be certainly taken with a grain of salt at this point. After all she certainly has to justify her actions to others of how she didn’t steal a married man if she doesn’t want to be seen in a negative light. But like I pointed out the husband could have actually said those words to her. Again, assuming that he is the cheating type. So, until proven otherwise I guess we will actually have to wait and see who is actually correct. Like I said if he wants to be with another female, he might just tell them exactly what they want to hear. So lets see what the actual truth is.


    You also brought up the fact that it wasn’t him doing anything wrong and that the female lead was throwing herself against him and luring him in her web of deception, how she was the one unbuttoning his shirt when he stopped her and how she lured him in with his fascination of her spider tattoo when she asked him to zip her up.


    Okay I will certainly agree with you over here again that it is certainly the female lead luring him into her trap to cause friction between him and his current wife. But let’s admit his actions aren’t helping him as well. Sure, she bumped into him in the basement but she made sure to leave an impression on him that he was thinking about her even when he was with his wife. Awkward in my book. You brought up the matter of his trying to scout her with the promise of delivering the world to her. Perhaps it was indeed an innocent way about it or there could be more. But then let’s follow it up with the part when she decided to inform him of her decision. He insists that she come over to his place which you also agree was a terrible choice on his part. He could have simply insisted that she inform him over the phone. After all, how simple can it be to either hear yes or a no.


    Now you can certainly try and argue that since he personally tried to scout her, he would have perhaps wanted to try and convince her if she had declined. But even here he shouldn’t have invited her to his place. One can perhaps argue that he was actually concerned about his daughter’s condition as she was feeling unwell and that is the reason, he invited her to his place since he didn’t want to leave the daughter alone. Well, if he was so worried about her then he should have postponed the meeting. A few hours wasn’t going to change anything. The other issue that I have is that if he was going to be aboveboard in the entire meeting, he really shouldn’t have let the hired help leave. If anything, she could have easily vouched that nothing happened between the two (Flamingo and Female Lead). This action further fueled the misunderstanding between him and his wife. Shouldn’t his goal be to prevent any of this. If the hired help was on a time based hire and her time was about to be over he should have agreed to pay her overtime like I said to avoid any kind of misunderstandings.


    Also while I may have missed the part why she had to change into his wife’s outfit he could have perhaps done it better. Instead of letting her choose any outfit he should have picked up one for her. Not that the end result would have been totally different. His wife would have probably still flared up to discover another woman wore her clothes, but she might not have found him in another compromising position.


    Moving on to the part that you mentioned how the female lead spoilt his shirt on purpose and then brought him another one. Then she tried to unbutton him when she was caught by his wife. I believe I already mentioned that she certainly did that on purpose. Not only that if you think about the part when she cut across the wife while parking was done deliberately. She not only wanted the wife to notice her, I further suspect that she timed the entire interaction as well. Granted it could have been pure chance but knowing dramas that might not be the case. Now comes the part when she tried to unbutton him, and he stops her from going further by asking if she was trying to seduce him. Here is the deal any normal person would have stopped another person from entering their personal space. A desk certainly constitutes that. The moment she passed that spot he should have firmly let her know that and told her to move back a few paces and discuss whatever she wanted. If it was a shirt simply either accept it or tell her otherwise.


    The most that he did was ask whether she was trying to seduce him. Was her answer going to make him change his dealings towards her. Perhaps because the one thing that we have seen him from the last episode was that he was a warry man and didn’t even trust the people at his own home. That says a bit about him. He is probably worried about someone stealing his wealth for some reason. Perhaps his father was approached by a gold digger or something along those lines.


    The part where he deals with the assemblyman and how his wife launders his money. Okay I may be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt after reading your comment. Mind you to a small extent. She did inform him that she had to pay the assemblyman slightly more than they had agreed. So yes she may have only mentioned the money laundering part to only the assemblyman and this could indicate that the husband is totally unaware of this fact. But this makes me wonder just how does he expect his wife to fund him. Does he think that she genuinely makes more money than him that she can afford to give out people X amount of money. If that is the case then I would say that he is indeed innocent but not the smartest person in the world. Not to be surprised.


    There was also the point that the second female lead perhaps framed the female lead that ended up in her landing in prison. In this I have no doubt. Now whether the husband was complicit remains to be seen. But this being the second female leads works wouldn’t surprise me. She was someone that was a thorn in her plans so the wife had to be certainly removed. Thus framing her for a crime doesn’t seem far off. Her then convincing the husband that he had to divorce her because otherwise the company would be affected also wouldn’t surprise me at this point. We need to see just how willing the husband was and his involvement. This will probably make or break him being the male lead.


    On a side note, did anyone note how the female leads supposed father from Japan shows up and then disowns her. Again, a brilliant strategy on her part. If she isn’t who she claims to be she needs to shut down others trying to ask her to ask her father for help in the form of investments and whatnot. Him publicly showing up at her work makes this possible than let’s say him telling her in private or on the phone. They feel sorry for her and also accept her more willingly. She can also monitor them more easily.


    Anyway, I have work to get back to. As soon as that is done hopefully, I can watch the remaining episodes and comment properly. I guess I do need a bit more convincing that the husband isn’t a terrible person and that he qualifies as being the male lead. But your thoughts have certainly made me be willing to reconsider my stance on him. Now we just need to see who is correct. Like I said earlier I love to be proven wrong.

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  7. Okay I have been sidetracked from watching the latest episode, but I did watch till the flashback scene that had started and I guess this was also the part where we finally got confirmation that she is indeed the main character pretending to be her friend/twin or whatever.


    But before I get into my post, I do have a question for the rest of the viewers over here. I have noticed that most of you over here refer to Flamingo as the main lead which I find puzzling. Can anyone please explain the reasoning behind this. For instance, in the last drama which I sadly had to drop I was a bit confused when they were referring to the actress of Serin being the main character over there. it was the actress and not the character which made sense to me. But over here I am having a hard time seeing him as the main lead.


    Let’s get down to why I say this. For me he has to red glaring spots on his resume. The first one being that he was a cheater. In fact, he is still one to this day if his current interactions with the female lead are to be taken. Not a good sign. The other issue that I have with him is that he is a corrupt person. For instance, he is currently funding the corrupt politician? In this case his wife his laundering money for the politician and he is totally aware of this. Not sure how anyone can root for him at this point. Is it perhaps because he has a child with the female lead, so they need to be happy by the end. If this is the case, I am still going to disagree with this assessment. A child is no guarantee that a couple are endgame.


    A few years back there was a drama where the greedy DiL kidnapped a baby and claimed it as her own to fool her FiL. Turns out that the baby had a twin and when her son got into an accident and fell into a coma she brought in the twin as a temporary replacement. At this point the twin was happily married to the female lead and even had a child. Buy by the end she had enough of his drama and had moved on with the male lead. Not that could be helped since he supposedly died as well. But at this point and what he had done he was out of the running with her.


    Some might try to point out that the male lead in Miss Monte Christo ended up together even after he had a child with the second lead. In that case I would point out that he was never into the second female lead even when she was actively trying to throw herself at him. He only got with her after the death of his girlfriend and even then, when he was manipulated by her actions. Also, because he felt responsible for his supposed actions towards her. We also need to remember another important thing regarding him. He apparently wasn’t greedy or ambitious even though his MiL and perhaps even Giraffe tried to convince him to be. He was loyal to disco oppa and his grandmother and was just waiting for Disco Oppa to mature so that he could finally retire.


    But this isn’t the case over here. Flamingo seems more than glad to throw himself against any pretty woman and on top of all this he is responsible for shady actions. Things don’t look good for him at this point. So if someone still thinks that he is the male lead I would like to be convinced of this as well.


    Someone pointed out how it was weird that almost every member of Na Entertainment shared the same house. To be fair I don’t think that is strange. Frankly if you want to think of odd them working from their office is more weird to me. But we have to go with weird drama logic if we want to enjoy the show. Let me try and explain what I mean. Apparently they are supposed not to be so well off because according to one of them they don’t even have enough money to pay of their staff which is already so small at this point, having a car that tends to breakdown more often etc… yet they have an office in a building of all places. Mind you this is the same building as their rival agency where Flamingo and company work. I am going to assume that this means that neither party is super rich and that is why they all work in the same building. But either way it is safe to assume that in such a case they would need to pay rent in the building. Are you trying to tell me that they are barely making it even and can just pay the rent. I might be willing to believe that if I try and stretch my imagination at this point.


    Not only this, I find that Na living with them and being supposedly poor or not that well off equally strange. Look he was witnessed at a bar snapping pictures of the female lead with Flamingo and that looked like a slightly fancy place to me. That means he has the money to pay for his drinks, yet he can’t pay his employees salary or lives in the same house as them. Yes suspicious indeed.


    In the show the second female lead informs the female lead that she didn’t steal her husband away. It was already easy to sway him because he never loved her in the first place and was forced to marry her because of his father. I feel like I should point out something in regard to this. While I don’t doubt that this may be partly true her narrative can’t be trusted. Not simply because she is the second female lead but because this is probably the story that Flamingo gave to her. As a professional cheater he probably has a bunch of tales to tell to his potential victims/conquests. A perfect example over here would be what he told the female lead. The only reason that he married so soon after his wife died was because he had a daughter to look after and that he felt that she needed a mother figure in her life etc.. He probably realized two things at this point if he wanted a shot with the female lead. She apparently has shown some interest in the girl so he decided to use that as bait and the second was that she was a supposed friend with his wife. So he had to make a good impression on her if he wanted a chance to be with her.


    This clearly indicates that he has some idea of how to approach woman even if he doesn’t fully realize that he is being played with them.


    My other issue with this drama is how dumb people are or perhaps the overacting that is done. For instance, take that crooked politician who Flamingo is funding. Their interaction is so fake I am surprised that neither party can tell that they are faking it all. Or perhaps the politician is so shrewd that he doesn’t care as long as he gets what he needs, in this case money. But I doubt that since he either still hasn’t realized that his wife can’t cook for him, or he simply doesn’t care because he is so madly in love with her. Take your pick.


    The families are also terrible in more than one way. You would think that Flamingo loves his kid and even wants to spoil her crazy but even the way that he goes about it you feel bad for the daughter and those around her (staff). He forces his daughter to speak in english at mealtimes and when she doesn’t eat the food tries to order the staff to cook something that she might like. But he doesn’t even ask her what she wants. Then you have his wife and mother who are pretty much terrible at the same point. The mother never bothers to answer the DiL phones simply out of spite or trying to get even with her not caring even if it could be important. Not only that, she seems to be the least bothered by her own granddaughter at times. For instance, when the DiL requested her to pick up the granddaughter she was far more busy spending time with her friend and having a meal with another group of friends. She is still better because she atleast tries to make time with the granddaughter and read her bedtime stories.


    Now while I definitely have more to add I will end this post here for the time being. Work has come up and also feeling slightly tired. If I get the time will watch the remaining episode and get back to all of you. Also I know that this is out of topic but who did the female leads brother end up with in the last drama. People were hoping that he could be with Serin as apparently he has more sparks with her during their interactions or did he end up with the second leads sister which many of you were against. I get it that I should probably watch the show but I just don’t have time at the moment sadly.


    Anyway take care all of you and hope to catch you all later.

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  8. Okay so here is the deal folks. I am sadly way to busy that I just can’t seem to finish dramas especially if they are dailies. Even the last one seemed interesting, but I couldn’t complete it. So, it seems will be the same case over here as well sadly.


    Now moving on the drama, itself. I really have no idea what I was watching. I know that this drama is supposed to be a revenge drama and all but seriously I found it way more amusing as a comedy. Heck even the so called revenge part is making me laugh at this point. Not only that, but someone over here even posted the character description chart. Whoever is translating that needs to perhaps attempt to dub this drama in English because that seems just as funny. For instance, when they described the guy who knows Jacqueline, they described him working with his Galactic sister. Really what does that even mean. Was she an alien or deals with them at a galactic scale. See I can have a lot of fun in that department as well. I can only assume that the translators had trouble in translating so something got lost in translation. Maybe they even used google translation and that is why we got that amusing character description.


    The drama does have somewhat of interesting characters as they all seem to have their own agenda. Let’s discuss some of them. CEO Nang is more likely the second lead. No way a guy who cheats on his wife can qualify for male lead status. Though his colour choice of pink in equally hilarious. To top this off this is perhaps the first drama that I actually saw a male character get into bed without changing. The budget must really be small for this drama.


    Now before I get into anything more, I want to bring up a point that has been brought up in regard to the female lead, whether she is a twin who wants revenge for her sisters death, is the female lead disguised as her friend to confuse her enemies and take her revenge etc…


    A bit hard to say but I am going to definitely say that she is in town for revenge. This was clearly obvious but let’s look at all the red flags that indicate that a lot of her actions were intentional even if they were coincidental so to speak. Someone mentioned how she was changing Infront of her so called BiL (assuming that she was a twin) and she didn’t recognize him. I am going to disagree with this point. Let’s look at the red flag over here. She is clearly aware of the fact that she is a dead ringer for Joo Kyung. This is not only due to meeting her a few years ago but also recently as she saw a picture of her on the desk at the office where she just caused a scene. She also knows said person. Now when the Ex husband notices her he addresses her by said name. at this point her reaction was to respond to him in Japanese indicating that he got the wrong person.


    Doesn’t anyone find that odd. Since she is in Korea and even knows Korean, she could have easily corrected the mistake. Even to the point that she didn’t realize who he was until he properly introduced himself later. Notice how she otherwise points out to people that she is just a look alike such as the main leads mother who was a cleaner in their building. So if this was the case why didn’t she do so in this case as well.


    Moving on while in the car she makes sure the guy knows that she is loaded as she is trapping him to see just how loyal he was too her. If he can cheat on his wife with her, she can know that he was doing the same thing with Joo Kyung. This part was indicated when she was having drinks with him, and the wife contacted him. He lied to her that he was in a meeting with the politician. Even when she pretended to be drunk, she was probably testing him. Pretty sure that guy won’t disappoint her down the line. He may try and deceive her for the time being, but his true nature is eventually going to show up.


    Then we have the scene where she gets him a new shirt because she spilled food on him accidentally. Yes, the scene was meant to be funny about how she did it. But if we think about it carefully it looks pretty planned out in a way. Think about it this way she knows that if she pulls like that and suddenly releases it the food is going to drop on his clothes. This means that she can get him a new shirt. Which would certainly lead them in a semi compromising position. Not only that, but notice how she talks with him about how they were drunk last night and that hopefully nothing inappropriate happened. She did this publicly if she had any sense she would have done so in private. This means she wants the people in the office to gossip about this. Perhaps even hoping that his current wife finds out about this.


    If you look at things in this light it might be on purpose that she dropped her earring in his car. She wanted the wife to discover it and cause a fight between the two. Now someone might be wondering how that could happen as it was probably just chance that the wife needed her husband’s car and she discovered the missing earring. While that is probably true the wife was bound to find the earring one way or another. For instance, another way that she could come across it would be if the car was being cleaned and when the cleaner discovered the earring, he would assume that it was the wives and hand it over to her. She just got lucky that the wife discovered it so soon. Not only that but if one noticed she was wearing the single earring even though she had misplaced the other pair. Now since I am not a female I can’t attest if this is normal behaviour or not. But I am going to assume that isn’t the case unless they are trying to make a statement of some sorts. For instance, Lee Yuri does that in Heavens Promise because she wants the evil mother to freak out and play some mind games with her. I believe that the same principle applies over here as well.


    Has anyone noticed how the little daughter has selective mutism in this show. One has to wonder just what kind of trauma she had to suffer which led to this situation. In many ways her fathers treatment of her is certainly a factor. He demands that she speaks in English at least during meal times and even tries to control what she has for a diet. This certainly wouldn’t help her. Not only that I suspect that she will be key in taking down the villains later on. She probably witnessed one of them trying to harm her mother (sabotage the car brakes or overheard the plan to do so) thus causing her to become mute in fear. She is trying to protect herself because she doesn’t know any better and who to trust.


    Oh, by the way lets get back to the female lead. Another reason that shows that all her actions are deliberate can be seen how she interacts with certain people around her. Moving back to the Ex and his wife. For starters notice how she gets into his personal space and insists that he isn’t her type or that she doesn’t seduce married men. She is clearly playing hard to get for a specific reason and this can be further seen when she informs him that she might give him a chance if he was single. Showing that she wants him to get a divorce. How many people can get back after divorcing their partner especially after they are caught cheating and then get dumped by the person they cheated with. It certainly seems like that is her goal over here.


    Not only that but when the wife pops in she finds them in a so-called compromising position. Her response is simply that she isn’t that low to go after her friend’s husband. Okay while that may be believable her next actions again indicate that she has an agenda. Not only does she make sure that the wife knows that she is missing an earring she even has a response as to why the earring could have been in the car. It looks like she is a bit of an air head at times by her actions. But when we start to suspect that she may have an ulterior motive then they make a whole lot more sense. Then again all of this is merely my speculation over here and I could be totally wrong. Perhaps her character is just as it seems. But then we probably won’t be getting a revenge drama then.


    Also, another thing to consider why she is actually the female lead and not her doppelganger. To an extent she seems way too familiar with the people around her. For instance, she constantly calls the aspiring actor aka the male lead kiddo. A term of endearment that was just between her and the actor. Even after being informed that only one person could call him that. Perhaps by coincidence or more likely she can’t change all her habits. Also, everyone seems to notice how she seems to be handling all of the problems that they are facing even though it is supposed to be her first time. Even if we are to assume that she had the same interests as her doppelganger I find that bit slightly hard to believe. There must be some differences even if she is a twin.


    Come to think about it the twin thing is more possible than being a doppelganger. Did I hear correctly that the other one was from an orphanage. If that is possible then a birth secret is far more likely at this point. Not only that did anyone notice that the male leads mother has a small scar (burn mark I think) on her hand.). You don’t show that unless there is some sort of significance. Perhaps she rescued one of the babies from a fire. The other somehow survived and that is how she was raised by a Japanese family. Frankly I don’t think that she comes from a so called super rich family as she is claiming. Notice how the father’s name she has given is mostly a recluse. So, it won’t be easy to verify her identity. She probably knows that he has a daughter, and she can go by that name, and everything should be okay as long as he doesn’t get that family into trouble. Heck at this point I might even be willing to believe that her actual father is a loan shark or a member of the mafia in Japan. Considering the fact that he sent a bunch of thugs to retrieve her.


    Okay while I have more to add I will have to leave my post over here as I have to get back to work. So till then take care all of you. Let’s hope that the revenge part happens soon and that I will still be around to comment on that. Apparently, I only recognize some of the adult actors. From the main leads only the second lead seems to be recognizable. Does he like playing cheating husbands I wonder. Also, what is it with these air head husbands who so depend on their mistress for success. It was the same case in the last drama. By the way how did that one end. Was it any good. I may have to get back to it at some point.


    ps for the vote i really wanted to pick multiple people dying by a truck of doom. but i havent seen that ever happening. plus 3-5 would certainly be way more intersting but lets see what happens. i love being proved wrong

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  9. Someone decided to recommend this show to me, and I have to say that I certainly enjoying it for the time being. I agree time travel can certainly be fun if done correctly but at the same time it can also end up giving me a headache due to there being multiple types of paradoxes. For instance, in this case the female lead decides to ensure that her parents don’t end up together. Sure her mother might have been happy but at what price. Also, if she was never born how could she go back in the past to alter said events or any of her own achievements.


    It’s like a line I read in a time travel novel. If a person goes back in time to kill Hitler and succeeds does this mean that Hitler never existed in the first place and if that is the case how does the person time travel since he would now have no motivation to do so. Regardless one gets the point.


    Anyway, the reason that I am currently posting is that I read somewhere here that they suspect the main leads father as the murder suspect and that is also the reason why perhaps his mother abandoned him. I am here to say that I probably disagree with that assessment. Look I can be wrong here but let’s look at the facts. Will try and cover both points by the way.


    First of all, we need to remember that while time travel certainly causes a lot of variables it can also help us out over here. They did make a good point that the murders happened in the next episode after the father returned. Something that I didn’t notice or realize but we can easily chalk that up to coincidence. We need to realize that the original/initial murders took place when the father was still in the good old US of A. So, unless the father could be in two places at the same time (perhaps with the use of Time Travel) I find it had to believe that he is the actual killer.


    Meaning that if the main leads didn’t interfere by being the time displaced variables the murders would have taken place on schedule. Come to think about it perhaps the main male lead is responsible for the murders in the first place. What is the first thing that he does when he comes to this time. He alters events by saving people in the village and not letting reporters report the fact that kids were sniffing glue and getting high. Does anyone remember the people that he saved from dying. One of them could have ended up becoming a murder in the future.


    Speaking of murder suspects Misook so still be considered as one. After all it hasn’t been proved yet that she isn’t. now I know some of you will point out that she can’t be the one due to her friend mentioning that they were witness to the actual murder and that Misook was the only one that witnessed the supposed murderers face. Now while that is totally true, I would love to point out that she is an unreliable witness in this case. Remember according to certain characters she has feelings for Misook which Misook is totally aware of. The exact same reason why Misook revealed her bruises to her in the first place. It was to garner her sympathy and it worked. This girl was now ready to beat up Misook’s brother if that made her happy.


    If this is the case, it wouldn’t be all that far fetched to believe that she would be more than willing to still lie to protect Misook just to mislead and misdirect anyone suspecting her of the murder. Another thing to consider is the current victim. The female leads mother. Now one can easily argue that this shows that she was always supposed to be a victim of the murderer. But the question is why now. Well in this case we have to remember something this was the time when the mother decided to standup for herself and reveal the truth regarding the plagiarism. This made her look bad and could have forced her to take her revenge on the mother now. Perhaps it could have been similar in the future and thus the reason why the mother had to die back then as well. Remember she came home that night and mentioned to her husband that she returned from her hometown because she had some uncomplete business to attend to. That was also the same night that the mother ended up dying. Perhaps that to was a coincidence.


    Now I am sure that some of you will try and point out that the person responsible for abducting the mother was a male so it couldn’t have been Missok. For that I suppose we cold have it that she was indirectly involved. We know that she can be extremely manipulative and not only that, but she is super good at discovering other people’s weakness. She could simply have used that to blackmail her next pawn to try and get rid of the mother for humiliating her.


    Moving back to why the father isn’t on the list of suspects for me. For that let’s play a game of question and answers. For starters let’s ask how did the main lead end up in the past. Answer, someone was clearly a fan of Back To The Future. Thus, he found a time machine in the form of a car. This brings us to the next question; how and why did he find said car. Now this can be a tricky answer because the first can be by total chance. Perhaps the people from the future left if for a stranger to find, perhaps it was an experiment by them to see just how much chaos they would cause or create a better world. Or it was always intended for him to find it. Only someone with intimate knowledge of his whereabouts could have therefore sent it for him to find.


    This will lead us to wonder just who that could be. The answer in this case would be someone who knows how the time travel machine works in the first place. That would have to be his father. As he works on currently repairing the car, he discovers that it is actually a time machine. Using his current knowledge, he will then actually make it in the future and leave it at the place where the main lead eventually discovers it. Now if he was the murderer why would he leave said car for anyone to discover especially his son. The only reason that I can come up with is the fact  since he is so smart he knows that if he doesn’t he will end up causing a paradox thus he sends it which will end up leading to said events.


    Now in regards to the fact that the mother left the main lead because she discovered that his father was the murderer and thus he was a mistake that shouldn’t have happened. Well first of all I am glad that Misook didn’t turn out to be his mother and that was a red herring. That would have been terrible for everyone involved especially if she is also the actual murderer. Anyway, back to the point that I was trying to make. Perhaps she left him to protect him. Sure, this sounds the same as the poster’s initial assumption. But in this case, I meant that if the actual murderer threatened his mother with his life, it would make sense that the mother could have made a show of leaving him. Another thing to note was what he said about his father. He shortly left for the States to complete his studies and would pop in occasionally to check up on him.


    Nobody finds that odd. Now a common explanation could be that he was so heartbroken at his wife/girlfriends actions that he needed to clear his head and that whenever he saw his son he was reminded of her. Possible. But then again it could be for show. If the son believes that his parents abandoned him then so would the murderer. But in truth the parents were actually hiding out in the States and were looking to reunite with him when they knew the cost was clear and they were safe from the murderer. When they realized that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon they were perhaps forced to use the time machine to have them captured. Another thing to note about the time machine was the fact that the main lead discovered it with a working instruction manual. Odd isn’t it.


    Now back to why Misook could still be a potential suspect in all of this. Perhaps she holds a grudge against the main leads for a few reasons. Perhaps she feels like they were the reason that she ends up loosing things that would/could have been rightfully hers. For starters she may have had crushes on the guys that ended up marrying the main leads mothers. If they hadn’t intervened, she may have had a happy ending and all. So threatening people seems to be in line with her. Another thing to note is with the female leads mother she was always her competition. Not only for the guy she may have ended up with but also when it came to studies. Apparently, the mother was someone who always came first. This could easily have been another factor to cause not only resentment against her but also hurt her pride. She is rich but here she is being beaten by someone who isn’t even in the same class to her. Her ego would certainly be hurt by that. Not only that but the guy she likes isn’t interested in her even when she can grant him a good life. He would rather suffer and be with someone else. It could be the same for the main leads mother as well. She would look down on her for owning a restaurant and all.


    Well, that will be all from my end for the time being. Do take care all of you and if by any chance my theories prove to be wrong, and the male leads father is indeed the killer. I will be the first to admit that I was wrong and that the poster that said so is correct. Not wanting to offend anyone with having different theories. Ofcourse it could be a totally different person altogether and Misook may actually be innocent. But do we even want that. I guess I am forgetting something at this point but will leave it for later when I recall what it is. So till next time.

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  10. Okay so this event is way easier than the last one. Select the best Sound Track. Totally lost since I never bother with that unless we were watching the Dream High Series. Assuming even that they used some original music and not some songs from other K-PoP music. I only recognized one from the second season. Anyway let’s get on with this one. I just wonder if we are counting shows with single seasons for a second season or those that have more than one season but can have more. Either way am going to suggest the ones that I want and why.


    So here goes in no particular order.


    IRIS (Season 1.5 or 3)

    Reason – The original season was great, even the spin off series ATHENA. Never got around to finishing that one though. Sadly, the second season wasn’t all that great. It felt lacking in certain department. Also, the lack of connection with the first season was its major downfall. Sure we had the so called villain from the first season and he had a connection with the male lead we had no idea of what happened to the female lead from the first season. How she handled the fallout of the first season ending and all. So in a 1.5 season we could have follow up on that or better yet we can have season 3 with the female lead of season one ending up working along with the two sisters. Perhaps a version of Charlies’ Angel like twist.


    Dream High

    Reason – Okay this seems to be in a similar spot as the earlier choice. The original was a lot of fun but either I missed something in the original or the show got the second season wrong in certain aspects and couldn’t keep their facts straight. As far as I could remember the original show showed us a scene from the future where we see the Dream High medallion on a character getting ready also someone mentioning that they knew said character before they became famous. We then get a flashback into the past where the medallion changes hands making us wonder who the main character is until we do find out. We are then returned to the present. Second season is apparently a few years after the ending of the first season. Problem is we have no idea why the school has lost its former glory. Nor does it do a good job of telling us where some of the original characters ended up. Especially those that decided to stay back. What motivated them to leave and all. A season covering that would be nice. Another season could also follow if done right regrading the season 2 characters with season 3. But who knows.


    Bridal Mask

    Reason – The original was a lot of fun especially if you like the so called Superhero type. In a way you could summarize it as a combo of Zorro or perhaps Batman. The hero does a good job. Sadly, the ending probably isn’t considered a Happy one. So, beware. A second season could easily follow at some point. We don’t necessarily need to have Joo Won even reprise his original role. Perhaps a few flashback scenes and him passing down the torch. After all the ending of the show had it appear that Bridal Mask isn’t a person but rather an ideal. So we could have him die but another character discovering his identity and taking over the role or him seriously injured but giving his blessing to the new Bridal Mask to continue the crusade. Hopefully he gets a happy ending. The Second Female Lead from the first season could be the instructor to the new Bridal Mask even.



    Reason – We apparently had a few unanswered questions in the original and I feel like we could easily either continue from that point. For instance, did the villain survive in the ending. Apparently, there are more cursed items out there how did that happen. We could easily have side stories relating to those items perhaps even connecting to the first season somehow.



    Reason – I don’t know what to say about this show. It certainly had its moments but at the same time I felt like we were cheated out of a good story. Perhaps the writers were thinking of doing a second season but due to low local ratings they decided to back out and thus we got a half a kind of story. Look every story is supposed to have a beginning, middle and an end. But what we got over here was something in the middle. I get that some stories work well with the starting of a show and then we get a flashback scene to show how we got there. Dream High Season one was a good example of this. But over here it sadly didn’t work out. The beginning was also the end over here. Thus, we never get to find out if the main leads ever meet up again and team up to take down the real villains. Sure, they took out the big bad of this season but not the guys he was supposed to be reporting to. Will the main lead continue to take down the organization from the inside or will he get exposed and thus the female lead comes to his rescue, and we get a reunion for them as well. Then we also had a few interesting side characters as well who I would have loved to find out what happens to them and how they could continue to support the main leads in the future.


    Okay there were a few more dramas that I wanted to add over here but sadly or fortunately for you all they ended up slipping my mind for the moment. So, I will leave this post over here for the time being. For all of our mental health and sanity I fortunately decided to leave out dailies from this list. Perhaps that can be the next topic/event to be added. (The Worst Dailies that One Has Watched) I already have a few I can place.


    @agentz sorry for not responding to you in the current forum but you asked me why I liked the character of Carl Laker in Smile Again. I think it would be more fair to say that show had a bunch of memorable characters. The one thing that I did like about him was that I jokingly liked to think that he had a Kimchi Fetish. Got me interested in trying to test it out someday. He introduced to me quite a variety of kimchi. Since this isn’t the proper post I wont add the other reason why other characters were just as memorable.


    Oh this did remind me of two more shows that I would like to have another seasons as well.


    Healer and Stealer. Sadly, we won’t get to see the former since the main lead has decided not to do Action shows/movies anymore sadly. But Stealer in many ways can be considered its spiritual successor. One can certainly even dream of a crossover between the two.


    Well here is my list. What do you all think about them. I am now going to read up on your suggestions and will let you know what I think about them soon. So till next time take care and hope to read new posts soon. Sadly my net is giving troubles so my show watching has been put on a stop for the time being sadly.

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  11. Not feeling sorry for MiKang. She chose to be with her current husband and deceive everyone else about Sena’s birth secret. Her friend perfectly pointed out that she has a terrible personality and that is the reason why everyone has left her at this point. Can’t believe that she is so dense that she can’t tell that the hired help is only being so polite to her because their job is on the line. But then again, she fell for the lies that were told about the Taxi Driver and ended up abandoning him.


    Am going to agree with the assessment that Sena is at a Stalker level dangerous. The problem over here is that she doesn’t care that Jinwoo doesn’t have feelings for her and considers her like a little sister. She said as much to her mother. I assume that she is under the delusion that if Jinwoo doesn’t hang around other girls and she is the only one around then by default he is going to have no choice but be with her to the end. It also helps that the families have known each other for ages so they might help pressure him to be with her.


    Doyun is behaving in pretty much what we expected. Getting his hands on incriminating material and then later using them as blackmail material against Kang so that he gets what he wants aka Sena. Not sure how that is a good idea. Kang tends to punish people who try to backstab them regardless of his history with them. Remember what happened to Clown. Even if he gives in to his demands initially he will be plotting all the way to get out of the issues and perhaps try and pin them back on Doyun or something.


    A point was brought up that Secretary Na should reveal Jinwoo’s secret identity atleast to her husband that way they will have a better way of protecting themselves in the future. I would normally say that is a very good suggestion but sadly not practical anymore at this point. There would be two reasons for that. Firstly, now that the Taxi Driver is back to directing plays it is going to be a matter of time before people are able to track him down wherever he goes. The only option out of this is if he ends up doing some other job. I feel that perhaps that is the reason Secretary Na doesn’t want to tell him about this. She may feel that he has already given up so much in looking after them and keeping their secret. Finally, that he is happy doing something that he likes she may want him to continue to do so.


    Secondly, I would like to point out that how will they end up running from the Drama Writers fate of destiny plots. I suspect after watching the preview for the next episode that we are going to have the following plot. Haein is going to be kicked out of her job. This means that she is going to need to find a new one. This will end up resulting in her working for Jinwoo’s mother. At first, they won’t know about this fact and there will be the standard near misses. But when they do discover this fact they will think that it is destiny. Speaking of their initial reunion not sure why Secretary Na was so worried about Haein revealing her name to Jinwoo at this point. She is going by her new/current name Sol as it is. So even if she told him that Jinwoo isn’t going to recognize her at this point.


    The only way for them to do so would be if they start to talk about their childhood some more and one of them starts to pick up on the similarities or something along those lines. Mind you not that they had a whole lot. That or they see something that they recognize such as the telescope that Haein gave him when they were kids. Conveniently he doesn’t carry it around with him 24/7. But who knows, given time he may just fall back to his trauma days and start carrying it around again. When Haein sees it and asks him the backstory behind it. He will reveal it to her and then she will bonk him on the head and tell him that the girl in the story was her and that he was an idiot for not recognizing her all this time.


    What do you folks think about what Kang is going on about this new fashion wave to his FiL’s friend. Is he trying to pull some sort of Scam. In the sense that he is going to use some of their funds for his slush funds or something will happen causing him to loose all that money and then they will shout at him and the FiL that they trusted in them and that is why they invested and now they want their money back.


    I don’t know what is wrong with Sena at this point. Sure she acts like a stalker but also at the same time like a little kid which just comes of weird at this point. The way she speaks tends to sound like a petulant kid and her fashion sense is more like something from the early 90’s. unless that is the correct time period. I forgot to count when the show started and how long we had the time jump. So perhaps we are in the correct range.


    Finally moving on to the hired help and their lack of funds. In regard to the scholarship for Doyun we assume that Kang decided to give him the full 100%. He could easily have given him a lower one like let’s say 50%. Also we don’t know how the family living expenses work. Do they get to eat food from the main house or do they have to purchase food on their own. For instance, I know certain people who have hired help where they give them lodging in their house. (a living quarter at the back of the house usually), Food is generally provided from what the family eats. But one of the person that I know doesn’t provide food since their own schedule is unpredictable but in its place they do provide the staff with extra money in their salary and have pointed out that is for their meals. How they spend that money is on them after this. Another point to note is that pay may not be high enough considering the rising inflation costs and all. In this case they may not have gotten a pay raise in some time, but the other living expenses may have gotten high thus they may not have saved a lot.


    The actual murder suspect list is certainly rising. Let’s see how that turns out. Overall I feel like we still haven’t gotten to any interesting parts and the show is a bit draggy. For a moment I thought that MiKang might have been secretly recording the conversation with the other student as evidence in case her frenemy couldn’t make it to the meeting place. Speaking of Jinwoo’s mother what was with some of her acting. Screaming in frustration made her seem like a madwoman. She should be glad that campus security didn’t end up escorting her from the campus. On the other hand I do find the interactions that she has with her husband sweet at times. Especially when the fact that she was initially a gold digger has been revealed. It only makes their relationship all the more beautiful and better compared to what Mikang is going through at the moment. I really hope that she won’t feel betrayed once she discovers what Jinwoo is currently doing.


    Anyway have to rush for the time being. So will catch up later on with all of you. Till then keep posting and I will try and find a few more shows to watch along given time and all.

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  12. Seriously what is wrong with everyone over here. It is like the writer had been paid extra to make the characters dumb or annoying. I feel at the moment it is hard even to root for the main leads which is bad. I wasn’t planning on ranting on the characters but oh well here goes a long post.


    It seems like Haein and her current family just love to overact/react to everything. I get that they love each other and all but just look at the scene when she phones to inform them that she is being chased by a supposed pervert. The scene over there is overacted that it is more comical than serious. Probably the same thing could have been done without the comedy. The Aunt I have already gone over her so won’t bother to do so again.


    Jinwoo seriously asking a random girl to spend the night at her place. What was he expecting in a response. He could have addressed the same issue differently. For instance, he could have suggested that since it was too late to go anywhere as his bike was out of fuel and couldn’t get refilled at the time. If she could find a place to accommodate him. He could also have used the excuse that he needed help since he was out of money as well. This would have perhaps gone a bit better. But instead, his offer did indeed sound like he was expecting more or something.


    Granted Haein did overreact considering the fact that she didn’t live alone so him pulling any funny business wouldn’t have worked but still. Also, what in the world makes her think that she is a natural at acting. Her acting was terrible. Cringeworthy to be exact and I could feel the same as Jinwoo. He needs to do a whole lot of work to improve her. Of course this means they get to spend more time together but still.


    Makes no sense why Jinwoo is pretending to be poor. Good thing that he still hasn’t recognized Secretary Na. Moving on to his stalker aka Sena. She really needs to go to rehab. The guy has never seen her as anything more than a little sister, but she is forcing her feelings on him. What makes her do that is beyond me at this point. Then she is blaming him for how he could do this to her. Ah he never told you that he was interested in you in that way. He can’t be responsible for someone else’s feelings now can he. You assume something is there when it isn’t. Like when his trauma was over and he could speak again, she assumed that it was because of her and that he loved her or something along those lines.


    Come to think about are all Second Female Leads supposed to be this creepy. We just have more exposure in this case. Think about it most of them claim that they know the main lead for ages due to their family knowing each other. Thus, if the significant other hadn’t shown up, they would have ended up with them. As I pointed out over there it was only mentioned but over here, we see just how that crazy can start. I also don’t get why she is feeling so betrayed that he could have found someone. If you wanted him, you should have staked your claim ages ago instead of now. Heck even does it now. Better to get a rejection sooner than later. Not that she is going to take it well either way.


    Not sure what I think about her supposed video blog statement. How can you unbox clothes that you have purchased for a stream. Clothes are generally loose items unless they come in special boxes or packaging. But her clothes seemed the normal type. Did find it amusing that they cut out the G from GUCCI since they didn’t probably get approval from them. Also, what was she going to do if he turned her down. Pretend to commit suicide that her parents would get so worried that they would try to call in a favour and hope that he marries her to save her life. With the way the show is going I totally wouldn’t be surprised at this development.


    The grandfather is now suddenly pushing his friends to invest in Chairman Kang. I have a bad feeling about this. Something is bound to backfire it seems. Not sure if they will get scammed or what. Sena needs a better wardrobe. Heck the mothers look better at the moment than her outfits.


    The hired helps are another issue altogether. The uncle loves to overreact as well. He suddenly assumed that the watch Sena was purchasing must have been as a gift to thank Doyun. Also for Doyun to be happy that she might gift him something. Ah she has never looked at you like that so what makes you think that she is going to change so suddenly. It isn’t like you just met her. You have known her for ages, so it makes no sense for him to think otherwise. At least the mother started to think that this might not be the case even if it was late.


    Regardless of who is actually responsible for the murder of Haein’s parents we know how things will probably play out. Jinwoo will offer to help her out and this may result in him asking Doyun for help. This will lead him to discovering the truth to some extent. (Either that Haein is Kang’s child or that he was responsible for the deaths.) regardless he can then use this to his advantage and try and blackmail him that he can frame Haein for good but in return he gets to marry Sena. Pretty sure he would have blackmailed either party with this offer. Let’s see how that will turn out.


    Jinwoo going like a fan is certainly making him come off like some sort of psycho stalker or something. It seems like the writer loves to show their characters with this tendency. Kang was obsessed with marrying rich, Doyun and Sena are obsessive over Sena and Jinwoo respectively, Jinwoo has a thing for the Taxi Driver (mentor wise) and a bit of Haein. Not sure what Haien has but knowing this writer something will come up. The Aunt is obsessed over making money. So, one gets the point. Oh right the driver had a thing for Secretary Na though I guess he wasn’t at obsessive levels yet but given time who knows. Regardless the level Sena has is unhealthy and one never knows what she can do to keep Jinwoo for herself. Murder wouldn’t surprise me at this point.


    Also, what is wrong with Jinwoo. I can perhaps get him misunderstanding that he was at the wrong job and Haein didn’t let him speak but after atleast a few deliveries he should have stopped and corrected the misunderstanding instead of continuing them. Also, what kind of absurd plot was this. I get that the temporary delivery guy got delayed somehow but just how long was it that Jinwoo had to do so many deliveries. (To the extent that he ran out of fuel). Haein was dumb for not confirming that she had the correct person. Not sure what happened to her brain cells during the time gap. Also why in the world is Jinwoo hiding the fact that he is temporarily pursuing theater work. I get that his stepmother might feel hurt that he is doing so. But if he is more honest and say that this is a temporary phase before he starts the fashion work and all she wouldn’t feel that hurt when she does find out. You can be sure that Sena’s mother is going to reveal it out of spite at some point. That or Sena will just so that he can be separated from Haein.


    Speaking of Haein what are we going to call her. Sol her current name or Haein her original name from now on. Oh well that will be all from my end for the time being. Take care all of you and hope to see your posts in the future.


    @backstreetboysfan thanks for the ratings and letting us know the top drama. Too be honest I was looking for that drama because I had heard that it was supposed to be good. But was searching for its other name with no luck. No wonder. Thanks to you I can now check it out. Any of you viewers tell me how it is and should I actually check it out. Also, from what episode should I do so. (Just incase there are ton of boring filler episodes that I can skip.)

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  13. @partyon Thanks for the invite this time round. While I have a bunch of favourite dramas not so much with characters. Hard to remember the characters. So for the time being I will just go with these two. Perhaps when I remember a few more will add them later on as well.


    Favourite Character - Carl Laker and Jung Ho by Ji Chang Wook in Smile Again (2010 Version) and Healer respectively. He was one of the early actors that I was introduced to in K-Dramas so he has a soft spot for me. In Healer he does a good job of being a bumbling guy but secretly he is the Mysterious Healer. found his double roles memorable in the show. Plus he had a good support team in it as well.


    Favourite Character (Female) - Han Cha Ah in Bridal Mask. To be honest I found her character far more interesting than the female lead in that show. She was slightly more complex which made her more interesting. Leaving you to wonder if she was truly bad or was it due to the situation.


    Bonus Mention. Kim So Hyun/Claudia Black in Fugitive Plan B. Considering that this was the drama that basically started it all for me had to have a character from that as well. Sure Rain was fun and all in that drama but she stands out because there were scenes when she had to speak in English with her employer and well she had a great accent to go along with it as well as the boss. Accent is a deal breaker for me at times. So she gets a mention not to add that she works in Hollywood films as well as a plus now. Anyone remember her in Avengers. :)


    well will end this post over here for the time being until I recall some more characters. @partyon nice picks. have seen a few of those shows so know what you are talking about but the others have no idea. But am going to assume that they are just as good and will give them a shot when i get the time. Thanks for the indirect recommendations.

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  14. Okay so it is confirmed that I don't like the aunt. She is the annoying character of the show. The wrong guy showed up to work and she insists that he can't go, making up excuses and refuses to pay him for all his hard work. On top of that she hates the female lead and the Taxi Driver. Things really don't look well. I hope that she surprises us changes especially when haein is framed for murder and all. Then again we have a bunch of annoying characters over here. MiKang and her frenemy are close seconds.


    As for the hired helps son I see blackmail in his future (him blackmailing to get what he wants)


    Guess I can actually write small posts. Totally surprised me. Anyway all of you take care and I hope to see your posts soon.

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  15. So, after watching the last episode (21) here is what I have to say. The writer loves to traumatize the kids in this show. First, we had Jinwoo with his trauma of loosing his mother and then Haein, Haein also has abandonment issues. Though they nearly made us believe that she overheard her parents in regard to her birth secret. Glad that was a mislead. Then we have Sena who blames herself for the death of Haein and Secretary Na. Probably she is the only one still suffering some sort of trauma. Will get to that in a bit.


    Before I do though I want to bring up a point someone over here made in regards to Jinwoo having a great family and also nobody over there bothered to get him counseling treatment until recently. I would have to say that while is all true it would have probably been a recent development. I am only saying this because of my own interpretation of events. The first time his father married after his wife passed away was probably because of this. He was probably told/thought that his son needs a maternal figure to help with his growth/development. This didn’t work out back then because his current stepmother was a gold digger and didn’t really sympathize with him until recently. Thus the bond between the two has actually become better. Also allowing him to grieve without all that much guilt. Finally allowing them to become a true family.


    I really hope that the announcement meant to be made wasn’t Sena’s engagement to Jinwoo. Glad for the intervention if that was the case. Probably not though. Poor Sena is the worst from the three. Both Jinwoo and Haein have managed to move on with their life to an extent. While not totally issue free they have it much better. Sena on the other hand is still locked in her own prison. While I totally understand her father’s motivation and all. He doesn’t want her to suffer or look down upon as he once was his pushing her like that isn’t helping.


    No matter what her birth secret both her mother and grandfather are never going to abandon her or tell her off. She will inherit the company under any circumstances. So, him pushing her to succeed makes little sense. Even if Haein were to enter the picture, she isn’t entitled to anything from that family unless Kang gives her something and even that is limited. As his FiL loves to point out Kang doesn’t really own anything as he has fed and clothed him all these years. Probably an over exaggeration on his part but one again gets the idea. Management rights would never be handed over to her regardless of her parentage unless she disguises herself in revenge mode and comes as a super smart executive or something. But that again isn’t going to be easy at the moment.


    Now lets get back to Sena and why she hasn’t had the best of three so far. We have to first of all wonder if she even wants to be a model or takeover the company. She is being pressurized from all ends to do so. She mentioned in episode 21 that she was slightly interested in theatre work but she doesn’t have time to do so because of her studies and job. While she admits that she isn’t as passionate about it as Jinwoo it shows that her interests are other than her job at the company. She is also forced to look good so she can’t enjoy her own taste in food such as drinking and other junk food. She was terrified when she got caught by her father who ended up scolding her. Which then resulted in her working out like crazy in the gym to lose what she had gained and also to wear a corset just to stay in a model like figure.


    Going to point out the father was clearly overreacting for no reason. I couldn’t tell the difference before and after workout so what was the point. Even if she gained a few kgs it wasn’t going to end the world and she would still have managed to fit in her dress. All good tailors should allow their dresses to be made where if the person gains a bit of weight or loses it, they can still somehow fit in. because a onetime use dress (with one designed weight or whatever) is a waste of money and resources. It would perhaps make more sense if she gains weight way to        quickly due to slow metabolism and something and if her dream was to become a model her father admonishing her makes more sense. But out of the blue. Nope.


    This shows that she currently is still being scolded over relatively minor things such as the vase breaking back in the day. She was so scared to admit her mistake that she thought it better to frame an innocent child and then get chewed out when she got discovered. Indicating that her father would have been more than willing to let the matter slide if she was honest. Granted she probably decided to frame Haein to get her away from Jinwoo but still.


    As I mentioned earlier Jinwoo and Haein are more or less free from their initial traumas but not completely. Jinwoo for instance has discovered a love for theatre but has to keep it a secret from his family because he doesn’t want to hurt his stepmother’s feelings. While I certainly do like the bond that the three of them now have it certainly still has its issues even now. The mother still has her issues and always wants to show one up against her frenemy. Until that changes things aren’t going to improve. This is both good and bad at the same time.


    Haein on the other hand seems to have overcome most of her demons and has a happy family finally. The problem is certainly going to come from her aunt. She doesn’t seem to have fully accepted her as a part of the family. Secretary Na should have simply lied to her and told her that she secretly got married to the Taxi Driver and this is their daughter. Now she wants to get married officially or something along those lines and Haein might have had a better shot at being accepted. The aunt has issues with both father and daughter. Things aren’t going to get better after the frame up. I get the feeling unless the aunt is brought up to speed on the birth secret, she is going to blame the deaths of her parents on Haein or believe the lies and have her kicked out. I doubt that another person will be brought into the birth secret. This is certainly a shame.


    The only people who I may see believing her to be innocent might be Jinwoo depending on where we end up with before the frame and hopefully the couple that helped them out earlier. The husband knows the truth behind her birth secret and perhaps he will believe her when she tells them that she was framed. The wife also loaned Secretary Na some money so it might be reasonable to believe that they still kept in touch with them allowing Secretary Na to pay them back and thus becoming part of the added family. It would be a waste to tease said family just for a small cameo role.


    Speaking of them I wasn’t amused at the fart scenes that the husband was making. Do people actually find that amusing. I certainly didn’t. Seen things like this in a few other shows and I just don’t find it amusing but gross. Am pretty sure they can come over with something better.


    We also have the standard misunderstanding between the main leads tropes. Though to be fair I am not that impressed by adult Haein. While I get, she is supposed to be way to nice and all and also supposed to be good in certain departments. Brain power still seems to be lacking at points. For example, when she was supposed to wait for the delivery guy to show up she mistook Jinwoo as one and gave him the delivery. Not sure how she could do that. I have briefly worked in a restaurant and I wouldn’t mistake a random stranger for a delivery guy. He wasn’t in any uniform first of all and even if you could look past that he didn’t have a bag to carry the food in (the ones that keep your order nice and warm or cold).


    Good thing that Jinwoo was an honest and nice guy that he decided to even accept her request without making an issue with it or ran off with it. Otherwise she would have been in major trouble. Now we just need to wait and see who recognizes who first or if they develop feelings for each other before the birth secret is revealed. (even the one that she is actually Haein)


    Not so sure how they even managed to get her name change and all. Wouldn’t the family need her birth certificate or even permission to do so by first adopting her from the orphanage. But if they are supposed to be dead how does that work. Or since the Chairman thinks that they are dead and isn’t going to be checking up on them at the orphanage they could pull of this stunt.


    Oh well going to check up on a few things more before adding more to this post. So till then take care all of you. So till next time.

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  16. Okay so this is a bit embarrassing didn’t realize that episode 15 was already out for some reason until I saw that @backstreetboysfan posted its ratings. Thanks for that. Going to check that out in a bit.



    @brooksmom No problem. Figured that most of you here are from the good old States. As for me it’s a bit complicated. Am initially from Pakistan. But when I joined Soompi I was in Kuwait. Been living there on and off. (Was there Pre-Gulf War. Then had to leave during the invasion. Returned for a few years. Went back to Pakistan and returned again). Was there till Pre-Covid. Then went to Pakistan for a short visit. Unfortunately got stuck over there and my residency permit got cancelled. Now am in Saudi Arabia visiting my grandparents. Let’s see what happens next with me.



    Anyway, back to the show itself before I am reported for being off topic and all.



    @maribella you make some good points over here. Not sure just how ambition Kang was that he decided to ditch his current girlfriend. Unless something new was shown in episode 15 that I haven’t watched. Still will point out that in all fairness all humans are ambitious to an extent so can’t really blame him there. Will disagree for the moment that he never planned on marrying his girlfriend for now. She was living at his place that shows commitment on his part. Frankly call me old fashioned or whatever I would have said that if you are willing to do that then just get married and save everyone a whole lot of drama. You also won’t have the problem of facing single mothers. If you can’t afford to look after your family, then simply wait till you are able because things aren’t going to get better anytime soon.



    I still feel that the sudden loss of his parent made him think irrationally and then he was way to committed to his plan to backdown which resulted in him marrying his current wife in the hopes of taking over that family’s wealth and all.



    Finally, in regard to Secretary Na and her not hiding Hae-In and pushing her towards Jinwoo’s family. I was going to initially concur with this assessment. But after thinking about it for a moment I think I have figured out her reasons. They would be as follows and I am probably wrong but would love to hear what you all think in regard to them.



    At the moment she doesn’t realize how much her actions have caused Kang to be in the hot seat so to speak. Nor is she aware that he knows that Hae-In is his daughter further complicating matters and all. Yes, he tried to kill her accident or not. But she feels that she has more than made up for it by trying to help him get the deal for the construction and whatnot. She feels that should make them even and in return he won’t try to not only kill her but will also let her go finally.



    The other reason why she is pushing her towards that family is because she wants her to have a good life. Something that she can’t afford at the time being. The Taxi Driver did point out that all Hae-In currently wants is a stable life where she will be loved and all instead of living a rich and supposedly comfortable life. Simply just because you are rich doesn’t necessary mean that you will live a happy life as well. Things are certainly going to be complicated because of Jinwoo’s stepmother. As she also suspects that Hae-In is the secret love child between Secretary Na and Kang. Nor is she realizing the danger that she is placing Hae-In at the moment.



    If Kang can make her see/realize that then I have no doubt that she will take Hae-In and leave. She has lived in that household for quite sometime so she is totally aware just how crazy the people over there can be. The chairman was ready to kill Kang for his infidelity to his daughter or burry the Clown alive for failing to do his job correctly. Sena’s mother is equally nuts. Something that she has clearly inherited from her father. She mocks Secretary Na for trying to take some personal time off and that she has to prioritize raising Sena and all. If she knows that Hae-In is indeed her husbands child (regardless of who the mother is) she is going to take it out on all parties involved.



    Again, it won’t matter to her who came first. Her husband’s priority should always be her and her family. We could see that due to the misunderstanding she was more than willing to kick him out of their house if it wasn’t for Sena and that too because he was nice to her and all. If that hadn’t been the case, she wouldn’t have tried to make amends at all.



    Problem with Hae-In joining Jinwoo’s family is that getting a DNA sample from her becomes a whole lot simpler for certain parties ie grandfather who has already stated that he is going to do that the moment Secretary Na and Hae-In are discovered. I think the wife has also said as much. Due to these reasons, it is highly doubtful that she will be adopted in that family. A relief to the stepmother I suppose. Though Secretary Na could sort of get away with it partially. All she needs to claim is that she never had any kind of relationship with Kang and as proof of her innocence she can admit to getting a test with Hae-In.



    This will verify the fact that they aren’t related at all. Though this might complicate things further since it will show that Hae-In has no biological connection to her at all. They may then start to wonder how she is related to her (if she was a relative as she claimed then she probably should have some common factors and all). So, while the initial test may stump the folks for a time being. There are others who after realizing something is odd will perhaps demand another retest with Kang. Something that he won’t be able escape from. Nor is Sena going to take any of this well.



    She is already despising the fact that Hae-In is taking all of Jinwoo’s attention from her and the rest of the people that she thinks are important to her. Namely Secretary Na and all. Realizing the fact that she is also her father’s daughter and that she may even take him away from her. Well, we can all imagine what will happen next then.



    Anyway, take care all of you and have a pleasant weekend. Anyone over here interested in the coronation happening today? Do let me know.

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  17. So here are my thoughts regarding the show or more in response to some of the points made over here.


    in regards to the other brush it is probably indeed Secretary Na's brush which he took. Let's see the logic behind it. Sena was already brushing her teeth when he came searching for something to compare his DNA. So unless she was using a new brush it couldn't have been hers. Also as the helper pointed out that she threw away all of Secretary Na's stuff/in her room chances become high that it was indeed hers then. Plus we found them in the same spot. So take it as one likes. Finally there is no reason for him to compare his DNA with Sena at the moment. He still thinks that she is his kid. Unless she suddenly shows up with some sort of illness/accident where his DNA needs to be required such as a blood transfusion he isn't going to find out.


    The part where someone mentioned about Kang not wanting children and should have used protection etc.. I am going to say again that probably wasn't the case. While I agree with them that before marriage protection should probably be used simply as a safety measure. What if they couple decides that it isn't working out between them or something then they can walk away without any further complications and all. Especially in places like Korean Dramas where single mothers are almost always looked down upon. But moving on. From what I could tell these characters are almost always committed to their partner until something happens. Usually in regards to their greed and ambition. In this case the loss of his parent and the frustration that he couldn't do anything about it. (Couldn't afford their treatment). This resulted in him thinking that if he had the means/money he can do anything. People won't look down on him and respect him etc...


    Sadly things haven't been going as planned. As pointed out he is being treated terribly by his FiL. The hired help in that house probably are living a better life. Again I have no idea why anyone would love to stay in that house. Get a divorce and move on. The way things are the FiL isn't going to leave his wealth/company to you ever. He is going to give it to his daughter. The only way the FiL would be willing to do otherwise would have been if he had a Rich SiL and that too if they came from a wealthy family (more rich than him). Who would probably not need it thus he would feel secure that it would have remained in his own family. The poor fool still doesn't realize that he can't take any of his wealth when he dies so why be such a miser. Not only that he has spoilt his daughter which in return has spoilt his granddaughter.


    The only reason that Kang has survived in that house for so long is the fact that people think that Sena is his daughter. The way that his FiL has been behaving there is no doubt that he will chuck Kang out the moment he discovers the truth. Not that he will still want the Taxi Driver as his SiL. Hopefully the same is true for the Taxi Driver. Good old Karma striking the Chairman then.


    Thug is a full on clown. Enjoying his screen time.


    Anyway feeling sleepy now. So will end my post over here for the time being. Will get back later on.

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  18. Still too dificult for me. Some I feel like I have heard. But not sure where. Probably some might even be lost in unoficial subs and all.


    anyway here is my guess for Quote 4

    On 4/30/2023 at 11:00 AM, partyon said:
    QUOTE 8:
    "I'll just eat today and start my diet again tomorrow."

    is it


    Oh My Venus


    On 4/30/2023 at 11:00 AM, partyon said:
    QUOTE 14:
    "F-O-X. Fox."

    the two that come to mind from the clues


    1. My Girlfriend Is A Fox, 2. Tale Of The Nine Tailed


    On 4/30/2023 at 11:00 AM, partyon said:
    QUOTE 19:

    Chicago Typewriter

    not sure about the rest. Sorry Doctor Doom I have failed you.

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  19. Interestingly @partyon I just noticed that I wasn’t tagged for the new event. Is this because I write extremely long posts and that is why I am excluded from it as punishment or that I am not an old enough member to receive an invite. Totally disappointed either way :). Not going to take part in it now. :). Okay now being serious incase someone didn’t get it that I was joking at not being invited. Am not taking part in it because I don’t know the answers in reality.



    @maribella thanks for the clarification. Yes, you were the one that mentioned it as your post is the first one on page 2 in response to mine. Not that it is important mind you. Female lead gets framed and sent away or in regard to the breaking of the vase. These things are a common trope in these shows so to be expected.



    As for her bio-mother actress. Have mentioned that I seem to be jinxed in regard to her so I have never completed any of her shows so I can’t comment on just how clingy she was in those. But over here I might have to slightly disagree with you in regard to her being clingy. To be fair we have only seen in a few episodes so to judge her based on that can be a bit difficult.



    First of all, I can understand her frustration to want to hold onto her boyfriend. They had been in a long-term committed relationship to the point that they were expecting a child. Naturally any mother would want a loving and stable environment for their child to grow up in. Just look at Hae-In even now she wants stability and someone who loves her and not someone who will abandon her. Clearly the girl is a bit scarred in that department. But anyway, moving on she knew that her lover was grieving due to the loss of their parent and was making an absurd choice which they may later on regret down the line. Thus, she was trying to convince him to reconsider which I feel was totally logical and warrant on her part. She did point out that they had a child to consider and that his dead parent wouldn’t have approved of his choices.



    But he pulled a total jerk move and told her to get an abortion. Again, even at this point she decided to have the child on her own and raise it without involving him in anyway. But fear of discovery meant that he sent his thugs after her to ensure that his secret would remain. He had nothing to worry about but that is what a guilty conscience can do to a person.



    Speaking of that day when the thugs arrived and chased her does anyone find it amusing that shortly after giving birth, she had more than enough stamina to try and escaping from them by running till nightfall? Or was it simply dark due to the storm. That might be more plausible to an extent. But still running…. Yeah, not totally buying it sorry folks.



    Finally, after watching the last episode, I have to wonder if Sena’s mother isn’t being a hypocrite. She is furious that her husband may have had a secret love child. Certainly, her friend wasn’t helping the situation since she isn’t totally aware. (Is partially correct but still). But does she have a leg to cry on considering the fact that she is doing the same thing to her husband. Deceiving him that her daughter is his child as well when instead we know that it belongs to the taxi driver.



    If Sena has anyone to blame it is herself and her mother. Assuming that she decides to blame Hae-In for stealing the love of her biological father, down the line.



    I guess Secretary Na is going to be in trouble because the Jinso’s mother is probably going to find out through her husband about the meeting place. She will then inform Sena’s mother and they will then confront her which is going to cause further drama and misunderstandings between all involved parties.


    @vienvien Will try to partially answer some of your points. Agreed she shouldn't have brought Hae-In to that house but she wasn't thinking straight. She was trying to balance the scales sort of. She thought that Hae-In had a right sort of to live in the same house as her bio-Father. though am a bit unclear what she was expecting. She would never have been treated as part of the family and always as the works kid. Unless her father saw some potential in her and decided to help her out. Like what he did for the helpers kid. Perhaps even get closer somehow but how is a good question.


    As for the matter of lying that Hae-In was a kid instead of a baby when brought to the orphanage. We have to ask why would the rich people do a background check. If she was adopted by total strangers it would lead to a dead end anyway. As for the two families she had a good reason. Informing the house she worked in (Sena's Family) would have been dangerous to Hae-In because the parents would have suspected something. The father isn't dumb and could do the calculations and probably have come to correct conclusion that she was his kid. We have already seen just how unstable his wife his and she would have suspected just as much. It also isn't helping her that her friend is egging her on in the same direction.


    as for Jinso's family they didn't really do a background check it was the wife that did so and only because she was getting concerned about Jinso's condition and wanted to track them down. Otherwise she would have been the least bit bothered in regards to this as well. The father just wanted his son to be happy so simply took Secretary Na for her word that Hae-In was her relative. Plus he knew her for quite sometime so I guess he trusts her to some extent.


    Secretary Na leaving like that in the night was a bit strange and totally didn't make sense like I pointed out in my last post. But I guess she finally had enough of that crazy household that she wasn't thinking straight at that point. She must have been affected by the crazy bug for a moment.



    Oh well. Let us see what happens next will end my post over here for the time being. Unless I have something else to add later on. Take care all of you and keep posting.

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  20. Okay let me apologize for taking such a long time to reply. Just too busy to schedule my lengthy rambling posts. Plus, you all deserve a break from reading them as well. Anyway, onto the post itself.


    @maribella thanks for informing me that it will be Sena that frames Hae-In. This means that I need to get back to the drawing/theory crafting board and come up with better ones to earn my keep on this thread/forum.


    Though I do have to say that I came pretty close to certain assumptions. Such as Sena’s mother starting to suspect that Hae-In may indeed be her husband’s child. Now if things hadn’t gone the way they did such as Hae-In and Secretary going MIA she would have insisted in perhaps even getting a DNA test done as well.


    Fun Fact: Perhaps they should have swapped the actress for kid Sena and Hae-In. Simply because in the last drama the actress for kid Hae-In was the child version for the female lead in it which just so happens to be the same actress that portrays Sena over here aka the second lead. So, kind of like a continuation of sorts. Not that the child actors ever met their adult counterparts.


    Am starting to get annoyed at the female servant at Sena’s house. She is too much of either a busybody or is just willing to turn a blind eye regarding her employee’s house. Now totally understanding considering they are in charge of her living condition and all. Not only that but that she owes them a bit more considering the fact that they have also hired her brother as well as footing the education bill for her son as well. So, her loyalty is to be expected. I just wish she had a bit more role to play.


    Does anyone wonder if Hae-In’s biological mother is still alive and may pop down later on and perhaps help her out in her revenge or something. Remember the only one that has said that she was dead and checked out her body is an unreliable witness. Someone said that he would try and kill Hae-In to cover up his mistake and all. Coming to that point let’s see why he is totally unreliable. First of all, we never saw the body and we just have to take his word for it. This is always a standard trick in shows. Unless a body is shown 100%, we can never assume the worst because this always allows the writers a way to bring back said character. Secondly, we have to assume that since it was a stormy night that day/night he wouldn’t have the stamina to do a thorough search plus he would assume that his boss would take his word for it. Not like he would check personally. The other reason to consider why he would even lie to his boss would be the fact that he knows just how crazy his boss was and how they don’t tolerate failure. To avoid that it would be far better to lie and say that he verified the body even if he didn’t find one or for the wrong body.


    Someone brought up the fact that there may be DNA shenanigans already considering the fact that the lead thug has already followed the father into the lab and will try to cover his tracks. True but I also want to bring up the fact that there is also another reason for him to do so as well. Just in case it has slipped some viewers mind we also have to remember that this thug is a double agent as well. He works for the chairman as well as Sena’s father. So, depending on the situation he may alter the test results for those reasons as well. Perhaps even under the chairman’s order.


    Does anyone think that Jinso’s stepmother has changed or is it too much to think that a leopard can truly change their spots. From someone who seems all that bothered when it comes to her stepsons well being she seems to be suddenly defending him from Sena’s mother and letting her know just how fake she is. So, the question now is that still an act or is she finally showing some motherly concern towards her kid now. Probably not good considering the fact that if Hae-In later on shows back up in their life she will have a prison record courtesy of being framed by Sena. So she wouldn’t want to approve someone like that as it would look bad for the family and all.


    Come to think about it Jinso still liking Hae-In regardless of it and still trusting her would be considered a sign of true love. In a way it is history repeating over here as well. Sena’s mother was in love with Taxi Driver but apparently at some point she gave up trusting him that she ended up marrying her current husband. Not that she wasn’t in love with him. Upto the wedding vows took place and all she did assume that she was marrying her lover (sort off) until she would be snapped out of it. If she truly loved the guy she would have waited for his release and supported him regardless. Clearly her current husband must have done a good job to keep him locked up for so long. Am a bit surprised that he didn’t keep tabs on him. But I assume he considered that since he has a child with his wife, he has nothing to fear. Especially since she loves and dotes on the child so much.


    Speaking of Taxi Driver, I kind of feel bad for him. He suspects that his former lover may have been responsible for the hit and run on Secretary Na. Now he is going to stay silent just to cover for her for old times sake. Hopefully he isn’t dumb enough to try and a make a deal with that family who may think that he is trying to blackmail them, so they try to silence him. Also why doesn’t he try to investigate the matter a bit more before jumping to conclusions. Just because he saw his lover step out of the suspected car doesn’t necessarily mean that she was driving it that night. It is safe to assume that since she is rich, she could have drivers to drive that car as well or anybody else in that house. Simply because of that he is going to make things worse down the line for all involved.


    Something that seems to confuse me for a bit is the fact that the maid told Sena’s father that Secretary Na was perhaps going to see the chairman because of the partial conversation that she overheard. Probably making things worse for all involved. Anyway, as I was saying I was under the impression that the chairman lived in the same house. I doubt that he would let his daughter live on her own. So, in that case if Secretary Na wanted to talk with him, she could have simply waited till he arrived home instead of heading out to meet him. Also considering the fact that they all live in the same house the Chairman could have done the same. Was that an abuse of power calling Secretary Na like that merely to thank her when he could have simply waited for a few hours or so.


    Another question that I have is about how Secretary Na is paying for her medical bills as well as where Hae-In is currently staying or even managing. Consider the fact that she has been MIA not only due to Jinso’s condition, worsening but also if we note the scenes where she is looking after Secretary Na while she is recovering her clothes/outfits also tend to change. This clearly indicates that a few days have passed. So is the Taxi Driver still paying for their expenses as well. Boy that certainly is dedication in my books. Also, to the point that he hasn’t asked for anything in return. If they can get a happy ending that will be awesome, but we know that isn’t going to happen sadly.


    Sena is getting annoying thinking that she is entitled to X things or the fact that if Hae-In hadn’t entered things wouldn’t have changed. Ah no Jinso would probably still not have been interested in her. He simply wouldn’t have been able to let her know due to his trauma. Also, if he had been forced to marry you due to it how long does she wonder if she would have had a happy life then. Instead of being happy for him that he recovered she thinks that it was all about her. Not willing to consider any other possibilities. Secretary Na isn’t her mother so why should she be bothered if she is showing her attention to someone else or better yet understand that Secretary Na is only doing that to her own family something that she will never be. Instead, she is blaming it all on Hae-In. I can understand the frustration in regards to her parents to an extent but that is it.


    Also, that house is way to unstable for anyone to live in. Someone pointed out that Hae-In was acting a bit weird when she said that she wanted to live in that house as being near her father gave her warn and fuzzy feelings even though she had witnessed him trying to attack her with a golf club but instead ended up hitting Secretary Na. I want to point something out regarding that comment. Secretary Na asked her why she lied, and it was in that response that she said that. If her feelings changed after witnessing said event the answer is probably a Yes. This can be witnessed by the fact that when she saw Secretary Na secretly leaving, she did the same thing and followed her out. If she wanted to remain, she could have done so or even accepted the adoption to Jinso’s family. This not only indicates that her feelings had changed but also her priority. Another sign of that was by the fact that she had forgotten her necklace at the home and only went back for it later on.


    Am glad that she didn’t reveal anything to the nosy Maid and get Secretary Na into any more trouble. Though as I pointed out am still mad at that maid for numerous reasons and she is simply making things worse for everyone involved. If you decided to stay silent to not get into any kind of family drama do so. Don’t pick and choose your sides like that. Also, Sena’s father starting to think that Hae-In could probably be his secret love child due to listening to what she said. Ah the broken angel wing could have been a mere coincidence and could have easily broken when he tried to hit Hae-In with the golf clubs or even before during the time when she was in the orphanage. It didn’t have to be the same one that he gave to his Ex.


    Going to end the post for the time being. Have to do a few things. So will catch up with all of you later on. Also have to catch up with Woman In A Veil. Haven’t done so since my last post. Hopefully the body switch has taken place making it more interesting. Wonder how they will pull it off though. So till next time.


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  21. Decided to pop in for a random drama before I head out to the ones that I actually watch. Also, on the search for Healer Season 2. Heard that it has Joo Won as the main lead this time round though. Sadly, no luck finding that. Oh well let’s get on to this post regarding the show.


    So the first thing that we note is that this show has a double birth secret in it. Not so sure where I stand in that department. Also, we can see that Sena is going to have Serin level obsession if it isn’t curbed ASAP sadly, we know that isn’t going to happen any time soon. To be honest I just don’t get what it is with all these second leads. Why continue to pursue a partner if the other side seems to be oblivious to their feelings or has indicated that they aren’t interested in pursuing a relationship with them. Granted in some of these cases it would certainly be helpful if the other party told them in plain words thus the obsessed party can’t claim that they were led on.


    In this case Jin Woo does have a small pass as of now. Since he was traumatized and just recently got back his voice. So, him not being able to tell her off made sense but now he needs to speak up otherwise he might get engaged by his parents at an early age. Granted these engagements don’t really make a lot of sense at times but what can one do. Also as he grows up things are going to get way complicated but we know what will happen.


    Thanks to a preview someone posted over here we get a few glimpses of things to happen. Hae-In’s mother aka Secretary Kim in this case is going to get injured and she herself will be sent to jail probably for a crime that she didn’t commit. So, the question over here is who is responsible for these actions. The likely suspect would be her biological father since we know that he will do anything to cover his past. But I have a theory and I want to hear your thoughts regarding it.


    Now instead of her father would it be possible for Sena’s mother to be actually responsible for said things. Let’s follow my chain of logic and see if it makes any sense. Courtesy of her friend a seed of doubt has been placed in her head that her husband might be having an affair with his secretary. Clearly it doesn’t help that Secretary Ma is not only living in their house but also she has late night meetings with her husband. (She did overhear her laughing in said meeting which certainly doesn’t help her case nor the fact that live in the same house.)


    Eventually she is going to get suspicious and start to think that Hae-In has a birth secret and that she is actually her husband’s daughter. Which is correct as we know. But she is going to think that Secretary Ma is the mother therefore she had an affair with the husband. To confirm her suspicions she is going to run a DNA test with Hae-In and her husband and the result is indeed going to turn out positive. She will therefore confront Secretary Ma but will not listen or believe the truth. This may result in a confrontation between the two which will be the reason for the accident that Secretary Ma is involved in.


    As for Hae-In She will probably be framed for something just so that she will stay away from her father. It remains to be seen who is responsible for that though. But using the same logic it can easily be Sena’s mother who does that.


    The servant’s son certainly isn’t helping anyone by covering for Sena and framing Hae-In. Not sure why he doesn’t get it. Even if Sena would have been thankful for it she isn’t going to be interested in him. Infact he is only making matters worse by being an Enabler. Had she taken responsibility for her actions she probably wouldn’t have even gotten into all that trouble considering that she has been raised as a princess. Not only that, but we also know that the kid is going to become a prosecutor. Which isn’t a good sign for two reasons. The first is that if Hae-In needs to be protected he is probably going to take her case and be able to get a false confession out of her or plant/destroy critical evidence allowing her to be locked up. The second is that if Sena doesn’t learn to take responsibility for her actions she will be causing issues and he will be busy cleaning them up by covering for her or buying of the people she offended etc..


    He still isn’t going to get a shot with her unless he decides to blackmail her into something.


    The two best friends are a blast. With friends like that who needs enemies I do wonder what the backstory between them is. Such as why his Jin Woo’s stepmother antagonizing her friend. Did she steal the guy she liked back in high school that she is taking it out on her now. Also I want to know who you think is worse of from Sena’s current parents. Her father who betrayed his first love for the sake of power (atleast he was upfront with his GF) of her mother who to protect her pretended to have the tango so that she could fool her current husband into thinking that Sena was his daughter.


    Right this brings me to another point. We do know that Secretary Ma is going to to be paired  with Sena’s biological father as well. This will also probably be another reason why she is going to be mad at her because she will claim that Secretary has a thing for stealing her men thus another reason for the confrontation between the two.


    Anyway feeling sleepy now. So will end the post over here. Take care all of you and let’s see what happens next.

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  22. Okay so I finally remembered some of the points that I wanted to make yesterday but forgot. So here goes another long rambling post from me. Apologies in advance



    First of all I just want to ask what is the best or most amusing comment that you all have come across in regards to this drama. (not necessarily from this forum but it can be added). For me it would have been the Following. An Uber straight to hell for Aera. This literally had me laughing for a bit. Good thing that I didn’t have anything in my mouth or else my poor laptop would have been a casualty.



    Now moving on to other joking matters. Any bets over here that the uncle is going to get into an accident. Perhaps a love tap on his head or get an electric shock which will suddenly transform him into a super genius and make him the MVC (Most Valuable Character). He will then end up solving all the mysteries for us. Also take down Aera and perhaps even Serin as a bonus.



    Someone mentioned that Tae Yang has his own trauma just be thankful that it isn’t like his last one where he had himself locked in a store room and his only constant companion was a mannequin. Sadly whose name I forgot at this moment. Though he does end up with Gyul Wool. Will he be lucky a second time? We will just have to wait and watch.



    Another thing that keeps me puzzled is how nobody found it odd that Aera confronted the person that Assaulted the uncle on her own. Sure, she gave a reasonable excuse that she used the same method as Gyul Wool. But what made her even think about it. Was she randomly asking around and she got lucky. The people should have first of all asked. After that they should have asked her why to confront a dangerous person on her own. Even Gyul Wool who isn’t all that sharp went with protection ie her brother and the cops. Not only that they don’t find it suspicious that Aera was alone with the guy for some time. Now why would this be suspicious. Let’s look at what happened when she confronts him, and he assaults her. Any reasonable person would have been shouting out for help especially when they are banging on the door to be let in. instead she beats herself and the guy panics and runs. She ends up pretending to be the victim and nobody is even suspicious of the following points.



    Finally someone brought up the matter of how the ratings of this show are quite low. I suspect that this maybe due to this show having extremely few likable characters. It is understandable that we get one or two dislikable characters. But when even the characters that we are supposed to root for don’t make much of an impression then we have a problem.



    The only saving grace in this show would probably be the acting skills of the actors making them comedians at certain points. Take for example Yujin can’t seem to do anything on his own and is begging to either not get caught or hoping Aera finds a way out of their predicaments.



    His mother is just the same. A terrible person but when it comes to certain interactions she can be amusing to watch. I really do wonder what her reaction is going to be when she does indeed discover that her son was/is having an affair with Aera. Probably will be a bit shocked at the start but once she discovers what Aera can bring to the table she will suddenly be okay with it. Sadly, the price of it all will be that she can’t boss Aera around and she will start regretting her choice down the line.



    Gyul Wool is the supposed main character but as of now she is everyone’s favourite punching bag and the sad thing is that she thinks that she deserves that. Until she snaps out of that mentality, she is going to be hard to watch.



    Back to Yujin. He is an extremely despicable character not simply because he is having an affair with Aera regardless of whether she was his first or not. But because he has no objection to Aera picking/assaulting a mentally handicapped person but because that said person also happens to be his own uncle. If he can do that to family I shudder what the rest of them may have in store in the future. Not that I will be the least bit bothered. The uncle is the only decent person in that family due to his condition. The grandfather is somewhere in the middle. He does seem to be concerned about Gyul Wool but either because she doesn’t speak up or he isn’t a 100% bothered he can’t care about her. That is until someone brings up a point in regards to the matter. For instance that family is probably loaded but they don’t seem to have enough hired help that Gyul Wool was treated as such until her accident. Which was probably a blessing in disguise for her.



    I could point out more reasons why some of the other characters aren’t likable, but I feel we already have that covered so will leave it for the time being.



    Any ideas of what ships might end up happening by the end of the show. Here is one of them from my end.



    Aunt Mal Ja and Serin’s Uncle. Will have the standard get together and talk about each others family without realizing this initially. Probably will also get drunk and end up in a motel where the Aunt will then discover sometime later that she has become pregnant from said encounter.



    This last one might be hard to pull off so whichever of the triangle works go with it because each of them would be equally bad in my opinion. Gyul Wools brother is probably going to end up with either Yujin’s airhead sister or Serin. As I said not sure which would be better because as of now each of those two has major issues. Serin might also be a bit more complicated especially if she gets a face swap with Gyul Wool as that would make it super messy. Do think that they may indeed head out for the face swap plot. This was hinted by the fact that Tae Yang noticed that Serin had a habit of twirling her hair whenever she was nervous or angry etc… this means that is going to be her Tell in her new body.



    Still trying to figure out why the swap will take place. Perhaps she will want to ruin the family completely for supposedly killing her sister and will try and take the Miss Monte Cristo vengeance route. Kill an innocent sister for the price of her own sister. Which may result in an accident of sorts where she will also get stuck. Thus in the confusion of it all they will mistake her identity and the face swap will happen. She will also during this time try and seduce the brother in the hopes of revealing that like all the other men that approached her he will be after her money as well. By the time she realizes that he isn’t like that she will think that this is a bore and try and leave him breaking his heart. (Probably her initial intention anyway) but she will discover that she too has developed feelings for him as well. Perhaps the accident will further complicate things for her.



    Anyway, I have to go now. Got to check up on something. Then catch up on the latest episode. So, till next time. Hoping that this show will improve, and we finally start liking the main leads atleast.





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  23. So first of all I want to thank @maribella for letting me know that The Glory is a good show to watch. Putting it on my watch list then. Just hope that I stomach the bullying scenes sometimes they become difficult to watch just as I get way to squeamish while watching medical dramas due to the blood scenes and all.



    Anyway, moving on to the drama itself. Before watching the actual scene where Gyul Wool bites her husband to prevent making out with him. I was going to make a joke that is how she probably got pregnant as this might be a horror or sci-fi show meaning that she was an Alien or something. But after watching that scene I actually realized that would have been insensitive of me. Someone pointed out that it was almost like she got raped. What they might not have realized that had Yujin actually forced himself on her at that point it would indeed be considered as such in some countries. Atleast according to British Law that is. So if a wife doesn’t want to do it and her husband forces himself she can easily take him to court. I would assume that this law would also apply in the States and Korea. Assuming this due to the fact that Gyul Wool tells him what he is doing is committing a crime. And no, he can’t use the fact that he was drunk so he didn’t know any better as a defence.


    Though if we are still on the subject of how she got pregnant and if she hadn’t done it with him before I would point out two things regarding this. Firstly she probably did do it with him in the past if not Aera wouldn’t have resorted to secretly giving her birth control pills. Secondly the night that Yujin tried to force himself on her they actually ended up doing it as well. Thus how she may have gotten pregnant. This can be seen when he threatens her that if she didn’t do it with him that night she would never get the chance in the future. She then agrees to do it instead of sending him to sleep on the couch.



    Moving on to other parts of the show. Have to agree that Aera is quite fast on her feet and the others simply can’t touch her so it will be actually nice when the main leads decide to take her down. Speaking of that lets make a few guesses of things to happen in the show. Something is bound to happen to Gyul Wools baby. This can be seen by the fact that it has already been pointed out that she has a red birth mark which is going to be used to identify the baby in the future (when it has become a child). Basically there are generally two ways of identifying children in dramas when they have been separated from their parents. They either share the same allergy as their parents or have a birthmark to help identify them. In this case it seems to be the latter.



    The other thing we can be sure to expect is the death of Gyul Wools father. Sorry folks we are going to need our comedy section from elsewhere at this point. Serin is probably going to be responsible for his death because she will want revenge for her sisters death and will stupidly believe the planted evidence and fake witness testimonies. So probably she won’t let the father out of jail and due to this he won’t be able to take his medication or something along those lines. Yes, just like Man In The Veil. Look the father must sadly die. He may not be the smartest guy in town but he is the only one that knows that Yujin and Aera were not only having an affair but how they were drugging Gyul Wool as well. Once that is revealed they are probably doomed, and they can’t have that. So, they need him gone. Serin doin it is just going to be in their favour and also extend the plot or storyline. So if you need your tissues now is the time to get them if you have run out of stock.

    Someone pointed out that Serin is behaving like an overgrown teenager I would say that she seems to dress like one as well. The fashion department either messed up for a bunch of characters or they were going for something but the execution didn’t pan out. What are your thoughts regarding this.



    So we discover that Seyon was adopted what a birth secret. Now you know what else would be better. If it turns out that she was Aera’s younger sister. Before anyone tries to tell me that this theory is bonkers and tries to poke holes in it like shredded cheese. Don’t bother I will do it by myself. We know that isn’t the case since the sister was younger than Aera and Seyon seems to be her senior. Not only that but if she was indeed her sister she should have recognized Aera when they met even if she couldn’t do so from her younger pictures since Aera still looks the same from her flashback days. True that isn’t much to go on since in Gracious Revenge characters couldn’t recognize the mother who looked the same apart from her hairstyle.



    The only reason that I was saying that it would have been nice if this was the case because it would have been karma getting back at Sera. Ie she would have been responsible for the death of her own sister. Probably driving her bonkers and ending up in the loony bin. But that is just my own wishful thinking at this point. I do wonder what has happened to her sister. I suspect that she may have committed suicide due to the pressure that she was under and the depression as well. I guess that we have to wait and see.



    Still not getting what Aera wants by becoming the lady of YJ Group. Sure, one can say that she will get a comfortable life and whatnot. But in reality, it isn’t going to be all that simple. Yujin is the least bit bothered about the company and how to run it. He relies on Aera to help him out and likes to play games instead of working. Heck he even needs her to get out of his own mess and is totally spineless. This would mean that if they intend on keeping the company in the family and reaping it’s benefits, she will need to continue to work in the company or run it herself. Meaning shopping and other benefits will be placed on the backburner.



    The other thing is that if people bothered to communicate a whole lot of problems could be easily resolved. But then we wouldn’t have the show 2 Crazy Sisters and 1 Idiot. Let’s see of how things could have gone better if this did happen. Yujin for some reason was cheating on Aera with Gyul Wool. Now at this point Aera could have simply confided in Gyul Wool and thus each of them could have decided who wanted to keep the trash bag at this point. Instead Aera lets him get married to Gyul Wool and then she continuously drugs her so that she can’t get pregnant and has an affair with Yujin. The father could have let his family know what is going on and they could have also decided if they wanted to remain as a family or get a divorce.



    Moving on to other things. The first time Seyon got scammed by the fake Jang Mi. why didn’t she get her money back. Now before people over here tell me that she tried to contact her and the previous owner but couldn’t do so as they had cancelled their contact numbers. I would point out that she discovered that Jang Mi was a fake pretty fast. Ie Tae Yang entered the moment she left and asked her who the strange woman was and confirmed just as fast that it wasn’t Jang Mi. At this point if they had chased after her they could have probably easily recovered the money atleast. As for the secret video that is still up for grabs of who actually has it. Everybody place your bets now. I do wonder why Aera took the video in the first place. Not only that I also wonder why Tae Yang took the fall for the murder. Sure he feels guilty but he isn’t entirely responsible. It also doesn’t make sense that Aera would know about the secret cameras and even if she did what does she gain from stealing it.



    Someone pointed out that Seyon was an idiot for following Aera into a deserted building. I agree with that assessment I also wonder why she didn’t put a stop to that earlier and demand to speak with her in a public space. I also wonder just how far that building actually was and why there never seems to be any kind of security over there. i did find it amusing that Aera had to drag the poor body all the way into the mountains to try and frame Gyul Wool’s father.



    A shame really that Korean Drama Cops are so incompetent that they don’t find anything suspicious when they arrested Gyul Wools father. Sure there is so called evidence that he is guilty but at the same time there is evidence to the contrary as well. Let’s start with what they do have.



    The Murder Weapon

    Fake Witness

    Planted Evidence (Medicine Bottle)




    Now moving on to the things that are probably in the fathers favour and if they actually bothered to think they too would realize that something is suspicious. The motive can easily be disproved if the father actually bothers to speak up and reveal what Aera and Yujin were actually upto. While it wouldn’t totally help it could help redirect the investigation elsewhere. But we know that he isn’t going to do that because he doesn’t want to hurt his daughter’s feelings or something along those lines plus he is either going to end up dead or the detectives incharge of the case will be bought off.



    The medicine bottle and fake witness may be harder to write off but not totally impossible. I would start of by checking the contents of the bottle first of all. Just how many pills are still inside it. Frankly I don’t know if diabetics carry their meds at all times. I would assume that isn’t the case since if it was the father should have been carrying them and not left them at home allowing Yujin to swipe them. So, in this case the quantity of pills is important. If it is a used bottle ie half empty then it makes little sense for them to be at the site unless someone wanted to plant them as fake evidence. If they were full then he would indeed have needed to explain their presence because the detectives could assume that he just purchased them before killing Seyon.



    As for the murder weapon why was he carrying it around with him. He could easily have tried to dispose of it elsewhere. Such as near the body or even chucked it in the sea aka the infamous Han River. Instead, it was found in his car or on him if we are being technical. Only an amateur would be so careless with evidence. Finally, there is one other major clue in his favour and if the detectives were actually smart would have realized it as well. How did he transport the body to the crime scene. If he used his car there should be more of the victim’s DNA over there. I would assume the only one that is there is from the murder weapon. But that isn’t enough. If he dragged or carried the body other people should have spotted him. Okay scratch that last bit since nobody noticed Aera doing that, but one gets the point.



    As for Gyul Wool how did she not figure out that Aera was having an affair with her husband. Even with all the lies that were told and what she discovered. The biggest clue was the fact that she was spotted at the resort. She first lied that she wasn’t there. When that was exposed as a lie she claimed that she was there with her boyfriend who turned out to be a fake. But the issue that was overlooked by Gyul Wool was the fact that Aera had no reason to 1. Go to the resort under a coworkers name when she could have used her own visiting pass/ticket. Unless she had already used hers earlier. 2. The hotel reservations were already apparently full so where did Aera spend the night. It would mean that she had to have made a reservation earlier or that it was under her supposed boyfriends name. Either of these facts could have been confirmed by Gyul Wool but she failed to think that far ahead. Also why did Gyul Wool only request the corridors video footage later on and just one of it only.



    She should have confronted Aera with enough evidence so that she couldn’t get out of it. As for only one footage I meant that there could have been other times when Aera could have entered the room as well but she only received the one when she left the room and that was edited by Yujin. Guess he was good for something atleast. But this does indeed bring me to question where exactly did Aera spend the night. Was there a spare bedroom in that hotel room because clearly they wouldn’t have spent the entire night making out. That would probably have been the longest make out session in history otherwise. I doubt that the bed was large enough to accommodate all three of them and that would just be plain creepy.



    Still not liking Serin. But at times I do like how she doesn’t take nonsense from others can make them suffer if they are indeed in the wrong. Take that blind date who tried to marry her for her money. She sent goons after him and he had to apologize to Tae Yan for hurting him. That obsession of hers is starting to really get annoying at this point though. The guy is an adult and he can handle his own problems. If she has discovered something important it is far better to reveal it to him than trying to bully people and whatnot. Also what happened to smartphones when the brother was confessing to his mother that he was the one responsible for murdering his own brother she should have recorded him instead of making a scene. Far more helpful than throwing a fit over there.



    A mistake Seyon made was probably to confront Aera for confirmation. What she should have instead done was to call her Jang Mi. No matter what identity you are using you probably can’t help but respond to your actual name which would have given her up way earlier. Seyon should have also taken other precautions once she discovered that Aera had been lying to her all this time especially after she had been scammed the first time round. For starters record their conversations and secondly she should have brought Tay Yan for confirmation as well. Trying to resolve the matters on their own is what brought this on themselves. So I also find it difficult to feel sorry for those characters.



    Okay while I was going to add more it sadly slipped my mind and am therefore going to have to watch the drama to remember what I wanted to add. But before I leave I do want to bring up the point that some of the places have really amusing names such as Secret Apartments. There was another name that I found funny. Anyway till next time folks.



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  24. Okay first I want to thank for the clarification that it is the actress for Serin that is the main character not the character itself. That makes a whole lot more sense.


    Now moving on to the point that was brought up that the person on the bed was Serin in Gyu Wool’s body and that it was Gyol Wool in Serin’s body removing the mask. Now I am going to concur with those that say that isn’t the case. Again, let’s look at the supposed evidence or theory that would try and disprove this. Mind you this is purely speculation on my part based on watching numerous shows. The first thing that we need to ask ourselves is what motive would Gyul Wool have to try and get rid of Serin. (Even if there is a body swap involved)


    As far as we have seen in the first episode atleast Serin hasn’t wronged Gyu Wool in anyway so far. She isn’t responsible for the death of a loved one, betrayed a good/best friend. That is Aera’s job. Nor has she personally tried to kill the competition as of now. So Gyul Wool has no good reason to kill her at this point. Also killing someone is pretty much crossing the point of no return. Main leads tend to have a moral code and while they are always out for blood, they need a justified reason. We haven’t been shown one. Okay fine I will admit I haven’t gotten that far ahead still being stuck on the first episode and all so I can be proven wrong.


    Another reason is why I would question that it is Gyu Wool killing Serin is the simple fact that we bring up the point of crossing no return version 2. In this case she would be killing her own chance to return to her own previous life. Surely, she has loved ones that she would love to return after her revenge or whatever causes her to go on her new spree and all. Unless she has lost it all. Then her going on the dark side makes a whole lot more sense.


    Finally, the reason why I doubt that the character swap has taken place during that particular scene. After the mask has been removed from Gyul Wool’s face we can see a tear drop from it. Now what I take from that is that the character knows what is happening to them at that point and the teardrop indicates that they have had regrets in their life and that they were unable to achieve. Now if we continue to assume this let’s look at both characters Serin and Gyu Wool and see who would be more sorry that they had unachieved goals.


    For Serin and her current personality the only thing that I would see that might give her regrets enough to shed a tear would be her unachievable goal of getting the guy that she likes or driving him away. Other than that, forget about an apology to anyone else. She would rather be expecting an apology from the rest of the world because she won’t be able to see any of her mistakes even at this point.


    As for Gyul Wool well her entire life would be full of regrets. Getting betrayed by the people she loves or trusts, not being strong enough in her life to be taken advantage of those around her such as being treated as a slave in her married life or not having enough of a backbone to standup to such behavior etc.


    Come to think about it if the character swap is done correctly, we may just have a whole lot of fun. By this I mean that if Serin is just as nasty in Gyul Wool’s body she may just be able to save the day. I would also like Gyul Wool in Serin’s body be equally tough and take full advantage of the situation, but I am currently holding my breath in that department. I have been burnt before in these dramas before to keep my hope up.


    People are wondering how the character swap can happen. Well let’s rule out soul swapping this simply isn’t that kind of drama. True Alchemy Of Souls covered that well but as I said that was more along the fantasy genre and this isn’t. be sure to expect a face swap of said characters for some reason. Just wondering what that could be. Signing a deal with the devil could be possible. In this case Serin might think that stealing Gyul Wool’s face would better help her get the main lead if those two have gotten quite close and she can’t seem to break them apart with any of her stunts.


    Probably this might happen in this way that Gyul Wool falls into a comma from one of her altercations between Aera or someone else. Serin thinking that Gyul Wool has no chance of recovering swaps her face (yep pretty much like in Face Off) only unlike it at the start when Gyul Wool will recover she will end up with Amnesia which people will take advantage of. Heck we might have another backstabbing friend in the form of Serin once she discovers that Gyul Wool has recovered. Wait come to think of it if this happens then Gyul Wool is still going to be the nice, sweet girl regardless of which body she inhabits. Oh well I guess we should cross that bridge when it comes. Still trying to wonder what will actually motivate her to go on a revenge spree.


    People have mentioned the fact that there are now morally Grey leads like in the show Penthouse. Sadly never got down to watching it due to time constraints. Did have an option between it and Alchemy of Souls. Don’t regret that one bit but I do wonder if I did choose wrong now. Also thinking about checking out The Glory at some point. Would the heroine in it also be considered morally grey and is it watching or should I try something else.


    Either way folks take care and continue to enjoy the show. Will end my post here. But before I do I have a question. What are all of your thoughts regarding Serin’s current obsessive behavior towards the main lead. While reading your comments on the last drama (which I still haven’t watched yet apart from the first 6 episodes) it felt like some of you weren’t all that happy with the female lead ending up with her so called stepbrother and it could have been a bit incestuous. Does Serin give of a similar vibe or is hers more understandable.


    Okay am off for real now. Hopefully I can watch atleast the second episode and slowly start catching up with the rest of you. Will then give my thoughts on the matter further. It is certainly a bit hard figuring out some stuff just from comments alone.

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