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  1.  @kboramint thanks first of all for keeping me up to date on this show with your fact. It is so hard at times to keep track of everything happening in shows due to time constraints and all.


    The next thing I want to bring up is the fact where some people are wondering if Suji is a doormat. I think it depends on the people she is confronting. For instance, with her family and people she is close with that might be true but compared with strangers this probably isn’t the case. As a doormat she should be a yes person to everyone around and not try and take risks. But this isn’t the case all the time with her. For instance, when she abducted the minor (even if it was for a good reason) she even tried to give a justification for it. If she was a doormat, she probably wouldn’t have the guts to try something like that or she would have immediately tried to apologize and get the matter resolved.


    With family I think it is a bit more complicated. As Asians who value the importance of family she would try and be polite towards them at all times and not try and get in any kind of arguments as that would probably seem rude. Not only that but as the eldest sibling it would have been reinforced in her to look after them. Let’s face it her stepmother was no saint and she scolded her for not looking after Na Young when she went missing as a kid. Then we also know that she has been taking care of her family’s other problems such as whenever her brother got into trouble, she would bail him out. Again, something which was probably encouraged by her mother. So, in a way it makes sense why she may seem like a doormat. Someone mentioned but she was the same way towards her bio mum when that family was only trying to be nice to her. I would say that in this case (frankly I don’t recall which scenes are being referred to) that she was in no mood to fight, argue with anyone at this point due to her own personal issues that she might have been going along with what the others were saying. This would be the best way to avoid any kind of conflict.


    Okay now moving on to someone mentioning that they think that Uri is condescending and is just as bad and manipulative as Suji’s Ex and is taking advantage of her vulnerable state. I am going to partially agree with this assessment. The former does make sense as he can come of like that at times. Especially with some of his encounters with Na Young and maybe even Suji. As for being manipulative like her Ex I don’t agree with this part. Let’s just look at what both of them have done or would likely do and we can see the difference. Uri is someone who actually tries to take into consideration what Suji wants and doesn’t try and force his way. Hyung Sun is the complete opposite. Once he discovers where Suji was living or what she was doing he demands that she leaves the place and that he would find her another place or job instead. If Suji wanted any of that she could have easily asked him to do so. Speaking of jobs Uri found places where she could apply and gave them to her. This gives her the freedom and choice of where to go and work if she wanted or to even accept his help. He wasn’t like you have to take a job and go to X hospital. Nor did he try and influence any of the doctors or staff that they had to hire Suji. Hyung Sun on the other hand would have probably tried to use his influence and clout forcing the hospital to select her if it was possible.


    Again, this brings up the point about Suji being a doormat or not. If she was one, she would have probably never broken up with Hyung Sun or told him that it was over and that she has moved on. She would be with him and rather be unhappy than bring up this point.


    @Lmangla I am glad that you are agreeing with some of the points that have been brought up.


    Speaking of Na Young and her getting pregnant. Let’s face it nobody should be surprised at this point. To some extent we were all expecting this. Do I think that it is her former PD who is the father. Highly unlikely. The only way I can see this happening if she was drunk, and he took advantage of that. The guy may be sleazy and out for a big scoop, but I don’t think that it was him at the moment until I am proven wrong. Na Young just comes of with the impression that I am better than everyone around me, so she is only going to be with someone that she genuinely likes or is on her level. The PD probably can’t do that. For her he was probably just a work partner, and she was more than ready to ditch him, if possible, for better opportunities (job wise).  This could be seen when he informed her that she might be the finalist for the anchor position. She initially pretended that she couldn’t decide how she would keep both posts when she was already thinking of leaving that spot for the better one. So, her in a romantic relationship with him seems unlikely for the time being.


    I agree Na Young clearly isn’t the smartest person in the room with the lies she is coming up with. Considering the fact that her face was plastered all over the airwaves due to the incidents that she had with Suji and that one press conference. As I explained in one of my earlier posts there is a reason why Hyung Sun or his family haven’t recognized her apart from the said makeover. (Someone brought up the Beauty and Mr. Romantic drama. Can someone please give me some spoilers for it. I dropped it ages ago. Why is the female lead disguised that nobody can recognize her. Last I saw she got the blessings of the male leads family so she shouldn’t be doing that), Anyway back to the point I was making in this show.


    There has been no real reason for that family to think about the Suji incident until now. The Father never approved of Suji as Dil material for certain reasons. The scandal probably further intensified his justifications for not wanting her part of the family. He was more focused on the hospital’s reputation and the best method for him would have been to fire Suji and claim that the hospital has no more ties with her. Even if he wanted to consider and give her another chance Incident Number two would further reinforce the idea of letting her go. Plus, as they say where there is smoke there is bound to be fire. In this case her getting into the incident with the same person makes Suji more guilty. So, he wouldn’t try and look into the matter. His wife didn’t involve herself much into the incident as well. She just asked Suji what she could do to help and whether she was innocent or not. The rest she left up to the kids to resolve on their own. So, it makes sense that she doesn’t recognize Na Young as well. Since I already explained earlier why Hyung Sun probably doesn’t recognize her I won’t be doing so over here unless someone wants me to.


    Though like some of us have pointed out Na Young’s end game is confusing. Perhaps her initial plan was just to win Hyung Sun over and once she was sure that he was over Suji and into her she planned on breaking up with him. She would be confident that Suji would be hurt that Hyung Sun fell for someone other than her and even when she broke up him (Na Young). Suji would be too proud and hurt to accept him back. Then Na Young’s plan sort of makes sense. She does admit to her mother that she wasn’t planning on falling in love with him but now she actually has feelings for him. So, this certainly complicates her plan. Because now she needs to come up with all these lies which will eventually get exposed.


    For instance, her former PD is always after the next big scoop and him discovering that Suji is her sister is certainly enough material to attempt and blackmail her. Considering the fact that he even helped her out a few times, but she continues to look down upon him. But like I said he is always out for the next big scoop, and we knew that he was going to be trouble when he noticed her with Hyung Sun and wonders if she entrapped some Chaebol. Since he is one of the few people that actually knows her, he can threaten to expose her for some kind of gain. Plus, it would be interesting to get an actual villain in this show.


    While it is true that both Na Young and her mother can be annoying and causing issues between family members, they aren’t someone that one can take seriously at this point. Speaking of Na Youngs mother someone brought up the fact that she revealed to her family of how Suji’s mother had another man on the side before/after she married into the current family and how she is recently married to someone younger than herself. I think the reason for doing that is the same as Na Young and her treatment towards others especially Suji. She knows that she isn’t great and a common trait among people is how they judge people around themselves. They try and justify their actions by basing other people on how they would act. So just because she would steal/seduce someone else she would only feel better if she thinks that others are just like her so what she has done isn’t anything bad/wrong. Remember when the family was wondering why Suji’s mother hadn’t returned, she is like well she must have found herself another man and that is why she has abandoned Suji and is living happily ever after now. This is because she would have done this if it meant that her kids could live well.


    I also suspect that her putting down Suji’s mother like that is also a backup insurance plan. She knows that the family kicked her out of the house because they were furious about her actions regarding the separation of Suji and her mother like that. But all this time she is afraid of getting kicked out of that house if Suji’s mother ever decides to return. She knows that the only reason that she gets to live in that house is because of her son and the fact that Suji’s mother left. Now if Suji’s mother wishes to ever return the family might be more willing to take her back especially after the misunderstanding, she crafted for so long has been exposed. To prevent this, she will try and drive a wedge further between the family. This means that they will be forced to let her stay as she is in their minds still the better person.


    Getting back to the Na Young issue. Like people have mentioned over here she is planning on getting married to Hyung Sun but at the same time she is lying about her entire backstory. Living abroad, hence her current name, parents (I forgot what she said about them), her job etc... but at some point, she needs to come clean. Now I get it that someone said over here that if she loves him why doesn’t she simply tell the truth.


    The problem over here is that she can certainly tell him that she is Suji’s sister but that will mean an instant breakup between the two. Like I mentioned earlier the only person for him was Suji and he wouldn’t look at anyone else. He treated her family like his own. Therefore, if he knew Na Young was her sister his treatment towards her would instantly change. He would consider her more like a SiL than potential girlfriend material. Hence her wanting to win him over using any means necessary. So, by the time he discovers the secret he can’t do anything but accept her. Plus, I assume that even if the press were to find out after their engagement the family can’t easily break it off as they would look dumb or bad maybe even both. So, in other words they would have been forced to go on with the marriage.


    Speaking of when she got pregnant with his kid. Probably the second time from what has been hinted when they could have slept. The first time was when she came over with the excuse that she got the wrong package by mistake and noticed that he was drunk due to heartbreak. She further fuels this. But the next day when he apologized if he made any mistake. She informs him that he didn’t do anything wrong, and she is confident that even in a drunken state he wouldn’t make a mistake like that. So, it is probably true, and nothing happened then. The second time when he was home drunk, she apparently spent the night at his place and told him that he told her not to leave and that she staid back of her own violation so he shouldn’t feel guilty. This seems the most likely time. Even though we don’t see them in bed together at this point it is safe to assume what happened. The third and most recent incident was when the both of them actually wake up in the same bed the next morning. But most likely nothing happened between them at this point. I am assuming this because when both of them wake up they are still mostly fully dressed as they were the last night. The only thing that he had removed while sleeping was his shirt at this point. Normally shows indicate when something has happened with subtle hints, and we had none of that over here.


    So, someone also mentioned what was Na Young thinking that Suji would always be depressed and never get back on her feet. To an extent that is probably correct. Like I said she is a lot like her mother in certain regards. She tends to blame Suji for everything that has gone wrong in her life. Whether that makes sense or not is a different story altogether. Not only that she thinks that Suji has been living the perfect life while she has been secretly suffering all along.


    For instance, when she found out that Suji was dating not only Hyung Sun but that he was also the son of the hospital owners her jealousy and insecurity rose. Her reasoning here was that while she was struggling to get a decent job her sister was already with a successful person and if she were to get married to Hyung Sun then she would have nothing to worry about and would get to live a comfortable life while she (Na Young) would still be living the same pathetic life. It is also the reason why she didn’t feel a 100% guilty after ruining her life because she justified her actions that even if Suji was suffering now, she would still have a rich friend who could comfort her while she herself had nothing. In fact, she felt that everyone was still ganging up on her when she was also suffering.


    So, as I was saying she now wants Suji to go through the same thing that she did and therefore wants Suji to suffer to an extent. The other thing over here is that she wants to move on with her own life and be happy. But the problem over here is that she knows that she is living a lie and that to an extent frightens her. There are people that can easily expose her lies. Such as her family and especially Suji and Uri. Her best bet would be to avoid them at all costs if possible. Now she can be certain that her mother at least will cover for her but when it comes to the others especially Suji and Uri her doubts increase. She can totally try and justify her actions as okay since she isn’t having an affair or stealing a person that is taken. But when she lies about other stuff it is because she knows deep down that she is in the wrong. As someone mentioned if she truly loved him, she would have been honest with him from day one. But she will always be afraid that once he discovers the truth, he will want to leave her.


    @maribella you were wondering about the grandmothers comment about how the father and son duo are doing cleaning work when the father should have a company. To answer this question is as follows. The father may have had a company when he was in the States but when they returned to Korea, he worked with a shady person who was his partner who encouraged him to get sponsors so that they could open multiple franchises on one of his items that he used to sell in the States. Which was called Bibbi Roll (a fusion of a burrito and Bibmap from my understanding). The guy being a scammer took all the investors money and made his escape, but he also made it appear that Suji’s father was the face of the company and owner. Hence, they all demanded that he pay them back. It also didn’t help that he used Suji’s reputation to get them to sign up.


    This resulted in a mini scandal which Suji was forced to pay them back. Even taking a loan from the second male lead and all. She still needs to pay him back. Anyway, the father and son then initially decided to get their act straight and find jobs to help the family. The son initially worked at a restaurant as a waiter and delivery person. But he was eventually fired due to certain reasons. Later on, the two of them decided to sell their rolls on the street. But that has issues since they don’t have a proper licence to do so. The father has also discovered that his son is sort of in debt. (at the restaurant he caused damages which the owner demanded he pay up. Doori [Uri’s sister] ended up paying it for him. So now he owes her). Once the father discovered this, he ended up taking a few more side jobs to help his son out. Such as he does the service where he has to drive people who have drunk a designated driver and on top of that cleaning washrooms and being a partial caretaker of a building. Once the son found out about the later, he has been helping him. To the family they have been lying and claim they head out early in the mornings to play soccer and sports. It just so happened that the grandmother witnessed them by accident. Hence her comment.


    I assumed initially that Na Young had to have taken out a bank loan for her transformation but now I wonder if she has also taken out a loan with loan sharks. This would make her a lot like her mother in this regard. Especially when they come calling. Even more so if she is married into Hyung Sun and his family. Will she end up making the same choices as her mother. That is what the show seems to be hinting at. Perhaps then she will be like I understand everything that you had to do to raise me. I forgive you.


    There is something that I don’t quite understand. Suji’s mother has insisted that nobody reveal to Suji that she is her mother until she does so herself. Which is find I kind of understand this. But at the same time, she is doing this because she wants to clear up the misunderstanding between the two that she didn’t deliberately abandon her daughter. Sure, I can even go with that partially. But I feel like there has to be a better way going about this. I get that she wants to slowly break the revelation in, but she should take help when possible. For instance, now that the family is aware of the truth they should reveal to Suji that her mother didn’t abandon her and that she was lied. If it is too risky for them how to explain how they know this then the stepmother should be the one to reveal, simply this fact by admitting her involvement. If Suji asks why she is revealing this fact now. She can simply say that she has started feeling guilty about her actions and wanted to clear her conscious and knows full well that Suji will never forgive her, but she still had to try. This will allow Suji to finally have hope and perhaps she will try and find her mother on her own.


    Yes, I am glad someone else has also brought up the point about the adoption and name change. Sure, it makes sense that they changed it to a name that could be pronounced easily when living abroad. They decided to go with her rival’s real name from Dream High. LoL But yes how was her mother supposed to find her after the adoption and name change. Even the grandmother wonders why the mother hasn’t shown up for so long especially since Suji is now famous so if she wanted money, she could have shown up for that. Were they all thinking that Suji still looks like the little kid when she left then so she will instantly recognize her as an adult even with the name change and all. Come on writer please come up with something more believable.


    I am also glad that someone else pointed out Mari’s absurd behaviour. She accuses her husband of having an emotional affair but who is to blame for that. She has constantly been giving him the cold shoulder or trying to get one over him. So, when he does go to clear his mind elsewhere, she has issues. She thinks that she is punishing him. When instead she is punishing herself. This character makes no sense at times. When her husband got frightened when he found out that she may have taken too much medication. She tells him that she isn’t taking medication to kill herself. While that may be true, she still needs to be monitored as we witnessed her last attempt and she accidentally? took enough that it was risky for her had Na Young not showed up on time. Even then she claims that she wasn’t taking medication to kill herself. Sure, let’s go with that claim. She needs to be heavily supervised at this point.


    In a way it is good that Na Young is giving her company. But how long will that last once she discovers that Na Young is Suji’s sister. At the end of the day, I think she doesn’t have issues with the sisters itself. It is more with the parents especially the mother. Though with Na Young there might be an issue considering that she has been lying about her past, or has she? She mentioned that she lived abroad as a child which technically is true, her current profession though is a partial hogwash. She was never a publicist but the fact that she is writing a book can be true. Probably not mind you. But there is no actual way to prove this. She can claim that she can’t show her work because it isn’t done. If worse comes to worse, then I can probably see her try and steal something belonging to Suji and claim it as her own. Of course, that is a risk, but she might be counting on the fact that since Suji is family, she won’t take any kind of legal action against her and if needed the family can try and resolve the problem internally. Thus, her secret would be secure for a short time again.


    Anyway, I will leave my post over here for the time being. Take care all of you. Also, it is nice to finally see more people in this thread. I need to catch up on the last few episodes.

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  2. I am so sorry for getting back over here. I was busy travelling since I had to come visit my maternal grandparents. My grandfather isn’t doing so well. It seems like old age is finally getting to him. So, I will probably be busy for the time being and therefore if I do respond they will be slow and to older posts.


    Someone mentioned that Ara has to be correct about her mother not abandoning her since we can’t have Suji be correct over here or the fact that there can’t be a birth secret relating to the fact that Uri is her actual father. The second point can be left open ended like I mentioned earlier if the writer is forced into an extension. Then at that point you know they don’t even leave throwing in the kitchen sink at the last moment. Oh, and on another site, they have already mentioned the actress portraying the mother and there goes the random fan theory that it was the female lead from Elegant Empire who had to leave her daughter to go avenge Puppy Oppa who got into an accident or something.


    Anyway, back to the main point that I was bringing up. Yes, I agree that Ara has to be correct in this regard for a simple reason. She is the one to inspire hope in Suji once again that there could be an actual reason why her mother left and that she wasn’t abandoned. In a way she is doing that already. Now the only way that this happens is if the mother left Ara for a genuine reason which the show has already hinted at. I am basing my speculation on the clues that we are given at the moment so I can easily be wrong mind you.


    Both come from statements that Ara has made. The first one was how her mother loved money or something along the lines how she was always busy trying to earn money. To the extent that poor Ara was saving up her allowance to give her mother. Now on one hand this doesn’t sound like much. After all everyone would want to work hard to earn money. A child may not fully grasp this concept so they may think that their parent loves money more than anything. Sadly, life can’t operate without money as of now so there is that.


    The next and final clue came from the episode when Ara has gone missing. It turns out that she was hiding in the closet in Suji’s room. Everyone was worried and when Suji’s mother points out that had she left the shoes outside people would have known where to look and not be so worried. To which Ara responded that she was playing hide and seek the way that she was taught. Now this may seem unusual to some but when you combine the first and two statements together you can see a picture forming.


    It will be therefore eventually revealed that the mother has actually gone missing because she was on the run from loan sharks. How have I come to this conclusion is simple. She worked so hard to pay back the loans that she has taken out. Her friends probably wouldn’t harass her to pay the money back. Loan Sharks on the other hand can be extremely intimidating. The other clue is how Ara had to hide with her shoes. Why would the mother teach her this bit. Again, the answer is two fold. First of all, she wouldn’t want her daughter to witness her get harassed by random strangers as that could get her to worry and perhaps even get scared if the loan sharks got physical with the mother. Secondly it is like a double insurance. If the loan sharks are unaware of Ara’s existence they can’t threaten her or try and use her as leverage against the mother to pay them faster. So, this works out both ways.


    When we look at things this way then we can see that she left Ara at that house because she knew that they were kind people and wouldn’t kick her out but also to protect her. Therefore, even if the loan sharks caught up to the mother all they could do was threaten her with her own life but when compared to her own daughter that would be nothing. So, when she has cleared of her debts she will return to get Ara back. This will make Suji finally realize that everyone has their own stories and painful past that they can’t share with others and another reason for her to try and attempt to make things correct with her mother.


    Someone wondered why people were trying to make it that Ara’s mother was Uri’s Ex when we haven’t seen any clues to that. To be clear I wasn’t in that camp, but I am open to that idea if it happens, and I won’t be surprised at this point. They also asked how Uri would be unaware of the fact that he was a father. Actually, the last part isn’t really all that surprising if one has watched numerous dramas. A few characters at times don’t even know that they have birth secrets until they are dumped on them. In other words, fathers or their children may not even know that they are related until something reveals the connection in someway or the other. Take for example the male lead in the morning KBS Daily drama doesn’t even know about his birth family but that is because his mother due to some trauma/accident is unable to reveal said fact to him. Or fathers have been in prior relationships before they married their current wife or are with their girlfriends when their Ex happens to pop up in their life. They may have in these cases done one of the following things. They either think that their Ex and child are dead or are unaware since they never revealed said fact, Examples Miss Monte Cristo. The female lead was planning on revealing that she was pregnant with her current boyfriend’s baby on their wedding day. Until her best friends plotted the unborn baby’s demise which resulted in the story, we ended up getting. Smile Again (2010 Version) the male leads father was suddenly called back home and when he returned the male leads family had already moved. She was unable to tell him that she was pregnant that time and I think she found out after he left if memory serves correct, or there have even been cases when it is the opposite for the mothers. They have been informed that their child has passed away as soon as they were born, and they were therefore totally unaware of their childs existence until someone reveals said secret. The child may now have become a grown adult who may or may not be seeking their own parents along the way.


    So, in short, the girlfriend could easily have broken up with Uri and either discovered after that she was pregnant with his kid or simply broke up with him for said reason. Perhaps she didn’t want to be a part of his family because he wasn’t rich. Remember the show Man In The Veil. The second female lead discovers that she is pregnant with her current boyfriend’s child, and she is initially excited about this news because she thinks that her current boyfriend is from a wealthy family, and this would have been her entrance into said family. Only when she discovers the truth does she realize that she needs to come up with a new plan that will also help her save face. Hence the whole thing with the main lead. Knowing Uri it seems highly unlikely that he would breakup with his then girlfriend especially if he knew that she was pregnant. There may actually be more to this story. But I will have to catch up to discover this.


    Someone posted a GIF of Na Young’s mother getting kicked out of the house because her secret has been exposed. How many over here think that is just her imagination. At the end of the day (show) I don’t think that she will end up divorced. She will probably still stay on as the lady of the house. This being a family drama she has to be forgiven because redemption and forgiveness seems to be the key points of these shows. Or they used too. I haven’t been keeping track of these shows for sometime now so I can be wrong over here. Plus, she also has a son in that family. Even though he is an adult now I doubt that family will be okay to kick the mother out. For all her faults and issues, she did give them that. Another thing to note is that Suji’s mother isn’t going to want to return to that family because her husband not only cheated on her but did so with her friend. It was the reason for her divorce. So, there is no way she is going to want to return to that family. Plus, she feels like they have wronged her by moving away so suddenly and taking her daughter with them. As far as she knows her friend promised that she would talk with the family and let her meet her daughter. She probably assumes that they didn’t want that to happen and that is why they moved. Even when the truth is revealed she still wouldn’t want to return because of her husbands affair. How far she has moved on with her life remains to be seen.


    But once she has had her closure she can move on with her life and perhaps get married to someone else. Though she may be equally scarred from her husband’s betrayal that she may think that she doesn’t want to ever get married, and her focus will be to try and recover the lost time with her daughter.


    As for the question whether Suji asked her stepmother to adopt her or not is up for debate. Frankly I think that Na Young’s mother is lying. She will say anything to protect her secret. Remember when Suji’s mother asks her for Suji’s contact information, she initially lies that she is living in the States and is happy. Then when she asks again, she points out that she lost touch with her because she divorced her husband because she caught him cheating again. If you think about it those statements were contradictory which proved that she was lying at some point. So, in this case it could be a lie once again to cover her tracks. This woman clearly doesn’t have a brain to think things through. For instance, hiding court documents isn’t really solving the problem at hand. If she doesn’t show up for the hearing the court is probably going to come banging at her door and expose her crime. The same can be said over here. Her claiming that Suji came up with the idea of getting adopted absolves her of any wrongdoings.


    In this case her aim is to probably convince Suji’s mother that since she isn’t to blame, she should drop the case against her since she would lose the case and also her daughter. This way everyone could go back to their normal lives without anyone catching on and still stay happy. I also suspect that is the reason why Suji’s name was changed. If Suji was still trying to wait for her mother to find her why have her name changed. That makes the job all that much harder. Someone had to probably convince her *Suji) that the name change was a good idea and it could only be effective if they were quite young at the time. Though it is quite possible that both statements could be true at the end of the day. For instance she convinced Suji to change her name for reasons XYZ. Suji may have then considered the options for a few days until giving her the response that worked to her advantage.


    Anyway, I am starting to doze off so I will end my post over here for the time being. Take care all of you and I am looking forward to both the next episodes and your theories/comments. Sorry about this.

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  3. Okay this story secondary plot has just gotten disappointing. I am about to go on a rant over here so be warned. Look I get the fact that a story can have only so many variations to it before you end up telling the same story just change the names, locations and a few more things to call it a new story. If you don’t believe me, take a look at James Cameron blockbuster movie Avatar. At first glance it looks like a great Sci-Fi movie until someone pointed out that Disney did that first in their animated movie Pocahontas. But with totally different visuals add aliens and all James Cameron made it feel like a totally different movie but when you compare plot points you realize this isn’t the case. Now with K-Dramas we have come to see a lot of common points that we like to refer to as tropes. Examples of some of these can be seen in Birth Secrets, drunk scene depending on whether you are the main or secondary characters will often result in a piggy back ride or sleeping together and ending up pregnant respectively or the famous White Truck Of Doom.


    But when you simply recycle the plot from the previous drama so soon, I call that lazy. Perhaps after say 5-10 shows we had this plot repeated it wouldn’t have been an issue for me. Again, let me demonstrate my point.


    In the last drama a couple is divorced because of a misunderstanding (regarding an affair). The wife wants a divorce but mentions that she wants to raise her children and that she is going to return for them in a few days. Unfortunately, she ends up in an accident and when she returns, she discovers that her Ex Husband has not only moved away without warning and taken the children with him. It also turns out that the husband had informs her sister about his plans and even handed over some money to her so that His Ex could use it as alimony and perhaps to raise the kids. But the sister instead gives the money to her Ex Boyfriend (they were dating at that point) who is being hounded by loan sharks. So, she never reveals this to her sister who believes the worst of her Ex (well that and the fact that she considered that he cheated on her as well.)


    Now let’s look at what we have over here. Suji’s mother wants a divorce from her husband (no misunderstanding this time round though) because her husband was caught cheating on her. She makes the same request that she is leaving but she will return to take her daughter and raise her. She also ends up in an accident which results in her coming to late. The family also ends up relocating and her searching for her daughter. Though in this case she did arrive when they were still living but she is deceived by Na Young’s mother to give them a few more days before coming before the family and she then uses the time given to leave for the States. Now you may be wondering okay but the money plot hasn’t been reused. Wrong. Apparently, it turns out that the husband had some money in the safe which he was planning on giving to her as child support and all. But turns out that she ended up stealing the money because she was the one that was hounded by loan sharks.


    As you can see the plot points are so darn similar it is like the writers from the previous show and this one were sharing plot points or something. KBS should have noticed this earlier or someone else and brought it up. I get the fact that writers for dailies work differently, and a lot of things happen last minute but this is just wrong.


    Anyway, enough of the rant and let’s get on with the show itself. Some of you must be wondering how Na Young’s mother could have gotten away for so long with her stealing said money and no one brought up this point. This is actually partially explained in the latest episode. If anyone were to notice the missing money all she had to do was tell them that Suji’s mother showed up when nobody was at home, and she handed over the money to her. She may have had to figure out what lie to tell them if they asked her how she figured out the code to the safe. She could perhaps say that Suji’s mother told her that (assuming she did know it). They might believe her. She may have then further lied to them that Suji’s mother told her that she had nothing to do with their family and that she had moved on with her life so they should take care of Suji from this point. Hence the people in that house would believe that she had abandoned Suji at this point. The only way her lie would be discovered is if Suji’s mother suddenly appeared and exposed her lie by denying that she received any money at this point. Hence her reason for panicking when she saw her after the accident.


    Now someone suggested that Ara might be Uri’s daughter by his Ex. I think that the writer may be keeping that plotline open for the moment depending on how many episodes remain and if we get an extension (hopefully not). Because as of now there is already another issue for the two of them (Suji and Uri) to breakup. We know how in these shows the main leads have to break up at least once either due to some misunderstanding or noble idiocy on the part of the other. For instance, someone might try and guilt trip them into breaking up. But once the other party discovers this fact, they realize just how much the other cares for them and declares that they aren’t breaking up, but their feelings only grow stronger. So, for instance when Suji was dating Hyung Sun his father could have pointed out to Suji that he disapproves of her and if she continues to date Hyung Sun he is going to cut him out of the family and that she is going to be responsible for separating a child from their parents.


    Thankfully that didn’t happen but like I was saying that one of the reasons that the main leads could perhaps end up breaking up temporarily is Suji discovers that she is currently living with her biological mother (Na Young’s mother could be the one to reveal this fact in the hopes that she leaves the house). At this point one has to realize that she thinks that her mother is Uri’s mother. She isn’t aware that she has legally adopted him. So, she might think that she has fallen for her brother so she might want to break up without explaining her reasoning. Eventually either her mother or Uri is going to discover the actual reason and they will clear up their misunderstanding. Thus, they will end up back together.


    Then depending on how many episodes remain we might get the Ex to pop back up or the fact that Uri maybe Hyung Sun’s brother. Na Young will probably try and hide this fact so she will cause issues so that there are misunderstanding between them so that they don’t realize the truth etc...


    Na Young is still someone I have a hard time to get a read on. On one hand it seems like she is getting better then on the other hand she is back to old scheming methods. For instance, after seeing Hyung Sun’s muscles she seems to be physically attracted to him and then just when they feel a bit of a connection they are about to kiss. But she comes to her senses and stops him in time. Was she actually feeling guilt in that brief moment and realizes that she was doing something wrong. But then a few scenes later we see her take advantage of a situation. His mother calls her over for dinner. She then persuades Hyung Sun to show up knowing full well that he will see her and think that this is an amazing coincidence and all. She already knows that he is drawn towards her from that near kiss. This will allow them to get another step closer.


    His mother can already see the sparks between them. Just how real are they is the question.


    Oh, and speaking oh his mother I just can’t believe her. She tells her son that his father is having an Emotional Affair with Suji’s mother. She feels hurt because of that but my question here is just who exactly is to blame for said situation. Whenever her husband tries to communicate with her, she has an issue. The guy needs to express himself she herself fortunately has an outlet with her hospital’s psychology department what about her husband. Perhaps he should do the same. But are those sessions even working. Granted I get where she is partially coming from. It might not have been a major issue for her if he was seeing another guy to get his issues of his chest. But then again you never know she might have made an issue of that as well. Also, her accusing her husband that he deliberately brought Suji’s mother to his office for her to see. I am not a 100% sure what she was implying (i sort of do but at the same time don’t) but this again doesn’t make a lot of sense. For him to do that he must know that she was coming and how could he do that unless she contacted him beforehand about her arrival time.


    In other words, any misunderstanding is on her part because she refuses to have a civil conversation with her husband. Not only that she doesn’t want to divorce him because of her ego. Just because she can’t be happy, she doesn’t want the same for her husband and she thinks that she is punishing him. But what she doesn’t get is that she isn’t going to be happy either way. Once she gets a divorce, she may actually discover the things that are keeping her unhappy and find her own happiness instead of being stuck in the past.


    I think Hyung Sun’s father on the other hand is finally discovering that Suji is actually a better person than he thought. She after all was honest with him by pointing out that his son helped her out with her family debt and that once she is in a better financial position, she plans on paying him back. Also, the fact that she is done with him and how she left so abruptly on the engagement party day. Perhaps it can be a plot point in the future when he thinks that she might make the better DiL and gives her his approval only to be reminded that she has moved on as she pointed out earlier and she is happy in her current life. Granted that would make Na Young furious and we can get more plots where she is scheming to get him to hate her and Uri.


    Oh, and the part when Na Young orders the rack and tells Hyung Sun not to worry as she will manage. Then calls him over as she is having a hard time fixing it. The prop department should have done this better. They already provided her with an almost done shelf. What exactly did Hyung Sun have to do at this point. Tighten up some screws? Maybe if it was more in parts I wouldn’t have an issue. Time saving points correct.


    Rapper Brother at least is the only one in his family that is decent at this point. He is realizing just how much trouble his father is going through to keep the family together. Secretly doing another job. That he is helping him out over here as well. I was really hoping to see more time with him and Doori but he just doesn’t have time. He is definitely growing from when he started out.


    Doori acting cute and faking to be his girlfriend just didn’t work. Don’t get me wrong sure she looks pretty and all it is just that cute tone these characters tend to use that bugs me. Again, if they might have been younger like little kids I might be able to bare with it. But not when they are adults like this. Still, it was so satisfying to see Rapper Brother finally beat his rival in something. Perhaps we can see more of him teaming up with Doori. Like I said she seems to be a positive affect on him.


    I don’t like the fact that Na Young’s mother has spotted Suji’s mother with the Uncle because this will further justify her earlier claims that Sujis mother has left the family for another man and she is living happily with them. Another reason to cause misunderstanding between her former family and think that she abandoned Suji. It isn’t like the others in that family will go and confront those two. I am just waiting till the truth is exposed.


    Perhaps we should have a poll at this point on what will happen to Na Youngs mother when they do. With possible answers.


    Nothing (She will come up with a lie)

    She will get kicked out of the house (allowing her to return in the future)

    She will get divorced

    Something Else.


    Speaking of her she is so insistent on wanting to make Hyung Sun her future SiL. Perhaps she is simply looking out for her family in her own twisted way. But my question is what she is going to do when she discovers that Na Young has been pursuing him. Will she eventually let it slide after all she is still getting him as part of the family or will she try and break them up. Clearly, she is going to initially scold her for trying to steal her sister’s man. Until Na Young will point out that those two were over and Suji has no interest in getting back with him and that she has her own love interest at this point as well. That might go well until she realizes just whose son Uri actually is. She will then try and break them up because Suji’s mother is bound to be involved and she can’t allow that.


    Okay I will end my post over here. So, till then take care all of you and let’s see how the show pans out. Surprisingly the morning daily got faster subs than the latest episode for over here. Not that it matters. We still got it in one day. So, all is good.

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  4. Oh, I love a good guessing game. Though if I am being honest my memory just isn’t as good as it once was. After reading some of the clues it feels like I might know some of the answers while others are either no clue since I have probably not watched said dramas or I might have but the name sadly eludes me at the moment.


    Anyway, here are my guesses. Let’s see how many I manage to get correct.




    Is this King 2 Hearts. Haven’t watched it in entirety so I can’t say if there was a paratrooping mishap. Okay that is me joking. While that show no doubt had tensions between the two and the main leads were from South and North Korea I doubt this is the correct answer. The actual answer probably is Crash Landing On You. (Barely watched the first episode so I may be wrong)



    2.       Is this Star Trek 4. Oh wait that can’t count since that is not only a movie but also an American one and it being in dub won’t count as well. Sorry have no idea. Pretty sure I haven’t watched this show at all.


    3.       Big Mouse. Sadly, the female Lead passes by the end. But still a good watch.


    4.       Marry My Husband. This was an easy one.


    5.       Vinezeo? Not sure about this and the spelling of the show. But I do know that it had the male lead who was supposed to be from the Italian Mafia but then he becomes a lawyer in Korea for some reason. Never finished the first episode so I may be totally off mark over here.


    6.       Mr. Queen. I only know this one because it was in the last quiz of guess the actor/actress or something along those lines and I couldn’t figure this one out until the answers were out. Does this still count as a win.


    7.       My Lovely Runner. Not sure because it is mentioned here that he was an artist and swimmer and that he died a million times. As far as I could tell he was a singer/actor unless you are counting that as an artist (someone who performs rather than one who draws). Also, I don’t think that he died that many times.


    8.       My Love From Another Star. If there are any more dramas including Aliens do let me know. I might be willing to watch them. There was one which had a vampire but Aliens are so much more fun or time travel shows even though they can end up giving you a headache at times.



    9.       Hotel Del Luna



    10.  Dr Hyde and Jykl? Not a 100% sure. Also, while I haven’t watched this drama I did read the full recaps by Dramabeans. Need to watch it someday. Come to think about it that probably isn’t the name due to a short story written by that name. So, it is probably something similar. Or is it Kill Me, Heal Me. I know both of these shows had something to do with multiple personalities. Both of them I have just read through recaps. But at the moment facts are being so blurred that I can’t recall what happens in which drama.


    11.   Sorry no placing bets because that is against my religion plus, I would lose either way since I don’t know the answer and only someone that has nothing to lose would bet at this point.


    12.  W Two Worlds



    13.  Pinocchio. This was easy since I watched this show two times.


    14.  Is this The Glory. Still haven’t gotten down to watching it even after hearing a lot of praises for it. Due to my own traumatic experiences at being bullied. Fortunately, they don’t seem to be as sever as the ones shown in these shows. But still.


    15.  18 Again.


    16.  Sounds Interesting but sadly no clue


    17.  No Idea


    18.  It seems like I haven’t watched this show as well so no idea. Don’t think that I have even heard about it. So, I guess if I did watch it, I would have remembered the clues regarding the hairstyle and laugh.


    19.   Strong Girl Bong Soon. Easy especially since I am rewatching it currently. Whenever my friend pops up, we watch a few episodes. My only issue is that he tends to lose track of time and he then leaves really late. But I guess as long as he becomes a K-Drama viewer all is well.


    20.  Boys Over Flowers? Haven’t watched this show yet so I may be mistaken. I have heard about it a lot, but I have no intention of ever watching it. Therefore, I might be totally wrong because of this.


    21.  Taxi Driver. Sadly, I still haven’t gotten down to watching the second season. Have no idea why Netflix isn’t adding it. Yes, I know that I can watch it in other places, but I want to support a show legally every now and again especially so that they end up adding more.


    22.  Descendants Of The Sun



    23.  Darn this sounds familiar, but I just can’t place it. Did this by any chance have Ji Chang Wook as the male lead. If it did, I just watched a few episodes and postponed it for future watching. But never got down to it. Then again, I don’t remember the name, so it probably doesn’t count as a correct answer I assume.


    24.  Pretty sure that I haven’t watched this drama as well so no clue.


    25.  Nope I don’t remember the iconic Red Umbrella scene. Either it wasn’t as memorable as pointed out or most likely I haven’t watched it. Doesn’t seem to be something that I would watch as well.


    26.  Three Men and A Baby. Oh no that was a movie with Tom Selick so it can’t be this one. Was this a show with Eugene perhaps or am I confusing this with another show altogether. Probably this might be the case and then I am pulling a blank.


    27.  Is this perhaps Tomorrow With You. Though in that case the husband was the time traveller, so I guess this isn’t the correct answer. Sigh I really thought that I could solve most of these,


    28.  Another interesting Time Travel drama. Funny thing is that a few months back I saw a drama with a similar theme or perhaps it was exactly this drama, and I was thinking of watching it some time later. Sadly, the name eludes me at the moment.


    29.  Is this the drama Secret? The female lead decides to take the fall for her boyfriends Hit and Run accident. He accidentally killed the male leads girlfriend though he doesn’t tell the female lead about this and lies that they just hit something else, and she believes him. Her father ends up dying because he seems to have amnesia but in one of his brief lucid moments confronts the second male lead about what actually happened that night. If this is the drama then I have clearly missed the bashing of the second male lead or probably the other dramas that he was in.


    30.  Squid Game?


    31.  ???


    32.  Haven’t watched said drama so no idea


    33.  This one sounds familiar but I am pretty sure that I haven’t watched it


    34.  She Was Pretty



    35.  Weightlifting Fairy something (I can’t recall the name)


    36.  3 seasons for a K-Drama. Pretty rare but still I have no clue


    37.  The King Eternal Monarch with Lee Min Ho and the actress from Goblin


    38.  And Goblin is the answer to the very next question aka this answer


    39.  I know which drama is probably being discussed but I can’t remember the name. I think this show had Lee Yuri in it as a lawyer. The son that is being talked about ends up marrying her sister that did/taught judo.


    40.  Queen Of Tears. A new drama so while I haven’t watched it at the moment it is in my to watch list. Just need the time to get to it.


    41.  This one also sounds familiar, but I am pretty sure that I haven’t watched it. Is this perhaps a show by Disney?


    42.  Gungnum Beauty ID



    43.  What Is Wrong With Secretary Kim?



    44.  Marriage Proposal



    45.  Healer



    46.  Tomorrow



    47.  Alchemy Of Souls



    48.  ???


    49.  Haven’t watched or even heard of this show


    50.  The Legend Of The Blue Sea



    51.  The Coffee Prince



    52.  The Masters Sun. Probably Not since the female lead was frightened of ghosts and they could possess her. Is this the new one then. I watched it but the details have already been blurred from my mind. The one which has Joo Won as a ghost photographer?


    53.  Secret Garden. Watched a few episodes and while this is a famous and popular drama, I don’t think I even reached the body swapping part.


    54.   I have a feeling I know which drama is being talked about due to reading the recaps, but the name and cast seem to elude me at the moment sorry. Isn’t this the one where the female lead is initially working at a department store when she is recruited by the villains to obtain some evidence from the male lead. Some people were even speculating that the female lead may have been a twin sister with the male leads dead wife that was separated at birth. But the truth was that she was simply a doppelganger which the villains tried to use to their own advantage. Unfortunately, they didn’t count on people actually falling in love or in another case falling back in love (supposedly) with each other. Perhaps another clue might help me jog my memory.


    55.   Something to do with Heaven I think. Some of these shows have such similar names that I get confused. Just to be clear I heard about this show and it sounded interesting but I never got down to watching it. Can’t remember which show sidetracked me back then. Move To Heave or Stairway To Heaven. No, the last one has nothing to do with The Crow TV Series even though the names sound familiar.


    56.  I have heard of this drama but since I didn’t watch it I don’t know the name. I know for a fact that it is a recent drama but other than that nothing comes to my mind at the moment. Perhaps another clue might help.


    57.  I generally don’t watch period dramas so I have no idea which one is being discussed.


    58.  I Am Not A Robot. Another show that is on my watch list but in this case, I am fully aware of what happens due to reading the recap for it on a certain site. Hear that it is loads of fun. Fortunately, it is still on Netflix, and I better watch it before they decide to remove it,


    59.   Something Evil I know that it Starts with F, but I can’t exactly recall whether it is Forever Evil or Flower Of Evil starring Moon Chae Won who is a cop chasing after her husband. Sounds intriguing but I couldn’t get down to finishing it after just the first episode. Perhaps I should at least get a full set of spoilers by just reading the recaps.


    60.  Yes, this one sounds extremely complicated. If I noticed the correct pattern the posters of these clues set up, then I am going to go with The Innocent Man as my answer. But this can’t be the correct answer because the main leads don’t get married in that show. They are about to get married in one episode, but he leaves her hanging at the altar. Otherwise, the clues do match up. The male lead takes the fall for a murder his Ex-Girlfriend does. By the time he returns he discovers that she has not only moved on but also married the female leads father and has a son with him. He then begins his quest for revenge but eventually falls in love with the female lead. Though I can’t remember the ending does he get amnesia or just face blindness (perhaps a combination of both). I guess this was one of the good shows that I have watched a few times. Perhaps I will give it another shot someday and get my answer.




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  5. So after watching the latest episodes I am going to go with the scene when the main leads are drunk and are having a blast. To the point that even Doori records their actions as evidence. I do wonder as kids did, they end up watching/reading the same things because the coordination to do all that totally drunk is amazing. They were on the same page. Though the rest of the drunken act was just as equally entertaining. I guess to avoid such embarrassment it probably is best to avoid alcohol altogether especially when you are having a rough time.


    Now moving back to points that seem to confirm certain plot points. Yes, I know this is repetitive but please bare with me.


    Let’s start with Hyung Sun’s parents and their constant fights. She blames him for being responsible for losing someone important to her. To which he tells her that while he understands her feelings in regarding this, she also knows that he didn’t really have a lot of choice in said matter or in other words she is being a bit unreasonable over here.


    What does this imply. This probably means that if a person close to her was lost it could either have been her father or a child. Which we can probably assume to be Uri. I do have a small issue with this part which I will get into later. Now whether the child was his or not is also another story altogether. For instance, she could have discovered that she was pregnant before marrying him but the person she wanted to be with something happened ie he died or went missing. This meant that her other alternative would have been the choice that her father chose for her. Though considering that this isn’t a revenge drama and we have had no inkling of her past love I am hesitant to confirm this part. As for him we can safely assume that he either tried his best to protect the important person but got sidetracked somehow. Perhaps he might have performed a surgery, but some unforeseen complications resulted in the person dying. Now while he isn’t responsible for any of it, he probably has been living with the guilt of losing said person.


    Another thing that was heavily hinted in the last episode was Uri and that he was adopted at a young age. This can be seen when he went to the orphanage and the sister over there mentions how well he has grown up. Now while this could easily mean that she has seen him when he was young considering the fact that his mother (Suji’s Mother) has been showing up to said orphanage for the last 20 years or so and preparing food for them. So, it is possible she brought him along. Or this is a bit more likely she ended up adopting both him and Doori from said orphanage. How the two of them ended up over here is what we need to find out.


    Now my issue with Uri being Hyung Sun’s parents’ child. Don’t get me wrong we have K-Drama tropes which might indicate this. Just like how I predicted in Elegant Empire that Puppy Oppa could have been related to corrupt politician back then and was surprisingly right for a change. I might just get into said tropes over here as well if I have time. Anyway, back to the point that I was making. If he was the said child, how was he separated from his parents and just how old everyone was back then.


    Hyung Sun is clearly the eldest in that family, yet he seems to be unaware of the fact that he had a younger sibling. Had this show been like the one where we had Thunderbolt Love, and the female leads mother kidnapped the elder sister in her quest for revenge it could have been understandable. Though in that case the second female lead was still aware of the fact that she had a missing older sister due to her mother blaming her for the daughter/sister going missing. So, unless Hyung Sun was also a baby I could sort of understand this. But does this mean that there is only a single year’s difference between him and Uri.


    We know that they are roughly the same age considering the interactions between Suji and Hyung Sun. She refers to him as Sunbae which clearly means Senior. Indicating that he was also probably a year ahead of her in their school and also possibly a year older than her. Uri on the other hand is clearly in the same age and school year as Suji (even though they probably studied elsewhere). This can be seen that they are currently in the same position at their current hospital. If she was his senior, he could also be referring to her as a Sunbae. This shows that rank wise they are in the same department. The only reason for him to refer to her as his senior would be because she was currently serving in their current hospital before him. Since we aren’t getting any of that we can safely assume that they are the same age. So once again how did Uri get separated from his family and how is it that Hyung Sun doesn’t remember him.


    As for why Uri and Doori were adopted together could be for the following reason. Back at the orphanage she was way to attached to Uri that to separate them would be to cruel which resulted in their mother deciding to adopt the both of them. The other thing could be a mere coincidence. Either they both somehow ended up being left or finding their way at the orphanage at the same time. Which resulted in them relying on each other. But if they were both left at the same time it could be possible that the orphanage might have thought that they were siblings. It isn’t like they would bother with doing a DNA test to verify this fact.


    I am starting to feel sorry for Suji’s mother because of a misunderstanding between her and Hyung Sun’s mother. There is definitely going to be a sort of rivalry between the two. As we have seen so far Mari (Hyung Sun’s mother) can be really unreasonable especially when it comes to her husband. He is partially to blame over here mind you but at the end of the day they both are at fault. So, in this case she incorrect assumes that there is something going on between her husband and Suji’s mother. This is due to him constantly frequenting that restaurant and then it didn’t help when she questioned about his whereabouts in this episode only to find out that he was out fishing and then he ended up in the same orphanage. She also noticed how Suji’s mother was smiling towards her husband.


    Now what she doesn’t realize is that any feeling that her husband might have could be one sided and if she has an issue confront Suji’s mother civilly. Instead, we all know how that is going to turn out. Not only this but the uncle’s sister has asked the director numerous times to bring his wife along. Now if he doesn’t do this after all he is the one at fault. Again, since she isn’t talking out her problems, we know that when she does confront Suji’s mother it will be with hostility since she doesn’t seem to be aware of what happened between the two. She probably thinks that the mother deliberately charmed her way over here, but her pride won’t let her confront her at the moment.


    The other thing why they will end up as rivals even briefly is because like I mentioned she will feel like Suji’s mother is trying to steal/take away everything that belongs to her. We have seen in the recent episode that she has been also donating to the same orphanage as Suji’s mother. Probably for the same reason she is doing as well. Not that she knows this. Regardless as we witnessed in todays episode all the kids suddenly left her the moment Suji’s mother showed up. She could easily feel like Suji’s mother is deliberately trying to take away everything that is important to her and her so called life. The only time she may regret her actions might be when she discovers that Uri is her long lost son and that Suji’s mother has been raising her all along. Then again knowing how she is she might just blame Suji’s mother for keeping them apart.


    Sorry folks but I don’t like Hyung Sun anymore. Sure, I felt that he was a bit too nice in previous episodes and that he could be a bit misunderstood even in his actions to help Suji. But now I can see his obsession for Suji take another level altogether. The way he insists that Suji is going to be his no matter what or the fact that he can’t see him lose her to Uri. He is also not respecting her wishes to be left alone. This indicates that he doesn’t see her as a person at this point but rather than as an object that he must acquire at all costs. It is possible that he was attracted to her because he could sense her misery/tragedy and that was something that he was going through as well. But now he needs to let go.


    I guess in someways Na Young might just be good for him. It does seem like he is actually opening up to her and it seems like it is more than with Suji. So, i am going to assume that at some point Na Young is genuinely going to fall for him rather than scam her way into said marriage. (pretend to love him). Naturally his obsession over Suji might continue to fuel her hatred/frustration towards Suji as well. With her it is hard to know just when she is being genuine and when she is faking it. For instance, once she finds out that Uri actually has feelings for Suji she tells him just before leaving that she wishes the two of them success in regards to said feelings.


    Now here is the thing knowing her competitive spirit and her wanting to acquire everything that Suji has she would have tried to break them apart as well. She didn’t do that instead she is still focusing on winning over Hyung Sun. This says a lot. While clearly wanting to get Hyung Sun makes more sense since he is clearly well off this means an upgrade in her life compared to being with Uri. So by her logic it could be that as long as Suji and Uri are busy focused as a couple then that would mean that Suji won’t try and get back with Hyung Sun freeing him up with her. Hence her wishes could be genuine. Of course it could also mean that once she has won Hyung Sun over and perhaps even gotten married to him she will try and get rid of Uri for a few reasons and all.


    Anyway, while i have more to add I will end my post here for the time being. I am running low on my laptop battery so while I will go and charge it, I will try and experiment with baking some eggless cookies and also try and make a small batch of sugar free since my last experiment with them didn’t go so well. So, wish me luck and the rest of you enjoy said show and keep posting. In my next post I will try and bring up some tropes to see how Uri can be part of Hyung Sun’s family. Let’s see how many of them will turn out to be true by then.

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  6. Let us start of with the fact that they finally revealed who was responsible for the separation between Suji and her mother. It doesn’t really come as a surprise though because if we used the process of elimination, we really had two main suspects that had the most to gain from this.


    For the chairman there were two possible routes why he could have done this. Which I have already pointed out so you can feel free to skip. The first one was that she (Sujis mother) was his first love, and he found a way for him to be with her and keep her happy at the same time. Now how much of her being his first love remains to be seen. But we do know for a fact that she is someone that he is currently infatuated with. We just don’t know since when. Either way he could have tried to cut a deal with the family if this was true. The other reason was the fact that her accident was. You know what it really doesn’t matter or make sense completely so we will move on the culprit itself.


    Na Young’s mother on the other hand had the most to gain back then. As I pointed out she was a single mother who either had to raise the child on her own if Suji’s mother returned and as her experience with Na Young, she must have realized just how difficult this was going to be. Or she would end up losing her son altogether. As we noticed the grandmother volunteered to have Suji’s mother raise the child. Again, something a parent wouldn’t want. So, it makes sense that she would try and prevent Suji and her mother to reunite. Even to this day when she pointed out she saw her, and the grandmother brought her up. She was like why do you still see her as your DiL and will accept her back if she were to return. Also, she had no intention of letting the two meet as we saw in the latest episode. She was fully aware that the family was going to move out in a few days because there is no way they could have packed otherwise in just 3-4 days and left the country.


    Of course, one thing that I don’t really get is why she wouldn’t want to simply let Suji’s mother take Suji and leave. It couldn’t be because Suji was the breadwinner at the time since she was a mere kid then and she isn’t a fortune teller and predict the future. Suji actually leaving should have been good for her back then. Not only does she not have to raise a child that doesn’t belong to her, but her rival won’t also be returning as she has no reason to do so at this point. Unless it turns out that Suji is really sick and needs a transplant from someone in her family. But again, unless she is a fortune teller she can’t know if this will even ever happen. If she was afraid that the mother could come for money in the future or try and use Suji as a bargaining chip, she could have the family agree to sign a document (the mother included) preventing her from doing so. Problem solved.


    Come to think about it after watching Na Young I wonder if there is anything that her mother says that is actually true. For instance, she claims that her husband cheated with her when things were going well for his company. Okay this might be true, or she might be trying to justify her actions. Her daughter is going after a man who is clearly not interested in her. So, she is trying to win him over through trickery. What if her mother was the one that ended up seducing Suji’s father instead of the other way around. Mostly because of two reasons. Firstly it would help her raise Na Young in a better environment. But also, due the second reason which would have been jealousy. We have seen just how Na Young is towards Suji. This could be trait that was subconsciously transferred to her as well. Either way her jealousy could stem from the fact that her friend seems to have gotten married into a well of family and where she is also happy. But she on the other hand has a husband/boyfriend who is either dead or just not bothered about his own family resulting in her having a hard life. If she wants one she will have to take it from someone else.


    Finally, in the whodunit game we can rule out Na Young as a suspect. I know that we like to like to blame her for everything that goes wrong with the main leads or her family, but she was really way to young back then. And if someone did believe her if she said something like Suji’s mother was never part of the family or something along those lines, perhaps that nobody by that name lived in said house. Then they were total idiots. But that is a story for another day.


    Speaking of her I really don’t understand her current plan. Perhaps I am just not that smart or even close to Jarrod’s’ Pretender level skill set. But a lot of things she is doing just don’t make sense logically without us knowing her thinking process. Sure, I can explain some of the things she is doing but they are more like temporary measures. For instance, she is pursuing Hyung Sun but what is her end game. As of now she hasn’t revealed to him that she is Suji’s sister. This makes sense since he would never fall for her and would always consider her as his SiL. So, this part of the deception as of now makes sense. But eventually when they decide to become serious, and marriage talks come up. How does she plan on avoiding this fact. A family meeting needs to happen, and his parents have already met Suji’s family and they are clearly against them for good reason. Even if they may like Suji as a person or not. In this case they would certainly oppose the two of them. The only way that she therefore has to avoid this situation is to either play the orphan card or hire fake actors to pose as her parents.


    But like I have pointed out these are merely temporary measures does she think that she can keep her secret hidden forever and what does she plan on doing so when she gets exposed. They could charge her with fraud, or something along those lines perhaps even ask for a divorce. Though this is not the only thing that doesn’t make sense in regards to her plans (will try and come up with some excuses that she can possibly come up in her defence in a bit to explain her situation). The other thing was what we saw in the recent episode. She asks Hyung Sun out for dinner then she provides him with so called home cooked meal. Which was in reality all store bought. Naturally the food is going to taste well. But again, what is she going to do if after marriage he asks her to cook something for him and his family. Even if she gets away with it temporarily she may eventually get caught and the fact will be revealed that she can’t cook.


    Now in regards to her so called defence if she ever gets caught at least in regards to the fact that she lied about being an orphan and is related to Suji. I can probably see her claim that for all intent and purposes that is what she felt like. Everyone in her family ignored her and all they were focused on was Suji and how great she was. This would certainly qualify her for some pity points. For the food she might initially try and get out of the fact that they have a house servant, so she has no real reason to do so. If she is ever forced to do so and she cooks something, and it doesn’t taste great she can always claim that she was never really good at it and just attempted to make food. The only way that she is getting caught in this part of the lie is if she has to make something that she claimed to have prepared previously and it tastes totally different. The other way has to be that she needs to smuggle the food inside so that she can pretend that it is her own but someone catches the delivery person or she has insufficient time to hide the boxes which contained the food.


    Now let’s move on to her current thing that she did. Meeting up with Suji and so called apologizing to her as well. At first, I thought that she was using this as an excuse to meet her then secretly stalk her to find out where she lived and then try and use this fact to her advantage. Surprisingly she didn’t do that. Her apology on the other hand if someone were to ask just how genuine it was. I am going to say that was probably 40% the remaining 60% was her fishing for information of sorts.


    She wants to be happy and there is nothing really wrong with that. Just her way going about it is questionable. In this case she asked about Suji’s relationship with Hyung Sun and whether she may have been responsible for them breaking up. After confirming the fact that Suji had broken up and probably had no intent of getting back with him or the fact that she wasn’t responsible for breaking them up. Leads to the fact that she doesn’t need to feel guilty in regards to pursuing Hyung Sun at this point. This means that he is not only fair game at this point since he is single but most importantly, she can’t be accused of cheating on/with him at this point. She also wasn’t the reason for the breakup so she can’t be further blamed along this line as well. As I pointed out she can use all of this for her defence.


    If anyone does bring up the point of how wrong, it was to chase after a man that dated her sister she can use ignorance as her defence. Firstly, she can claim that she never knew this fact as she had never met Hyung Sun prior to moving into the apartment next to his. Which is partially true. Whenever he showed up, she was either not in the house or not in the same room. The only time that they did sort of meet was at the hospital when she came over to see Uri and the other time was when she was crying with him at a bar. I don’t recall if Hyung Sun saw her fact that one time but still. So, it sort of works.


    Now people can be wondering how Hyung Sun doesn’t recognize Na Yeong from both those times or when she held the press conference and when the video of her kneeling towards Suji and attempting to take her life after said conversation went viral. I have an explanation in regard to that. Just how possible that is, remains to be seen. If this theory has any holes in it be free and try and help us patch them up.


    Like I mentioned Hyung Sun only briefly managed to glance at her at best during those times. Also to note is the fact that since he is obsessed with Suji, he isn’t going to be bothered with any other women around him. So, it makes sense that he wouldn’t really notice her back then. When the two videos were released, he again was more focused on Suji rather than the person in the video. Nor did he care to discover the truth, so he didn’t try and meet her and get an explanation. In other words, he never really saw her. Her hairstyle and wardrobe change further helps confuse him at this point. Now someone might be wondering by saying that Na Young was a sort of celebrity even prior to this and he still didn’t recognize her. I would argue and say that just because you may have seen a celebrity you may not always recognize them right of the bat unless you watch a lot of shows that they are in. For instance, lets take a drama where a character maybe a regular character in said show but you probably would never have noticed them in some of their previous works where they were a side character and think ah this is the first time watching them. The same can be said for Na Young apart from her so called small fan base who is going to actually recognize her. She could have become more famous had she taken those deals that shows were offering her after the news conference, but she had enough shame to refuse them. This serves well for plot purposes as well.


    Now in an earlier post I wondered why the chairman decided to leave his post at the hospital when he worked so long and hard for it. On one hand it doesn’t really make a lot of sense. But after carefully considering a few things, it sort of does. According to the little backstory that we have been given of him and his wife we can gather the following fact. He was a promising doctor back in the day. But he wasn’t well off. His wife on the other hand was influential to the point that her family was the one that owned the current hospital. Now let us look at two statements that he has also made in a few episodes and what they could imply.


    Firstly, he pointed out that he genuinely loved his wife and that he had no ulterior motives in marrying her. Such as going after her family wealth.


    Secondly, he told her that he was her husband and not her servant.


    With both these points assuming that they are genuine we can gather that he worked extremely hard to get the hospital where it currently is because he wanted to keep his wife and her family happy. While it would certainly help him live a comfortable life that was probably a secondary goal for him at this point. But there comes a point in a person’s life if he doesn’t get the recognition that he deserves then he will have enough and will want to leave. Him being treated as someone as someone with no value and as a servant of sorts would be more than enough to leave that place. also him wanting an uncontested divorce further attests to his claims that he married her out of genuine feelings towards her and had no ulterior motives back then. Otherwise he could demand that the hospital be left to him as part of the settlement or something along those lines. Since he doesn’t do any of that he might actually be genuine. There is certainly the question about him and his feelings towards Suji’s mother but like I pointed out it isn’t clear whether she was his first love, or he started to develop so called feelings towards her after his wife started to give him the cold shoulder. Also, in case people were wondering when he might have been treated as a servant by his wife.


    Just look at one of the episodes when his decisions were looked down upon or not even considered. This was seen when there was the hospitals X year anniversary function. He had a full thing planned out when his wife suddenly popped in and told him that they were going to scrap the majority of his plans and instead go with her plan. While I do agree that some of the points that she brought up were valid I am sure that there could have been better ways to handle it. In fact, after Hyung Sun pointed out that what she did was wrong she realized it and they had a pretty civil discussion in regards of how the hospital should move ahead. She even considered one of his suggestions. So, I think that there may actually be some hope for them down the line.


    Though I don’t feel like they are going to get a happy ending at this point. Too much damage has been done. Any feelings that they might have had in the past for each other are probably long gone at this point. So, this could mean that they will indeed get that divorce by the end of the show, but they will have made their peace and leave on better terms. Perhaps they might also end up meeting each other on a few other occasions. Their grandson’s birthday or something similar. At this point the meetings are going to be cordial at best since their differences will have been hopefully resolved by this point. No I still don’t see him ending up with Suji’s mother at this point.


    Someone over here asked why Suji was hiding in a kimchi pot. Blame that on Uri. Apparently, his co-workers decided to have a meal at his family’s restaurant. (not aware of his connection to it). Since Suji is working part time at the restaurant to make ends meet, they would have discovered her there. So, to hide her and also to avoid unnecessary explanations he decided to hide her. Considering that anyone could see inside the kitchen it had to be somewhere they wouldn’t spot her. I am guessing that since people had known Suji for a long time, they would have recognized her even with that mask on her face. He did try and move them to one of the serving rooms which would have allowed Suji to move out and perhaps hide in her room until they left. Unfortunately for him all of the serving rooms were occupied and he was forced to hide her in the first place that he could think of which just so happened to be the kimchi jar.


    Before I end my post for the time being. Someone posted a video of the main leads performing in a music variety show. Just how recent is that. Either way they both seemed to have a lot of fun which is just as important, and they both could sing well. Not surprising for Suji but as for him.


    As for the delays in the episodes coming out, I just don’t get it. Some suggested that it was perhaps due to licencing issues. But that doesn’t make sense. If I was going to licence a show I would do so for the entire show. Now I do understand that ratings make or break a show which results in extensions or in rare cases cancellation. So, we can’t be sure just how many episodes are going to be released. But here is the thing when we have watched so many shows we know just by the time zone it is in how many episodes it will get. So at least when it comes to KBS World this show is going to get 120 episodes while In Cold Blood is going to probably get 100 episodes minimum. Unless like I pointed out we get a few extensions. This means that they should licence a deal for those base numbers as a minimum episode at least with a clause for possible extensions if necessary. As for delays in technical reasons is something that also doesn’t make sense. The recording and editing is done by the respective studios/company and they need to simply hand it over in a timely manner to whoever has the licence to air it as well. If it is a matter of subbing the show at this point they should just hire enough workers for this job and if they feel like they can’t keep up with the load then don’t take on new projects.


    Anyway, now that I have gotten this off my chest, I will end my post over here for the time being. So, all of you take care and keep posting. Let’s see how this show continues. We have finally moved into the second act of this show. Then it will start to get a bit slow and repitive by the third act. Also is the preview of the next episode deceptive once again or will Na Young finally take advantage of Hyung Sun’s vulnerable state. What do you folks think. Should we perhaps hold a vote on this point. Come to think about it why does Na Young’s mother even want to be in the promotional video of the rolls that they are selling. Now that we know that she was responsible for separating Suji and her mother from meeting she should do her best not to alert her as to where they live. If both she and her husband show up in a video it will be easier for someone to try and trace them down. Rapper Bro is the best choice since nobody is going to recognize him at this point. I guess it shows just how vain and smart she really is. Anyway really ending my post for the time being. Will add more points later on. Take care all of you.

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  7. 6 hours ago, kboramint said:


    And that missing child is possibly Uri? 


    Probably knowing how K-Dramas and their predictable formulas work. Some people are even speculating this. I am going for a wait and see. I want to base my decision after collecting a few more facts. But like I said the probability is quite high and the show will like to prove me wrong or right depending on the day.


    6 hours ago, kboramint said:


    So, if the episodes have aired in Korea, but it doesn't show on KocoWa then possible licensing dispute?   



    Well the show is out on one of the unofficial sites which I won't be mentioning due to the forum rules but I would assume that this would mean that the official ones should be out. I will be watching said episode in a few hours because I have been sidetracked by some personal work. from the preview clips it seems to be interesting and I can hardly wait to check it out.

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  8. Darn I forgot to vote for Uncontrollably Fond. Surprisingly I have not watched a lot of the dramas mentioned over here. Most that I have watched I didn't really have any major issues with them. The Ones that I did are surprisingly not on this list. So I am going to start of with them over here and why.


    The first one is


    A Tale Of Two Sisters.


    this writer automatically became the first writer that I banned. They probably decided to do something different from the standard K-Drama Tropes I guess. Perhaps that is why I failed them. Clearly they don't know that the main leads should end up together and have their happily ever after. So over here the male lead ends up single (especially because the second female lead ends up passing away near the end.) Just when she got herself redeemed. The female lead ends up marrying the Second Male lead and well you can see my issue with the Main Lead. so yes not a show I would recommend to anyone.


    The Second One surprisingly aired after this show.  It is


    Melody Of Love


    The show was going okay I guess until it decided to get an extension. After that things were introduced which if you come to realize just didn't match with what we had been previously shown. Consistency should be very important and this just failed over here. I can forgive a few mishaps here and there but when you have a lot of them going on. Sorry but then it is time to move on. For instance it is revealed that the female leads family was conned by a person. It isn't until much later on that it is revealed that the person happens to be the male leads uncle and the judge that favored the decision for the uncle happened to be the main leads father. Nothing strange at first until you realize that the female leads father met the main leads father way back because he happened to be friends with the second male leads father. (the whole everyone is connected trope). At that time neither of them realized who the other one was. Do you honestly expect us to believe that you have forgotten the face of the judge that caused you such injustice but remember the face of the con artist. Sorry but things don't add up over here. There were other issues as well but this isn't the place to bring them up.


    The Third and Final one (though this gave me more issues than the second one) but it did come after the second one. anyway it is


    Save The Family


    Pretty much the same issue with the first one. I really started to dislike the main lead in this show. Boy was he so flip floppy over here. First he is with the second female lead then decides to break up with her. Which I am going to agree was partially her fault. He starts to find happiness with the female lead until something happens and he breaks up with her. Not an issue until he decides to get back with the second female lead. Ouch. Oh and he knows that it is a bad idea so he needs to get drunk to propose to her since he probably wouldn't do it when he was sober or needed liquid courage. Not sure who would accept such a proposal but the Second Female Lead loves it and accepts it right of the bat. Then we have the entire Soy Sauce Drama later on which is developed by the female leads family and is stolen by the Second Female Lead and the end resolution to it. So yes this is another drama that I would probably tell people to avoid.


    Now as for some of the dramas that were mentioned.




    While I won't lie it was certainly interesting with a few good lines even. It had a major issue. A good story had a beginning, a middle and an ending. Problem here was that the ending and the beginning were the same. Now I get that we have a story that ends full circle and if done properly this won't be an issue. Sadly over here we still have a lot of questions remaining. A simple solution over here would be to either give us a movie special which ties up the lose ends or give us a second season that resolves these issues properly. Also don't give us totally brand new characters without handling the old stories. Yes I am looking at Season 2 of Iris and Dream High. things don't match up and those that we still have questions in regards to some of the characters that were previously introduced. Perhaps they might have been aiming for a season 3 I don't know.


    Uncontrollably Fond


    Was okay I. Again I just didn't like the sad ending. Though it was still probably better than the drama Big which wasn't on this list.


    Gu Family Book


    I Predicted who was going to die with 100% accuracy for a change and when I revealed who it was (mind you before watching said episode) I was accused of spoiling the show for others. I should have probably better explained my reasoning but I won't complain being kicked out from that site. :) The ending was decent and if they ever want to revisit that world they have left a nice opening for it. Again I just hope that they don't ruin the other season.


    Manhole and 49 Days


    I feel that both of these stories were neatly wrapped up. but then again it was ages since I watched them that I may have been mistaken. Sure the female lead had to pass away but I still felt like she made enough of a difference between the people she left behind and the twist of whose body she was inhabiting. I did like Grim Reaper Granny in that show. Riding a Motorcycle. Now that is a Grim Reaper that knows how to have fun.


    King The Eternal Monarch


    Overall was okay I guess. I love the concept of parallel dimensions and all. The ending was decent. Perhaps they could one day make a special of the worlds the main leads decide to travel and visit. also how they interact with their doppelgangers for extra fun. mostly the female lead. Can we please have a team up with them.




    Now I wouldn't say that I was traumatized by the ending over here. But I would again love to see a second season for this show. Frankly it can be a never ending show as they can always try and bring in new and interesting villains of the week over here. Perhaps bring in a rival agency who uses similar agents and have them clash with the main characters. perhaps even get a cameo of Lee Majors. So much potential. but overall my verdict over here is that the main case was wrapped up perfectly from what I recall. The main lead was learning to get better control over his eyes and the AI in them. The banter was nice and he was going after small time crooks (I say small time compared the big bad that they were after in the show). But it would still have been nice to see a reunion of the team at some point.


    anyway this covers my post. but yes the top 3 dramas that I mentioned certainly gave me issues with K-Dramas. Even after considering K-Drama Logic and all. Have any of you seen those dramas and what are your thoughts regarding them.

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  9. For starters I am glad that the father made the correct choice of not accepting Hyung Sun’s deal and most of the family supported it and his reasoning. The only one that didn’t was unsurprisingly his wife. While she may have a point that he is only considering his daughters feelings and not her own as she is suffering by having eczema and how tiring it is to prepare the rolls. But what she doesn’t seem to realize is that everyone needs to pitch in to help run the house. Her son at least seems to have started is growth into maturity. He has stopped some of his wasteful expenditures courtesy of Doori and her influence on him. Anyway, as I was saying the mother if she feels like she can’t prepare the ingredients she needs to look for alternate ways to help out with the family finances.


    Moving on let’s talk about the Na Young situation. So, it seems like she is still sticking with her original plan to win over Hyung Sun. Be there for him and when she feels like she has made some progress suddenly disappear forcing him to make first contact with her. She isn’t taking advantage of him being drunk and attempting to get pregnant like some of the drama characters do. Or at least she is claiming this to be the case. Let’s see what happens next in regards to this. In a way this ploy makes sense because even if she blackmails him into marrying her with the exposure of a scandal or emotionally by pointing out that they should take care of the child as it is equally their responsibility and all. It won’t be real, and he could easily dump her later on. This ensures that he will be faithful to her and have genuine feelings towards her.


    The other thing I want to bring up is the fact that the mother pointed out that both her daughters left home together and how she at least threatened Na Young that if she didn’t hear from her, she would report her missing. Hyung Sun actually suggested that they do that for Suji as well.


    Now if I am being technical Na Young could have simply messaged her mother that she was fine and perhaps sent her picture proving so. The mother never asked for her address. Okay now let’s get a bit practical. In both cases where she threatened to report her as missing and Hyung Sun’s for Suji I have to ask is that even possible. Again, I don’t know how law works but would the police even take this case seriously. They could easily point out that since both women are adults, they can take care of themselves and have moved out so the family shouldn’t worry. Granted both of them should have informed their family before doing so. I would therefore assume that the police can’t really do anything over here and their hands are tied in this case. It would make more sense for them to investigate the case if Ara was missing since she is a minor and she can’t fend for themselves.


     @kboramint Technically only Na Young moved out of that house. Suji never really moved into the house due to the shortage of rooms. She told her family that she was planning on temporarily using the hospitals night rooms for the time being because of this so they shouldn’t worry about her. Then the scandals broke out which resulted in her being forced to leave. Even then she was living in Hyung Sun’s apartment which he informed her family, so they didn’t need to worry about. As for Na Young she did leave and how she can afford not only the apartment but a whole new wardrobe. According to her the clothes are more like an investment and the place is on rent. I suggested earlier that it might have been possible for her to take out a loan for some of these things. Also, it is safe to assume that she had some money stashed away since she was working. So, dipping into said pool makes sense. She also didn’t pay for the moving expenses or finding their current house. As for why Suji is so broke and can’t afford an expensive apartment like Na Young. I am going to say the following. We have to remember that thanks to her father being scammed she was the one that had to clear that mess up. She also took out loans to cover some of this. I would assume that she has maxed out on her loans so she can’t take out anymore. Rapper Brother has also pointed out that back when he was immature, he got into a few fights, and she had to pay for the settlement damages. Indicating that she did have money issues. Not only that the scam even forced her to sell of her car for funds indicating her issues.


    Na Young on the other hand probably didn’t have a credit issue and if it was her first time she probably could have gotten the loan or she bought said items on credit with the hopes of scoring big once she marries into Hyung Suns family.


    Hyung Sun’s mother seems to realize that her husband still has some influence, and she is resorting to spying on him. Though I am again confused because it seems like I may have missed something over here as well. He mentioned that Hyung Sun should return home and when he does, he will leave it. As far as I could tell he didn’t mention anything about leaving the hospital. Also, why should he. Leaving home when he is already in an unhappy marriage is one thing. He may have thought that he had a chance to salvage it. But once he discovered the fact that not only had his wife drawn divorce papers but had done so 30 years ago it shows to him that she has no intention to reconcile. At this point he really doesn’t have any motivation to stay in said relationship. He did point out that he genuinely married her out of love and not for greed. How much of that is actually true remains to be seen. Anyway, returning to the point of him leaving the hospital on the other hand doesn’t make sense. As his wife pointed out he has been running it for so long that he is critical at this point. It is live his child where he has invested his blood and sweat so there is no reason for him to even suggest that he will leave it. Granted some of his methods might clash with the foundation that his wife is running but that is a story for another day.


    The house rules that Suji received, and someone brought up may not make a whole lot of sense but frankly I think it makes a lot of sense and to be fair most of them were even reasonable. So, let’s get into this point. When you move into a rented place it is more than understandable that you need to abide by whatever rules the homeowner’s place. for instance, it can be as simple as having no pets or who pays the utility bills. So, this means that either the utilities are included in the bill (the owner calculates how much a person can spend and adjusts the bill in such a way) or the rent and utilities are separate, and the renter has to pay both. Now in this case Suji moved into the house without being aware of any rules that they may have set (clearly because there weren’t any) and she could therefore argue that since this wasn’t in their contract she isn’t required to do so. It would get really complicated and she really doesn’t want to do that at this point.


    now while I don’t remember each of the rules that her mother set up, I can tell that only two seemed to be a little off. Now for starters let’s look at some of the more reasonable ones. She had to have at least one meal with them, clean the dishes at least once a week and clean the house/restaurant also once a week. Now these there can be argued that if she even had a meal one time in the house then she automatically becomes eligible for the one week dish washing. She may not feel well enough to go out and get some on her own or has problems with her funds. This helps her out. Same for the cleaning. Since she is living in that house even if it is a separate room. While she can argue over here that is the only part, she really needs to keep clean. It really doesn’t hurt her to put in a little extra effort and help the rest of the family clean the rest of the place up. Yes, if she had to do it entirely on her own on a random day then she would have a right to complain.


    Okay now that we have covered these three points. Let us move to the two points that I would agree could seem unreasonable to her. She even brought up one of them. The first one was that they had to help out at the farm at least once and the weekly family meeting. Now I could give this one a small pass if the farm was connected to their current house so they could argue that it come in the house maintenance. But since it is far away, she could bring this point up. Instead, she brought up the point that since she isn’t actually part of the family (since nobody is aware of the birth secret over here) why should she attend the family meeting. It really shouldn’t concern her. The mother tried to justify that isn’t really how you define a family. Considering her situation, it makes sense but practically Suji is correct.


    Oh, come to think about the mother and her current family situation. Uri and his sister are registered as part of her family, but Suji isn’t. Convenient isn’t it because otherwise this would make it that Suji and Uri are related as siblings and that would mean that they couldn’t end up together unless the show decides to take a page from My Lovely Enemy. This way they get a chance at their own love story and happiness.


    @tulip06 I agree with you it was probably dumb of Suji to try and meet up with Na Young. It is totally possible that she will decide to secretly follow her and see where she lives and when she discovers that it is with Uri. She can reveal it to Hyung Sun. Most probably indirectly depending on what role the writer is going for. For instance, she can suggest that she has heard that the restaurant serves really good food so he should try and treat her over there for reason X. Once there she needs to time it when she knows that Uri is going to be there and two make some sort of scene where he sees Suji as well. Hyung Sun once he sees this will feel betrayed and perhaps even think that they were hiding this for a reason. (she was having an affair with Uri or something along those lines) same for him. Once he will be devastated, she will be there to pick up the pieces. Perhaps this time take advantage of him being drunk. He might suddenly remember that Uri was her supposed boyfriend, and she might use this to her advantage.


    @africandramalover I am going to disagree with you over here. Apologies in advance. I certainly don’t want Suji’s mother to end up with the hospital chairman. Sure, that would be an issue for Hyung Sun to end up with Suji. But we really can’t be one to judge why he is unhappy in his current marriage. His wife clearly blames him for something. Whether or not that is justified remains to be seen. While he may deserve to be happy so does his wife. I do agree that if they are both happy just go for a divorce at this point. The wife is certainly being unreasonable from what we can currently tell. But we all know that there has to be some sort of backstory in regards to this. Perhaps for all we know Hyung Sun isn’t his biological child. Plot Twist I know. But let’s face it we shouldn’t be surprised at this point. Also, something that I found odd was how his wife told him to get on board with their son’s decision because otherwise she would lose him and if that were to happen, she wouldn’t forgive her husband. He was the only thing that she was currently living for, and she wouldn’t let it slide if her husband took this away from her as well.


    This means that something major has happened between the two. Like we have been shown at her fathers remains she also prays for the soul of another person. We can safely assume that this was the person that was taken away from her and she holds her husband responsible for this. Aka a missing child.


    Anyway, let’s just end this post over here for the time being. So, take care all of you and do keep posting your theories because I feel like some of you bring some really interesting points. Some that I may have even missed.

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  10. @ladyda I think that I may need to update my browser because I can’t seem to see the GIFs that you have made. Sorry.


    Someone mentioned about Na Youngs obsession with Suji/Hyung Sun and taking advantage of him being drunk etc... Let’s be honest over here this really shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point. Someone over here posted that she might do something along those lines and if one comes to think about it, we realize that she really didn’t have a lot of other options.


    As we have clearly seen Hyung Sun is totally obsessed over Suji. To the point that it is safe to imagine that he probably lived the celibate life in the States. Unless the show wants to do a major plot twist down the line where someone from over there shows up with his kid. But since he is the second lead it would seem moot. Anyway, as I was saying nothing anyone tries to say to him is even close to swaying him from his goal of marrying Suji. When his father in the recent episode asked him whether he was still planning on marrying Suji after she not only walked out of the family/engagement party and how his mother was behaving (thinking that the family owed them something). To just add to this. His response was that he was indeed planning on marrying her no matter what. Even when the father tried to set him up with a girl from an influential family (earlier) he nipped it in the bud by pointing out to the girl that he already had a girlfriend and was only there because of his fathers’ wishes.


    This shows that nothing is going to sway him from his goal of marrying Suji no matter if they are richer or even more beautiful than her. She is his Helen of Troy to the extent that he doesn’t care if she has any faults or not. But like I said since he only has eyes for her, he isn’t going to be bothered or even swayed by someone else. In this case what was Na Young going to do.


    Her current tactic was clearly obvious, but it would be too time consuming with a small chance of failure. In case someone is wondering what she was going for it would be as follows. She suddenly shows up in his life and would deliberately bump into him making it seem like coincidence. For instance, when she met him in the morning just before he left for work does anyone really think that was chance and she just happened to be coming from a walk/exercise. The answer is no. She had planned to do just that. Then she offers him some friendly advice where to get some good food. She would continue to do this and make her presence felt. Then when she thinks that she has her claws deep enough she would suddenly decide to cut contact to the point that he would wonder why he hasn’t seen her for such a long time that he would have been the one to reach out to her first. Also, her taking his package was deliberate so that she would have an excuse to see him again.


    In this case it was fortunate for her since she found him in a vulnerable state, and she decided to take advantage of this fact. Now let’s bring this up. There are a few things to note about it. The first is him waking up and realizing something was up and then asking her if he didn’t make any mistake to which her response was that he didn’t do anything wrong. Note this is important from a legal point of view. Now while I don’t know Korean Law or even K-Drama Laws which can change as the plot demands. According to standard law being drunk is no excuse especially if you commit a crime. In this case taking advantage of a female that can’t defend herself. She can take him to court, and she would win. Her telling him that he didn’t make any mistake not only absolves him of this but indicates that it was consensual.


    The other thing to note is this is a K-Drama where people can get pregnant in the first try unlike real life. So, she plans on using this fact later on to get close to him. If anyone were to question her behaviour or how she could steal her sister’s man (assuming she gets caught). She is going to play the victim card since we can tell that is what she normally does. In this case she can say that she tried to resist but because he was a male, she couldn’t do anything. Making him feel extra guilty and responsible for his actions. She would then try and mollify him by pointing out that it doesn’t matter, and she won’t hold it against him since she has also developed feelings for him. As for the others she will give the same kind of sob story. This makes her the victim and they would not only feel bad for her but think that she must be so nice that she isn’t holding it against him and is ready to not only forgive him but be with him as well.


    Of course, if he really wanted to teach her a lesson, he could be a total jerk and tell her that it doesn’t matter whose child she is carrying he still has eyes just for Suji and that he is willing to pay for her abortion or simply hand her over some child support but then his job is done to the child. Granted she can then simply go the blackmail route at this point and threaten to expose his actions to the public which in short would affect his hospital. She knows that her bluff would have more credence at this point.


    The other thing to consider about Na Young is that she can also still play the orphan card, so nobody is going to catch on to her actions until much later. She gets double pity points because of this.


    Moving on to Hyung Sun’s parents. The father has finally discovered that his wife had prepared divorce papers but that this isn’t a recent development and that she had been holding off on to them for the past 30 years. This number has got to be significant. When he asks her why she doesn’t simply divorce him she tells him that it isn’t the right time and also that is how he can suffer the most. Interesting facts.


    Now this indicates that something happened 30 years ago, and she blames him for it. Hence, she wants him to suffer. This could very easily be him losing their child. So instead of him watching over the child he got sidetracked like having an affair which resulted in him slipping away. She therefore blames him for his inattention whatever the reason. It could be that instead of having an affair he was so focused on work or a meeting. Perhaps their child died etc... So do I think that he was having an affair. Probably not. I am basing this on the following facts. A standard K-Drama trope is how everyone is connected to another character. Even a neighbourhood dog could easily turn out to be a dog belonging to someone’s Ex or a future love interest.


    Using this as a basis let us look at the women who could be his affair partner. The only ones introduced are Suji’s mother and stepmother. Both seem unlikely at the moment. Let’s start with the stepmother. She was introduced at the family meeting and both the chairman, and his wife were present and there didn’t seem to be any kind of reaction between them. A wife would probably know who her husband was cheating with if she caught him or wanted to file a divorce for said reason. Not only that but he thought that the stepmother was crude to even consider asking that they take care of them by opening a cafe for them at their hospital. So, she is most likely out. If she was the one, then they would have at least some meeting to discuss the fact that they were there or something along those lines. Since we didn’t have this, she is probably out.


    As for Suji’s mother. So far as we can tell she hasn’t bumped into Hyung Sun’s mother, so it is possible. But I have my doubts regarding this as well. She was already married and not only that she was mad at discovering her husband’s betrayal. Someone that had cheated on their partner wouldn’t have said response. Not only that but she has at least met the chairman numerous times since he comes to her restaurant. Her reactions towards him is always that of a host taking care of their customer and she is grateful to him because she considers him her life saviour when he saved her life after her accident at his hospital. So, unless the accident resulted in partial amnesia it is unlikely that she had an affair with him as well. Yes, it does seem like he is interested in her, but it seems to be one sided as she can’t pick up on the signs.


    Of course, even him saving her could be for his own gain. We have seen that he lives for the hospital and wants to expand it. If it turns out that the hospital was responsible for her accident. Perhaps they provided faulty equipment to the workers which resulted in her accident. He would want to have it covered up because that would be bad publicity for them. On the other hand, if he saves her life and people don’t know his actual reasoning, they will think that he is not only a great person for doing so but it will also turn out to be good publicity for the hospital as well. It is possible that his wife might not see it this way nor the fact that he goes to her restaurant but at this point she really doesn’t seem to care.


    Suji’s family is deciding to sell their rolls to Hyung Sun by accepting his proposal. While I do understand that they have their issues they shouldn’t mix business with personal issues. Rapper Brother does have a point that their product is good and that they should be confident wherever they sell it. Currently they have more overhead expenses but if they have a contract then they can produce to something more in their budget and all and still make a profit. Right now, it seems that they are more likely selling at the street price, but the rolls are more expensive to produce regarding the ingredients and all. Hard to see how else they can come up with. Raise the price to match the overhead costs but people at the street might not be able to afford it thus they would still be in loss. This way covers them up. But like the grandmother pointed out this is fine if Hyung Sun and Suji work out. But if they decide to go their separate ways then he has no reason or obligation to help her family out. Especially if he can find a better deal elsewhere or he doesn’t have the funds to pay them.


    Funds are equally important, and we do have to ask as to where he is getting them from. Is he paying them from his own pocket or is he using the hospital/foundations funds. If it is the later then does he have a right to use them. Otherwise, he is committing a crime. Since the hospital can’t exactly fire him or take him to court the next best thing for them would be to cancel the deal with Suji’s family. This will hit them hard especially if this is simply a verbal contract between Hyung Sun and Suji’s dad.


    Rapper Brother should point out instead that if he is confident in their product then they should try partnering up with someone else that isn’t related to Suji or Hyung Sun solving their problems. You can be sure that if Na Young discovers the fact that her family is providing to the foundation she will try and sabotage them so that their contract is not only cancelled but also because they won’t get to meet up and recognize and spoil her plans to be with Hyung Sun.


    This also brings me up to the point why she wants to be with him. Again, this becomes a matter of ego for her. Being compared with Suji in everything is bad for her self esteem. To the point that she thinks that Suji is better than her while she had hit rock bottom. Ie she is out of a job at the moment, she has no chance at a love life since the people that she does like have rejected her or she can tell that they would rather trust or like Suji. Again, this is her being compared to Suji. Then on top of all this Suji gets to be with someone rich this means that she hardly has to do any work, yet she will always be taken care of, but this means that while Suji is living the good and comfortable life Na Young is still going to be living the same terrible poor life that she always has.


    Now on the other hand if she marries him, she can tell others look I am good enough as Suji. People can like and appreciate me just as much. Also, as a reward she will finally get an upgrade and have everything that she wants. Including her own room and fancy stuff. Something which she only sees Suji as currently having. While she may admit that Suji may have earned everything that she has with hard work the problem here is that she is trying her best, but it never seems to be enough. She can’t seem to catch up with Suji. That is probably one of her issues. Instead of setting her own goals or going with what she has she has focused her one-sided rivalry with Suji. While that may work for some people it isn’t working over here. There are other things as well, but we don’t need to get into that for the moment.


    Moving on to other points on the agenda. The teacher is back to win over the uncle and lay down boundaries. Which is totally understandable, but I really wish that she wasn’t introduced. It was Suji’s mother that did decide to let her be with the uncle but if the teacher feels like her involvement with him is affecting the relationship she needs to evaluate whether or not she is okay with it. Now I could have perhaps given her a pass if she didn’t know that the uncle had feelings for Suji’s mother then I might have been more sympathetic to her issue. As it would have been unfair. But in this case, she was fully aware that the uncle had one sided feelings towards Suji’s mother. So, she should have taken this into account before trying to be with him. If she didn’t have an issue with this and was sure that she could win him over go for it. But otherwise be prepared for heartbreak and admit that they were wrong.


    The other two things are in regards to Suji’s mother. It seems like she has finally decided to actively search for Suji this time round and this means trying to cancel her adoption by her own family. Again, this seems like a really weird law to me. Anyone know if this is an actual law or simply a K-Drama law. Either way once she goes ahead with it the uncle claims that they will know where Suji and her family live because the court will send them a notice. Again, I am confused about this statement. While I do get that the court will send Suji’s family a notice it would most likely be a summons to court or something along those lines. It would be unlikely that they would give said address to Suji’s mother. While she does have a right and is the one initiating the case against them it isn’t right to give their address to them. What if a person gets the address and decides that the court is taking to long to decide the case in their favour. So, they go to said address and threaten the people there or try and strike a deal (however). The court needs to protect both parties until the case is decided. What is the saying Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Suji did overhear a bit of this conversation which is going to come useful later on when she discovers that she is her mother. Because now she will be made aware that the mother was actually trying to locate her but couldn’t do so for some reasons. Naturally since she heard part of the conversation it isn’t going to strike her immediately but after some time.


    The other thing is that the mother did notice the stitching (sweater) that she made for Suji as a kid but since she only saw a part of it sticking out from her suitcase, she hasn’t realized that it was the same one. She thinks that Suji was still busy unpacking. This probably indicates to me that she will be the first one to discover the fact that Suji is her daughter. Once she is informed that Suji is her daughter she will be in disbelief for a few minutes. Then she will suddenly remember the sweater sticking out from the suitcase. She will then rush home and find it. She will instantly recognize it since she has also stitched her daughters name on it. I am going to assume that Suji will enter the room at that moment and ask what she is doing with her sweater before the episode will end. The cliffhanger therefore being whether or not the mother will admit to her that she is the mother. But if we go by the K-Drama show formula she will not reveal the fact that she is her mother. Probably another reason why Suji will be angry at the mother once she discovers that she knew for quite sometime who she was and didn’t bother to reveal said fact to her.


    Anyway, I will end the post over here. I didn’t get a proper goodnight sleep. So, I am thinking off catching up on some of my sleep for the time being unless I get sidetracked somehow. So, till next time and please do keep posting.

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  11. 1 hour ago, kboramint said:

    They're teasing a romantic connection between the SFL's mother, and FL's adopted father. 


    Oh heaven have mercy on us. This has to be a joke. I will admit that I missed any interaction between the two but even this I don't want to see this.


    10 hours ago, kboramint said:

    Also, what excerise makes you toss small dumbells across the room?


    Shippers on Board. They want the Su Jeong to end up with Ui Joo so they are helping her discretely :) or maybe one of them is frustrated that the exercise isn't working out as planned and thus throwing a tantrum.


    10 hours ago, kboramint said:

    I don't get why the SFL is so against the FL. Is it really because she said that she would kick her out of her house, an wouldn't let her touch FL's chess set? 


    Are we talking about the past version or the current/present version. If it is the former then this point is certainly a contributing factor. I would say that the root cause would probably be jealousy during this time period. Let's be honest if we didn't know that Su Jeong was the female lead we really wouldn't have liked her back then. She appeared like a Snob when she said that. But anyway back then for the second female lead it was more along the following lines.


    Here she has nothing, she has no idea of who her father is because he wants nothing to do with her, hardly any fancy clothes or even a place to call her own and almost always on the move. But here she witnesses a girl that takes things for granted. Someone with loving parents (including the love of a father), enough food which she can not eat if she doesn't feel like compared to her who only gets to eat when her mother is employed, fancy clothes and gifts. Not only that but also a room of her own with a bed. She on the other hand is sharing a small room with her mother which probably doesn't even have a bed. Then just when she was getting comfortable and enjoying her new life they had to flee in the middle of the night leaving it all behind. So I guess like I said earlier jealousy was the root cause of her not liking the female lead back then.


    If we are talking about the present day it would be for the following reasons. She is jealous that the Second Male Lead is showing interest in her. In other words she is feeling threatened by her presence for a few reasons. She wants to win the second male lead over and finally have a chance to live the well off and rich lifestyle that she always dreamed off. The first time she was prevented because he was with someone else and I guess she wasn't all that evil or just didn't have enough power or influence back then to do anything about it. Not she feels differently. So she naturally doesn't want the female lead around. She doesn't want to lose out to her. But that isn't the only reason why she is threatened by her.


    As we witnessed and confirmed in one of the recent episodes she was indeed the one that trapped the female lead in that room when the fire was raging. That makes it attempted murder if the Female Lead were to remember this fact she can have her reported and her life would be ruined. Not only this but we also have to remember that the current life the second female lead is living is mostly a lie. The one person that can sort of expose this is the female lead. She just needs to say oh by the way she used to be the hired helps daughter back in the day. There goes the well crafted lie of the Second Female Lead down the drain. While it really isn't a big deal in someways she may think that will be the end of her life or certain pathways. For instance a rich family may see that in a negative light and might not want to accept her as a future DiL. As of now her key selling point is that she seems like an influential person and therefore might even be well off but once exposed people might not look at her in the same light and that frightens her.


    The best line that the Female Lead gave so far was to a question we all wonder about all these second leads.


    Su Jeong - Are you stalking me. Don't you have any work to do (or something along those lines. she may have even mentioned time in her question. but we have always wondered this haven't we. If the second leads are always busy plotting to take down/frame the main leads when do they actually have time to do their own work.


    Will the grandmother hire the male lead to help find himself that will certainly be interesting. She has just realized that she can't trust the people around her. I do worry about her driver as well. Is henchman going to take him down to make an opening for one of his own agents so that they can better spy on the grandmother. Still it is interesting to know that the grandmother is smart when it comes to her covert meetings and she has realized that her sons current will is a forgery. I am just curious did she not know the name of the her current grandsons mother because that is what it seemed like.


    The pearl incident was interesting because we discovered that the stepmother apparently had some kind of secret deal going with them. What that is remains to be seen. But thanks to the intervention of certain people that isn't going to happen now. The ten million dollar lawsuit/suing them now makes more sense. The money wasn't in damages but what she was paying them for the deal. Otherwise a company selling a defective product was a surprise. But then the stepmother actually trying to cover it up just came out as weird. At least the grandmother had a whole lot more sense over here.


    Technically the female lead didn't do anything to clear her name. She got lucky because the male leads helped her out secretly. but whatever. We also find out that the female leads father took out a huge loan to start their current guest house. Will the second female lead try and take advantage of this fact and try and kick them out by somehow pressuring the bank so that they are forced to suddenly pay back the loan.


    Also what was with the female lead causing the second incident. I know that the female lead was indirectly responsible for that since she made a deal with the chef to have the show sabotaged. But the female lead should probably know better. Hasn't she ever worked in a kitchen before. Adding water or ice in oil really isn't a good idea how does she not know this fact. Not only that when she was making that jam I was afraid that she was going to dose off and start another small fire. Perhaps another fire is what she does need to remember what happened back in the past. regardless she probably does deserve to be disciplined this time round. I wonder how she will manage to get out of this one.


    anyway I am going to end this post over here for the time being. I am sure that I am forgetting something but nothing can be done about that. Plus my laptop battery needs charging. So till that happens I probably won't be adding anything more. Take care all of you and I am looking forwards to reading the rest of your posts.

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  12. @UnniSarah Yes, I finished watching Thursday episode a few hours back and I have to agree with you that Suji may indeed appear rude to those that don’t know of her backstory. Understandable since her last memory of her mother was probably on her birthday when she prepared a meal for her before leaving. She thinks that she was abandoned not really being aware that someone in her family sabotaged her reunion with her mother. Not only that but the items offered over here just so happened to be the same as to what her mother prepared that day which further trigger her trauma.


    Someone over here asked whether we think that Hyung Sun is probably obsessed over Suji rather than being in love with her. Interestingly I was going to bring up the exact same point before they did. But since I write such long posts, I thought that I would bring it up in one of my future posts. I am going to agree with this assessment. Both second leads seem to have this issue when it comes to Suji to an extent. In fact, I would say that Hyung Sun’s obsessions come close to stalkerish than Na Yeong’s. Perhaps she doesn’t need to be one because she knows exactly where Suji will end up/return home as she also lives with her.


    But let’s look at Hyung Sun’s actions since he got to know Suji. They broke up ten years ago. A normal person would accept the rejection and try and move on. According to his own admissions he did try but it didn’t work to the extent that he decided never to return to Korea. The only reason that he did was because he discovered that she was working for his family hospital. Now that he was again aware of her exact location he returned. Now what is the first thing that he did after returning. He noticed her having a meal with Uri at a restaurant (where he had shown up by chance to have a meal with his parents). The normal thing at this point would have been to be happy for her. Instead, he rushed home and starts to search for information on her private life. To be more exact whether or not she was dating and if so who. Only when he is unable to find said information does he feel relieved.


    Also, he tries to keep tabs on her even if it means to ask Uri to inform/spy on her for him. When he starts to feel that Uri might also have feelings for her and is threatened by his presence he tries to show that there is more to their relationship. By pointing out that he and Suji used to date and have decide to date again. But the biggest one was when he brought him to his studio apartment where he had arranged it to make anyone think that he was an item with Suji and for todays preview it shows him informing him that they are going to get married no matter what.


    Clearly all this indicates that he has an unhealth obsession with Suji and he also isn’t confident in his position that he can simply win her over, so he needs to resort to such tactics. Instead, if he simply respects her choices rather than try and imposes his own feelings on her he might have had a better chance of ending up with her.


    People have asked as to how Na Yeong could suddenly have moved next to Hyng Sun and where she got the money for the fancy clothes and rent. I think I have a partial answer though how accurate that is remains to be seen. First of all, she had amply time on her hand since she got fired due to her fame costing her. Which allowed her to stalk him as we were shown. (but also predictable). As for the money for the apartment and clothes I would say that there are two things. One she could have easily taken a short term loan. Yes, it would be expensive but if she was looking at the bigger picture especially of marrying him and gaining access to his family wealth then this wouldn’t be a major issue for her. The other thing to note is that she probably did have money stashed up. Remember before she got fired, she was doing a job. Certainly, it didn’t pay as much as Suji’s but she should have had some. Not only that but what exactly were her expenses if one comes to consider this, we realize that she should hardly have them.


    She was already living with her family. This meant that she had no need to pay rent, utilities or even for food unless she wanted to eat outside or at a restaurant. Her only other expenses would therefore would probably have been on her wardrobe (clothes and cosmetics). Also remember when the family moved to their new house, she again refused to pitch in claiming that she didn’t have anything saved up and if she had gotten the anchor position this wouldn’t have been an issue. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she was totally broke but it could mean that she simply chose not to share what she had. Though from all appearances it did seem that she was short on cash.


    For instance, when she handed Uri some cash when he asked to borrow some. It did seem like she was a bit hesitant to give what she had but then thinking that it would be a good way to win him over she finally hands over the money for the fare to him. But none of that is what really gets me curious.


    What does are the following points. She suddenly has money for these fancy clothes but from what I could tell she really had a hard time picking out an outfit for her interview and she finally decided to wear the outfit that Suji gifted her admitting that Suji had a good eye for such stuff. Yet now she is wearing fancy clothes and even making it work. The other thing is what has been puzzling me is what exactly is her endgame and how does she plan on making it work.


    Everyone now knows what she looks like courtesy of her being in the media for the two Suji incidents and not only that but her past as a reporter? So Hyung Sun should in theory recognize her from said events. Unless you want us to throw K-Drama suspension of belief that he can’t recognize her due to her new hairstyle and perhaps fancy wardrobe. She looks the same and even when I at times have a hard time recognizing actress with different hairstyles or dyed hair can recognize Na Yeong as the same person.... Not only this but if she wants to get married to him her family needs to be there for the family meeting. They have already done this for Suji so how are they going to explain this to his family.  The last drama actually made a big issue regrading this when the second female lead fell for two brothers without knowing this fact due to them being separated. The mothers were against her marrying into their family because of this.


    Someone did suggest that she might decide to either claim to be an orphan or say that she is the biological daughter of her family and Suji is the adopted one. If she tries one of this then it is possible to make her plan work. Though the second one probably won’t fly because of the age difference. Suji is clearly older than her by the fact that she calls her Unni at times. Even if she can fool Hyng Sun’s parents with this lie it probably won’t work on him. On the other hand, the orphan card seems more likely at this point for a couple of reasons. Firstly, her playing the victim card is nothing new. We have already seen her throw Suji twice under the bus simply because she doesn’t want to admit being connected with her. So, her wanting to do the same with her family stays true to this point. She would rather die (her own words) than admit that she is related to Suji in anyway. Secondly this claim will also allow her to circumvent the family meeting and by the time her family will realize what she has done it will be too late to do anything at this point. The damage will already have been done and it isn’t like they will demand that she divorce Hyung Sun at this point.


    Na Yeong’s mother likes to take one step forward but then five steps backwards. She claims that is Suji’s pride more important when she could have saved their family and that no matter how much she tries to like her she can’t. That is saying a lot. She is the one that has been allowing you to live your lavish lifestyle up till now. Not only that but even the new house that they are currently living in is because the people around you bothered to contribute to getting it meanwhile you and your daughter are leeching of them. So, you really can’t say that. She claims that if anything happens to Na Yeong then her family is responsible because they are only caring about Suji because she is of their bloodline. Is again harsh but I will probably get into that in a bit. The other thing about her was how she starts to wonder if she might have been a bit too harsh towards Na Yeong and because of that she ran away from home.


    Again, this shows just how bad at parenting she really is. Na Yeong deserved what she got, and she is still lucky that the family let her stay after those stunts. Also, what do you mean by running off. She is a grown adult who can make her own choices and decisions. If she finally decided to live on her own be a bit more supportive. You know that she isn’t going to do anything bad (commit suicide) because according to you she left but took everything of importance with her. Leaving behind junk. Now if she was planning on anything negative then it would make sense that she would have left everything behind. Granted Na Yeong should have perhaps left a note or something so that her family wouldn’t worry. But I guess this shows that she is more than willing to cut ties with them if it is to achieve her goals.


    Now let’s talk about the family meeting that Hyung Sun pulled without informing Suji of. The one good thing regarding it was probably the fact his mother could see how uncomfortable Suji was during certain parts especially when her mother suggested that they allow them to open a small cafe at their hospital. This also showed her that Suji wasn’t marrying into their family for their wealth and knew enough to be embarrassed at the actions of her mother. This means that if it does turn out that Uri is the missing son of that family then she won’t have an issue allowing her to marry him even though she once dated her other son aka his brother unlike in the previous drama.


    I also don’t approve of him trying to cut a deal with Suji’s father of providing to them his rolls. It is definitely a ploy on his part. He expects Suji to be so grateful to him for taking care of her family while she was away that she will accept his proposal. Not realizing how it will actually burden her or he may not care since it will at least force her to consider him seriously or look like she is the ungrateful one. The father at least refused initially but we all know that he really isn’t in a position to do so at the moment. So he is going to eventually cave in and accept it.


    Doori and Rapper Brother are a nice couple. She may seem like a dictator at times, but she will at least get Rapper Brother to eventually further mature into a better person. He is already starting in the right direction he just needs a bit more guidance. Sadly, the same can’t be said for his mother. Then again that is her role to be the unlikable person. Someone suggested if I got the meaning correct that perhaps Rapper Brother isn’t actually part of Suji’s family and that he has another father, but his mother is pretending that he is of their bloodline. While I will admit that thought briefly did cross my mind, I dropped it and that is why I didn’t bring it up in any of my earlier posts. While I don’t deny that this theory is not impossible, I don’t think that it is true because this is drama is in the daily family drama slot (from my understanding). I doubt that they would therefore pull this stunt. Now had this been in the revenge drama slot then I would say that this theory has far more credence. So as of now I guess we will have to wait and see what happens next but like I said earlier I don’t think that it is true.


    I think that this covers most of my points for the time being. It is nice to see more posters showing up over here. Also I am enjoying some of the theories that you are bringing up. Let’s have some more.


    Oh and while I know stalking is bad I still wanted to make fun of Hyung Sun and Na Yeong in regards to this


    Na Yeong : I think that the two of us should start the Suji Obsession Fan Club

    Hyung Sun : You know a lot about Suji let me test you. What does she value the most (hopefully she will say me)

    Na Yeong: She values family and helping people. Now my turn. What is her favourite K-Pop group

    Hyng Sun: TARA. What does she dislike the most

    Na Yeong : Rice Balls and seaweed soup


    Well there I go for now. Got to try and watch some other drama for the time being. So take care all of you until perhaps after I catch up with todays episode.

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  13. 28 minutes ago, kboramint said:


    In Korea, a person calls their aunt on their mother's side (mom's sister), Eemo and their aun on their father's side (dad's sister), Como. 


    Samchon is a term used to call their uncle on their mom's side (mother's brother), but you can use that term to call their father's side if hey aren't married. People normally call their uncle on their father's side... Jagun Appa if they younger than their father, and Kun Appa if they are older than their father.    


    Thanks for the clarification I knew I had once heard an Aunt being called Como in a drama. Now I get the reference. It really helps when someone has a better understanding of the language.


    1 hour ago, maribella said:

    The FL was a young kid who was taken in by a stranger. Did she just wander off? 
    The amount stolen matters little if it changed her life. 
    There are issues here: young dependent kid and  irresponsible thieving adult.


    In Taepoong’s case, SFL’s parent were complicit. He was autistic, it is criminal to take anything from him outside a buying/selling transaction. 



    Actually this is something that I failed to mention in my previous post as I got sidetracked and got lost in my own ramblings. It is quite possible that she did sort of wander off. After she was rescued from the fired and was admitted to the hospital. People popped up over there claiming that her family owed them money. How true that remains I don't know. Later on after they were ushered out by her adopted father and he left. He discovered that she had snuck out in his truck because she was afraid that they would return to harass her. It was at this point that they discover the male leads mother about to go into labour.


    So if we look into what could have happened next logically it would be as follows. Assuming the house survived the fire (considering the firefighters arrived early enough) and there was enough property that wasn't damaged in it. I would assume that all those debtors if they could prove their claims would require money or its equivalent to be paid off and they would be the ones that actually took her wealth and property. At this point anything Second Lead and her family would have taken or not would have been trivial.


    It is possible that after everything that was left perhaps they used the remaining money to open the guesthouse. But I have my doubts regarding this theory because it was shown that the next day after they delivered Ui Joo and his mother to the monastery the father decided to adopt Su Jeong. But at that time they also showed her helping him sell his wares and singing to make a living. If they already had access to the remaining money that wouldn't have been necessary.


    at least this is my take on the situation and like I said I can easily be wrong.

  14. @kboramint no problem I can understand how one could have missed this point. A lot of viewers over here either skip episodes or scenes due to the limited amount of time they have available to them. I unfortunately can’t seem to do that entirely so I may end up picking up things some people have missed out. Not that I recall every detail or in which episode they happened. Sometimes things get intermingled with other dramas as well. But since you brought up the topic of the word Eemo for Aunt I was wondering if Koreans call their Aunt and Uncles Eemo and Samchon regardless of which side of the family they are or is that the generic term regardless. I am asking because in some country’s aunts and uncles from the maternal and fraternal sides are called by another name. Also, on a sidenote have you ever been to Korea. I remember in one of your earlier posts you mentioned how you were interested in trying out food from one of those street tents if you went there. But then your wife discouraged you by mentioning that they simply wash their plates by water so they wouldn’t be totally hygienic. (or am I confusing you for another poster since it was quite a while back when this was posted)


     @maribella what revenge and what exactly was stolen by the helper. I mean compared to Man In A Veil. Over here nobody knows that anybody needs revenge at this point. Let’s get into each character and why they need to have revenge but who is going to clue them to this. For starters Ui Joo might need to avenge his mother since they tried to murder her before he was born or that his brother is going to be poisoned against him by the stepmother. Other than that, I don’t see any motivation for him to get revenge on anyone around him. Perhaps on Su Jeong or messing with his life and constantly hurting him. LoL. Though the stepmother kind of did it because she was trying to protect her own family, I will admit that she took things a bit too far.


    As for Su Jeong her revenge is a bit complicate compared to Ui Joo or the matter about her family wealth. For starters the only person she really needs to take her revenge is probably on Hyera for trapping her in that room. Even if she didn’t, she was aware of the fact that Su Jeong was trapped, and she didn’t do anything in regards to it such as inform her mother let’s say. So that does make her responsible and a likely target.


    Problem in regards to this is that Su Jeong is probably going to be unaware of this fact and it is hard to know what she exactly recalls from that night. If she can’t remember the birth of Ui Joo it is safe to assume that she has forgotten more stuff from that time. Also, if anything she would probably be blaming herself for the fire. Remember she was the one that lit the candles that night and ended up dozing off which resulted in the sheets catching fire and spreading it. So, unless Hyera or her mother bring up the fire and its cause she has no reason for revenge against them. As for her family wealth again, I feel we should be a bit clear in regard to it.


    While I won’t deny the fact that Hyera’s mother did end up running away that night and she did steal some stuff along the way it would by no means cover the entire family wealth. In Man In A Veil the second female lead sold of the entire property of the male lead and kept most of the money (she did hand some over to her mother). So, in that case revenge against her made sense. But over here Hyeras’ mother didn’t really have time to take a lot with her. What we did witness her was grabbing some clothes. Now let’s assume for arguments sake that they were designer clothes and perhaps she even grabbed some cash and jewellery she wouldn’t be able to take everything with her.


    Some might try and bring up the fact that she forged the parents seal and had everything transferred to her. Even then I doubt that she transferred everything to her bank account. She already assumed that Su Jeongs parents had passed away so she may not have felt the need to do so. Now if we go by that logic the things that she did steal with her wouldn’t have allowed her to change her lifestyle completely. Not only that she asked her Ex to help smuggle them out of the country. She probably would have to pay for said services. Unless he did it for old times sake. From what I understand she married rich in America but ended up getting a divorce due to her gambling issues. The money is probably from her divorce settlement.


    Now on to the drama itself. Su Jeong ends up with an allergic reaction which has nothing to do with Hyera for a change. Unfortunately, this messes up the broadcast in which she is performing. This ends up causing issues for everyone. The pearl company is threatening to sue her company for the losses they are facing. Su Jeong being the female lead she is and has probably watched a lot of K-Dramas thinks that she can resolve the matter on her own.


    Woo Jin on the other hand is also being recommended by both Hyera and his mother to get rid of Su Jeong for starters. To his credit he hasn’t gone totally to the dark side and is willing to give her a chance to resolve the issue. Plus, he already realized that she didn’t do it intentionally and that she was feeling unwell that day. This clearly doesn’t go well with the other two as they want her fired for their own reasons. For Hyera it is because she sees Su Jeong as a threat, and she is determined to ensure that there are no obstacles in her path to marrying Woo Jin this time round. As for his mother, she wants Woo Jin to appear strong and to do that he needs to be seen taking action. She doesn’t care whether the other person is innocent or not. When this isn’t seen working both women take matters into their own hands and have a disciplinary meeting called for Su Jeong but make it appear as if Woo Jin was responsible for it.


    Now in regards to whether Su Jeong was responsible or whether her company was in a position to be sued we need to understand the situation. If the pearl company can prove that it wasn’t due to their pearls that she had the reaction, then someone needs to take the blame. Her company in return could possibly have held her supervisor responsible for the incident. As she should have ensured that whoever was showing up wouldn’t have any issues, especially if they realize that Su Jeong was the one that caused a few incidents before. As for Su Jeong she probably knew that her neck was irritating her so she should have taken a few precautions. Granted she can argue that since she never had a reaction like that prior, she couldn’t have known of the results. She probably should change her cream at this point and probably sue them after all, this is how the cycle continues.


    She is rushed to the hospital and her life is also fortunately saved due to the quick thinking of Ui Joo who ended up performing CPR for her before the ambulance arrived. When she does wake up she realizes to her horror that the video of her fainting has gone viral but unfortunately people are making fun of her instead of being sympathetic. The swelling due the reaction is instead being made light off and people are calling her fat or at least her neck and how pearls shouldn’t have been on it. At least the male leads are decent in regards to this matter and try and correct certain people about it. For instance, Woo Jin’s daughter was finding the thing funny until her father corrected her that Su Jeong didn’t do it deliberately and she was unwell. So, he at least gets some points for that.


    As for the stepmother, she has her own issues to worry about. She had just obtained a box of belongings of her Ex Husband and she discovered an ultrasound picture in it. Before she could hide it, her MiL had entered the office and once she realized that the box belonged to her son she demanded to have it back. Since the stepmother couldn’t hide the picture, she returned it to the box. She probably would have tried to sneak it out, but the grandmother didn’t give her the opportunity to do so.


    What I found amusing in regards to the picture was how the stepmother was trying to figure out what it could be. Now I get the fact that she may have never seen one in real life but almost everyone knows what an ultrasound picture looks like. Not only that, but she was also aware of the fact that Ui Joo’s mother was pregnant before she dropped her from the cliff. She said as much to her as how she may have thought that she was using her kids to get to her position. Both back then with Woo Jin and her unborn baby. So, she shouldn’t have been surprised by the ultrasound picture.


    As for the grandmother, she has indeed found the picture and is wondering about it as well. She did deduce that since the picture was taken after Woo Jin was born it couldn’t be him. She is now suspicious whether she has another grandchild out there. The stepmother enters the room to find out if the grandmother is aware of this new development because she did sneak into the grandmother’s office searching for the picture but couldn't find it in the box. Fortunately, the grandmother doesn’t trust stepmother and tells her that she has decided to leave the box as it is respecting her sons last wishes and privacy. This doesn’t take care of the stepmother’s unease, so she sends Henchman to verify if the picture is in the house (was it the grandmothers’ room or just her office perhaps both. This is a bit unclear). He informs her that while he has failed to find the picture, they just need to observe the grandmothers’ movements. If needed, they could then make a countermove.


    As for Hyera she already thinks that she owns the company and is part of the family because she is ordering people about. She tells Su Jeong that she doesn’t need to do anything and that the company will handle the situation on their own. Again, she doesn’t like the fact that Su Jeong has broken the chain of command and spoken with Woo Jin. She may be a team leader, but she wanted the office manager to arrange for her desk to set up for her. The manager clearly is unimpressed by her and tells her to contact the proper department that is responsible for doing this and gets back to her own work.


    Su Jeong and Ui Joo are still unaware that they are living in the same house. He on the other hand has been scouted as a model for their company. Though Su Jeong thinks that he is there stalking her and wants money for the ribs that got fractured (when she hit him with her helmet in the previous episode.). But speaking of him being scouted he informs his mother who is excited to hear the news. He even tells her that she can let the monk that housed them (female monk that knows both the female lead and him) about this. Her reaction to this is going to be interesting. Does she know his backstory because he did mention that she raised him and taught him not to be into worldly things. Now this could have double meanings. As a monk this makes total sense but at the same time if she is aware of his birth secret (assuming his mother told her before her current condition) then it could be so that he doesn’t get into a succession fight with his brother over the company later on. Either way let’s see how things turn out.


    Oh, dear me while I didn’t intend for this to happen. I just realized that this has become a small recap of the episode. Just that things didn’t happen scene by scene. Anyway, I think that I will end this post over here for the time being. Take care all of you and keep posting.

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  15. Well for starters Na Youngs connection to the family is still not revealed. How convenient for plot purposes. She was in her room when Hyung Sun came to their house the first time and let the family know that he wanted to get married to Suji and then only the parents were invited to the family meeting in regards to the engagement party. So, I guess if they want to make it like she goes after him, and anyone confronts her about stealing her sister’s man she can conveniently say that since she never met him, she didn’t know who he was. Okay that might be a bit hard to pull off considering she did she him at the hospital with her. (when she thought that Uri had feelings for her, and he saw her with him). But the parents aren’t aware of this fact so they might believe her story.


    Hyung Sun really needs to learn about boundaries. I get that he cares about Suji but he needs to respect her choices as well instead of imposing what he wants for her. It is admirable that he wants to protect her, but he really isn’t helping anyone when he goes behind her back to get things done especially when she has said no.


    For instance, had he perhaps gone to the family for their approval and blessing before asking Suji for her hand it would have been a different matter altogether. Instead, when she clearly said no, he goes to them to help him out. That is simply going to place more pressure on her. Getting married when you aren’t ready and doing so because you are pressured is also going to put the marriage as stressful also add to the fact that his family is also against the marriage which will also affect her relationship with them.


    Not only this but he also needs to learn boundaries. Reading personal letters or trying to find out things about her behind her back is also not a good thing. If they are meant to be then he needs to respect her wishes and be ready only when she is willing to reveal said stuff. After all he wouldn’t want someone to know that he has certain issues. Cough cough stalker tendencies. If he truly likes and respects her then he needs to be patient and trust her. So, in a way I guess it is a good thing since he will be the one responsible for driving her away. Not that he will see it that way and instead blame others perhaps like Uri or her for keeping secrets.


    Perhaps he will discover that she is living at Uri’s place and will confront her about it and how she could leave his place for his. Are they in some kind of relationship. Etc...


    Na Young’s mother also needs to know when to keep silent just like others keep telling her. She only makes matters worse. I really don’t see how she doesn’t realize any of this even when people have started to point things out to her.


    She is back to feeding Na Young’s inferiority complex by rubbing in the fact that Suji even after rock bottom is still going to get married into a rich family. Also, something how one can’t beat a certain person. Which Na Young is clearly going to feel like she is being compared. Not only that she is trying to prevent her family from running their business and livelihood because that would embarrass Suji. But at the same time, she doesn’t realize that asking her potential In Laws for a favour would be far worse. Or even the fact that she was ready to accept Hyung Suns money to prepare for the engagement party. Thankfully her son had way more sense and managed to return the money.


    Speaking of him he is starting to see Doori as an angel once again. They are fellow keyboard warriors fighting to bring back Suji’s reputation. Good job. Though to be fair I don’t understand their agreement in regards to this. Doori tells him that she will pay him for his services. He conveniently doesn’t tell her that he is Suji’s brother and informs her that this is something that he will do for free. Now here is the thing if she is paying him then in other words, she is simply giving him more money that he needs to pay back. On the other hand, if he is just returning what she paid him it can also be seen as if he hasn’t gotten anything as she took it all back. In my opinion he is still working for free. Perhaps her wording choice could have been better.


    As predicted Suji is the one that will end up renting the room with Uri’s family. Which was the more logical choice for a few reasons. The room simply wasn’t big enough for the entire family. At the most only two people could share it. So we can easily imagine a few near misses between the two before they realize that they share the same house. This will also help Suji realize that her mother never abandoned her and that this was all a huge misunderstanding.


    Come to think about it I really need someone who is Korean to explain what just happened and how her mother couldn’t find her on the family registry. Clearly Uri and Doori are on it because she adopted them. I would imagine if they were underage or at an orphanage then this might be possible. But someone doing that with Suji makes little sense. I mean according to what her mother said (after being informed) that perhaps her father adopted Suji so now she is on his family register. This is so darn confusing. A parent can adopt their own child. Also, shouldn’t Suji be on both parents’ registry even if the parents are divorced. Though this does explain a few things.


    We assumed that Suji perhaps had her name changed because she was living in the States and her new name would be easier for them to pronounce. But now we realize that this may not necessarily have been the case. It was a deliberate attempt to prevent her mother from locating her. If she has been adopted into the family so to speak (according to the shows logic) then it will be by her new name. So, it would make sense that her mother even if she tried wouldn’t be able to locate her. This would be the only reason that she has a name change to such an extent. Otherwise think about it even if she was living in the States and changed her name to Suji for them to pronounce it better. My understanding of the situation is that name is only for the public. The family doesn’t necessarily have to enforce it. Also, by the time she returned to Korea she would be using her given name. But to have it changed to such an extent that even on legal things she is using Suji (like her job) then the name change must have been done legally as well.


    So, we now need to question just who has the power to do said things. The grandmother could be one. But again, unless it is a red herring her reaction of how Suji’s mother abandoned her and hasn’t come looking makes it hard for me to believe she was responsible directly. Also, I would assume that it would be one of her current parents who could have the name changed or do the weird adopting thing. Therefore, the only one to gain something from all this has to be the stepmother.


    Where are the Aliens who love to abduct people. I know someone who isn’t going to be missed if they decide to abduct her. Anyway since I am feeling a bit under the weather I will end my post over here for the time being. So take care all of you.

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  16. Well first of all I want to wish everyone a happy weekend. Finally managed to catch up with the latest episodes. @liyahsbutterfly Thankyou for the welcome back greetings. I missed all of you as well. I simply sadly don’t have the time I once had to review or post on these shows. Not only that but there are so many shows out there it becomes harder even to pick and choose. I did manage to convince a friend to start watching the shorter 16-20 episode shows and only a few months back managed to watch The Heirs. So yes, I did recognize the clue for that in the recent game that we had.


    Anyway, moving on to the actual show itself and my thoughts and a few theories regarding a few scenes over here.


    First of all, let’s bring up the female lead. It certainly is nice to watch an actress grow into a role. I remember watching her as a side character in The House of Bluebird and then later progress from a Second Female Lead (All Is Well) and a few others to the female lead position. I think the poster caught my eye. Her riding a bike while appearing to have a blast at the same time. Hopefully we get something like that.


    Now let’s bring up her characters acting which I will agree with many of you that it certainly does seem like overacting and the question is whether this is on her interpretation of the character or the writers. Sometimes it is hard to figure it out. For instance, in The Elegant Empire before the second male lead was replaced by another actor the original one not only had a horrendous sense of fashion (probably the reason why he got arrested by the fashion police. Mental issues had to be an excuse for him to save face) but he also overacted at times that one couldn’t seriously take him as a villain until the actor changed. With it came a drastic personality and fashion sense.


    Over here let’s see how long the female lead can keep up the momentum with her whack behaviour. It does seem to be a part of the character if you consider what we know of her from the character description.


    Apparently, she has a lot of fans which also include numerous females as well. How would she have acquired them. Well, if she can make a dramatic impression on the other party they would be bound to remember her. For instance, a show host that was so enthusiastic to sell a product got trapped in a fridge, she is known to speak her mind (are you crazy LoL :) )or even sing while trying to sell a product. So, in a way I guess this is the characters selling point. As viewers I can understand us finding her actions funny but as a character in her world, I can find her overzealous nature being equally frustrating to those around her (like her supervisors). It reminds me of another female lead in another drama. I think it had Park Hana as the second female lead in it (My apologies if I am making a mistake. After watching so many dramas with similar plot lines and characters things start to mingle together at this point.


    Over there the female lead and company were taken to the male leads family’s factory and when the father realized that the work would take longer to complete, he allowed the workers to leave early/on time. But nobody made the female lead their spokesperson and she volunteered that they would all stay and complete the work. Just because she didn’t have any plans at home didn’t mean that the others didn’t have one which she was interrupting. (turns out that one of the side characters had a date with the female leads brother). I guess it was to show her kind and helpful nature, but I can see how things could be frustrating for the others. The same can be applied over here.


    Moving on to the second male leads family. Boy is that family a mess and the person responsible for all of it has to be the grandmother.  She is the one that has created all the monsters in this show. I get that some of you might say but it is clearly the stepmother that is the villain. Yes, but like I pointed out it was due to the actions of the grandmother.


    Her son was known to be having affairs to the extent that some people are coming out of the woodwork claiming to be his kids. How much of that is true remains to be seen but the two main leads are a 100% confirmed to be his kids at this point. Now if the grandmother was aware of her sons’ actions, she should have taken some actions to discipline him properly. For instance, she could threaten him that for each person that claimed to be his child or person claiming to have his child a verification process would take place and for each verification a certain percentage of his supposed inheritance would be donated away to charity. But instead, she let’s it slide allowing him to continue his behaviour. Not only that but due to greed and wanting to keep the company in the family she was more than okay to do two things which aren’t fair to another person.


    For starters she was probably okay with bringing the mistress into the family and for that she expected the DiL to get a divorce. Her justification was because she had one become an orphan and secondly it turned out that she was infertile this meant that she could never carry and produce a male heir to take over the company. Neither of these reasons are the stepmother’s fault. Not only that she expected the stepmother to raise her husbands illegitimate child even if said person volunteered for the job. That is harsh and cruel on the other party.


    Now before someone over here starts to accuse me of perhaps being a bigot of some sorts and bring up people who have adopted a child or had one from a previous marriage (then became a widower or divorced). I want to point out that this is a different situation altogether. This happened before they married their current partner and if said partner can’t accept the child from the past incident then yes, they shouldn’t get married now. For instance, Hyera (Second Female Lead) is fully aware of the fact that the second male lead has a child from a previous relationship, and she is fully prepared to be a mother to said child. In this case this is okay.


    But when it comes to the stepmother and her current situation then whenever she looks at the second male lead, she is bound to be reminded of her husband’s infidelity it wouldn’t be easy to raise such a child unless she either has a hidden agenda or is so madly in love with her husband that she is willing to overlook his mistakes or fault. Considering the fact that the husband continued with his cheating ways it certainly wouldn’t have been easy on her. The grandmother should have considered this fact. Not only that but for being so called smart she really isn’t one. To make matters worse she is openly hostile towards the second male leads only parental figure. Of course, it is going to end up driving a wedge between them. Clearly the grandmother doesn’t realize this or the fact that she is raising a monster. Nor is she taking any kinds of precautions. Does she perhaps think that giving him expensive gifts is the solution. Good luck in that department.


    Now moving on to a bit of a theory crafting department of sorts. The first thing is in regards to Woo Jin’s daughter and his interaction with her mother. When the mother claims that he should raise his own daughter, he questions her as to how he can be sure that the daughter is even his as she has been rumoured to be with numerous men. Her reaction to that statement is interesting as she is shown either frustrated by that comment or going a bit crazy hearing it. Now I can guarantee that this scene is going to be important for a reason.


    It will turn out that the mother is actually innocent and that she was being framed as a person who has been in numerous relationships. Not the question is why this would be and who is responsible. I would wager it to be either the grandmother or even the stepmother. Since the stepmother is clearly supposed to be the antagonist of the show the chances become higher that she is the one. Now why would she do this. Remember she needs to control her son if she plans to achieve her goals. This is clearly to take over the company simply out of spite thinking that she may deserve it for all that she has gone through and that would have been the case if the grandmother hadn’t gone that the next person to inherit the company had to be a male heir. Therefore, if she manages to cause mistrust between her son and the woman he likes because she either doesn’t measure up to the family standard or the fact that he may be willing to give up the company simply to live an ordinary life then she is in trouble. So, her solution would be to naturally cause trouble in paradise.


    The other interesting thing in this show happened when he got trapped in the elevator with the female lead which resulted in her helping him out. He then heads over to his office and opens a drawer full of medication. Interesting if you ask me. On a single glance one may not realize the significance of this action. But after carefully considering it, we may realize that this is another form of control against him. How one may ask. Well, we know that the stepmother doesn’t haven any genuine feelings for him and is merely using him to achieve her goals. Even if she claims that she will do her best so that he acquires the company is in fact a tactic, so he doesn’t raise his guard and also trust her. All the while she is covering her agenda to take the company over. Now if someone were to let’s say discover the facts that he is taking said medication, or he even suffers from trauma. (What is the cause of it. Was he perhaps locked in the basement and the stepmother lied to him that it was under orders from the grandmother). In this situation you can be sure that the shareholders would be hesitant to keep him in charge if the aren’t confident that he is mentally stable. This would naturally result in them picking the next best choice namely his stepmother.


    Of course there is an unforeseen hitch in the stepmother’s perfect plan. The grandmother hypocritical nature. She discovers that her son may have had another child meaning that there is now another person to throw his hat in the inheritance line. Now why am I calling the grandmother a hypocrite is simple. If she does indeed try and search out Ui Joo as one just because he is her son’s child what about the one incident earlier. Remember when there was a shootout at Woo Jin’s birthday party when he was a kid. When she inquired who was responsible, she was informed that it was someone claiming to be the illegitimate child of her son. Her response to this was without any kind of hesitation she ordered him to be thrown in the deepest darkest pit. Either she was aware that someone was faking it with such confidence or that it was a charade pulled by her DiL or she is a hypocrite and is willing to accept Ui Joo as her grandson. Was an ultrasound picture more definitive proving he existed than a simple claim by a stranger. She could easily have ordered to have a DNA test run as verification and then dealt with the person accordingly.


    Anyway, back to the point I was making I don’t think that the grandmother has long to live and get ready for her to either bite the dust or get involved in an accident which will result in her falling into a coma. The reason that I say this is because as of now the stepmother is fortunate plot wise because Ui Joo’s mother has a mental condition due to her trauma or some other undisclosed accident. Due to this she can’t recognize her other son Woo Jin. The only other person that can correct any kind of misunderstandings between the two brothers would either be the grandmother or the stepmother who clearly has no intention of doing so. In fact, she will use this fact to her own advantage by trying to drive a wedge between the two brothers. She will point out to her son that Ui Joo and his mother are trying to take their spot by kicking them out. Hence, they will lose everything to them. We have already seen how brainwashed he already is that he has forgotten that he has someone else as his biological mother and that his current one is his stepmother. Is this simply due to time or has she drugged him into forgetting her.


    Naturally I can feel the next question that you may all be wondering as to how someone could pull such a stunt on a grown person who could go to the doctor on his own and get his own medication. Well, the answer would be that since they are all rich it would make sense that they would have their own private or family doctor at this point. This doctor could easily have been bribed by the stepmother in the form of a donation for their hospital or perhaps a promotion (could even be both). This would make the doctor loyal to the stepmother. Woo Jin being unaware of this fact would be therefore taking the prescribed medication and trusting the doctor’s judgement. (this could have continued since he was a kid). So I wouldn’t say that this point was totally impossible at this point.


    Now that I have covered my theories, I have questions that I would like answered. For instance, we have finally been given the reason why the second female lead, and her mother left with hardly anything but returned almost well off. No, it had nothing to do with the fact that the mother was an amazing gambler thus she made it big. But the answer is quite close.


    But what about Su Jeong and her father how can they now afford to operate a guesthouse. This is from where they were selling things like fresh octopuses and perhaps seafood from their truck. Where did they get the money to even rent a place for the guesthouse. We need an answer.


    Let’s now move onto henchman. We need some answers as to just what is his position and role over here. I am asking this because he had a drastic wardrobe change in just a single episode or so. Check this out. When we first see him, he is dressed more along the lines of a hired thug. His response even further leads us to believe this to be the case. Stepmother asks him to quickly locate Ui Joo’s mother as she might be hovering around them. He then says that he really hopes to bump into her. Clearly signalling his need for money. Then at the birthday party he is seen dressed up in a suit. Perhaps he knocked out a guest and stole their suit after all security would have been tight and they wouldn’t have allowed a person looking like a street thug to enter the premises. Then perhaps in the next episode or so he is still in a suit and is now at the company. Not only that he apparently can gain access to the dead chairman’s office and obtain his belongings without any issues. Was he always working at the company. Were the street thug clothes his alternate work clothes. But if he was busy hunting down Ui Joo’s mother wouldn’t he be noted as absent from work and raised a few flags. See I have questions.


    I also do wonder what will happen once he discovers that his daughter has feelings for Woo Jin. He clearly has feelings for the stepmother and if his daughter marries the son then he can’t be with her. Also, what do you think will the stepmother accept her as family. I get the feeling that as long as she thinks that Hyera is a competent person and can perhaps help Woo Jin attain the company she will be against their pairing. On the other hand, if she discovers that she isn’t as well off as people think and that she is therefore a fraud she may be willing to accept her because if she were to reveal this fact it would be embarrassing for certain parties involved.


    Finally, I just find it weird that the main leads met when they were young and after that you expect me to believe that they had no contact whatsoever. Think about it we know for a fact that Su Jeong’s mothers’ ashes or something along those lines are at the Buddhist temple where Ui Joo and his mother are staying at. So how come she didn’t pop by and meet them every time she visited the temple. She was clearly attached to him when he was a baby and even mentioned that she wished that he was her brother. If that was the case it makes sense that she would try and meet them. But instead, she not only fails to recognize him but also his mother when she bumped into them recently. Did she perhaps get a dose of memory loss when the mother hit her on the head. Also were there perhaps the standard K-Drama near misses each time she went to the temple and tried to meet them. For instance, on one trip, she goes there only to discover that the mother was involved in an accident and was therefore rushed to the hospital. Other times she goes to meet them, but they are out and just when she leaves the temple, they end up returning to it just a few seconds/minutes later and perhaps from the other side. But you expect me to believe that this happened for 20+ years. That does take a lot of disbelief for me at least.


    Oh, just a friendly note. The female leads aren’t related and thus not cousins. When her father brings her to the hospital the nurse mentions that her parents are dead and that the so called aunt and cousin were actually hired help. I think Su Jeongs mother hired her because she was good to her some years back so as a favour where everyone would be helped out she was hired.


    Anyway, that is all from my end for the time being. Take care all of you and let’s see how this show goes on. Till next time let me hear some of your theories regarding this show.

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  17. Not going to lie episode 32 can easily be skipped. We didn’t have anything of real value happen over here. The only notable thing was the second male lead proposing to Suji by the end of the episode.


    Other noteworthy points had to probably be Uri telling Suji that he believes in her and that he seems to have figured out Na Youngs personality by this point and that she must have fallen into another one of her traps. Na Young’s mother is also starting to realize what a monster her daughter has started to become. Problem is that if anyone tries to correct Na Young she just starts to flare up and threaten that she is going to make things worse and she is suffering just as much. I guess she does feel a bit guilty but again her justifications for her actions are still pretty weak.


    For instance, she blames Suji for being so accepting towards her even when she is so cruel and harsh towards her. Hence, she hates her for being too nice in other words. Clearly, she has mental issues where apparently no matter what Suji does, she is going to end up despising her for that. Suji starts to fight back – How could you do this to me I am your sister/family. Suji is too nice – Why are you so nice are you a fool can’t you see that I will continue to be a monster because then I will never learn my lesson.


    The father and brother finally start out their new business, but they haven’t gotten a work permit, so they keep running whenever cops show up. They really need a permit otherwise they are going to cause trouble again for Suji down the line. Doori is offering the brother another part time job, but we still haven’t figured out what that is. Perhaps working at the restaurant? Speaking of her I love that she has Suji’s back already.


    The teacher is annoying, I guess. Coming unannounced to the restaurant is clearly rude. She should have waited till the relationship was more secure. I guess to make things not overly uncomfortable she tried to put them at ease by making them think that she is part of the family and referring to each one over there as if she is already part of it. Not sure that I like that. But then again, I am partially blaming the uncle for that. I get why he did what he did. But if you haven’t fully moved on it is unfair to the other party to give them even false hope.


    Well, I guess the chairman doctor wasn’t a 100% ruthless in terminating Suji. Before the second Na Young incident he was actually considering on not only giving her a chance but also to give her a small leave something that I had suggested. I still like his wife better because she is more understanding overall. As for the second male lead, I can see why his actions can be frustrating. He may think that he is helping Suji secretly, but he is only going to make matters worse. Paying of her debt is only going to end up hurting Suji’s pride especially when she told him that this was a personal matter and that she would handle it on her own. It also might not look good to others as they may misunderstand the situation and think that she is a gold digger.


    Speaking of Suji and her family her stepmother really is the epitome of frustration as she never seems to read the mood of the room. For instance, only showing interest in her boyfriend because she realizes just how rich he may be and asking her to give Na Young another chance. Granted she was embarrassed when she discovered that Na Young had pulled another stunt like that. I am really curious as to where this relationship will end up with.


    Anyway, I will end this post over here for the time being as I need to check something out. So, till then take care all of you.

    people have wondered about her not recognizing her Ex or her Ex Best friend (Suji's Mother). I have a theory for that. You have to remember the fact that as far as she is aware they are living abroad so she might be justifiably confused. If you don't expect to see someone then you may fail to recognize them and think that your mind is playing tricks on you. Plus K-Drama's are notorious for stunts like this. Not to mention that it has been quite sometime since she last saw them. Though in this case when you have become an adult your facial features don't change that much so I can understand why we are baffled as viewers why she couldn't recognize them.


    Will Suji accept his proposal. I think that she will be shocked and will rightfully ask for time to process this new information. Not only to mention the fact that she is aware that she has a ton of issues to resolve before she may even be ready for marriage. So no I don't think that she will accept it right of the bat. Granted these shows love to prove me wrong so we will just have to wait and see what happens next. Though in the preview we see the Second Lead informing Uri that he is engaged to Suji and that they are going to get married soon. I think this is him trying to mark his territory as seen by his previous actions. (such as showing off his studio apartment with hints that he is probably sharing it with Suji)


    @UnniSarah do I think that Na Young and Second Male lead won't end up together. If I am being totally honest that didn't really slip my mind because that is how these shows normally work. But then again we have Karma and other things in play as well and I really don't think that it might be fair that Na Young gets the good life. Something else she can complain about. So now after consideration I can see one of two things happening. Yes she manipulates her way into that family but perhaps she can add a bit more of chaos before doing so. For instance there needs to be a reason for the two of them to interact. As of now Second Male lead has no reason to even want to team up with her. But knowing Na Young's personality and her desire to have everything that Suji has might just give her a reason to make a deal with him. Even she can tell that Uri is interested in Suji so she can perhaps offer a proposal to the second lead that in this case they have a common goal so they should team up and this way they both get what they want. She likes Uri and he likes Suji but as long as they are together that isn't going to happen. But if there are enough misunderstandings between the two then they are bound to breakup and who will be there to pick up the pieces. That's right the two of them. Of course Na Young could further out of revenge decide not to get together with Uri and dump him. But I doubt that things will go according to their plans and knowing these shows Suji and Uri will end up in a stronger relationship.


    someone pointed out that the actress for Suji is a second generation idol. If we are being technical she was initially an actress from what I heard but just like her other Idol team member she ended up becoming an idol and now that her group is disbanded she at least has returned to acting. (LoL both of them were in Dream High season 1 and 2 respectively as the second female leads) I haven't really seen her in any of her other dramas so I can't really be a judge of how good her acting skills are especially when you compare them with other idol actors. the only other show that I saw her in was when she was a late edition in a show to become the love rival of the female lead. which was totally unnecessary in my opinion or that ghost drama.


    anyway I think that I will really end this post for now. Let me apologize for a long post. But I tend to start rambling once I start. So take care all of you and do keep posting as I am looking forward to reading all your theories.

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  18. On 4/15/2024 at 3:26 PM, TheQueenReturns said:

    KBS casting needs to stop the foolishness of casting people of the same age or younger as someone's mother. They have done it twice on this show with both families.


    can you explain this who is the same age over here with the parent and child?


    Other than that let me get on with my main issue with the female lead. I don't know if this is the issue with the actress herself or how she is portraying the character. (I haven't been watching a lot of her dramas or they have been so apart that I can't confirm the accuracy). At times she tends to mumble her lines. Now as someone who doesn't understand Korean at all and relies on the subtitles it isn't really a major issue since we find out what she is saying anyway. It just feels off perhaps those that totally understand Korean might not have an issue and I am probably making a big deal out of nothing.


    next we have all these other interrelated stories as usual and I wonder how they will resolve them. Just look at the pairings that they are hinting us with. Female lead and Male lead have their own issues considering what the mother did to his family. But if we think that ends over there. Think again her brother seems to bump more often into the male leads cousin? also their drunken two nights together. The show is clearly hinting at this pairing. So it means that this family has really got its hurdles to overcome. Good luck in that department.


    At first it seemed like Mari's father may have known the truth about his wives past hence giving her chances to reveal the truth on her own. But maybe that isn't the case or was he further confirming the facts for himself by suggesting that Mari should marry the male lead.


    The issue people bring up with them wanting to marry of their daughter to a slimy older guy is understandable from a viewers point of view. But when it comes to a parent things are different. They need to get their daughter married because they know for a fact that they won't be around forever to look after her. Had Mari been okay mentally this wouldn't have been an issue because they would know that she could look after herself even if they weren't around. But just look at her recent incident where she was nearly abducted and things could have gotten worse for her if she wasn't rescued by the female leads brother. So what they really need is a protector and caretaker for her at this point and the only one in their opinion to do so should be a husband for her. I guess they wanting to hand the company over to him should serve as an incentive that the person looks after her and keeps her happy. But marriages like that don't work out in real life but considering their situation it kind of make sense to me that they would be happy to accept any marriage at this point as long as they think that their daughter stays happy and secure.


    The female lead needs to have better management on her finances. It is absurd that she has still left such matters to her mother still. No wonder her mother is still causing troubles for everyone. She really can't blame that she did everything for her kids and that they live a comfortable life. She was the one causing trouble and forcing her daughter to perform at a young age even when she didn't want to. Can the female lead take her mother to court for mismanaging her finances I wonder. Highly unlikely.


    The male leads mother is at least decent enough to put aside her differences and let him date the female lead. His happiness is not only more important to her but she has realized that the female lead isn't responsible for her mothers actions and not only that but she kind of got what she wanted at the same time. She wanted a sincere apology from that family. It would have been preferable from the female leads mother but getting it from the female lead is a close second. As of now the female leads mother is a lost cause and I don't have much hope for her at this point.

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  19. Well after watching the second episode I can say one thing the ending OST is kind of catchy. While I don’t know the lyrics or understand them, I still enjoy it. Other than that, we already have a few standard tropes coming true as well as some predictions. Still there are a few mysteries that still need to be resolved.


    Let’s get on with this then.


    Second male leads birthday party is ruined by a mysterious shooter who claims to be the chairman’s illegitimate son and he was doing it out of revenge. How many of you actually buy this claim. I have my doubts in regards to this. Can it be possible sure. But my suspicion is that the stepmother was actually responsible for the shootout. My reasoning for this is simply that the timing was too coincidental to be otherwise. The kid had witnessed her speaking with someone else and he had started to question her about who they were talking about. She needed to divert his attention from this because if she loses control of him she loses everything that she has worked for to stay in said house.


    Her action of saving his life gains her a few bonus points because people now think that she genuinely cares about him (including the kid as well). Who is going to want to kick her out at this point. Unless it is proven that she was responsible. So could the person claiming to be the chairmans son be true sure or it could be both. She just used this fact to her advantage. Only time will tell.


    Main leads mother survived the fall as predicted. (come on we all knew that was going to happen). But it seems like she may still be mentally okay at this point. Since there was just that one scene in the trailer for the next episode it seems like she probably needs another accident which will result in her mental injury. I guess we can wait for that for the time being.


    Speaking of her we discover that she isn’t the first wife as we assumed all along and was kicked out by the mistress. It turns out to be the opposite for a change. So, what are your thoughts in regards to her. At least she isn’t really trying to steal second female leads mothers position she just wants to live on her own quietly with her kids. The people around her are the ones preventing her from doing so. Does that make her a villain or even a housewrecker. The chairman is at fault for not being able to control himself. Oh well I guess that is a story for another day.


    Turns out henchman is second female leads father. What a predictable twist. Speaking of that she is responsible for attempted murder. Does this make her worse than her mother is the question now. The mother freaked out sure when she saw the fire and tried to make a tactical retreat, but she didn’t at least try to trap the female lead and her mother in a burning fire. Granted there is no real proof that the second female lead did the same thing. When the adopted father showed up there was a shelf blocking the door and it could have totally fallen by accident. But we know for a fact that the second female lead was present during the fire. This is evident by a clip in the first episode where we see a pair of legs running up the stairs and the female lead is shouting for help. Those were clearly the feet of the second female lead. This is further proven when her mother noticed the soot marks on her socks. She may not have realized the signs but we viewers clearly did. So again it is possible that she didn’t drop the shelf and we are jumping to conclusions or she didn’t notice it falling. Yet neither of them did anything to help the female lead and her mother when they were trapped in the fire.


    Then we have the people confronting the female lead about where her father was. Looks like he probably asked people for a loan or borrowed money. But my question is why. They seemed well off that this didn’t seem necessary. Even if it was for the mothers treatment. Get a loan from the bank. I am sure that they could have afforded it. Could they be the people who worked for him and they didn’t get paid. We really need an answer from over here.


    At least next episode (probably the end or the middle) brings the transition of the adult actors. So, we can proceed with the story. Why is the grandmother suddenly interested in locating the mistress after such a long time.


    Oh, and how did the male leads mother survive the fall from the cliff and at the same time avoid Henchman who was trying to locate her. Just in time for the female lead and her adopted father to locate them and help her out. They couldn’t even use the magic IV of life. Though as predicted she was tracked down by the henchman and she did manage to escape from his clutches.


    Overall the show seems decent. I guess I just have to wait till it eventually goes downhill and people start making dumb choices and whatnot. So till next time.

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  20. The young actor for the second lead seems to be quite popular in just a short time I think I may have seen him in 3 shows already. Anyway in regards to the show itself we can easily figure out a few things that are going to happen.


    Main lead lives with his disabled mother and then finds out that he has a birth secret. Oh what a big surprise. But we can easily figure out how his mother has become intellectually disabled. Second leads stepmother has hired someone to prevent his bio mother to not come near her family. She is clearly aware that her husband might still have feelings for the male leads mother. This means that the guy that she has hired is eventually going to capture her. During this time she will try and escape which will result in her either getting injured (at this point she will be assumed dead or he will panic for some reason and will leave her only for her to be rescued) but by that time the damage will already have been done.


    Young females lead I will agree that she isn’t a saint and is kind of bratty but let’s be honest the people around her aren’t really helping their case as well. Her aunt once she discovered that her mother may have passed away started to treat her like hired help or perhaps a better way to describe her would be to think of her as Cinderella. So at the end of the day, I would say they are just as bad. Perhaps the female lead could sense that they weren’t being genuine towards her hence her reaction towards to them. Still it was probably wrong of her to call them beggars. The aunt was also selling of her families stuff without permission so let’s add to that as well.


    People have brought up the fact how the aunt could have done any of that when an actual heir was still alive. I think that the way this works is that the female lead was still a minor at that time and I am sure in such a case a grown adult who is probably next of kin is supposed to become their guardian and look after the child and their wealth. In this case it would be the aunt. Now if the guardian spends all of the inheritance without making provisions for the child it might be a small issue but if they can prove that they didn’t have any malicious intent they might get away with doing so.


    Another thing to note are we going to ignore the fact that the second female lead was fully aware that the female lead was trapped in the fire yet she left them to their fate. In regards to that I guess I am more open minded to give the current female lead a slight pass even if she was a brat back then.


    We can also figure out that the female lead is going to get separated from her current family (Aunt and cousin) this will result in her living with the guy who was selling octopuses and will help raise her and from the chart also help the male lead and his mother. This means that when she bumps into the second female lead as a rival for the second male lead. They aren’t initially going to recognize each other.


    Not sure where I stand on second male leads family at the moment. I am going to assume that he will continue to think that his stepmother is still his bio mother till much later on and when his brother will show up later on. He won’t realize that it is his biological brother and he will be fighting over the company over him. His mother isn’t going to correct his misunderstanding because she has a lot to gain if he continues to believe that she is his mother. Sure she can poison his mind that his bio mother ran off to have someone elses child but I don’t think that the show will go over there straight away. Perhaps later on when he discovers that the male lead is his brother will he confront her only to be fed this lie. As for the grandmother I am still trying to figure out what role she is going to play. As the second male leads mothers MiL she is kind of nasty towards her. But then it does make sort of sense considering the fact that she may have been her son’s mistress.

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  21. I was going to say that Na Young’s actions totally baffle me but now after watching the latest episode I am going to say that while this is still true to a certain extent, I feel like we finally have gotten down to her motivation for them. Will get to that in a bit. I want to bring up a line that I found fun in this show. Am looking forward to hearing which lines the rest of you have enjoyed so far. For me it had to be when Uri was confronting Na Young for all the lies, she had come up with and he then brings up the line where she claimed to have feelings for him. His response. That was a lie too correct. He then reminds her that lying isn’t good because she can be considered the girl that cries wolf and at some point, nobody is going to believe her.


    Moving on to Na Young and her actions she refuses to admit that she is Suji’s sister and loves to further complicate matters. She plays the victim card and that is only going to work for so long. Now I do get her motivation for doing that, but she really isn’t thinking things through. But that isn’t the point that I wanted to bring up for now. What I don’t get was an earlier scene where she confronts her co-worker about why he leaked the video of Suji slapping her and how she didn’t want to make a big deal about it. He denies the fact and then points out that he deleted the video after sending it to her hence she could be a possible suspect. She denies this fact and points out that she has no reason to do so since she is in the video as well. Then sometime later when she is confronted by Suji she admits that she was indeed responsible and the justification why she did it. Also she didn’t realize the video would go viral even after her deleting it after realizing her mistake/misunderstanding.


    My question now is why did we even have the first scene then of her confronting the co-worker if she knew he was innocent. I guess it makes sense if the scene was meant as a red herring but then they really shouldn’t have resolved it so soon. She should have continued to deny her actions and it would take someone to uncover it. But her simply confronting someone innocent and she knows it makes no sense. I mean this is a show with people have mental issues and all. If they really want to make it more interesting it would have perhaps made more sense if they show her with a split personality disorder and she is totally unaware of it taking over and being responsible for some of her actions which will result in her needing to be treated. This would frankly make more sense and perhaps even be more interesting than her current justification of why she despises Suji.


    Frankly that should be based on poor parenting at the end of the day. If they were over working just to pay for Suji’s medical classes, they should have perhaps told her to give up on her dreams as they couldn’t afford it or she should have earned a scholarship and found a part time job. This way Na Young would perhaps have a harder time to blame her. Also, we shouldn’t forget the fact that her memory is apparently faulty. If that is the case I do wonder what is going to happen once she discovers the truth.


    Now moving back to the fact of how Na Young is trying her level best to hide her connection with Suji. In a way it makes sense. She has constantly been compared to her. Again, a case of bad parenting. In some cases, this does work as a motivating factor but in others it just makes it worse. Parents should be able to tell the difference and take proper actions. They didn’t do it over here, so it further added fuel to the fire. It also brings up the fact that she now wants to prove to everyone else that she is just as good as Suji and can make it on her own talent. If people were to discover the truth, she wouldn’t be sure if they were actually doing this due to her own talent or out of pity that she was Suji’s sister. But how long is she going to hide the fact.


    For most of the things that they do it won’t really make much of a difference whether people don’t figure out her connection but in certain departments she needs to admit to this fact whether she likes it or not. For instance, when she shows a romantic interest in anyone, she should bring this up especially if they also know Suji. Unless she isn’t pursuing them seriously with a romantic interest. In that case it is okay but if that isn’t the case then eventually her life partner is going to find out. For instance, the family meeting that is bound to happen. What is she going to do lock Suji up in some storage room so that she can’t make it. What about the day of the marriage or family events.


    Next, I find her comment baffling in regard to her not realizing the video of Suji slapping her would go viral even after her deleting it. Wait you really expect us to believe that. It might have been possible if she was a stranger to what makes things popular on social media. But that isn’t the case she works in the broadcasting industry. Not only that but she has been on the receiving end of it. Her actions (even unintentional) have resulted in numerous memes being made and she isn’t even as famous as Suji. So, what did she expect when she posted it. The more famous or popular a person is that much faster a video of them is going to viral. Clearly her intent was to ruin Suji’s career before she realized the mistake. So, she planned on the video going viral anyway. But she should have also calculated the speed even if there was a misunderstanding and deleting it.


    Maybe the co-worker should have called her bluff (not knowing that it was one) and seen it to the end. Would she have actually jumped wondering why he didn’t come to her rescue, or would she have backed down at the last minute thinking that he was a jerk who only cared about his ratings and getting a big scoop. I do wonder what his reaction is going to be once he actually discovers her secret.


    Second male lead is already starting to get annoying. I get that he likes Suji and the only thing that I like about him so far is that he still believes her innocence and all. But his insecurity is going to end their relationship. Even Uri can tell at this point that he has this issue. Such as when he brought him over to his studio apartment. It was an intentional move on his part. He had a pair of everything over there such as slippers, towels and even a toothbrush. His intent was clear. But did he really need to do any of that if he was actually confident about his feelings for Suji and if he knew her.


    Rapper Bro seems to take a few steps forward only to lose them just as quick. The family over here is still just as immature as when they started. I don’t know why I was starting to hope things differently. Both his mother and him expect to be paid for helping revive the family business. Now I do understand the need to be paid for their services, but they should also look at the situation first before speaking. This is especially worse when they know just how bad they financially are. Though to be fair him wanting to be paid does make sense in hindsight considering the fact that he has to pay of his loan/debt to Doori (Uri’s sister).  It was fun to see how his hopes crashed with his last meeting with her. He thought of her as an Angel only to realize that she may actually be a demon in disguise.


    Doori still gets points for being a part of the loyal fan club of Suji and tried to help her out. The question now is who will realize the connection to Suji and her mother first especially considering the clues each side has. Suji still has the stitched item that her mother made for her as a child, and she also found the handkerchief that her mother accidentally dropped. The mother just needs to see one of them to realize her connection. Actually, for the last one it can get a whole lot of confusing for a while. For instance, one of the family members or even the mother might find it in her room and simply think that it must have gotten in Suji’s room by accident, and you can be sure that will happen. Suji might also be wondering where it might have gone but can’t bring it up until perhaps, she sees it with her mother or perhaps someone else might have a spare that looks just the same for further extending the episodes/plot points.


    Does the mother perhaps know that her friend’s daughter was also Na Young at some point and connect the dots. Granted the name alone isn’t going to be the deciding factor since there can be people having a namesake out there and Suji doesn’t have her birthname at the moment, so it makes the connection even harder. But once she discovers the fact that Na Young is her sister and that they aren’t biologically related then things might move a bit faster.


    Fun fact Suji’s mother and second male leads mother were once rivals in another drama will it turn out to be the same case over here as well. At least in this show she isn’t going in every other episode how she used to be in Miss Korea. While it was fun in the beginning and a clear reference to the actress actual achievement it got pretty old just as fast. I still feel bad for the mother and the misunderstanding that is going on in the family that she abandoned Suji like that. The show really needs to let us viewers at least know what actually happened back then so we can sympathise more with this separation. Which party is actually responsible for this. At least I also hope that Suji is willing to take her own advice that she is dishing out to Na Young. This being that she should be more open minded to clear up any misunderstandings between the two.


    Frankly I am surprised that Na Young could even have such a misunderstanding that is that her family was more interested in Suji’s safety than her own. Now with the rest of them I could partially understand them doing this. But not with her own mother. We have seen how she does anything to protect her so it would make sense that she would be more worried about Na Young than Suji. Only recently she seems to have realized that her daughter may have been raised wrong to the extent that she is now more willing to lay a helping hand in the house. So does this mean that Na Young was excluding her or her memory really is all hazy due to the event taking place ages ago.


    Uncle and teacher is a ship bound to sink and again i feel that him wanting to try and date her simply to stay in the same house with Suji’s mother is unfair to everyone involved. Granted he did say that he was willing to give a shot at dating someone else just to move on. I still feel that is equally wrong. While I do understand the actions of all the parties involved they really need to come up with a better solution.


    I do wonder what factors will play in where everyone realizes their feelings for each other. Right now Suji’s mother is simply grateful for his help and does worry about him but she won’t allow herself to have any kind of feelings for him because of her past. Perhaps she needs a scare from the legendary Truck of Doom to get those feelings to kickstart. Also Suji might need to nudge her in the correct direction without knowing that she is her mother.


    Come to think of it Suji has actually committed a crime in this show. Yet we don’t really talk about it. Probably because she is the female lead over here. For starters she broke the doctor/patient confidentiality and revealed the patient information to another person without permission from said person or even their current guardian. In this case since the girl was living with her father and the parents were legally divorced he was her legal guardian. (the actress of the mother for some reason looked familiar I just can’t place her at the moment). She then takes the little girl without permission from her legal guardian again just so that she can meet up with her mother. That is considered abduction. Regardless of the fact that she didn’t mean to harm the child or even return safely (even if the bodyguards didn’t show up to get the girl back)


    Second male lead feeling outraged that Suji might get fired. Actually, if he thinks about it rationally as people tell him he would realize that sadly that is the only option at the moment. His mother did give him an alternate solution that he finds a decent lawyer to help her out and clear her name. But that is going to take time. A hospital isn’t run on charity sadly and like any good business it needs it’s share of publicity. Having a doctor that is known to be abusive isn’t a good look for them. So, unless Suji’s name is instantly cleared (which may be quite hard due to a few factors) they have two options then. Fire her or place her on a temporary leave of absence until the matter is resolved. Probably docking her pay along the way for the time being. Since they are providing her with legal service (only she is aware of this fact unless they want to experience more backlash) then this is more than reasonable. After all the lawyer needs to be paid his legal fees and all and it come out of her pay as a compromise. Otherwise, if this was America, I am sure Suji could sue them for wrongful termination of services after she has her name cleared.


    I also don’t get Na Young’s thinking process. Some of the stunts that she pulls are just plain weird even with her justification of a faulty memory. She is an adult. Yes, I am going to keep bringing up this point. Had she been a kid like Aera I might have felt sorry for her but as of now she just has me baffled. Even her having feelings for Uri and feeling humiliated when he brings up the fact that she may have even lied about her feelings for him. Granted she didn’t help her case for him to come up with that reasoning. But even if we don’t count that for the time being the points that she brought up which she mistook for him having feelings for her. Don’t really add up. Sure, they could have been that but when he wasn’t responding to any of her signals she should have known when to give up and that she was reading too much into something that wasn’t there. I am sure everyone here but her could tell that he wasn’t remotely interested in her even if he wasn’t the male lead.


    As any decent person one could help another person without anything in return, as a doctor it would further make sense to treat an injured person and even recommend them having the wound checked out (especially if that wasn’t their department). The rest was on her as well. She was the one who asked him out for a meal and advice for the audition tips. She should have considered the fact that if he had free time nothing was stopping him from using it to help her out. Again he didn’t gain anything from it and when she tried to let him keep the money so that he could treat her again he refused pointing out that borrowing money and him treating her were two different things. So her reading something more was entirely on her. She couldn’t and shouldn’t blame this on him or even Suji.


    Oh well before I start going on more of a rant. Let me end this post over here for the time being. I know that I will regret saying something if I continue in this post. So take care all of you and let me know what all of you think.

    ps @nohamahamoud2002 have you ever tried Basboosa

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  22. Ah well the first thing that I am going to say is in regards to @UnniSarah about the show that they mentioned regarding Kang Byul aka Jin Na Youngs actress drama. It is one of the shows that is on my ban list, and I don’t really recommend that to anyone. At the end of the day there probably wasn’t any character in that show that I liked over there. But since I have already vented my issues for it in the proper thread, I won’t bring them up here as it would also be labelled off topic.


    Now moving on to this show itself. I remember the last time I mentioned that due to a misunderstanding Suji and her mother were separated and I pointed out that the one to gain the most from this would be the hospital director (second leads father). But after careful consideration there is one more to gain from her leaving and that would be Na Youngs mother. Frankly I have a bunch of other questions as to how they separated at this point and from the grandmother’s reaction when her DiL brought up seeing Suji’s mother in the marketplace her involvement in this seems almost nil at the time being.


    Anyway, back to why Na Young’s mother may have something to cause the misunderstanding and what she gains from it. She already had issues as a single mother and knowing what we know of such things from Korean Dramas they are looked down in society. Now as she was pregnant with Rapper Brother or even gave birth to him her situation is going to be worse. Not only that raising one child on your own is difficult but add another child in the mix. One can easily imagine that she would do anything to prevent that. If she can find a stable place to raise her children of course she is going to take the opportunity and get rid of any obstacles along the way. Even if that was her former friend. Yes, the grandmother may have offered to raise the son as he was of their bloodline but separating a child from their parent is just as bad. So, she isn’t going to easily accept such an offer. But if she knows that her rival is in no position to return, she is going to use that to her advantage.


    Now one can wonder if she was guilty in the first place why bring up the fact that she saw her in the marketplace. I would suspect because she was testing out the waters so to speak. She knows that they probably don’t know she was responsible so she is safe in that department, but she also asked that if Suji’s mother returned would the grandmother take her back or something along those lines. The grandmother’s response shows that if she was indeed responsible then she has succeeded in creating a wedge between the two.


    Ok now for a thing that I didn’t quite understand. The grandmother is angry that Suji’s mother still hasn’t shown up especially if she was alive. And especially brings up the point that Suji is so famous considering that she even shows up on tv so the mother might have shown up just for that fact or to ask them for money. Either at home or the studio but she hasn’t. Now this totally baffles me. Yes, Suji is famous and shows up on TV but how is the mother to recognize her. It isn’t like she was performing at an early age like some child actor and not only that she also has a different name now. So were they thinking that the mother while watching tv may think to herself oh she looks like me when I was young so this might be my daughter. But wait it can’t be her because her name is different.


    Na Young really isn’t helping her case, and I am really starting to dislike her mother as well. Now I can get it that she suspects her husband of cheating, and the situation really didn’t help when they went into the motel to catch the suspect. But even later her comments aren’t very helpful or her insisting that Suji should help the family out because she is successful. While there is nothing wrong in asking her way was wrong especially as we know that Suji was already helping the family out even prior to this incident. What also makes her character so shallow and worse is the fact that she expects others to do things for her without contributing anything herself. Even her MiL and son contributed as much as they could. But both her and Na Young have refused to pitch in. I can kind of understand Na Young considering that she isn’t biologically related to that family apart from her mother. But even then, she should considering that they accepted her into their family. They could have easily demanded that her mother could join their family since she had to raise Rapper Brother who is part of their bloodline, but Na Young would have to be left behind.


    Now if they mistreated her when she was a child, I might be more understanding. She did bring up the point that when was she considered a part of the family. Now if that was the case, I could feel partially sorry for her. But from everything that I have seen so far at least in the interactions between Suji and her this doesn’t seem to be the case. She tries her level best to help her out when she can. The only real time when she ignored her was when she was having a hard time when she thought that her mother abandoned her. Even then once she realized that she was missing she went out searching for her. So, if there are any issues it is probably because Na Young and her temperament at this point.


    Speaking of the role that she wants as an MC I think there could be a situation where everyone wins. But knowing her she is still going to end up complaining and whining about how things are so unfair and while we are at it blame her favourite punching bag aka Suji. Suji refusing to take the spot as the director in a pickle because the CEO wants her in the rule and his job is on the line. Na Young clearly had the position if we are to believe the rumours until the last minute. Suji clearly needs more pay if she wants to clear of the family money issues (assuming she gets paid for showing up on these shows apart from her doctor’s salary). So how do we combine all these things where it works out for everyone. In this case Suji can agree to do the show but adds the stipulation that she will only do so if Na Young is her co host. This way in theory everyone should get what they want/need. Suji gets the extra money for the family; the director gets out of his dilemma of what to do and thus keeps his jobs and his superiors get their top pick. Finally, Na Young gets her dream job and should be happy about it. But she is probably going to be complaining about even this deal. Frankly I think that is quite fair but who am I to judge.


    I feel sorry for Ara and how her mother still hasn’t returned. I wonder what her story over here is. But as one can see the show really wants these two families to be connected and Ara is the perfect excuse for them to continue to meet and learn about each other even if it was unintentional.


    Actually, knowing K-Dramas for so long I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided that Suji’s family moves into Uri’s house somehow. We know that they have a spare room because that is where they found Ara in. Probably where she was living with her mother before she had to leave suddenly. Suji and her family need a place to stay, and they can’t really be picky. In fact, Na Young’s mother mentioned that they can’t take everything with them due to space in their new place and they would be extremely lucky if everyone got their own space. Granted that one room is so small that I doubt the entire family can live over there. So perhaps it will just be Suji as this would give her a better opportunity to finally understand her mother and her new family. This way it is going to be easier to forgive her mother for supposedly abandoning her as a child.


    Before someone tells me how half of this can even happen without anyone else catching on. I would mention that K-Dramas are notorious for these kinds of awkward situations. Regardless of who moves into that room and who knows who it isn’t going to be until a few episodes that these connections will be discovered. For instance if it is in regards to the grandmother, father and Na Youngs mother that will move over there then they will have met everyone in that household apart from Suji’s mother as she will always be out even when they come to the restaurant. She might have just gone to pick up Ara or perhaps gone to the market for shopping as they are the only ones that can recognize her.


    If it is Suji then it probably will be her not knowing that she has moved into Uri’s place. as of now if you can recall she has only met with her mother, Ara and his sister. So, she still doesn’t know that is his place as well. His sister did try and tell her about him but conveniently couldn’t for some reason. So, they are both equally going to be surprised to discover the truth. We all know how Na Young is going to react when she discovers this and is going to blame Suji that she deliberately moved into his place when she was aware that she had feeling for him and thus Suji as always sabotaged her as usual.


    Someone brought up another birth secret (unconfirmed) that Uri might actually be part of the doctor’s family. If they do that I wouldn’t be surprised. It is after all part of the K-Drama tropes and certain trope factors certainly do add up. My only real issue with this is that he has a sister. Unless it turns out that they aren’t biologically related at this point pulling this stunt might be harder to believe. But it might explain a few things at the same time. Wasn’t going to do this but let’s do it anyway.


    We know two things as a fact in regard to the second leads family. One they have issues. What they are aren’t exactly clear. Not only that where his grandfathers is laid to rest there is someone else his mother prays for. Even if they show us the name it isn’t going to help because the main characters have their names changed for various reasons. Could the missing child have been Suji. Sure, but at this point it has been 100% confirmed that Suji’s mother is the same as Uri’s current mother. The near miss/slow mo walk as they passed by at the hospital, Na Young’s mother recognizing her in the marketplace, and the yellow handstitched cloak just to name a few. So now we need to move on to the Uri being said child. Mind you there could be another twist over here which we will get. But if we look at the main lead requirements how many of them match for Uri.


    Main leads are usually raised by a single parent or family member. (there missing parent is almost always related to the second lead)

    The main leads are almost always involved in a love triangle with the second leads. Sometimes this can lead to a love square/rectangle to further complicate their twisted history. Or they may have a past history with one of them. Also check out the trope above as they can interrelate.


    Okay now I know that there are probably other tropes that we can combine but surprisingly they seem to have slipped my mind at the moment. Kind of embarrassing and while I had a bunch, or tropes written down where I could further use as reference material and add them as they matched the situation. That file must have gotten deleted so for the time being let’s just go with the two above mentioned (note I know other tropes but in regards for the Uri possible birth secret I could just remember those. If I start to bring up every trope that has already been covered and what we are lacking this post is going to get really huge. To prevent such insanity and headache I am not going to do that)


    Now let’s do the breakdown of the above mentioned tropes.


    In the first one Uri’s full parentage is a mystery and we can have a separated at birth trope going on considering the fact that the only one who seems related in that house to Uri is his biological sister. So, it could very well be that one or both of the second leads parents are also his parents. Also depending on when he got separated it is possible that he ended up in an orphanage and a family either adopted both him and his sister or he was adopted into her family. Him becoming a doctor could be part of another K-Drama trope.


    Almost every character somehow also ends up being good at and is drawn to the thing that their missing parent or family member is part of. A good example from a recent drama would be Da Jung from the Third Marriage. Apparently, she takes after her grandmother when it comes to cooking. What is going on in that drama has her birth secret been discovered yet. I sadly dropped it due to time issues and I really need to get back there at some point.


    So anyway, back to the point I was making we know that the hospital was established by the second leads grandfather so this could be the connection for Uri, or then if the director is his actual father that makes two K-Drama connector plot twists for down the line. Another main thing to consider is that almost everyone is to be connected with each other, so we have no real wasted characters.


    Now let’s move onto the second trope. The love triangles/quadrantals. Over here one of the main leads either was somehow connected to the second leads as they were dating them but then due the second leads ambitious nature, they will find an excuse to not be with the main lead and end up with the second lead. (they might even regret their decision down the line when the birth secret plot pops in). Or the second lead will have a one sided crush on the main lead but will always be kept in the friend zone for life. In this case the only one that has a previous connection with the main lead is the second lead with Suji. As of now he doesn’t seem to be ambitious but let’s wait and see. Back to Uri he has started to fall for Suji he just hasn’t realized it yet or even if he does he isn’t going to do anything about it out of respect for her. But like I said this brings up the room of sibling rivalry in more ways than one and not only that the Na Young situation. So yes we have a few tropes linking Uri as a possible birth secret and being related to the doctors family.


    Now moving on to the parents in that family. They clearly have their marital issues. The show hasn’t gone down into fully explaining the reason. The closest was when the director’s possible ambition was brought up and why he may have married into that family. Which also may have hinted the fact that this was probably an arranged marriage. Hence the unhappiness between them. Of course there could be a few other factors as well. It does bring up age related questions and whatnot. But who are we to argue if the writers make said mistake. We are just here to see that the main leads get their happily ever after and perhaps a decent redemption arc for the second leads and people growing up. Returning to the parents apart from a forced marriage there can be two more contributing factors and perhaps even more connecting points between said characters.


    Like it has been brought up there is a missing/dead person in that family. How did that happen? Was the father perhaps supposed to look after them but decided to go out or not pay attention to them which resulted in a child going missing. If that is the case, then the mother could blame him for his inattention and losing their child. The only real issue over here is the fact that the second lead is totally unaware of the missing person. Considering he his Suji’s senior this would mean that he is older than Uri as well. So, he is unaware of his missing sibling. How is that even possible. Have they removed all traces of them that he has forgotten about them. I guess that makes partial sense. The other reason why the parents have issues between them could be a case of infidelity between one of them at this point. For instance, the director is showing a lot of attention towards Suji’s biological mother. Clearly his interest in her is more than a doctor with their normal patience. I may be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for the time being in regards to an affair. It is totally possible that he is innocent and there is a misunderstanding between his wife. But while we are on the topic of having an affair it is possible that the person he had it with ended up getting pregnant but perhaps never informed him or the wife handled the situation without him being aware of this fact. In that case Uri may have been his child or the other one who could be his might be Na Young. Though I think we should hold of on that assumption for the time being. Perhaps both Uri and Na Young are related to that family just for laughs. But it seems unlikely at the given moment.


    Anyway due to the length of this post I will end it for the time being. Take care all of you and keep up with the posts. We need more theories to keep this thread going and also wonder when The Truck Of Doom will show up.

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  23. @kboramint thanks once again for the name explanation. When you put it like that then it does make sense that Suji could be a way of saying Suzy. I didn’t know said actress wrote her name like that. We learn something new everyday. Speaking of her the first drama that I was introduced to her was Dream High where the female lead over here was her rival and probably also the second lead. Since I was into anime back then I had listed them as Sakura and Ino respectively, IU was Hinata, and the second lead was Sasuke.  If anyone hasn’t watched said drama give it a shot. The first season was definitely better than the second though.


    Now moving on to the bit where you mentioned Suji’s mother calling the grandmother mother/sister. While I didn’t hear her call her mother, yet I am pretty sure that I heard her call her Unni at some point. Perhaps this is a mistake from the writer’s end, so they don’t have an exact term for her. Plus, as one can see the family dynamic in that house is extremely complicated currently. Nobody really seems to be connected by blood apart from the two siblings, but they apparently are well aware of each others backstory. For instance, when the sister wonders if they should help locate their mothers lost daughter (Suji) and suggests ways how to do so. Uri advices against it and mentions that their mother must have a good reason not to do so at the moment.


    But as we go further into these episodes it clearly looks like there was some kind of interception like in the previous drama which has resulted in the misunderstanding and separation between the two families. This can be indicated when the grandmother notes that Suji still has the cape that was stitched by her mother. She then comments how her mother was so heartless for abandoning Suji or something along those lines. Now the grandmother could easily be faking her reaction so that Suji doesn’t realize that she may have been responsible for the separation. But as of now I will give her the benefit of doubt for the time being. From what I recall she preferred her as her DiL and even suggested that it would have been better if she were to raise Rapper Bro. This means that she was clearly against his mother from joining the family at that point and only gave in after she left the family. Therefore, it seems more likely that this relationship had to be sabotaged and if anything, the doctor seems to be the one who has the most to gain at this point. He even wonders if he misread the situation or something at one point.


    Someone mentioned about Na Young and how they don’t like her or how she overreacts. I will partially agree with this sentiment for the time being. Perhaps I have become to desentised after watching a lot of these shows but as of now she isn’t half as bad as some of her other counterparts. Let’s look at their actions and see if she has done anything similar. Has she framed the main leads for a crime that they haven’t committed. So far, the closest that she has come in regards to this is when she damaged and borrowed that dress and wasn’t willing to take responsibility for her actions but even then she didn’t blame it on Suji. Has she faked her pregnancy (not being one) or is pregnant with someone else’s child but is claiming that it belongs to the main lead etc.. nope. Has she stolen corporate information and dumped it on someone else or hurt another co-worker just so that she can get a chance to shine. Again no. I am not saying that she won’t do any of this down the line but as of now she is still better than all those other second female lead rivals.


    On the other hand, let’s talk about her overacting or whatever the issue is. Frankly my main issue is perhaps not the overacting I just assume that is part of her character. My thing over here is that she is an adult woman (not sure of her age) but she tends to act like an overgrown child or highschooler and that just doesn’t match with her appearance. Now I don’t know if this issue is due to poor actings skills on the actress part because I believe I have only seen her in maybe two other earlier dramas where she was in supporting roles. The one show where she was the main lead I just had issues with the drama itself and I have put it on a ban list. In fact, if anyone I know mentions that they are watching said drama I actively advice them against it. But if it is just her character it does make sense. She mentioned that she has never been slapped before Suji did it to her. Clearly indicating that her mother did a poor job of raising her.


    Uri is a fun character sort of. He has been extremely dense especially when it comes to picking up signals that Na Young was interested in him in a romantic way until she had to literally tell him about it. That also reminds me of another comparison between other second female leads which Na Young hasn’t done. She isn’t going after Uri or trying to seduce him simply because he is an item with Suji. So in other ways out of spite or for some perceived wrongs that Suji might have done to her or her family. While she is chasing after him it is simply because she likes him and she doesn’t even want any kind of financial gains from him. Not that is going to happen.


    @nohamahamoud2002 you are correct in your current assessment that there isn’t any kind of love triangle or even square at the moment. But when you watch a lot of these dramas then you see a pattern and it is extremely rare when the pattern is broken. People that we have categorized as main leads generally end up together. When they don’t I know that I have issues because I have invested a lot of my time only for it all to be wasted in the end. But that is a debate for another time. As of now I don’t think that the writer is going to deviate from the original plan after all the show is even called Suji and Uri indicating them as the main characters and thus in all probabilities the main leads and hence the endgame. How that happens we need to wait and see.


    From the preview it seems like the doctor finally is aware of who is son likes and he informs his wife. We now need to wait and see if they will approve of her or will one of them play the role of evil In Law. The mother as of now seems to have supported her son’s choice of life partner. Perhaps because she was forced in her own marriage and has remained unhappy, so she doesn’t want her son to go through the same thing. She even brought up this point sort of with her husband. Who is he to judge the girls standard ie wealth, background etc.. Regardless the main issue is probably not with Suji as an individual but the problems that her family will bring by becoming in laws such as they are currently in debt and may even be labelled as scammers. Nobody would want to be associated with them in said situation.


    Now back to Suji’s mother and the family that she lives in. Granted I don’t know what a woman would refer to her SiL since I am terrible in Korean, but I am a bit confused about her getting married again as someone suggested. As of now from what I have gathered in regards to the chain of attempts (which I won’t deny can easily be changed down the line) from the clips shown. She left her house and tried to find a job so that she could support herself and Suji. This sadly resulted in her accident (probably since this was her first try) and she ended up in the hospital. After her recovery she discovered that her family had moved away. Again, she had no time to get married anytime during this period. The Mother/Sister even points out that her brother had never been married prior to this and was mistaken for her husband during her accident. It would have made more sense if her husband had shown up if she was married prior to the incident. After the incident she has clearly mentioned that she has no desire to get married because she feels so guilty that she could possibly live a happy life without knowing what happened to her daughter and whether or not she is happy. So again, it doesn’t seem to me at least that she was ever married apart from her original family.


    From the trailer of the next episode it also seems like Na Young is going to blame Suji again for messing up her life. Until I watch said episode I feel like Na Young is being unreasonable again. Suji was clearly uninterested in the job regardless of whether or not Na Young would have gotten the job. Perhaps Suji shouldn’t have mentioned Na Young when she declined the offering. This way the director might not have an outlet to place the blame on. But this way he may think that either Na Young complained to Suji and for some reason they are related and hence Suji was declining or something along those lines. Not only that Suji probably shouldn’t have brought up the sexual harassment that he was doing to Na Young that evening. Probably both these contributing factors made him take out his frustration on Na Young who then takes it out on Suji.


    Anyway, I think that i will end my post over here for the time being. So take care all of you. I was going to mention how it seemed like this was a dead thread and I was wondering if people have simply stopped watching dailies now compared to back when I started watching these shows. Perhaps I am in the wrong thread. But it seems like we have a few new posters over here. So let me welcome them and hope that we can all have some fun and come up with interesting theories. I will admit that sometimes it seems like the writer of the show might be prowling over here as well because they shot down two of the theories I came up with earlier. Regardless I am looking forward to all of your posts and theories.

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  24. Okay so first of all thanks once again @kboramint for clarifying who made what statement in regard to that bloodline bit. Saved me a lot of time of searching said episode. The other part is in regard to that fan theory of yours that the revenge dramas and dailies are happening in the same world. Actually, that is a popular theory which some of these dramas have hinted at times. Examples that can be seen as evidence.


    While I don’t remember either dramas name we had a scene like this. The female lead (who is currently doing the weekend drama on KBS World aka here) was a cop in one show. In the next daily after (I think) where she was the lead. There is a disturbance somewhere and the cop that shows up is the same actor from her show. Indicating that he is the same person. No names were used over here. Not that we would have even bothered to remember a side character. But the implications or fan theory could be seen.


    In another drama one of the grandfathers mentions that he is currently seeing/dating a character name. In another show (probably after this one also) the grandmother character mentions that she is using said name. Again trying to imply the connection for the fans.


    The best one had to be where we had Joo Won in the manga adaption (that korea did) drama. Over here he is cleaning up the mess that the female lead had done of her room. He comes across some stale bread that he throws out, but not before the female lead mentions that it is from her favourite brand Kim Tagoos bread. (clearly a reference to his Previous work.) at least we now know what happened in that show after it’s ending.


    Then we have shows from different networks that try and make similar connections or are based in the same universe. But I think that will be me going off topic and to prevent that warning let me get on to the post regarding the show itself.


    @nohamahamoud2002  welcome to the thread. Hopefully you stick around. So far since the show is just beginning, I would grade it a 4/10. If you are looking for something new and different get ready to be disappointed it already has the standard tropes over here. But since it is also the beginning the characters haven’t become frustrating in either being too dumb or naive or evil. But give it time and who knows.


    Kbo yes Uri and his sister are most definitely adopted somehow in that family. This could have been implied by the following statement the grandmother/aunt made. When their mother had her accident, the uncle was assumed to be her husband. She remarks how that was when he had never been married by that point. Now it certainly isn’t impossible to have a child without being married (hence a lot of birth secrets in these shows). So, they could have come after the accident. But then you have to consider the following Uri and Suji are clearly endgame. If this is the case, they can’t be related. Also, they are probably the same age so it would be next to impossible for Uri and his sister to be biologically related to her mother. Now they could have been the uncle’s kid but there was no indication of a woman being in his life prior to the accident. Making this also not an option.


    So yes, it would be nice if they could better explain the mystery of these two and how come the aunt doesn’t have an issue with them compared to the little girl who has now become part of the family.


    Moving back to some of the other tropes that we have over here.


    The standard rivalry between the main leads and the second leads including the infamous love triangle/square.


    Sorry but i don’t feel bad about Na Young. Any pain and grief that is bound to come her way is going to be her own fault. She comes of as an ungrateful brat at times but that is besides the point. Will get into that in a bit. But let’s talk about the issue where they tend to blame the main lead that if they hadn’t shown up the opposite main lead would have become an item with them. Almost every show proves that this isn’t the case even when the other lead gives them an opportunity by moving away for X number of years before returning even showing up for the first time.


    In this case she is giving out signals, but he has struck them out two times. Girl just give up and move on. He just isn’t interested in you in that way even before meeting with Suji. For instance, when she gave him money and he tried to return it back to her she gave him an excuse so that they could meet up again (treat her with it next time to a meal) he refused. When she asked him out for a meal on the weekend he told her that he had plans to study. So no he isn’t interested in you. She should give it up at this point. Instead she is coming of as a highschooler with a crush. Probably her first love given her reactions but still have some pride. She is all about that when Suji offers her help but when it comes to a guy, she has lost it.


    I would say that she is still slightly manipulative when it comes to her character. But so far, her actions haven’t caused anyone any serious harm so I can give her a small pass. For instance, when she messages Uri to call her the intent is clearly obvious.


    Suji doesn’t know that she messaged him, so she thinks that he contacted her on his own accord. Indicating a closeness between the two. Therefore, when she starts to develop feelings for him, she is going to put it on hold just out of respect for her sister. Until the misunderstanding is cleared up. Not that Na Young is going to see it that way. She will feel like Suju betrayed her considering her other reactions to her helping out.


    For instance, when the PD took her out for drinks the way he was behaving towards her clearly counted as sexual harassment. She only staid quiet due to her job being on the line and she was clearly uncomfortable with his actions. Now instead of being grateful for Suji for bailing her out of the situations she tells her to mind her own business or the fact that this was the reason why Suji was unable to get the classes she promised her because said person got offended. Again she doesn’t blame the guy who was harresing her or admit that she was uncomfortable she blames Suji.


    So yes I can see why people might not like her.


    The other thing/trope to consider over here is probably the misunderstanding the other party trope.


    Normally this is done between the main leads, and this results in them breaking up for the time being until it is cleared up. Since they haven’t become a couple, you can be sure that it will come down the line. But as of now this is probably the same as the last drama where the parents got separated from their kids. It kind of looks like this happened again. Just who is responsible for this remains to be seen. For evidence let’s look at the following statements that characters made and what it could imply over here.


    The aunt/grandmother (what should we call her relation wise since I am a bit unclear) mentioned to Suji’s mother how that family not only moved abroad but also sold of their family property (burial site among others) before doing so.


    As for the stepmother she brings up the fact how her husband cheats on people (or their particular case) when things are going well for him. This included the soy sauce factory that he was running at the time (was this the same soy sauce that Na Youngs doppelganger and family made when she was a female lead. PS . do not watch said drama it is not worth your time).


    Now on their own these statements may not make a lot of sense but if you consider what Suji’s grandmother mentioned to the stepmother’s response, we can see a connection being formed. She mentions that things started to go wrong after the stepmother became a part of the family. If this is the case, then it is safe to assume that the company faced financially difficult times that the family had to probably sell it off and perhaps even the rest of their property to clear of any debts that remained. Using the rest of the money they probably decided to try their luck abroad. Not sure why they had to return to Korea at this point. Had they gotten tired of living over there or did the father make bad business choices. Either way this explains why they sold of their property and left.


    Naturally since the mother was involved in an accident, they couldn’t contact her prior to leaving. Though to be fair considering how the grandmother is she probably saw that as a good thing since she might not have wanted to part with Suji. Of course, this still doesn’t mean that a deliberate intervention to prevent the mother to meet up with Suji is not impossible at this point. It is unlikely that the uncle or his sister were responsible. At least from her statement and she wouldn’t be urging her to find her family/daughter if she was guilty. This does leave the number of suspects to Suji’s grandmother, Na Young (though she was too young at that time so i don’t know how she could have lied or why) or the doctor that performed the surgery.


    We know by now that he is 90% has feelings for Suji’s mother. If he thought that there was a way for him to be with her if he lied that her family moved away without giving him the contact information, then he is at fault or he could have helped them indirectly. For instance, we don’t know who purchased the family property. Could be a random stranger never to be introduced or the doctor telling them that he could clear of their debt in return for leaving the country and the price of their property. They might have been desperate to accept such a deal.


    Another thing to note is that Suji has her name conveniently changed hence even when she has come face to face with her mother, they have failed to recognize each other. Clearly this is for plot convivence because the mother might have brought it up earlier therefore, they need many more plot twists before they realize their connections. Though we can be sure that Na Young is going to discover this fact first and try and use it to her advantage. Perhaps by trying to cause a misunderstanding between the main leads before this is cleared up. But like I said why did they decide to name her Suji. Was that family a fan of semolina? If it was because they had moved to the States it would make sense if she was using a Western name like let’s say Jessica, Jenny, Tiffany etc something easy for them to pronounce. Suji just seems like a weird choice.


    This now brings me up to the second lead. So far, he seems kind of okay. A bit possessive and perhaps a bit jealous but considering everything else he also looks to be loyal at the same time. He isn’t buckling down under his father’s pressure so far to date and marry the girl of his choice. In fact, he even let’s her know that he attended the show with his girlfriend so there isn’t any kind of misunderstanding down the line. We know this is going to cause him trouble down the line but at least he hasn’t done anything major to harm the leads or manipulated the situation to get what he wants. Again, I am not sure what is going to be the trigger factor that will force Suji to break up with him.


    As I pointed out he doesn’t seem like the person to be influenced by the other parties wealth so he isn’t going to be greedy in that sense. The family seems well off so I don’t see them getting into financial difficulties that they may be needed to be bailed out by the girl’s family thus forcing him to marry someone else. While it is true that the father has mentioned that they depend on politicians and other sponsors to help run the hospital I doubt that it is going to be that serious. Suji’s family scandal might be an issue where she may be forced to breakup with him.


    After all she has been running the household mostly by herself from what we can gather. It has been mentioned that she paid for both of her younger siblings’ classes. The brother at least seems to be grateful in regards to this. She will probably also be the one to clear up the scam that her father has fallen for and caused. It does make sense that the hospital might want to cut ties with her at this point as it wouldn’t look good for them from a PR point of view. Also, another reason why the family would be opposed to her. The chairman has an ego issue plus according to him Suji doesn’t come from a background that could help them financially. So instead of the evil mother-in-law trope we can have the evil FiL trope this time round. Not sure what he will think after he finds out who her mother is. But probably knowing him he would still be against her because this would mean that he will have no chance to be with her mother.


    It is interesting to see just how manipulative he is at the moment. From his actions to control his son’s fate, choosing a post at the hospital, to picking a life partner for him. But it doesn’t end over there. He noticed the reaction what his wife did at the anniversary party at the hospital, and he tried to take a page out of that book to make himself look good. Only the people that he tried to involve weren’t as greedy and ambitious as him causing him further headaches. Well deserved mind you. For instance, he is trying to use the singer and Suji’s connection as a PR stunt and not only that he deliberately mentions Suji’s mother and how she is important to him. It is probably well known how he saved her life on his own dime. He was hoping that she would admit it and do some good PR for him. So, the light would shine on him once more and this would show everyone at the hospital that he was still relevant and important.


    Well, I guess Na Young thinks that she has it in the bag for a change. From the preview it seems like she finally got the job as an announcer that she dreamed off. Next is her trying to win over Uri. Problem over here is that she is already in the bad books of his sister because she got her in trouble regarding the dress. Now she is being extra rude towards her at this point. This means that when it comes to convince the family she already has someone that is going to oppose said relationship. You can be sure that she might even try and manipulate Suji’s mother against her when she discovers the birth secret because why not. This apparently is a popular trope when it comes to dramas.



    Oops while I have more to add I don’t want to get into trouble for writing a super long post which might be boring and all. So I will leave it over here for the time being. And continue my thoughts if I still recall them after someone else posts a few more after me. So till next time.

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