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  1. So first of all I want to start by trying to point something out. Someone mentioned that Geum Hui might not be worthy of Sang Won and Youreum because she didn’t want them to see her during her Chemo treatment because that made her extremely superficial. While that may be true I disagree. Her statement is a matter of interpretation. Unfortunately, I don’t interpret it as that. From everything that we have seen of her character it is based more on concern and K-Drama Character logic. (more on that later). Regardless if I try to see things from her perspective I suspect it would be something like this. I am sick and suffering but I should suffer it on my own. My loved ones shouldn’t go through that because I don’t want to see them in pain because of me. Plus Youreum is already traumatized since he saw his bio mother die before him so I can’t let it happen to him twice etc. as for Sang Won he has done so much for me so the same rule applies to him as well. This is more in line with her character than being superficial. We have to remember something else. She didn’t even want her own family to know about her illness as well and they are much closer to her than Sang Won currently is. The only reason that they even found out now was because her mother overheard Swarmy’s conversation with her and Geum Ju recently found out about it through Swarmy’s BiL since Swarmy revealed this fact to him. Otherwise her family would also have remained in the dark. She probably intended to tell them the same thing. I am going on a vacation to clear my head for a few days while she would have been in the hospital for treatment and all or perhaps lied to the family that she was going abroad with Sang Won while she finished her treatment and all. Another reason why I don’t think that she is superficial is based more on the way that she was when she was married to Swarmy. She never cared about how she looked. Infact to the extent that his mother tried to warn about him having an affair went on deaf ears. The mother told her to dress up better and try to make an effort in her looks and all. But Geum Hui was confident that he would never betray her and what not that she didn’t pay that any heed. If she was superficial she might have tried to look better or something especially if someone was offering her advice to do so. Now on to the topic of K-Drama character logic. On paper or rather in their mind their thinking may seem to make sense but in reality it just doesn’t work like that. Let’s try a few that have already been brought up by @fragglerock . How about the one where the main lead has low self esteem so when someone from a richer background comes up to them and tell them to give up on their love because the rich person also loves the other male lead and can provide them with a better life the one who is offered said deal sometimes accepts the offering agreeing that might be better for the person that they love. Sure they try and fight for their love at times but it depends on the character. But the cases with illness really seem to take the cake. Though this makes me want to write about some of my favourite/funny scenes about this show. Whenever I think about the current happenings over here I just go to those scenes and I would therefore like to hear what your moments were. Not sure what to expect for an ending at this point. This is atleast for the secondary characters. Anyway I think that I have to go for now due to being busy at work and all but will look forward to reading your comments. Glad that this show is finally ending. Just need to be more patient.
  2. Wait what exactly is Doctor – Patient Confidentiality and does it even exist in Korea. But all jokes aside this never seems to be a factor in Korean Dramas and only seems to be applicable at certain points in drams such as to drag the plot on. A doctor won’t reveal said fact about a patient to a stranger (in this case when Cheating Witch had a miscarriage her doctor didn’t reveal it to Swarmy allowing her to continue on with her deception. Or someone will find out from the doctor and plan their next move etc…) Anyway have to go for now. So take care all of you. Being busy with work isn’t always so much fun when you have a lot on your mind. To be honest I am still hoping that we don’t get a major extension and am still holding out hope that we will be done by 122 episodes at the max instead of dragging it another 2 – 3 weeks. So keep posting all of you since I depend on your posts a lot.
  3. Unfortunately, since I am busy these days I haven’t been able to watch my shows as well as comment making me a very grumpy panda. Atleast I am trying to keep myself up to date with this show through all your comments which is sort of good. So it seems that this show is going with the fact that Geum Hui has an illness and if people are hating that now wait till what happens next. They will hate the plot even more. Hint for what is sure to come in noble idiocy on her part but more on that later. Let’s get on to the drama itself. Anyway while I want to add more will leave it for now since I am busy with work at the moment. So till then take care all of you and keep posting. We might as well stick with this drama extension and all since we have managed to hold out till now. Regardless of how disappointed we get by the end of the show. We have already wasted x amount of hours in this show so I doubt wasting another 12 hours won’t be that bad. Unless you find better dramas to watch that might be worth your times then go for it without any regrets. PS I just remembered somebody was asking whether the main leads were in an actual relationship in real life. if they were wondering if the main leads were together in real life then I have to disappoint them that this isn't the case because the actress for Geum Hui is already married and not only that she is a proud mother as well if I remember one of her interviews or one of her cast members. as for the actor of Sang Won. I have no idea what is current status is. I only remember for her because the case of her previous drama were on some variety show Happy Together (if I am not mistaken) where this was brought up. then there was also the incident where she mentioned that her husband never uses the toilet at home. Hope that this answers their question.
  4. So I had to catch up with the episodes that I missed in a batch. Had a nice marathon of them. Also I found it nice that I got a partial prediction correct. I had predictied that the next person that would discover Youreum’s Birth secret would be Swarmy’s mother and it would be in episode 100. The later was true but the former wasn’t. instead of his mother it turned out to be Sang Won himself which I guess is better. Anyway I have to go now for the time being. So I will try and complete my post later on. So till then take care all of you and keep posting
  5. @nohamahamoud2002 I am about to go on a rant regarding what Duck did. Also why her actions can’t be justified. So I want to apologize about that and anyone else if I offend them with this post. I I have to go and watch the last episode now. Couldn’t do so yesterday since I had a headache so went straight to be when I returned from work. So take care all of you and keep posting. Also I want to apologize to anyone if I managed to offend them with my post.
  6. @10192123sangre Yes that is indeed the name of that drama. Thankyou for reminding me of it. as to your next question You missed nothing as there is no scene watch. If it happened it was off screen. It was an assumption on my part and if I am wrong then I want to apologize. But if you think about it she knows the truth of the matter that Kwang Ill was switched by his parents so even if he were to inform her that his MiL was the one that switched him she would have figured out who she was. But the real reason I assume that he revealed this fact to her was in one of their meetings. I really can't remember which episode these things happen due to my poor memory (clearly after he discovered the truth) she returns home. At that point Kwang Ill tells her something to that she questions him if he wasn't interested in knowing about his birth mother. To this he responded that the only mother that he acknowledges is Jung Hee. So I simply assumed that during this time Mr. Sun probably told her that his MiL was involved in swapping him. otherwise I find the timing of her question just a bit weird. After all she had numerous times prior to this to bring up this question yet she never did. Infact previously when he discovered his birth secret she tried to bring up the topic of what Kwang Ill would do if the real son ever showed up. He told her that couldn't happen because of what he was told by his father etc.. So if we go by the following routine by Shi Wol it would have made sense that she would have brought up this point earlier yet she never did so we have to ask why that is. Again like I mentioned this is based on my assumptions so I could clearly be wrong. Since I am busy at work will be ending this post here for the time being and continue when I am free. so till then take care all of you and keep posting.
  7. @nohamahamoud2002 in response to your question of what was Shi Wols plan in the earlier episode is a bit hard to answer since my memory isn’t all that great but from what I could tell she certainly intended on getting a divorce from Kwang Ill. But after that it becomes a bit hazy for me as well. I am not sure if she wanted to simply hand Jimin over to Mr. Sun and leave or expect to marry him as well or be a family with him. I think that at worst she planned on handing him over to him but if he didn’t forgive her for her actions then she would have accepted that and moved on. On the other hand if he did forgive and understand her then they could have been together but that was probably a long shot on her part. But this all changed when she discovered that he was planning on getting married since she didn’t want her son to be raised by a stepmother. She clearly read all those children fairy tales where the evil stepmother plans to get rid of the stepchild for some reason or the other or treat them like slaves etc.. As for the bit of Kwang Ill his obsession with his family knows no bounds. He is even willing to forgive his wife’s faults if he can be with her and have Jimin as well. He did love her for 13 years even though it was one sided and he still hopes that it can work between them. It won’t but that can’t be helped and until he doesn’t get over this issue he won’t be ready to move on with anybody else. Someone brought up the matter about how Yoon Shi Woll showed up in the last episode of Dr. Detective. I literally just watched that scene to confirm it, was amusing. But I have to say that apart from the same actress having the same namesake she wasn’t the same character. True like this Shi Wol she also married into a Rich Family and all but according to the guy it was K Group this one is married into Yangji Group. At best she should have therefore been married into Y Group. Her response that she married to take her revenge seemed like she was joking with her worker (though a clear reference to this drama could be taken) then on top of that she used to date said Co Worker whereas in this drama she only dated Mr. Sun and then married Kwang Ill for her revenge. Hence those two are totally different characters. Still it was fun to see her. I remember seeing something like this happen a few years back. There was a drama called My Love From Another Star. If anyone hasn’t watched it I highly recommend that they do so. In that drama Suzy makes a cameo in it in one episode and tells the main lead that she failed his class (he was a professor) a few times because he reminded her of her ex-boyfriend. This was clearly a reference of the two actors in the drama Dream High (season 1). To sad that they didn’t get their happily ever after or whichever channel made this new show was jealous of them since Dream High was made my KBS World. Either way such cameos and references are always fun to watch especially if the viewers get them. Anyway take care all of you guys and keep posting.
  8. no I recognized Geum Juu I think it was the girl that was making the peace sign in the first picture and the second one she was almost infront of the camera. not that it really matters at this point but thanks for the answer. Minion is a good player or chick magnet or ladies man or whatever you want to call it. He probably charmed his way for one of them to do his request. I doubt that he could gain access to Yeorim's file any other way. It also probably didn't help that Yeorims file was right on top. I doubt that he could easily walk up to an empty desk unless it was rush hour but even then he would have to be extremely lucky. plus not to mention security might have also been an issue like you mentioned.
  9. @jayakris you wanted a book keeping of what character knows what. Let me see if I can help. Anyway need to catch up on these last two episodes. I got sidetracked with another drama Forever Enemies which I am greatly enjoying and the best thing about it is that it’s finished. So till I do that take care all of you and keep posting.
  10. So let me first of all start with apologizing. Initially I blamed the writer for making a few mistakes such as in regards to why Youreum could be traumatized that he couldn’t remember his name especially if he wasn’t present for the fire (assuming that the fire was the cause of it in the first place) but after some consideration I realized that the fire shouldn’t be the only cause for trauma for him. Anyway that will be all from my end for the time being. So take care all of you and keep posting.
  11. Not sure where to start regarding this drama and its characters. I guess I’ll start off with the maid and the song or story that she taught Jimin’s nephew regarding the fake baby bear. This could easily be taken in two ways. The first is that she actually knows about the baby switch between Mr. Sun and Kwang Ill. How that happened is anyone’s guess. Did suggest a few ways sometime back so won’t bother doing so again. The second is that she wasn’t referring to those two but instead regarding Shi Wol and Jiming. One of her comments regarding Shi Wol was that she guessed right and that Shi Wol was an incredible woman. Meaning she also finds it impressive that Shi Wol not only brought in another man’s child in said house but also got said family to raise it by pretending that it belongs to their bloodline. Sorry have to run so will be back later. Take care till then and keep posting.
  12. Some people have pointed out that Geum Hui might have been a bit selfish and wouldn’t want Youreum to keep in touch with his biological dad and would thus listen to Swarmy and decide to leave the country with Youreum. I don’t fully agree with this assessment. If anything we have been shown of her character is that she is more than ready to sacrifice things when it comes to people that she cares and loves about. Thus under normal circumstances she might not have an issue with Yoreum meeting his bio dad. Infact what was her reaction when Jun Ho told her about the bio dad coming into the picture so she should leave town. She wanted to meet the guy first before she came to any decision. Not only that she was hoping that the guy was reasonable enough that they could may some sort of arrangement where she could still keep Youreum while he would probably have some sort of visitiation rights and all. The only reason that she couldn’t was because Swarmy then lied and told her that he was a bad person that was planning on getting Youreum back and intended to use him etc. Naturally as a mother she would want to protect her son from such a person. Well I think that this covers most of my points for the time being. So take care all of you and keep posting. PS @triplem is youtube also considered an illegal site. in this case I specifically mean their official KBS World chanel where a full episode of this drama is shown (generally a week behind though). if not perhaps you can add it in your approved list
  13. Since I'm at work will try to keep this short. I believe that this is another mistake by the writer where they forgot what they wrote earlier. Yes that is the reason why he got a name change but it doesn't explain why he ended up with a trauma. I could understand if Youreum was actually present during the fire then that could be explained as the source of his trauma. Unfortunately according to the last episode the Nun (Current Orphanage Head) mentioned that there were no casualties that day because everyone at the orphanage were out for a picnic. Thus it doesn't make any sense why he got traumatized. Unless it was seeing his home all burned down when he returned and he had to be forcefully moved. But this will also be the reason why he won't remember his friend Jiseok as well. Since his records were destroyed one could say that the new director gave him the new name but we can see how easy it was for Sang Won to get said records so the director could probably have done the same as well. Unless the system wasn't all computerized at that time and he didn't have time to wait to figure out his name and he couldn't just call Yourem Boy till he got his old name. By that time Youreum would probably have adjusted to his new name so calling him by his original name would be confusing for everyone around.. I have a new name for Sang Won's Mom at this point she is Ungrateful Witch Sang Mi is Cheating Witch and together they are the Witchy Duo The Father is Doctor Rock (Since he only has Rocks in his brains as well as not being Smart aka Dumb As Rocks) Jun Ho can remain as Swarmy (Since I don't want to take someone elses credit and hard work naming him) Dr. Yoon remains Dr Girl (again since it's already a good name by someone else) Will work out names hopefully for the rest of the cast as well at some point. anyway got to get back to work so take care.
  14. I want to start off by pointing out that Jun Ho is a Grade A Idiot. He got lucky the first time when he was having an affair with Cheater because Korea doesn’t enforce the Adultery Laws anymore. I can only assume that this is to prevent people taking advantages of Real Life Birth Secrets. Regardless he got off easy by simply getting a divorce. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case that he pulled with his latest stunt. This is when he had the DNA test edited by switching out Sang Won’s name with a complete stranger This clearly constitutes as a felony since he has now forged an official document. Actually the shop owner that did it is now an accomplice to this crime and also a total idiot for doing so. But since this is a drama I will let his part be ignored Anyway that will be all for now. Got to go. So till then take care all of you and keep posting. Looking forward to reading them and watching the next episodes. Oh why did the weekend have to come just now. Also have to wait for one more day. By the way I predict that the next person to find out about the birth secret won’t be before episode 100. What are your guesses on who will find out next and in which episode.
  15. Since I am still at work let me keep this real brief. Everyone is hoping that Sang Won notices the picture that Youreum has somehow of Bora and recognize her or that Geum Hui sees it and realizes who Bora is and Youreum's relationship with Sang Won. But I am wondering if that is the only picture that can tie the two up. What I mean by this is that does anyone remember one of the sketches that Youreum made in his sketch book. From what it looked like to me was a picture of an island? or land facing the see and a tree on that land. What does that picture remind people of. The answer would be the place where Bora was buried. If Sang Won were to ever see that picture wouldn't he be reminded of the same thing since he was actually there. Perhaps that might get him to investigate further and then somehow discover that Bora and Youreum are related. He might be the one to show him the picture of Bora that he has and thus learn that he is his son.. Then again perhaps I am reading to much into nothing and it is also possible that I didn't get a good glimpse of his drawing. Anyway take care all of you. Cant wait to go home and watch the latest episode. Been delayed at work unfortunately.
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