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  1. So I want to start of by saying that Homewrecker probably did end up with a miscarriage atleast from the previews we can assume that. While I do know that trailers/previews can lie and that for a twist things can be shown out of context. Meaning context is very important. Let’s go by what we have been shown so far. Homewrecker desperately calling Cheater and begging him to be with her as she needed him. If she found out that she miscarried then it would make sense that she would need some sort of consolation especially with the man she supposedly loves. Another scene we have her looking longingly at the shoes that she bought for her child. Makes sense that she misses what she can’t have and finally her argument with Cheater of how important the kid is and that he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the kid. Of course the scenes could be lying and we can instead have the following scenario. She gets rejected when she needs him the most, has an argument with him and realizes that the kid is important to hold on to the marriage and this fully comes when she is looking at the shoes. Naturally I may be off but as of now I think that she had a miscarriage and on top of this she gets another set of bad news that due to her weak uterus she can’t have any more kids. This will be Karma for her. Meaning that even if she marries Cheater she can never have his kid. This will likely lead her to making it seem like Geum Hui was the reason that she lost the kid so that Cheater will eventually turn against his former wife like some have speculated. Now on to other matters… Anyway I think that this covers most of my points so I will leave it at that. So till next time keep posting since I look forward to reading them and take care all of you.
  2. @dramaninja I am glad to hear that Geum Hui is finally going to leave the convenience store and finally work for Sang Won at his restaurant. But I should like to point out that we really shouldn’t be happy about this because this means the real hurdles for those two will also finally begin. Sang Won’s relationship to Sang Mi is about to be exposed in the next few episodes and we can blame all this indirectly on Sang Won. Remember he is going to appear in a TV show that will film him and his restaurant. Meaning Geum Hui is going to be shown working there and we all know what this means. Sang Won’s mother is initially pretend that she has no interest in the show but we all know that secretly she is going to watch it at some point and she will spot and recognize Geum Hui. This will result her in marching over to said restaurant and giver Geum Hui a piece of her mind. Ie why are you chasing after my son, what is your agenda etc… Naturally since Geum Hui’s mother works next door she is also going to find out about Sang Won and his family. Meaning she is going to be against her daughter working there and whatnot. I also just remember someone inquired in an earlier post why Sang Won could be a bit touchy about the matter his friend brought up regarding Youreum’s adoption and wondered if that response was whether he himself was adopted or he had abandoned a child. This is my take on his character (meaning this is purely assumption on my part). Let’s start with the matter of him being adopted. Probably not the case. We have seen that his mother wanted him to remain in the medical field and was against his first love because she didn’t come from a suitable background. Had he been adopted I doubt that would have been the case. She probably would have been angry at him for trying to betray the family and all but would have expected something like this since he didn’t share any of the family blood. She didn’t do that. She may be against his running of a restaurant yet she secretly went to attend his opening. She wouldn’t have done that if she wasn’t interested in him ie that he was her son. So in this case I don’t think that he was adopted. Oh speaking of this suddenly reminds me where Homewreckers mother first saw Leech. Yep exactly outside Sang Won’s restaurant. Leech was hilarious and thought that she was her competition and was trying to steal Sang Won from her. Only to be embarrassed when she discovered that she was indeed his mother. So I guess I should probably take back the theory that Leech is married to Homewreckers mothers brother. Now on to the matter of whether Sang Won may have abandoned a kid of his own. Knowing what we know of his nature I have a hard time believing that he would do something like that willingly. Not having a choice in the matter would be an entirely different thing. Some of you have mentioned that Bora might have been pregnant when she was last with him. His mother at this point may have given her money to not only get lost but also to get an abortion. If Bora took the money the mother probably never bothered to verify the fact if she got said abortion or not. In this case it is probable that Bora decided that she was better or raising the kid on her own rather than suffer the hassle of being with Sang Won and being part of his family. So it is very possible that she lied to him that she got an abortion and wants nothing to do with his family anymore before disappearing. In this sense one can say that he abandoned his child or that his girlfriend did. Since he doesn’t know the truth he could assume as much. Someone mentioned that Sang Mi and her family might go for a big wedding and have their pictures pasted in the newspaper and thus everyone will find out about it and all. Probably the most embarrassing thing that can happen here is that Leech’s husband sees her picture in the paper and thus manages to track her down and try and blackmail her. So even if he doesn’t’ turn out related to Sang Mi and family we can tell that he wasn’t all that well off (probably not a professor or a highly paid one) so he is going to demand that Leech give him a share of what she has been enjoying all this time or else he goes public with their relationship. I guess this is another way that Karma is going to strike and the Second Leads and their families. Anyway take care all of you. Now I am waiting for the next episode to show so that I can watch it. Will comment later then.
  3. @howa you beat me to the point regarding Sleazy (Shop Owner) I would have responded earlier but unfortunately like a clumsy person forgot my laptop at work so couldn’t reply and when I did get it I was feeling a bit under the weather. Regardless I wanted to point out that his actions shouldn’t really come as a surprise. I also know that one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but in this case it couldn’t be helped. Even before the latest episode showing just how Sleazy he really was he started showing his true colours early. Remember Episode 50. He was fully aware that Geumhui was married (he asked her this fact at her job interview either out of routine or it was in her resume) regardless of this fact he got the answer in the affirmative yet he tried to ask her out to meal. To me that is borderline Sexual Harassment and then he tried holding her hands even when he could see that she was uncomfortable when he did that. Plus, something like this was bound to happen in a drama like this otherwise if she had a great boss then there would be no reason for the main leads to work together or spend more time with each other. Well this should cover most of my points for the time being. Need to get back to work now. So till then take care all of you and keep posting.
  4. @angelwingssf and @joan0528 thankyou for taking time to answer my questions that was extremely helpful. Will catch up on the ones that I missed as soon as I finish watchin The Secret Life Of My Secretary and Her Private Life. Was already in the middle of them so don't want to drop them at the moment. Though from recent developments from what I am reading Duk Sil is going to get pregnant with the Main Leads kid. This is certainly going to complicate a lot of things for everyone. Well that is if he ends up marrying her otherwise all will be okay. Because the way I see it Si Wols kid won't hold any position if it is revealed that her husband is a fake, and the real son is Tae Yang. This means that his children will get first priority and even though Jimin is his real child a child by a legitimate wife will hold more sway. That means Duk Sil's kid will have more priority than Si Wols. This of course leads to other issues. if Miran was greedy enough to swap babies so that her kid gets the good life what is she going to do now. Her current son is set to be the heir to the company but her daughter has married the real heir. This really places her in a bind. If she corrects one mistake the other child suffers but she still needs to gain something from all this. How will she go about making both her children rule the company. How many backstabbing's are required in this show will certainly be interesting to watch now. Hopefully the Second Leads mother and family don't dump him the moment they realize the truth after all none of this was his fault in the first place. Also hope that Si Wol can end up healing his wounds because he certainly needs that. What I feel from watching the only episode that I did is that while she entered the house for revenge she also probably assumed that everyone in that place would be evil and rotten to the core only to discover this isn't the case. She will eventually have to make a choice and I will be interested to see what that will be. Anyway take care all of y
  5. I was introduced to this show recently when my KBS World was finally fixed. Unfortunately, this meant that my first episode that I watched was episode 18 therefore things are a bit confusing for me and I hope that these points have been either explained in the earlier episodes or someone has a better idea of them. Will eventually get to watching them but since I have a few shows to catch up prior to this it will probably take some time. So here are some of the questions that I have regarding the show and the characters involved. Oh well that will be all from my end. Lets see how this drama turns out. Didn’t watch the last one in this time slot so I am hoping that things will be different this time around. So even though I have a slight headache with all the confusion regarding just one episode that I watched I hope to stick around as it seems to be interesting for the time being. Till next time take care and keep posting..
  6. Do you know what time it is? It’s Q and A Time. So let’s get on with it. @Ldy Gmerm before I start of I want to just get technical on a point that you made. You mentioned how Sang Mi heeded her mother’s advice about getting a man lower than her so that she could better control them. To be exact it is the other way around. It was actually Sang Mi who suggested this to her mother when she was testing the waters so to speak to see if her mother would approve of someone from a lower standard compared to them and even brought up how her parents were a perfect example of this. She was pretty happy when she got her approval but at the same time equally dumb since she couldn’t see just how unhappy her parents are in actual life. It is to the extent that they sleep in different beds even though they share the same room. A fate that she will eventually share with her new husband. I guess that will be all for now. So till next time take care all of you and keep posting. Looking forward to reading your take on this drama.
  7. Yes finally my net and KBS World is back. This makes me so happy. It also allows me to finally catch up with this show and introduce me to another one as well though since I saw that from episode 18 things are a bit confusing and will probably need help in understanding a few things. Meaning hopefully if I get the time I will be joining you in that thread as well. (A Place Under The Sun) Anyway that should be all from my end for the time being. Let’s see how the show continues. Look forward to reading all your thoughts regarding the drama and all. So keep up the posts and thanks for keeping me up to date when I couldn’t watch said show. Till next time take care all of you.
  8. I still haven’t been able to watch this show due to KBS world still not working over here and with great difficulty thanks to the net here have just managed to watch two more episodes from my last post namely 24 and 25. So am totally dependent on all of your posts. So thanks in advance regarding them. So my first question is that did Geum Bi finally get that acting post that she wanted or did it fall to that other actress and if so what is she upto. Yes, I find that a bit more important than the main leads. Call me weird. Anyway got to run now. So take care all of you. Will now try and catch up on some of my older dramas till my net problem is resolved or KBS World is fixed. So keep posting till then.
  9. Due to my net issues I haven’t been able to watch my normal shows. Fortunately for me this means that I can catch up on some of my older shows. Just completed My Strange Hero and this show. To be honest I enjoyed this show a lot minus a few issues so I would probably grade it 3.5 out of 5 stars or 8 out of ten. The reason that I do is that I have a few questions that I feel that the show could have better answered yet didn’t. perhaps I’m just not that smart enough to figure them out on my own. The cast was fun including the Villain. He actually earns my respect for knowing and quoting Full Metal Alchemist (the bit about Equalent Exchange). Before anyone reads ahead I should warn all of you that I write long posts and sometimes ramble and get of topic. You have been warned. Anyway that is all from my end for the time being. I do feel that I have missed a point that someone else brought up but will try and figure that out later on. Till then I look forward to all your thoughts regarding my theories. Can they be possible or am I just thinking to much. Perhaps Psycho is really dead and Kang Gon did return for real. Thanks for reading my post and baring with such a long post. Take Care all of you.
  10. After watching the most recent episodes on KBS World and by reading some of your comments I have come to the following conclusion regarding Homewreckers Mom. Okay I think this covers most of my points. Sorry once again for the long post. Unfortunately, I need to take a break from this drama since KBS World for some reason has stopped airing over her and my net speed has gotten really bad that streaning or downloading this show has become out of the question. According to the technicians this problem will persist for quite some time till they figure it out. So I will be relying on all your comments in regards to this show, so keep posting as things seem to be getting interesting. Till then take care all of you,
  11. @Ldy Gmerm While I may agree with you in regards that had Jun Ho Cheated on Gemhui and Yooreum was his Bio Kid she would have probably forgiven him and accepted the kid as her own even though she might have been hurt by the betrayal because she loved him and all but I have some serious doubt that Yooreum would be his Bio Kid. Now if it is Kudos to you on figuring it out and this being a drama anything is possible if the writer so chooses and such reveals are not unexpected. Well this should cover some of my points for the time being. So take care all of you and keep posting. Looking forward to what comes next.
  12. Finally caught up with the episodes that I missed on KBS world so some of my questions got answered as to why Geumbi wasn’t selected for her role. Probably she is going to get selected for The Iron Lady since it is written by Gemhui’s BiL. Though I wonder if his identity will be revealed to her so soon. Remember he is supposed to be at the audition as a judge. Things are about to get awkward especially if he gets caught. I still have no idea how Gemhui’s MiL didn’t know whose house she was living in especially when it came to the matter of the family portrait that she moved and placed back. Well that will be all from my end for the time being till then take care all of you and keep posting and let’s see how this drama develops. It has potential but unfortunately I have seen dramas crash and burn somewhere in the middle or by the end that I have regrets watching them. Save the Family and A Tale Of Two Sisters/Sincerity Is The Way To Heaven come to mind See you till next time.
  13. Since I am watching this on KBS World I am still a few episodes back and I still have to catch up on a few episodes that I have missed. But regardless here are my thoughts regarding this drama so far. I know that I have some more to add but will do that later on. Right now I shall try and catch up to the episodes that I have missed so far. So till then take care all of you and keep posting.
  14. Being swamped with work has prevented me from doing two of my favorite things. Watching Korean Dramas and then commenting on them with all of you here. Regardless I managed to catch up on this drama with difficulty and now here are my thoughts regarding it. I would give it a 6/10. The story was nice but it still had its flaws such as some unanswered questions or them not being addressed properly. Not that it matters much. Let’s see if we can break them up and what your thoughts are on them. Well I think that this covers most of my issues with this show for the time being. If anyone else has anything else to add or disagree with me, please let me know or if they have better explanations then I am all ears. Also jokingly let me also add to the similarities between Healer as someone else did as well. So this is what happens when Healer is raised by an Assassin instead of his master and Hacking Ajuma. Though to be fair I think Healer was slightly more competent when it came to the matter of secret identities his was quite close but not perfect. I wonder what would have happened if those two characters ever met. Someone mentioned that it might have been a happier ending if his death had been faked by the government since they needed an expert assassin. I tend to disagree with that statement. The reason being that wouldn’t be a happy ending at all. He probably wanted to escape that life by the end but being forced to kill by the government is no better than what he was already doing. Had they faked it for witness protection then I might be all for it but not if he was forced to kill for other people. Anyway thanks for reading my long post and take care all of you who were in this thread.
  15. This totally slipped my mind but thanks to reading all your comments I just remembered. So here goes. Anyway that should cover some of the other points. Going to bed now. So take care all of you and keep posting as I am looking forward to reading them.
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