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  1. @Nikaa94 Is that a recent photo? If so, any mention of where it was taken? It's hard to tell if it's recent. i sometimes see photos with the current date, but it ends up a photo from years ago.
  2. The more I think about LMH portraying a dark character, the more I like it. Imagine his innocent face fooling his victim, then turning, his expression changing, not really evil, but more of a I've got you fooled. ************ It seems Soompi is stable. If it continues, I'll ask Lmangla about a poll. I may need more suggestion for favorite scene.
  3. Yes, I noticed the Moon couple eating at subway, That was the one PPL I did not want to see in TKEM. Yes, I saw Duel a couple years ago. I would love LMH to accept such a challenging role. I want LMH to play a bad boy. I think he'd be pretty hot as a bad boy *********** @Min2206: Yes, watch LOTBS. I'm working on the quiz. Pay attention to the smaller details! lol If we don't hear anything early next week, I'll start the quiz. ********* Can you guys believe I just figured out what that "+" sign is used for beside the "Quote"? I wonder how y'all have been able to quote multiple people. I did it the Neanderthal way---wait an hour or until someone posts! Argh
  4. cr: as tagged @Aleumdaun my vote is LOTBS! I'm working on the quiz for that drama now. Look at him, isn't he so cute You could never say no to that face --Aha! that's why he'd make a great villain! I'm on ep 13 getting my kleenex ready cuz I'm almost to that scene.
  5. Hey @Nikaa94, I wonder how credible the info is that we'll hear something in Aug. We need a Korean contact! Argh. Next time, one of us is in SK, make friends with one of the locals so we can get the 411! ********** So, while looking for an exercise video on YouTube, I stumbled across a kickboxing video totally in Korean. It's subbed, so I decided to try it. The instructor is good, but the two guys looked at little clumsy following her. I was trying to imagine LMH. I would not want to be next to him. I can imagine he might accidentally kick me with those long legs of his! lol
  6. I know exactly what you mean. Faith ranks lower on my list of LMh dramas, but I enjoyed his portrayal of Choi Young. I didn't care for Eun Sung in the beginning either--one of my pet peeves too much yelling. Have you watched the BTS with LMH and KHS? You can tell they really enjoyed each other's company.
  7. cr: itsliend Speaking of villains........... I think LMH would be a terrific villain, because you'd never suspect him of anything with his innocent looking face. ************ I actually think he will announce a project soon. he announces then it takes months and months to come to fruition. It seems that there are so many upcoming dramas, that I don't expect to see it until 2021 or earliest late Dec.
  8. I like the style eventually used! The one in the trailer looks too messy-not that a warrior had time to style his hair!
  9. ha! I didn't know KT scored higher than ES! I remember people posting about her score. I wonder if Young Do really applied himself, he'd score higher than Chan Young? *********** This is interesting @msdot. I thought I was imagining it, but the right side of his face has a softer look. I think his double eyelid is more pronounced on the right side. ******** When will we hear from LMH? AUGUST!
  10. I saw, in the Minoz Japan FB, a photo of LMH wearing a white t-shirt with 5 blue stars around the collar. His bangs are off his forehead. Did anyone else see that photo? I'm wondering if it's recent because I don't recognize that shirt. It's hard to tell the location.
  11. I think we are going to need to drag it out to keep the thread going. I also considered a bracket like poll, but we'd have to do it within the group. I don't think the poll we ask Lmangla to create for us is flexible. I keep thinking of more and more scenes that I like and they're all different than the ones mentioned by @msdot. Unless we break the poll up into romantic scenes, comedy, action etc. Hmm, that's an idea..........
  12. I've been thinking @Nikaa94, other than GB, I don't recall ever hearing a rumor that LMH is considering a project. Suddenly, the project will be announced. I suspect that is the case again. I'm hoping that he was at the restaurant eating udon wrapping up a business deal be it a project or an endorsement. ******* Ok guys, to pass the time, let's try to figure out how the favorite scene poll is going to work. Do we split it into 2 polls? But then most of the choices, I suspect, are from the more recent dramas. It will heavy competition between LOTBS and TKEM. Think people! lol *********** @Aleumdaun If you liked the diarrhea scene from PT, how about the one where Gae In asks Jin Ho "to buy the thing with wings"? I was watching a clip of that scene and was laughing in bed.
  13. In the words of GJP, it's now 13 days, 6 hours and 48 minutes since his last IG post lol
  14. thanks for the suggestions @msdot! PT and BH would be the hardest ones since I don't think people rewatch those two as much. I was thinking about the diarrhea scene for PT lol @AgentQuakeI saw your suggestions a couple pages back too. There will be so many suggestions that we may need to split into 2 polls. *********** Where's our crying @Nikaa94? **********
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