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  1. @Lindyloo421: I started to watch Mackerel Run on youtube. I only watched 2 episodes, but I think all 8 ep were there. It probably will take some searching since a search for Mackerel Run had a lot of hits.
  2. cr: as tagged Next week my favorite LBS episode 13. I gotta get my kleenex ready. Remember to keep track of your favorite episodes. Episode 13 is one of my favorites of all LMH dramas.
  3. TGIF (well for some of us)! @Lindyloo421Thanks for starting LBS ep 12 for us! I finished watching it on my new bigger TV. So nice to see LMH's face so big! I have to say that I hate those huge Frankenstein looking boots LMH is wearing in that instagram post where he is wearing the black suit. Does he really need shoes with soles 1" thick? Isn't he tall enough?
  4. Good to see you @Kris Silva! Well call me gullible!. I thought the voice was rather deep for someone that young! Do you watch certain episodes or scenes repeatedly or the entire series? I've watched several scenes a number of times, but not the entire drama. I hope you'll be able to join in the fun once The King airs. I'm hoping it will be as fun as we had commenting about LBS. I think LMH 's body looked the best in CH, meaning, healthiest. I think he looks better with a lean looking face, like in LBS, but I think his body was too thin.
  5. I thought I read somewhere that Netflix deletes shows after a while. I'm sure I'll want to rewatch the drama many times. One thing I do like about viki are the comments. sometimes people can write some pretty funny things. But, at the end of day, like you, as long as I can watch it, I don't care where I watch it.
  6. Welcome @Heretorant! Please tell us, if you don't mind, how you found LMH. We enjoy hearing everyone's story. cr: SBS Catch @happivirus: It does look like a young LMH. The voice is similar as well. I wonder where the video was found. Glad to see Kimsocool is still following LMH. So, rabbits are the mascot of that hotel chain? I thought LMH randomly drew a rabbit. I thought it was a strange choice. I guess the next time we see LMH may be going to SBS for script reading.
  7. Speaking of script reading, I found this this morning cr: as tagged I guess LMH will be heading to the script reading for the King soon if filming begins in Sept.
  8. cr: YukidiCa One of my favorite scenes from ep 10. LMH/HJJ is so cute! Happy Labor Day weekend to my US chingus! Is it confirmed that Kakao M acquired MYM?
  9. @Lindyloo421Thank you so much for the link to the SBS Awards show with the Heirs parody. I've been looking for the English translation. Geez, didn't LMH look so handsome that night? I know I read the entire thread (except anything recent), but I totally missed this post. He looked so happy that night.
  10. cr: as tagged I hope we see The King in March. soompi has a thread with the upcoming dramas, so I'm going to check if the King is listed since we know SBS will air that drama. Maybe it's too far in the future.
  11. @SophieH:Thanks for telling us how you found LMH. Yeah, LMH looks different in almost every drama that I've seen him in. The one I still can't get past is LMH as GJP. If he'd only curl his hair...just once.. Yeah, the time between LBS and his MS was the worst. Yes, it's that time again...LBS ep 9! Ep 9 is one of my favorite episode as I will explain in my comments, probably late tomorrow.
  12. @MsDot2: I think I've mentioned that I live in So Cal. I've only shared my love of kdramas and LMH with a few people. Not even my close friends know about LMH (or that I watch kdramas). I really wanted to know what someone, a female, who is not a fan of Asian men (not that they dislike them, just not into them), thought of LMH. I finally showed a coworker friend the SBS 2016 drama awards video. She agreed that LMH is good looking. I think he is a little too lean for her taste. I found that another coworker's family (Filipino, but from Guam) is into kdramas and kpop. I told him that I'm coming over to watch kdramas with his family lol. NOt sure if they like LMH (or know who he is). One day, I'll ask. @1ouise: I also noticed that the number of followers is dropping. Hmm, so soompi may be deleting people who are no longer active? I know a lot who use to comment no longer comment, but I expect (hope!) that they will return when LMH is more active or his drama begins.
  13. @Lindyloo421: You became a fan even after looking at LMH with the croissant curls? lol. It didn't bother me, although it looked--different. Did you watch the rest of his dramas in order? I watched Faith, then city hunter. Did you watch Secret Campus? Even though LMh wasn't the lead or in many of the scenes, it actually was a pretty good drama. I still haven't seen mackeral run. Hmm, maybe I should watch it now since we have time before the King. I really shouldn't have limited the question of how people stumbled across LMH. I have no idea how @gtLmh0622 or @1ouise discovered LMH. so anyone can respond to the question. When I first joined, I mentioned how I discovered LMH, but I don't think many people do.
  14. cr: as tagged I'm not sure if I want to see the King on Netflix or viki. In a way, I like viki because of the comments, although I do get distracted trying to read the comments and subtitles, simultaneously. I missed some scene in ep 8 because I was reading the comments. On the flip side, the comments also give the LMH naysayers a platform for negative comments about him and/or his acting. I'm surprised to see LMH in a mask again. i would think he'd never want to see another mask after wearing them for 2 years.
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