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  1. Sis EmilyD. can you please upload the pictures and videos of our princess KHS attended the awards. Thanks in advance.
  2. Happy blessed birthday to my one ad only fav. Wishing you good health and happiness always.
  3. What about Cafe m? can someone please upload koo's photos in the airport going to Japan. Thank you in advance.
  4. Sis Emily D. thanks for the info. Actually i'm watching blood right now episode 12. Missing them so badly.
  5. Yes! can't wait to see you GHS. Next project pls. in kdrama. Missing you badly. Thanks sis Cheerkoo. Sorry miss NoraM.
  6. Have a wonderful, happy, healthy success to your career life now and forever. Happy blessed birthday!
  7. OMG!!! super super happy to see them together both beautiful ang handsome. Big thanks Tsg.
  8. Again thank you sis. she's more pretty if there's no bangs. I hope it's another CF for our princess.
  9. Thak you sis yongwha for the beautiful pix of koo. Hope next post we can hear good news for her coming kdrama project. Missing her terribly. .
  10. Congratz unnie happy to see you active again. More blessings to come.I'm happy for you.
  11. Happy Wedding Anniversary to my dearest loving couple. Thank you so much nice to see both of you. Thank you sis Kooswan.
  12. Overload of happiness. Thanks sunnies.
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