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  1. Try thekdramaholic in YouTube, I love that channel so much. It have the prettiest HPL sub ever and she uploaded all the BTS since episode 1, press conference and 1st shoot also.
  2. OHMYGOD. Thanks goodness. I always worry about rating it would received, while we enjoy the drama so much, the ratings stayed around 2%, which is weird and sad. I really wish HPL will receive at least 5%, So the HPL crew and actors know that they successfully delivered a great drama.. Anywayyyyyy... The mysterious "kid" in DM past who we believe might be RG, also wear a knitted sweater. Maybe the lion doll is not the first knitted things DM's mom give to RG lol. I'm sorry Ryan-ssi if that "kiss" doesn't fall under your qualification of "mature" What kind of things I may ask that should happen between you and DM for you to consider it mAtUrE
  3. tvn crew currently undergo HPL bluray consumer survey in http://cafe.daum.net/herprivatelife i really want to join, but i dont understand a thing.. is there anyone here who can help me? thankyou..
  4. Geonwoo interaction with deokmi and Ryan?? I WILL PRAY HARD FOR IT TO HAPPEN XD I think kjw likes little kid so much, I once watch a video where he suddenly said "hello!" In the middle of interview (?) as soon he saw little kid peering behind a door, looking at him. Therefore, stopping the interview in the process. Because kjw wanted to speak with kid rather than continuing the conversation with the camera lol. But first thing first, I need Ryan and deokmi to solve everything that went wrong between them kkk~
  5. ..but maybe....maybe pmy indeed had seen him before? As you may know, KJW starred in musical Hedwig season 2 in 2016 with Jo Jung Suk. PMY once came to hedwig musical to support JJS as labelmates (they were labelmates in culture depot) and a fan. She even posted a selfie with JJS in her Instagram. So.. Maybe she even saw KJW?
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