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  1. ah, the final bts video is out :tears: will this be the last time i'll gif anything related to them? (hopefully not!)


    i am going to miss seeing their playfulness. 




    (to view the gifs much bigger in size, you can just click on them :))


    more gifs under spoiler:






    (i'm such a weak baby but seeing kjw tear up during the proposal scene actually made me tear up :tears:)




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  2. 15 minutes ago, Kpzzzz said:

    Hope someone can help us get through the page so we can increase orders for the dvd. 


    This pic is soooo cute!!:wub:



    Hello~ I made a tutorial previously on how to create a daum account, see below:


    On 5/7/2019 at 10:45 PM, taedysol said:

    Hi guys! As some of you may know, herprivatelife_bd (on instagram or herprivatelife_ on twitter) are currently doing a demand survey for Her Private Life Blu-ray/DVD. There are minimum orders to be reached before production can begin. I know from previous experiences that such DVDs will include unreleased scenes, more behind-the-scenes making videos, interviews with the actors/actresses etc. So for anyone who is interested in filling out the survey, I have done a tutorial. It is pretty easy and no payment is needed as this is just a demand survey.


    Please see below for tutorial :)


      Reveal hidden contents

    Step 1:



    Step 2:



    Step 3:



    Step 4:

    (This might be a little confusing so feel free to ask if you need help!)



    Step 5:



    Step 6:



    Step 7:



    AND YOU ARE DONE! Thank you for your participation :D



    Another alternative, instead of navigating through the fancafe page, you can participate in the survey through this link :) (you would still need a daum account i believe for you to know the DVD production progress.


    Hope it helps!

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  3. thought i'd share 2 gifs i made of our otp that would be good as reaction gifs :D loving how in-sync their reactions were during this interview :wub:






    . . . this is not an image lol



    (also, i'm not asking much but it would be great if people don't cut-off my watermark on my gifs if they were to repost them :sweatingbullets: actually saw my gifs on IG without the watermark...)


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  4. Made a gif of the moment @Sky8lue mentioned in her post. Not exactly the best quality since I made it using my iPhone lol 




    But anyway, I truly loveeee how comfortable they are throughout the interview. It seems so ~easy~ with them. If that makes sense. I hope for them to do more interviews together!


    Also, I might actually do a compilation of all the times PMY compliments KJW, calling him either handsome, cool etc and then all of KJW's reactions to it :D It's always very amusing.

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  5. one thing i’m really thankful about the people here is that we are all mature and just happily shipping our ship aka minding our business. so i thank you guys for that! and i hope this continues because this is what makes shipping fun :) 

    (i’ve read some really nasty comments, esp those that hate on KJW which honestly makes me sad as a fan, but i try hard not to let it bother bc it’s usually shippers of other ships that make such hateful comments lol so their comments are irrelevant anyway) 

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  6. i think what makes this drama even more enjoyable than it already is for me, is seeing their making videos and knowing how great the atmosphere is behind the scenes. you can clearly see from the making videos that the leads enjoy shooting this drama and you can tell the staff too with how the staff laugh along with them when something funny happens. it’s just overall such a great working environment :wub: must be a lot of fun being a part of this team! truly hope they get to go on a trip together once they’re done with this drama~

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  7. 4 minutes ago, starrysky18 said:

    Oh really? That s amazing as It is frustrating for such a talented actor like him only getting to do lead role recently. After his stellar performance in voice, I thought he would be doing lead roles but only this Yr, he got the chance. I want him to be more successful. 

    But could I get link for that fb page? His photos there are new to me. Thanks 



    here’s the link to the fb page! 



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