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  1. ah, the final bts video is out will this be the last time i'll gif anything related to them? (hopefully not!) i am going to miss seeing their playfulness. (to view the gifs much bigger in size, you can just click on them ) more gifs under spoiler:
  2. they must be super duper comfortable with each other to the extent that pmy wipes her lipstick off kjw's lips? correct me if i'm wrong because maybe i just don't watch enough behind-the-scenes videos of dramas but it seems so rare that actors/actresses are This Comfortable with each other after doing a kiss/intimate scene? anyway, i giffed some of my fave parts from the bts! (i died and resurrected many times watching the making video)
  3. Is there something wrong with me if RG's/KJW's ehem peach ehem was distracting me a little in this scene asdfghjkl Those Fitted Pants [inserts fire emoji here]
  4. Wow, this post about this particular gif of our ship actually got 17k likes and 10k comments in this Korean community with over 600k+ followers. Their power Let me just bring back the gif:
  5. new post by soop on naver regarding our leading man~ https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=20340694&memberNo=22903361
  6. So apparently KJW’s and PMY’s stylists actually plan beforehand together so that the leads can match esp in scenes that they have together
  7. So when I first watched the ep, I had a feeling that PMY’s legs were on top of KJW’s lap but because of the blanket I wasn’t so sure. After seeing this though, I am convinced. Aaaaahhhh they’re so cute T_____T
  8. Her Private Life remains #1 as buzzworthy drama. Same for Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young - #1 and #2 again. Great job to the HPL team!
  9. Kim Jae Wook and Jung Jaewon (ONE) seen filming today. Putting the photos in spoiler: (source)
  10. This is random but I'm just waiting for the moment when RG finds out about the photos DM has taken of him before they officially dated I can imagine their reactions will be hilarious, especially knowing how RG likes to tease DM
  11. Hello~ I made a tutorial previously on how to create a daum account, see below: Another alternative, instead of navigating through the fancafe page, you can participate in the survey through this link (you would still need a daum account i believe for you to know the DVD production progress. Hope it helps!
  12. Just wanted to share this moment whereby PMY was initially laughing out loud because KJW was putting flour all over her face. But then her facial expression started to soften when KJW started speaking softly towards her (as though just between the both of them) and he said "Ah, pretty~". (THE WAY I SCREAMED AT THAT) Then, I don't know, maybe PMY realised they were in the middle of filming so she quickly took more flour and slathered it all over KJW's face Man, I don't know how many times I've replayed this BTS video Thank you to this pairing for giving me every happiness <3
  13. So during the scene where DM fell asleep while watching movie with RG, PMY actually really fell asleep and look at KJW being all soft towards her, stroking her head while PMY just looked so lost after she woke up (so cute too) One thing is for sure, KJW seems to adore her
  14. thought i'd share 2 gifs i made of our otp that would be good as reaction gifs loving how in-sync their reactions were during this interview pardon? . . . this is not an image lol (also, i'm not asking much but it would be great if people don't cut-off my watermark on my gifs if they were to repost them actually saw my gifs on IG without the watermark...)
  15. instead of making a video compilation, i made gifs instead of all those times PMY complimented KJW of his good-looks/aura. so far, i think she has mentioned at least twice that she finds KJW handsome and it makes her happy LOL so without a doubt, we can confirm the fact that she finds him attractive. gifs in spoiler below: Can we also talk about how PMY has her body leaned against KJW like almost throughout the whole interview? You can even see part of her chair because she's probably sitting a lot more on her left side, nearer towards KJW I think body language says a lot and it's pretty evident how comfortable she is with him. And this interview was from a month or so ago? I'm sure now, with how they practically see each other almost every day for shooting, how much more comfortable they are (re: behind the scenes footage) More gifs in spoiler below: gahhh, want more interviews of them (and hopefully with interesting questions asked too) p.s. please tell me if i'm breaking any rules ;;; not sure if it's alright for me to post many gifs in one post
  16. Made a gif of the moment @Sky8lue mentioned in her post. Not exactly the best quality since I made it using my iPhone lol But anyway, I truly loveeee how comfortable they are throughout the interview. It seems so ~easy~ with them. If that makes sense. I hope for them to do more interviews together! Also, I might actually do a compilation of all the times PMY compliments KJW, calling him either handsome, cool etc and then all of KJW's reactions to it It's always very amusing.
  17. one thing i’m really thankful about the people here is that we are all mature and just happily shipping our ship aka minding our business. so i thank you guys for that! and i hope this continues because this is what makes shipping fun (i’ve read some really nasty comments, esp those that hate on KJW which honestly makes me sad as a fan, but i try hard not to let it bother bc it’s usually shippers of other ships that make such hateful comments lol so their comments are irrelevant anyway)
  18. i think what makes this drama even more enjoyable than it already is for me, is seeing their making videos and knowing how great the atmosphere is behind the scenes. you can clearly see from the making videos that the leads enjoy shooting this drama and you can tell the staff too with how the staff laugh along with them when something funny happens. it’s just overall such a great working environment must be a lot of fun being a part of this team! truly hope they get to go on a trip together once they’re done with this drama~
  19. look at both their red ears after their intense kissing
  20. here’s the link to the fb page! https://m.facebook.com/killingtimeee2/
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