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    Kim Bum Soo

    2019.08.26 Kim Bum Soo, extraordinary concert "More Classic" Seongnam performance... "A handsome voice, and moving performance." Kim Bum Soo gave a summer night's emotional panoramic performance through his solo stage. Young Entertainment announced on the 26th that Kim Bum Soo's solo concert "The Classic" at Seongnam Arts Center's Opera House in Gyeonggi Province recently ended with success. This is the fifth performance of "The Classic" in 2019 after Busan, Jeonju, Daegu, Ulsan, and Seongnam City, where Kim Bum Soo's solo performance has been held in four years since 2015, and has sold out since two months before the concert. During the performance, Kim Bum Soo showed his all-time charm by not only presenting a high-quality live performance amid the enthusiastic audience's response, but also presenting instant live- song gifts to the audience after the return of "Encore". Kim Bum Soo said, "I'm very happy and thrilled to be able to perform well on the stage that you've been longing for with all of us. I'm really grateful that you let me know why I'm singing and why I should work hard," he said on stage. The audience said, "The Class is eternal. They delivered reviews such as "The Best Performances," "Kim Bum Soo Without Words," "The Outstanding singer," "Thank you for the continuous return, and giving us a wonderful memory," and "Every concert, I'm moved by his rich composition and singing ability." Meanwhile, Kim Bum Soo will continue his tour schedule for "The Classic" until next year with Seoul at the end of the year, following his recent tour performances in five cities - Busan, Jeonju, Daegu, Ulsan and Seongnam. *please refer to the original article in the Korean language for accuracy of the contentsSource:http://m.etnews.com/20190826000287
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