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  1. Well...that's a wrap lol 



    I didn't expect anything more than they get revived with a HE ending and they just gave us that - nothing more - no further explanation on anything other than a sweet epilogue...


    Even sad, I prefer the original ending which had a lasting impression for me rather than combining it together... I may be the minority, but I felt that the meaning of their sacrifice is more meaningful that way... and then later we get a snip of the epilogue of their happy ending which is sweeter that way...


    I just realized that all three main leads; wishes did come true at the end with this epilogue -


    YY - World peace

    YD - Well-known play writer

    YM - YD's happiness


    Also, some minor observations 1) Poor YM is not only obedient to YD but to her son as well, he had to close his eyes when he helps the child catch fishes 2) YY is finally eating crabs with his own hand (assuming he will be serving YD now lol) 3) At the theater, did someone said Lu Ming planted the watermelon? Does that mean Lu Ming is still alive? 4) YD's latest play is call "Chen Xiang Ru Xie aka Agarwood Like Crumbs" - I suddenly have a wild assumption that the entire Part 1 of immortal Samara is written as YD's play (in which it ended with YD regaining her memory and deciding to leave YY) or the actual novel is YD's play (in which she chose to be with YM instead). In real life, she got her happiness with YY but in her play, she chose to give YM a happy ending instead? Just my wild thoughts lol 



    All in all I did enjoy this drama a lot - mainly for the main leads' performance and I still plan to rewatch some part of the drama for the leads but probably not the entire drama. I think I need a break from Xianxia (unless the longest promise decided to drop on us) but both CY and YZ's drama will be on my to-watch list going forward :D

  2. 1 hour ago, leo2020 said:


    @BreezeC hi, may be you can help me with smth:)- during that scenes towards the ending, when YY has gone pretty crazy when he lost His Supreme Magesty's spirit, I really couldn't understand why YY wasn't able to control his Asura powers by himself and only with the help of the spirit? Bcs other Asuras seemed to be completely fine with their powers, even his dad.  Have I missed smth? 



    Good question :D I don't think they explained the 'why' but that it is a fact. (anyone feel free to correct me if I missed anything) However, I did saw a weibo post of someone's interpretation of this and it makes the most sense to me - 


    YY is not a pure Asura - he is a mix of the two most powerful bloodline in this world (Asura's king and Primordial goddess), therefore, his existence should be forbidden. The world should be a place of balance, the two great powers should balance each other, right and wrong, light and dark, good and evil etc and not coexist. Both powers cannot coexist in one being and that's why if he released his Asura power, he would lose his mind completely beyond his control. That's why the heaven king need to help him suppress his Asura power as it will result in catastrophe in three ways (which I was hoping the drama could explain it better, but they just said this will happen without any explanation on the 'why')


    1) YY will lose his mind and bring chaos to the world

    2) His mother's seal will be broken, and no barrier will exist to divide the three realms for peace

    3) All the Asura soldiers will be resurrected for war


    Some other thoughts about the ending - 


    Some people were comparing YY's destiny as a dead-end chess match - since the day he is born, he is doomed for this ending as the only way out is to sacrifice...But remember that YD is an expert in chess match and always able to turn things around... at the end, when YD sacrificed herself to be with YY, we see that YY still have that small bit of gold spirit left and YD's pink spirit was wrapping around him. 


    I don't know what's the extra surprise tomorrow, but my thought is that at the ending of 59, when both of their spirits fly into the censer, they will be revived since based on their previous dialogues, the agarwood never turned to ashes - hence the chinese name of the drama for Part 2 - so I am hopeful :D


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  3. 14 hours ago, 杨过是大哥哥 said:

    about the final episode when they had a sword duel and stab each other , next scene they were not injured

    I was momentarily confused , did he unlock his father's spirit for a revival ?

    after the scene completed , the duo is just his imagination , to bid farewell and let go of his regrets as an orphan , the dead did not revive and his father's spirit still had regrets @ that moment of death


    My interpretation of this scene -


    In the demon realm, they can conjure up a person's worst nightmare and fear - that's why HuanQin conjured up YY's father because he knows YY's bloodline is YY's greatest fear and that stem from his father. Remember YY grew up thinking that his father from the Asura clan seduced his mother and he is born out of deceit, believing he is the product of wrongdoing and can doom the world. I believe the scene is to show that YY's finally resolve his childhood 'fear' and that he is born out of love. His father loves his mother and willing to shorten his lifespan to continue reversing time to revive his mother, as it doesn't matter how long a life you live but how meaningful you live it. Also, YY realized that his mother died to protect the world but at the same time, he is born to protect the world because with his birth, his father stopped to dominate the world. Overall, there is no resolution to his father and his mother characters or story because they died already but this is the resolution and interpretation of their story by their son in his mind. I actually quite like this scene. 


    In addition, I really like the fact that the message behind the story regarding 'bloodline'. You will think that once they exposed YY's bloodline, everyone will be against him but those people who benefited or received his kindness in the past are willing to believe him and stand by his side. Actions speak louder than your bloodline. His father's follower wanted him to live up to his bloodline and revive his people, but YY stand strong as he said he is not defined by his bloodline but himself. Absolutely love it when he said his title to Lingjiang when he kept calling him young master. Also YY said that one's righteousness can only be achieved through understanding, not cultivating (also, in the lyric of the themesong) I can't help but compare that to HuanQin who removed his 'bloodline' to be a god, but his greed and hatred ultimately defined him.


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  4. The more I rewatch the ending, the more I actually like the ending. It is a good conclusion to YY and YD's love. 



    From the very beginning YY is destined to sacrifice for the greater good but he learned how to love a person and be 'human'. At the end, even when he chose to sacrifice himself, he makes sure that YD knows and feels his love for her. His love never changed and that she is as important to him as the world...his last words to her...


    From the moment YD felt in love with YY, she only wants to stand by his side. She never truly expects him to give up his responsibilities for her. She only wants his love in return and to be able to care for him. Even at the beginning, she said "you are responsible to take care of the world, and I am responsible for taking care of you". YD never expects YY to throw everything away for love, she understands that he is bound to his responsibility but what she is scared of all along is YY leaving her behind, pushing her away, and forgetting about her. She simply wants to be with him vs YY simply want her to be well which concluded their love story very well in the ending. 


    I have long given up on all the plot holes/bad side character development/bad CG/pacing or logic of this drama. For a 'big' production, it is really not living up to it at all (seems to be happening a lot these days) BUT if you can ignore all of those and focus on only the main leads' characters and storyline, I think it is quite outstanding. Yang Zi and Cheng Yi really brought these two characters to life which makes me sit through the entire drama for them. I can rewatch their scenes numerous times and still feel their characters...They are definitely actor and actress that I will be watching out for in the future!


    @Keekiii I actually like Yumo's character but there is really no development to his character at all. Agree that he is the third wheel friend. Although I enjoyed seeing the three-trio tag teaming, it is so funny that he always be assigned to go back to the mountain lol 




    It does show that when Zhixi was killed that her heart landed on to HuanQin's hand. I was actually surprised that Zhixi took some pill before she died so that even when HuanQin got her heart, it ended up backfiring on him - Smart move girl :)




    Taoziqi is so blinded by love that it is crazy. She and Liuweiyang is sooooo similar that they can do anything (and I mean anything- e.g. kill yourself, hurt your clan, sleep with another guy) for love. In comparison to love from all these side characters, YY and YD's love is the most realistic, logical and healthy. One can't sacrifice oneself completely for love (Taoziqi and Liuweiyang - they lost everything for love), and one can't become obsessed with power over love (Huan Qin and YY's dad who lost their love and failed to gain power) That's why even thorough I like the ending as is, we need a HE epilogue because YY and YD really really deserve to have their happy ending 


  5. Please let there be a special/extra episode!!!!!



    The ending is kind of expected and match both leads characteristic. I may be the minority that thinks the ending fit both leads - I absolutely know that YY will sacrifice himself for the greater good - His commitment to the world and his promise for peace will always come first (as YD knows from the very beginning) which is why I know he will do it but that didn't save myself from crying... and the moment YD started talking I know she will die with him because this is the same YD that jumped off the bridge for love... My poor heart from watching this couple...so true to their characters from start to finish but soooooooooo heartbreaking... when they show the last few mins of the mortal world, I already have a strong suspicion that Youku will do some sort of epilogues because it doesn't feel like the final final ending...like there is something more...

    (this remind me of the time I watched sleepless princess/word of honor, and the broadcasting platform did the same thing...forgot was it also Youku) But why do we have to wait until Wednesday????? How the h*** can I survive five days for the surprise, and they didn't even say epilogue or alternative ending, right?  

  6. @Keekiii Regarding the jade


    my understanding is that it is to absorb the life essence of others to yourself, not to complete his time traveling device. He always have the device to alter time; hence the flashback on the reversal of the other clan killing himself. That scene was before he met the goddess. (which I agree was randomly shown) 


    Asura's clan is very powerful but their weakness is short life span. Therefore, he wants the jade to extend the life span of his people. I think he is already powerful enough to absorb the life essence of others but with the jade ability, he can absorb a lot more. In the last scene at the battlefield, I believe he is using the jade to absorb multiple people.  


  7. 2 hours ago, leo2020 said:

    I'm honestly starting to have a kind of crush on bad daddy Asura:wub:, great job by CY)). 



    Oh yes - I especially love the scene


    where the goddess outed him on his deceit and he didn't even explain, so matter of fact that he did nothing wrong and that he loves her. With his big 'innocent' eyes, I seriously understand why any women will fall for him lol 


    "oh you must have found out about the fake jade...are you hurt? Do you need to use it?" (Me: The jade was hers in the first place!)


    "but I love you...that is not a lie..." (Me: But everything else is a lie!)


    "There is no use...you can't kill me...don't hurt yourself..." (Me: You already hurt her very badly!)


    Although Asura is very very tempting, hard to resist a baddie like this but my heart goes to YY especially when 



    he and YD received their punishment - throughout the whole time, he was comforting YD. He didn't try to 'protect' her the same way in the past (sheltered everything for her without her awareness) but stand by her and respect her decision. Love it when he asked whether she is able to continue to take the punishment, and only when he knows she can't that he stepped in. I see an understanding between both leads after everything they've been through, their love matured on common ground.  


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  8. 14 hours ago, impoppies said:

    Oh well. A sad and hurting (yet retaining that characteristically haughty bearing of his) male lead is what I am here for. Especially this particular male lead.


    Oh yes - 200% agree with you! I can ignore the bad cutting/editing and the illogical flow of the story as long as there is good acting and character development. I think I have become a huge fan of Cheng Yi's acting. :fullofhearts:



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  9. 3 hours ago, rabbit_casa said:

    I read the original novel. They really changed the story a lot in the drama. I agree with you sometimes the novel is better than the adapted drama. 

    In the case of Immortal Samsara, the plot in the novel is more logical. Like how YY misunderstood that YD's sister was the one who saved him, his progress to figure out his feelings for YD, how YD came to love Yu Mo and chose to move on from her love for YY... they were all explained well and you feel the progress of the story is quite natural. In the drama, sometimes I feel that the script writers quite pushed it and the flow of the story isn't quite right.


    I am sort of glad I didn't read the novel because I had enough of my favorite novel turned to drama and it didn't live up to it or plainly butchered the essence of the novel. Just curious, is the motive of YD's sister the same as the novel? That she pretends to be YD to gain higher ranking?


    @杨过是大哥哥 Thanks for sharing - I literally survive the weekend by going through BTS, fanmade mv and video clips :joy:

  10. 5 hours ago, impoppies said:

    It would seem she is set on nursing that perceived grievance of hers. I am confused.


    At first it is easier for me to sympathize with the male lead because he has such great responsibilities and his actions were understandable vs the female lead's actions seem rash and irrational but if I put myself in the female lead's mindset, I think her action is understandable. If we don't view the story as a third person, in the female's point of view (keep in mind that she was only 500 so years old vs YY who is 10,000+ years old and been through two major wars along with the burden of his 'dark' bloodline) YD pretty much have a very sheltered life, she doesn't have ambition to move up in her role but want to depend on her sister for protection with a dream of being a care-free good writer). Therefore, I can view her as very young and naive in her emotion and love. If you think about it, her love is absolute, when she loves YY, she is willing to sacrifice everything for him (her heart, the rule, and her life); therefore, when she is heartbroken, she did the most extreme deed (jump off the bridge) to sort of get back at him or prove her point. Yes, very illogical but this is a girl in love. Sort of like a teenage girl in love, the weight of love to YD is everything at this stage. When she thought he jumped off the bridge to save her, her hope rises again. Her emotion depends on him and all she wanted is his love in return, but he can't give her that. So, like a child, she said she will make him watch her forget about him, hurting herself in the process. Yet, she can't because a love this strong, beyond all the pain she suffers, can't be easily wipe out. 


    Now, fast forward to the YD who regain back her memories and viewed all the suffering in the mortal realm, she is now 1,300+ years old vs TZ's 20 years old of human life. It is understandable that all she wants to do is to get away from him, to YD, TZ is just YY without his memories; therefore, whatever TZ does, or feel is only temporary. After being hurt, there is no way that YD will allow herself to love YY and absolutely not TZ. She been through the dream where they got married and have a kid, it is more painful when the dream ended as she knows YY will chose his responsibilities/duties and leave her behind.  Of course, she will not let it happen again, the pain is still raw to her.


    Overall, both YD and YY's actions make sense based on their characters but the main barrier to their relationship is never the 'rule' but that they don't understand each other. (age-gap? lol) Therefore, they need to reverse their role in order to understand and grow to learn the proper way to love each other...which we will see as the story progress... 

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  11. Really enjoy the latest two episodes



    YD forgive and understand YY. She finally understands the consequences of taking action without consideration. 


    YD and TZ is back to their playful selves. So sweet :)


    I actually quite like to see the friendship between YM and TZ, YM trust TZ on his promise and believe he have nothing to do with the kidnapping/killing of yao. They are both love rivals, but they respect each other and never hold any grudge against each other.


    Also, I love seeing TZ wearing his heart on his sleeve...there is absolutely no hiding of his love for YD, such a contrast from YY!!! lol 



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  12. It has been a while since I watched a Xianxia drama, I missed some of the well-known popular ones since Three miles blossom so to me Immortal Samsara is not as 'repetitive' or the 'same story' as some people commented. I went in without much expectation but was really surprised that it got me hooked and the main reason is really the main leads acting that brought the characters to life. Cheng Yi is a new found gem for me because I never saw any of his drama before this and Yang Zi is always on more checkout list for her drama because her acting never disappoint. 



    Storyline wise I think the editing and some characters lack of development affects the flow and the pacing of the story. Ying Deng character doesn't make sense to me because she just come off a typical villain with no background that can be relatable (for me, even the most hateful villain should have some quality that make them pitiful, if not, as least reasonably unreasonable if that make sense lol) which makes her screentime quite unbearable. 


    However, for the main leads' characters and storyline, this drama is so worth it. Ying Yuan and Yan Dan story is too beautiful and tragical in the heaven realm that it kept me engaged in the next phrase of their story. The only part that I felt they should focus on more is the dream where they both spend a lifetime together because this the main reason why their love became so deep and unforgettable which led to both of their suffering (one to remember and one to forget). 


    In the mortal world, it is as if everything is restarted, and they get to be themselves and ironically, they still end up falling in love even if they are at 'opposite' side or forbidden, a yao hunter and a flower yao. Even as a new story, there were so many similar between their interaction and character traits compared in the heaven realm, that I want to give a thumbs up to the production team. It is actually quite sweet to see them fall in love again...


    I did saw some comments that viewer felt pitiful for Tang Zhou because he is not Ying Yuan but getting Yan Dan's treatment because of Ying Yuan or that Tang Zhou is his own person and not Ying Yuan. To me, Tang Zhou is the real Ying Yan without the weight of the three realm or his birth heritage which allows him to be more care-free. Whether it is Ying Yuan or Tang Zhou, they are both brought up to be righteous, to battle the world's darkness, and to do good but they are both also 'naughty', playing trick on others, and not very forgiving (a trait that only Yan Dan see through ). Without the weight of Ying Yuan, Tang Zhou can easily give up and satisfy for love (same as the Yan Dan in the heavenly realm) whereas Yan Dan with her memories is more like Ying Yuan because she knows that Tang Zhou will need to go back to the heavenly realm and resume his duties. Why would she accept and live another lifetime with him (like in the dream) when she knows she will end up getting hurt again. 


    I like the fact that I can 'get' both characters development and perspective (even though I feel sad for both of them); their actions make sense, and I can't wait to see continue development in which Yan Dan will understand Ying Yuan's responsibilities and the greater good vs Ying Yuan/Tang Zhou will understand love is not forbidden but is important for oneself. 


  13. Although I love their bickering interaction, I also like how they compared their business like a battlefield - I find it kinda of cute that the pronunciation of the ML's name is = to a Marshal (arranging and planning strategies of the army) and the FL's name is = to a General (leading the army). It is refreshing to see LYX in this role and I was so ready to see him in a modern romcom lol

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  14. I am new to this thread and I didn't manage to finish this drama when it aired because I really can't watch suffering and sad drama plus I heard they cut most of the good stuff but that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate the high quality of this drama. I think this drama is a work of art itself but the theme may be hard for some people to continue watching. When I heard the cuts and the final ending is released, I couldn't resist and watched it. I hope someone who finished the drama can do some review and analysis on their thoughts on the ending - I'll love to hear and read it to appreciate this drama more...


    However, I have a few questions on the ending, hoping someone can help clarify...



    1) Why did the CP commit suicide? I understand he no longer have the 'crown prince' title but does that mean death? Does he think his father will kill him? Or is he tired of all the struggles and decided to end his life? Or does he feel guilty for giving up on the title when so many people died helping him to one day be the emperor?

    2) What happened to the female lead? The last scene is both the FL and ML standing together but I am thinking either the ML managed to survive and they lived outside the palace together or the FL also died and they reunited in their afterlife?

    3) Do you think the emperor really did have a hand in killing the CP's uncle or is it as said in the letter, because the army was not his, they didn't help him when they were ambushed and left him to die? That is pretty sad :(


    @bomnie It is all the cuts from the previous work - In order to go through censorship they have to cut large portion of the drama, including the final ending in order to air - This 12 episodes are the cuts/finale of this drama that was filmed in the original drama and are finally release to the public for closure. 

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  15. The Full (Final :tears:) BTS Special from the production team for TSP


    Also for anyone who likes to see Zheng Ye Cheng in armor or watched "Royal Nirvana". It is confirmed that the 12 episodes (ending) they cut/prevented from airing is going to be released with the name changed to "别云间" available tomorrow 9/22!!! Fans are very happy lol I just want to see our boy in armor lol 






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  16. OMG!!! I just read the funniest thing ever - someone post in weibo on the two pigeon letters that XC send to CY and discovered the writing style and the tone between the two letters are completely different. They are suspecting that the second letter is from their son!!! LOL


    In the first letter, the tone is more mature and elegant writing saying that since your son arrived in the city for half a month, we both miss you (using their son as an excuse to say you miss her, XC? lol) Thinking your son can be a great general one day, I am thinking about sending him off to the military training camp but I would like to discuss with you face to face on this further. Please respond soon. - Your Royal Brother XC signed


    In the second letter, more childish wording (someone noticed there is wrong spelling as well lol) it stated that this is the one thousand letter I had wrote to you and the last one I'll write to you. Your son and I enjoyed each other companies and he agreed to call me "Father", also he is getting used to his life in the military training camp. Although I never heard back from you, I am extremely happy now. You and XY enjoy your time outside and don't need to come back. - Your only brother XC


    LOL No wonder the second letter came sooo fast after the first one - My interpretation is that XY and CY must be strict parents and they had left their little boy to visit the relative for half a month and enjoy some alone time. XC wanted to take this opportunity to ask CY to come back using the excuse of sending XM off to military training camp noted in the first letter. However, it looks like little XM is having so much fun bullying XC and running wild, he wrote the second letter to convince his mom to stay put lol If this is really the case, this is the funniest thing ever lol

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    For anyone that is interested in ZYC's character in Mirror: Twin Cities "Zhen Lan" - since this is a fantasy/mystical drama, my Chinese is lacking on all the details but I think I got the gist of the storyline for him...but if anyone knows the story, feel free to correct me :)


    ZL is a half-blooded prince who grew up with his mother's tribe. I heard his character is carefree, fun, and a gentleman. (From all the comments I read) His father is the ruler (I don't believe he is a good ruler) and because of all his sons fighting/killing each others, the country end up with no successor to the throne. As a result, they seek out ZL, the last surviving descendant of the royal bloodline, and made him the prince against his struggle (Someone mentioned they killed his mother's entire tribe in the process?) and arranged his marriage with the FL. The FL have her own unique background and she was isolated in a tower. For certain political or power struggles, the ML (a slave at this time) was brought to the tower and the FL and ML felt in love. 


    Later it was brought to light of the ML and FL close relationship, and FL was said to be 'tainted' and should be executed. ZL felt sorry for the FL and decided to marry her to save her life. In a way, he also felt she is very similar to his situation, bound by status to take on a life they don't want without any freedom. Later the FL jumped off the tower (not sure the reason why) and was saved by angels or fairies and fell into a deep slumber. Meanwhile, the kingdom was invaded and overthrown by another sect/tribe and ZL because of his "royal" blood, he can't be killed? As a result, they teared him apart into 5 pieces (ouch - but probably won't make it in the drama lol) The FL managed to wake up and saved his head (lol) while his other 4 body parts where sealed in different areas of the world. (His first appearance in the novel is one of the other main female character accidentally releasing his arm and then they made a deal together). Meanwhile, the FL sacrificed her physical being and opened up a mystical realm as a safe haven for their people. Therefore, ZL (as a head) and the FL (as a spirit) lived together for over 100 years as companion and I believe ZL fell in love with her during this time as they have the same goal to resurrect their country and bring back peace and justice to the land.


    ZL loves the FL but also knows the FL loves the ML. There is several books to this story but it basically begins with the ML's return (thinking the FL died or he lost his memory) and then they worked together to restore peace to the land. ZL also get his entire body back and learned to accept his responsibilities to his people. (The ML story is also pretty sad but it is too complicated for me to understand lol)


    Ending spoiler:

    At the end, ZL restored his country and became a great ruler with years of prosperity. The FL left to be with the ML. ZL never got married again and he became the last of his royal bloodline as he don't want anyone to be like him, to be bound by his bloodline. He reached the end of his life; however, the day before he pass away, he had a dream. The FL came to visit him and promise in the next lifetime they will be together. With this promise, he passed away. 


    I think this will be a good opportunity for ZYC if the plot holds up and the production do a good job with the filming because it is a challenging role with character development and growth. The most concerning is the CGI because this is a fantasy drama but ZL should be a likable character if they stay true to the novel and execute it properly. :elated:


    @mblgoh Yep, noticed it right away because I have that on loop in my song playlist lol

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  18. @enzek For all of ZYC's upcoming drama, I am looking forward to Mirror:Twin cities the most even though he is the second lead because I kind of know a bit of the story. Thinking about it now, it is going to be similar to XC's character here lol 


    @honeytime Happy Birthday!!! 


    @SC2019 Yes, poor XC - However, i think it is best for both CY and XC because if it is not out in the open, they can still keep their close relationship. If CY found out, it will be awkward between them, plus XC knows how much CY cares and love him even if it is not that kind of love... 

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  19. Oh boy - It was a work day for me so I manage to sneakily watch bit by bit of the epilogue and I can't help smiling the whole time lol Good thing I am not in the office or I'll have to explain why I am smiling so silly lol Love the sweetest overload - I threw away all the bugs/questions on the plot as I just want a happy and over sugar ending to their love story lol 


    I did not have time to read everybody's post but will definitely read it as I am still not over with this drama - I am tempted to rewatch and maybe create a mv or two to dedicate to it hehe :glee: 

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  20. 3 hours ago, lovehuche said:

    Bts of their second break up before the second wedding 

     This BTS really shows how professional both ZYC n HYX are... 2 points

    1) At around 0:18,

    Director ask ZYC: Are you joking around now so that you can save up your emotions for the actual filming?

    ZYC: No, actually I can't seem to find the feeling/mood, I am scare...

    Director was surprised and ask: What do you mean you can't find the feeling/mood? Why are you scare?

    ZYC: I am scare that my acting is not good enough...

    Director then turn to others and said: I let you all know he is like this now...but once we call out 3...2...1...(meaning when they call 'action' for the actual filming) he is completely different (praising he enter his character instantly when the actual filming starts)


    2) At 0:58 HYX was expressing how sorry she was for causing ZYC to film the same scene twice...sounds like she didn't do so well on the first take and require to do another one, ZYC comfort her by saying it is fine...

    HYX: I felt sorry for causing you to film twice...

    ZYC: That fine's...(pat and comfort her)

    HYX: Argh...I am frustrated

    ZYC: No, I was actually telling the director that maybe we can add some rain to make the scene better... (I think he was trying to move on to another topic to distract HYX from feeling sorry...)


    ZYC: This scene is actually quite hard (I think he is trying to comfort her by saying this scene is quite challenging)

    HYC: (To ZYC, she touched his arm) His emotion in the first take was extremely good...

    ZYC: (lightening the mood by joking) This take is not good then? (Meaning the second take)

    HYC: This take is also very good...

    ZYC laugh (His laughter and personality is really contagious and lightens up the mood)


    I found it amazing how ZYC is all hyper and fun one second and then when he actually start filming, he is a whole different person :cutekitty:



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