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  1. Thanks for the info! A lot of the long time fans are quiet. Haven't heard from them.
  2. Hi! Anyone knows if Joo Won has a fanclub in the US? A new fan is asking through the JWPH page. She's near LA.
  3. Joo Won will be on VLive later. Unfortunately, i'm still sleeping during that time https://www.vlive.tv/video/118907
  4. I didn't go to his discharge press con. I tried to but i can't find a companion or tranportation that will arrive there early. I was disappointed at some international fans. They didn't replied ro my messages but i saw their posts during the discharge. I'm grateful to those fans and friends who tried to help me. I was shocked when I saw the Byul Ent video that was being forwarded to JWPH page. I thought it wasn't legit so i didn't mind it at 1st. I'm really hoping they can bring him here for a fm!!
  5. I'm used to seeing Joo Won's updates in IG. I was distracted at work last night when someone shared this video in the Joo Won Philippines page. I thought the translation was edited but i heard him mention my country's name. Their 1st post in their IG is Joo Won's video greeting. Hopefully, they can bring him here for a fanmeet
  6. @flutterby06 maybe i can bump ito him after his discharge haha! Wishful thinking.
  7. I don't know if there fans going there. Probably some Japanese fans. I've asked several fans and fanclubs but most of them have seen zoned me. I'm here in Korea now but changed my itinerary since i can't find a companion to go to the camp and the earliest bus trip going to the camp leaves at 7:30 am. I'll be probably late for the presscon by the time i'll arrive to the camp.
  8. I found this article. It said Feb 6. They probably skipped the Lunar New Year since it's Feb 5. I just hope it will not be moved to Feb 7 coz it's my return date. https://kpoppersguide.wordpress.com/2018/03/18/hallyu-enlistment-discharge-dates/
  9. Wait! What???? It's back for Feb 15 again??? Didn't they move it to Feb 5 since the military service was shortened? I've scheduled my flight for the 1st week of Feb.
  10. Thanks! I tried sending them a message before. Not sure if they can understand English because I never receive any response. I'll try with a Thai fan if she's going.
  11. Hi! Anyone here who's going to welcome Joo Won back in Feb 5? I'm still looking for fellow fans. I don't know where Joo Won's base is.
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