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  1. If I was the subber I wud do that too!! Serves the ppl right for harassing! +2
  2. 184 @Lmangla a new Turkish light rom-com (fake marriage). Just saw 3 eps of it. Hero look a lot like Jake Gyllenhaal and a bit like Tom Hiddleston.
  3. 828 @Sushimi I finished Stranger in Hell. @Dhakra I am taking back half of the stars I gave it at the start. Many flaws towards the end for me.
  4. 818 edit: Joker (2019) brings back my faith in movies. Masterpiece!!
  5. @Ameera Ali MDL plan to watch and on hold list are a joke! Aint nobody got the time to truthfully pursue them! @Sushimi This is my fav quote abt music 'With the right music, you either forget everything or you remember everything." @mouse007 I tried watching mowgli boy. It didnt entertain me enuf to get hooked. 708
  6. I havent documented my stages of withdrawal from a series! I lose interest before the series ends actually. Most of the times I am watching bcos of the guilt that I have already invested so much time in a series. 7 stages of guilt if there is something like that. 696
  7. 692 @Sushimi 19+ rating but they will still blur out the knife and dead bodies! @Lawyerh I had heard 7 stages of love but never heard 7 stages of grief!
  8. You know when it hurt me the most.... the garment shop salesgirls say 'Aunty this will look good on u.' 684
  9. @Sushimi I havent read the webtoon. And I prepared for the worst messed up ending possible! 678
  10. I actually didn't like that he lost his temper in ofc and that too on the weakest bully in his life. If he had bashed up the CEO I wud have liked it better. Has this series got an extension? 676
  11. @Sushimi I am now up-to-date with Strangers from Hell. Am I glad it has just 10 eps! whatever the number +2 = 672
  12. jang dong yoon in Nokdu intro scene looks like rambo on extreme diet! 654 wht clever... she had to accidently find the jewels!
  13. @Lmangla Shipping takes too much energy and time! I wud rather watch and drop newer dramas! I am trying to recall which otp chemi blew my mind. As in both the leads were equally good and balanced each other perfectly. Edit: Was it IU-LJK in scarlet heart? There was also this pair in Age of Youth: 648
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