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  1. My suggestion is to read and watch everything again!! XD Do not watch the BTS if you don't want to fall into another bottomless pit!!! XD
  2. It is the video that XZ and YB are watching when they were interviewed by Highlight. I think you have to open the link on a computer. I can't open it on my mobile either. So strange.
  3. You are so going to experience another round of withdrawal symptoms after you finish the BTS XD They actually released an uncut version for that interview. You should try searching for it. It is quite funny. As for the reaction edit video, I can't find the original video in youtube but it is originally posted on bilibili: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av60455946/?spm_id_from=333.788.b_636f6d6d656e74.39 It is not a long video to begin with. Not sure why the link does not work on mobile. Please open it from a computer. The creator of the video mixed scenes from The Untamed and Yibo's CF for Home Facial Pro: The music used is Ayasa's The Reason Why (1:38 onwards)
  4. I hope so too. The rivalry between XZ and YB's fans are getting a little out of control recently. I just hope whatever happen between the fans does not affect their friendship. It would be nice to see them hang out like Wallace Huo and Hu Ge a few years down the road.
  5. Hello! That version of Wuji is the full version. It is like a teaser / bonus for the Wuji sang by XZ and YB. Regarding this version, there is a rumour that the producer (who is a fan of the novel) asked XZ and YB to hold hands at the end which is why you see them looking shy and smiling at each other at around 2:04. Whatever the truth is, XZ's expression there is priceless though. You can literally feel him shouting for help in his heart XD For the cute background music, I am guessing it might be something generic. That's why it is not included.
  6. Oh well. I guess some fans just want to watch the world burn XD I'm just glad the production team didn't pick this up while trying to come up with something to satisfy Chinese censorship.
  7. Right now there are 126 chapters. I hope you find all of them! Yes, whoever that is going to do a remake will face a very big challenge! Lol... I like the "devour each other's eyes" description in the article. That is so on point
  8. I was reading the novel again and some fans claimed (not proven) that in the original version of the novel, everything that happened after 16 years was just LZ's dream. WY never came back. Just thinking about this sends a shiver down my spine. I'm glad the production team never picked up this idea or I'm never going to watch this drama for sure. I will die of a broken heart. Can't imagine LZ waking up from his dream and live out the rest of his life waiting for WY.
  9. Yeah. I think many people, including the Chinese fans, prefer the ending of the special version and regard it as the true ending. Unfortunately they can't do the same in China as the male leads cannot appear in the ending scene together unless one is dead or they are shown going separate ways. This is why the scenes have to be arranged the way they were in the original version. I also have Nam Joo Hyuk in my mind when I'm thinking about the K version! But it is for the role of WY I think he has a great smile. KSH as LZ would be so sizzling hot. OMG.
  10. Just for laughs - The Untamed Romantic Comedy Trailer. Happy Valentine's Day everyone
  11. Someone did a video of LZ gazing at WY in chronological order. Can you tell when his gaze becomes softer?? I think Yibo really did a good job portraying the different ways LZ look at WY during each period of time especially since filming is not done in chronological order. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av62629387/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.0
  12. You can also read and watch at the same time. It will help fill up the gaps in the drama and give some closure. I have put my response in the spoiler as some people may not have finished the drama / novel. Hope the answers help!
  13. Whoever takes over might be flamed real hard though. Actually, it would be good also if we have a Korean version of it. Any suggestions for Korean WY and LZ?? XD
  14. We not only need a part 2. We need a part 2 with the same actors!! XD
  15. Oh yes. His acting is one of the reason I am watching the drama again. He is currently filming another drama - Legend of Fei with Zhao Liying. Based on the description of the role, he is supposed to be quite cheeky and I think he managed to give off that vibe in the trailer for the drama. I'm definitely looking forward to his action scenes. He is really stable and light probably due to his dance training.
  16. If only WY heard him then. I love how they quietly slipped the actual name of the song into the drama.
  17. They just released the costume fitting photos for WY. I wish they had used this look for Yiling Patriach. Just need to change the inner piece and belt to red and he would look like a real badass. I am sure Jin Zi Xuan wouldn't dare to mess with him then XD
  18. Yeap, they changed the story quite a bit but it is basically still the same. You get more information about the characters from the drama so I think you will enjoy the Manhwa more after watching the drama. And don't worry about the bromance bit, there are more than enough to spoil your replay button
  19. Yeah. I was not convinced by YB at first but grew to love him and his micro expressions. And like you say, cannot imagine anyone else as LZ and WY at all. Same goes for JC, Lan Xi Chen and JGY. The producer must be a hardcore fan of the novel This drama is just so full of regrets. All the main character (except main cp) either dies or live with some form of regret for the rest of their lives. My heart feels so empty at the end of the drama and I think this is why it is so hard for me to let go. I wish everyone can have the happy ending they deserve. Oh yes! I love Jiang Feng Mian in the donghua too lol... He looks like a gentle scholar XD I had a really hard time accepting the ahjussi in the drama XD Same goes for Nie Ming Jue even though the actor that plays him actually looks quite good without the beard. Sigh, anime and the unrealistic expectations it creates!
  20. Just an old interview with the producer of The Untamed regarding role selection. Yibo was actually eliminated twice and only got the role after the producer met him in person. What a close call!
  21. Yeah! It is actually a poster made by WeTV Taiwan to celebrate the successful broadcast of the special edition of the drama. But we know exactly what they are celebrating instead with that Double Happiness word The bowing to ancestors three times is definitely intentional! Right after that three bow, WY spoke of Lady's Jiang's bad temper but he only bowed twice to apologise and pay his respect to her. Similarly, in ep 20 when WY and JC returned to Lotus Pier briefly to pay their respects to the ancestors after killing Wen Chao, they only bowed two times Rough translation of the Chinese text: #Wefamily has a joyous occasion (note 囍 for marriage is used instead of the usual 喜) Congratulations on the successful broadcast of The Untamed Special Edition Finish this drama #From now on you are mine LZ *takes out sword and lift WY's head* FROM NOW ON YOU ARE MINE
  22. Some eagle-eyed fans spotted something lovey-dovey in a photo released together with the special edition of The Untamed. You can view a video of it here Edit: Just found the screen cap online. You can see something whitish on a small rock / stepping stone near the center of the photo
  23. Yeah. And one of the fans made a video for The Untamed using a mixture of his voice over in TTOPB and The Untamed At 1:05, they used what Yehua said to Susu when he married her - From today onwards, you are my wife. Since I married you, I will not let you down - for the scene where LZ and WY pray to the Jiang ancestors XD There is also a part two from LZ POV
  24. Yeah! I love the donghua too! WWX is much more badass in the donghua than he is in the drama and closer to how he is in the novel. Would have been nice if they made WWX more badass in the drama too but I think they have to tone down the character because of broadcasting restrictions. Woah. You are so sharp. It is the same voice actor. In fact, he is also the voice actor for LZ in the drama I really like JYL's voice in the donghua too. Gentle but determined. I feel that the donghua seems more focused on the action and less on the interaction between the characters. If you want something more than bromance, I suggest you take a look at the manhua
  25. Anybody who is not satisfied with the ending of the drama can try looking for the special edition online. The ending is bound to make you happy I am rewatching the drama again and haven't been able to get pass ep25 where WY took the Wen remnants to Burial Mount. This ep always makes me especially sad as it marks the beginning of the point of no return for WY. To make myself feel better, I have been going through fmvs and came across one which is quite meaningful. English translation of the lyrics can be found here. It's basically a song about sending a loved one away and the video editor summarised the meeting and parting of various prominent pairs in the show which I find to be quite meaningful. Enjoy!
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