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  1. Hi

    thanks for replying me, I'd like asking you one thing;

    I see in the site Tumbler there're the files of the novel in PDF to download

    I don't know if there's something wrong if I down  them in my computer

    maybe there's a virus or something ????? hahaha

    Do u knowthie site ???

    For the  numbers of 13 years and 16years, I don't want asking MXY years old

    I know now, In the novel as you said, WY isn't death at Nevernight, LZ sades him

    After 3 years, he is eaten by zombies.  bc he's dead so why Mr I don't know could

    do the sacrifice ritual for MXY. And after that WY came back to Mo family in MXY's body

    Have a nice day

    1. 抹茶.Latte


      Hello! I'm not sure about the site. I think you might have to ask rosierosie about the english version of the novel. I hope you enjoy the novel too!!

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