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  1. 2 hours ago, missou12 said:

    WHERE.r uu guysss our queen keep dropingggggggggggggg

    missou12, I'm here!  woohoo2  Voting every 20 minutes, too! My eyes are glued to

    my computer waiting for 20 minutes to pass! It's unnerving, but we'll be fine as soon as the rest of the Kyonatics wakes up!

    It's almost 2pm in my neck of the woods, so expect me to be voting the rest of the day and night!  thumbup As long as there people voting continuously,

    we'll be fine!

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  2. Guys, we do not want our thread shutdown! Please adhere to the rules! Every Kyonatic who comes to this thread

    is aware of every poll there is, and surely they are voting endlessly. Let's quietly squeal with gusto and celebrate with a bang later on! I know squealing quietly is like having shortness of breath! But, rather than continuously being reprimanded/reminded, let's abide by the rules, and all is well that ends well!  votebooth Aja, aja,FIGHTING! Slipped to #4! That's ok, we'll resurface! Wink

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  3. 55 minutes ago, daisybella said:

    Woohoo yang mi on top again :)))))

    May I know who you are rooting for? Seems like you are in the wrong thread! 

    If you are not a fan of Song Hye Kyo, may we ask you nicely to please post in you own thread?

    I noticed the first time you posted, you had the audacity to insinuate that Song Hye Kyo does not have many fans!

    And now you are here again cheering for someone we do not even know, taunting us to catch you if we can!

    We are not in a contest with you personally! We enjoy voting for Song Hye Kyo! If she does not land on the top of the rank, so be it! This is how we show our support, win or lose! And Song Hye Kyo knows it!

    Please bring your cheering squad somewhere else! We would appreciate it if you do it ASAP!

    Pardon me if I misunderstood all your posts, but it seems like all three posts are not in support of Song Hye Kyo!

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  4. Keep on voting! Whether she ends up on top of the rank or not, she is the ULTIMATE GODDESS! thumbup

    SHK is one hell of a grand lady who deserves an accolade like this one, but if it is not meant to be, maybe

    there is a much more prestigious accolade in store for her! So, let's just keep those fingers busy and hope for the best!

    Cheer up! cheer2It's nothing to be worried about!  Let's have fun! cheer2 

    Keep those votes coming! voteboothwoohoo

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