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  1. is this correct? i cant understand anything ....so jealous with all of you who have the DVD, I cant afford it ...hope you all enjoy watching and remember to share LOL
  2. Hi Cingus, so I saw in IG video short clip about PSJ quoting the lyric from proposal scene " You in my arms" in WWWSK, If somebody knew why he read that lyrics in the Vlive? im so curious LOL
  3. my heart goes to SSC shippers, my best friend is one of them....she literally speechless this morning after heard about the news. Even my mom who wasnt into K-ent asking why SSC is divorced. "Falling In Love Is Easy. Choosing To Stay In Love Is The Hard Part and Hard Work"....must be true, saw the news that SHK lost 11 pounds since the beginning of the year. I hope both of them will find their happiness. So for me, I hope PPC really takes their time to know each other well enough.....sighhhhhh
  4. Woke up and saw the ig story about PPC picture from back angle watching gaga....i dunno its valid/ edited or not so I will not put the picture here for PPC privacy of course....but if its valid, I guess they are almost ready to open up
  5. So i also saw the news in ig earlier about them being in LA and decided to lay low since in her ig was stated that no need to tag or spread the news since if its true (hopefully) we want PPC to have great time and cherished their time together. Several things came in my mind.. 1. Usually PMY updated her vacation pic (such as Amsterdam, Hawaii,etc) and surely that she stated that she went vacation with her mom...this trip was NONE update (only pic from photo shoot) and the late post pictures 2. Both of them was MIA, PSJ just updated several commercial pictures....and I think it was late post. That awesome office party with the boss and he was not in the picture (weird)...So I guess PSJ must be not in SK at that time. 3. It bothers my mind regarding the WWWSK DVD, its been a year and no confirmation yet (date release korean ver).....I think the production intentionally delayed "the date" of the DVD released since it will come with the proves of several BTS of them as an "item" and convinced people/fans that they are a couple. Anyway its been a while i'm not posting anything in here....so glad that we got the news that make our heart flutter Hopefully Great news will come soon
  6. I read this and keep smiling like an idiot till now.....thank you for make my day brighter @twoparkcouple
  7. OMG YES i have this feeling too....I felt that people around her (HPL actors n team) already knew about PPC being together...
  8. Hi all my chingus, its been a while im moving on from this thread LOL........busy with life but still following several ig accounts for PPC. So im back because of the picture of PMY gave MB gift to HPL PD nim .....when I saw that i almost fainted LOL you know with so many many many coincidence i dont believe this one also coincidence, oh come on....a lot of brand for man, why she chose MB also she hosted the preview dinner in the same place as PSJ hosted too for WWSK.....too many coincidence I think this year they will work so hard **saving for big ceremony** i guess
  9. OMG....do you think Compagna and ZioZia shared an admin support for social media LOL....seriously they always update almost at the same time. Maybe one of PPC shippers
  10. Yes, I think so too....she has a team to checked it since it takes time to check all the comments and delete it one by one. Well, since she will has a new project soon.....my guess she doesn't want the "rumour" of PPC relationship overshadow the new project and she will have new partner in the drama. I can see that many fans/shippers will compare WWWSK and HPL ( i can say that coz i also wait for HPL BTS for comparison LOL) some fans/shippers/haters can be so cruel sometimes, But Im grateful we only have positive vibes in this forum
  11. PSJ followers still 7.6M i just checked it....but PMY in one night can decreased to 3.4M, so weird right. Not really understand what happened though
  12. Yepppp, super agree with You.....compatible to each other ,well-matched!! I just felt that they were meant to be....(plus many coincidences too )
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