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  1. Imaging how he's going to be once he realized he has fallen in love with her.... caring, concerned, protective and *jealous* multiple by 2...
  2. Maybe is a way for the pd-nim to say new beginning for our couple.... and it all start with nw hairstyles....
  3. Yeah, Leo’s voice was there as well as DG... DG is asking someone if he/she is interested in HG. My assumption is that he’s asking HG
  4. I'm getting excited about next week. But I have to say that I'm also a bit concerned because it seems that whenever I get my hopes high and try to guess what's going to happen next, the writer and pd-nim go the other way. Maybe what I should try to do is predict that HG & HN scenes are going to be lacking, so the exact opposite happens.
  5. I know right... Maybe Grandma will tell him that he's allowed to come back to the house as long as he agrees to the adoption. He'll probably reject at first, but maybe after SH talks to him and gives him that "stupid" talk about her sister's longing for the missing daughter and being by herself, blah, blah, blah... he'll agree to it.
  6. Yup, it seems crazy Grandma is telling JE's dad about JE's adoption in the preview. Our concerned HG is asking HN is she cried the night before? Awww.. ... she'll probably evade the question...
  7. I didn't know HN had this backstory with the glass ball ... All I remember from HN and JE childhood was that HN was a mean and spoiled little girl (chocolate scene). For this reason, JE hated her. When I saw this scene, I kind of sided with JE and understood her hatred towards HN. However, kids are immature and tend to act be spoiled when they are little. Once they grow up, their personality changes.
  8. Hi @UnniSarah! It's nice to see you in this thread too! Thank you for sharing your insights. I think I will go follow your suggestion and read the manga to understand more of MR's backstory.
  9. Hello there! First time posting in this thread. Like many of you, I started watching this drama with no expectations, but I ended liking it very much. I find Cho Hong and Sung Tae relationship very addicting. I love dramas where the male lead falls in love first , and I'm thinking that this will be the case in this drama. I have yet to catch up with episodes 3 and 4, but at the rhythm is going, I think I will continue to watch
  10. Caught up with episode 3 and so far, I'm loving this drama. I haven't read the webtoon, but if the drama is this good, then maybe I'll start reading it too. I feel each episode gets better and better. I got to say episode 3 is the best so far (I haven't watched episode 4 because I'm waiting on the subs). I love DKS's and YWY's characters. I hate HSA's and somehow dislike KMR's characters. On the latter, I just don't like how low her self-esteem is. I know some of you may not like the comment I just made, but I just can't stand her weak mentality... especially when she keeps emphasizing that she got surgery to live like an average person. After all the pain, money and time spent getting that pretty face, if I were in her shoes, I would be living not only an average person's life, but even a better one.... Sorry for the main female character bashing... I'm sure her character will grow as the drama unfolds, but I just needed to get this rant out of my chest PS... The Mop/Master Dog is the worst character.... he should be freaking expelled off college and put in jail! . I don't know how realistic is college life in Korea compared to what the drama is depicting, but if there're really "sunbaes" like him, then I wouldn't be able to attend college there without getting myself expelled first for punching bastard(s) like him.
  11. @dramaninja @angelwingssf I'm OK with either one as long as DG's name is longer around Yes, I agree with you. Both HG and HN have built a strong, trustworthy, reliable and lovely relationship. If I compared the HG's treatment to HN in the past to the present, I can definitely see the difference. I think he mentioned in an earlier episode that she looks lovely whenever she pours her energy on her work and the things she likes.
  12. Hi everyone! I just started watching this drama and I'm really enjoying it. I see that there are 3 episodes up so far, so I'll come back after catching up with them. For now, I just wanted to stop by and greet everyone in this thread.
  13. Today's episode was very painful to watch. Not only due to the fact that there was almost zero interaction between HG and HN, but a lot of the screen time was dedicated to JE's annoying family. Seriously, I can careless for JE's dad, mom and grandma. I even starting to think that this family members are the main characters of the show instead of HG and HN . Argh! The only reason why I watched until the end was because I wanted to get to the part where DG finally rejected HN. About damn time! I still think that him rejecting her was a selfish act. The only reason why he did it was because he saw himself thru HN. Stupidly putting a smile and acting like nothing is wrong in front of the person you like even though he/she knows that this person likes someone else. I'm happy that this HN crush on DG chapter has, hopefully, come to an end. I would've liked it even more if she didn't try to push him into liking her with time... But, DG at least did stood up firm in his rejection (about time he had determination and didn't get wishy-washy as usual). I'm thinking next week, we will see HN being heartbroken and maybe getting rid of the bracelet. Do you know if HG knows about HN wearing that bracelet with DG's name engraved on? I think I recall HN telling HG about it on earlier episodes, but I don't think he really paid attention to the explanation. Plus even if he did, I don't think he knew that HN had a crush on DG at that time. Anyway, I would like to say that I have enjoyed reading all your comments, ideas, suggestions, predictions .... especially, the ones with HG and HN ... Every time you guys come up with ideas like playing baseball for example, I can't help but widely smile and giggle just imaging both of them holding the bat, HG behind HN holding the bat I'm hoping for next week to have way more OTP screen time now that annoying DG is out of picture. Fingers crossed!
  14. Chingudeul, was there a preview for Monday's episode? I just watched the clip where HG asked HN to have dinner and she rejected because she already has plans with DG. I think is funny how on yesterday's episode when HG and JE had dinner after the movie, she mentioned that they never had dinner together because he never had the time. On today's episode, HG seemed to have plenty of time to ask HN out for dinner . I thought that since JE heard the entire dinner invite conversation between HG and HN, she was going to get mad and say something to HG he has almost never asked her out like that. But instead, crazy JE called DG instead.... she's nuts... I don't think she even knows what she wants...
  15. Chingu, I'm with you. I'm also thinking about giving this drama another week. If we don't get any OTP development by the end of next week, I will drop the drama and only watch it when it finish airing so I can fast forward all the annoying scenes and just focus on HG and HN..
  16. @mocmoc272 Thank you Chingu for the brief summary! Did we have HG & HN scenes today?
  17. If he did, then the writer has finally heard our prayers! it was about time!
  18. I'm guessing he refused to have dinner with HG because of JE. He probably wanted to give her time alone with HG since he knows she likes him.
  19. @UnniSarah Dear chingu, I may follow your footsteps and start fast forwarding his scenes. I, for sure, have fast forwarded JE and her family (mom, dad and grandma). These scenes are so stupid that I rather not waste my time on them. The writer should start taking their scenes out and add more of HG & HN..
  20. @meoooooowwww You may right! Anyway, I finally watched today's episode with subs. Some of you mentioned how annoyed DG looked on today's episode and I can see now what you meant. The guy had such an awful expression when his dad and HN's co-workers teased him about going on a date with HN. When I saw his expression, I wanted to punch him in the face. I mean, if he didn't want people to tease him, then he should've never taken HN out in the first place. I really dislike this dude! He's a coward, a****, stupid, annoying, etc, piece of trash... No wonder why he likes JE. They're both of the same coin! Part of me wants him to fall in love with HN after she falls in love with HG so he can suffer the same pain that HN has gone thru with him. Even if this happens, I don't think is enough punishment for him. Maybe HG punching in the face for toying with HN would be a satisfying outcome HN was a bit irritating on today's episode. When will this girl open her eyes and realize that DG doesn't like her the way she likes him? Is she dumb, blind or what? Wasn't she able to notice how DG kept looking at JE since the four of them met in the movie theater? I guess she's so hung up with him that even if she did notice, she pretended is was nothing. Aarrgghhhh.. very frustrating! No wonder why HG got annoyed at her and decided to reschedule their meeting for the next day. To be honest, all characters except for HG, got me annoyed. Especially, HN's mom and Sarang for their stupid encouragement and teasing about DG. These 2 ladies are making it worst! PS, I have to say this... HG's jealousy in the beginning was super cute.. If he's already this jealous when HN and him are not even dating, imaging how he'll be when they are... no male friends for HN.. that's for sure
  21. @UnniSarah I'm with you all the way! Btw, I came across another KBS daily drama that started last week and the OTP have already shown interest in each other. The female lead has already confessed to the male lead... he rejected her at first, but now he's making a move on her... I thought.. wow, seriously?.. it took less than 2 weeks for the main couple to confess and like each other... In case of our couple, HG and HN, it has been almost 4 months and nothing yet This is seriously a killing agony...
  22. Oh yeah... how could I have forgotten the "bumping" moment In my mind I was like they hugged.... They are so comfortable around each other now that they even shared an "indirect kiss" on today's episode...
  23. @angelwingssf I think so too. On the fabric fiasco episode, we got to see HN looking at HG with very sweet expressions... kind of saying... what a kind, helpful and lovable guy he is....
  24. Doesn't this mean that JE can't end up with DG either? If this is case then my "no happy ending" for JE will come true... @zhanna, @UnniSarah I also think that DG will start falling in love with HN. This situation reminds me a little bit to The 2nd male lead realized he was in love with the female lead halfway thru the drama.
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